[Evangeline is having tea with one of the castle guests, enjoying an inner room with pretty furniture!] -03:01 Aug 01
[Demetria the Bat-Girl sits opposite Evangeline, twisting and untwisting her claws. She looks like a cross between a human and a bat, the size of a human but the rest of her features are those of a bat.] -03:12 Aug 01
Demetria the Bat-Girl: … Oh, Miss Evangeline, it’s terrible! His pranks are getting worse each time! *She scratched one of her long ears!* I don’t like to complain but … it’s just gotten so bad! -03:13 Aug 01
Evangeline: *She was pouring tea carefully, occasionally leaning over to grin at a rat that ran back and forth to add things to the table. The devil rats were so helpful!* He really is harmless. There isn’t anything to fear here in the castle, so he is a pest at best.. *The beastie had tried very hard to scare her too. From floating jellyfish to furry spiders! But Evangeline just didn’t have anything to be afraid of when safe at home!* -03:15 Aug 01
Demetria the Bat-Girl: *She was even more distraught as demonstrated when she started scratching both ears!* He’s a jerk, Miss Evangeline. I know it’s safe here at the castle but now I’m afraid to sleep alone in my room. What if he … what if he spills light into my room again while I’m asleep?! *She sounded close to tears!* -03:22 Aug 01
Evangeline: Oh, don’t cry! Here, drink some of this! *She slid a cup across the table, and made sure it had plenty of sugar cubes in it.* I’ve already asked him not to be so pesky! In the meantime we can give you a nice room without any windows, so it’ll stay dark and cool for you! -03:25 Aug 01
Demetria the Bat-Girl: Thank you, Miss Evangeline. *She accepted the cup and blew on it gently before drinking it. She cradled it between her claws.* Someone told me he might be suffering from something, that he’s looking for attention. I told him playing pranks on people would never win him friends but–but he just laughed! -03:31 Aug 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline poured herself a cup of tea, complete with sugar, cream and lemon.* I think one of his parents was a Fear Demon, so he needs a few scares here and there for the energy… Of course, it doesn’t help that playing the pranks is so funny for him too! Ignoring him is definitely the best thing to do. *She sipped her after a nod. Ignoring was the best. She didn’t even scream at the jellyfish he tried to startled her with, she was proud of herself!* -03:36 Aug 01
Demetria the Bat-Girl: *she blew gently on the tea and took another sip. She nodded.* You are right, Miss Evangeline. I will do that. I will ignore him. *Yes, if Miss Evangeline could do it, so could she! Besides, if Mr. Gabriel hadn’t taken care of him yet, that meant he wasn’t a real threat. Mr. Gabriel would never let anyone or anything live here that would be a real threat to Miss Evangeline!* -03:48 Aug 01
Evangeline: *She grinned wide.* Wonderful! Don’t think twice about it. We have such a beautiful castle, what is there to worry about! I’m sure you’re ready to get some real sleep now, without me and the rats pestering you. -03:51 Aug 01
Demetria the Bat-Girl: *She grinned sheepishly or as close to it as she could, although to anyone who didn’t know better, she was merely baring her fangs–or yawning!* Thank you, Miss Evangeline. Oh, Miss Vlamerias, hello. *She turned as the little devil came bouncing up to them.* -04:00 Aug 01

Vlamerias: Hello! *She was holding a bright red ball to her as she stopped by the table!* Is everything okay over here, Mommy?

Evangeline: Of course, sweet! Miss Demetria and I were just having tea, but it’s well past her bed time now. *Grinning, Evangeline had one more sip from her own cup before standing and smoothing out her shirt.* Tell me if anything else bothers you, Miss Demetria, I don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable! -04:03 Aug 01

Anthony: *A man’s hand picked up the cup Evangeline had put down and sniffed it.* … Yes, we would not want her to be uncomfortable, would we? I find it so very rude that you never invited me here. *Dressed in a crisp business suit with his hair tied back, Anthony looked every bit as smug as a cat with a mouse squirming under its paw.*

Evangeline: *Her heart must have stopped beating, as she certainly couldn’t feel it anymore! Evangeline might have screamed, except she was so stunned that she couldn’t even suck in a breath! It couldn’t be him, this was her home! It was safe!* -04:14 Aug 01

Vlamerias: *She still wore her smile … up until she looked up and heard the voice … The ball fell out of her hands and then she screamed louder than a girl her size should be able to scream!*

Demetria the Bat-Girl: Is that … is that … *Demetria stammered before she swayed and then dropped to the ground in a faint.* -04:15 Aug 01

Anthony: *He seemed oblivious to her reaction to him as he looked around slowly.* Mm … A fine sanctuary you’ve made for yourself. So many people all in one place. You made things so very easy for me … again.

Evangeline: Meri. *She stepped between Meri and Anthony, but Demetria was on the floor, and he shouldn’t even be able to get in to her castle! It was easier to be brave when she knew there was somewhere to escape to, but not now with her safe place invaded! She was on the brink of tears.* Get out! -04:20 Aug 01

Anthony: *She may have hurt his feelings!* But I came all this way to visit. What a shame I missed the castlewarming. I’m certain it was quite a blast. *Instead of getting out, he slipped into the seat Demetria had vacated.*

Vlamerias: *Meri stopped screaming but now she was as frozen as Evangeline was! She should be protecting her Bright Lady but–but this was Anthony Carnatelli! He was a different threat altogether!*

Evangeline: Please, get out! *Evangeline was at a loss. If he could come here, where was there to run to? And she couldn’t leave Demetria on the floor with him. And all of her hiding refugee guests..! But when had he ever listened when she said please. Now she was shaking and breaking in to tears. She wanted to call her husband, but the consequences…!** -04:36 Aug 01

Anthony: *Anthony smirked.* You poor thing … Everything you ever did to escape me … for nothing. Well, all I can say to you is–GOT YOU! *Anthony’s voice was no longer Anthony’s. It was a high pitched nasal voice. And instead of Anthony, there sat a short, thin man with spiky red hair dressed in a suit! It was Stanley the Prankster!*

Evangeline: *It took her a few moments of shocked, wide-eyed staring before it registered.* Why…. Why would you do that…! *She was still shaking so hard, and crying… but now she was so furious! What a horrible horrible joke to play on someone..!* …. Gabriel! -04:42 Aug 01

Calling for Gabriel didn’t lessen Stanley’s amusement in the least! He dropped the cup, not caring about the contents spilling on the ground, laughing and sputtering and rolling around! “OOhh the looks on your faces! The–the looks! Genius! Genius, I say–Aaggghhh!” He started flailing his arms and legs around when a black boot stepped on his neck and held him there.

Evangeline: I.. I can’t imagine a more horrible.. vicious… horrible thing anyone could ever do…! *She had been terrified! Mortified, so scared! Now she was so unbelievably angry, she couldn’t ever remember being so mad! She covered her face with her hands, trying to get her sniffling under control.** -04:48 Aug 01

Gabriel: … Vlamerias, retrieve Caroline for me. *The squealing Stanley disappeared. He walked up to Evangeline and put his arms around her, pushing her against his chest with one hand stroking her hair.*

[Demetria the Bat-Girl is now known as: Gabriel] -04:52 Aug 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline clung to his shirt, willing the sniffles away. There was no reason to cry now, but the fright was awful… If Anthony had really been in her home she wouldn’t know what to do!* Gabriel… -04:55 Aug 01

Vlamerias: Eep! Yes! *She quickly nodded, ashamed of herself and POOFED!*

Caroline: *Caroline was currently busy enjoying making life difficult for demons by destroying their ritual grounds! If one happened to show up to get slayed, that’d just sweeten the pot.* -Evangeline

Vlamerias: Hello, Warrior Lady! *She greeted as she POOFED! behind her!*

Gabriel: … I am here, Evangeline. *He kissed the top of her head and rubbed her back.* -05:05 Aug 01

Caroline: I hope this isn’t something about Dark, Small Lady. It’s been three weeks without him getting in trouble, and I rather like it that way. *With a crack of a spell and a fling, she sent a pillar stone crashing to the ground with a satisfying CRUNCH!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: I shouldn’t have called you but… it was just… he was… it was just so mean..! *She might have spent another hour screaming at that stupid Stanly, but having Gabriel felt much better! She wasn’t crying now, but she couldn’t stop shaking!* -05:09 Aug 01

Vlamerias: It’s about Mommy! Glaer wanted me to fetch you! She needs to be away from the castle for awhile! *It didn’t take a genius to know why Gabriel would call Caroline for a distraught Evangeline! She was one of the few he trusted to protect Evangeline when he couldn’t!*

Caroline: I’m assuming someone has finally pissed him off beyond repair. *Caroline dust off her hands. There was enough damage here… her King beckoned, after all.* Away we go. *Pulling her pin from a pocket, she pricked her finger and ploofed away to the castle with Meri!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He nuzzled her cheek.* Sshh … Yes, it was. I will deal with this. I want you to go with Caroline for awhile. *He looked up as Caroline and Meri appeared.* Impeccable timing. -05:21 Aug 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t keen on letting go of him.. and the expression on her face mirrored that thought. But she did reluctantly let him go and stepped back with a huff.* Will it be for long…? -05:24 Aug 01

Caroline: I imagine that your husband couldn’t bare a night without you, Bright Lady. We’ll go for a walk somewhere interesting. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He reached out and cupped Evangeline’s cheek.* You still owe me cuddles, Evangeline. *He kissed her gently and then stepped back, nodding to Vlamerias.* Vlamerias will go with you. She may need the comfort as well. -05:31 Aug 01

Vlamerias: Yes, Glaer! *She slipped over to Evangeline’s side.* Oohh … We can go sightseeing and stuff!

Evangeline: *She conceeded with a nod.* All right… but not for long! -05:34 Aug 01

Caroline: A couple hours should do it. *Caroline cast a wicked sort of smirk. As she pulled her pin out again, she cast Gabriel a wink before teleporting herself, Evangeline and Meri away. They reappeared along side a white sandy beach littered with seashells and pebbles.* A fine day for a walk. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *Meri looked around the beach and squealed!* Shells! Pebbles! Mommy, we’ll have lots to take back with us! *She started dashing away and scooping up everything she could into her pockets!*

Evangeline: *At least she had stopped shaking now. Though, she was still really angry, and now she felt so jittery and on edge! Any slightest thing would probably make her squeal… and only now was she starting to realize that Gabriel was probably really upset too! Evangeline groaned!* …I shouldn’t have left him alone in the castle…! -05:43 Aug 01

Caroline: He won’t kill them, Evangeline. He loves you too much to do that. *He wouldn’t kill the castle guests, but Caroline knew Gabriel’s fondness for bending his promises.* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He smirked at Caroline when she said two hours. That would be more than enough time … He summoned the shadow wolves.* Herd them together outside. *The cattle would learn just how close they were to the butcher’s blade. He smirked as Stanley’s neck reappeared under his boot. He had a few minutes to kill while they waited …* -05:47 Aug 01
Evangeline: None of them have ever done anything so mean before either. *That Stanley… she hated to think it, but she almost hoped Gabriel sent him to the moon to live for now on! Evangeline kicked a rock towards the ocean.* …Can anyone sneak in to the castle…? -05:52 Aug 01

Caroline: No. If that is what’s bothering you, put your mind at rest. It’d require a legion of men bombarding the castle walls for days. They’d be long dead before breaking through. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *A wave licked at Meri’s ankle and sent her laughing and giggling. this was fun!*

Evangeline: *That did help a little bit… The castle was the only place in the world that she never worried about scary surprises. She was still having bad dreams about Anthony, and now Stanley gave her a whole new fright!* I don’t suppose it’s been a couple hours yet? *She knelt down to pick up a particularly pretty shell.* -06:07 Aug 01

By the time everyone–with the exception of the dungeon’s lone prisoner, Louis–had been gathered, everyone was nervous. Word had spread of Stanley’s final act of stupidity but what truly worried them was the fact that Evangeline was absent! More than a few of them had attempted to hide or run away but the shadow wolves were relentless!

Caroline: It’s not even been ten minutes. Why don’t you go swimming? The water is warm enough. *Nothing was worse than having to watch Evangeline while the woman was yearning for her husband. The man could have picked a better time to reap hell.* -Evangeline

Evangeline: If there isn’t any jelly fish. Heaven forbid I cry again, I’ll never forgive you! *It wasn’t clear if Evangeline was serious or not. But she slipped off her shoes to leave on the beach and waded out in to the water with Meri. Stuffing her shell and her hands in to her pockets, she kicked at the waves as they came in. …the water -was- rather nice! And the sun was warm!* -06:13 Aug 01
Gabriel: *Gabriel stepped onto the ledge of the top of the tower. Guests often used this as an observatory so it was flat and everyone below could see it so it was the perfect place to use. When he spoke, he didn’t need to raise his voice at all. It echoed around them and everyone could hear it.* You are here because one of you violated a simple rule. *Stanley’s scratched, bruised, nearly completely broken body was under his foot again. He’d stopped squirming, mainly because he didn’t want to roll and fall to the ground. It took a lot to kill him but crap, he knew it was going to hurt!* You have all gone soft, thinking Evangeline will protect you whenever you need it. *He hoisted Stanley up by the ropes that bound his arms to his sides and his legs together. Stanley was not wearing a gag and the inhabitants were about to discover why.* -06:27 Aug 01

Caroline: *It was a nice day for the beach… Though, she preffered cooler climates. Mossy trees, wood stoves. Watching Meri splash around Evangeline was at least a nice break for the day. She did keep an eye out for trouble. Now more than ever, foolish creatures were trying to test their boundaries with the reawakened Darkness and a new Light. And Evangeline made herself an easy target!* -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *Meri danced around Evangeline and threw water in the air so that it fell down like rain!* Wwwhheeeee!! Look, Mommy, it’s raining!

Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed, nearly tripping through the sand to side step Meri’s rain. She was so greatful to have a little devil around that could cheer her up as easily as Gabriel does!* Oh look! This one still has a crab in it! *She stopped, plucking a shell up out of the water, being careful not to get herself pinched!* -06:38 Aug 01
Gabriel: *He waited until the tension was at its peak. They were waiting, they were watching.* This is what happens to those who continue to be arrogant and overstep their boundaries here. *He casually rolled Stanley off of the edge of the tower and let him fall! When he fell a few feet, time felt like it slowed. Spikes grew out of the tower, large spikes, thin spikes, countless spikes of different lengths and thickness. They pierced Stanley right through, leaving him flopping like a fish out of water. His screams echoed and got worst when the spikes pulled out of him. He continued to fall but it wasn’t long before more spikes grew and did the same. He was stuck there, writhing and crying in agony, before the spikes pulled out. He fell a few more feet … and the cycle continued, over and over. Each new cycle brought a spray of blood and cries that sounded more desperate, louder. Gabriel watched with grim satisfaction and when Stanley finally reached the ground–well, he didn’t look like Stanley anymore. He stepped off the ledge and landed neatly on the ground between Stanley and the tower. The blood on the ground disappeared as did the splatters on the tower and the pieces of guts as well. The ground swallowed up Stanley’s body.* … Sweet dreams. -07:11 Aug 01
Evangeline: *Her crab set free, and she forced to dashed away before it came after her toes, Evangeline was content in fishing out shells and shiny stones from the water. She was still antsy, but that was not going to go away with a day at the beach no matter how many times Caroline gave her that stare. She stuck her tongue out at Caroline.* -07:18 Aug 01

The devil rats appeared after everyone had dispersed to ensure everything was cleaned and looked as normal as it got here. Gabriel did not want any evidence of what had occured.

Caroline: That is hardly lady like, Evangeline. *She smirked. At least Evangeline was feeling better. Caroline stretched and yawned.* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Once he was satisfied, he disappeared and reappeared beside Caroline.* My thanks, Caroline. I believe my time is up. -07:21 Aug 01

Caroline: *Caroline looked a bit surprised, but hid it quickly. She checked her watch.* Early, even. I am not going to get called back by your sobbing wife later this evening, am I? -Evangeline

Gabriel: I shall do my best to ensure her cries are of a different nature. *He replied.* -07:24 Aug 01

Caroline: Is that so? I look forward to that story. *She cast him a sidelong smirk. Then whistled loud for Meri!* Vlamerias! Come with me to harass foolish demons. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *Meri paused in the middle of skipping through the waves and blinked! Harassing demons sounded like fun! And Warrior Lady was so very good at it, too!* Oohh, coming, Warrior Lady! *She skipped toward them and dried herself off with a spell!*

Evangeline: I’m not banished from my own home anymore? *Evangeline dropped her favorite stones in her pockets, and set the rest free in the water. Seeing Gabriel was a relief! But she eyed him carefully…* -07:29 Aug 01

Caroline: *Once Meri was close enough, she pulled her pin. They poofed away, leaving Meri’s parents alone to do as they pleased! She might even tell Dark about it later!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* If you wish to remain banished, I will understand. The devil rats will miss you terribly. -07:31 Aug 01
Evangeline: Are there still devil rats and people in my castle? *Watching her step, she walked back on to the beach towards him. There could be vengeful crabs lurking!* -07:33 Aug 01
Gabriel: Indeed. People being a relevant term considering the types we are housing. -07:36 Aug 01
Evangeline: It’s a general enough term for person of a living sort. *As soon as she reached him, she through her arms around him and sighed. There was no better cure for jitters than him!* Is he gone? -07:38 Aug 01
Gabriel: Yes. *He put his arms around her.* He will not bother you again. -07:43 Aug 01
Evangeline: Thank you. *She rest her head against his chest to hear his heartbeat.* I didn’t mind the harmless pranks… but pretending to be Anthony was too much. Now I keep thinking about him in my house when you’re away and no one is there… -07:48 Aug 01
Gabriel: *He nuzzled her cheek again.* Evangeline, I would never leave you somewhere I did not know was unsafe. Caroline and Dark have wards there as well and you know how to summon me no matter what danger appears. -07:55 Aug 01
Evangeline: *She smiled softly.* You’ve taken all of my fears away. I suppose it’s silly to be so afraid. *…still. She can’t summon him if it’s Anthony, it would put him in danger! And apparently it was a fear she wasn’t hiding very well if Stanley figured it out!* -08:00 Aug 01
Gabriel: … You are still afraid of putting me in danger where Anthony is concerned. *It was plain to see. The jumble of her thoughts. It was always the most clear to him. He could take down nearly anyone who hurt her–but they both knew Anthony was different.* -08:07 Aug 01
Evangeline: *She hid her face at his shoulder, even though he was more likely reading her thoughts and not her expressions!* He’s always going to try and hurt you through me… and if he takes me away and you try to kill him, I would lose you. I don’t want to live without you. -08:12 Aug 01
Gabriel: I love you, Evangeline. I will protect you–no matter what. That will never change. You never let me hide anything from you. Is it fair that you will hide something from me. -08:17 Aug 01
Evangeline: *She shook her head. She didn’t want to hide things from him, but she didn’t want him getting upset and doing wild and dangerous things for her sake! Evangeline finally sighed, standing straight again and tugging his sleeve.* He frightens me. I don’t want to ever see him, and I have terrible dreams, and that last prophecy… …but I will shield you from him if I have to. I want to protect you. -08:23 Aug 01
Gabriel: You are insane. However, just because you do not want me facing Anthony, does not excuse you from not calling on help from someone else. You may call Caroline or Dark or even both. -08:31 Aug 01
Evangeline: They aren’t you though… *She liked Caroline and Dark very much, and knew they could take care of most things… but no one ever made her feel as safe as Gabriel did!* …I’m being difficult. Can we go home and have snuggles? -08:36 Aug 01
[Evangeline has timed out.] -03:09 Aug 03
[Gabriel has timed out.] -03:09 Aug 03
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -03:09 Aug 03
[Evangeline dreadfully antsy and now going to have nightmares for weeks. …Again!] -03:11 Aug 03
[Gabriel suddenly picks her up and takes them back to the castle!] -03:17 Aug 03
Gabriel: The point is I do not wish you to face Anthony alone, Evangeline. Courtyard or bed. -03:19 Aug 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline was half expecting to see a castle covered in the stone bodies of guests turned to statues! But all looked as normal as ever so far. She rest her around around his neck.* Bed with wide open windows? And he always seems to know when I am most alone. It seems inescapable. *Which made her all the more antsy… She never wanted to be afraid of getting to do things and going places, but now it was becoming a big worry!* -03:22 Aug 03
Gabriel: *He hid a smirk. New statues … Caroline had suggested they decorate more. He raised an eyebrow.* I understand. Throughout the centuries, Anthony and I have met again and again, not just as the Carnatellis we are now but as Void and Darkness. -03:29 Aug 03
Evangeline: I was not afraid of Light. But Anthony is… *It was hard to explain without alarming him. He wanted to fix things for her, but her fear of Anthony was not something easily solved! Evangeline shrugged her shoulders.* -03:35 Aug 03
Gabriel: … Anthony is different. *He finished for her as they walked into their room and he placed her down on the bed, lying down with her.* -03:40 Aug 03
Evangeline: He’s scary. *It was clear that Evangeline had a very hard time with admitting when she was afraid of something, and when it really bothered her! It was so much easier to just smile, change subjects, and pretend like nothing was wrong. Like now! She grinned, kissing his cheek.* I’m sorry I summoned you home for something so silly. -03:43 Aug 03
Gabriel: *he raised his eyebrow again.* It was not silly. I would have come regardless. Your heart rate and blood pressure were above normal. -03:49 Aug 03
Evangeline: It was just a very mean prank…. Are you monitoring my health now, husband? *Proof that she had to be careful about her emotions and not emote too much! Evangeline scooted closer, resting her hand over his heart.* Still, I’m glad you did… -03:53 Aug 03
Gabriel: *He smiled and bent his head to kiss her mouth gently.* I may also have wanted snuggles… *He wrapped an arm around her and pressed her against him so he could feel her heart beat against his chest.* -03:56 Aug 03
Evangeline: You might have an addiction to snuggles, possibly? *Quite glad for the shift in subject, she was finally relaxing and not so stiff. There was never any reason to be afraid when he was holding her like this!* We can watch the sunset off the balcony and then the stars? And then forget all about midnight slaying in favor of snuggles? -04:01 Aug 03
Gabriel: *A soft chuckle as his mouth brushed past her ear.* Quite possibly. I blame my insane and beautiful wife. Sunset, the stars, and snuggles. And no midnight slaying. *He rubbed her back in circles.* -04:05 Aug 03
Evangeline: And no sneaking off before morning so I can wake up with my husband? *Most of the time she didn’t mind those nights he left early, as long as she got snuggles before bed. But tonight was an entirely different story! She didn’t want to sleep without him. Evangeline tugged gently on his sleeve before checking to see what weapons he had stashed in his coat this time.* -04:10 Aug 03
Gabriel: *He smirked, still nuzzling her cheek and whispering in her ear. She pulled out his guns, his sword, and a set of throwing knives.* I shall remain in your bed and by your side, my Queen. -04:31 Aug 03
Evangeline: *She always marveled at how he managed to hide all of these things in his coat and never look like he had any weapons! She giggled at the tickling of his breath, slipping one of her legs between his.* Even if I take your favorite coat away? -04:34 Aug 03
Gabriel: *He smirked.* It would depend on where you are taking it and how long until I get it back. -04:35 Aug 03
Evangeline: Hmm. I would take it to the floor and not let you have it until I was satisfied with you? *In fact she was already trying to wiggle one of his arms out of the sleeve. He and his coat needed some away time!* -04:38 Aug 03
Gabriel: … My coat and I were already separated for the sake of Santos and Grey’s wedding. *He wanted to resist a bit and see how determined she was in getting his coat–and perhaps a few other articles of clothing–off!* -04:48 Aug 03
Evangeline: …that was ages ago! *Him and that coat! Evangeline sat up, pushing him over so she could fuss his arms out of those sleeves. She’d steal it if she had to! This would be so much easier if she could tickle him out of it, but she settled for sitting on him so he couldn’t get up, while she tugged away.** -04:51 Aug 03
Gabriel: *He smirked as she pushed him over and sat on him.* Time is irrelevant. We are immortals, Evangeline. *My, she was persistent. His coat was slowly coming off.* -05:02 Aug 03
Evangeline: I haven’t lost track of time and space just yet. You have had this coat on for too long. *He was making this much harder than it needed to be. One arm out and then the other, then she was hopping off him to roll him over and steal it out from under him. Evangeline snatched it, and fled the bed with a triumphant laugh and a coat trophy!* -05:05 Aug 03
Gabriel: *He watched her dash away and tilted his head slightly at her.* … My coat, Evangeline. -05:09 Aug 03
Evangeline: Is completely unnecessary. *With a wicked grin, she practically skipped her way over to the balcony. Making a great show of tapping her chin, and thinking out loud about dropping it in the courtyard! Instead, she draped it over a chair.* It’s a hostage now! You can have it in the morning if you’re not too wicked… -05:13 Aug 03

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