050 Gaining Dark’s Trust

Lily meets Dark and doesn’t take much liking to him. Dark is left “stuck” with Evangeline who is trying to explain the wonders of life.

[Lily was wandering around Oracle looking for Evangeline or Gabriel. Find one and you\’d find the other!] -07:14 Jun 14
[Dark was still trying to figure out this place …] -07:22 Jun 14
Lily: *Now she knew how Conrad felt when she was stuck in class. Paperwork at Oracle was an endless barrage of BLAH. At least she could always help with training classes! She was peeking in rooms trying to find Evangeline’s!* -07:25 Jun 14
Dark: Tch. Just like her to ditch me here. *He stuck his hands into his pockets! He wore jeans, boots, and a black jacket over a dark gray t-shirt. Caroline had said something about it bringing out his eye color. Maybe he should get contacts …* -07:32 Jun 14

Hunters at Oracle still hadn’t gotten used to Dark! They eyed him and stayed well out of his way!

Lily: *All of the rooms had new kinds of stuff in them. It was interesting to see the differences between Evangeline’s methods compared to Gabriel’s or other teachers. When she finally found the right room, there was Gabriel dressed… different.* …You look weird. -08:02 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark looked up and tilted his head at her.* How can I look weird when I’ve never met you before? You humans are weird. *He added, huffing.* Who are you anyways? -08:15 Jun 14
Lily: *That probably was not the best answer to give her! Almost immediately she had pulled a gun (no doubt stolen off a hunter that wasn’t paying attention) and aimed! Though her expression was serious, in her head she was trying not to panic!* You’re not Gabriel. -08:18 Jun 14
Dark: *He ran his fingers through his hair.* Yeah, that’s what I keep telling everyone. But no one ever listens. The name is Dark. And I got ditched here by my so-called demon guardian. -08:31 Jun 14
Lily: *Now she looked confused. Normally when someone pointed a gun at you, there was a different reaction… and then there was the fifty different questions! Lily kept the gun pointed!* …what kind of name is "Dark"? -08:33 Jun 14
Dark: *He blinked!* It’s my name. I chose it myself. *He frowned.* Don’t see where you get off judging it. You seen Caroline around here? Or that flying rat of hers? -08:37 Jun 14
Lily: *This was weird and kind of disturbing! Someone with Gabriel’s face acting so… not-Gabriel like!* I don’t know any Carolines. Since you’re not Gabriel who are you? -08:40 Jun 14
[Dark looked at Lily as if she\’d grown two heads.] -08:42 Jun 14
Dark: I told you, my name is Dark. I pissed Caroline off after she tried to teach me something or other and she dropped me off here. Said if she couldn’t teach me, she’d let Evangeline do it instead. She gets a kick out of watching me get my ass kicked by a blind psychic. -08:45 Jun 14
Lily: …Are you Gabriel and Evangeline’s son from the future? *This seemed like a perfectly reasonable assumption. He wasn’t like Michael or else he wouldn’t be here…* -08:46 Jun 14
Dark: *He snickered!* Me, his son? Hell no. *He was silent for a moment.* Least I hope not. Believe me, I want nothing to do with the jerk but he’s hiding something. *He shrugged.* Anyways, are you going to keep pointing that gun at me? I have damn luck with people staring at me as it is without you making a scene. -08:59 Jun 14
Lily: So you’re not even sure yourself..? *Lily thought about it for a moment, but decided to keep the gun pointed.* I don’t have any reason to trust you, so I’ll keep it. How do I know that you’re not some sort of trap here to sneak up on Evangeline. -09:03 Jun 14
Dark: Fine. Keep it pointed. *He leaned against the wall.* I doubt I could sneak up on her. First time I met her she thought I was Gabriel and has this habit of clinging onto you when you’d rather not have people touching you. So you can call her or Gabriel. They’ll vouch for me. -09:04 Jun 14
Lily: A smart trap could say the exact same thing to try and put me at ease and call them up, just so they could spring their plans. *Cocking the pistol, she looked like she were debating whether or not she was going to go ahead and shoot him.* If they teach you, why do they do it and what are they teaching? Are kids from the future stupid? -09:09 Jun 14
Dark: *He sighed! This human was so lucky he’d eaten already!* … Look. Two weeks ago, I don’t think I even had a name. I lost whatever memory I had before Caroline found me. But if I am Gabriel’s kid, I think I’ll go outside and stake myself instead of sticking around here, answering stupid questions. -09:17 Jun 14
Lily: I think you should feel lucky that you have a father and mother teaching you lessons in a place like this. But if you want to get staked, I could volunteer. *Lily wasn’t sure what to think about him. He was definitely related to Gabriel though. …even if he was a real dumbass.* -09:22 Jun 14
Dark: *He smirked.* Crap, not you, too. Last thing I wanted to do was come to a place like this. Especially when I found out I had that asshole Carnatelli’s face and people mistook me for him, lock, stock, and barrel. But since you’re feeling so very gracious, let’s get this over and done with. *He stood up and started walking off in some random direction!* -09:25 Jun 14

Evangeline: What are we getting over with? Oh! Are you helping with the lessons today, Lily? I only have Dark! *If Evangeline realized there was a gun pulled, she didn’t mention it! Instead, she was in a pleasant mood and heading for Dark to capture him before he tried to escape. Sometimes he thought he could sneak out!*

Lily: *Lily was more than ready to start shooting at him! But Evangeline… She put the gun away and eyed the women curiously.* So you really do know him? -09:29 Jun 14
Dark: *Damn … The woman had gotten him again. He smirked.* Your Lily volunteered to stake me. Who am I to go against a lady’s wishes. *He shrugged.* -09:31 Jun 14

Evangeline: *Evangeline rewarded him with a smile, but held on to his hand to drag him over to Lily, anyway.* Lily’s is always volunteering to help. You didn’t really introduce yourself, did you? Well, here. *She stopped near Lily, motioning a hand at Dark.* This is Dark, and technically he is Gabriel’s clone and it’s a long story… but now he here’s here to learn! He’s cute isn’t he? He smirks like Gabriel does!

Lily: *Lily was trying to figure out how Evangeline even knew about the smirking, but inwardly disagreed about the cuteness. He looked more like he needed a slap in the face.* Uh huh. I guess he’s not from the future, then. -09:36 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark scowled!* I am not, are not, and do not. *He replied to the part about him being here to learn, being cute, and smirking like Gabriel!* ‘Sides, your Lily over here never introduced herself when I was nice enough to tell her my name. -09:36 Jun 14
Lily: I don’t tell potential dangerous traps my name. *Lily mirrored his scowl!* -09:37 Jun 14
Dark: If I was a potential dangerous trap, why the hell would I bother talking to you? *He glared!* -09:38 Jun 14

Evangeline: From the future…? *That seemed to get her thinking curious thoughts! But she quickly interupted their arguing.* This is Lily Grey. She is Ms. Ciara Grey’s daughter and had been Michael’s doll for several years, so don’t feel offended if she’s a little untrusting. And Dark here hasn’t quite learned how to use his manners, so if he’s offensive you’ll have to bare with him!

Lily: You didn’t have to tell him my business, Evangeline. He still might be a trap. *She flashed a taunting smile at Dark. If Evangeline thought she was just going to trust him cause she asked her to, she had another thing coming!* -09:43 Jun 14
Dark: She thinks I’m you and Gabriel’s kid. *He snorted.* No wonder you humans are on the bottom of the food chain. *He smirked.* -09:43 Jun 14

Evangeline: Oh, that’s impossible, anyway. I have not made love with Gabriel and Dark is far too big! You don’t need to worry, though. Dark is still learning, but he’s perfectly safe. You could probably spar with him yourself and not worry about getting hurt.

Dark: As if I’d waste my time with her. *He raised an eyebrow at Evangeline.* Could you let me go now? *One scratch on her and Gabriel would come to the rescue. Asshole that he was.* -09:50 Jun 14
Lily: *She was scowling at Dark, which quickly turned in to a mocking smile after Evangeline’s comment.* That’s pretty bad if I could take him in a fight. No wonder he’s here for lessons. -09:50 Jun 14
Dark: The only reason I’d go easy on you is because I have better things to do. I’m not here to babysit your ass like everyone else is. -09:51 Jun 14

Evangeline: Actually… *Evangeline coughed softly!* Caroline said you have a complete disreguard for the saftey of those around you, so todays lesson is supposed to be about taking care of innocent people…

Lily: *Lily almost laughed! Instead she mirrored that stupid smirk he kept giving when he thought he was being a smartass.* -09:55 Jun 14
Dark: *He glanced over at Evangeline.* Yeah, emphasis on the phrase "not here to babysit". It’s not my fault when people get caught in the crossfire. One shot and you people get stuck like mouse in front of a snake. Common sense would tell you to get the hell out of the way. -09:56 Jun 14

Evangeline: Sometimes it’s not as easy as just running out of the way. You shouldn’t recklessly indanger people, and in many cases it’s important to protect the lives of others because they have a touch of destiny. Luckily, Lily is here and she’ll be the perfect subject for protecting!

Dark: … I’d rather throw her to the wolves. *He smirked.* -09:59 Jun 14
Lily: No thank you. I’m not interested in getting myself killed today. Why can’t we do one of the fun lessons where we throw grenades? -10:00 Jun 14

Evangeline: …you can’t throw her to the wolves! *Evangeline looked shocked, and she was preparing to give him a good lecture on the importance of Lily Grey… but then she’d have to deal with Lily getting mad and though Lily wasn’t as scary as Ms. Grey, she was a lot better at expressing it.* … Oh, all right. But, I promised Caroline I would teach you a lesson.

Lily: Lock him in a box and see how long it takes him to get out. *Lily had some other suggestions, but that was probably because her first impressions weren’t too good!* -10:06 Jun 14
Dark: Good luck finding someone I give an ounce of a damn to protect. -10:06 Jun 14

Evangeline: *Evangeline sighed! Dark was so stubborn… more so than Gabriel was! So it seemed she would have to use “Plan B”. Stuffing her hands in her pockets, she clicked the marble Caroline gave her. Now… to leave!* It’s alright. How about we go out for ice cream and I try to explain the importance of protecting others?

Dark: *He tilted his head slightly at Evangeline, surprise on his face before he frowned! He hadn’t known Evangeline for too long but she didn’t seem the type to give up so easily!* … That’s it? You’re actually dropping this? -10:11 Jun 14

Evangeline: I can’t force you to care about someone, and if you don’t, then you won’t try hard enough and won’t be able to learn. I can comprimise! *Evangeline smiled!*

Lily: *…Evangeline was giving in? She never gave up. Curious!* I would like to go, but I don’t want to leave without Conrad. …I wouldn’t mind hearing how this lesson went later, though. -10:14 Jun 14
Dark: *He was still suspicious! He studied her.* Give me your word that we’re going for ice cream and you’re dropping this lesson bit. *He could take her word … but if she betrayed him, even Gabriel wouldn’t be able to help her. He’d tear her apart and enjoy every minute of it.* -10:18 Jun 14

Evangeline: I am most certainly not dropping the lesson bit. I am just going to try and teach the lesson a different way while we go out for ice cream.

Dark: *Dark frowned.* … That’s still too easy. *But he hadn’t gone for ice cream in awhile and he didn’t have any of that cash humans made such a big deal of.* But I can’t take you outside of this place. *He started walking away.* Last thing I need is your boyfriend having a hissy fit. -10:25 Jun 14

Evangeline: I can go anywhere I like and when I would like, so you don’t worry about Gabriel! *Evangeline smiled, grabbing Dark’s hand before he ran off without her.* I’ll see you later, Lily! Next time, I’m sure you’ll be able to help with the lesson! *She waved before it was her tugging Dark away!*

Lily: Good luck with that. *"That" being Dark. She still wasn’t sure what to think about him. But she could tell Conrad about it later.* -10:28 Jun 14
Dark: That’s easy for you to say. *He muttered, walking even faster and trying to shake her off!* Those human hunters jump whenever he’s near and everytime you leave, someone keeps tabs on you just in case. -10:29 Jun 14

Evangeline: *Evangeline kept a nice grip on his arm! She could definitely hold on to something when she wanted to!* Then why are you worried? You’re not here to babysit me, as you put it… so we can have ice cream and talk about this lesson.

Dark: *He stopped and scowled!* … Because I don’t trust you. It’s real easy for people to be nice to you only for them to turn around and betray you. *And the tone in his voice was bitter and cold! He growled!* And I’m a big believer in someone’s personal space. -10:35 Jun 14

Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t surprised that he didn’t trust anyone. But the suddeness of his reaction was! …still, she unwaveringly held on to him.* …then I would like to earn your trust. I would like to help you for you. Not for anyone else. If you will trust me to help, then I promise I won’t ever do anything that would hurt you!

Dark: *Dark stopped growling and studied her suspiciously! He really wanted to get some ice cream but he still wasn’t sure …* I’ll think about it over ice cream. *He finally said and started walking, but he was still trying to shake her grip off his arm!* -10:45 Jun 14
[Lily is now known as: Evangeline] -10:47 Jun 14
Evangeline: Perfectly reasonable! *She would like to let go, but she wasn’t sure whether or not he’d try to ditch her!* Are you afraid to make friends? Is that why you won’t bother to save people? -10:49 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark shrugged!* I don’t see why I should care in the first place. You’re either food or you’re trying to kill me and then you become food. -10:51 Jun 14
Evangeline: I guess Caroline doesn’t talk to you about much besides lessons? *Caroline needed a good talking to, too… Dark needed to know so much more than just about fighting!* There’s tons of reasons to care! Aren’t you curious about why everyone says it’s so important? -10:54 Jun 14

They reached the ice cream parlor! There was a small family there but they looked like they were just finishing up!

Dark: … Not really. *He shrugged!* It’s all about protecting this and not killing that … Maybe a little curious. *He snorted.* But like hell if I’m going to ask about it. -11:05 Jun 14
Evangeline: Oh, you should always ask questions when you have them. You never know when something you’ve learned will be useful. *Taking him to the counter, she tapped her chin while she thought.* I think I would like a chocolate cherry milkshake, please! -11:09 Jun 14
Dark: *That earned her another shrug!* I don’t see the reason for caring. In the end, you’re on your own and it just hurts more. People would be better off if they just did their own thing and quit worrying about others. *He looked at the ice cream display!* Triple scoop, waffle cone, cookies ‘n cream, chocolate, and vanilla, nuts on the top. -11:13 Jun 14
Evangeline: It’s lonely to live that way, though. *Evageline dug around in her pockets, and had to go through several before she managed to find enough change. She had been very seriously told not to touch another credit card, and she had no desire to see what a vampire debters prison was like.* Did you know, that if everyone stopped caring, that there would be no consequences for actions and that the world would slowly fall in to chaos and destroy itself? -11:18 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark looked at her and blinked a couple of times. That didn’t sound so bad …* No ice cream then? -11:19 Jun 14
Evangeline: There wouldn’t be ice cream if no one cared about others. Ice cream is one of those things made by people that care! *Paying in all change was probably a bother for the poor cashier, but she always had a hard time with paper bills! She took her milkshake and debated where she needed to take him next.* Has Caroline taken you anywhere besides Oracle, for food or back home? -11:24 Jun 14
Dark: *A frown! The world wouldn’t be worth living in if it weren’t for ice cream! It was one of the few things Dark found himself enjoying … well, the only thing. He shook his head as he licked his ice cream.* Not really. She says I’m too reckless to go anywhere else. So until I learn that stuff about protecting innocents, I’m confined to Oracle and that motel room. -11:36 Jun 14
Evangeline: I’ll take you to the park, then! It’s probably easier to learn about people when you get to see normal ones. *Yep, Caroline was missing important things for lessons… Luckily she knew just what to do!* Did you know, that people with friends live twice as long as people that are hermits? -11:42 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark took another lick of his cone!* What are hermits? Do they not have friends? -11:45 Jun 14
Evangeline: Hermits are people that live all by themselves and don’t like to interact with others. Er… well, partly. Hermits aren’t really bad but, it’s still lonely. Being by yourself just isn’t as nice as it might seem. -11:48 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark frowned at that. He’d seen people being happy but that was in the movies. Because Caroline had forbade it, she made damn sure Dark didn’t go wandering off in the daytime. Humans at night were the only ones he observed. Hunters at Oracle didn’t count because they all mistook him for Gabriel and steered clear.* So, Gabriel … He cares for you, doesn’t he? -11:53 Jun 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled wide!* Yes. I know he is harsh sometimes, but he’s had bad experiences and didn’t have anyone there to help him when he needed it most. That is why everyone is um… a little over protective with you now. -11:56 Jun 14
Dark: *Dark snickered at that and looked at Evangeline as if she’d grown two heads!* That’s not being overprotective. They’re just scared of me, that’s all. Big difference. *Overprotective indeed! Her boyfriend had shot and had tried to kill him on sight!* -12:08 Jun 15
Evangeline: *They were approaching the park, where it was a lovely day for walking and looking at all the pretty scenery. Evangeline was more interested in steering towards areas where he could observe people!* Well, I won’t say that’s not true. They are scared of what you might become. You have a chance to be anyone that you want to be now, and it would be nice to give you the experience so you can make the right decisions. -12:14 Jun 15
Dark: … I asked Caroline to make a glamor for me. *Dark said after awhile! He was staring off into the distance and then blinked when a human sped past him on a bike!* I can’t be anyone I want to if I look like that jerk. -12:24 Jun 15
Evangeline: We’re all born with what we have and learn to deal with it. For a really long time I wished I didn’t have visions cause I thought it might’ve made my life happier. *Evangeline found a bench to sit on and stirred her milkshake to try and melt it a bit!* -12:28 Jun 15
Dark: *Dark sat down beside her and watched as she stirred that shake! It hadn’t occured to him until now that Evangeline wouldn’t want those visions.* … I see. *He was silent as he finished off his ice cream.* -12:32 Jun 15

“What perfect luck. Now only do I get to capture the wayward pet but I have found the little psychic too!” There was no time to turn and eye the voice, for suddenly something big and metal slammed down between them and sliced the bench in two at the middle!

Dark: *CCCHUNNKKK!! The force of the blow sent Dark flying and he landed on the ground! He got to his feet and saw Evangeline off to the side! Damnit! He dashed for her! This was not good!* -12:40 Jun 15
Evangeline: *Falling to the side came unexpectedly, but she kept her milkshake upright! Demon or not, she intended to drink it! …Wait, nevermind, she was going to use it as a weapon! She threw it at the…um… well, all she could tell was that it wasn’t human!* Can’t there be ONE day I teach a lesson outdoors without getting interrupted! -12:41 Jun 15

“I’m so sorry. I am sure Anthony Carnatelli will provide you with better working conditions.” It was a female! Well… sounded female! What was standing there looked more like a big grey blob. The metal that had sliced through the bench was now knocking away the milkshake as the other arm was slamming door towards Evangeline and the approaching Dark!

Gabriel: “All Carnatellis are considered the property of Anthony–in his eyes.”

Dark: *Dark skid, managed to reach Evangeline in time, put his arm around her waist and moved his feet under him! Then he jumped just as the arm came flying down and growled when Gabriel’s words came back to him at the mention of Anthony! He landed some yards away so he could adjust Evangeline, carrying her in both arms.* Tell Anthony to go to hell. *Oracle! He had to get back to Oracle! He turned and ran for it!* This would be a good time to call that asshole, Evangeline! -12:53 Jun 15
Evangeline: Are you saving me? *She was making sure! For someone that didn’t care, saving wasn’t what you do!* He’s going to lecture me if I call him! -12:55 Jun 15

That grey blob was pretty fast as it gave chase. The worst part was that her arms could stretch pretty far as she was swining down those metal limbs trying to smash them both! “Running is a futile expense, little pet! Anthony Carnatelli always takes back his toys! Be they runaways or pretty psychic trophies!”

Dark: *Dark growled! He could go pretty fast but that thing was catching up and the limb-stretching made it even harder to get any distance between them!* … Would you rather we both be captured? *The idea of being "taken back" didn’t sit well with him! Especially since he had no idea what the thing was talking about!* -01:01 Jun 15
Evangeline: Absolutely not! *And looked horrified at the thought! Not only for herself, but knowing what Anthony did to his children!* It’s just that… that, I’m not quite sure how I call him! He just comes! -01:04 Jun 15

Not to be out run, the persuer used one of those long limbs and stabbed it through a parked car! Using the momentum from running, it lifted the vehicle up and threw it up over their heads to have it land in front of them and block their path! “Come, come little children…!”

Dark: *That earned her another growl! And a thousand words came to mind … not one of them a word a "decent person" would like to hear! He skidded to a halt in front of the car.* Worst fuckin’ timing ever. *He muttered as he jumped onto the car, lowered himself to a crouch, tensing his body! Then he sprung off the car to gain distance between them and the creature!* … Evangeline, I can’t outrun it. *There was no way to contact Caroline or that flying rat.* You’re gonna have to get back to Oracle. You’ll be safe there … Why are you smiling?! -01:11 Jun 15
Evangeline: *Evangeline immediately tried to stop smiling, but it was really hard!* You want me to be safe. *Then her smiling really did stop and her expression was serious.* Stop running and I will make a wall. -01:15 Jun 15
Dark: *Dark blinked! This woman truly was mad!* A wall! You’re going to make a fuckin’ wall?! *… It was crazy enough to work! But he really hated having to give up the lead they were in while the going was good! He skidded to a stop and turned back the way they’d come!* Okay. Go ahead. *But he was ready to jump and run for it. Or hell, even fight.* -01:18 Jun 15
Evangeline: *Evangeline held her hand out, and concentrated on that wall! The same way she’d put it together in her head, and like the day she tried to block Anthony from Gabriel. It was invisible, but it was there!* -01:20 Jun 15

The blob of grey seemed to have a disturbing shape of a smile when it quickly approached! It’s arm formed a large blade like shape as it came crashing down on top of them – but it made a CHINK sound when it seemed to hit something solid! “I know of this trick! Whatever shall I do!” Retrieving it’s arm, it stabbed them both underground. Mounds of dirt moved as it sped under the soil!

Evangeline: *A wince when the wall was hit. It felt like being slapped, but Evangeline held it solid. But the comments the demon made were confusing!* …What did that mean! -01:26 Jun 15
Dark: *Now Dark really did swear as he saw those arms disappear underground, looked at the ground at his feet!* … It’s digging under your wall. *He looked at that wall and hoped it was as solid from this side as it looked from the creature’s side! Then he dashed forward, jumped at the wall, and then jumped off of it to get that lost distance back! He smirked.* At least I got to finish my ice cream. When they form a rescue party for me, make sure that bastard Carnatelli is part of it. I’m holding him responsible. -01:29 Jun 15
Evangeline: If there is anything left of us to rescue! He always puts me places where things try to eat me! *She had to drop her wall, she couldn’t hold it while they were moving! Now she was really worried and having Gabriel wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all!* -01:33 Jun 15

With them on the run again, the arms shot out of the ground with a surprising speed! They were already trying to take a swing and wrap around Dark’s legs!

Dark: *Dark smirked down at her as he ran!* … Me, Evangeline. He’s not getting his hands on you again. *Before Evangeline could ask him what he meant, those arms moved to wrap around his legs! They didn’t get him but he tripped and went skidding over the dirt but he was able to position himself where he caught the brunt of the impact and damage. He got to his feet and set Evangeline down, his fangs growing.* Just remember what I told you. *He bit the corner of his lip and closed his eyes.* Back to Oracle. *He touched Evangeline’s forehead. The wind picked up around her, a pulse of negative energy and she was gone …! He wasn’t going to make it easy for the creature though! His claws grew.* Looks I’ll be telling Anthony to go to hell myself. *He dashed forward!* -01:40 Jun 15

… Suddenly Evangeline found herself back in her class at Oracle, in front of a bunch of surprised students!

Evangeline: Bu- *Ack…! Evangeline tilted backwards and had to regain her balance. She didn’t know he could do that! ….And then she was quite angry, because he could have just taken himself here too!* …Balderdash!! *A stomp of her foot and she was trying to reach out and find Gabriel, oblivious to those surprised students!* Gaaabriel!! Caroline! -01:46 Jun 15

The mention of Gabriel was enough to make a few of them start sneaking for that door! The others were still shocked by Evangeline’s sudden appearance!

“Too bad, too bad… I would have been rewarded so well for two of Anthony’s top five…! Alas, you will have to do!” said the blob. As Dark came forward, it swing it’s two arms like a vice trap, trying to clamp him inbetween!

Gabriel: … Seer? *It wasn’t often that Evangeline actually reached out for him. It would have to be something very important and urgent. He tilted his head at her. She looked like she’d been on the run from something.*

Evangeline: Dark didn’t come back with me! *She was so mad… she was going to sit him down for hours for.. time out!* There was one of Anthony’s demons at the park, and he sent me here but didn’t come with me! -01:51 Jun 15
Dark: Yeah? Well, he’s not getting his hands on her. *He stopped, jumped to narrowly avoid the arms, and came falling, attempting to damage the creature somehow.* -01:52 Jun 15

Gabriel: *Gabriel’s eyes narrowed and flashed red briefly.* Stay here. I will find him. Do you need medical attention?

Evangeline: I am just tired. Please bring him back fast and in one piece! -01:55 Jun 15
Dark: (Sorry, I mean he came falling down with his claws out to try and shred the creature in two or something. XD ) -01:57 Jun 15

True to form, the blob moved and darted! It spread apart easily avoiding claws, and used it’s extra limbs to circle around him! “You’ll be prized enough, toy!”

Dark: *Dark growled and struggled with every ounce of strength he had! But damnit, he couldn’t move out of this … ooze! He spit out a few curse words. He refused to just let them take him!* -02:02 Jun 15

The laughter from the creature was just plain disturbing, as the big curve of a mouth opened wide with grey matching teeth! It seemed she would swallow him whole to take him back! She was already sucking him in!

Gabriel: I will. *Then he turned and disappeared! The Seer had said they were at the park and it was easy enough to locate Dark’s aura. The vampire still hadn’t learned how to form a wall. He appeared several feet in front of the creature.* Release him. *He ordered as he ran forward. He couldn’t cast a spell, shoot or slice at it until he had Dark safely away.*

Dark: Worst fucking timing. *Dark muttered as he struggled and reached out for anything he could grab onto!* -02:09 Jun 15

“Release him, he says! No, I think I shall take you as well! Bringing back the original will be even better than the psychic trophy!” Still trying to swallow Dark, now she was stretching out her limbs to consume Gabriel!

Caroline: *Looking weary, Caroline sidestepped fleeing hunters to enter Evangeline’s classroom.* Why are your students running away and telling me you’re bellowing my name, m’lady?

Evangeline: Caroline! *With Gabriel going to get Dark, she was a little relieved, but still a smidged angry.* There was a little trouble. …but Gabriel is taking care of it. -02:12 Jun 15

Gabriel: *Dark was nearly swallowed whole by now! Gabriel’s knife came out and he cut his palm.* Incendia. *He sent a blast of fire at the limbs coming at him even as he jumped away from their grasp! He was still running for Dark and jumped to grab his wrists which were still flailing for some kind of hold!*

Caroline: *Glancing around, there wasn’t a sight nor aura of Dark. Caroline sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.* Did he escape? I got the message from the marble about him refusing to do the lesson, but I thought he finally gave up the run off part.

There was a piercing shriek as the limbs retreated back away from the fire! Seemed she wasn’t too fond of the stuff! All of the extra limbs had returned to the main body, now putting all the strength in holding on to it’s captive!

Dark: *Panic! He was starting to panic! Dark struggled to remain calm though! When Gabriel grabbed his wrists as he was being swallowed up, he glared at him!* I’m holding you–responsible. Bastard. *He growled!* -02:16 Jun 15
Evangeline: Well… *A brief sheepish expression crossed her face.* I took him for ice cream so I could explain why the lesson was important, but a demon came to get him. …On the bright side, he learned the lesson! …On the downside, he sent me back and stayed behind. -02:17 Jun 15

Caroline: …My lady, I have to wonder if you ever consider the dangers you put yourself in to when you do these things. *From what she had learned of Evangeline, she was a magnet of trouble! And then she thought taking Dark out – a magnet of trouble of his own – was a good idea? She was insane!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked!* Indeed. *He’d heard the creature crying out in pain but he couldn’t access his knife or let go of Dark! He pulled!* Valravn, fire. *The sigil appeared in thin air and Valravn came flying out!*

Valravn spread its wings and flew high into the air! Then it came swooping down, shooting fireballs out of its mouth at the creature!

With fireballs swooping in many directons, she screeched in pain! There was a sudden release as the blob let go of dark and was retreating away as quickly as possible!

Dark: *When he was suddenly let go, he fell forward! Dark hadn’t known how weak he was but adrenaline was beginning to run low and he’d done so much already! He didn’t have the strength to feel ashamed that he was so weak now!*

Evangeline: Um… *Blast, she was in trouble with Caroline too!* The important thing is that he chooses to protect people when it’s important! *A quick nod!* So you should trust that he will make the right choices when you take him out. -02:33 Jun 15

Gabriel: *Gabriel moved Dark over his shoulder. This wasn’t over yet. No one messed with people under his protection, especially if they worked for Anthony. He ran after the creature and slit his palm while Valravn continued his attack.* Ortus ex cinis cineris , immortalis pluma. *The feather appeared in his hand and he threw it into one of the fireballs Valravn shot! The fireball turned white and grew in size! It grew until it was the size of a boulder and flew at the creature.*

The other fireballs she was dodging well! But the larger, white hot one caught the fringe of her blobby foot. On contact it sizzled, consumming the grey mass until it’s entire screeching body was burned away to cinders!

Valravn stopped and hovered in the air for a moment after that. Then it disappeared back into the sigil!

Caroline: I wish I could mirror your faith, my lady. So far he’s been a real pain in the ass. *Honestly she wasn’t even sure why she was trying so hard to teach him. There were others that could do the job far better. But… she really wanted to see what he might become.*

Gabriel: *Gabriel wasn’t satisfied until the last of the cinders had blown away. He frowned. That had been far too close. Gabriel turned and disappeared, reappearing in one of Oracle’s halls. He searched for an empty but clean room with a bed for Dark to sleep on.*

Dark: *Dark was aware of them being somewhere. He could barely lift his head. Why the hell did he feel so drained?* … Where the hell are we going? *He mumbled.* -02:45 Jun 15
Evangeline: He would be less difficult if you would take him to do fun things more often. All you have done so far is focus on fighting, which is good so he can stay safe but… But he won’t have a reason to want to stay alive if he doesn’t get to try things and meet people. *Evangeline tilted her head and paused for a moment.* Gabriel has brought him back! -02:47 Jun 15

Gabriel: Rest. *Gabriel opened a door, found the room to be clean and empty and put Dark onto the bed.* You are not accustomed to constantly fighting, running, and casting spells. It takes a tremendous toll.

Caroline: I am more concerned with keeping him alive than how much fun he’s having, m’lady. Fun can come after he’s learned how to defend himself. And if he wasn’t so damned stubborn, that could come a whole lot sooner. *Caroline scoffed under her breath. SHE could have a little bit of fun too! It was hard to relax when you were trying to keep a vampire out of trouble and a bat from getting himself killed!*

Dark: *Dark lifted a hand to protest but he really was sleepy! He was dozing off as Gabriel pulled the blanket over him and snoring before Gabriel even shut the door behind him!* -02:55 Jun 15

Gabriel: *He found Evangeline and Caroline in Evangeline’s class.* As promised, alive and in one piece. Tell me, Seer. How was his performance and how well did he keep you safe.

Evangeline: *Evangeline was about to wag a finger at Caroline… in fact, she was already pointing when Gabriel arrived. She blinked!* Oh! Well… I think you’re both far too impersonal with him. He doesn’t understand why you’re on his case or why he should care about… well.. anything! And then that demon arrived and interupted the whole conversation! So he picked me up and he ran, and then I tried to do a wall but the demon knew a way around it and he ran again. THEN he had to go and send me here and didn’t come with me! -03:03 Jun 15

Gabriel: I have his welfare in mind. He cannot be wandering around the city when Anthony is able to pick him out. *He had thought locking Dark’s memories would be enough but without a wall, Dark’s aura was a beacon.*

Caroline: *It was pleasing to know that Dark would protect an innocent person. But then, Evangeline seemed to have that sort of charm over even the most savage beasts. She cast a quick glance at Gabriel!* Dark can’t disguise himself at all. You shouldn’t have left here alone with him.

Evangeline: *Guilty…!* I was sure it would be safe with him! At least for a few minutes! A beastie couldn’t possibly attack every time we step out, it’s statistically impossible! -03:14 Jun 15

Gabriel: *Now small charm would do, it would have to be a talisman of some sort … Gabriel tilted his head slightly at Caroline.* The Seer had the right idea. Dark still lacks purpose but as he put Evangeline’s welfare first, there is hope. Regardless, he will have to stay here for two days. Evangeline has a positive effect on him and I need time to disguise his aura until he is able to do so on his own.

Gabriel: *No, not now

Caroline: I am more than happy to leave him in my lady’s gentle hands. Between him and Alistair arguing in the eveings, sleep is getting rough. *Only real evil wouldn’t put Evangeline first. Which put a large smile across her face when it put Gabriel in to perspective.*

Evangeline: Does that mean we’re having sleepover with Dark? Should I spend the night here too? *She was so glad Gabriel could see Dark had potential! That meant he would at the very least be more willing to give him a chance!* -03:28 Jun 15

Gabriel: *Then Gabriel did the strangest thing! He bowed his head to Caroline.* My thanks, Caroline. You have done much already. *Then he looked at Evangeline.* It may be lonely. Dark will be out for some time.

Caroline: *Indeed unexpected! There was a brief look of surprise on her face before she grinned again.* There is no need to keep watch over him here, my lady. I can always force Alistair to stay.

Evangeline: I guess if he’s pitifully unconcious I could sleep at home. I don’t know how I’ll be a godo influence if I’m not here, though. -03:38 Jun 15

Gabriel: *Gabriel was thoughtful for a moment.* Indeed. I will spend the night with you then. *He was in need of some rest himself. Prior to the Seer summoning him, he had been busy. Now that he’d known what had happened while he had been slaying, it was not far off to decide Anthony had been behind it.*

Evangeline: Wonderful! I just need pajamas and donuts! Maybe a tent! Do you think they have a tent stashed away here somewhere? -03:49 Jun 15
Gabriel: *A tent? That idea earned her a tilt of Gabriel’s head!* You are sleeping indoors. A tent is unnecessary. -03:55 Jun 15

Caroline: *Cough! So seemed Evangeline took the sleepover idea seriously. Imagining Dark and Gabriel at one was producing interesting images. She ALMOST wanted to see it!* You could always make a tent from bedsheets.

Evangeline: You have to have a tent for sleepovers. But sheets will do just as well! I would only need some clothes pins… *She tapped her chin in thought… It would be the perfect way to get to know Dark better and maybe get him to talk to Gabriel about something other than fighting!* -04:00 Jun 15

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