Evangeline finds herself following the whims (visions!) of her unborn child and meets a werewolf!

[Evangeline is terribly cross. SHE has no interest in a meatball sandwhich from across town, but the beast decided he was going to kick at her bones and not let her sleep. She was ready to sink her teeth in to a person at this rate!] -02:59 May 26
[Thorn is wandering around this strange underground \”subway\” asking directions to Oracle!] -03:00 May 26
Thorn: *The man he asked gave him a gruff reply and walked off! He blinked and straightened his jacket!* Pardon me, sir! *He huffed! Everyone he’d asked so far thought he was nuts and brushed him off! Were all Americans this rude?!* -03:02 May 26
Evangeline: *Though she wanted to have a sit down conversation with this child, doing so out in public would look a little crazy. So she waited patiently for the train…and least until she was kicked again.* …Unless you want me to make meatballs out of strangers, I am moving as quickly as I can! -03:04 May 26
Thorn: *He huffed! He wanted to go home! He raked back the blonde hair streaked with black! He wore an expensive suit and shoes! Dark green eyes peering around! He spotted a pregnant woman grumbling at someone!* Excuse me, Miss. Can you give me the directions to Oracle? -03:07 May 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t sure if she were more surprised by a stranger asking about Oracle, or the sudden ceasing of the kicking! She rest both hands on her stomach and nodded.* …I do! Were you needing assisstance..? *Now she was eyeing him curiously… hmm…. he was wolf!* -03:09 May 26
Thorn: *He blinked! He was pleasantly surprised! He’d expected her to curse his family in that strange way Americans had and be on her way!* I was told to find Oracle and speak to … um, someone. *He blinked and started searching his jacket. He pulled out a card and read it slowly.* E-vange-line Clark. -03:13 May 26
Evangeline: What a coincidence! I am Evangeline! *Now she was very surprised! She was used to being in certain places at the perfect times, but that hadn’t happened since she had visions to draw her places. She hadn’t had a vision other than dreams since Gabriel sealed her gift. The only reason she was here now was because of…. Alex!* Oh! Um, sorry, I hadn’t expected to run in to anyone. I was on my way to fetch something to eat. Would you like to join me and talk? -03:16 May 26
Thorn: *He slipped the card into his pocket but then dropped it without realizing it. He bowed.* Why yes, I would um, love to. *He stepped to the side to let her continue walking.* I am Thorn Augustus from Roma, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, first in line to the throne. -03:24 May 26
Evangeline: How neat! I enjoy meeting Princes. Are you seeking help from Oracle because you’re a prince, or because you’re a wolf? *Evangeline tapped her chin. She hadn’t been to this part of town in ages. Even though Alex had decided he was no longer interested in sandwhiches, SHE was hungry now!* -03:27 May 26
Thorn: Eh … *He seemed to be trying to find the right words!* Both. My father is dying and as part of tradition, I and my cousins are on pilgrimages. Eh … But there is unrest and I cannot find the artifact I was told to. Without it, I cannot return and my cousins will lay claim to the throne. -03:33 May 26
Evangeline: I see. *Finding things was what she was good at. …Or at least used to be! She glanced down at her stomach, giving it some consideration. Well… with a little help they’d be able to do it.* Hmm, well, first I must know what the artifact is. And where it was seen last? Then we can make travel arrangements! ….I’ll have to tell my husband, though. Otherwise he’ll think I’ve been kidnapped again, and we’ll all be in trouble. -03:38 May 26
Thorn: *He blinked. She was pregnant, yes, but … He looked around.* Your husband. He is … near? *In his country it was unheard of for a married woman to be allowed to go out in public without her spouse nearby!* -03:41 May 26
Evangeline: No, he is out working late this evening. I am supposed to be in bed, but my son decided he wanted to have an adventure today, and it’s very hard to say no when he kicks your insides! *Evangeline tilted her head to watch him. What a very polite and restrained wolf! He must come from a very interesting were culture!* You seem surprised? -03:43 May 26
Thorn: Eh … Yes. *He scratched his head as if he wasn’t sure how to word it!* Forgive me, Mrs. Clark but … in my country, women are precious. Husbands guard their wives jealously and are often somewhere nearby when they are out in public. -03:46 May 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned wide, softly laughing.* It’s not much different for me! My husband is very protective of me, and I’ll likely get in trouble for going out like this. But he knows I am not fond of being locked away for too long, so he’ll forgive me. ….But it IS a good idea to fetch something to eat and get back quickly! *Speaking of which, she finally found the stairwell to get u to the city streets!* -03:50 May 26
Thorn: He is a very lucky man. *He nodded as if agreeing with himself as he followed her up. He blinked a few times to adjust to the bright light.* -03:53 May 26
Evangeline: He’s very sweet. I’ll introduce you to him once we arrive at Oracle! *But first, something good to eat. She pointed down the street and led the way. …Now she was hoping the place wasn’t already closed! That’d be disappointing after coming all this way!* -03:56 May 26
Thorn: *He looked around. The city was so big and it was teeming with so much life! And yet life was stifled here! How sad!* This Oracle … Why has no one else heard of it? -04:10 May 26
Evangeline: Oh, that’s because it’s an underground organization. Um.. a secret one! Most Humans are unaware of werewolves, vampires and even magic. …and it’s better they stay unaware, at least for now. One day I am sure it will be different, but I think most are afraid it will be like the witch hunting days! *It was a very interesting discussion she had with many of her castle guests. One day it would change, and it was going to be a mess! In the meantime, Evangeline finally found her sandwhich shop only for it to indeed be closed! For an entire two hours entire! She frowned down at her stomach.* Oh… why couldn’t you have just said you wanted to me a wolf instead of talking about meatballs? I’ll have to ask Gabriel when he gets back… -04:16 May 26
Thorn: *Thorn looked around. He couldn’t stand to see her distraught!* Eh … I shall … go ask those gentlemen over there. Perhaps they know a place for this sandwich you seek. *He caught the eye of one of the men. There were two of men sittng in a black car across the street. They wore sunglasses and suits. They seemed friendly enough.* Pardon me. Pardon me! -04:22 May 26
Evangeline: *How polite! Evangeline grinned, linking her hands together and waiting patiently. She hadn’t made a new friend in awhile, it’d be nice to take a trip and learn about his home. Especially since most were cultures lived in tribal packs… this was new and fascinating!* -04:26 May 26

Just as Thorn began to cross the street, the men in the car sped off, leaving one bewildered Thorn standing in the middle of the road! -Thorn

Evangeline: …that was a little strange. They must have thought you were going to rob them! *That was just the way the world worked. Always suspicious! Evangeline shrugged her shoulders and tilted her heads towards the way they came.* It’s all right, though. We’ll get back to Oracle and I can ask my husband to bring me a treat. He always knows where to find the best things! -04:31 May 26
Thorn: *He returned to Evangeline and shook his head.* You Americans have strange customs. -04:35 May 26
Evangeline: You should see South America! They lick frogs there for fun! *Evangeline was leading the way back to the subway now. Hungry, but in a much better mood than she had been before.* What’s your home like? Do you run around with fluff and fur, or are you always so well dressed? -04:37 May 26
Thorn: My father believes that we must be civilized so rarely do we take to our wolf forms. It has been met with much … eh, protest. There is much talk of abolishing that way … returning to our ancient traditions. -04:42 May 26
Evangeline: I think we should never ignore our true nature, so I can see why so many want to have the freedom to be wolves… but it’s important to be civilized too, otherwise we just eat whomever we please and don’t think about the consequences! *Upon finding the subway steps again, she made sure to hold on to the railing. It was easier to go up them than down!* -04:46 May 26
Thorn: There is also the matter of … inbreeding. My kingdom is small and we do not have much … how do you say, contact with the outside world. My people are also split on the best way to solve that issue. -04:48 May 26
Evangeline: That’s the easiest thing to solve, don’t you think? All you have to do is spend more time with more sorts of people… meet other wolf packs! You can do that easily through Oracle, they spend a lot of time making treaties between packs. *She was watching him again, curiously.* …I am blabbering my opinions again… What do you want to do as heir? -04:51 May 26
Thorn: *He sobered.* It is … a lot of responsibility. My cousins may be better running it than I. -04:58 May 26
Evangeline: i think… if you really believed that, you wouldn’t be searching for your artifact, yes? *Before she could make another comment of it, the train arrived and she was shooing him inside one of the cars. She did suspiciously glance around for a moment, but she finally relaxed and picked a place to sit. The subway always made her so nervois now but it was faster!* Sometimes responsibility is good, though. You get to take care of people! -05:02 May 26
Thorn: *He grinned sheepishly as he was gestured into one of the cars. He followed her to the seat and sat on the edge.* … That is … very true. You are a wise woman, Mrs. Clark. -05:06 May 26
Evangeline: *She laughed.* Not many people would agree…. But I like to see everyone happy, and so long the one in charge is someone that cares about others, then only good can come from it. My older son didn’t think he could do what he does now, but he does wonderfully because he’s very compassionate! -05:11 May 26
Thorn: *He blinked.* Your son … He … helps people? -05:12 May 26
Evangeline: Yes! At first he was afraid that we expected him to or would force him to… Which isn’t true at all, I really wanted him to pick a job that he would enjoy. But after a while he realized that he likes to make a difference for people. …Um even if he makes a show that he doesn’t like it! Oh! Though he does sing at places too when he doesn’t work! -05:15 May 26
Thorn: Eh … Forgive me, Mrs. Clark, but … surely you are too young to have a son who sounds like a grown man. -05:18 May 26
Evangeline: *She grinned.* He wasn’t really born like my current son… In body and mind he’s much older, but age wise he’s not very old at all…. um. Actually, it’s very complicated, but he’s made me very proud to be his mother. -05:22 May 26
Thorn: Mm … I see. *Okay, he really didn’t but he decided it was better not to pry any deeper. He swayed back and forth and looked around. He caught a few people staring but that was normal, yes?* -05:24 May 26
Evangeline: *It was simple to see he was confused, but Evangeline wouldn’t give him a hard time about it… Her life was by no means normal! Even she found herself confused by it! When the traincar would pass a station, she pointed out where that was in the city for his future refference, and when it finally stopped, she stood and straightened her clothes to lead the way again.* Oracle isn’t far from here. My home also! -05:28 May 26
Thorn: *He turned to her and followed her lead, standing and dusting his clothes.* You must leave in an eh … a penthouse, Mrs. Clark. -05:31 May 26
Evangeline: At first I had an apartment underground. …Which I am not really sure why it was underground, but I suppose that’s because it’s easier to keep hidden? In any case, now I live in a very nice castle. …somewhere! Actually I am not sure where it is exactly. Just how to get there. *Evangeline tapped her chin thinking it over… It was rather funny now that she thought about it! She had no idea where she lived!* -05:34 May 26
Thorn: A castle! *He was very surprised now and quite interested!* You must be royalty, like me! -05:36 May 26
Evangeline: ..Oh! I always forgot to mention it, I never think it important! *She shrugged her shoulders with a smile.* I guess I feel a little silly when people call me Queen or Majesty and things like that… I am fine with Evangeline. -05:38 May 26
Thorn: *He blinked! He was obviously confused again and failed to notice the people he had caught staring at them on the car had also gotten off with them.* But being the Queen and Majesty … that is only natural! -05:41 May 26
Evangeline: Is it? I don’t really feel like a Queen most of the time. …well, sometimes it IS fun to make a show of it! Wear a nice dress and put on my crown and do something really special. But most of the time I’m doing the same things I always do. …Just something tricky here and or there! *She paused for a moment to rest a hand on her stomach again. Someone was being fussy again, and she heaved a big sigh!* -05:47 May 26

There were three of them. A black man, a young woman, and a young man dressed in everyday clothes. They paused and appeared to be looking elsewhere when Evangeline stopped! -Thorn

Thorn: You are uh … eh … not going into labor, are you, Mrs. Clark? *Because, quite frankly, he didn’t know if he could deal with it! He was a heir! Not a doctor or midwife!* -05:49 May 26
Evangeline: *She laughed and shook her head.* Oh no… it’s far too soon for that! He’s just having another tantrum again… I suppose we’re not moving fast enough for him. Um.. *She tried to think about it a little bit… If he wanted to meet a wolf, and he had no interest in meatballs, he surely must of had some other agenda. Could he have visions before even being born? …well, she supposed he could. He was Gabriel’s son!* Something isn’t right I think. -05:54 May 26
Thorn: *He blinked and looked around! Whatever could that mean? He tilted his head slightly.* But Mrs. Clark … everything is … everything is fine. -05:59 May 26
Evangeline: We should walk a little faster just in case. Oracle isn’t much farther from here! *Her son was uneasy, which was making her uneasy! And cranky. They were both up way past bed time!* Are you in any particular bits of trouble…? -06:02 May 26

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