When Evangeline remembers that one of her hunters is still missing, she and Gabriel have a married-couple’s argument!

[Evangeline had her class again a few days later. …And realized there was still one missing!] -01:38 May 13
[Gabriel is doing what he does best–kicking ass and slaying things!] -01:39 May 13
Evangeline: Twenty-one.. twenty-two… *That was the second time she counted, and everyone assured her that everyone was there. No one was sick today and she had a whole class of hunters currently working on their AIM when throwing things like grenades or beanbags.* Ah. Now I remember. *That Bradly. She was going to kick him out of her class when he returned, but now she realized she hadn’t even heard a whisper of him since…* ….Crickets! -01:41 May 13

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was sitting on a stool next to Evangeline’s desk!* What’s the matter, Mommy?

Evangeline: I forgot all about Bradly! Why didn’t anyone remind me? *Heaven only knew where he was now! She had been so angry and Gabriel knew and… oh dear!* -01:43 May 13

One of the hunters coughed. “We kinda figured he was dead!”

Vlamerias: *She frowned! She’d actually been hoping he really was dead! It would serve him right!*

Evangeline: He isn’t dead and I promise you, we have yet to kill any trainees during lessons! *…so far! Now she was trying to subtly see if Gabriel were too busy to speak with her and not let on that she was only a tiny bit worried about a dead Bradly instead of a LOT worried like she should be! Stupid Bradly!* -01:47 May 13
Gabriel: *BANGBANGBANG! The three consecutive shots took down the last pillar holding the roof up! The ceiling fell and the half dozen fledgeling vampires came down with it! Gabriel took shelter under the doorway and began opening fire!* What is it, Evangeline. -01:50 May 13
Evangeline: *There he was! What on earth did you do with Bradly! He’s still missing! Evangeline doubted Ms. Grey would mind if a no-good hunter went missing, but it was the principal of the thing!* -01:52 May 13

The fledgeling vampires scattered as he took out the first three! The remaining three came at him from both sides!

Gabriel: He is still alive. *The guns were replaced with the sword and then he dashed out toward them, sword up!* -01:58 May 13
Evangeline: *That was a relief! The look on her face said as much, and apparently all the hunters in the class were spying! That is good to know, but where is he? I let my temper get the better of me and I don’t think he should suffer for that.. Much. No, no not much. That was wicked thinking! Trying to shoot at him was bad enough. Oh, but he was so mean about Gabriel!* -02:02 May 13

The vampires didn’t stand a chance! Gabriel was standing on the other side of the room with their ashes littering the floor!

Gabriel: He is somewhere safe, Evangeline. Let that suffice. *The sword disappeared.* -02:03 May 13
Evangeline: I wasn’t actually going to kill him! *Whoops! She said that out loud. Evangeline turned around in her chair away from the now staring hunters! He doesn’t need to be kept safe! I’m sure he needs to get back home, though!* -02:06 May 13
Gabriel: I am still doubtful he has learned his lesson. -02:07 May 13

Now there were definitely a bunch of curious hunters, no longer focusing on their lesson, but peeping at Evangeline! Someone whispered that they wish THEY were being kept safe from Evangeline!

Evangeline: *He is young and only human… a very dumb big mouthed human, but I’m sure he won’t speak like that again. You can’t keep him away forever. …You’re not doing anything terrible to him, are you? She could imagine all sorts of horrible things. Like getting poked by cactus needles, or never-ending licking by cat tongues. It was like sandpaper!* -02:10 May 13

Vlamerias: *Meri was also looking curiously at her Mommy!*

Gabriel: That would depend on your definiton of the word, terrible. But no, he is not being subjected to being licked repeatedly by cats or being stabbed by cactus. -02:12 May 13
Evangeline: *He was being particularly stubborn. She was really starting to feel bad for Bradly. Three days was a long time to be punished! Would you please bring him back when you are done there?* -02:15 May 13
Gabriel: *He did not see the big deal about one insignificant human who had disrespected his wife.* Is your class almost over. -02:17 May 13
Evangeline: *Oh yes, the class! She turned back around in her chair, to find a whole room of hunters suddenly trying to pretend like they were busy. Yes, they’ve been very good today. Only one of two were hit in the face! She could feel that thought of his, and he hadn’t said he would bring Bradly back!* -02:20 May 13
Gabriel: I have somewhere to be, Evangeline. You will need two of your healthiest students to be standing front and center. -02:27 May 13
Evangeline: *That… hardly made any sense at all. But Evangeline stood up and cleared her throat!* …hey! I need a tiny little favor from two very kind and strong hunters? Please? *Why must it be healthy ones? Well, I have a couple, anyway!* -02:30 May 13

Most of the hunters were a little hestitant about such a weird request, but a couple were more than happy to volunteer and tossed their stuff aside! As long as it was Evangeline, they weren’t likely to get hurt!

Vlamerias: *She blinked and tilted her head slightly! This proved it! Grown ups had more exciting secret conversations than they let on!*

Gabriel: *Boy did those hunters get a big surprise! Because the person they ended up facing wasn’t Evangeline at all! Gabriel appeared at the front of the class!* -02:37 May 13

After a few days ago, it showed a lot of self control that those hunters didn’t go screaming for cover! There was just a nervous cough here and there.

Evangeline: *Evangeline pat Meri on the head before circling around here desk.* Why did you need just two? Are you going to take them with you? -02:40 May 13
Gabriel: *He smirked. That idea amused him somewhat.* They are going to the Infirmary. *But then his smirk grew into a wicked grin and he stretched his arm out, palm to the floor. A sigil appeared at his feet and then glowed brightly! When the glow subsided, there was one naked, pale, shivering Brad.* -02:43 May 13

For a minute there, they thought he was about to put THEM in the Infirmary! At the sight of Bradly, their relief was pretty short-lived. What HAPPENED to the guy?!

Evangeline: *Yay! He was alive! …but completely horrified! Poor Bradly was such a shivering mess, even his aura was shaking!* …Gabriel! I think you may have went overboard… Hrm. Well, go on then, you two take him to the nurses quick! He’ll be okay, he’s just scared! -02:46 May 13

Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes were wide! Whoa … Could she learn to do something like … uh, whatever that was!*

They weren’t too sure about “Okay”, but they were hoping at it quick! Both hunter’s taking one of Bradly’s arms and hauling him up to his feet so they could carry him out to the Infirmary.

Gabriel: *There was that wicked grin again! But then he turned around and walked away, disappearing before he reached the wall! He reappeared back at home to take a nap in bed.* -02:49 May 13
Evangeline: *With her hands on her hips, there was a soft exasperated sigh from Evangeline. He was a deviant and so wicked… but perhaps so was she if she loved him all the more for it!* That is enough for class today. Everyone should keep practicing their shooting aim. …and don’t gossip about Bradly, it’s not polite! -02:52 May 13

A couple were just in the middle of speculating what Gabriel did to the guy, but shut up quick! Those hunters made sure to escape fast while the getting was good! -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Off went the coat and the gun holster before he lay down! Then he stretched his legs out and closed his eyes!* -02:55 May 13
Evangeline: *Evangeline briefly debated going to talk to Bradly… but that might scare the poor guy to death even more!* Hmph. Meri, would you like to stay and play with the wolfpups or do you want to some home with me while I shake a finger at my husband? -02:58 May 13

Vlamerias: Can I stay and play with the wolfpups, Mommy? *It wasn’t any fun unless someone was being punished!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Of course! *She leaned to give Meri a kiss on the forehead.* Just stay out of the cafeteria. The cooks are upset about being mobbed last time. Just take one when you want to get a snack, not the entire pack. -03:03 May 13

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! I’ll see you soon! *She gave Evangeline a quick hug! Yay, she got to play with the puppies!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Alright, now send me home quick! Gabriel would have all of our heads if I walked home alone! *She imagined, it’d be much like poor Bradly if something happened on the way!* -03:47 May 13

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! *She quickly nodded. Mommy was right, of course! It wasn’t smart to take chances! She wiggled her fingers at Evangeline and POOFED her home!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline slipped off her shoes and nudged them out of the way as she stepped quietly to the bedroom. She wasn’t going to lecture him. He had far too much of that already, and Bradly wasn’t very high on her list of favorite people at the moment. But she felt compelled to make sure he wasn’t torturing someone far more than necessary! ….and she was probably thinking far too loudly, so she quickly switched her thoughts over to wondering why BED was the place he was supposed to be!* -03:54 May 13
Gabriel: Yes, Evangeline. *He was still lying in bed, but his eyes were closed. He’d felt her presence a mile away.* -04:23 May 13
Evangeline: *…she was trying to sneak!* I didn’t say a word, Gabriel. *Blast herself, it was hard not to smile at him. She moved to the bedside table and pulled the clips out of her hair!* -04:25 May 13
Gabriel: If you wish, you may leave the room and I can pretend to be asleep so as not to notice you entering again. *He opened one eye and then another to watch her take her hair clips out.* -04:32 May 13
Evangeline: *…she was almost tempted! Simply because it might be fun. Instead, once those clips were set aside she crawled in to bed and over him to sit on his lap.* That’s all right, the end result would be the same! I think you scared the daylights out of my class again… -04:36 May 13
Gabriel: Indeed. Perhaps this time they will have learned the lesson. -04:49 May 13
Evangeline: I don’t believe this class will be brave enough to say an ill word about anything for the rest of their lives. *Which was good! But… maybe there were better, less worrying ways to teach these lessons! She tugged gently on his shirt.* Next time we might try a less concerning punishment? -04:52 May 13
Gabriel: That would depend on the offense. -04:55 May 13
Evangeline: Um,…well… for example, a student talking back would probably do just fine with a good lecture and lots of pushups. Probably not getting shot at by a cranky psychic or… what did you do with him, again…? -04:58 May 13
[Gabriel is trying to take a nap!] -02:27 May 14
[Evangeline is sitting on Gabriel…and disussing the right and wrong ways to torment hunters?] -02:28 May 14
Gabriel: I merely gave him a … I believe the phrase you used was a time out. -02:29 May 14
Evangeline: For three days? I think he was scared witless! -02:30 May 14
Gabriel: *There was a slight smirk.* It will seem like an eternity to him. -02:31 May 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline heaved a sigh! He was incorrigible!* I may have to hide my own thoughts from you, if you’re going to be so wicked! -02:35 May 14
Gabriel: I did the boy no harm. He has neither a broken bone or a bruise to bear. -02:37 May 14
Evangeline: And what will he tell me when I ask him what happened? *She tugged on his shirt. Evangeline knew how sneaky Gabriel could be when he wanted to. He could find a loophole in anything!* -02:38 May 14
Gabriel: You will find his memory vague at best. *He closed his eyes.* -02:42 May 14
Evangeline: *She bounced on him when he closed his eyes. …only feeling slightly bad about it afterwards, he probably did need his rest…* Tomorrow I can take you for proper punishment training? Or else you’re not allowed to punish trainees anymore. I don’t care if they call me names or accidentally shoot me! -02:45 May 14
Gabriel: *He didn’t open his eyes until those last words had slipped out of her lips! When he did open them, he was studying her face and his eyes narrowed slightly.* What did you say. -02:46 May 14
Evangeline: That we can go for punishment training tomorrow? -02:48 May 14
Gabriel: No. *He didn’t mean that part!* -02:49 May 14
Evangeline: That I won’t let you punish trainees anymore? I mean it too! This time might have been too much! -02:50 May 14
Gabriel: Evangeline. *There was that tone of voice of his! Followed by the "angry" growl Evangeline knew so well! The idea of her forbidding him from something was more than insane, it was unwise! Particularly when the human deserved it!* -02:52 May 14
Evangeline: But they say things all the time! This time I was a little mad, but there is always someone in class being rude and we can’t steal them away for days! *That growl was scary, but this was serious!* -03:02 May 14
Gabriel: …. *He put his hands on her waist and then he moved her off of him so he could stand up! Then he was walking to the chair to slip on his gun holsters and his coat again!* -03:04 May 14
Evangeline: Gabriel! Where are you going? *…and why did it worry her! He was angry with her now! Evangeline hopped off the bed to get in his way before he went and did anything silly!* -03:06 May 14
Gabriel: *He didn’t say a word! He moved around her and disappeared!* -03:08 May 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline was a little bit stunned! And without Meri here, she couldn’t force him back! …then again, that might not of been wise at the moment! Grumbling a lot of unlady-like things, she stomped to put her shoes back on. She could follow him the old fashioned way!* -03:10 May 14

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias suddenly POOFED into the apartment and landed on Evangeline’s head! It was a good thing she was a light devil!* Mommy! Mommy! Is everything okay? I was playing with the werepups and I sensed something wrong! I had to come and make sure you and Glaër were okay! *She looked around.* He’s … not … here. Hm. *She blinked once, then twice!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: He’s angry and I’m angry, and I really don’t know what to do about it! *Beyond being so frustrated! She pulled Meri off her head and after giving the wee devil a hug (which did help her better better just a little bit!) she set her on the ground.* I think he’s really angry with me this time. -03:17 May 14

Vlamerias: *Her eyes wide … She blinked!* Mmm … Maybe you both need time to yourselves … Um, but I don’t know if it’s safe to let Glaër go when he’s still so angry … *She chewed on her bottom lip!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: I don’t like to be without him. …I just don’t want him to hurt someone just because they’ve bothered me! But he won’t listen and he’s so blasted stubborn! *Huff! And if she weren’t careful she’d work herself up in to getting mad again, and that’s what started this mess in the first place! She hadn’t controlled her temper, and if she can’t, how can she expect Gabriel to?* … I should go and get him! -03:23 May 14

Vlamerias: Hmm … *Meri reached out and held Evangeline’s hand for awhile!* Oohh! … Oh. Hm. Strange. *She looked up at Evangeline.* Um, I think Glaër is really down deep in the earth! -Gabriel

Evangeline: How did he get down there! *…and more important why! If it was too far down it would be impossible for her to follow him! Evangeline stomped her foot. He might have gone down there because she can’t follow.* How far away from here? I may try anyway. -03:30 May 14

Vlamerias: Technically, you’re not human, Mommy, so you’d survive! If my Glaër can function down there, so can you! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Then take me there, please. And then you can run and hide safe with Caroline. If he is angry with you later, you can tell him I was going to do something crazy if you didn’t! -03:35 May 14

Vlamerias: Okie dokie, Mommy! *On one hand she was nervous about leaving her Mommy alone with her angry Glaër. But on the other, if anyone could withstand the Infamous One’s temper, it was her Mommy! And he would never harm her Bright Lady! She took Evangeline’s hands and closed her eyes! Then they POOFED!* -Gabriel

They were miles under the earth! The air around them was cool but stale and they were in a wide cavern of polished, slippery rock! There was the sound of water dripping somewhere far away that echoed all around them! The ceiling was very high, too! But it was completely dark! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *It was… strange! The air was a bit hard to breathe, but they were not so far down where it would get too warm. Like the sounds of water echoed from the stone, the energy here did too! Trying to tell where she was and where to place her feet was difficult!* …Thank you. I think I’ll be all right now. *Evangeline whispered to Meri… for some reason she didn’t want to be too loud here!* -03:43 May 14

Vlamerias: *She blinked! Why were they whispering? But then she nodded.* Okay, Mommy! *She whispered back and hugged her legs real quick! Then she stepped back and POOFED!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *The stone was slippery… Evangeline had to watch her step carefully! It must have been millenia of water to get everything so smooth! And there was the small bit of proof when she slipped in to a shallow pool of water. It was only at her ankles, but she decided it was safer to just take her shoes off all together.* …! *She was going to call out his name, but the place really did seem intimidating! She couldn’t tell if that was Gabriel being angry or if she were just scared!* -03:51 May 14
Gabriel: *He wanted to keep silent. He didn’t want to acknowledge she was there but–Damnit, he could feel her fear as if she was right beside him and in his arms!* … What are you doing here. *His voice, soft as it was here, echoed. It was difficult to tell where he was exactly!* -03:53 May 14
Evangeline: *That blasted echoing! Evangeline slowly sank to a seat. Sitting on a smooth and dry rock. If she followed the wrong sound, she may end up fallen in a hole somewhere! She tried to speak as soft as she could to prevent that echo, but it didn’t work so well!* You’re angry and I wanted to be with you. -03:56 May 14
Gabriel: *There she was, sitting on a rock, hands in her lap, appearing as delicate and ladylike as any princess could ever dream to be. He took one step and then another.* … Evangeline. *His voice was closer now and softer.* I left so I would not hurt you while I was angry. *And it was true. No matter how angry he became with her, with himself, with both of them, her protection was first and foremost.* -04:00 May 14
Evangeline: *She twitched her feet back and forth as she frowned.* I didn’t realize you were that angry with me. I really don’t want to boss and make you do things! *She still felt as if she were speaking too loud! He was always able to speak so soft and serious!* -04:04 May 14
Gabriel: I should not be so angry with you. The fault is not yours. When all is said and done, it was my anger that led me to punish him the way I did. Not yours. -04:09 May 14
Evangeline: I did try to shoot him… I was not thinking about how upset it would make you. I put too much of my feelings on you and you have enough to be concerned over without me making it worse. *Evangeline sniffled, followed by a frustrated huff at the overexagerted sound! She had just wanted him to come home and be safe with her, and now it seemed she was clinging too much to him and not giving him the freedom to breathe! She rubbed her eyes quick with her sleeve.* I should go home! -04:17 May 14
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *Gabriel kneeled at her feet and covered her hands with his. Then he lifted one hand to cup her cheek.* I have spent an eternity alone. May I go home with you? -04:21 May 14
Evangeline: I don’t want to make you stay with me when you want to be alone. *Even now she want to throw her arms around his neck and cling tight! Now she wasn’t so sure if that was what he needed!* Do you want to come home with me..? -04:27 May 14
Gabriel: My home is wherever you are. *He stood and then he was picking her up. One moment they were in the cave and the next, they were back at the apartment! He lay her down on the bed but instead of taking the time to get his coat and holsters off, he was lying right down beside her.* -04:28 May 14
Evangeline: *He had no idea how much of a comfort it was when he ended discussions by carrying her off! He hadn’t done so in a long time! Now she was kicking her shoes to the floor as she turned to curl up next to him and see if she could sneak her way in to his coat with him.* -04:33 May 14
Gabriel: *He watched her kick her shoes off and then chuckled softly when he realized she was slipping under his coat and snuggling against him. He slipped his arms around her shoulders and nuzzled her cheek.* I love you, Evangeline. *He whispered in her ear.* -04:36 May 14
Evangeline: I love you too… maybe too much! *It was much easier to give in to being selfish when he whispered soft to her and let her in to his coat. But she didn’t want to be somewhere else when she should have cuddles like this!* -04:40 May 14
Gabriel: That is not a bad thing. *He was kissing her face now and then his lips was on hers, kissing her softly and slowly.* -04:43 May 14
Evangeline: *Her response was a soft sigh and a gentle kiss, instead of the doubt that was trying to linger! She snuck her hands up to rest against his chest.* -04:51 May 14

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