047 Leon’s Family History

Gabriel takes Evangeline to Canada for a date. Ciara and Leon are there to babysit Brutus. Leon discovers the pack his mother was from and a connection to Gabriel. He rescues his grandmother. Ciara gives in to naughty temptation with Leon!

[Gabriel was escorting the Grey family and Santos to Canada!] -08:17 May 04

Leon: *He rolled up his sleeves. He’d been working on shifting from human form to wolf and back again! And that snow looked like fun to run through! Especially with Brutus running around and jumping all over the place!*

[Evangeline was going to have another date! And Brutus would love spending time with Leon and Ms Grey!] -08:24 May 04

Ciara: *Babysitting a pup was the last thing Ciara was interested in, but seeing as how giving Brutus more time with a wolfy mentor WAS a good idea… She wouldn’t complain about it, for now.* It’s covered in snow and you’re rolling UP your sleeves?

Leon: *Because his time was spent babysitting Brutus, he had less time to snoop around and eat all the steaks and hamburgers! He flashed Cissy a wolfish grin!* Yep! Been awhile since I’ve gone wolf. Brutus makes it look like fun. *He ran back into the cabin, keeping the door open (no doggy doors and he wouldn’t have imposable thumbs!)! A few minutes later, there was a streak of dark gray and disappeared into a pile of snow!*

Brutus poked his head into the snow pile Leon had disappeared into and then pulled his head out! He shook, making snow fly everywhere!

Evangeline: *It was a lot colder in Canada than she expected, but she supposed they were pretty far up north too! With Ms. Grey and Leon playing with Brutus at their own cabin, she was attempting to take lure out Gabriel!* It’s only a little snow. *Well… she could barely walk in it, but… it was just snow!* -08:34 May 04

Ciara: This is hardly working. *She mumbled. Granted, a break from working wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maybe an hour. Ciara wandered out, to glance around, refusing to be amused by wolves!* You’re just going to get icicles stuck to your tail that way.

Gabriel: *He raised his eyebrow, gave her a look that spoke volumes.* … There is nothing but snow. -08:36 May 04

Leon: *He jumped out and shook the snow out of his fur! He would worry about work later! Now he just ran around, burrowing into the piles of snow that seemed to be everywhere!*

That looked like fun! Brutus began chasing after Leon!

Evangeline: And it’s lovely! We can make snow kittens! *Evangeline tugged his hand! Eventually he would move!* It doesn’t bite! It’s like rain, but fluffy! -08:39 May 04

Ciara: *Ciara crossed her arms. …It had to be freezing cold jumping in to snow like that. They’ll both be sopping wet and shivvering by the time they went inside! ….Ciara leaned over to scoop up some snow in to a ball… And chased to throw it at one of them!* Damned wolves! How do you like THIS!

Brutus stopped when the snowball hit him right on the nose! He started chasing his tail!

Gabriel: … You are insane. *Oh no! He was going to stay right where he was! The woman was obsessed with snow!*

Ciara: *That was hardly the reaction she was hoping for. …so she was scooping up another snowball to assault Leon with!*

Leon: *He batted at the snow ball with his fluffy tail! Bits of snow went flying everywhere! Then he was running to tackle Ciara! He’d get her!*

Evangeline: *Tuuuug! Puuuuull…! A huff and a stomp of her foot!* All right! You win. No snow for you. But I am going to have fun outside. There’s a pond frozen and I bet I can skate over it! *She abandoned her tugging to dig out a scarf to tie over her ears!* -08:50 May 04

Ciara: …Shit! *Nobody wanted to get tackled by a wolf, friend of foe! She took off running and hopping through the snow, throwing snowballs over her shoulder at him!*

Gabriel: *None of his experiences with snow had been pleasant ones! He watched her tie her scarf around her head, then moved to follow her.* -08:51 May 04

Leon: *He just kept running, despite the fact that most of those balls hit him squre on the head! He started to evade them by zigzagging! He’d get her for sure!*

Evangeline: *She turned around to poke him in the chest!* Nope! You have to stay here, you won’t like it. -08:53 May 04
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her.* Keep in mind, Seer. None of my experiences with snow have been pleasant ones. However, I am not about to let you wander around Canada unprotected. -08:54 May 04

Ciara: Stop dodging, wolf! *it was hella harder to aim with him weaving like that, and she wasn’t about to slow down! Ha, but there was trees! As soon as she ducked behind one big enough, she used the high snowfall to crawl unseen for another one! She was going to sneak bomb him!*

Evangeline: It’s not the entire continent of Canada. It’s just across the yard, perfectly with in screaming distance. But if you want to come with me. *…That was when she smiled as if she knew he would come all along!* -08:57 May 04
Gabriel: *There would come a time when he would contemplate why he felt so protective of this human out of the rest. As he walked with her, he started to contemplate just that!* -09:13 May 04

Brutus thought that looked like fun! He started chasing after Leon who was chasing after Ciara!

Leon: *He skidded to a halt as he came to some trees! His head moved from one side to another, sniffing! Wherever Ciara had gone, she must be downwind from him!*

Ciara: *The trees were too damned tall to climb in… She would have to settle for stealth. Peeking up, she readied a snowball and FIRED only to duck again!*

Leon: *POofff! He blinked and shook his head as that snowball hit him square on right on top of his head! He started in the direction that ball has come from!*

Brutus started sniffing around! With his nose to the ground, he began walking around the trees, away from Leon and Ciara!

Evangeline: *Some of the areas, the snow was nearly as tall as she was… But there was trails all over the place, possibly trampled by romping wolves! As soon as she found that pond, the first thing she tried to do was run and skid across it, but that ended quick with a crashing fall and an ow!* …all right, maybe ice skating is a little harder than I anticipated… -09:18 May 04

Ciara: *Ha! She was already inching away in another direction, to circle around him! She was having to be extra careful to not get noticed by those wolfy senses..*

Gabriel: *He looked pretty obvious, dressed all in black against the snow! He watched as she ran and crashed! His only response was raising his eyebrow!* -09:20 May 04

SNIFF! SNIFF SNIFFF!! Brutus was on the trail of something! He bumped into something and only then lifted his head … to find himself nose to nose with a large gray wolf!

Leon: *He got to the trees and looked around! No sign of her! He moved behind a large pile of snow, started to sniff the ground for her scent!*

Evangeline: I thought it might be like dancing but.. ack! *Evangeline was very carefully trying to get back on to her feet without slipping again. The first two attempts didn’t go over well, but the third she gave a triumphant laugh!* See! This isn’t too bad! -09:24 May 04

Ciara: *Three snowballs packed nice and tight, she peeked out again… And started flinging! …Wait a second, where did that pup go?*

Gabriel: *She was a strange human, indeed! He watched as she finally got up and didn’t immediately slip!* … You are insane. -09:30 May 04

Leon: *Pow! Pow! Pow! The first one hit him but then he managed to jump out of the way before the second hit and jump again to dodge the third ball! He heard a soft growl and turned! He spotted Brutus not too far away with a big dark gray wolf! Curious, he calmly but quickly made his way to them!*

Evangeline: They say insanity is the consequence to true genius! *She replied, holding out her arms to try and balance as she moved. * …but I think I met a lot of insane people that really weren’t genius so much as crazy. …Or maybe they were genius, and just much more than I could tell? *Once she got that balance part down, she tried moving a little bit faster than snails’ pace!* -09:36 May 04

The strange wolf wasn’t alone! There was another smaller wolf at its side which was making that soft growl! Its meaning was clear … It didn’t like trespassers!

Ciara: *Clearly she’s spent far too much time with wolfy Leon and that pup to be able to recognize the difference between them, and a stranger’s growl. …Ciara remained out of sight though, sneaking behind the snow to approach. Never know when wolves were going to be human eaters or not…*

Brutus looked far too fascinated with that big wolf for his own good! His tail was up and waving uncertainly in the air! He sniffed the large wolf!

Leon: *He reached Brutus and stopped behind him! This could be trouble! Where there were two wolves, there could always be more! He attempted to get Brutus attention by nipping at his tail!*

The large wolf moved back when that pup started to sniff again! That was when its attention moved to the one behind it! It walked around the pup and moved to sniff Leon cautiously!

Ciara: What the hell… *She muttered softly, now kneeling behind a tree to spy… It was like one of those damned Nature shows. Call of the Wolf or some nonsense. All she needed now was a camera and some idiot narrating the ‘inner thoughts’ of the pack.*

Brutus didn’t get the hint! When that big wolf moved, he watched and slowly turned!

Leon: *He blinked but he couldn’t back away! He wouldn’t show any weakness here! He wondered what was so fascinating about his scent! This wolf certainly didn’t smell familiar!*

The growling wolf hadn’t moved! The large wolf suddenly sat down, as if it had answered some burning question! “You are not from around here. And yet … you look familiar,” it said!

Gabriel: You are more insane than most, Seer. *He replied, watching her attempt to go a little faster!* -09:53 May 04
Evangeline: I think you only say that because I confuse you. But you would be less confused if you were less stubborn… *She had figured out how to spin! …but not how to stop! Which resulted in getting dizzy and falling over with a loud CRACK! Evangeline checked herself over to make sure that wasn’t her!* Blast! I thought I had it that time! Are you are you don’t want to try? -09:57 May 04

Ciara: *Weres… well, that was good. …bad? No, it was good. They could ask if wolves were missing from their pack. Though Leon looking familiar was curious. Someone who recognized Wulfric’s son?*

Leon: *He blinked! He should have figured these weren’t normal wolves!* You … a were. *His voice was uncertain. He had just gotten the hang out of speaking, if only because Cissy had teased him relentlessly and Nicholas proved ignorant of the word “failure”.*

Gabriel: … You are giving me lectures about being stubborn. *He stepped out onto the ice and pushed himself away, stopping beside her.* -10:01 May 04

The smaller wolf glared. “Qui êtes vous? Se que intention avez-vous voici?”

Leon: *He blinked! Great … French. He sucked at French!* Uh … English …? *He looked at the large wolf.*

Evangeline: *He moved so smoothly… Well, he probably had plenty of time to learn… Evangeline very slowly moved back to her feet!* Can you do tricks? -10:06 May 04

The large wolf looked from the small one to Leon. “He wishes to know who you are. And what purpose you have here.”

Ciara: *Jeeze, Leon… It was simple French. That shouldn’t have been difficult! Another peek… they were awfully small for weres.*

Leon: *A wolfish grin!* Right. My name is … Leon Santos. This is … *He tugged on the pup’s tail before he went sniffing at that growling wolf!* Brutus. We’re from … Oracle. Investigating wolf disappearances.

Gabriel: *Instead of replying, he looked down at her feet.* … You need ice skates.

Suddenly there was a loud howl from somewhere far away! The two wolves suddenly turned and disappeared into the snow, leaving Brutus and Leon behind!

Evangeline: *She blinked!* …oh! I suppose that might have made it a little easier. I’ll try that next time. *For now she’ll try moving backwards! Wait that was a bad idea! Now she can’t figure out how to turn without spinning!* -10:18 May 04
Gabriel: *He reached out to take her hands and pull her toward him. A little bite on the wrist, a few drops of blood, and a handful of words later and Evangeline suddenly found herself wearing ice skates that fit her perfectly!* -10:19 May 04

Ciara: *With those wolves running of, she stood and stepped out from behind the tree.* …Either they’re wanting to gossip about us, or they’ve realized Gabriel is lurking about… Can you really not speak a word of French? I’m fairly certain I tried teaching you the basics before…

Leon: *He turned and blinked at her!* Let’s see … bonjour. Au revoir. Toilette. And um … merci?

Evangeline: *There was only a slight frown from her as she had to readjust her weight to get her balance again… But skates were definetly easier! She could keep herself standing still without slipping in odd directions!* It is easier! *Yet, that exclamation might of been about her tugging his hands and pulling him along! Ice made it simply to pull him!* -10:23 May 04

Ciara: …That’s terrible. *holding up her hand she peered in the direction the wolves ran off too.* We might as well follow them. I’d rather surprise them, than the other way around.

Leon: It’s something. *He scratched at his ear absently.* I wonder why I looked familiar. I’ve never been to Canada.

Ciara: Your father has a long reach. I wouldn’t be surpised if you were recognized everywhere. *…talking to him while he’s a wolf should be strange. Yet, it wasn’t! ..though the sudden thought about him changing back without his clothes was! Thank Canada for frozen weather to hide red faces! Ciara headed off in the directions the wolves dashed away to!*

Brutus promptly chased after Ciara!

Leon: *He huffed, which looked weird when a wolf did it! Was there anywhere his dad WASN’T known?! He realized they were leaving without him and followed!*

Gabriel: *He let her pull him this time! He raised an eyebrow at what she said.* I see you have suddenly found a talent for skating. -10:38 May 04

They followed the wolves’ trail to a clearing where there was a small pack. There were about a dozen wolves lying about in full view but there were always others lurking!

Evangeline: *Evangeline wouldn’t call it a talent… She was barely staying on her feet! But at least now when she thought she was slipping she could lean on his arms and balance again!* You’re exagerating… Why has nothing pleasant happened for you with snow or rain? Has it really always been awful? -10:42 May 04
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her question.* Indeed. I am a slayer. Death. Where I go, things die. -10:44 May 04

Ciara: *Ciara wasn’t trying to cover her movements this time… her ‘sneaking’ was more of a ‘let them hear us coming so they don’t think it’s an ambush’ sort of deal. There was quite a few of them, but they were all just as small as the others. This was not a dominant pack.* …Interesting bunch of wolves…

Brutus thought this was a great game! He wagged his tail and looked ready to chase something!

The dozen wolves soon realized they had visitors! The big wolf and the small wolf returned to “greet” Ciara, followed by another small wolf who looked older than the others! “You again. Do you have something to do with Death’s return?”

Evangeline: *She moved to spin slowly under his arm, and then got stuck hanging for a moment to get her feet back! He makes these things look easy!* With that excuse you might be afraid do anything at all whether there is snow or not… *…now that she thought about it, he really was! He didn’t exactly make it easy when she talked him in to trying things!* …we can make good memories, now, anyway! -10:49 May 04

Ciara: ….What an appropriate name for him. I would not worry about that vampire. He is here with his Seer to do what ever silly thing she talks him in to. As for us, we are here for something else.

It was the oldest wolf who spoke! “I remember the last time he came … The night of our fiercest storm and our deepest betrayal … Many cycles ago.”

Leon: *He blinked! It sounded real serious and he found himself curious about what the old wolf meant!*

Ciara: Sounds like an old wolves tale. *Ciara was curious herself to know what Gabriel was up to when he was here last time.* You make it sound as if he slaughtered you pack. I have to worry what you might have done to incite it. *After all, the vampire always had a reason she came notice…*

“Yes, an old wolves’ tale,” the big wolf said adruptly. He nudged the older wolf away. “Away, old grandmother. Fang.” The other wolf turned and escorted the older wolf away. The big wolf turned back. “Oracle human and weres, you came about disappearances.”

Leon: *He blinked and started to follow–only to remember he couldn’t go snooping into some strange pack and drew back! He wanted to know more about this story! A story like that was just dripping in secrets and mysteries!*

Ciara: Uh huh. *Silencing the old wolf? THAT didn’t look suspicious. Not at all.* There is nasty business about wolves being grabbed against their will. If we can find a connection with who is missing and track them down, we might find the source.

The big wolf was thoughtful. “It is not uncommon for our members of our pack to join others. We have heard talk of the larger packs suffering missing wolves. They rise in the middle of their sleep and slip away, never to return. They supposedly leave their young and mates behind without a word or sign.”

Ciara: I see. *It wouldn’t be odd to skip over a weaker pack in favor of good strong wolves for experiments and breeding programs… This pack might be lucky.* …You wouldn’t mind too terribly if we stayed here a bit and talked to your pack, would you? It does well for the pup to meet new people.

The big wolf looked at Brutus who looked so eager! “I do not see the harm. Allow me to speak to my pack for a moment.” He turned and ran back!

Leon: There’s something weird going on here. *He looked over at Ciara in a voice low enough so only she would hear.* I feel like I should know that old wolf. I’ll see if I can get her alone and talk to her.

Gabriel: *After several minutes of Evangeline skating about, he raised an eyebrow. She seemed to be enjoying herself!* -11:23 May 04

Ciara: So now you’re spending enough time with that psychic to start reading minds yourself, have you? *She didn’t sound angry… yet. But she did want to know what was going on with this pack. Betrayals and a Carnatelli was not a good mix.*

Evangeline: *Now that she got the hang of it, she could skate around him in circles! Kind of like Brutus running around! But she must have found an uneven part of the ice when she ran in to it! She spared herself from tilting forward, but overcompensated and fell backwards with another loud CRACK! …followed by a surprised yelp when solid ice wasn’t so solid anymore and she splashed in to icy water!* -11:31 May 04

Leon: No. I just have a feeling. Brutus, with me. I need you to distract that wolf, Fang.

Brutus seemed to like that idea! His tail was wagging like mad!

That big wolf returned. It was obvious he was the alpha here. “You may ask around but steer clear of the females and the pups.” He turned and led them to the clearing to where the other wolves stood at attention, curious but wary.

Gabriel: *He was suddenly beside her, fishing her out. He had them back on solid ground in no time and then he was slipping his coat off to wrap around her.* -11:52 May 04

Ciara: What do I look like, a puppy snatcher? *Ciara replied with one hell of a wicked grin! She wandered towards the other wolves, and waiting for Brutus to work his magic. …Which was probably going to be annoying the hell out of other wolves.*

Evangeline: Ice water is c-c-cold! *Evangeline stated the obvious! But since the initial shock was the only scary thing about it, despite he chattering teeth, she was laughing!* -11:56 May 04

Brutus did his job nice and quick! He was running around and nipping at noses and jumping on other wolves! Even Fang was distracted!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow as she laughed even with her chattering teeth! He picked her up and carried her back to the cabin!* -12:27 May 05

Leon: *He found the old wolf in a corner by herself, mumbling and looking lost. He glanced around, approached her slowly.* Grandmother …?

Ciara: *Ciara might as well ‘help’ … there was more than enough snow to scoop some up and occasionally throw it up the pup! …and miss hitting a wolf or two! ..and trying not to laugh about it and push her luck!*

Evangeline: *Freezing cold! Evangeline was surprised not to be frozen stiff before even reaching the cabin!* I n-need some dry c-c-clothes, and t-then we’ll try again! -12:33 May 05

The old wolf looked up. “Maëlys … My child … You have returned … I have missed you. We all missed you.”

Leon: *He blinked! Who was Maëlys? She must have been someone dear to the old wolf. That way she spoke about her …* Grandmother … what happened …? *He drew a little closer. Was that tears in her eyes?*

The wolves watched and moved away as Brutus went on a rampage! It was clear they had never seen a pup with so much energy! It didn’t help things that Brutus was so very large, especially compared to the rest of them!

Gabriel: *He walked inside and set her down in front of the fireplace!* You need to rest. I will get some warm clothes. *He left and soon returned with warm clothes! He handed them to her and then left again.* -12:43 May 05

Ciara: *Amazing how much one little pup could scatter a pack… He was going to be hell when he got bigger. Poor, poor Gabriel. Ciara accidentally cackled out loud! Coughing, she was back to ‘pretending’ to chase after the ramaging pup!*

The old wolf shook her head. Those really were tears! “I’m so sorry … It was such a heavy burden to bear. You shouldn’t have had to bear it alone. I’m so sorry I was so weak. So very sorry …”

Brutus thought it was funny when Ciara started to chase him! He wanted to give her a good run so when she ‘chased’ after him, he moved even faster to avoid her!

Evangeline: I’m just- *She started when he set her down and disappeared.* wet. I don’t need *She continued when he returned with her dry clothes and paused again when he left!* rest. Bother! *Evangeline fussed with taking off those skates and trying to pry off wet clothes… her fingers were near frozen!* Dratted buttons! -12:47 May 05

Ciara: …I am not playing chase! …I can’t even run that fast! *Ciara hissed at the pup! There was no catching up to him, so it was back to throwing snowballs at him!*

Leon: *He blinked, moved closer. He lay down beside her and let her rest against him. He felt her body shuddering but he couldn’t tell if it was from old age or her tears!* Please, Grandmother. It will be alright. Come back with me. I promise to care for you.

Instead of comforting her, that just made the wolf all the more sad! “Oh Maëlys! Maëlys, my daughter!” “What’s going on here!” the big wolf snarled, suddenly in front of Leon and the old wolf! The old wolf instantly shrank back … It looked like she just wanted to disappear!

Leon: *Instead of feeling intimidated, he started to get mad! No one should ever make someone else scared, especially when the one being scared was an elderly wolf! He stood up and moved to stand between the old wolf and the alpha.* I’m just talking to her. Why is that so wrong? *He didn’t want to fight but if it was a fight this alpha wanted then he wouldn’t back down! He couldn’t stand bullies!*

Gabriel: *He returned and noticed that she was having trouble with her buttons.* Hands. -12:53 May 05
Evangeline: I still have t-them but my fingers are c-co-Oh! *She blinked before holding out her hands.* -12:58 May 05

The alpha obviously didn’t like being questioned! He growled, loud enough for the other pack members to hear and flock to them! Brutus and Ciara were forgotten!

[Evangeline ] -01:10 May 05
Gabriel: *He took her hands between his and bent forward to breathe on them! He rubbed his hands against hers, breathed on them every so often! In no time at all, her hands were nice and warm! He released her hands just as the kettle whistled from the stove.* -01:10 May 05

Ciara: *Growling wolves, THAT was always good. She whistled for Brutus to follow her… Might need to make sure Leon doesn’t need to be rescued!*

Brutus skidded to a stop! Then he ran back and followed Ciara!

The alpha bristled. “Who do you think you are?!” he snarled!

Leon: *There was a growl from the back of his throat! He braced himself for a fight!* My name is Leon Santos, alpha of the Oracle pack, son of Nicholas Wulfric. I came to help but if you want to dance, let’s go.

Evangeline: *There was a curious expression at the sound, but with her hands released, she returned to prying off wet clothes and tossing them elsewhere out of the way. Pulling on a dry fuzzy sweater never felt so good! Then she was trying to pluck the clip out of her hair so it could dry proper!* I am not sure why that club likes to go ice swimming, I think it is a bit too cold for me… -01:17 May 05

There was a murmur through the crowd! “Nicholas Wulfric …” “His son …” “An alpha …” There were whispers aplenty!

Ciara: Did you hear that Brutus? He stole my alpha spot. I suppose that means I can’t complain about him eating all the food now. *A bunch of worried wolves around, she was still in good humor…*

The alpha refused to be swayed by the pack! “You are not taking the old wolf. In fact, you are no longer welcomed here. Leave or I will not be responsible for what happens to your worthless hides.”

Brutus thought Ciara was funny! He wagged his tail really fast!

Leon: She is coming with us. *He snarled, taking one step forward, bristling!* Your pack is small and weak. You lack the numbers and the strength to be a true threat to me. I will take you down, rip your throat out … *He was nose to nose with the alpha.* And if anything happens to me or mine while we are here and you or yours are to blame … Hell hath no fury like mine will be. Mark my words. *He turned back to tend to the old wolf. He was going to take her. He refused to let her stay here with these bastards.*

Ciara: *Ciara crossed her arms, tapping her fingers. She was fairly certain she heard that last line of out Gabriel the last time she threatend to tip Evangeline out a window.* Personally, I would LOVE to know what you wolves are hiding before we take the elder and leave.

[Evangeline has timed out.] -01:33 May 05

The pack looked at each other, there were soft murmurs! Nothing recognizable though! Meanwhile the alpha stared at Leon and decided this upstart needed to learn what it really meant to be an alpha! He launched himself at Leon!

Leon: *He glanced over his shoulder, fell to the ground and rolled over, narrowly missing being tackled to the ground! He got up and jumped on the alpha, clamping his teeth on the back of his neck! He snarled! All it would take was one squeeze and it would be all over! He honestly contemplated it!*

Gabriel: *He returned and handed her a cup of tea.* Tea. *He said.* -01:39 May 05

The pack grew still! Their alpha was down and this new alpha’s threats hung in the air! They really were a small, weak pack!

Evangeline: *She took the cup with both hands and breathed deep! Maybe she wondered if he could make tea. He didn’t exactly think much of human food! She sipped slowly as she reached out to tug on his sleeve.* -01:44 May 05

Ciara: Now is a good time to tell a story, wolves. But then… you are always welcome to join our pack.

Leon: *He pierced the skin just enough to leave a mark and then released the alpha.* Coward. *He moved away from him to the old wolf. She was still lying there so he pushed his nose under her body and kept pushing until he was under her and she was on his back!* Come on, Grandmother. *He stood and made his way back to Ciara. It was both convenient and frightening just how light the old wolf was. Was she just skin and bones?!*

Gabriel: Do you need something? *He raised an eyebrow.* -01:47 May 05

Their alpha lay there, ashamed! One of the wolves moved a bit ahead! “We … we don’t know anything about the missing wolves!” The other wolves agreed, some of them shook their heads.

Ciara: Oh, that I believe is true. We are now interested in the history of this old wolf, that betrayal and the Carnatello. *She eyed Leon carrying off that wolf… Well, they aready had one pup.. another wouldn’t make a difference!*

The wolf who spoke looked doubtful. “We don’t know much about that story either … We just know it was something bad. It ended with most of our pack dead and anyone else who knew the tale has either died or gone away. The only one who knows the true story in our pack is the elder.”

Leon: … And Gabriel. *He added softly, realizing just how much sense it made. Gabriel appeared to know everything and he was part of the story, too! His voice was almost a whisper!

Evangeline: Well… *She started slowly… It was hard to think about how to word things without being strange! And she didn’t know how to flirt!* It’s a second date, and second dates involve nicer things than first dates, usually. Well, unless the people in the first date are really forward and then dates rules are thrown out the window and- *…she lost her train of thought!* -01:54 May 05

Ciara: I’m not interrupting that date. Gabriel gets all fierce about that damned psychic on a day to day basis, heaven forbid we crash his date. *One last eying of the wolves…* We’re going. But the lot of you should reconsider this pack. I am surprised you have lived this long.

They left! But when they were a good distance away, one of the wolves ran after them! “Were you serious when you offered for us to join your pack?” she asked Ciara! She was dark gray on her back but white on her belly with light blue eyes!

Leon: Then we’ll wait. *He said firmly. Unless they could get the old wolf to speak, Gabriel was the only one who could help! And he had to know about this betrayal. He just had to!*

Ciara: *One curious wolf.. That was all it takes!* Yes, I meant it. We take care of all wolves, whether they are ours or not. But within Oracle you would be safe and be able to help others. You might tell the rest of your pack.

The young wolf looked doubtful! But then she asked, “How long will you be here?”

Gabriel: *He waited for her to continue! He didn’t know about dates, either, so he couldn’t add to the conversation or point out what do next!* -02:05 May 05

Ciara: *How much time would it take to investigate…? She could leave Evangeline and her vampire behind, if she needed to…* A week unless we need to stay longer.

“Alright. I’ll tell the rest of my pack. Farewell.” She turned and disappeared. She’d tell the others but she’d have to be discreet and make sure neither Fang or Kharg found out!

Evangeline: *Gabriel was no help at all! She was not like Ms. Grey, so… doing things… was embarassing! Especially since she was never sure if he really did think she was insane, or just saying so!* … Crickets.. *She took a quick sip of her tea before setting the cup down near the fireplace. …Then she tugged his arms to wrap around her shoulders.* Lots of touching and being close is good. -02:11 May 05

Ciara: This is proving to be an interested trip. What did the old lady tell you and why are we kidnapping her? *Ciara made sure Brutus was coming along as they headed back for the cabin!*

Leon: I don’t trust Fang or that alpha of his and the wolf back there confirmed my theory. The old wolf knows something they don’t want others to find out. *He was silent for a bit.* She’s mistaking me for some wolf named Maëlys and keeps apologizing over and over. Whatever happened all those years ago … It’s been eating away at her.

Yep, Brutus was right there beside them! He wasn’t so hyper now that he got to run around a whole lot!

Ciara: We’ll find out soon enough. May as well feed the lady and the pup. I suppose we will have more wolves before long. *…Wolves everywhere! …But she had to admit, they were a lot cuter and more fun than… a bunch of vampires!*

Gabriel: *He sat down beside her as she moved his arms around her shoulders. He shifted to a position where he could reach for his guns easily. That meant he and Evangeline ended up lying on that rather long couch, side by side.* … You are insane. *The arm beneath her was around her waist. His other hand was on her hip. He was closer to the edge and she was against the back of the couch.* -02:20 May 05

Leon: We did come to find wolves, right? *He said with a wolfish grin up at her!* … True, they aren’t quite the wolves we were expecting. But the more, the merrier.

Evangeline: *A slight frown but that disappeared quick when she moved to poke at one of his guns!* Do you always make sure you can pull and shoot, no matter what? -02:28 May 05

Ciara: *Wolf grins… That was so adorable! What the hell is wrong with her?!* I think I am thankful our cabin has the extra room for one. I doubt anyone else is going to fit in bed thanks to Brutus.

That got a bark from Brutus!

Gabriel: *He nodded. It was habit, by now. The one who couldn’t reach his gun often died. He had not taken him long to learn that lesson when he first started out.* … You are worried. -02:42 May 05

Leon: *He had to glance over his shoulder every so often to check on the elder! She hadn’t said a word since they’d left and she wasn’t making a sound either! He was afraid to talk to her again before she burst into tears!*

Evangeline: I am not so sure you would need them even if someone did come here today. But normally on a date, you don’t think about guns. -02:49 May 05

Ciara: *They reached the cabin soon enough, where she was already pulling off her coat and moving for the fireplace to make sure the place was warm for the old lady wolf guest.* Come here, Brutus.. I’ve got a towel with your name on it.

Gabriel: Perhaps. But we are not normal. *He was silent for several moments.* If we were … I would not think about guns while on dates with you. -02:56 May 05

Brutus was nice enough to shake that snow off of his fur before he stepped inside! He went to Ciara!

Leon: *He moved to the fireplace and gently placed the old wolf on the rug there. He lay down beside her, pushed his nose under her until her head was resting on his.* It’s alright, Grandmother. Please don’t cry.

Her tears slid down her cheeks, wet his ears. “My poor, sweet Maëlys … You were always so considerate, so kind. You never thought ill of anyone. You could never think ill of anyone.”

Evangeline: *A blink followed by a slow smile!* Does that mean this isn’t too terrible and I can take you on more dates? -03:01 May 05

Ciara: *Throwing the towel over Brutus, she ruffled up and dried off his fur.* Have you tried explaining than you’re not this Maëlys wolf? ..or asked who she was?

Leon: *He looked up at Ciara.* I know she was close to Maëlys. She called her, her daughter but I can’t tell if Maëlys is a blood relation or just adopted or what. *He looked up at the old wolf.* Grandmother, my name is Leon Santos. I’m not Maëlys.

Gabriel: … I would give another date a try. You have not tried to kill me, however, so the date is not a terrible one. -03:15 May 05

Brutus shook and turned his head to give that towel a playful bite!

The old wolf looked confused! “But … you sound just like her … So much of her in you … My poor Maëlys. She was never cruel to them. How could we do such a thing?!” She threw her head back and gave the most mournful howl!

Evangeline: *Evangeline couldn’t imagine herself trying to kill anything, much less Gabriel! She grinned and brushed a hand over his cheek.* I don’t think you watched the right kind of dates.. -03:24 May 05

Ciara: *Ciara was tugging that towel back from Brutus, and cringed at the howling! It was a little loud inside and had that horrible sad sound!* What happened to her, exactly…?

Leon: Grandmother, please …! *That sound, it tore his heart to shreds! He lifted his head to rub it against hers, waiting for her to finish.*

Brutus blinked and froze! What a sad, awful sound!

The old wolf eventually stopped. She shut her eyes. Her fur had since gone pure white with age and with the firelight, it seemed to glow. “We were so terrible. We believed her to have committed the most heinous of crimes, the most foul of transgressions. Yet, we were the ones with the sin, we were forced to bear the burden. We received our judgement and paid with our lives.”

Gabriel: *He took the hand that brushed his cheek, studied the palm and circled his thumb against it.* I suppose not. The few couples that were not honestly trying to kill each other, made it often appear otherwise. -03:37 May 05
Evangeline: Everyone is very different about expression. Like Ms. Grey will argue and chase him around, but never sends him away. *She shrugged her shoulders lightly, curling her fingers around his thumb.* But I like the nicer non threatening varieties myself. -03:44 May 05
Gabriel: *He smirked at that.* You are dating a vampire. How is that non-threatening, Seer? -03:48 May 05

Ciara: …Considering Gabriel was involved, that doesn’t sound good. *Brutus was dry, so she moved to make sure the old lady was good and try too. …Maybe brushed. She likely never got a good brushing, and didn’t look like she got a good meal either.* We should make something nice for dinner. Do you like steak, Grandmother?

Leon: *His ears twitched at the mention of steak!* Can I have steak, Cissy? I did good today.

Evangeline: *She moved her other hand to brush against his mouth, half grinning at his smirk.* You’ve never hurt me, or even threatened me once… I have not even heard an unkind word from you. -03:51 May 05
Gabriel: *He smirked. Anyone else would say otherwise which again brought up the strange effect the Seer had on him.* Indeed. Even that day in the warehouse when you insisted on interrupting me while I was busy. -03:53 May 05

Ciara: If you make dinner and make sure mine is actually cooked. *Last time she suspected he sent her a rare steak just so she’d give it to him!*

“I am so sorry … Maëlys. My sweet Maëlys …” the old wolf murmured instead! She put her head down and fell asleep almost immediately!

Leon: *He should let her sleep. He moved away from her and promptly shifted back to human form!* And if I don’t cook dinner, you’ll make me eat green stuff again, won’t you? *He asked, walking to grab his clothes by the door!*

Evangeline: *A blink!* It was for something important… You should have stayed long enough for me to tell you. -03:59 May 05

Ciara: It’s called salad. *Watching… and caught herself doing it! Ciara coughed and quickly switched her focus to brushing a sleeping wolf!*

Leon: It’s called evil green poison. *He corrected her. He pulled on his pants and shirt but left his shirt unbuttoned! He was too lazy to button it all the way!* Alright, alright. I’ll get to cooking. *He disappeared into the kitchen!*

Gabriel: I am nothing if not stubborn. *He replied.* -04:03 May 05

Ciara: *With him out of sight and out of hearing, she let out a slow breath! Ciara Grey was quite used to naked men and poucing on what she wanted, but this was Leon and pouncing on Leon like THAT should be.. wrong! Very wrong!* At least he doesn’t do it on purpse, he’d be in trouble then. *She muttered to the sleeping grandmother!*

Evangeline: I am glad you are, in any case. I would have gone home too soon and not have known you. *She leaned to kiss his cheek softly. Maybe life would be less scary, but he always did such nice things that made it all worthwhile!* -04:12 May 05

After a nice, filling dinner …

Leon: *He yawned. That had been such great steak! Now he was nice and full and ready to hit the bed!* See, Cissy, my cooking wasn’t so bad after all.

Gabriel: *He was still on the couch with the Seer beside him!* -04:43 May 05

Ciara: It’s not your cooking I worry about, it’s your under cooking. *He cooked, so she took care of the dishes.. she was just putting the last of them away as she glanced at the clock.* I suppose it might be safe to ask Gabriel about those wolves, now. I doubt Evangeline even knows what to do with a man once she gets him to herself.

Evangeline: *Evangeline had fallen asleep! He made it far too easy being warm and safe… although skating around and falling a million times could tire a girl out too!* -04:45 May 05

Leon: I love you too, Cissy. *He said with a wolfish grin! He glanced up at the clock, too!* Do you think he’d mind coming over and checking up on Grandmother?

Gabriel: *He let her sleep, getting up to find a blanket and slip it over her!* -04:47 May 05

Ciara: He seems to allow you nearly as many special requests as Evangeline. …Just don’t take Brutus. I promised that woman I’d keep him all night. *Ciara still wasn’t sure how she got talk in to to, but she has a suspision that maybe Evangeline had mind control!*

Evangeline: *Only a mild complaint when he moved, but with a warm blanket pulled over her, she curled up comfortable again…* Not sleeping. Night isn’t over yet. *…well, maybe napping for a few more minutes would be alright.* -04:54 May 05

Leon: *A wolfish grin!* Not that Brutus isn’t the most adorable pup around, isn’t that right, B? *He reached out to scratch him between the ears.* Okay, I’m off then. *He put on his coat and pulled on the boots. Then he left to head to the cabin next door!*

Brutus licked Leon’s hand as he pulled away!

Grandmother had woken up earlier to eat some of the steak but gone right back to sleep afterward!

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Gabriel: *He moved to the door and opened it to find Leon there!* Santos. -04:59 May 05

Leon: *He flashed a wolfish grin!* Hey, Gabriel. I’m sorry to interrupt. I uh, I need to ask you something. It’s about a pack here in Canada. Um, well … Can you come over and see for yourself? It’d mean a lot to me. *He swallowed. Allowance of special requests or not, he never knew if he’d press his luck too far with Gabriel or not!*

Evangeline: Never saw the appeal of vampires. *Ciara muttered to Brutus, taking a nice hot cup of coffee with her to plop in a chair.* …Especially one like Gabriel. What do YOU see in that man? Free food? I’m shocked he can even tolorate the presense of a cute furry wolf and some disgustly sweet woman. -05:02 May 05

Ciara: Never saw the appeal of vampires. *Ciara muttered to Brutus, taking a nice hot cup of coffee with her to plop in a chair.* …Especially one like Gabriel. What do YOU see in that man? Free food? I’m shocked he can even tolorate the presense of a cute furry wolf and some disgustly sweet woman.

Gabriel: *He glanced over his shoulder at Evangeline sleeping on the couch!* Valravn. The Seer. *The white raven flew into the cabin from outside, through the open door and perched on the back of the couch.* Santos. *He stepped outside, activated the wards. Take no chances.* -05:04 May 05

“Arrff! Arfff!” went Brutus as he sat down at her feet!

Ciara: Oh really? I beg to differ. I bet he’s miserable company. *Discussing Gabriel with a barking pup. That might be a sign of madness. …Well, the damned pup understands!* When you’re all grown up, are you going to call that psychic Mother? She did adopt you. *Ciara found the thought rather amusing!*

Brutus tilted his head at her, tail still wagging. “Arrff! Arff!” was his reply!

Leon: *He felt nervous and excited at the same time! But he chalked that up to finally solving the mystery of what the small pack was hiding! He was slightly afraid of what role Gabriel might have played in all of this! He knocked lightly on the door before he opened it! The last thing he needed to do was get shot by Cissy!* Back, Cissy. *He stepped inside, shed his jacket.* You see, we found this small pack in the wilderness. They didn’t know anything about the missing wolves but they’re hiding a secret. It has something to do with this old wolf we found. She keeps mentioning a daughter named Maëlys, sins, judgement.

Gabriel: *He dusted the snow off before he entered! Then he walked inside.* Ms Grey. Brutus. -05:17 May 05

Ciara: *Ciara sipped her coffee, casting Gabriel a wide devious smile! First the wolves, then she’d ask how that little ‘date’ was going.* Gabriel.

The old wolf stirred and lifted her head. “… Maëlys … Is that you? Have you … have you come home …?”

Gabriel: *He moved to the fireplace, crouched down next to the old wolf.* No, Ava. Maëlys is not coming home. -05:20 May 05

“Not … coming home …” She blinked. “That scent … that voice …” She swallowed. When she next spoke, there was some fear but much of it resignation. “Have you come to pass judgement upon me as well?”

Leon: *He moved away from the door! When Ava asked Gabriel if he came to judge her, he began to regret bringing Gabriel here! Surely he wouldn’t harm an elderly wolf!* Gabriel … What happened? She said Maëlys was betrayed … It’s been eating her up all this time.

Gabriel: No, Ava. Judgement is not called for. You passed that upon yourself a long time ago. *He stood.* Ava is, of course, the birth mother of Maëlys. Forty-two years ago, Maëlys met and fell in love with a wolf outside of the pack. She was weaker than the other wolves, shunned. One who cannot produce healthy, strong cubs is considered an outcast, a scapegoat. When the other members of the pack found out she was to bear her beloved’s pups, they became furious. -05:33 May 05

Ciara: …Forty two years ago? *If she counted… no, no that was a coincidence. Things simply do not play out that way in reality.* And then what happened?

Gabriel: *He looked at Ava.* In her most desperate hour, they cast her out, on the night of a fierce storm. She begged for mercy but they would hear none of it. She cried for her mother, her pack but they turned their backs on her. She sought her mate but he was gone. Maëlys bore a single pup and for his sake, they both became human. I took her away from here and judged the pack. *He smirked at that.* She died shortly after. *He met Leon’s eyes.* Maëlys changed her name to Maria Santos and was adopted by Diego and Theresa Santos. She left her son in their care. Her mate was none other than Nicholas Wulfric. -05:54 May 05

Leon: *He blinked!* What?! You mean I–She–! *He pointed at Ava!* They–! *He pointed outside! He dropped onto the edge of the couch.*

Ciara: *Ciara very nearly dropped her coffee, but managed to catch it just in time!* …You’re god damned involved in everything aren’t you. *She muttered at Gabriel… then Eyed Leon as well as the old wolf!* …Christ…

Leon: … *He was speechless! He swallowed!* Well … At least now I know why those wolves said I was familiar. *He muttered.*

Ciara: I don’t suppose any of the wolves of that time are still alive? Besides this one?

Gabriel: *He walked over to the door, smirked over his shoulder.* That would depend on your definition of "alive", Ms Grey. *He bowed his head to her and let himself out.* -06:13 May 05

Leon: *He blinked!* Wait! *He ran after Gabriel, met him outside!* Is that why you keep helping me? Are you the reason I never knew I was a wolf before? *Consequences be damned, he just had to know!*

Gabriel: *He stopped and turned to face him.* I promised your mother I would lend you my help whenever and wherever you asked for it. As to why you thought you were human all this time … Your mother wanted to tell you, to show you when you were ready. She never got the chance. But she loved you. *He pulled something out his coat pocket and tossed it to Leon.* -06:18 May 05

Ciara: *Ciara pinched the bridge od her nose. That vampire was more and more shocking everyday! …Possibly the oddest creature in the universe!* Grandmother really is Grandmother. This is… interesting.

Leon: *He caught it and opened his hand. It was a beautiful gold locket on a gold chain, oval with little diamonds set in the engraving. Inside was a picture of a woman and a little Leon and an engraving on the other side. When he looked up, Gabriel had disappeared! He walked back inside and closed the door behind him. He leaned against the door. Deep breaths, deep breaths!*

Ciara: *Ciara set down her cup.* Are you going to be all right..? I am not afraid to go and clobber Gabriel for not mentioning these sort of things sooner…

Evangeline: *Evangeline was still half asleep… but now had a Raven to cuddle! Tucked under the blanket with her and everything! He wasn’t an idea substitute, but when Gabriel has something important to do, she makes do!* -06:28 May 05

Leon: *He smiled a bit when she said that. He knew she was serious but the thought of her doing that to Gabriel … It was hilarious.* No … I probably wouldn’t have believed him anyways. *He moved to sit down beside her.* You know, when I think about it, my entire life is full of lies. *A wolfish grin.* Well, not all of it. There was always those times I had with you. And the times I have with you now.

For a Gabriel substitute being cuddled by a human woman, he seemed to be taking it well! He was lying perfectly still but continued keeping watch, faithful as always!*

Ciara: Yes, there is that… *Unless he wanted to count the numorous moments she complained about how terrible he was… but she wouldn’t bring that up!* We have a whole future free from hidden stories and all that nonsense.

Evangeline: *Fluffy was not very large, so she was careful, and certainly didn’t hold the poor thing down. He was just as sweet as Gabriel, though!* -06:38 May 05
Gabriel: *The wards had held and nothing had disturbed them. He sat down on the chair across of the couch, finding the sight of Valravn being cuddled by the Seer somewhat amusing.* -06:40 May 05

Leon: *He smiled.* Right. Hey Cissy … *He looked unsure of himself but then he suddenly leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. He pulled back.* Thank you. For everything.

Ciara: *Ciara was too surprised to jump! …and too surprised to remember what she was going to say! It took her moment to regain her senses!* It… I… I’d do anything for you,… stupid wolf.

Leon: *It started out as a wolfish grin and then turned sheepish!* Yeah, I know you would. Um … Would you like to go out with me again? I promise I won’t make you crack a ball over some poor man’s head.

Evangeline: *Sweet Fluffy, he earned a nice scratch on the head with a finger!* Are you back now? -06:51 May 05
Gabriel: Indeed. Thank you, Valravn. You may go. -06:53 May 05

Valravn shook himself, ruffling his feathers when Evangeline released him, then flew up and perched on top of the fireplace’s mantle.

Ciara: …you mean a date? *Why did that make her nervous! Besides how the first time went completely wrong… and this was Leon!*

Evangeline: *She sat up slowly and rubbed her head with a yawn!* I didn’t mean to fall asleep. ..but talking to Leon was a very good idea. Fluffy is always pleasant company! -06:58 May 05

Leon: *He smiled and nodded.* Yeah, a date. That is … if you can find some spare time between running Oracle, Shades, and who knows what else.

Gabriel: He will survive. *He said simply.* -07:01 May 05

Ciara: Honestly the only things I can imagine doing with you on a date are not things that’d be all that appropiate… *She mentioned sheepishly… It was his own fault for running around naked. A woman has thoughts, damnit!*

Leon: *He blinked.* Wow, really? Heh heh. *He scratched the back of his head.* I don’t want you to be uncomfortable … *He blinked when he realized something.* It’s too late. I already made you uncomfortable, didn’t I?

Evangeline: Indeed he will… and be very happy while he is doing it! *Pulling the blanket around her shoulders, she got up just long enough to tiptoe across the carpet and find her way in to Gabriel’s lap.* I think we should make a giant snow kitten. -07:09 May 05

Ciara: I didn’t mean beating the hell out of you, Leon. Very much the opposite. *Stupid wolf… he couldn’t dare make her uncomfortable! She’d make HIM uncomfortable, and very tempted to prove it!* I don’t know if my conscience will allow me to take advatage of some poor innocent wolf.

Leon: *He gave her a wolfish grin.* As long as it’s with you, Cissy. That woman I was talking about when you were sick, the one I wanted to be with. It’s you.

Gabriel: … A giant snow kitten. *He said slowly. Yes, he could see the Seer attempting to do just that!* -07:23 May 05

Ciara: *That was sweet… far too sweet! He had no idea what he was getting in to! …but she could show him and give him a good scare.* Even right now? *Ciara moved slowly towards him, like a stalking… wolf!* Because I could give you a real kiss.

Leon: *That wolfish grin didn’t waver!* Okay.

Evangeline: Yes. A snow kitten in the snow. Then you’ll have a wonderful snow memory that isn’t quite as silly as me falling down over ice every few minutes. *She rest her palms against his face… He left her with a guard and wards and it was only for a few minutes. He was always so considerate!* -07:27 May 05

Ciara: *Ciara hesitated only slightly! So he was going to be brave, was he? She frowned at his smile, moving close enough to drape her legs over his and grab on to his shirt to tug him closer.* I don’t think you know what you’re asking for, wolf.

Leon: *He chuckled softly, still wearing that wolfish grin!* I’m a quick learner, Cissy. *He said softly as she pulled him closer.*

Gabriel: *He studied her face!* I suppose this would also count as one of your wonderful snow memories. -07:36 May 05

Ciara: Huh… fine! *The intent was to be aggressive and kiss him stupid! But that wasn’t how it came out at all! She gave him one soft simple kiss… but that wasn’t nearly enough. So she kissed him a second time, tugging his shirt to pull him against her!*

Evangeline: Is it a good memory? It might count with the snow outside. *Evangeline smiled! One more nice memory was always good!* -07:40 May 05

Leon: *Mm! One kiss … and then another! And it was quite a kiss, too! He found himself pressed up against her as both arms wrapped around her waist.*

Gabriel: Indeed. *He looked at her.* … You are insane. -07:46 May 05

Ciara: *He wasn’t making this easy! …or maybe he was! Ciara couldn’t quite decide! She paused only a second when his arms moved around her, releasing his shirt to sneak her hands under it and touch bare flesh!*

Evangeline: I might be… but you let me drag you here and even sit on you, so maybe you are just as crazy. *Evangeline moved just to rest her forehead against his. Snow could wait!* -07:55 May 05
Gabriel: *He was thoughtful.* Indeed. That has crossed my mind many times. Each time I am never quite sure why. -07:57 May 05
Evangeline: I would hope it’s becase you like me. Otherwise, I might have lost my mind and dreamed it all up and the universe isn’t real? *She sounded as if she might have considered that true once before!* -08:00 May 05

Leon: Cissy … *He murmured against her lips and found himself on top of her, half lying on the couch! He had no idea how! He kissed her back.*

Gabriel: … You are a strange human. *He suddenly gave her a soft kiss.* But yes, I do like you. -08:01 May 05

Ciara: *Kissing back wasn’t supposed to happen! …but she sure wasn’t complaining! One hand smoothly moved to entwine in to his hair and the other to glide over his neck and shoulder. A continuous kiss that she wasn’t about to let him escape from!*

Evangeline: *With a wistful expression and sigh, she smile!* I am glad. Otherwise I might have been upset if you weren’t real and I made it all up. -08:06 May 05

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