047 Oracle Haunted House

[Evangeline volunteer to be the first person through the Oracle Haunted House! It\’s going to be so cuuute!] -04:07 Oct 08
Evangeline: *Dressed up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Evangeline was more than happy to see what sort of spooky things the hunters put together. With them fighting real monsters all the time, a haunted house should be a breeze for them to make!* -04:16 Oct 08
[Vlamerias keeps having to hold her halo from falling!] -05:14 Oct 08
Vlamerias: *She looked up at Evangeline! She was dressed as a little angel and even had a pair of fake wing on her back.* Umm … Are you sure about this, Mommy? -05:15 Oct 08
Evangeline: It’s just a little bit of playing pretend! We’ll walk through the maze and pretend we’re in a scary movie! -05:16 Oct 08
Vlamerias: So … no beating up on the monsters that pop up? -05:17 Oct 08
Evangeline: Definitely not. It’ll just be Hunters in disguise! …You can scream at them though! *Taking Meri’s hand, she was already leading the way to the front entrance… where no one was waiting. They must really be preparing for a good scare!* -05:19 Oct 08
Vlamerias: *She huffed as Evangeline led the way. She wanted to ready a spell but–! Well, she didn’t want Mommy to worry! She looked around and poked all kinds of things like that fake, sticky spider’s web.* -05:40 Oct 08
Evangeline: *Evangeline refused to touch anything sticky! But she was very impressive with how real it all looked… she even made a face about… Blood always did make her feel a little bit queasy!* -05:42 Oct 08

When the two came near the corner, suddenly a furry body jumped out, SNAAAAARLIIIING and waving clawed paws!

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