046 The Wolf Experiments (UNFINISHED)

[[[UNFINISHED]]] Leon and Lily are out for bonding time, and he sees someone he used to know get grabbed by men in sits. Lily stops him from chasing after them, and he tells Ciara what happened. Ciara decides to finally do something about these government people, and Evangeline volunteers to go digging up info.

[Lily is out with Leon for father-daughter bonding time! At least that\’s what SHE thinks it is!] -02:58 Mar 21
[Leon was out with Lily doing er … stuff!] -03:00 Mar 21
Leon: *A wolfish grin.* It’s nice to get out of the suite. I think Cissy’s pissed that I ate all the steaks again. -03:00 Mar 21
Lily: She may as well turn that storage room in to a giant freezer. *Going out and doing something different was nice! It was strange not having Conrad, but time with Leon was important… He was practically her father anyway, whether he and her mother realized it or not!* Do you think she’ll really buy that cattle ranch? -03:02 Mar 21
Leon: *Another wolfish grin at the mention of a giant freezer.* I think she might … eventually. When I’ve eaten enough steaks and she has her books done. She’s not going to like how high those bills from the grocery store are. Speaking of food … *He spotted an ice cream shop.* Want to get some ice cream? -03:06 Mar 21
Lily: Ice cream is great. *It was impossible not to grin back at Leon! He was possibly the nicest person in the universe next to Evangeline.* When you get married, are you going to have a giant barbecued cow at the reception? -03:08 Mar 21
Leon: *She had him practically drooling!* Mmm … giant babecued cow … That sounds so good … *He stood there, dreaming about it moments before he realized what else she’d said.* Er, wait, married? -03:10 Mar 21
Lily: Uh huh. Married. You do everything else that married people do, right? -03:13 Mar 21
Leon: *He opened his mouth and held a finger up … Then he closed his mouth, blinked, and scratched his head with the finger.* Er … I guess so … Well, uh, maybe almost, kind of everything else married people do. -03:19 Mar 21

Meanwhile the employee at the ice cream shop behind the counter asked what she could get them!

Lily: *Lily laughed softly, ordering herself that triple chocolate giant milkshake!* She’s been a lot nicer to you lately… Not so crazy. Although maybe it’s because she’s so frustrated with Evangeline. -03:21 Mar 21
Leon: *A grin that was more sheepish than wolfish!* Well … that and … we had a bit of an argument a few days ago. You remember, when she insisted you go out on dates and decided to be an example to you by making one herself? -03:23 Mar 21

The employee nodded and made Lily her milkshake! Then it was Leon’s turn!

Leon: Oh! I’ll have a um … chocolate-banana milkshake with whip cream please. -03:27 Mar 21
Lily: *A grimace! How could she forget?* Yeah… it was a pretty stupid idea. Did you have a fight about that? -03:28 Mar 21
Leon: *He looked ashamed!* I … wasn’t too hot about her going out on a date. And somehow it escalated. We … never did talk about what we’ve been to since we’ve been apart. I stalked off after I told her I was leaving. I … uh, got caught up in the moment. -03:34 Mar 21
Lily: *Lily eyed him carefully before shrugging.* It’s better now though, isn’t it? You kind of had to talk about it after that… -03:36 Mar 21
Leon: … Yeah. I can tell she really doesn’t want to know what I’ve been up to–but she has to know the truth. And um … I think she might be jealous. -03:37 Mar 21
Lily: *Taking her milkshake and a sip, there was a snicker from Lily!* That really doesn’t sound surprising at all… She said she used to beat people up when they tried to steal you. I can’t imagine what she’d do if a woman were after you. -03:39 Mar 21
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Well the important part is that we made up. *He took his milkshake, paid for theirs, and led the way outside–where he stopped and stared across the street!* -03:45 Mar 21
Lily: *Lily paused when he did, blinking at him curiously… then tryng to follow what he was staring at!* …what’s the matter? -03:47 Mar 21
Leon: *He pointed across the street to where someone was being hustled into a black van!* That guy. I know him. I better go help ‘im. *He started toward the van, right in the middle of traffic!* -03:54 Mar 21
Lily: *Just from reflex she grabbed his shirt to tug him back before he got himself hit by a car… But now that she thinks quickly about it, black vans and weird guys are bad news!* Wait a minute! They might have guns or worse! -03:56 Mar 21
Leon: *He stopped and turned to look back at her. Then he looked back at the van which was already streaking off!* Mm … I guess you’re right. *He took a deep breath.* But that guy just now … I recognize him anywhere. -03:57 Mar 21
Lily: *Watching after the van, she gave a slight frown…* We could come home and see if mommy could get Oracle to do something? The hunters there are a lot smarter now. -04:02 Mar 21
Leon: *He was still staring across the street to where the van had been parked. He slowly nodded.* Okay. Let’s go. -04:03 Mar 21
Lily: *Poor Leon was probably going to beat himself up over that forever if they didn’t do something.. so Lily made sure they got home quick! Her mommy wasn’t working today, so it was easy to find her sitting on the sofa with work papers!* -04:05 Mar 21
Leon: *He was still pretty dazed about seeing that wolf again. He’d thought he’d never find another wolf from the lab and yet … When they got back to Shades and found Cissy on the sofa, he didn’t know what to say!* -04:06 Mar 21

Ciara: You’re back awfully soon. …You didn’t buy out a restraunt did you? *…She was always afraid Leon was going to come home with Chefs on his heels! The look on his face didn’t bode well.* …Do I need to kill someone?

Lily: *It was interesting that her mother always suggesting killing things! Lily blinked and Leon then back at her mother!* Leon saw someone he knew, but they were taken away by the men in black. -04:09 Mar 21
Leon: It’s a wolf. *He said quietly.* A wolf I was locked up with all those years ago … -04:13 Mar 21

Ciara: *Not quite what she was expecting, but it could be handled. Ciara dropped her papers on the table as she stood up.* I think it’s about time I did something about those people. We’ll start by tracking down your wolf. …I think I need to order more dynamite… *She said to herself, moving for one of the tables to pick up the phone and flip through her address book!*

Lily: *…Was she actually going to blow up the government? Could she get away with something like that? …Lily thought it better not to ask! She pat Leon reassuringly on the back before sneaking away to her room.* -04:18 Mar 21
[Lily is now known as: Ciara] -04:19 Mar 21
Leon: Er … dynamite …? *He raised an eyebrow and then thought better of asking any further. He sneaked into the kitchen!* -04:19 Mar 21

Evangeline: What about dynamite? *People were home early from their day out, so of course Evangeline was snooping to see what was going on! Of course, Leon snuck in to the kitchen and now she was asking Ms. Grey! Drats!*

Leon: *He poked his head out of the kitchen!* I’ve learned it’s better not to pry too deeply when Cissy mentions dynamite. -04:24 Mar 21
Ciara: *Ciara paused through looking at her address book.. seeming almost offended!* It’s not like I’m going to blow up an entire building. …. Unless I have to. I’ve got to find it first. -04:25 Mar 21
Ciara: *Ciara paused through looking at her address book.. seeming almost offended!* It’s not like I’m going to blow up an entire building. …. Unless I have to. I’ve got to find it first. -04:25 Mar 21

Evangeline: *Somewhere she was missing something, but if Ms. Grey wanted to destroy it, it must be something really bad!* What are we trying to find?

Leon: Er yeah.. The last time you mentioned dynamite, you nearly burned down Little Johnny Nelson’s clubhouse. -04:27 Mar 21
Ciara: ~I~ am looking for a wolf grabbed by a bunch of government goons. …. And Little Johnny Nelson damned well deserved it. He tossed my favorite barbie in the barbecue grill. …. that wasn’t even dynamite. How I was I supposed that stuff was flamable… *Ciara continued to mutter as she went back to the address book!* -04:29 Mar 21

Evangeline: *THAT Made much more sense! Ms. Grey was going to go on a quest of vengeance for Leon! Before long there would be puppies!* I can help! I’ve been able to do all sorts of things better now. I think from spending so much time with Gabriel…

Leon: It’s a wolf who I met back at the lab. I don’t know what name he goes by now but his real name is Jonathan Craven. -04:33 Mar 21
Ciara: *Ciara was initially going to tell Evangeline to buggar off and mind her own business. ….But as much as she hated to admit it, she and that vampire were actually useful for some things. …This may be one of them.* If Ihad you go searching for him, you’d be able to tell me where he is as well as the details about the place he’s at? Who is there, who runs it…? -04:35 Mar 21
Leon: *He disappeared back into the kitchen! All this talk was making him hungry! Ooo … Steaks!* -04:37 Mar 21

Evangeline: Of course! That is what an investigation mission is for, yes? I can find out all sorts of things when I find him!

Ciara: *Leon sneaking away… they needed to talk about this!* Then do what you do best and snoop. I will… keep Leon with me. If you get something useful I want to know right away. -04:41 Mar 21

Evangeline: *Evangeline saluted Ms. Grey with a big grin like she was the General!* He’s a little shaken, so maybe you can change the subject and talk about Peter -er… I’m going now! *Evangeline dashed off to her room to grab some necessary things before Ms. Grey tried to strangle her again!*

Leon: *The steak wasn’t even thawed out completely and he was already chewing on it! Hm … Maybe he was more anxious about this then he’d thought …* -04:48 Mar 21
Ciara: *A twitch at the corner of her mouth! Stupid psychic! …Abandoning the address book, Ciara slipped in to the kitchen without a word to find Leon chewing on a frozen steak. He really was upset…* Evangeline is going to search, so that dynamite will just have to wait. -04:50 Mar 21
Leon: … Hm? *He looked up, still chewing on the steak. He slowed down and put the steak down on the plate.* Sorry, I know I shouldn’t let stuff like this get to me. -04:53 Mar 21
Ciara: There isn’t anything to worry about anyway. You and I were always able to handle things just fine, cuts, bruises, and the occasional fire included… -04:58 Mar 21
Leon: *A wolfish grin.* You’re right …as usual. Do you think Jonathan’s gonna be okay? -05:00 Mar 21
Ciara: I think, once Evangeline gets her hands on him, he’ll likely wish he was never found. *Honestly, she wasn’t sure if that wolf would be alright or not… Just by the few things Leon mentioned, that experiment didn’t sound like the best of places. …Maybe it was better to keep his mind off it for a little while.* You’ve been such a good wolf, maybe I should tell you how I terrorized the world without you.. -05:04 Mar 21

Gabriel: *He met Evangeline as she stepped out of the suite.* What are you up to now, Seer?

Evangeline: *Evangeline had her stones, her scryng crystal and her cane! That should do her just– ACK!* Gabriel! You scared me to death! *She was so used to his presence always being there even when he wasn’t actually there that sometimes he just took her by surprise!* I am on a mission for Ms. Grey.

Leon: *He laughed softly.* Few things beat a good story or two. Did you ever buy that old daycare we got kicked out of and fire all the people who worked there? -05:06 Mar 21
Ciara: …No, but now that you mentioned it… *Ciara took that steak on a plate to put in the microwave for defrosting… he might as well eat it after he’s been slobbering on it!* Do you remember Victor? That boy that’d come to play with us sometimes? -05:09 Mar 21

Gabriel: That is obvious. *He replied, having watched as she checked her pockets, tightened her grip on her cane.* I suppose this mission involves finding someone. *He saw the look on her face.* You have your scrying crystal in her hand. *He replied.*

Leon: *He was thoughtful for a moment and made a disgusted face.* Yeah, that snotty richy boy. What about him? -05:11 Mar 21

Evangeline: Well… yes! Someone named… oh…hmm.. Jonathon Craven. He is a wolf and Leon saw him taken away in a van. Ms. Grey wants to find him and figure out the mystery of the government wolfy experiments.

Gabriel: *your, not her

Ciara: *Ciara grinned widely at first, but smothered it with a more serious expression!* Actually… he was my first boyfriend in high school… -05:12 Mar 21

Gabriel: *He followed her into the elevator.*

Leon: *His jaw dropped, his eyes were huge!* … You’re serious! Him! But he was way worst than I was! .. I don’t know how I got called Cooties and he wasn’t called it either. Or Booger Face at least. He really deserved that one. *He muttered under his breath.* -05:17 Mar 21

Evangeline: We’re not supposed to blow up the place. *Evangeline warned, assuming he was coming.* …I’m not sure if we’re supposed to rescue him either, actually. I suppose we’ll decide what’s best when we get there!

Gabriel: This is Ms Grey. No doubt she would like the honor to perform any acts of violence or chaos first.

Ciara: *…so she grinned anyway.* Sixteen years old, he didn’t look like a booger face to me. He was pretty cute and smooth too. -05:20 Mar 21

Evangeline: Understandably, you know. They took her soul mate away! *With her crystal swinging, she was already walking and following the pull! Jonathon Craven, a wolf… black vans… Ice cream!*

Leon: *He stuck his tongue out. * Eh … Obviously you were attracted to him. So you wouldn’t have noticed something like boogers on his face. -05:22 Mar 21
Ciara: I hope it makes you feel better to know that I dumped him at Senior prom when he ran off with some other girl. -05:26 Mar 21

A black van that went that way, toward the airport! But before that … Jonathan Craven. A trail of blood! Coming from the basement of that night club!

Leon: *That disgusted look didn’t leave his face!* He didn’t deserve you anyways. He’s such an asshole if he didn’t see what an incredible woman you are. -05:30 Mar 21

Evangeline: *Pausing, she debated which way would be more informative… Ms. Grey wanted details and she could smell blood… But it wasn’t Jonathon’s blood was it… ? Evangeline headed for the basement!*

Ciara: * A mild look of surprise on her face before she tilted her head with a smirk.* Now I don’t think I can tell you about Peter… -05:32 Mar 21
Leon: *He hadn’t realized what he’d said! He just stated it as if it was a well known fact!* Huh? Who’s Peter? -05:37 Mar 21

The basement was empty… or so Evangeline thought until she nearly tripped over something! Something cold but had been warm once, something once full of life–a body!

Ciara: *Chewing on her bottom lip, she really had to think a moment if she wanted to tell him… Eventually she’d have to talk to Lily about it, but that didn’t seem nearly as hard as telling Leon…* That would be Lily’s father… -05:41 Mar 21

Evangeline: *A quiet shriek, more out of surprise than anything else! She had to stop herself from apologizing for tripping over a dead body…! There was a rather bruta fight here!* This is… not very good…

Gabriel: … Not very good is an understatement. *He replied, glancing around at the large room they’d walked into, riddled with bullet holes in the walls and ceiling, trashed with the furniture everywhere …*

Evangeline: *This was a bit confusing here, trying to read those left over impressions of what happened… There was no initial intent, just… something that clicked.* It wasn’t really planned, but it was was… It really doesn’t make any sense. Do you know who this is?

Gabriel: *He walked over the bodies, passed the broken furniture and stopped at the far end of the room where there was a bloody body print on the wall. He bent down and picked something up a large silver ring fashioned into a snake and in its fangs, a large ruby. There was a Russian phrase inscribed into the inside of the band.* Constantine Maxikoff and his hirelings.

Leon: *He blinked!* Whoa there … And this Peter guy … You married him? -05:54 Mar 21
Ciara: *Snort! That drew a rather wicked scowl from her!* No. He wasn’t… the marrying type. One of those things you think is exactly what you wanted and turned out to be all wrong. Almost entirely the opposite of you, I think… -05:56 Mar 21

Evangeline: I have no idea who that is. *Whomever he was, he was worth killing and killing everyone here! Like an assasination! A lot for a wolf to get in to..*

Leon: *He was quiet as he thought.* … So … where is he now? * He finally asked after an eternity of silence.* -06:04 Mar 21

Gabriel: He was a vampire most famous for opposing Anthony on a number of occassions. His strongest argument with Anthony involved Anthony’s habit of using weres as lab rats and muscle.

Ciara: I don’t know. * She tilted her head and examined him… It was always strange when Leon was so silent.* I told him I was pregnant and he didn’t like the idea of having a kid. He’s lucky I didn’t push him off his stupid boat. I never saw him again, and frankly never care to. -06:07 Mar 21
Leon: Hm … So if he ever came back, ever said the right words, or did the right things, would you … marry him? -06:10 Mar 21

Evangeline: Ms. Grey isn’t going to like the sound of that… *Was Anthony Carnatelli involved in everything in the entire world…? How much scarier could he get! Dangling her crystal, she was looking for the trail again.* We have to find out where they took him… They grabbed him right after he did this.

Gabriel: Would a map help your scrying?

Ciara: *Marry him! Like hell!* I’d sooner dip him in a vat of gasoline and throw him in to a volcano. He told me to have an abortion! Completely denied wanting to have anything to do with her, and not even a word when the whole bloody world knew she was missing! -06:13 Mar 21

Evangeline: *Evangeline thought about it and finally nodded her head!* It would be easier than walking around the city and dodging cars!

Gabriel: *He walked over to another wall and pulled off a large map of the city! Then he placed it on the bar nearby that was still in fairly good shape!*

Leon: I’m glad you didn’t get an abortion. Lily’s the best … *He looked up at her.* Does Lily know …? -06:17 Mar 21
Ciara: *Now she was trying not to look embarassed, and attempt to be as nonchalant about things as he usually is!* I let her think you were her father until she got old enough to ask questions. Then… I just told her he wasn’t available. She never seemed to want to know more… -06:21 Mar 21
Leon: *He chuckled softly!* Yeah, she told me about that, about thinking I was her dad. All the stories you told and Mr. Bear, of course. He’s in great shape. -06:22 Mar 21

Evangeline: *Moving to the map, she hovered her crystal and let it dangle over areas… Sometimes going over a section more than once. Eventually there was a strong enough tug for the crystal to point out somewhere specific!* Right there. …what is that? *Now she remembered why she never tried maps… she couldn’t read the darn things!*

Ciara: That bear is only alive because she liked him so much. *Ciara muttered!* Sometimes I wish you were her father. -06:24 Mar 21

Gabriel: *He looked at where the crystal pointed.* Hartford International. The old abandoned airport outside of the city.

Leon: Now, now, you always had a soft spot for furry animals. Take me for instance. *A wolfish grin!* -06:27 Mar 21

Evangeline: That sounds like a big place. …It’s where we are going next, though! *Evangeline tapped her chin…* We’ll have to be sneaky and not get caught…

Gabriel: And the objective.

Ciara: You’re right. It must be all of this fur! *She reached out to pinch his very NOT furry cheeks!* -06:30 Mar 21

Evangeline: *He sounded so official… Evangeline smiled!* Our objective is to retrieve as much information about the place as possible. And whether or not we need to get that wolf out, or tell Ms. Grey straight away so she can do something about the place. …without us being seen or getting in trouble.

Leon: The tail! I meant the tail! *He cried, pulling back and hopefully out of her reach.* -06:35 Mar 21
Ciara: No, it’s this adorable furry face! You should be running around shirtless so I can pet you all over! *A little revenge is sweet! She managed to pinch at least one cheek!* -06:40 Mar 21
[Ciara was teasing Leon to keep him distracted and out of trouble!] -02:49 Mar 22
[Leon was still trying to deal with some of the things Cissy had told him! … And trying to keep his pride intact!] -02:50 Mar 22
Leon: Whoa now! *He leaned farther back, tipping the chair on the legs!* Easy on the cheeks, Cissy! -02:50 Mar 22

Gabriel: And you wish to rescue this wolf from the government. *He raised an eyebrow at her.* You are insane.

Evangeline: It was someone Leon knew, and Ms. Grey wants to stop what they are doing. I think it’s the right thing to do. *A place that kidnaps wolves of all ages is not a good place, government or not. What if they ever tried to take Brutus? It’d be awful!*

Ciara: I am being perfectly easy. *Responded Ciara, catching his knees before he toppled backwards in teh chair!* -02:55 Mar 22
Leon: Whooaa–!! *He let out a breath and grinned up at her.* Thanks, Cissy. So uh … why choose the name "Lily" for uh, Lily? -02:58 Mar 22
Ciara: *There was an unexpected question!* …Well… There were those pink lillies out on the lake. I really liked those. -03:01 Mar 22

Gabriel: Very well. I will take you back to Shades and go to Hartford myself.

Evangeline: *Evangeline had started nodding then paused!* …But I am supposed to be divining information! How am I supposed to do that if I am not there?

Leon: Cool. *He nodded and for awhile there, it was silent.* … Um, those vampires you married … what were they like? -03:08 Mar 22

Gabriel: Indeed. However, rescuing this wolf may prove unwise.

Ciara: *Ciara gave a slight smirk.* Like any other stupid egoccentric vampire. False charm, magical hypnotism… -03:10 Mar 22

Evangeline: You mean unsafe. For me. *Evangeline couldn’t help but smile. Still, it was her mission from Ms. Grey. …and if she could do anything to boost up Ms. Grey confidence and make her stop chasing her around the house, it would be nice!* I could wait outside?

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* I’m glad … you know that you … er are okay and all. *He coughed and scratched the back of his head.* -03:20 Mar 22
Ciara: Hmm… I must be so pretty that no one considers me dangerous. *She said lightly, but still… it gave her serious thoughts.* That third one nearly caught me by surprise, but I think he figured me out by accident. I’m not sure how. …Then there’s Anthony Carnatelli… -03:23 Mar 22

Gabriel: *He finally nodded.* Fine. Outside. *He picked her up.* Brace yourself.

Evangeline: *Bracing for his scary travel habits…! Gabriel really never said no.. so she was going to take extra special care not to get herself in danger!*

Gabriel: *He dashed up the stairs and out the door! … He suddenly stopped in front of an old rusted fence surrounding the old aiport!*

Leon: *He blinked.* What do you mean …? You think that the vampires are on to you? -04:00 Mar 22
Ciara: *Ciara nodded slowly…* Now, of course, everyone knows after what I did with Oracle. …But before that, I think there was suspicion. Then for that damned Carnatelli to seek me out personally. He isn’t stupid… -04:02 Mar 22

Evangeline: *The air was different here… like it was trying hard to feel normal! For a place that should be a government hide-out, there were many disguised magical wards!* There should be a place I can stay out of sight. But I will come and help you if you need it.

Leon: No surprise to me. He has his dirty claws in everything. *He suddenly yawned and he blinked!* -04:07 Mar 22

Gabriel: *He studied the fence and in the distance, the buildings at the center of the lot.* They will be searching for anyone attempting to divine.

Ciara: He really does. And far too often it’s him personally as well, not just some minion… *She was thinking of that recent nonsense with Gabriel and Evangeline. It was only a matter of time before he tried something like that with herself or her family. ….All the more reason to CRUSH him!* Ahem… maybe you’d like to come be a lazy wolf and watch a movie with me. -04:10 Mar 22

Evangeline: That does complicate things… *Evangeline gave it some thought…* I don’t have to divinve or use stones. I think I could just reach out normally.

Leon: *He gave her a wolfish grin!* I would love nothing better. What movie do you want to ch? *He got up and stretched and stretched some more!* -04:44 Mar 22
Ciara: *Standing, she led the way to the living room… Mostly to hide a smirk.* Maybe there’s something nice on the discovery channel on the mating habits of wolves. -04:47 Mar 22

Gabriel: *These wards were detailed and complicated! Each one had its own purpose either to conceal, to keep in, or to keep out.*

Leon: *He laughed!* Wow, are you serious, Cissy? *He followed her into the living room and sat down on the couch.* -04:54 Mar 22

Evangeline: *One ward at a time, that was the only way it could be done… And since she could not use her stones and Gabriel would not let her go inside… Reaching out mentally was a bit of a stretch and a little more difficult to do! But not impossible! She refused to let it be impossible! Even if that meant borrowing a little strength from Gabriel’s always present wall!*

Ciara: *…Ciara promptly hit him with the nearest couch pillow.* No! I bet it’s wolfy porn! Throw in some bad music from the 70s and it’s worse! -04:59 Mar 22
Leon: Ouch! *He fell back against the armrest and held his hands up to shield his face.* Is not wolfy porn! It’s not porn if you’re learning from it. -05:00 Mar 22
Ciara: Put a porn video on mute, I bet you can learn from that too. *Ciara hit him again with pillow, and if it weren’t mortifyingly embarassing she might actually subject him to one! Lucky cooties.* -05:04 Mar 22
Leon: No respect for the music of the disco age. *Another wolfish grin!* Ouch. Foul! Foul! -05:08 Mar 22
Ciara: *Another good swat, then she had to check and make sure she wasn’t really hurting him… despite that wolfy grin really asking for it!* How would you like your tail shaved? -05:11 Mar 22
Leon: *He blinked!* Ack! *He glanced over his shoulder and scooted his butt further into the corner of the couch.* That’s a low blow. Threatening a wolf’s tail. -05:14 Mar 22
Ciara: *Ciara pretended to give it some thought…* You’re right… You tail is spared… Maybe a makeover would be better. I think I have lipstick in just your shade! -05:15 Mar 22
Leon: *His eyes grew wide and he scrambled over the back of the couch and landed on the floor!* Ow! -05:22 Mar 22
Ciara: Don’t run, cooties. I thought you loved playing dressup with me! *Granted, the last time they played dressup she turned him in to a fairy princess… Ciara leaned over the back of the sofa!* Scardy wolf. -05:26 Mar 22
Leon: You can’t blame me. You have a habit of giving me extreme makeovers. Like the time you thought trying mascara on me would be a good idea. -05:29 Mar 22
Ciara: I had no idea old mascara was practically cemet. It washed off when you fell in the lake. *Watching him for a moment… she finally lept over the back of the sofa to pounce!* -05:33 Mar 22

Gabriel: *He crouched down and grabbed a handful of dirt, then he let the dirt fall through hole he made in his fist.*

Evangeline: *There was just so much- That was an idea! Evangeline moved to settle on her knees, placing her hands on the ground… Carrying wards right through the ground was almost never done! To search was far less complicated, and to feel for a Jonathon Craven and what went on in this building… Evangeline suddenly stood up and pointed a finger at the place angrily!* That’s.. That’s just awful!

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