047 Evangeline’s Temper

Gabriel forgets how much time it’s been as has been away too long! A particularly bad day leaves Evangeline very frustrated and cranky.

[Gabriel is still recuperating from his latest mission and has lost track of time!] -01:36 Apr 23
[Evangeline is teaching students, and it\’s been one of those weeks. This time she has her cane ready!] -01:39 Apr 23

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was keeping a close eye on her Mommy who seemed ready to do battle! She drank out of the juice pouch with wide eyes!*

Evangeline: We’ll make things simple today! I’ll only turn out the lights, no tying anyone up this time. And no guns. You can all have sticks though. I’ll keep the water bottle. -01:42 Apr 23

Vlamerias: *Meri held the juice pouch with one hand and picked up the stick beside her with the other! She was so ready to smack some hunters around! It’d be fun!*

In the back, one hunter rolled his eyes at his friend. As soon as the lights went out, he was going to sit there and take a nap!

Evangeline: *Evangeline had the water water, tip toed as silent as she always did. She knew who was moving and who wasn’t. …And Spritzed Caleb in the face!* Up! The little devil is about to eat your legs! -01:48 Apr 23

His buddy Brad snickered! Busted!

“Ow!” Caleb clutched his nose and glared.

Evangeline: …it was water! Get up now before I squirt you again! *Or hit him with the stick, He and Brad have been really difficult all week!* -01:57 Apr 23

Snickering still, Brad wasn’t making much effort to get moving. “Yeah, yeah… sooo scared of the squirt bottle. Right Caleb?”

Evangeline: *She squirted Brad in the face too!* Gabriel may not be here, but lessons are still important! We can’t let you sit and do nothing all day. -02:04 Apr 23

There were some snickers from other hunters sitting around!

“He’s probably off slaughtering some town somewhere before he comes home for dessert.” Brad thought his joke was real funny, and nudge Caleb. He gets it right? Evangeline is dessert!

Evangeline: No he isn’t. *Obviously Evangeline didn’t find it funny. Gabriel had been gone for several days and he was refusing to talk to her. She was near at wits end!* Now up, before I make you! -02:19 Apr 23
[Evangeline is frustrated and this newer class of hunters really don\’t like to listen!] -10:43 Apr 24
[Vlamerias wants to punish these hunters!] -10:45 Apr 24

Brad the hunter sure wasn’t getting up, it was kinda funny before, but now he looked pretty bored. “Suuuure, he’s not. Only a murdering vampire is all. Real saint. If you ask me, this class is a load of bull! Right dudes?”

Vlamerias: *Meri looked ready to dish out some punishment!* You’re going to pay for that! *She was rolling up her sleeves and the window flew open!* -Vlamerias

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked. …then frowned. That was just… the last darn straw! Without a word she turned around and stalked to one of the tables and set her spray bottle down. She set her cane down too. After only a second of thought, she snatched up one of those guns. One she was familiar enough with!* I am perfectly find with being teased, but I won’t idly stand by while anyone takes for granted how much Gabriel sacrifices! *She fumbled a minute to figure out the gun, one of those longer shotguns, before she aimed and fired!* -10:52 Apr 24

Brad was standing up, mostly to laugh at her getting a gun and trying to lecture HIM a trained hunter! But then she shot the thing and he tumbled backwards! Hit right in the gut! …thank god for those bullet proof training vests! “WHAT THE FUCK! SHE FUCKING SHOT AT ME!”

Vlamerias: And she’s going to do a lot worst to you too! *Meri said, jumping on top of the desk!* How dare you insult my mommy and make her mad! *And then she wiggled her fingers and launched Brad out the window!* -10:54 Apr 24
Evangeline: Lesson One! A good hunter doesn’t have to be able to see to know where someone is blabbering their big mouth! *She pointed the gun around the room, narrowing in for someone else. His buddy for instance!* Would you like to learn Lesson Two, or will there be more complaints? -10:55 Apr 24

Caleb gulped! “No no! No complaints, I swear!” -Vlamerias

Evangeline: Are you sure? Because you were ready to take a nap instead of listening to these lessons I worked very hard to design for you! *Evangeline was so very tempted to shoot him and let Meri toss him out the window too!* -10:57 Apr 24

Gabriel: *In the darkness of something as cold and desolate as any tomb, a pair of eyes opened and flashed red before they returned to their normal gray color! Gabriel, who had been suspended in the air, almost levitating, took a deep breath as his feet touched the ground. He stretched a bit. He was still a bit sore … He’d woken up too soon. His head … his mind still did not feel as whole as it should have. But he could rest no longer. Evangeline’s fury had roused him.* -Vlamerias

He quickly nodded. “Yeah–yeah! No more sleeping for me! I swear!” -Vlamerias

Brad was finally getting up outside the window, all stiff and feeling like hell. He was shaking a fist and screaming up. “WHEN I GET BACK UP THERE, I AM KICKING YOUR ASS! DEMON OR KID OR WHATEVER!”

Evangeline: I’m so glad some one is this class is being reasonable! *Evangeline stomped over to the window and leaned out… gun pointed again!* I DARE you to come up here! Double dare you! I will shoot off both your feet and throw you in to a cage of hungry werewolf puppies! -11:08 Apr 24
Vlamerias: *Meri stuck her tongue at him! He was in so much trouble now!* -11:08 Apr 24

“FIGURES THAT’S WHAT SOME BLOOD COW FOR SATAN’S SPAWN WOULD SAY! KISS MY ASS, EVANGELINE!” And Brad flipped her the finger, whether she could see it or not! It was the thought that count.

Evangeline: Satan’s… HE IS NOT! *So Evangeline shot at Brad again! This time she was aiming to get him somewhere it’d hurt… like in the face! Serves him right!* -11:12 Apr 24

This time Brad dodged out of the way and cursing the whole time. He was making sure to cause a huge scene hoping people would see. “I’M GOING TO COMPLAIN TO MANAGEMENT AND GET YOU ASS FIRED AND THAT BASTARD STAKED LIKE HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WHEN HE SLAUGHTERED HALF OF ORACLE!”

Gabriel: *The only warning anyone had was Gabriel standing in the doorway of the classroom! Then Brad disappeared–followed by everyone else! It was only Meri, Evangeline and Gabriel in the class now.* -Vlamerias

Evangeline: *Evangeline was going to shoot at Brad again, just as soon as she figured out how to reload this blasted gun! But Brad had escaped… and apparently so did the rest of her class!* …Gabriel! -11:29 Apr 24

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her.* It is a rare occurence when you emanate fury of this magnitude, particularly to others beside myself. -Vlamerias

Vlamerias: Glaër! *Meri jumped off of the desk! He was back! He was back!* -11:37 Apr 24
Evangeline: *Fury! That might not of been the word for it. Especially when her first instinct was to run to him and cling! But she was very, very mad and that wouldn’t do at all. …and she couldn’t even find the words! So instead of speaking Evangeline huffed very loud as she stopped back to the table to replace that gun.* -11:38 Apr 24

Gabriel: *He turned to Vlamerias and handed her something. It looked like a big bouncy ball–filled with tiny familiar people! The hunters from Evangeline’s class! But Brad appeared to be missing!* Go to the werepups and play with them with this ball until I call for you. -Vlamerias

Vlamerias: *Meri held the ball and looked at it with wide eyes! She nodded!* Yes, Glaër! *She ran to Evangeline and threw one arm around her.* I’ll see you later, Mommy! *And then she was gone!* -11:46 Apr 24
Vlamerias: *Gabriel watched Evangeline.* -11:47 Apr 24
[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -11:51 Apr 24
Evangeline: *A small wave as Meri dashed away! …Ooooh, but what to do about Gabriel! Beating him with a stick came to mind, but she’d feel so bad! Yelling at him was a good option too, but she was so mad, all the thing she wanted to say were all jumbled up! She finally settled on stomping a foot.* You! You just… I’m furious! -11:54 Apr 24
Gabriel: You are. I await my punishment at your hands. *He even stepped away to close the door behind him!* -12:04 Apr 25
Evangeline: *Throwing things at him wouldn’t be very good punishment either… Evangeline considered the silent treatment… but… she wanted to know!* …it was over week! Not a word or a whisper other anything! -12:08 Apr 25
Gabriel: … I know. I– *He took a step to the desk and didn’t make it very far. A sharp pain drove through his skull and he pushed one hand up on the desk, and one hand to his forehead. He clenched his teeth but was unable to stop the images that flashed through his mind, some memories current, others the distant past. Slaying the undercover Oracle hunters at the museum while he was in Mother’s possession. Playing the violin under a full moon as the Great King. Nearly killing Dark the first time they’d met …* -12:16 Apr 25
Evangeline: Gabriel! *Mad or not, she knew when he was in pain! She crossed the distance between them to place her hands at the side of his face.* Gabriel. Tell me what’s the matter. -12:20 Apr 25
Gabriel: *Sending the wolves to fight Galisteu’s forces and destroy them. Dancing with Evangeline during the Christmas party. Suffering in the arena for Anthony’s sheer amusement … He wanted to pull away from Evangeline but her touch was firm and soft. Healer’s touch. That’s what he called it, what he thought of it as being. He focused on her face instead. Anchor. Strength.* -12:24 Apr 25
Evangeline: I can’t even see your thoughts… *That worried her! Especially because this time he wasn’t even trying to force her out this time, he simply could not think!* Gabriel, you should talk to me! Just talk please. *She tugged one of his arms around her and replaced her hand back to his cheek.* -12:30 Apr 25
Gabriel: *Control. He had to exert control. He was aware of her putting one of his arms around her and her hand on his cheek.* I … I see you. *Michael gloating about having taken Evangeline away in Wareham. Evangeline’s memory about saving the woman and sacrifcing her eyesight. Brutus licking his face.* -12:45 Apr 25
Evangeline: *She stroked his cheek with her thumbs and frowned.* Yes, I’m here with you. As I should have been this whole week. Tell me where you have been? -12:48 Apr 25
Gabriel: … I … I was hunting. Europe. I came across another ruins. It was calling me again. But the calling is getting stronger. The world demands the Great King’s return. The balance. It says the balance is shifting. The humans. The world. -12:58 Apr 25
Evangeline: Why do you always insist on going without me? When you need me most? *She pulled him down so she could kiss his cheek.* Things do change. But it can be made easier if you’re with someone. -01:02 Apr 25
Gabriel: *The Wolf Amongst the Sheep. The Harbinger of Death To Those Who Had Lost Their Way. The First Vampire.* It is easier … with you. -01:15 Apr 25
Evangeline: Yes, so think of me and nothing else? I have not even a chance to yell at you yet, and let you talk me in to forgiving you with kisses and soft touches? -01:17 Apr 25
Gabriel: *Gabriel nodded. It really was easier to pull himself together when Evangeline was there, not just in his mind but here, in the flesh, touching him and talking to him.* I am thinking only of you, Evangeline. -01:23 Apr 25
Evangeline: *Evangeline moved her arms around his neck to hug him!* Because I am still very mad. Why do you have to be so stubborn? I’d not let anything happen to you. -01:27 Apr 25
Gabriel: *His arms went around her and he lowered his head to her neck.* I will do everything in my power to convince you to stop being mad at me. *He nuzzled the place where her pulse beat strongest.* -01:32 Apr 25
Evangeline: I’m not going to let you convince me so fast this time, either. You ignored me for a week and I can’t sleep without you anymore. Not even with Meri! *She rest her forehead against his shoulder and breathed deep. He knew how much she needed him with her… she could shake him to death!* -01:39 Apr 25
Gabriel: I will work hard for your forgiveness, Evangeline. *He kissed her neck.* I will give you a bath. I will serve you breakfast in bed–and not burn the food. -01:49 Apr 25
Evangeline: A week you were gone. A didn’t speak a word to me. I’m going to be mad for a really long time! *A bath did sound divine though…* Would have to be a very long bath. -01:55 Apr 25
Gabriel: I will light you scented candles as you bathe. I will massage your feet. I will even sing if you desire. -02:04 Apr 25
Evangeline: *That made her paused and tilt back. Gabriel didn’t ever sing! There was only that once when everyone told her to stop!* You would sing? -02:06 Apr 25
Gabriel: Yes. So long as it was only the two of us. *He did want her forgiveness and he knew she had enjoyed hearing him sing during the party.* -02:08 Apr 25
Evangeline: I certainly don’t want anyone else with us in the bath. *Evangeline gave it some serious consideration… it wasn’t something Gabriel would do everyday. It was special!* …I might forgive you if you sing for me. -02:12 Apr 25
[Evangeline knows a once in a lifetime offer when she hears one!] -01:11 Apr 27
[Gabriel does not make offers like this lightly!] -01:12 Apr 27
Gabriel: Yes, I will sing for you, for as long as it takes to win your forgiveness. -01:13 Apr 27
Evangeline: *How tempting to take advantage of! Evangeline leaned to kiss his cheek.* One song then, and you are forgiven. But you have to promise not to shield yourself from me again…? I will choose when it’s not safe for me. -01:15 Apr 27
Gabriel: You are precious to me, Evangeline. *He brushed her cheek with his fingertips.* -01:16 Apr 27
Evangeline: That’s not a promise. *He would be sneaky if he didn’t say it. She tugged on his coat.* You have to promise. And if you like I can make you a promise too. -01:20 Apr 27
Gabriel: Very well. A promise for a promise. *But promises were tricky!* -01:25 Apr 27
Evangeline: If you promises to not ever hide from me or ignore me when I know very well that you need me, I will promise not to persue you when you tell me to stay still. …as long as it’s reasonable. -01:34 Apr 27
Gabriel: As long as it’s reasonable? *He raised an eyebrow.* And what, pray tell, would be considered reasonable? -01:37 Apr 27
Evangeline: Reasonable is when I know that you are thinking clearly and are strong enough to return home to me without me needing to rescue you from danger! *And she meant it! Evangeline would personally go and fetch him even if he were stuck in a volcano somewhere, danger or not!* -01:40 Apr 27
Gabriel: … Evangeline, when I tell you to stay somewhere, I say it because there is more at stake than my life. -01:41 Apr 27
Evangeline: I am not going to sit at home waiting and worrying when I know I can come and help you. What if you needed me this time and I couldn’t find you? I refuse to live without you. *Bond or not, life without Gabriel was no life at all. She didn’t want it to happen again!* -01:45 Apr 27
Gabriel: I cannot have you placed in danger because of me. I have never felt the way I feel about you before, distant past or present. Without you on this plane of existence, I will end this world. -01:52 Apr 27
Gabriel: *(before) with anyone, distant past or present. -01:53 Apr 27
Evangeline: Then you shouldn’t do things that will make me come to get you. Yes? *Evangeline was trying very hard not to smile… he was so stubborn, but the things he said always made her special!* -01:58 Apr 27
Gabriel: Evangeline. *There was a slight growl to his voice. She was being stubborn again and here they were back at square one. He ran his fingers through his hair.* -01:59 Apr 27
Evangeline: Gabriel… If I have to come with you on every mission you go to just so I can be sure you’re safe… *It’s what he so often did for her, the tables could easily be turned if he wouldn’t comprimise!* -02:06 Apr 27
Gabriel: *He finally gave a soft sigh and lowered his head next to her ear.* You are insane. -02:12 Apr 27
Evangeline: Yes, insane. And serious too! Why can you go through so much trouble to protect me and not let me do the same for you? I want you to be safe with me. Not somewhere hurting all alone. -02:14 Apr 27
Gabriel: … I have told you there are few things in this life I can deny you. You have my promise, Evangeline. I will neither hide nor ignore you when I need you, so long as you remain in a safe place. -02:17 Apr 27
Evangeline: *Finally! A relieved sigh as she snuck her arms around his waist and snuggled against his chest.* Good! I do promise I will be safe and careful. I’d like to spent eternity with you. -02:20 Apr 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel lifted his arms as she snuggled against his chest and wrapped her arms around him. Then he put his arms around her and was lowering his head to kiss and nuzzle the side of her neck.* -02:23 Apr 27
Evangeline: Now we can go home where we belong. …em… Gabriel? *Speaking of where people belong, there were several people missing!* …where did my class go? -02:25 Apr 27
Gabriel: They are having the time of their lives. -02:25 Apr 27

On the other side of the HQ, the class, shrunk and trapped in the ball Gabriel had given Meri, was being tossed around by the werepups and the little devil! “Come back with my ball!” Meri cried, running after Brutus who had the ball in his mouth! “I think I’m gonna be sick!” Caleb cried!

Evangeline: Somehow I don’t believe you. *She tugged on his coat again.* I was angry, but I don’t think we need to torment them. …and the one outside? -02:28 Apr 27
Gabriel: So long as they have learned their lesson. *His fangs grew and he bit his tongue to cast the spell! One moment the class was in the ball, and the next, they were sprawled all over the classroom!* -02:30 Apr 27

Caleb looked green! “I’m gonna be sick!” And then he was running out of the class, clutching his stomach! The rest of the class followed suit–they didn’t want to be left alone with Gabriel! There was still no sign of Brad!

Evangeline: *Evangeline counted each aura as they escaped, not leaving her comfortable embrace with Gabriel.* Gabriel. There’s one missing. *…not that she intend to let THAT one back in her class. He was banned forever! …but she didn’t really want anything to terrible to happen to him either!* -02:32 Apr 27
Gabriel: … Yes. That one. *He was reluctant to let that one loose. He considered himself a patient vampire but there was only so much he could tolerate, especially when it concerned Evangeline.* -02:41 Apr 27
Evangeline: I don’t like him very much, but… he shouldn’t be kept for too long. *And it was so very tempting to let Gabriel do as he wished! Bothering having a conscience!* He isn’t dead, at least? I already shot at him once or twice! -02:44 Apr 27

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