045 Cold Chaos (UNFINISHED)

[[[UNFINISHED]]] Everyone at Oracle HQ has caught a cold. Chaos!

[Evangeline has the sniffles, but unlike Ms. Grey she is just fine to work! Why is everyone moaning and laying around?] -02:12 Mar 20
[Gabriel was not one who accepted \”being sick\” as an excuse to escape training!] -02:14 Mar 20

“Woof! Woof!” went Brutus at the sick people lying around! His tail was wagging and after looking around, he disappeared, returning with a box of tissue in his mouth!

Evangeline: Get up now, it’s really not that bad. *Evangeline dragged on of the hunters up to his feet and dusted him off. Really, it’s not that bad… some sniffles and- ACHOO! Sniff! Well, the sudden sneezing always bothered her, but these were grown men!* Thank you, Brutus! *She snatched one of the tissues!* -02:16 Mar 20

That hunter grumbled. How could anyone be so cheerful and upbeat at a time like this!

Brutus’ tail was wagging hard in reply and then he disappeared to offer tissues to other people in need of some!

Gabriel: Oracle is left in a poor state of affairs. Its ability to defend itself in case of an attack has decreased dramatically by 75%. *He said, suddenly behind Evangeline!* -02:20 Mar 20
Evangeline: I think that is a bit over the top. Surely they could still fight off hoards of evil with a little cold. Right? -02:22 Mar 20

The Hunter grumbled. “Can you fight off hoards of evil while you’re sneezing and coughing, Evangeline?”

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Over the top would realistically be my telling you its defensive ability has dropped by 90%. -02:23 Mar 20

Brutus found a bag of cough drops to ease sore throats and that icky dry coughing! He started offering the bag and everyone in any condition to move took a couple before falling back into bed!

Evangeline: Bother! We’ll show you! They’re very good hunters and a cold won’t take them down! *She poked and prodded a few people to get up!* Come on now… I’ll try to kill the lot of you, and you can save Oracle from evil. It’ll be easy! -02:26 Mar 20

Saving Oracle from Evangeline actually sounded like a good idea! Then maybe they could get some sleep! Very relucantly did hunters move and shuffle!

Gabriel: And how do you propose to attack Oracle? -02:32 Mar 20
Evangeline: There we go! *With everyone up, Evangeline grabbed herself… one of those sharp pointy things! It was probably a spear!* It’s a real weapon, so you have to be very quick! *And without warning, she took a swing at someone!* -02:32 Mar 20
Evangeline: …Like this! *It seemed reasonable to her!* -02:33 Mar 20

At least the closet hunter duck, leaving the guy next to him to get THWACKED in the head! …The was one hunter knocked out cold. …or maybe faking it so he didn’t have to get up.

Gabriel: *He and Brutus shared a glance!* … You are insane. -02:34 Mar 20

The hunters standing behind the one who’d been whacked on the head winced–before they started sneezing and sniffling!

Evangeline: It’ll be like I am… Like I am you! Taking everyone out one by one! *…Of course then she had to pause to cough, swinging that spear to tuck under her arm…. and inadvertantly poking someone in the rear!* -02:36 Mar 20

There was a YEOWCH and a hunter jumping away to rub his rear end! He was snatching that spear at out her hand and swining it back at her! ….Well she DID say she was evil!

Evangeline: *Cough! Cough! Bother! Evangeline leaned down to grab one of those cough drops from Brutus!* -02:38 Mar 20

Brutus was only too happy to help! Once Evangeline had taken the cough drop, he put the bag down on a nearby bed and was taking her by the sleeve of her shirt! He led her over to an empty bed

Gabriel: *! -02:39 Mar 20

Swing and miss! That hunter went toppled forwarded, just missing Evangeline… and groaned! “This is impossible! We’re all going to die.”

Evangeline: *Popping a cough drop in her mouth, she let Brutus led her but shook her head!* Not now Brutus. I need to attack Oracle and prove our hunters aren’t going to die. -02:42 Mar 20
Gabriel: They cannot defend against a single female psychic. That is hardly a boost of morale. -02:43 Mar 20
Evangeline: They’re just not taking it seriously enough. Maybe if I use a sharper weapon? -02:46 Mar 20

…That sounded like a worse idea! “Evangeline, maybe you should go to bed and get some rest!”

Ciara: *Speaking of bed and rest… Meanwhile back at Shades, Ciara was curled up in bed whining… LOUDLY!* Leeeeeeoooooon… I need a cup of teeeeaaaa!

Evangeline: How can I rest when Oracle is 75% more likely to be destroyed in a hostile attack? *Now she was quoting Gabriel! It may not be true, but… they couldn’t just give up because they’re sick!* -02:53 Mar 20

Leon: *He was in the kitchen whipping up some tasty soup!* Coming, Cissy! *He left the pot to boil for awhile and then started making the tea!* Any sugar with that? *He asked loudly!*

Gabriel: *He smirked and raised an eyebrow.* How can you not rest for the very same reason? The sooner you rest, the sooner Oracle’s defensive ability will be back to 99.9%. -02:56 Mar 20

Brutus was now pushing his head against Evangeline’s torso to get her into bed!

Every hunter in the room knew Gabriel was bullshitting! …But they’d agree to anything if it’d get Evangeline in bed somewhere and not swinging random weapons at them!

Evangeline: Would it really? I’m not that sick. I could easily spend today helping people with their training… *Omph! Brutus managed to knock her over in to one of the beds, and she huffed!* Who is going to keep everyone on their toes if I am sick too! -03:01 Mar 20

Ciara: *Sugar, bah! Honey would be better, but the only answer Ciara gave was another pitiful, possibly over exagerated groan from bed!*

Leon: *He poked his head out of the kitchen to look down the hallway toward Ciara’s room!*… I guess I’ll take that as a no! Um … honey …? *It wasn’t like he was the type to drink tea so he didn’t know what people put in it nowadays!*

Ciara: Yes! *She replied, muffled in to a pillow!* Leeeeeoooooon! You’re taking foreeeeever!

Lily: *Hands over her ears, Lily was stomping to the kitchen to grab a snack!* Can’t we just.. smother her and get it over with!

Leon: *He was just finishing up the tea!* I’m coming, Cissy! Keep your panties on! *He glanced over at Lily.* Even in her condition, she’d likely beat the crap of me. *A wolfish grin as he grabbed that cup of tea and whisked into her room!*

Gabriel: … You are insane. -03:11 Mar 20

Brutus was pulling those sheets over Evangeline and then grabbing the box of tissue to offer her!

“She’s totally insane! Better take her to the infirmary. Or better yet, back home!” …If Gabriel was busy with Evangeline, then he wouldn’t be terrorizing them either! Everyone could rest in peace!

Evangeline: *A sniffle, taking another tissue!* Someome has to stay and protect Oracle while it’s 75% in danger. It may as well be me, as Ms. Grey is far to ill to be here today. I’ll see danger coming! -03:13 Mar 20

Ciara: *Keep her panties on? Taking off her panties was the last thing she was thinking about! …. Well, it WAS until he mentioned it, and now there were all sorts of disturbing thoughts in her head. Ciara groaned again, rolling over in bed!* My head hurts so much… Damn that Vampire and his stupid psychic and that infernal plague she brought in to my home…!

Leon: *He walked inside and stood by her bed.* Here’s your tea, ma’am. *He tilted his head slightly at her.* Why are you cursing Gabriel and Evangeline this time?

Brutus disappeared to offer someone else a tissue! He had apparently appointed himself caretaker of all the ill of Oracle!

Ciara: She brought this stupid…. cold in this house, and now I am the one suffering for it while she is off spreading good will and cheer across town. *More sulky grumbling, Ciara sat up and took the cup of tea. A contented sigh after a sip! That felt so much better!*

Leon: It won’t help your recovery being pissed off like this. I let your secretaries know you’re not to be disturbed. *He saw the look in her eye.* For any reason. *He said with that steel tone that said he wouldn’t let up on this one.* So sit back and relax. Your soup should be ready soon.

Ciara: *What a bully… Ciara sipped her tea and scowled at him!* What if someone attacks Oracle while I’m away? Nearly everyone is sick and their ability to defend themselves is probably down by 75%…

Leon: *Wolfish grin at her scowl!* You won’t help anyone if you’re still running around when you’re sick. If you’re that eager to get out of bed, I can go get that giant bottle of syrup from the medicine cabinet. I think that’s the one next to the birth control pills and vallum.

Gabriel: And I suppose you will walk into the same danger you see. *He replied, watching her.* -03:35 Mar 20

Ciara: *Ciara choked on her swallow of tea! Birth control pills?!* What the hell are you doing snooping around in my cabinets!

Evangeline: *A sheepish look. It’s not as if she were going to talk in to it unprepared…* I wasn’t going to try and do it alone, no… Not everyone is sick… -03:37 Mar 20
Gabriel: *He blinked as if going through someone else’s medicine cabinet was an everyday thing for him!* … Well, you did tell me to look there for those migraine pills when I asked. You remember, don’t you? You were on the phone, I asked you, you waved me off, mumbled something about medicine cabinets and “stupid wolf”. -03:38 Mar 20

Leon: *He blinked as if going through someone else’s medicine cabinet was an everyday thing for him!* … Well, you did tell me to look there for those migraine pills when I asked. You remember, don’t you? You were on the phone, I asked you, you waved me off, mumbled something about medicine cabinets and “stupid wolf”.

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow!* Indeed. You still have the vampires and weres of Oracle to aid you in case of an emergency. -03:39 Mar 20

Ciara: *A scoff!* And what if you found something you really didn’t want to see? Like… tampons or a vibrator. *Really, did Leon not think about this before he goes snooping through her stuff?! It’s not like she stashed candy and stuffed animals everywhere anymore!*

Leon: *He scratched his head as he thought about that.* I have to admit that I have always wondered what was the big deal about tampons and vibrators. Especially tampons. How do you women wear things like that shoved in a tiny place like that? And that vibrator … Isn’t it a lot cheaper to get one of those vibrating beds–Oh! Or those vibrating massage chairs! I’ve always wanted to relax in one of those!

Evangeline: Exactly! So everyting is perfectly all right. *..What IS she doing in this bed anyway! She was supposed to be teaching! That Brutus was a sneaky nurse! Evangeline pushed the covers off and slid her legs out of bed… before sneezing again!* I can at least serve soup! -03:42 Mar 20

Ciara: *Jaw wide open in shock! Can he really just spit all that out without a second thought about it?!* Do you even know what a v- ….Nevermind. I have to wonder if anyone ever had the talk with you.

Brutus put his head under her feet and pushed them up and back onto bed! “Woof woof!” he scolded her!

Leon: *A soft chuckle and a grin!* Cissy, I’ve been on the run from the government for some years and a lab wolf for thirty. It wasn’t as much a talk as it was a crash course.

Gabriel: The pup has other ideas. Stay in bed, Seer. I will return. *He turned to walk away.* -03:47 Mar 20
Evangeline: *Blinking at Brutus! …but she wasn’t that sick! Pouting only a little, Evangeline stayed in bed.* I really can work, you know… -03:48 Mar 20

Ciara: …Is that so? Maybe it’s about time you told me about it. *Ciara scooted over in bed just so she could snag Leon’s shirt and tug him to sit down.* Heaven forbid I say anything that might offend virgin wolfy ears…

Leon: *He blinked.* Well, I got the wolf version. That’s probably what you get for being locked in with them for so long. A male and a female sniff each other, the male mounts the female from behind and enters her. He thrusts a few times, gets stuck in her, and stays there until he’s done ejaculating and he’s grown soft enough to pull out of her. And that’s about it.

Brutus barked a few times at Evangeline and then disappeared! He returned with a few of the vampires and wolves that worked at Oracle to help out with nursing duty!

Ciara: *That was… that was down right disturbing, and if she hadn’t been so shocked by the sheer… wrongness of it, she might have hit him with a pillow and made him stop before he finished!* I uh.. ye-… Well, what the fuck, Leon! *Ciara had to set down that teacup before she started laughing… or crying! and spilled the rest of her tea!*

Evangeline: *Vampires and wolves nursing hunters back to health… if Ms. Grey were here she’d be having a fit! Evangeline really wanted to be up and helping though… when Brutus was distracted she tried sneaking out of bed again.* -03:59 Mar 20

Leon: *He shrugged a bit.* Told you. Crash course. I think this was during one of those attempts at breeding. The government wasn’t much into prirvacy so there were a few times they had a pair of wolves mate right in the middle of the lab.

Too bad for Evangeline, Nurse Brutus was on the ball! He saw her sneaking away and quickly scolded her with a couple of barks! “Woof! woof!”

Ciara: *Cringing, she was really trying not to cover her ears and start singing to tune it all out… She really did need to know, no matter how horrible it all sounded. …She was going to find that center and blow it up with those officials inside.* You’ve got the..uh… wolfy way down just fine. But what about human?

Leon: *He blinked and was silent for a moment.* I just know what I saw in the movies. I sneaked into the theaters a few times but it wasn’t like I could tap some couple making out in the corner and ask them what was going on.

Evangeline: ..BARK BARK BARK at yourself! *Responded Evangeline! Her was the puppy (although now rather large…) and she was the teacher! She didn’t have to stay in bed!* I’m alright, see! *She took a deep breath… and startled coughing! Evangeline held up a finger for them to wait a moment… and then took a deep breath!* …See! I am going hand out cough drops! -04:05 Mar 20

Brutus was giving her a rather suspicious look but eventually turned around to go help someone else!

Ciara: *Ciara eyed him carefully.* Would you even want to do things the human way? You’re practically a wolf involving everything else. *WHY did she just picture herself and Leon doing “things” the wolfy way! Ciara covered her face with her hands! That thought needs to get out right now!*

Evangeline: *Yay! One point for Evangeline! Who was proudly getting the cough drop bag so she could bring them to hunters! She gave them a cough drop, or fluffed their pillow, or tucked them in! Occasionally stopping to sneeze and grab a tissue!* -04:10 Mar 20

Leon: *A rather sheepish grin!* Yeah … But the wolf way doesn’t sound very … close. Just a quick deal and that’s all there is to it. I’ve heard the human way can be much more er, special.

Brutus might have let her off but each time she sneezed or so much as sniffled, Brutus ‘ head would pop up with that “I’ve got my eyes on you” look! Then he’d go back to nursing!

Ciara: *Clearing her throat, which thankfully is easily passed off as being sick!* Having sex is perfectly fun and most enjoyable… And I had a mind to throw you at Conrad or Gabriel and have them explain it from a man’s point of view, but I’m afraid they’re both pretty useless… *Which meant the only other person in the house that could explain it was Evangeline, and frankly, Ciara didn’t want Evangeline and Leon talking about sex together!*

Evangeline: *Brutus was very good at giving her those looks she could just FEEL boring in to her! He must have learned that from Gabriel! But, Evangeline was good at smiling and she wasn’t going to get bullied by a puppy! She helped someone with their sweater, because somehow they got stuck in it!* -04:16 Mar 20

Leon: *He looked as if he was about to ask her something but then he thought better of it!* With the right person, you mean?

Suddenly the alarms went off! They were being attacked!

Ciara: If it’s not with the right person, you’re just stuck with bad sex and that’s just… not good. *And that of course was something Ciara Grey knew through experience… and the thought was enough to cause a groan as she fell back against the pillows!*

Leon: … Okay. So how do you know it’s the right person?

Brutus was quick to put down and stop whatever he was doing and run out of the Infirmary.

Evangeline: *Oh dear…! There wasn’t supposed to REALLY be an attack on Oracle! There’s not time to paniac! She poked people to get up!* Up! Up! We can’t be sick now! -04:22 Mar 20

No one else expected an attack either! There was a lot of cursing going on as people rolled out of bed trying to stuff their shoes on and trying to grab their gear! …and not sneeze their brains out in the process!

Ciara: *Rubbing her forehead, there was really so many different answers for that question!* Christ, Leon… I suppose it’d be someone you can be comfortable with. Someone you love or at least like… That way when you’re all done there’s not any bad feelings or regret about it…

Leon: … Maybe someone who won’t judge you because you’ve never done that type of thing with anyone before? I’ve heard women prefer guys who are er … experienced with sex.

Evangeline: *Evangeline wouldn’t send those hunters off to do battle alone, she found that spear again! ….And took a bit of cough syrup so she could help without coughing!* -04:29 Mar 20

“Not you!” Someone said, taking that spear from Evangeline and pushing her back in to bed. “Stay here! We’ve got it!”

Outside it was hardly what anyone would call an attack compared to anything the Carnatellis might have dished out. Just your run-of-the-mill necromancer with a bunch of his undead minions … numbering at a hundred! Skeletons and zombies of humans and animals alike, armed with swords and maces and axes! It was a clip right out of some supernatural thriller!

Ciara: *Ciara leaned up on her elbows just to roll her eyes at him!* Experience doesn’t mean a damned thing… It’s more about.. well… it’s complicated. You sure as hell aren’t thinking about whether or not you’re doing it right when you’re right in the middle…

Great! Just great! They got roused out of bed for a necromancer and his summons! Now there was a bunch of sick, pissed off Oracle hunters… who were more than happy to take it all out on the bad guys! Interupt THEIR nap will you–! BANG! BANG! SMASH! CRUNCH!

Leon: *He was thoughtful.* I wouldn’t want to disappoint her. I mean, I’d feel real cheap if she … didn’t feel the same way.

Evangeline: But..! *Oooh! Evangeline was hopping back out of bed anyway! This was her Oracle to protect just like everyone elses! Sneaking outside to find… Well… none of this seemed right, why is everything so fuzzy?* Hey! Where is- ack! *Evangeline sidestepped a skeleton!* -04:37 Mar 20

Ciara: *A scowl from Ciara!* Who is this she? Not that pretty furball wolf girl is it? *…Because Ciara had no problem going over to the wolfpack and making that wolf… leave town.*

Leon: Heh. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you–Damn the soup! *He bolted out of the room and into the kitchen where he found the soup nearly boiling over!*

The skeleton went toppling forward when its blow didn’t connect!

“This isn’t a training lesson, Evangeline! Go back to bed!” Then the poor hunter sneezed so hard he knocked the bones off another skeleton before he had to kick the skull at a zombie!

Ciara: *Growling to herself as he ran off… She wasn’t jealous. There was no reason to-… Screw that! She WAS jealous and she was pretty sure she had already decided to be a bit more honest with herself about it! So if Leon was thinking about sex with some other woman or wolf… then she had a problem! Ciara pulled the covers over her head to growl some more!*

The necromancer was giving his usual speech of “making Oracle pay” and “regaining his reputation” and all that nonsense! His minions were being blasted but he found ways to merge the broken pieces and bodies together!

Leon: *He returned with some soup soon after and found Ciara under the covers!* Cissy? *He put the soup down on the table beside the bed.* What’s the matter? Do you want more tea or maybe some migraine pills?

Evangeline: I am helping! *By picking up a skeleton’s arm and clobbering any bad guy that ran past her! Clonk! Smack! ….SNEEZE!* -04:48 Mar 20

Ciara: *Groooowl! She may as well been a wolf herself! Maybe she was right and that’s what he wanted!* How many women are infatuated with you, I wonder? I can count at least six from Oracle and that’s not even the wolves…

That jerk was just bringing them all back together again! They were never going to get any rest at this rate! A group was signalling to surround the necromancer for an ambush, while someone else thumbed a finger towards Evangeline. They may as well be dead anyway if she got hurt in the process!

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