049 Dark’s Discovery

Caroline discovers Dark. She takes him to Oracle where they might find info about his identity. They meet Evangeline who mistakes him for Gabriel. She takes them immediately to go see Gabriel, where Evangeline convinces him to give Dark a chance. First Lessons with Dark.

[The vampire looked ready to kill–but he wanted some information first!] -03:13 May 07

Alistair was still lurking nearby, sitting in a tree and adding his helpful commentary. “A LIGHT ball… Yes THAT is going to teach them a lesson!”

The demon rubbed his eyes to rid himself of the light! But when he regained a sufficient amount to see by, he stared wide-eyed at the vampire! “I–I was mista–taken! Wr–wrong vampire!” The imp behind him quickly agreed, clinging to his legs. “Yes! Yes!”

The vampire: Not good enough. *He growled.* You attacked me. Answer! *He leaped for the demon. He was going to get his answers … even if he had to beat his thick head against the ground until the earth bled with his blood!* -03:19 May 07
Caroline: *Pointedly ignoring the bat in the tree, Caroline was preparing another spell. There were humans too close for comfort.* I suggest you answer quickly. He doesn’t seem to be very patient. *With grim humor, she cast a quick shadow barrier around them! * -03:20 May 07

The demon somehow evaded him but his imp friend got tackled in his place! The little thing squirmed when the vampire stood up, grabbed it by the neck and hoisted it up into the air!

The vampire: *The vampire snarled and threw the imp into his friend! The two of them collided with the shadow barrier with such force, they actually bounced off and landed in a heap on the ground, unconscious! The vampire’s fangs grew, without a doubt intending on making these demons his next meal!* -03:30 May 07

“Killing! Finally! This is the best part!” The bat hopped on his branch leaning to get a better view!

Caroline: Quiet! *There was still one more demon, and she had no desire to get caught unaware. Pulling out her ribbons and swinging like a lasso, she was going to make sure he was caught!* Don’t forget your answers, vampire. Dead demons tell no tales. -03:33 May 07

That other demon Caroline was going for was trying to be real discreet as he worked out how to undo this shadow barrier! He was drawing symbols on the ground, although he was getting desperate!

Snorting, the bat hopped off the tree and flying through the air. “I’ve got to do everything!” Zooming like a furry black speck, he smacked right in to the escaping demon’s face and clamped his teeth on to his nose!

The vampire: *He paused.* … I don’t need both of them. *Then he suddenly sprinted forward and sank his fangs into the larger demon’s neck! The imp began to awaken and drew away from the vampire–only to have the vampire’s hand clamp around his neck and hold him still! Without taking his fangs out of the other demon, he lifted his head slightly so his eyes met the imp’s.* -03:47 May 07

The demon yelped and hollered! He started to dance and attempted to swat the little insect away!

Caroline: *Caroline muttered something inaudible under her breath, which may have been about the vampire or the bat at this point! At least with Alistair as a distraction, she moved forward, wrapping her ribbons around the demon nice and tight! A foot placed on his back to hold him down.* Alistair, get off. -03:50 May 07

FLAPFLAP! Alistair released the demons face, only to spit on him and zoom out of the way! “So we’re capturing demons for vampire food now, is it?”

The demon, realizing he was securely wrapped, and seeing what happened to one of his companions cringed! “Keep ‘im away! Keep ‘im away!”

The vampire: *The vampire, done with his meal, pulled away from the demon and let the body drop with a thud. The imp was still squirming in his grasp but the vampire didn’t appear to notice. How strange that a vampire could drink a demon’s blood and not be suffering from any side effects!* -03:56 May 07
Caroline: You were intent on catching him a few minutes ago, are you sure you want to leave now? I’d like to know who you thought you just captured. *…Especially because this vampire sucked down humans and demons alike!* -03:56 May 07

The demon’s eyes were only on the vampire, watching him like a mouse watches a hawk! “We–we were wrong, mistaken! I’ll never make that mistake again! I’ll leave you alone, I swear! Please don’t kill me! I don’t want to die!” he wailed!

Caroline: Then who ARE you looking for? Keep in mind that not answering will likely result in… well. You can see for yourself. -04:02 May 07

“Having every drop of blood drained from your worthless demonic hide!” chimed in the bat!

The demon cringed and blurted it out! “We thought he was Gabriel Carnatelli! He looks just like him and he smells like him too! But it was just a mistake and we are really sorry!”

The vampire: *He stood and walked toward the bound demon, stopping when he heard his outburst.* … Gabriel Carnatelli. *Was the name supposed to ring a bell? It certainly didn’t to him!* -04:08 May 07
Caroline: Carnatelli! *That would explain a few things… and yet rose many other questions! Caroline was aware of a very powerful brand of vampire with the Carnatelli name. One that anyone with sense wouldn’t dare mess with!* …You ARE a fool aren’t you. Run. *She let loose her ribbons… and dropped the barrier. Caroline didn’t kill in cold blood.* -04:10 May 07

The demon didn’t need to be told twice! He took off and disappeared into the shadows! Meanwhile, the imp dropped to the ground with a PLOP! and scurried away!

“c-c-Carnatelli?! And you’re going to let the beast go?!* Alistair flapped in mid-air unsure whether he was going to dart off for the nearest tree or hide behind Caroline! …He opted for darting inside her coat! “Let’s run! Before he guts us alive!”

The vampire: *He would have left, too, except … He looked at the woman.* … Who is Carnatelli? *The look on his face was too real, too open to be fake.* -04:13 May 07
Caroline: There is more than one Carnatelli. All very powerful and very dangerous. *She eyed him curiously. They mistook this one for Gabriel Carnatelli. Wasn’t he a rogue…? A slayer?* If you are a Carnatelli then you have a problem… -04:17 May 07
The vampire: *He was also thinking about the Gabriel Carnatelli the demon had mentioned. He might have the answers he was looking for.* I have enough problems as it is. *He muttered.* I doubt anything beats not knowing who the hell you are. -04:20 May 07
Caroline: *A slight smirk!* There are worse things than that. Of which you are probably about to learn. *She leaned, casting a look at the demon’s body.* …Someone had tried to destroy you once before and I suspect nearly succeeded. -04:24 May 07
The vampire: *His eyes narrowed slightly, flashed red briefly.* Let them try. *He turned and began to walk away from the woman. Since he’d fed, he felt better but now he had more questions than before. Like, did he really look and smell like this Gabriel so much? And was he connected to him at all?* -04:26 May 07
Caroline: Do you even know where you are going? *She called after him! Maybe she had gotten in to the habit of adopting strays. …She was curious about his connection to the Carnatellis in anycase.* It may not be wise to wander around aimlessly. -04:28 May 07

“You’re not seriously offering aid to the monster, are you?! Dealing with a Carnatelli means Death! Carnage! Are you listening, woman?!” Alistair was shouting from the inside of her coat!

The vampire: *He stopped and turned around slightly to look at her.* Why …? Do you know how to find this Carnatelli bastard? Or in fact, any Carnatelli for that matter? -04:30 May 07
Caroline: Specifically? No. …not that I have willingly gone looking for one either. *She moved only slightly to pull Alistair out of her coat and toss him away.* But I know how to start looking. …And how to stay out of trouble as we do. -04:33 May 07
The vampire: *He gave her a sideways glance.* … We? You would … help me? *His eyes narrowed again.* Why? -04:35 May 07

“Are you listening! DEATH! Find a Carnatelli and you’ll find your grave! I might as well work on your eulogy! Here lies Caroline, Stupid Woman!”

Caroline: *Caroline displayed great skill in ignoring the little bat!* Curiosity mainly. You aren’t normal by any means. I may also have a need to be a White Knight on a righteous quest to erase darkness from wayward souls. …or simply to annoy Alistair. -04:38 May 07
The vampire: *He smirked when she said “normal” but he studied her.* Very well. How do you start looking? -04:41 May 07
Caroline: Asking questions in the right places is usually the best start. *…And would take some careful planning. This city was new to her and she had no desire to catch the attention of the wrong Carnatelli!* …Names first. I am Caroline. My loud clinger is Alistair. We’ll have to call you something. -04:45 May 07

“Asshole. Creature. Thing. Slime. Slave.” Alistair gave his suggestions, but stayed out of grabbing reach.

The vampire: *He ignored the bat as he looked around. He saw a large poster in a store window across the street. It was a bookstore and the poster was advertising a book called “Darkness Rising.” The white calliography across the swirls of dark blue and purple caught his eye.* … Dark. -04:52 May 07
Caroline: *Caroline blinked.* Not quite the sort of name I was expecting, but it will do. *She reached out, flicking his clothes.* You need something to wear that isn’t ripped to shreds. -04:56 May 07
[The vampire is now known as: Dark] -04:58 May 07
Dark: *He looked down, looked at his shirt. Something caught his eye and he lifted it. On his chest was a large tattoo of some sort, some animal with a vampire’s head, scorpion’s tail, two different wings … He studied it. He should know what this meant … but he didn’t get anything from it, no hint, no vague recollection. Damnit!* -05:05 May 07

“I can’t believe you’re taken in some va-AARGH! LOOK AT THAT! LOOK! We’re doomed!”

Dark: *He looked up, annoyed. Was everything about him going to make the flying rat go insane? On the other hand … he preferred the bat frightened than arrogant.* It is just a mark. -05:09 May 07
Caroline: *Caroline leaned forward to get a closer look. A manticore! That was a Carnatelli property mark! Caroline only laughed softly!* Trouble. You’re going to be trouble. Come with me, then, before someone else gets the idea to attack you. *Caroline stepped around the vampire, snagging Alistair out of the air to stuff him in one of her pockets.* It’s good not to listen to Alistair. He is a bit jealous of those with arms and legs. -05:10 May 07

“I have no jealously for the likes of demons and vampires.” He hissed, poking a head out of the pocket. “And no desire to get killed for your fool quests! Might I remind you of the Incubus of Harrisburg!”

Dark: *He didn’t like her laugh. It meant more annoyance because she obviously knew something he didn’t. He realized he had been hoping to pass it off as just a mark. It seemed it was not meant to be.* What does the mark mean? *Again, ignoring the flying rat.* -05:12 May 07
Caroline: I suppose it’s like a branding or a tatoo… Which makes you either a Carnatelli yourself or the property of one. I am not familiar with the details. *Caroline tapped the head of her loud little companion.* Alistair, why don’t you make yourself useful and search for reasonable places to snoop. I need to know what is what is in this city. -05:17 May 07

“…Just like the Incubus. Send away the sorcerer and then have wild sex without him.” Alistair snorted before crawling out of the pocket and flapping off down the sidewalk.

Dark: *He was quickly starting to dislike the Carnatellis which would prove a problem if he was indeed a Carnatelli or just the slave of one. He followed the woman without making a sound and looked around.* -05:19 May 07
Caroline: *She looked briefly annoyed at Alistairs comment, but didn’t make a reply to it. For now, it was how to deal with this present very interesting situation! Caroline stopped at a window debating on the clothes on display before leading the vampire inside. She DID enjoy shopping for clothing.* …Before we get anywhere else, I do have rules. I am a slayer, demon or not… I don’t take well to killing without reason. Which means I won’t allow you to kill without reason. -05:28 May 07
Dark: *He frowned.* … What sort of reason would I need to kill? -05:32 May 07
Caroline: Kill to protect innocent people. That would be acceptable. Killing for any other reason leads to evil territory that is best left untouched. *A quick browsing through clothes, she might as well dress him in something similar to what he was already wearing. …But that was black and more black. Color was more interesting.* The Carnatellis are evil territory. Vampires of the worst sort. Except for the one… he is said to be unusual. …Like you. -05:37 May 07
Dark: *He was too busy scoping out the area and anything or anyone in it to watcher rummage through clothes.* … I’m starting to miss not knowing anything about myself. *He muttered under his breath.* -05:43 May 07
Caroline: Consider yourself lucky. Some of us wish we could forget. *Caroline flashed a charming smile at the overly curious checkout lady. Her guest hardly looked like belong in a store… She held up a shirt against his back while he turned around to survey the place. Green was a good color.* -05:46 May 07
Dark: *He looked ready to attack the first thing that moved! Fortunately, Caroline didn’t even need to lie the shirt against his back so he didn’t feel it enough that he’d think he was being attacked from behind. He gave her a glance when she mentioned wishing to forget. It sounded like she had experience with the subject. It probably didn’t help the scene they made when Dark turned his head away and subtly sniffed the air, in the direction of the checkout woman.* -05:49 May 07
Caroline: Don’t feed on humans. Even if they give permission, they break far too easily. *She said, resting the shirt over her arm and moving to find appropriate things to go with it.* You may want to relax, as well. You can be aware of what’s around you without looking paranoid and drawing attention. -05:52 May 07

The Checkout Lady looked a little disturbed! But no one was trying to rob the place yet, so she’d just stay over here behind the counter and out of reach.

Dark: I know. *He muttered at the mention of humans breaking easily. That drunk had not even lasted a few measly minutes. Or perhaps he had just been starving. This woman–Caroline had said he wasn’t normal. Perhaps his thirst wasn’t normal either. He relaxed slightly but he still looked like he could attack at any moment … At least he stopped glancing around from side to side.* -05:56 May 07
Caroline: *Caroline paused a moment to glance at him.* The fact that you can feed on something other than humans is very rare. Most vampires can’t. They are either very old or very unique. *Practicality won out for pants.. Something dark that he could fight in. Caroline didn’t doubt that others would come calling. She was holding those up, trying to guess the right height.* Once we find a Carnatelli, what did you plan to do? -06:01 May 07
Dark: *The frown appeared when she mentioned his ability to digest non-human blood but disappeared at her question.* Get my answers. By how you speak of them, I can only assume it would be bad to find any Carnatelli other than the slayer. Is Gabriel the slayer? *It also sounded like there was a lot of Carnatellis out there hence why he was having a bit of a problem putting two and two together.* -06:04 May 07
Caroline: I believe he is the slayer, and most certainly the safest one to seek out. *Shoes. He needed shoes… Caroline was not fond of them herself, but he’d need them… She moved and place her foot next to his to get an idea.* I doubt he’ll be easy to find… then again, this city is filled with so much activity that it may be luck to have come here. -06:07 May 07
Dark: *He contemplated that as he looked down, saw her measure her foot against his.* What else can you tell me about the Carnatellis? -06:17 May 07
Caroline: Very little. *Caroline moved to a shelf and knelt down to look for just the right style…* They have a very unfriendly reputation. I imagine the world would be a safer place without them, but there is not anyone that has skill enough to do something. Thus, a wiser person like myself will only seek out what they can feasibly handle. *She cast him a side glance.* I’m not even sure I can handle you, but you will not be one to betray the hands that help, are you? *Caroline flashed him a smile!* -06:22 May 07
Dark: *He studied her then. She smiled but he heard otherwise. It was there, in the tone of her voice, the words she chose. He said his next words slowly and carefully.* I owe you a debt which I will repay in full. -06:27 May 07
Caroline: *The smile turned to a wry grin.* I don’t expect payment. But it would be nice if you don’t try killing me in the future. Whether you decide to run with evil or not. *Boots. That would do. Caroline took what she had picked out for him to the counter, giving the lady another smile.* -06:31 May 07

The Checkout Lady had been trying not to listen in to the whole conversation.. but it was a small store! It sounded like one of those crazy roleplay games those goth kids play these days! She at least tried not to stare while she rang things up!

Dark: *He blinked at her.* Very well. I will not try and kill you … Do you wish me to spare the flying rat as well? *For all her talk about him being curious, the woman–Caroline was rather curious herself. Or rather, he found himself curious about her. He heard the human woman’s pulse racing but ignored it. He had fed already.* -06:34 May 07
Caroline: Alistair is a bother but harmless. …he is punished enough just being a bat. *Caroline pulled a wallet from her jacket, paying in cash. And decided it was wise to take those bags and leave before the poor woman thought she was under attack.* If you want to bother him, just talk about women. That usually irks him very well. -06:41 May 07
Dark: *Bothered being a bat. That brought up something that would distract him from thoughts of Carnatellis.* He was not born a bat …? -06:45 May 07
Caroline: Bats don’t naturally speak. *She cast a grin, checking the skyline, mostly looking for recognizable buildings to know where she was headed.* He was a sorcerer once. A very unpleasant man with bad habits. Womanizer, power hungry, generally irritating little man. Then he angered the wrong witch. …He seems to think I’ll pity him and change him back if he lingers long enough… -06:50 May 07
Dark: *That was curious. He looked around, still keeping an eye and an ear out and making a visible effort not to draw attention to himself.* -06:56 May 07
Caroline: There are many things in this world that weren’t born what they are. ..It’s always good to ask questions. *Speaking of that bat… he should have at least found something useful by now. A slight frown, and she was having to look for that motel herself!* -07:05 May 07
[Dark curses shortcut keys.] -07:13 May 07
Dark: *As Caroline looked around with a frown on his face, he wondered what to do about this Carnatelli thing. It was a shame he didn’t remember anything or else he could avoid all this headache.* -07:14 May 07

Flapflapflap! The bat had returned, landing on Caroline’s shoulder and casting the vampire a dirty look. “Oh. You have not been devoured. I am shocked. …I don’t like this city. Lets ditch Fang and try out Miami. There is a mess going on here.”

Caroline: *Of course Alistair returned to be useless. She had found the motel and led them inside. It was a dreary place and far from the best accomidations… But it helped to stay in rooms with managment that didn’t ask questions about strange habits.* Is the mess related to our friend, or are you spewing nonsense again? -07:20 May 07

“FRIEND?” coughed the creature! He was all fluffed up as he grumbled. “Carnatelli this, carnatelli that. Weres howling mad. Vampires spitting curses. Some place called Oracle turned upside down. We have arrived just in time for the apocalypse.”

Dark: *He looked around the motel room and saw an old TV in the corner. He sat on the edge of the bed with his legs stretched out and crossed at his ankles.* -07:24 May 07
[Dark has timed out.] -07:31 May 07
Caroline: Apocalypse, hmm? We are in the right place, then. *She set the bags down, pulling things out only to pause and eye him.* Take off your clothes. -07:31 May 07

“How can you think of sex at a time like this? This place could go up in a demonic war at any moment!” Alistair plopped himself on top of the TV looking around as if he expected it to actually happen!

Dark: *He looked at her but stood. He didn’t recognize Oracle. It sounded important. And that mention of Carnatelli. Was that the one they were looking for or just more of the evil vampires? His coat went off, followed by his jeans and his shirt.* -07:35 May 07
Caroline: If I were thinking about sex, you wouldn’t be invited, Alistair. *She replied, handing the vampire pants first.* Did you find out anything specific or did you panic and come running back to safety? -07:39 May 07
Dark: *He took the pants, slipped them on. They were actually a nice fit, a bit snug but he could move and stretch in them, something he tested out first hand.* -07:41 May 07

SNORT. “Not invited indeed. Women were once lined at my door to see my c- I did NOT panic!” he huffed! “This Oracle is organized slaying. Hunters. The streets say it has been taken over by new management and now every vile creature is complaining it. I suppose seeking one that is a Hunter might be useful.”

Caroline: Organized slaying…? Who in their right mind would put a group of slayers under on roof and risk getting attacked..? *Caroline couldn’t imagine. It was difficult enough staying alive when you were on your own, but a large group of people announcing to the world what they do is just asking for a lot of vengeful demons to show up and start something. No wonder this city was upside down.* We’ll find a Hunter. At the very least to avoid them assuming we’re one of the bad guys… *She handed the vampire a shirt.* -07:46 May 07
Dark: *He was looking at his pants. Black. He grabbed the shirt without looking at it first but when he did, he tilted his head. The shirt wasn’t black. It was green but it was dark, too, so it was ALMOST black. That would suit him fine. He slipped it on. It fit well, too.* -07:48 May 07

“A group of maniac slayers. I am sure Caoilainn Andraste will fit in well.”

Caroline: Don’t you look smashing. A little dark, but it will do. *The boots she pulled out and set on the floor… casting Alistair a wicked sort of smile.* Thank you, Alistair. You’re a treasure. -07:53 May 07
Dark: *He looked down at himself, over his shoulder, down at his legs. He sat down on the edge of the bed and picked up one of the boots. Thick, leather. He didn’t see the wicked smile Caroline gave to the flying rat as he slipped on one boot. He stood and lifted his foot up and down in a walking motion, getting a feel for it. Then he moved his toes from side to side.* -07:58 May 07

“Aye, a treasure. Yet here I am trapped in this tiny furry body when all it would take is a mere spell from a lovely lady who could easily be my one and only!” He made sure to add a little dramatic flare!

Caroline: *Caroline reached to flick her fingers through the vampire’s hair. Well, he cleaned up nice and was not a raging feeding maniac. Next task would be dealing with hunters without an incident.* And be stolen from as you run off with the nearest pretty wench that caught your fancy? I think I like you better this way. -08:03 May 07

“Damned demanic cow! I don’t like your kind, anyway!” Huffy once again, Alistair flapped over to the window and wrapped his wings around himself. He made sure to spit out another insult or two before he receeded in to silence.

Dark: *He watched her as she touched his hair.* If these humans are hunters, how are you going to get within six feet of them to tell them you’re not evil? -08:08 May 07
Caroline: *Despite Alistair, she smiled! A genuine amused expression.* It will depend on how clever they are. Most humans, slayer or not, won’t notice I am demon right away. If they do, there are simple tricks to silence a person long enough to listen. …If they are well trained, they won’t attack someone that isn’t aggressive and it shouldn’t come to that. …I am more concerned about how they will react to you, however… -08:13 May 07
Dark: *He blinked, looked at her as if she was insane!* … I am going? -08:14 May 07
Caroline: It’s reasonable to assume there’s an unlimited amount of people looking to see you dead, either personaly or by mistake. …I think you are safer with me. -08:17 May 07
[Caroline logged out of the chat.] -((09:11 May 07))
[Dark has timed out.] -09:11 May 07
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -09:11 May 07
[Dark looked at Caroline as if she\’d grown two heads!] -02:49 May 08
[Caroline has recieved that look before!] -02:49 May 08
Caroline: I could leave you here but… I would have to leave Alistair with you. -02:51 May 08
Dark: I can’t go to Oracle. *He said. His eyes narrowed again.* You don’t have some vampire walking around with your face. They’re going to try and kill me. *He growled softly.* Not something I’m going to–Fine, I’ll go. *He quickly changed his tune as soon as Caroline cut in.* -02:52 May 08

“Good riddence. Disgusting vampire would be dead by the time you returned.” chirped the bat.

Dark: … At least women are more likely to see me as a date than vermin. *He replied with a wicked grin.* -02:55 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline smirked.* I won’t let anyone kill you, unless you go asking for it. …You’re coming too Alistair. *Since the vampire was dressed, Caroline only paused long enough to slip on a simple pair of shoes before opening the door to lead the way.* -02:56 May 08

“WHY- YOU-!” Alistair sputtered! There was a low growl before he flapped away from the window sill to land neatly on Caroline’s shoulder. “Did you hear him?! He’s a cheeky bastard!”

Dark: *He was still uncertain about this. All those looks, all those humans … He’d be outnumbered. They’d have weapons. There had to be a way he could just slip in, be undetected.* -02:59 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline was already thinking as they walked down the street. No one would go try slaying her right away, but it might be tricky dealing with the vampire too…* Alistair, where are these Oracle slayers? Or one I can talk to without trouble… -03:05 May 08

Puffed up and scowling at the vampire, Alistair was thinking it over. There were Hunters everywhere, but wouldn’t it be grand to see that vampire dead so he and his demon can get back to life! “…ACTUALLY… There is a headquarters. Built in an old college complex not far from here. Down the street and to the right.”

Dark: *He walked a little faster now, so he was side by side with Caroline.* You … cast magic. Isn’t there some kind of spell you can use to make me look different, not like this Carnatelli bastard? -03:10 May 08
Caroline: Glamor. If it is necessary I will try a glamor. …Have you thought about whether or not you can cast magic yourself? I am fairly certain all of the Carnatelli can. *Caroline turned the corner, and with that she could feel something… interesting! Good magics, wards, spells. Pretty strong to feel them this far and the place Alistair described wasn’t even in view.* -03:14 May 08
Dark: *He looked down at his hands.* I never thought of it. But I don’t know the first thing about how to cast it. *Or maybe he had and didn’t remember … That was a thought that disturbed him. The air made his skin tingle. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling but it was certainly new.* -03:20 May 08

“You’ve adopted a dysfunctional vampire. I do hope he doesn’t get killed.” chimed in Alistair with a smug batty grin!

Dark: *Ignoring the bat, he thought about the subject of magic even more. The tingling was getting stronger. He scratched the back of his neck.* How do people cast magic? -03:28 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline did make a face. A grim little expression when he mentioned he hadn’t thought about it. Being unaware of your own strength was dangerous. ….But first things first. The building came in to view, seeming to still be open like any other college building. A few people outside roaming the grounds. Caroline slowed her pace, feeling the wards of the place to see if it were even possible to enter.* …It varies. Some have natural power, some need spells.. Some use souls or other methods as a source. As a vampire yours should come natural, but you may have learned other things too. -03:31 May 08
Dark: *He missed the expression on Caroline’s face, still looking at his hands. Souls, spells, natural power … Nothing ever made sense. Did anything ever make sense? He stuck his hands into his pockets and nearly walked into Caroline’s back (he’d drifted behind her again), stopping just in time.* The place looks empty. -03:39 May 08

One of the people roaming the grounds, the one closest to them, suddenly stopped and began walking toward them. He didn’t appear to be armed but he also looked like the type of man who didn’t need a weapon to defend himself. He looked in his thirties, dark brown hair, average height and build. “Hello. May I help you …?” -Dark

Caroline: *She tilted her head, a frown coming across her face. …Familiar signature, like the vampire behind her. But somehow Caroline knew he wasn’t the one that helped cast these wards. She blinked at the one who approached, painting on her smile.* …I was told this is the place for a slayer to be. *She pointed at the building.* There is someone I need to find and speak with. -03:44 May 08
Dark: *As he stood behind Caroline, he didn’t dare to lift his head. He bit his lip and tapped the ground with his foot softly, before he ruffled his hair with one hand. He was beginning to get restless.* -03:48 May 08

The man studied her. “A slayer ..?” He threw his thumb over his shoulder. “It’s a pretty big place. Who are you looking for?” -Dark

Caroline: I wanted to speak with Gabriel Carnatelli and I was told I could find him if I talked to someone from Oracle. ..Ah, and perhaps announce my own presence here in the city. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. *She reached behind her to wrap her fingers around the vampire’s arms. He was far too antsy.* -03:53 May 08

The man blinked at her as if she’d grown two heads. “Wow. No offense, ma’am, you got some balls.” He was silent for a bit. “Don’t know where he is but I’ll take you to someone who would.” He figured the fact that the wards hadn’t reacted to the strangers was a good sign. At least that’s what he was told. So he called in the other members of the patrol to let them know he was headed back inside with a few visitors. He led them to the building but stopped before they entered. “If you have any weapons, you’ll have to leave them here.” -Dark

Caroline: *Caroline followed, but hesitated when he mentioned leaving behind weapons.* All of them, or just the ones you can see…? -04:02 May 08
Dark: *He stopped fidgeting when Caroline grabbed him but that made him ground his teeth instead. This felt like a really bad idea but if he didn’t go through with it, he’d never know for sure who the hell he was. He didn’t lift his head to look at the human.* -04:03 May 08

“All of them. I can guarantee nothing will get stolen while they’re here.” He gestured to a large black box open just inside the door, resting on a counter where a middle-aged woman with salt and pepper hair sat.

Caroline: Hmph. I should hope not. *The vampire had no weapons on him, she had already seen. For the sake of not angering a building of slayers, she pulled out her weapons! Leaning down she pulled two knives from each pants leg and dropped them in the box. From her coat pockets came coal ribbons. Marbles. A few more knives. And finally puling from her back as if it were there all along, a rather large axe. ..All in the box!* …That’s it. …I know how many marbles, don’t let anyone grab one. -04:10 May 08

“Better put a lock on the box.” grumbled the bat, who was now trying to hide under her hair behind her collar.

The woman had seen her fair share of weapons but this … this took the cake! She could only stare wide-eyed at the assortment and then slowly up at the woman on the other side of the counter. She swallowed, wet her dry lips, nodded. “Yes, ma’am.” The woman handed her a silver key with a numbered tag that matched the box. She took the box and inserted it into an open hole among a sea of boxes against the wall. “Okay. This way,” the guy said, starting off again after Caroline explained to him her companion didn’t have weapons. He obviously knew this place by heart, he took so many turns and didn’t once need to stop and figure out where they were going. They passed people, vampires and weres along the way.

Dark: *He kept his head down but glanced from side to side every once in a while. Being in a closed space like this was beginning to get to him but he was doing his best to control his paranoia. Just how long had they been walking?!* -04:16 May 08
Caroline: Oracle is not entirely human. *Caroline said allowed, sounding surprised! It WAS surprising! Most organizations were strictly against anything beside humans. They tended to be run by the religous or righteous…* -04:17 May 08

The man didn’t seem to have heard Caroline. He stopped in the middle of a hallway to talk to a young woman wearing eyeglasses and carrying a stack of books. She had dark brown hair and dark green eyes. “Cassie, is Evangeline in?” Cassie thought about it and then nodded. “I think she’s in class right now.” “Thanks.” The man started off again. Cassie turned and cupped her hand to her mouth. “When you see Evangeline, can you tell her I need my grandmother’s book of shadows back?” “Sure.” “Thanks.” More walking and they finally stopped beside a closed door. There was obviously something going on on the other side. There were the sounds of someone falling and then someone crying out. Whatever was going on in there?! The man knocked on the door. “Hey, Evangeline. Visitors!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline was taking care of a class… Today was having fun with not getting your Baby Flour Bags killed in the line of duty! Because sometimes you have to save children! Someone clearly couldn’t hold on to their Flour and swing from the ceiling at the same time.* It’s okay, you can just sweep up your baby and try again. *She blinked at turned towards the door.* Gabriel! You said you’d be gone all day… Oh, but look! They only killed three babies!

Dark: *The sounds coming from behind the door managed to distract Dark. His curiousity got the better of him. He moved close to it and put his ear against it.* What kind of class is this? *He asked out loud.* -04:24 May 08

The man finally turned to look at Dark … and his jaw dropped!

Caroline: *After someone was kind enough to open the door, of course! -04:25 May 08
Dark: Where?! *He growled, looking around. If Gabriel Carnatelli was here, he was going to have a few words to say to the bastard! Then he realized what she’d said …* Babies? I thought humans were against killing babies. -04:26 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline wasn’t sure what was more confusing. Slayers with bags of flour dressed as children, the shining little angel without wings, or how she called the vampire Gabriel and everyone in the room turned around and stared at them in surprise and horror!* -04:27 May 08

The man who had guided them was standing frozen! How the hell had he passed over Gabriel Carnatelli and not realized who he was?!

Evangeline: Oh, I suppose you are not supposed to be you then. *She turned to point at the hunter that dropped his bag and was now scooping up the flour.* He dropped his baby. But he did hold him an awful long time.

Dark: *He frowned. Damn, she thought he was Gabriel, too! He scratched his head. Oh yeah, this glamour thing Caroline talked about sounded terrific right about now!* … Look, lady. You got the wrong idea. -04:31 May 08

Alistair had peered out… only to suddenly leave from Caroline’s shoulder to flapflapflap his way in to the room! “Heaven’s light! What a glorious little beauty that does grace my eyes! Ignore that filthy vampire, and come away with me!”

Caroline: Alistair. *Caroline mumbled, rubbing her forehead with her hand.* My lady, we need to speak to you about Gabriel. -04:32 May 08
Dark: *He glared darkly at the flying rat. Except those hunters were still staring at him. He took a step back and started back the way they’d come–or at least the way he thought they’d come.* -04:35 May 08

Evangeline: *Evangeline was a little surprised by the nice little creature… a bat? On her shoulder, but she just smiled at the mention of Gabriel!* I have time to talk, everyone can take a break after Gabriel shows them how NOT to drop their babies. *She moved easily around people to take Gabriel’s hand before he escaped and… paused!* …Oh. *She let go fairly quick and backed up a step, but looked curious.* …Maybe we should talk outside.

Dark: *He stopped when she took his hand and turned to see her back up. He expected her to attack, to throw something, to do anything other than get that curious look on her face. He was only too happy to leave.* -04:37 May 08
Caroline: That would be wise. *Did the Carnatelli work here? Teach? …And this little lady was familiar enough to grab him without a second thought. This city was a bit mad! …Caroline made sure to take the vampire’s arm gently as they stepped out in the hall. Just incase.* -04:38 May 08

Evangeline: Everyone.. um… take care of your babies! *Evangeline said quickly, following the two out with a bat still on her shoulder… and closed the door behind her!* ..I am a little confused! Is there something wrong with Gabriel? You are… well, I was certainly fooled!

Dark: *He growled again, but this time softer.* I’m not Gabriel but I want to know why everyone says I look and smell like the bastard. Where the hell is he? -04:42 May 08

Evangeline: He looks like him too? *Evangeline reached out to touch him again. This time with both hands taking his arm. …He was different. There were so many similarities, but he was empty. Young?* So similar, but you have not earned a soul… No walls, no memory… You are like him.

Caroline: You are a Seer. *Caroline stated as she leaned to the side to peer around at the backside of this Evangeline. No wings. She wasn’t an angel. …shocking!* We need to speak to Gabriel. I think you understand that it’s important. -04:48 May 08
Dark: *He blinked. This human was definitely strange! But she got even stranger after she spoke of souls and walls … Definitely not a normal human. Or “normal” by human standards. He walked backwards, trying to break away from the odd human.* -04:49 May 08

Evangeline: Very important! I think we better tell him right away. He doesn’t like surprises. *Evangeline wasn’t letting go! This was far too strange, and she was curious! She had a good hold of his arm and was reaching up to touch his face.* Do you have a name? How did you know to come here? …Do YOU think a smell like apples and cinnamon?

Dark: Uh … *He blinked but no matter how hard he tried … she just clung to him! He finally gave up and awarded her with a look that might be a cross between exasperation and mild irritation. He endured her touching his face.* The name is Dark. The only reason I came is because Caroline suggested we could find information. Everyone thinks I’m Gabriel. -04:56 May 08
Dark: … I uh … Apples and cinnamon? -04:56 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline was sure she wanted to laugh, but this lady was… peculiar. She cleared her throat.* Perhaps the questions should wait until after we get to talk to Gabriel. -04:57 May 08

Evangeline: Oh! Right. I’ll take you to him. *Evangeline fished in her pockets until she pulled out her scrying crystal. He was always there in the back of her mind now, she simply needed to follow! She released Dark and started walking!* Dark is a strange name, but I like it! And Caroline? So who is the sorcerer on my shoulder?

Alistair was surely in heaven, nestled on the shoulder of an angel and running his little batty hairs through a curl of hair. “I am Alistair! The greatest sorcerer and lover ever known to man. It is a pleasure to meet such a beauty and I hope these thuggish monsters don’t insult you delicate sensibilities!”

Caroline: *Caroline scoffed.* I wouldn’t fall for his words, my lady. …I am curious, though. How can someone like you be affiliate with a Carnatelli? *And be so confident in leading them to him. Caroline didn’t think this woman had ever sinned in her life. She was a little lady.* -05:08 May 08

It was a beautiful night for a walk! Everyone assumed it was Gabriel with Evangeline so they didn’t press the Seer to take someone with her.

Evangeline: Gabriel is very sweet, so I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. *Evangeline paused long enough for Caroline to retrieve her weapons… and a lot of them! Before she led them out of Oracle.* Dark seems very nice, too. I’m really glad!

Dark: *Nice?! He wasn’t so sure of that. He was pissed. He was confused. He was a lot of things … but nice?! He kept his thoughts to himself and stuck his hands into his pockets as they walked! Thankfully, his restlessness left him as they drew away from the building.* -05:18 May 08
Caroline: *Replacing what was hers back where it belonged only took a second. But she was no examining the human woman as if she might be mad. The Carnatelli was “sweet”? She cast a look at Dark as if she could compare…* Mi’lady, I am not sure you have the right impressions. We are speaking about the vampire Carnatelli aren’t we? -05:19 May 08

Evangeline: Is there a non-vampire Gabriel? *She laughed softly and shrugged her shoulders. Leading them down the sidewalk and off towards Gabriel! There was a strange bit of interference with Dark, but reaching out to brush Gabriel fixed the problem. …she hoped he wouldn’t be upset with her for snooping for him again. He was always so worried!* People are not always what they appear, but I think you are aware of that yourself Miss Caroline.

Not far from Oracle was the city museum, and wide steps that led up to massive pillars that surrounded the main building. It was a giant, silent block of stone–and it was closed for renovation, hence the iron fence that surrounded it on all sides.

Evangeline: Here we are! *Evangeline put her crystal away… The rest would be easy! The fencing was too high for her to climb, but she could squeeze through the bars easily. …and did so! She was already dashing up steps!*

Dark: *He took one look at the museum–and then found himself distracted by the blind woman who could run so fast!* Hey, wait! *He couldn’t fit through the space she had so he had to climb over the fence! He landed neatly on the other side and took off running after her!* -05:31 May 08
Caroline: *Hesitant… Caroline wasn’t sure how sane the lady was. To speak of a Carnatelli the way she did was a bit mad. Tapping her fingers on her hips, she finally let out a huff and climbed over the fence with ease! …Chasing the woman down hardly looked good! She dashed after them quick!* -05:32 May 08

Evangeline: *Evangeline was not surprised to find the doors unlocked as she pushed one open. She did warily tilt her head as she stepped instead, listening for those signs of Gabriel.* What a big building. He is here somewhere. With another or more… *She might have been talking to herself as much as anyone else!*

Dark: *He stopped behind her. This woman was insane?! But on the other hand … He looked around at the information desk which was a huge circle with posters and pamphlets, to the doors that led to the different sections.* I hear fighting and … shooting. *It was faint but it was there, echoing in this giant sterile tomb.* -05:38 May 08
Caroline: I am not sure if I want to get involved in a Carnatelli’s fight. *…Just incase, she pulled out that axe of hers and had it ready. Caroline started in the direction where the fighting was echoing from.* -05:42 May 08

It was hard to locate where the sounds were coming from. They seemed to bounce from one corner to another! The Carnatelli could be anywhere from the ancient Egyptian exhibit to ancient Greece or the Wild West displays!

Evangeline: That’s a silly thing to say when you’ve brought a Carnatelli here. *Evangeline didn’t want to get in the middle of a fight either… Mostly because Gabriel was going to be upset about it! She followed Caroline and then held on to the tail end of her coat. The fight was moving so fast, they weren’t staying in one place.*

Dark: *Dark started to scratch the back of his neck. The air was cackling, as if it had a life of its own. He followed Caroline and Evangeline deeper into the museum.* -05:49 May 08

Interestingly enough, they ended up at the Middle Ages museum, another giant room with suits of armor and all sorts of Medieval weapons. It had gotten really quiet as they drew closer and now the silence was defeaning.

*exhibit, not museum

A sweet, woman’s voice from behind suddenly said, “There you are, Gabriel, you naughty little vampire!” A flash of steel and a sword came flying from a nearby knight for Dark’s heart!

Caroline: *Caroline muttered under her breath softly. Making sure the the little lady stayed behind her! She held up her axe and threw it, in the direction that zooming sword had come from!* -06:01 May 08
Dark: *He whirled around for the owner of the voice but instead of getting a glimpse of a face, he got a sword in his shoulder! He dropped to the ground and clenched his teeth!* -06:03 May 08

“Ow!” Something clattered to the ground. “Foolish bitch!” the voice growled. The axe came flying back at Caroline! The two suits of armor standing guard on either side of the doorway they’d come through stepped forward, armed with heavy swords they held in both hands! They lifted the swords over their heads as they approached! Clank! Clank! Clank!

Dark: *He growled and reached behind him to grab the sword’s hilt! Then he pulled it out with a sharp cry and let the sword drop! Great, EVERYONE thought he was Gabriel! This was ridiculous!* -06:06 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline caught her axe when it came soaring back, but had to be careful not to bump in to the human!* Don’t stay on the floor, we have company. *He COULD defend himself couldn’t he?! …She was going to have to assume he couldn’t! One hand slipped in to her pocket to pull out a marble while the other was slinging her across the room to take out the legs of one of the knights!* -06:10 May 08

Evangeline: *Evangeline was fairly certain she was in the way, so she moved quickly to duck behind a pillar to hide!* That isn’t Gabriel… although I think you should leave them both alone! *She said loudly!*

The knight fell over with a crash! It tried to get up but was having difficulty without that leg! “Not Gabriel?! Are you daft, woman, he’s standing right there! Let me show you!” a tall woman with jet-black hair and lavender eyes dressed in a black bodysuit jumped up from the balcony overhead and landed neatly. “See?!” She moved so fast! One moment she was several feet away, the next she had Dark by the neck and him pinned against the wall! On her left arm in plain view, she bore the same manticore brand as Dark did.

Dark: *He had been getting off of the floor when this claw had come out of nowhere! Now he growled, fangs growing and eyes flashing red! He hissed and when he saw that manticore brand, he hissed even louder! He pulled at her hand but she was really strong!* -06:21 May 08
Caroline: Woman, you don’t want to do that. *Damn it. Caroline adjusted her stance, instead of slinging her marble towards the knights like she had intend, she threw it at the woman! She did NOT want to get involved in a Carnatelli’s fight, but… The marble POPPED ejecting dozens of those coal black ribbons to try and capture!* -06:22 May 08

The ribbons wrapped around the woman but she broke away with a growl! She inclined her head at them and the display of halberds and polearms shook on the other side of the room. The glass suddenly broke and all of those weapons came flying at Caroline! She turned back to Dark, fangs growing!

Dark: *She was obviously going to rip his throat out! That grip of hers was too strong to break by brute force! He kept struggling and she bent her head to his neck, he grabbed her hair and PULLED!* -06:31 May 08
Caroline: *Her axe returned to her, just in time to have to make a quick swing and dodge of several flying weapons! There was a slight growl from her as one grazed her side, but she was just as quickly turning to throw that Axe at the woman again!* …are you afraid to fight someone that might be an actual challenge! *Could he not try something a little more effective than hair pulling!* -06:35 May 08

The woman shrieked and dropped Dark, even as she staggered back, one hand to her head! She got to the center of the room as she took her hand away, looked at it. Horrified, she saw that Dark had pulled out a large clump of hair and barely managed to avoid the axe flying at her! At least it seemed that way–until something struck her from behind with such force, she buckled over and gasped!

Gabriel: *He walked toward them, from behind the woman.* … You are insane. *He said out loud.* And suicidal. *He seemed to be talking to all of them or no one in particular but the tone he used Evangeline recognized as the one he used whenever he said that to her.*

Dark: *He looked from the clump of hair to the woman and back again! Honestly, he hadn’t thought he’d yanked that hard! He froze when he heard that voice and saw who it belonged to!* -06:41 May 08

Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned from behind the pillar.* I think it was important to come right away. …You aren’t angry, are you?

The woman, blood dripping from her mouth, and the axe still sticking out of her back! She quickly disappeared again!

*glanced behind her at Gabriel

Caroline: *Summoning her axe back to her, minus the body! Caroline had to pause and stare herself. They weren’t kidding. Dark was the mirror image of Gabriel Carnatelli… She cleared her throat!* -06:45 May 08

Gabriel: *He glanced from the demon to the pillar Evangeline was hiding behind and back again, then to the vampire standing over there. His mouth curved at one corner at the sight of him. He should have known.* One moment. *He cut his palm.* Signum intus. *If the air cackled with power before, it flared now. It was like he’d thrown a switch and several different points around the room lit up, ancient symbols. In the center of the room, the woman appeared, now an unconscious heap. He pulled a gun on Dark and shot several times. BANGBANGBANGBANG!*

Dark: *One shot ripped through his shoulder but his reflexes kicked in and he dropped to the floor in a crouch! He growled, fangs growing and eyes flashing red!* Bastard, this is all your fault! *He snarled and launched himself at Gabriel!*’ -06:53 May 08

Evangeline: Gabriel! Wait, wait, wait…! *Very fast, she had to hop out from behind the pillar.. avoid tripping over things on the ground, and throw her arms around Gabriel’s waist!* …please!

Gabriel: *He narrowed his eyes slightly. He was fast but he knew the move … He reached out and grabbed Dark by the throat, up in the air when Evangeline got to him and threw her arms around his waist! He looked ready to either throw Evangeline off or finish Dark.* … Why? *He finally said.*

Gabriel: *Why.

Caroline: *The lady WAS suicidal, grabbing on to the man like that.* …Because he came to talk to you, is why. *She answered for Evangeline.* Knowing what you are, he came to talk to you. -06:59 May 08

Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t going to let go!* He really did. Wouldn’t it be nice to give him a chance to talk? He’s very much like you.

Gabriel: … Nice has nothing to do with it. *He replied, tightening his hold on Dark’s neck.**

Evangeline: Someone once gave you a chance. If he has come to ask for one, can’t we let him try?

Gabriel: *He studied her face, saw the hope and faith there. She truly was insane. And he possibly more so. He dropped Dark unceremoniously.* Talk. Attack again and I will kill you. *He moved to grab the woman, Seer clinging to him and all.*

Dark: *He managed to land neatly on the ground only for the impact to jar his shoulder and back. He growled at Gabriel but until those wounds healed … he was a sitting duck. He wouldn’t contemplate on how easy it had been for Gabriel to get him like that. His throat hurt so he stood there, waiting for it to stop aching so much before he spoke.* -07:14 May 08
Caroline: Amazing. *…and she didn’t mean to say that out loud. Clearing her throat, she moved, tucking away her axe. She wrapped an arm around her waist to block the blood from the wound at her side. Caroline stepped behind Dark to mumble.* The Lady saved your life. Keep it in mind. -07:17 May 08
Dark: *He glowered but he nodded. He swallowed and then he looked at her.* Are you alright? *He asked, a little hoarse.* -07:18 May 08

“Oi..! A fine mess that was!” Alistair had been helpful as always, having been hidden neatly under Evangeline’s hair and clinging to her shirt. “Now we are safe, treasure of heaven! Have you ever dated a sorcerer?”

Caroline: I mentioned I won’t fight what I can’t handle… and with good reason. *Caroline muttered in response. She wasn’t alright, but she wasn’t sure just how far the Carnatelli would listen to the little lady. He may turn to kill them all yet.* -07:22 May 08

Gabriel: *He hoisted Eisheth over his shoulder and looked from the bat to Caroline and Dark.* Introduce yourselves.

Evangeline: No, I don’t believe I have. Is there something special about sorcerers? *Evangeline let go of Gabriel, but stayed close… she might need to pounce on him again! In the mean time, she pulled the bat off her shoulder to hold in her hand.* This one Alstair!

Dark: *He had to take several deep breaths. Fighting that woman and seeing how easily Gabriel had defeated her was a low blow to his ego. But he had to think straight or else he’d never get those answers. Except now he wasn’t sure what questions to ask first.* -07:25 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline stayed behind Dark.. not to use him as shield, but because she could move unseen if she needed to.* Alistair is with me. I am Caroline Andraste. I found this one in the morning and he decided to call himself Dark. I’ll… claim the responsibility for him being here. -07:27 May 08

Evangeline: Miss Caroline is human, mostly, and they came to Oracle together. She was very kind to protect us both when we came inside.

Caroline: …Demon, my lady. Not human. -07:29 May 08

Evangeline: Human, barely demon at all. *She responded with certainty!*

Caroline: *The lady had no idea of what she spoke of.* …I think your Seer is broken. The concern is with Dark, not me. -07:34 May 08

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow when Caroline accepted responsibility for Dark. She had just met him and yet she was willing to do that.* My thanks. *He told Caroline and looked at Evangeline.* I will deal with Eisheth. Meet me back at Oracle. I will answer your questions there. *Then he turned, started to walk away from them and was gone.*

Dark: *He rubbed his throat and looked around the room. The symbols had faded and the air only had traces of magic. The Carnatelli had used blood. He could use that. But the language he’d spoken … That could be the hard part.* -07:36 May 08

Evangeline: We better go quickly. The new trainees are learning First Aid, but we’ll need to get there before Miss Caroline passes out. *Which direction… ah, that way!*

Caroline: *Caroline blinked in offence, standing up perfectly straight and dropping her hands to her sides to follow the little lady. First Aid indeed.* Let’s go, Dark. -07:40 May 08
Dark: *He followed after the woman and thought up the one question he could get answered right now.* He … tolerates you a great deal. *He told Evangeline. He had only seem them together for a few minutes but it was obvious. Gabriel really would have killed him if not for Evangeline, just like Caroline said!* -07:41 May 08

Evangeline: Gabriel? *She smiled brightly! If it could say a million things at once, it did!* He does so much for my sake. So I try not to gt in trouble… *She looked sheepish then.* I think he’ll be cross with me, though. He’ll not let me do the fun things in classes for a few days. That is what he did last time when I wouldn’t let him throw that poor hunter out the window for knocking me off the step ladder.

Dark: *He scratched the back of his head–this time in confusion. He was finding it awfully weird for a blind woman to be on a step ladder.* So you … And he … teaches at Oracle? -07:52 May 08

Evangeline: Yes! It’s a lot of fun and the hunters have come out so much better for it! *Evangeline paused, tilting her head in thought…* He could teach you too. It would probably be the best idea! Oracle is a very safe place thanks to Ms. Grey.

Dark: *He growled at that.* I just need some answers and I’ll be on on my way. Teacher or not, he’s the bastard Carnatelli everyone is mistaking me for. -07:58 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline was still trying to wrap her head around just what exactly Evangeline was to be such a bright little vampire tamer. …She finally blinked and glanced at Dark.* When you get those answers, what will you do then? I imagine that others will continue to mistake you for Gabriel. And today you hardly boosted my confidence in your ability to defend yourself. -08:00 May 08
Dark: *He growled and glanced away. He suddenly found the ground a very interesting thing to look at.* I … I’ll think of something. *He muttered.* -08:01 May 08

By now, they were headed up into the Oracle building. No one bothered Caroline or Dark and when they got to the front door, the woman at the counter said Gabriel had OK’ed Caroline after greeting Evangeline.

Evangeline: I would hate to see you die when we’ve just met. ..so you will stay at Oracle and come to classes like the others! It will be fun! *In fact, she had plenty of things in mind already! …It would only take a moment to convince Gabriel it was a good idea!*

Dark: *He pushed his hands into his pockets and continued to sulk. He didn’t want to be taught, to sit in class, to learn … He wanted … He didn’t know what he wanted other than those answers he kept rambling about. He was screwed.* -08:07 May 08
Caroline: *Caroline was glad to be able to keep her weapons on her. …Now she would be glad to be able to sit down somewhere and do something about this bleeding. …but she did say she’d keep her eye on Dark, and she wasn’t so sure he wouldn’t bolt… And she didn’t entirely trust the Seer’s ability to catch him!* -08:08 May 08

Evangeline: This room! *She stepped aside to allow Caroline inside, and made sure to give Dark the extra prodding. The way he sulked made her smile! He was different from Gabriel after all. Gabriel would never sulk.* …now where did that first aid student go?

Dark: *He found himself stepping into the classroom and farther inside than he wanted to. He crossed his arms and looked around. Yeah, no one here but the three of them. He sat on a chair in the front row.* -08:15 May 08

Evangeline: There you are! *She snagged the first trainee that walked past in the hall to pull in to the room!* You have a test! Miss Caroline needs care, and I think she bites. So be very gentle and don’t make wicked jokes like you did with Jimmy. *She pushed that trainee towards Caroline!*

Dark: *He blinked.* Uh … No offense, um … Miss but … Is that such a good idea …? *This woman was insane! It was little wonder she hadn’t been devoured by a vampire or a were or a demon by now.* -08:22 May 08

Cough! Bites? The Trainee blinked at Miss Caroline and Gabriel who seemed to be sitting in one of the chairs? Aw man, a private exam?!

Caroline: *Caroline flashed teeth in a wicked sort of smile. …but sat down, if not eyeing the hunter like she really would take a bite out of him.* There’s nothing to fear. I won’t hurt him unless he hurts me first. *A warning!* -08:25 May 08
Dark: *Did he really need to be here for this? It wasn’t that he was nervous around blood of course but … waiting for Gabriel was taking forever!* What the hell is taking him so long? *He muttered, drumming his fingertips on the desk he sat at.* -08:26 May 08

Evangeline: Miss Caroline can’t heal like you can, so if she doesn’t accept care now I would have to try and drag her to the infirmary after she fainted from bloodloss. *And she would! Sometimes hunters were a little scared about getting patched up and did the silliest things!*

The Trainee found the first aid kit and was trying to subtly and gently make sure he could take a look at Caroline without his head getting bitten off!

Caroline: an we stop talking about Miss Caroline? I am more interested in the Seer and Gabriel. Are you his snack? -08:33 May 08
Dark: *He stood! That was it. He couldn’t take this waiting anymore!* I’m going to go find the bastard. *He growled and marched for the door!* -08:33 May 08

Evangeline: Oh no. Gabriel doesn’t eat me. *Evangeline stepped in front of the door to block the way!* It’s better to wait in here.

The trainee was looking pretty damned confused now. That wasn’t Gabriel?! He nearly missed and poked Caroline with scissors! He coughed again, focusing back on the patching and less on the… the weirdness!

Gabriel: *He appeared behind Evangeline.* … Now, I believe you have questions.

Dark: *He growled softly when Evangeline blocked his way but he remembered Evangeline had saved his life, that meant he owed her something. He stepped back just in time for Gabriel to appear behind her.* There you are. *He growled.* -08:45 May 08

TWO Gabriels?! The trainee tugged a stitch and… passed out! One Gabriel alone was scary enough!

Caroline: *Caroline was about to pop that hunter on the head, but ended up blinking in suprise when he passed out. …Oh yes, they were well trained. She kept that thought to herself, and finish setting the bandage on her own.* -08:47 May 08
Dark: *He looked ready to attack again but he balled his fists at his sides.* I want to know … Am I Carnatelli or just the property of one? -08:49 May 08

Evangeline: We were discussing about Dark staying here for lessons like the hunters do!

Gabriel: *He raised his eyebrow at Evangeline and then looked Dark over. He did lack the skill to defend himself ….* If he intends on living through the night, he will need the training. *He agreed. He glanced at Dark again.* You are both. All Carnatellis are considered the property of Anthony–in his eyes.

Dark: *He blinked at that. He finally had an answer … which only brought up another question.* Who the hell is Anthony? Is he a Carnatelli, too? -08:58 May 08
[Dark just found himself with more questions with every answer!] -01:24 May 16
[Caroline is wondering if the little lady has that Carnatelli under some sort of… control spell!] -01:25 May 16
Dark: *This Anthony guy sounded real important! Maybe his name should sound familiar … but it didn’t bring up any memories! But on the other hand, now he knew he was a Carnatelli! But somehow that answer didn’t leave him any satisfied at all!* -01:27 May 16

Gabriel: *He looked over at Evanegline and raised an eyebrow.* This could have waited until after I had dealt with Eisheth.

Evangeline: *Evangeline was leaning over the passed out trainee, to try and prod him awake! Really, the man needed to work on this!* …Could it really? I thought he might be a bit more complicated than… um… the normal problems.

Dark: *He was staring hard at Gabriel.* Eisheth … She a Carnatelli, too? *He remembered seeing the manticore tattoo on her arm when she hoisted him up into the air.* -01:31 May 16
Caroline: Considering he shares your face and aura, having him running loose through the city was a bad idea. He’s been mistaken for you more than once. -01:31 May 16

Evangeline: *Fanning that trainee with some papers off a desk!* It was very lucky you found him, Miss Caroline. A twist of fate to be sure!

Gabriel: Eisheth was a Carnatelli. *He reached out to grab Dark by the collar of his shirt as the vampire stalked past him.* One of the weaker ones but a danger nonetheless.

Dark: *He growled and pulled but Gabriel’s grip was too strong!* Let me go, damnit! *He twisted and swiped for Gabriel’s side with one claw.* -01:37 May 16

“Aye! Why, I said myself ‘Look there, Caoilainn! There is a beast in need!’ and it was vexxing to convince her to help.” Alistair had poised himself back on Evangeline’s shoulder once again!

Gabriel: *He let go of Dark’s collar, grabbed him by the wrist and twisted! He attempted to pull Dark’s arm behind his back and hold it an awkward angle!*

Dark: Gah! *He growled and suddenly found himself on his knees, one arm twisted awkwardly at his back! He turned to swipe at Gabriel with his free claw!* Bastard! -01:41 May 16
Caroline: *Caroline shifted in her seat, moving just barely incase she needed to intervene with that Carnatelli… or both Carnatellis as the case seemed to be.* I don’t put stock in fate or destiny. Only choices and consequences… *She wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be a test for Dark or the sudden start of training… And she didn’t think she liked it!* -01:41 May 16

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow, sidestepped, grabbed the back of Dark’s collar! Then he moved him around using the momentum of Dark’s attack to force the vampire over a desk and his cheek against it! Now both arms were pinned behind his back!* If this is the extent of your fighting ability, we will be here awhile. *He released Dark and stepped back.* Your looks are easy enough to change. The same cannot be said about your aura.

Evangeline: Wouldn’t they be related in any case? *Evangeline paused a moment to think about it, but she finally shrugged. …Also giving up on that trainee. He was out for the night!* And don’t worry! Gabriel’s training methods are a little strange but people always come out better for it, even if they break some- …. Actually, maybe I should teach Dark some things first…? *She suddenly switched tone! For some reason she could imagine Gabriel being a little rougher than usual!*

Gabriel: He is a vampire and a Carnatelli, no matter how much he wishes to deny it. *He said, as if knowing what she was thinking!* He will survive.

Dark: *He growled as he got up and rubbed his wrists! He was giving Gabriel death glares but made no move to attack him again!* -01:47 May 16

Evangeline: That is true… But he is a bit like… Everything he was no longer is and he must start from the beginning again. So maybe just a little less of… Total annihilation? *She even held up her fingers to show much a “little” was… and then widened them a little more, as a second thought.*

Caroline: … Wait. Pause. A moment if you please…! *Caroline raised a hand like a student in class. – They WERE in a class.* Allow me a brief moment of unignorable curiosty and tell me how and why such a small Seer can so fearlessly make requests while another is havng the very devil beat out of him? -01:54 May 16

Alistair cleared his throat as if he had all the answers! “Obviously the woman is such brilliant and enchanting that no man would ever deny her desire! ~I~ would certainly give her anything she wished if she would so bless me with my former self again!”

Gabriel: … You are insane. *He replied, raising an eyebrow when she held up her fingers and crossing his arms. He leaned back against the teacher’s desk.* I am merely gauging his fighting skill.

Evangeline: There is nothing scary about Gabriel. *And she said it with such a straight face that she was sure it was fact. She did find herself interested in the bat, though!* I thought you were a little heavy to be a real bat. But, you will have to ask Gabriel for a spell breaker. I will teach Dark a lesson so he’s more prepared for the harder lessons!

Gabriel: *His head lowered and his eyes closed.* … I believe one of the requirements to break the spell was that one had to be a woman who believed without a shadow of a doubt Alistair deserved to return to his original form.

Dark: *He blinked and leaned slightly to one side to see Gabriel! Nothing scary, indeed! This woman really was insane!* … She’s kidding, right? *He muttered under his breath.* -02:04 May 16
Caroline: *Caroline eyed Gabriel. …Then the lady. Then Gabriel once more. …And before she asked another question she interjected before Alistair opened his mouth.* And believe me, my lady, he most certainly does not deserve it. In fact I think focusing on dark is a far better idea. -02:05 May 16

“Don’t listen tot hat filthy demon! I am a paragon of good intentions! I would be your faithful servant! Your loyal right hand! Your only lover should you grace me with a broken spell!”

Evangeline: It must be terrible not getting to eat real food. *Evangeline tapped her chin, considering the bat’s delema!* Those sort of curses are usually cured by kisses, aren’t they?

Dark: *He scratched his temple. Didn’t that flying rat ever shut up?! He sighed.* Yeah, about this lesson of yours uh … Miss uh, Evangeline … Just … What will you be trying to teach me? *Gabriel he could understand! But the Carnatelli’s blind Seer?!* -02:09 May 16

Evangeline: *…she suddenly smiled!* I can show you how to dance! What to do when you meet a pack of werewolves that want to eat you, and oh… This! *Evangeline pulled out her cane and in one smooth motion, swung it at his knees!*

Gabriel: … Valravn. The bat. *A sigil appeared in thin air behind Gabriel and the white raven perched on his shoulder. It looked around and when it saw the bat, it flew off Gabriel’s shoulder and flew for it!*

Dark: *He only had time to blink!–THUD! He hit the ground on his back and looked up at her!* What the hell! *He growled as he got to his feet! Man, that had been quick!* -02:13 May 16

“HA HA, take tha-IKE!” Alistair was going to gloat about his attention and the Seer attacking that vampire, but he found himself under attack! He shoot off Evangeline’s shoulder and was flapflapflapping around the room to escape!

Caroline: *And Dark was dropped to the floor by the lady whilst the Carnatelli removes the cursed-sorcerer. That helped answers questions. …No, No it didn’t. Now she was more perplexed. Caroline leaned back in her chair, producing her china teacup and took a sip.* …So is Evangeline your familair or your summon? Like a pet? -02:16 May 16

Evangeline: *Evangeline paused long enough to cast an exasperated look at Fluffy chasing down the bat. …But she DID promise a lesson, and it was necessary to spare Dark any punishment from Gabriel later!* Are you paying attention? *She swung her cane for his head!*

Dark: *He was briefly distracted by the sight of the white bird going after the flying rat–Could he do that, too?–but managed to evade Evangeline’s swing! He stepped back!* Am I supposed to disarm you or something? *He wanted to know. He might just attack her out of reflex!* -02:21 May 16

Gabriel: No. She is my Seer. Blind but very much human albeit a confusing one. *He replied.* She was supposed to return to London sometime ago but through several twists of fate, stayed here.

Evangeline: I don’t know. What do you think you should do? *He was going to have to learn to think and make choices! …She thwacked his foot!*

Dark: *Ow! He started to hop on one foot! It was a lot easier to fight when the one you were fighting wasn’t a human psychic with her vampire bodyguard right there!* Lady, you don’t want to know what I think I should do. *He muttered darkly.* -02:28 May 16
Caroline: Your Seer. Very specific. *Caroline was less worried about the lady taking swings at Dark. …Though now she was worried about Dark taking swing at HER!* Human for sure, and not an angel with her wings pulled off? -02:29 May 16

Evangeline: Of course I do! This is training, so you do what you think is appropriate and I tell you if there is a better method. *While he hopped, she thwacked that other foot!*

Gabriel: *He lifted his head and studied Evangeline. Her light [i]was[/i] very bright!* … There are times I find myself wondering.

Dark: *He lifted his head and studied Evangeline. Her light was very bright!* … There are times I find myself wondering. -02:36 May 16

Gabriel: *He lifted his head and studied Evangeline. Her light was very bright!* … There are times I find myself wondering.

Dark: *He growled and managed to hop back when she went to move and whack his foot!* Look, lady, isn’t there another way to do this where I ‘m not … about to do something I’d rather not? *Especially when it might end up getting him killed! If not by Gabriel, then beaten up severely by Caroline!* -02:38 May 16

Evangeline: There is other ways – of which you need to think about! Sometimes there isn’t a nice lady around to tell you the right choice to make, so you’ll have to think for yourself! *He was fast… but not as fast as Gabriel moved! It was awfully cute how unsure he was! …but that didn’t stop her from trying to thwack him on the head again!*

Caroline: *So there is a method to the lady’s madness! Caroline sipped from her cup, finding the scene peculiar for sure!* …Has she… tried this training with you? -02:43 May 16
Dark: *Other ways … other ways … He was so busy thinking that he lost focus and got distracted! That earned him a mighty good whack on the head to which he responded by growling and launching himself at Evangeline!* -02:45 May 16

Gabriel: *He was suddenly behind Dark! He grabbed him by the collar and pulled him back before he made contact! He set him down on his feet and returned to his position by the desk!* No. She has not.

Dark: *He blinked when he found himself with two feet back on solid ground! He watched Gabriel return and realized what he’d almost done!* Um … Sorry. *He mumbled.* -02:50 May 16

Evangeline: *Evangeline has braced to get tackled, but finding herself safe let out a relieved sigh!* You’ll have to think a little quicker… Aren’t you watching at all? *A little more wary now, she poked him in the side with her cane!*

Dark: *He scratched his temple.* I was … I just acted out. I’m paying better attention. *He tolerated her poking him in the side but then stepped back to start this all over again.* -02:53 May 16
Caroline: *There was a desire to give hints… But she wasn’t the man’s conscience. And she was more than a little interested to see what a Carnatelli and a Lady could teach.* You don’t feed from her, as she has confessed already. She’s not charmed, nor an angel, or familiar, and isn’t simply under your protection. Which makes her… *She wasn’t sure if she was going to laugh at the idea, or be even more confused.* …Are YOU insane? -02:55 May 16

Evangeline: *Now she was just trying to poke him! Easing up close, and then a sharp poke!* What if… you are attacked by a human! And they are not a slayer, or a hunter, or even a witch. They are just a human and they don’t even know what your are. They’re just… a little crazy.

Dark: I think I’d be avoiding those kinds of humans. *He muttered.* They taste overripe and far too sweet. *He reached out to try and pull the cane out of her grasp, to disarm her!* -03:00 May 16

Evangeline: Really! Do you think I smell like apples? I didn’t think humans would taste like anything other than minerals or meat. *She allowed him to take her cane, but kicked kick his shin to take it back!*

Dark: I’ve never had an apple–Ow! *He winced and started hopping away from her, holding the cane awkwardly but out of her reach!* Just what is it with you and apples?! -03:04 May 16

Evangeline: Gabriel said it, not me! I only wanted to know if I were tasty and why things keep trying to eat me. *Jumping for her cane wasn’t working… So she was very quickly trying to kick his feet out from under him! …and trying not to laugh while she did it!*

Gabriel: *He watched Dark and the Seer.* Far more insane than Anthony, it would seem. *He looked over at Caroline.* So, what brings you to the city?

Caroline: A change of scenery, movement of energy. I have this habit of wanting to see what the big deal when something in the world is changing. *Was the Seers training better or worse than Gabriel? …at this rate Dark was going to be beaten to death simply because he didn’t know how to react to someone non-threatening!* With all that seems to be happening here, I am questioning my own wisdom. -03:14 May 16
Dark: *THUD! Ow! He winced as he ended up on his back AGAIN! This was really embarassing! He huffed, got up!* Okay … I know where I went wrong before. I’m ready again. *Yeah, he was learning–maybe a little slower than he wanted to but learning!* -03:14 May 16

Evangeline: *Having stolen her cane back, Evangeline smiled wide! This time instead of swining it at him, she moved to pinch him!*

Dark: *Always another way. Stay focused. Think. The lady got her cane back but when she tried to pinch him, he ducked, went for her cane!* -03:19 May 16

Evangeline: *….Evangeline sidestepped quickly and pushed a chair in his way! …Then swung for his head again!*

Dark: *He blinked! It was by sheer luck that he missed getting his head hit–when he didn’t stop in time and ended up falling forward, bent over that chair! He looked up at her and then staggered backwards, rubbing his chest for a bit.* -03:24 May 16

Evangeline: …You really do need to learn everything from the ground up. *Evangeline blinked! Most trainees at least avoided chairs!* You’re not very fast… dancing will be good for you!

Gabriel: This would be much quicker if I taught him instead. *He replied behind Evangeline!*

Evangeline: *Her expression was a slight pout for a moment, but she conceded!* All right. …but you can’t break him! I would like to show him dancing later!

Dark: Hey, wait! Don’t I get a say in this at all! *He growled as he watched Gabriel stand up! He had a distinct feeling he wasn’t going to like what or how Gabriel taught him!* -03:34 May 16

Evangeline: Don’t worry, he’s a good teacher! *Taking her cane with her, Evangeline dropped in to a chair next to Caroline!* Will you stay here at Oracle while we teach him? I think Dark would be very good for you!

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