050 Volcano Ruins of Light

Gabriel stumbles over Ruins of Light in a dormant volcano while he idly chats with Evangeline.

After a rescue, Caroline makes a bet with Dark that he cannot survive a date with her!

[Evangeline is at home curled up on the sofa with a lap full of rocks. …she\’s making jewelry!] -12:31 Apr 28
[Gabriel is exploring the icy forests on the edge of the Artic!] -12:36 Apr 28
Evangeline: I like to put the amethyst and aquamarine together. The purple looks so pretty with the light blue! …not that I can see it now, but it was my favorite then, I am sure it’s my favorite now. *Though she was speaking out loud, no one was in the room! She was chattering at Gabriel while she threaded beads.* -12:36 Apr 28
Gabriel: A person’s favorite rarely changes. *Gabriel agreed! It was part of his usual routine to patrol random stretches of land, in case something appeared that shouldn’t have. It was daylight here.* -12:37 Apr 28
Evangeline: My birthstone is an amethyst too, which I suppose would explain why I am so attracted to it. I wonder what yours would be? I always see your aura in red, but that is only the outer layers… Do you like sardonyx at all? *Six, seven eight… it was easy to thread beads. Until she did it too fast and pricked her finger! There was a soft huff as she shook her hand!* -12:40 Apr 28
Gabriel: I would not know. I have never contemplated whether there is a favorite stone for me. *The trees were sparse and bare, the land was covered in snow, dotted with tough grass. It was quiet here but then again, that was normal.* -12:46 Apr 28
Evangeline: I’d like to make you something… but I would need to know which stone to pick. You could wear my stones, but I don’t think that would go over well if you were in a fight! *She laughed softly about it, Gabriel wearing pretty jewels and shooting things. It’d be ridiculous.* -12:49 Apr 28
Gabriel: … I believe I shall pass. *Everything appeared to be peaceful here so he began making his way to the mountain range in the distance. For a human, it would take them at least six or seven hours to get there. For Gabriel, it would take a fraction of that.* I would not want to damage a gift of yours by taking it into a fight. -12:52 Apr 28
Evangeline: Oh, I make them really strong. *Evangeline fussed with picking out the main center stone for her necklace.* Have you ever been in a fight with something too adorable to kill? Caroline told me that she’s gotten in to trouble when she hasn’t had the heart to shoot something cute. -12:55 Apr 28
Gabriel: … No. Cute or not, should I have a foolproof reason to shoot it, I will. The only exception would be you. -12:57 Apr 28
Evangeline: Even if I were a zombie and about to eat your brains? *There was a thought! Could she be a zombie now? What about vampires?* ….are there zombie vampires? -12:58 Apr 28
Gabriel: That would be a paradox. Zombies are dead that return to life. Vampires are not alive but neither are they dead, hence the name ‘undead’. -12:59 Apr 28
Evangeline: That’s just silly though, if something is undead that makes them alive. You can die, after all. …so can zombies for that matter! THAT is a paradox! *…one that she was starting to think far too hard on. Before she started mapping it out in her head, she grinned.* But would you kill me if I were a zombie and eating people? I’d be dangerous. -01:02 Apr 28
Gabriel: … You are already dangerous. *He looked around as he stopped at the base of the mountain. Upon further inspection, he discovered the mountain was actually an extinct volcano.* -01:03 Apr 28
Evangeline: I have told you I am. *Evangeline yawn, twisting some wire around her chosen stone. A nice big piece of aquamarine!* I’m almost finished with this piece. Do you think I should sell my jewelry again? I don’t make it as often as I did, but I have all of these extra pieces! -01:10 Apr 28
Gabriel: *He was smiling to himself now. She had indeed.* If you wish to. A little extra money has never hurt. -03:13 Apr 28
[Evangeline was chatting with Gabriel about nothing in particular!] -01:30 Apr 30
[Gabriel had reached the volcano!] -01:32 Apr 30

It was still quiet here! Then again Gabriel did these patrols out of habit and out of the chance of something odd happening so he wasn’t expecting to come across a coven of vampires.

Evangeline: *Evangeline was putting the finishing touches on her piece, it would be nice to know for sure that it looked nice, but Gabriel would be home to check for her. She always used to have Melissa give approval!* I might then. Some of the ladies in Oracle would like them. Would you like to go out for dinner tonight or stay at home? -01:37 Apr 30
Gabriel: I would like to stay home with you. *He appeared on the rim of the volcano. He would have to investigate inside, to be safe. He started the decent, finding a winding stairs carved into the side.* -01:54 Apr 30
Evangeline: Home it is, then! I’d like to try something really different for dinner. Maybe you can bring something on your way home? Like Russian Pelmeni! I think I tried that once… *Evangeline scooped up all her loose stones to put them away in her box,* -02:00 Apr 30
Gabriel: Very well. Is Vlamerias with you? *The volcano was so wide but the stairs gave off a strange aura, the same ancient feeling.* -02:02 Apr 30
Evangeline: She is in her room playing with a few toys. …are you worried about me? *He had that subtle feeling.. not worried, but thinking about being worried. She finished cleaning up her mess so he wouldn’t come home to rocks all over the place!* -02:06 Apr 30
Gabriel: I am often worried about you. *He touched the wall of the volcano. Should this be familiar to him? Ancient, yes. But he didn’t feel as if it was calling to him.* -02:09 Apr 30
Evangeline: No need to be tonight. I think it would take a few explosives to actually get in here! *There were so many wards on the place, she couldn’t even count them all! Evangeline suspected he would add more whenever he had free moments. It was very sweet!* Have you found something peculiar? -02:11 Apr 30
Gabriel: A volcano. Stairs leading down. They feel as old as the ruins but whatever lies below does not pull me. -02:13 Apr 30
Evangeline: That does sound peculiar… If you would like to take a look, I can wait a bit longer for dinner. Or come to get me and I’ll look with you? *She liked the second option better. It was harder to protect him from harm when she wasn’t there in person…* -02:19 Apr 30
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He was still walking down the stairs. The wind whistled past him.* -02:20 Apr 30
Evangeline: Don’t you Evangeline me. Even a Master Vampire Great King needs someone to take care of them… you most of all! *She was well prepared to lecture him for the next hour, if need be! But first, she was trying to figure out how a random sock got in her rock box. And it didn’t even look like Meri’s!* -02:23 Apr 30
Gabriel: *She had a good point but he was not going to let her know that. It would seem he was going to be lectured and by then he had reached the bottom! He spotted something carved into the wall of the volcano across of him! A large temple of some sort and in the space between him and it, the size of a football field, ash and skeletons of different shapes and sizes! The most interesting was the fact that only a few were human! The rest appeared to be vampires, werewolves, even demons and trolls!* -02:28 Apr 30
Evangeline: *Evangeline was taking her box to be put away.* To have things like petting and snuggling, there has to be two alive and well parties. No one can snuggle when one is owing and wincing all the time. -02:35 Apr 30
Gabriel: … Indeed. However, I do not wish to drag you around without needing to. *He kneeled down. It seemed to be ordinary ash. He stood and began walking.* -02:44 Apr 30
Evangeline: Of course you wouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t summon me up when you want me. *It was supposed to be a serious lecture, but she couldn’t help but grin at getting summoned for other sorts of things. Sometimes she was tempted to drag him home just for fun! Ooh, but that was off subject.* Well, now I have lost my trail of thought! -02:48 Apr 30

Unlike the ruins of the past or even the Egyptian Tomb, these ruins had a very different feel and design. Open and airy, bright and warm. Despite the cold near-arctic climate!

[Evangeline has timed out.] -10:54 Apr 30
[Gabriel has timed out.] -10:54 Apr 30
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -10:54 Apr 30
[Evangeline doesn\’t even know what she\’s talking about anymore. She distracted herself with the wrong thoughts!] -10:55 Apr 30
[Gabriel quickly turns around!] -10:56 Apr 30
Gabriel: *His eyes narrowed slightly. Nothing. But for a moment he’d felt … something. Phantoms of the past, perhaps. He approached the temple. The pillars on either side of the ruins were carved into the shape of masked angels with their wings folded, hands clasped over the pommels of swords standing on the point of their blades.* -10:59 Apr 30

Eerie those angels were. Looking down with their righteous expressions. As if the stone itself were alive and still standing guard.

Gabriel: *There was something about this place … He would have to be on his guard. He walked between the angels, expecting to hear the grind of moving stone signalling the statues had come alive, or the whisper of voices. Then he approached the large double stone doors carved with symbols and runes in a language that was ancient when Sanskrit was young.* -11:02 Apr 30
Evangeline: *Evangeline knew when he was getting tense… and for the moment thought it better not to babble at him while he was searching. And it was babbling! He always said it wasn’t, but she did like to talk. Evangeline went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea and hum a nice song!* -11:05 Apr 30

Not a single stone moved yet, something did. Like the ancient ruins of the past and the Egyptian tomb, somewhere something was still active. But so different from what was normally encountered. There was no darkness here at all. No shadow.

Gabriel: *He walked the length of the front and back again, then returned to the front of the doors. If there was no darkness and no shadow, for a creature of darkness like a vampire, it was perplexing, it was disturbing, and it was strangely fascinating. He studied the doors. Something active but something that had meant death to those whose skeletons still lay in the ash behind him.* -11:10 Apr 30
Evangeline: If it were going to kill you, wouldn’t have done so before, like the others? *She wanted him to come home… but he was curious. Rightfully so! She would have liked to explore it too!* -11:16 Apr 30
Gabriel: There is no darkness here. *He also decided not to mention that technically the ruins had not attempted to kill him. The mummies in Egypt had been awakened by Evangeline’s friend so had he not been stupid, that was a crisis that would have been averted.* -11:22 Apr 30
Evangeline: That’s… I don’t think that has ever happened before. *Evangeline had been to places covered in the dark before, but none at all? Things like that just don’t happen. …Now she really wanted to be there.* -11:24 Apr 30

Eternally patient, the stone doors remained motionless. But no less eerie feeling, as if something there were watching and waiting.

Gabriel: I feel like I should know something more of this place. *No darkness, no shadow, guarded by angels, scattered with the skeletons of vampires, werewolves, demons, trolls … Dark creatures. He had a sneaking suspicion. He cut his palm and created a ball of black lightning, then hurled it at the doors!* -11:31 Apr 30

The black lightning didn’t even seem to make it to the door. The brightness of the place was so overwhelming. It dissipated like it had never been!

Gabriel: There is so much light here. *So much light, nothing of darkness, no balance. The ruins and the Egyptian tomb had been the opposite. He looked at the giant symbol carved into the center of the double doors. A circle surrounded by rays stretching out and in the center a unicorn rearing, striking out with its forelegs, in the middle of tossing its head. He ran his fingers over the unicorn.* -11:41 Apr 30

At his touch there was a loud sound! Like the churning of wheels. The big pearly white stone doors slowly tilted inwards as they opened.

Evangeline: You are inside a volcano? *Oooh, she so wanted to see. Just like the ruins in the past, Evangeline really liked the explore them. She was just much more careful that Stevie!* -11:46 Apr 30

Vlamerias: *She popped her head out of her room!* Hello, Mommy! Is [i]Glaër[/i] back yet?

Vlamerias: *She popped her head out of her room!* Hello, Mommy! Is Glaër back yet?

Evangeline: Meri! No, he is a bit busy right now. He’ll be bringing us home some dinner when he’s done though! -11:52 Apr 30
Gabriel: *Gabriel peered inside. Nothing moved. He slowly stepped inside.* -11:54 Apr 30

The inside of the ruins were spectacular! Incredibly tall high ceilings, and still not a single shadow in sight. Huge glassless windows. Big statues of pure creatures. As Gabriel stepped inside the doors slowly closed behind him.

Gabriel: *No matter how breathtaking the scene before him, the one thing Gabriel continued to think about, was the fact there was no darkness here. No shadow. Except him. He turned back as the doors shut, and the wheels that had opened it stopped moving!* -12:03 May 01
Gabriel: *He moved deeper into the ruins!* -12:05 May 01

Vlamerias: Okay, Mommy! *She skipped out into the kitchen to make herself a snack!*

Light danced around his feet, testing how close it could get before shirking back away from him. Even his shadow was missing. And the farther he stepped the brighter it seemed to get.

Gabriel: *Gabriel suddenly stopped. He heard a whisper, then he turned. The doors opened. A figure wrapped in shadow walked in, a darkness so strong the light shrank back, almost hissing at having to give ground. "Ah, it is so nice of you to join me." He turned back, to the ruins. A tall woman, lightly tanned skin, pale hair and dark eyes … So familiar … And then the first bolt of pain struck!* -12:15 May 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline had her tea and had slid in to a chair… but quickly set her cup down. There was something wrong now! But she wouldn’t speak aloud with Meri here! Gabriel. What’s the matter?* -12:17 May 01
Gabriel: *He clenched his teeth, felt his fangs growing! He took a step forward but the next bolt of pain struck again! This one was stronger and lasted longer! He lifted his head in time to see symbols appearing first on one statue, then on another. He glanced over his shoulder to see symbols appearing on the doors, spreading outward. Sigils … wards … protection … destruction!* -12:20 May 01

The entire ruins light up like a candle! Such limitless brightness everywhere. Amplified by every sigil and war that slowly began to appear. Each glowing with their own light.

Evangeline: *He should answer her! Gabriel, I should come to get you! Evangeline was already sliding out of her chair to fetch something!* -12:29 May 01
Gabriel: *One step backwards. Anthony taunting Gabriel when he kidnapped Evangeline and took her to the tanker. Monique kissing Sebastian. Leah helping him fight the withdrawals from Anthony’s blood. The manticore was beginning to tingle on his back. Was he the Great King or Gabriel Carnatelli? Was he a rogue vampire on a mission of eternal retribution or a shell of his former self? Who was his former self?* -12:31 May 01

Vlamerias: *Meri was making herself a peanut butter, chocolate and bbq pork sandwich when she heard Evangeline moving! She suddenly looked worried!* … Mommy?

The light was strong! Shining and bright. Now it was nipping at him like needles, pulling more from him. Trying to leech away the darkness!

Evangeline: We’re going to be getting Gabriel in just a moment. I think I will need Dark, maybe Caroline, just in case! *In the bedroom Evangeline dug out a long coat and pulled on her shoes. Gabriel! Please talk to me? I am going to come get you!* -12:37 May 01
Gabriel: *The Great King sealing Lucretia in a magic scroll! Gabriel protecting Leon’s mother the night she gave birth to him! Evangeline helping piece him back together! Vlamerias offering to bind herself as his familiar! And a woman’s voice, unlike any other voice he’d ever heard! "My Children will not be denied. *I* will not be denied."* -12:41 May 01

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! *Meri hopped off of the table and skittered to Evangeline’s side!* Ready when you are, Mommy!

Evangeline: *Evangeline buttoned her coat up and nodded.* Lets go, quick. He’s won’t answer me now! -12:45 May 01

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! *She took Evangeline’s hand! It was easy to sense where Dark was! He was so much like her Glaër, except he wasn’t guarded by so many wards! He was an ice cream parlor that he’d dragged Caroline to and eating an ice cream cone!*

Dark: *He was licking his cookies ‘n cream ice cream when Meri and Evangeline suddenly popped up!* What the crap! *He huffed when the ice cream toppled to the ground. He was about to start yelling when he saw the looks on their faces. Instead he demanded …!* What the crap did he get himself into this time!

Evangeline: I am so sorry for bothering you today, but I am not sure if I will need help or not. Would you come with me to a volcano? -12:54 May 01

Dark: *Blink blink! Evangeline always did the strangest things! Even by human standards!* … Fine. But don’t think you’re going to offer me up as one of those sacrifices for some volcano god or something!

Vlamerias: But jumping into a volcano is fun! One of my Daddy’s souls said so!

Caroline: Dressed strange for a volano, my lady. *Caroline had finished eating, and didn’t even looked phased. This tended to happen and it was better Evangeline asked for help BEFORE something worse happened.*

Dark: *Dark raised an eyebrow at Meri.* Yeah, well, considering the fact that your Daddy’s souls are all suckers who sold their souls for something cheap like fame and fortune, I’ll pass.

Evangeline: It’s a little frozen there. Okay Meri, lets get to Gabriel. I can’t even hear him anymore! *She moved to take Meri’s hand.* -01:03 May 01
Gabriel: *By now, Gabriel was on his knees, bent over. His fangs were long and his eyes flashed from gray to red and back again. His chest was rising and falling. Darkness. Light. Balance. Sariel mocking him on the tanker. The Old Wolf asking him to take his Pack to the Living Grave. They were not names. They were merely faces. Some young, some old. Some were vampires, some were werewolves, some were humans, and the list went on. There were so many of them. But he. Who was he …* -01:07 May 01

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! *She grabbed one of Evangeline’s hands and one of Dark’s hand. Then Evangeline and Dark each took one of Caroline’s hands! She focused hard on her Glaër, using her Mommy’s help to find out where he was! And then they POOFED! They appeared at the bottom of the volcano!* Mommy! I can’t teleport any closer! *They were close to the stairs and had to cross the graveyard and pass the sleeping angels to the closed temple doors!*

Dark: … Wow. *He looked around.* Well then, what are we waiting for! *He started running for the temple!*

Caroline: WAIT. Don’t go running off so fast! *Meri couldn’t get them any closer, and there was good reason! There was something STRANGE about this place! Caroline snagged Dark before he got too much farther.* Take a minute. Do you notice anything?

Dark: … Besides the fact we’re at the bottom of a volcano? *He huffed and looked around.* I dunno. *He shrugged!* It’s quiet?

Vlamerias: There’s no darkness here! Everything is so light!

Evangeline: *Getting those feelings from Gabriel and now being here in person was much different!* I should have made him come home. Um… Dark should stay outside, I think. -01:15 May 01

Dark: *He crossed his arms.* Fine, fine. Nothing ever happens to the guy who sticks outside anyways.

Caroline: Meri shouldn’t go inside either. It’s too strong here and she’s young. *She took at a glance at Dark.* You won’t be idle little vampire. If there’s no darkness here, we’re going to need some. You’ll have to cast magic.

Dark: Awh man! *He frowned!*

Evangeline: Thank you, Dark! *Evangeline stopped long enough to give him a quick kiss on the cheek, then she was running for those big doors and trying not to slip on ice or rocks!* -01:23 May 01

Vlamerias: *She hugged Evangeline’s legs quickly and stepped back before Evangeline kissed Dark’s cheek and went running off!* Be careful, Mommy! And tell Glaër he has to come back to us!

Caroline: *Caroline watched Evangeline run off before she gave a heavy sigh.* …. I’ll send word if something goes wrong. *Then she was following at a distance. All that light, it wasn’t good a human turned demon either.*

Gabriel: *There were no longer thoughts, merely emotion. Meaningless pictures that threatened to crush him. There were too many, with no rhyme and no reason. No balance. His body was on fire. A woman’s voice whispered the light would purify the darkness. The darkness seeping out of him was clinging to him stubbornly, taking on the form of a pair of large black dragon wings spreading out as if attempting to shield him from all this light.* -01:29 May 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t stop until she near ran in to the stone doors. Pressing her hands against them, they didn’t even feel like heavy stone at all. She pushed and even had to put an elbow in to it to move it. But it did!* Gabriel! -01:31 May 01
Gabriel: *All these people, all these creatures … Who were they. Who was he. Some of them looked at him with hatred. Others as if he had the answers to all the questions, could solve all the problems. There were a few who looked indifferent to his existence. Existence. Did he exist? Or was he a dream? He didn’t seem to have heard Evangeline! Instead, when she tried to approach, the darkness around him grew stronger and lashed out at her, sending out a pulse of energy to keep her at bay!* -01:35 May 01

Caroline: *At the doors Caroline had to stop. Something HERE wasn’t letting her move forward now, and she let out a curse. Grand old ruins, all of them anti-Caroline! Pulling some spells out of her pocket, at least here she could do something. She cast some shadow spells to eat up at the doors. And when the light seemed to eat one up, she’d cast another!*

Evangeline: *Finding Gabriel here was like looking for a bright star in the sky! So easy! But the dark trying to push her back was unexpected, and caught off balance enough to topple over!* Gabriel! You can hear me yes? You promised me! -01:40 May 01
Gabriel: *He faintly heard a woman’s voice but the one whispering to him about the light purifying darkness only grew louder in response. So many memories, so many creatures. So very familiar and yet foreign. The darkness was still coiled around him. The darkness. He was the darkness. Without the darkness … there could never be balance.* -01:43 May 01
Evangeline: Gabriel! *He couldn’t even concentrate on a single thought… Staying on the ground, she crawled closer to him, preparing to duck when she needed to, but not afraid. She could share her strength with him!* Just let me a little closer please? -01:46 May 01
Gabriel: *At her approach, the darkness lashed out again! Balance. Keep. Balance. His eyes were distant. The wings appeared more solid now, polished as onyx. The memories were there, moving as quickly as sand through his fingertips no matter how hard he tried to hold onto them. And he wanted to hold onto them so much … it was so frustrating! He didn’t want to be erased. If being purified meant losing himself, he wanted to remain impure. He … who was he … He was …* -01:55 May 01
Evangeline: Gabriel! *She couldn’t just stop! Evangeline shielded herself with one arm, but she still inched closer. When she was closer she reached a hand out for him.* I can hold you, if you’ll let me! -02:01 May 01
Gabriel: *The woman’s voice no longer spoke of purifying the darkness. She wanted the destruction of darkness entirely which infuriated him even more! By why was he so angry … why was she so angry … did she hate him so much … did he hate her so much …* I could not. I could not betray them. *The words were spoken so softly, it might have been a dream!* -02:09 May 01
Evangeline: You would not ever betray someone, Gabriel. I know you wouldn’t. *This was better. He was speaking to her. But she couldn’t get to his thoughts… She took the opportunity to sneak close, without that darkness trying to push her away. Placing one hand gently on his arm and the other on his knee.* You are who you are because of that. -02:14 May 01
Gabriel: *The darkness was still coiled tightly around him and although it lashed out, Evangeline appeared to be within the "safe zone"! Pulses of dark energy moved outward and then coiled back, from the light. He felt something touching him and heard another woman speaking. He looked at Evangeline but he didn’t seem to recognize her! His thoughts were confused and distorted, scattered across a millenia-long life.* -02:19 May 01
Evangeline: You are so stubborn. *Scooting even closer she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek before resting her forehead against him.* I’ve spent my entire life with a million thoughts in my head. A world of thoughts. You hold me and support me and let me shine… Let me hold what you can’t..? -02:24 May 01
Gabriel: *He was looking at her as if seeing her for the first time. But she was so familiar! She looked like the woman in his memories! He looked uncertain … and then he slowly nodded. If she could help him … He leaned forward to kiss her lips then but pulled back at the last moment, still uncertain.* -02:29 May 01
Evangeline: I’m Evangeline. Your Seer. I’ve only been with you a short time, but I’ve always been for you. *One smile, just for him! He did not even have to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around his neck to hold him close* -02:36 May 01
Gabriel: *"I love you … You are insane … Is this another of your incessant questions? … You are precious to me … You are in my heart … You have my promise, Evangeline." Evangeline. His Seer. His wife. She wrapped her arms around his neck and in response, he lowered his head to her shoulder. She smelled of lavender and soap. He closed his eyes. His breathing began to return to normal and his mind started to pull itself back together. The darkness the light had eaten away began to appear, drawn back to Gabriel.* -02:43 May 01
Evangeline: *Calm. She was calm for him, and open! To take his thoughts so he could focus on one thing. Evangeline stroked her fingers through his hair.* Did you know there can’t be light without dark? I bet there is nothing here to see at all without shadows to fill it. Like I could not be here without you. -02:51 May 01
Gabriel: *His throat was dry, parched. He listened to Evangeline’s voice. She was calm, relaxed, at peace. His thoughts were scattered but with her help, they were being pieced together.* -02:57 May 01

“How unusual. This little bright soul is still an infant…” A peculiar echoing voice filled the area. Bright and burning, hot lava boiled up from the ground to form an oddly shape person. A light elemental. “Let go of that thing, bright soul. He will devour you like all evil darkness is wont to do.”

Evangeline: *Evangeline did not let go of Gabriel, not here where he needed an anchor!* He isn’t evil. And if you stop pecking at him, we can leave you alone! -03:04 May 01
Gabriel: *The light elemental’s appearance stirred something inside of Gabriel. The wings were black as night and polished onyx again.* -03:06 May 01

“He will smother your life, soul. Look as he sucks the light from the world.” In response the element shined brighter, the lava spreading across the floor and getting hotter.

Evangeline: *She tightened her arms around Gabriel’s neck.* I can’t look. Only feel! As he is not taking anything from me… but you are making it really uncomfortable! *And she was really hoping that they wouldn’t be cooked in a volcano. Dark didn’t make that sound good.* -03:11 May 01
Gabriel: *Gabriel’s arms tightened around Evangeline and then the wings actually flapped once, a single, mighty movement that propelled him to his feet. Then he was running for the doors!* -03:13 May 01

“A child of the light trapped in the dark? What a sin… what a sin.” Gabriel’s movements sparked another reaction. The elemental dropped in to the ground again, it’s lava body splashing outwards. Up from the ground of the ruins came more lava… the volcano was coming back to life!

Caroline: *The ground was started to rumble even at the doors, where Caroline was still trying to keep the damned things open… But now the volcano was trying to errupt! Fueled by it’s own power, her spells weren’t holding anymore. ….She sent a warning spell at Dark!*

Evangeline: It’s really hot in here! *She held on! Evangeline could protect him from wild thoughts and shield him, but being burned alive was something else!* -03:23 May 01
[Evangeline is not going to let Gabriel walk in to a volcano again, no matter HOW curious!] -05:16 May 04
[Gabriel bolted for the doors with Evangeline in his arms!] -05:18 May 04

Dark: *Dark spotted the warning spell Caroline sent! He bit the corner of his lip and cast a spell to knock those pillars down to force the doors to stay open!*

That elemental was not keen on letting ANY sort of darkness leave this place. As the ground rumbled more and more lava was seeping out from cracks and corners, a flow now cascading in front of the doors out!

Vlamerias: *Meri, in her devil form, flew into the air to see if she could spot her Mommy and Glaër! She saw the lava flowing outside the doors and hurled ice spell after ice spell at it!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel skid to a halt but he was looking for any sort of opening! He jumped up and landed on top of the closest statue!* -05:23 May 04

Vlamerias: Eep! Glaër! Mommy! *Meri flew toward the temple!*

Caroline: *There were just no EASY rescues with Gabriel and Evangeline. Caroline bit back her cursing as she summoned up a very large axe! The place swallowed up shadow spells, so she was just going to have to do something drastic.* Vlamerias, stay away from those doors! *She was summoning up a spell! A very big spell! *

Vlamerias: *She stopped just as she reached the doors and flew away! She hovered behind Caroline!* But, Warrior Lady …!

Gabriel: *She would need more than a volcano to bury his darkness! And he would show her why! He summoned the Diablo Animus and used the power stored within to attempt a time spell to freeze time momentarily!* -05:30 May 04

Dark: *Damnit, those statues refused to move! He decided to try and harden the lava he could see!*

Caroline: You can go in a moment! Make sure they come out before the entire thing collapses. *It always felt like slow motion when counting the seconds for a spell… But Gabriel’s time-stalling definitely helped! Caroline swung down her axe and lodged it in to the ground! The sound was so loud, it cracked and echoed like thunder!*

BOOM! What an ear shattering sound! From the edge of the axe and zooming across the frozen ground, a crack shot towards the doors, getting bigger and wider! By the time it hit the doors huge pieces of the walls were starting to shake down. Rocks falling and crashing below. With Dark’s spell, now the lava flow was hardening, presenting a small path between the falling stones!

Vlamerias: *She clapped her hands over her ears at the sound! She opened one eye and then another to see the path that had opened up!* Glaër! Mommy! Please, this way! Come quick!

Evangeline: *Trying to hold on to Gabriel and cover her ears at the same time was an awkward feat!* -05:37 May 04
Gabriel: *He turned at the sound and started running for the opening! He clutched Evangeline to him tighter and at the last second, was forced to skid through the small hole!* -05:38 May 04

Vlamerias: *She watched them appear on the other side and clapped her hands!* Yay! Let’s go! Let’s go! I can’t teleport us from here! We have to get to the stairs!

The elemental was struggling against the time spell. Strong enough that time only slowed, but still weaker where it could not seem to increase the lava fast enough to recapture the Darkness before it escaped! The rumbling of that Demon’s spell continued, now bringing down more than just the ruins, but part of the volcano walls as well! The elemental was screaming with rage!

Caroline: *Caroline snatched her axe out of the ground and poofed it away. She was looking pretty weary if not a little annoyed.* And quickly. This place won’t be standing for much longer. *She had already turned on a heel to head back to where Dark was waiting.*

Gabriel: *He returned to his feet and was running for Dark!* -05:44 May 04

Vlamerias: *Meri returned to Dark and quickly cast the spell to take them home! They appeared in Evangeline’s apartment in the middle of the living room!* Wheee! That was fun! * She dropped into a chair!*

Dark: Why the hell couldn’t I get cloned from someone who wasn’t on everyone’s ‘Kill’ list! *He growled and crossed his arms … before he stalked away to raid the freezer for ice cream!*

Evangeline: *Fun wasn’t the word Evangeline would use… but for now she was busy checking Gabriel over! To make sure his mind was in one piece by running her hands over his head.* -05:46 May 04

Caroline: *Normally she’d have a clever retort for Dark… but this time… Caroline just found one of the empty chairs to slid in to and took a deep breath. Taking care of Gabriel’s charges were starting to require a lot more energy than she had the time to save up!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel’s mind wasn’t all in one piece but it would probably take a little rest for it to return whole. Meanwhile, he still had the large pair of black dragon wings on his back! They weren’t as dark as they had been at the ruins and looked smokey gray now.* -05:50 May 04

Vlamerias: *She flew off the chair, to follow Dark into the kitchen for some ice cream!*

Evangeline: To the bedroom! Meri and Dark can take care of Caroline – Thank you, Caroline! – and um… We’ll see if how to arrange wings for sleeping. *Wings were something new, but she would figure that out when she had Gabriel speaking to her.* -05:52 May 04

Dark: Hey Caroline! You need some tea over there!

Caroline: *Caroline grumbled a you’re welcome to Evangeline, while waving a dismissive hand. If Dark was close enough to cast a glare at, she might have.* I’ll get my own tea in a moment.

Gabriel: *Fortunately, the apartment only had a couple of rooms so it only took a couple of minutes for Gabriel to bring Evangeline into their bedroom! He lay her down but when he tried to release her, she stubbornly had her arms around his neck!* -05:56 May 04

Vlamerias: Oohh! Look! It’s the green tea ice cream Mommy brought home!

Dark: What the hell! Green tea … and ice cream! Humans should just stick to the basics! Chocolate, vanilla … cookies ‘n cream!

Evangeline: There’s nothing wrong with me. You should be sitting and laying down. *Not that she was making it any easier by holding on to him, but he did have habits of trying to escape when he wasn’t feeling right!* -05:58 May 04

Caroline: Your obsession with ice cream borders on the ridiculous. *Caroline rubbed her head. That vampire was going to eat the entire contents of Evangeline’s fridge. Maybe she should consider an apartment herself instead of always staying at the motel?*

Vlamerias: OOhh … Klondike ice cream! Here! One for me and one for you! *Meri flew over to Caroline and hovered in front of her!* Would you like one, Warrior Lady?

Gabriel: *There was a moment of hesitation but he finally sat down beside her, with her arms still around his neck! His eyes had gone back to being gray.* -06:01 May 04

Caroline: *She shook her head in refusal at first, but… a little sugar would do her good. She took the ice cream from Vlamerias and fussed with the wrapper.* Thank you, little devil.

Vlamerias: *She smiled!* You’re welcome! *Then she flew away to sit on the couch and eat hers.*

Dark: Hey. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating ice cream. It’s probably the only thing humans made worth appreciating.

Evangeline: *Evangeline kissed his cheek and finally detached her arms from his neck. …only to see about those wings!* Have you ever wondered if some things were meant to be? -06:04 May 04

Caroline: There is something called, Too Much of a Good Thing. *…ice cream was a good thing though. After a bite or two, she gave a relieved sigh. The little bit of sugar would give enough energy to at least not make anyone ask unecessary questions.*

Gabriel: *The wings were soft, slightly cool to the touch, not as solid as they appeared. If it was possible to touch shadow, it might have been what shadow and darkness felt like. Gabriel didn’t move.* Many times. Mostly … about you. -06:13 May 04

Vlamerias: That was a powerful spell you used back there, Warrior Lady! Did someone teach it to you?

Evangeline: *How unusual! But very neat! She’d love to get a good look of them, but now feeling was enough.* I like to think that I’m here just for you. I wish you would lean on me when you need to -before- you make me worry..? -06:17 May 04

Caroline: I had a Teacher once, yes. *Caroline gave a half grin.* Had he seen that spell, right this moment I would be getting the talk about recklessness.

Caroline: …but he had never known Gabriel or Evangeline. *Uurg, there was no way to get around reckless spell using with those two!*

Vlamerias: Reckless? Why? *Now she was wide-eyed with curiousity!*

Gabriel: *He really didn’t know what to say! On the one hand, it was still difficult for him to lean on someone the way Evangeline wanted him to lean on her. He was still … afraid that something would happen to her, that something would happen to him. On the other, he wanted to lean on her. All these memories had shown him how lonely he had been. This was the first time he had someone beside him. He looked away, trying to sort out the words.* -06:24 May 04

Caroline: Hmm. *How to answer a curious devil’s questions without causing concern… A teacher has to keep up appearances after all.* I wasn’t born a demon. A demon has an endless reserve of energy, human bodies do not.

Vlamerias: You were not born a demon! Oohh! I had no idea! So that spell took even more energy to cast than you made it seem! Eep!

Evangeline: *She took Gabriel’s hand to place against her cheek. It was hard to decide if she wanted to shake him for being stubborn, or kiss him for being so sweet!* You worry too much about what I can take. -06:32 May 04

Caroline: It may have been easier to cast if I were able to use reserve spells, yes. *Of which she never had time to conjure now. Caroline was low on marbles with her prefabricated spells. Between lessons and rescue missions, there wasn’t time to store energy!* But yes, I was human once.

Gabriel: Worry has gotten me this far, Evangeline. *He turned back to look at her.* I realize how strong you are, despite what life has thrown at you. -06:36 May 04
Evangeline: It’s gotten you this far and not in very good shape! *Oooh.. that was it! She was tying him to the bed again and not letting him leave! Evangeline released him so she could dig her scarves out of the dresser!* -06:39 May 04

Vlamerias: I know! It sounds like you need one of those–one of those–um, I forgot what the word is but Mommy says it’s something you take when you’re really tired and need to relax!

Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He saw her digging into her drawers and stood. He knew what she was going to do! She’d tied him to the bed once before!* -06:40 May 04

Caroline: A vacation? *Caroline cast a wry grin!* What I need is the world to stop spinning for a few days. Or to leave your trouble-maker masters locked away where they won’t be requiring any assistance.

Evangeline: *It was going to take a lot of scarves. Last night he managed to get out before she even figured out how!* No Evangelining me again. When you go, you never ask for me when you need me. Then you’re tired and hurting! So, I’m going to keep you here until I deem you healthy enough to leave me. *She was already tying a scarf around one of his hands.* -06:44 May 04
Gabriel: If I gave my promise to remain by your side until you deem me healthy, will you put the scarves away? -06:47 May 04

Vlamerias: Oohh! *There was a thoughtful expression on her face! What would it take to make that happen …*

Evangeline: Are you going to share your burdens with me when they are too much for you? There are too many for you to take all at once like this. I can make it easier for you. -06:51 May 04

Caroline: …Vlamerias, you’re plotting. Leave my responsibilities to me, and continue doing what little devil familiars are supposed to do. *Heaven forbid that Vlamerias picked up Evangeline’s meddling habits. She would end up tied to train tracks somewhere, or shipped off to the Carribean in a crate.*

Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He had dealt with them once before. He could do it again. But Evangeline was offering him something, a gift. He could not refuse–especially since he knew, deep down inside, she was right. He went over to her side of the bed, then leaned forward to kiss her forehead.* You are insane. -06:55 May 04
Evangeline: It takes crazy people to do these sort of things. You promise, then? I won’t tie you up to keep you, if you promise. Maybe just for fun. *She grinned wide, sliding her arms around his waist.* -06:58 May 04
Gabriel: *He smiled then and kissed her long and deep. At this rate, he would have made so many promises to her, he would have to write them down!* -07:02 May 04

Dark: *Dark snickered at the look on Meri’s face as he sat down.*

Vlamerias: *She pouted!* Yes, Warrior Lady. Maybe just a little teeny-weeny break then? It’s not as long as a vacation!

Evangeline: *It did make her feel so much better knowing he was feeling better now… Enough to smile at her and kiss her until she was dizzy! Now if he’d be less stubborn!* -07:05 May 04
Gabriel: *He lifted his head, breaking the kiss to brush some hair out of her face.* You need a bath. You smell like ash and sulfur. -07:07 May 04

Caroline: I am finding it very hard to imagine what you might do to give me a small non-vacational break. Nothing that comes to mind seems safe. *She cast Dark a stare at his snickering. Apparently he didn’t realized, Vlamerias’ plots would involve him too!* Although it’s been a long while since I’ve been able to enjoy a date.

Evangeline: Then take a bath with me! A nice long one and then we can see about having dinner. *She was already seeing about getting his clothes off, until she was tapping her chin and wondering about those wings again!* -07:10 May 04

Vlamerias: *Meri’s face let up!* A date! A date! You can definitely enjoy a date! You can even lock up that icky bat so he doesn’t get into trouble while you’re gone! And Dark can go with you and–!

Dark: *He blinked!* Ooohh no! Dark is not going anywhere! Dark is going to stay, take a nap, eat ice cream–

Gabriel: Yes, Seer. *He was still smiling but when she began to tap her chin, he glanced over his shoulder.* I have not had wings before. -07:13 May 04

Caroline: *What a devious smile Caroline had!* He’s too young for me, Vlamerias. I doubt he could handle a date with me and not pass out.

Dark: A date? I saw you take that old Professor out on a date. All you guys did was eat and drink at some fancy restaurant! How difficult could that be!

Evangeline: I like them, but they are not going to fit in the bath very easy. But they’re not very solid either, so it might not matter anyway… *She was still trying to plot it all out… but now she was thinking of him like a giant dragon taking a bath, which wasn’t helping things!* -07:16 May 04

Caroline: That was a nice evening out with friendly company, not a real date. …that old twit is not my type. *Caroline almost laughed. The Professor dated women like Evangeline.* I prefer the company of ..hmm… men with stronger personalities.

Vlamerias: *Meri looked concerned!* Maybe she’s right, Dark! Glaër and Mommy would not like it if you were harmed! You could not enjoy ice cream if you’re injured!

Dark: *Dark got suspicious when Caroline paused the way she did. But then any caution he might have had was thrown to the wind thanks to Meri’s words!* I would not get injured on a date, for crying out loud.

Caroline: … *THAT made her laugh! Vlamerias made dating sound dangerous! …and well… maybe it would be for Dark!*

Caroline: Your body perhaps not, but your pride and your ego… You can not handle lessons with me, you could not handle a date.

Gabriel: You should bath first. I will bath after you and deal with these wings. *He sat down on the bed. He couldn’t think of a reason why he would have them. They were made of shadow and darkness so perhaps they were remnants left from the others who had visited and died at the temple before.* -07:28 May 04

Dark: Lessons and dates are two different things. Evangeline said so.

Gabriel: *bathe -07:28 May 04
Evangeline: Taking a bath alone is not as much fun. *She stepped up to she could kiss his forehead.* You can deal with them in the bath? Or at least in there with me. -07:30 May 04
Gabriel: Indeed. *He followed her into the bathroom where it turned out trying to undress with wings (at least this pair) wasn’t hard at all. They really were made of shadow and darkness so clothes slipped right through them and they were fine..* -07:32 May 04

Caroline: That is true. They are worlds different. You at least have a chance in a fight. On a date… you would be hopeless. *Caroline should not be as amused by it as she was. It was almost tempting to do it just to scare him off the subject for awhile.*

Vlamerias: Yes. Mommy told me about some of the dates she and Glaër have had and the oddest things happen! Well, they sounded normal to me but apparently they are weird in terms of dates and such! *She quickly nodded.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline knelt to run the hot water… Make that cool water! That would feel so much better after a volcano! And some her scented bubbles. The Gabriel-Safe ones. It wouldn’t be good if he smelled like a girl.* Those ruins weren’t like any of the others, but they triggered memories anyway. I wonder how many other places like them there will be? -07:36 May 04

Dark: *He frowned at Caroline.* You’re just saying that to scare me. *He looked at Meri.* And … I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about but it won’t work. I still say I can handle a date.

Caroline: Are you even aware what most people go on dates FOR, Dark…? *Caroline leaned in her chair, resting her chin on her hand. More specifically what SHE went on dates for. Dark had no idea!*

Gabriel: I cannot begin to imagine. This time was different. The memories were vague. They had no connection to the Great King. *He watched her get the water ready and the bubbles.* -07:41 May 04

Dark: *There went those warning signals flashing in his head! Caroline was taking far too much interest in this topic! But Dark was nothing if not stubborn! He folded his arms!* They got out on dates to eat, and talk, and Evangeline said to get to know each other better and something about love. It’s basically the same thing for all dates.

Caroline: Evangeline has clearly not given you the talk about sex yet. I was so sure that she had…

Evangeline: You didn’t belong there and I don’t think it liked having you there either. *From her impression it was all light, and it didn’t like any sort of shadow or darkness at all. That was what Gabriel was made up of! She turned off the water when the tub was filled and fussed with tugging her clothes off.* -07:45 May 04

Dark: Yeah, well … Maybe I don’t want to know about sex. *He glared at Caroline sideways!*

Vlamerias: Bright Lady started to explain things to Dark but then he clapped his hands over his ears and started to sing! It was really nice of him to sing that song I asked him to!

Gabriel: There was a woman there. And a darkness unlike any other. *He remembered that much! And all the raw emotions!* -07:56 May 04
Gabriel: *So much hatred and anger and determination!* -07:56 May 04

Caroline: And if you cannot handle sex, then you can not handle a date! *Thus Caroline’s very smug grinning. Discussion won.* However, it would be nice to go out with someone. If I could find a babysitter…

Dark: I can go on a date and I can handle the talk about sex! *He growled!* Any day of the week, any time of day!

Vlamerias: *She blinked at Dark!* Eep!

Evangeline: Different than the elemental lady? That one was very strong by her own right. She is probably still there. *Evangeline stepped carefully in to the tub… this time making sure she hadn’t dropped there soap in there to avoid anymore slips!* -08:00 May 04

Caroline: Is that so, young wee vampire? What do you want to bet that you cannot stay through an entire date with me? A [i]real[/i] date as it should be. Not one of Evangeline’s silly lessons.

Evangeline: Is that so, young wee vampire? What do you want to bet that you cannot stay through an entire date with me? A <i>real</i> date as it should be. Not one of Evangeline’s silly lessons. -08:02 May 04

Caroline: Is that so, young wee vampire? What do you want to bet that you cannot stay through an entire date with me? A real date as it should be. Not one of Evangeline’s silly lessons.

Dark: *He snorted.* I’ll see that bet. I last the entire date with you, I get to go out by myself without a curfew for as long as I want.

Caroline: Sweetling, if you can finish a date with me, you don’t need a curfew anymore. *Caroline finally shifted from her chair to stand. Though she was swaying a little on her feet, this was an opportunity far too amusing to pass up… or let him think twice about!* I am going to change my clothes. You can meet me at the park. …I suggest you ask for pre-date advice before you show up. *That wicked smirk again, before Caroline pricked her finger and was gone!*

Dark: …. *He blinked once, then twice.* Holy crap, I’m in trouble.

Vlamerias: *Meri patted him on the shoulder and tried not to giggle! That was one part of the date plan down! Now she had to find a babysitter for that cranky, stupid bat! She POOFED!*

Dark: *But first … pre date advice! He barged into Gabriel and Evangeline’s room and finally into the bathroom when they weren’t in bed!* Evangeline! Gabriel! I need pre-date advice! *Then he shielded his eyes and backed out of the bathroom!* Awh man!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow, not in the least bit phased.* A date with whom. -08:17 May 04
Evangeline: *Usually Evangeline expected Meri to pop in to the bathroom with silly questions! Dark was a surprise! She leaned on the edge of the tub, blinking in confusion.* Did that girl from the lunch room finally bully you..? -08:17 May 04

Dark: *Eyes still closed! Hand still over eyes but he was in the bathroom doorway!* Um … Caroline.

Vlamerias: *Meri POOFED to the Warrior Lady’s motel room!* Warrior Lady! I found a babysitter for that cranky, old bat so you don’t have to worry about it during your date!

Caroline: *Caroline was getting ready for a shower!* Did you? I was kidding about the babysitting. …but I suppose keeping him out of my hair for the evening would be better. If he realizes it’s Dark he’ll be all puffed up.

Evangeline: Oooh! That’s wonderful! …um… it’s not a trap is it? Caroline has told me several times that I’m not allowed to match make and you’re too young, and don’t know what to do with women, and… *Wait, she better close her mouth before she babbles out anything that will bother him during the night!* Um, what sort of advice? -08:22 May 04

Vlamerias: *She was thoughtful for a moment about whether the babysitter was really necessary! But then she shook her head to clear her mind! Yes, getting that babysitter was necessary!* I know you wouldn’t like it if something happened to him so yes, yes, I did! I think you’ve met her before! She’s the human witch who works at the Oracle library! Um, she looks like … this! *And then she POOFED into a woman of average height, long black hair and eyeglasses wearing a knee-length skirt and blouse, carrying books! She quickly POOFED back!* She says she’s there all night and having someone to talk to would be rather nice! And she loves animals!

Dark: Well, um … Anything you think would be helpful. Caroline says she’s into men with strong personalities, whatever the hell that means. And then she mentioned that my pride is going to get hurt. Does that usually happen in dates?

Caroline: We will see if she loves animals after spending an evening with Alistair. *Caroline clapped her hands twice, casting a summoning. Alistair appeared and dropped to the floor!* I have a… task you.

Vlamerias: *Meri opened her mouth to suggest drugging the stupid flying hairball but closed it when Caroline summoned him! She certainly couldn’t suggest that now!*

“Aaarrgh, you ill-timed wench! I was having a drink with a pixie and about to get a kiss!” The bat flapped up until he was seated on a lampshade. “You look like death. Off on more adventures then, with the dark lord and his mistress?”

Gabriel: If you are going on a date with Caroline, you will need to have the talk of sex with Evangeline you continue to evade. If you do not, your pride will be the least of your worries. -08:30 May 04

Dark: *At those words, he opened his eyes and glared at Gabriel, making sure his eyes stayed on his face!* … What did you do, plot this out with Caroline and Meri? Look, I doubt it’s going to lead to sex. Caroline’s my teacher for crying out loud! Isn’t that against the ethic code or something!

Evangeline: Oh, don’t say that. You might scare him to death, Gabriel. *The fact Caroline had agreed to a date still seemed like a trap… Caroline enjoyed the company of others, and Dark wouldn’t even sit still for talking about it!* Well… um… Caroline does not normally go out just to have dinner and see movies… -08:33 May 04

Dark: You mean this date thing could actually lead to sex with Caroline?!

Caroline: Thank you for your concern. *Sarcastic as her tone was, she grinned anyway.* There is a woman at the Oracle Library that needs company this evening. Would you do me the favor of staying there with her tonight? I will be busy.

Gabriel: *He looked at Evangeline. A sudden date with Caroline seemed suspicious and it piqued his curiousity about what they had talked about while he and Evangeline were away.* -08:36 May 04
Evangeline: Oh no! No, no, I don’t think Caroline would take advantage of you! You wouldn’t even know what you’re doing, I don’t think she likes that… *Which… really made her wonder!* But if it does, would you know what to do..? -08:37 May 04

“A woman, eh?” That had Alistair’s interests. Enough where he was now preening. “Is she a pretty one?”

Dark: … Alistair keeps mentioning it but he doesn’t make any sense. *He muttered.* So um, could you tell me what goes on about sex and stuff?

Evangeline: *How to explain this to Dark… The subject of sex wasn’t embarassing to her, so long as they were speaking about her and Gabriel. But it took some delicacy to not scare someone when he was about to go on a date!* If the date goes really well, it might start with kissing! And touching and… bother. I might need a book to show you. -08:41 May 04

Dark: *He raised an eybrow.* … You have a sex book lying around here?

Caroline: She is very attractive. A very nice young women. I suggest you head over there now. *Of course, she’s leaving out the bit about her being a witch!*

“Ha! Then I shall take on this task as terrible as it might be!” He sprayed some breath freshener in his mouth before he was making a mad leaping flap right out the window. He couldn’t wait to leave!

Vlamerias: *She waited until Alistair was gone!* So the cranky bat doesn’t like witches?

Evangeline: Not really… which is why we might need one. *Evangeline was tapping her chin again, contemplating.* Caroline is aggressive, but she is a lady! She is always so different when she goes out with men compared to teaching lessons… -08:46 May 04

Caroline: No. A witch cast the curse on him. He isn’t too fond of witches. *With a smirk, Caroline prepared for her shower.* By the time he realizes it, he’ll be too busy fighting with her to care anymore.

Dark: I don’t know. I have this sneaking suspicion she’s going to rough me up just to give me a taste of my own medicine or something. *And he didn’t like the way she’d said he wouldn’t need a curfew if he lasted an entire date with her.*

Vlamerias: *She grinned!* Okay! See you later, Warrior Lady! *And then she was gone!*

Evangeline: Rough you up…? *Oh dear! Those were some interesting images playing out in her head! But then, Dark was so much like Gabriel, it was easier to image Caroline and Gabriel and then she would just get huffy.* … well in any case…! A date is a date, and if it’s not a lesson you’ll have to behave like it’s a real date too! -08:50 May 04
Gabriel: You may be tempted to do many things but you must remember your date comes first. You must be considerate and be willing to try new things. You never know what you like until you try it. -08:53 May 04
Evangeline: And don’t think of her as your teacher, because that will be awkward! Tonight you are just Dark and she is just Caroline. And you’re going out for a nice evening together! -08:56 May 04

Dark: *Dark was nodding, commiting these words to memory.* Right… Got it …

Evangeline: And… you should pester her before she starts pesting you. I think she might be wicked and attempt to scare you, and you shouldn’t let her do it. *Evangeline was so tempted to go and sneak and be sure the date went okay, but… somethings Dark did have to learn on his own!* -09:00 May 04

Dark: Pester her? But why do I do that? *He was thoughtful.* You mean, like holding her hand and stuff?

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled.* Not what I meant about pestering, but that IS a good thing to do on dates. It was my favorite part when going out with Gabriel. -09:05 May 04
Gabriel: Above all, keep calm. A date is ultimately to have fun. If sex should come into the equation, keep in mind it’s best left between two people who have a genuine desire for it. Caroline knows you better than most. She may scare you but she will understand you are not ready for it. -09:07 May 04
Evangeline: That should be safe enough advice… now you just have to get dressed and go! You should dress nice in something really cute! -09:12 May 04

Vlamerias: Dark should take a shower! So he’s all fresh and clean! He can use the one in my room! *Meri said from outside the bedroom!* I’ll find him a great outfit, Mommy!

Dark: Thanks Evangeline. Thanks Gabriel. yeah, I should get ready. *He turned and walked out!*

Gabriel: … It woud seem my devil familiar has learned the craft of meddling with others’ affairs. *He turned back from watching Dark walk away to look at Evangeline.* -09:14 May 04
Evangeline: I feel as if I’m sending my child off to get his heart broken for the first time! *She didn’t acknowledge about the meddling… Meri was a good girl!* I trust him with Caroline and I wouldn’t think it bad if it were a real date… but… it’s a little strange. -09:17 May 04
Gabriel: It is sudden. *He was moving for the bath tub and slowly stepping inside, still wondering what to do about the wings.* -09:19 May 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline shifted to make room for him… unable to help herself from poking at his wings again.* Though I wonder how you are able to give such good advice for dating… -09:21 May 04
Gabriel: We have been dates a number of times. *He replied, raising an eyebrow when she poked the wings. He felt no pressure from them at all, no pain. They were just … there.* -09:23 May 04
Gabriel: *on -09:23 May 04
Evangeline: You had never kissed someone before when you kissed me for the first time, yet that was a very good first kiss. *They weren’t solid wings, so they wouldn’t need any washing. But it was fun to mess with them! They would make a nice umbrella around them!* -09:26 May 04
Gabriel: I told you. Humans enjoy kissing. *The wings lifted and spread, meaning he had a little control over what they did.* -09:34 May 04
Evangeline: But how does one learn without trying it first? *He probably looked very intimidating even in the bathtub. It had her grinning. For now, though, she would get him clean and see where he learned all of this stuff!* -09:36 May 04

Dark: I don’t know about this, Meri … *He was in the shower and Meri had had the foresight to get some ‘manly products’ from some of the guys at Oracle! Like Old Spice and shaving cream and an electric shaver!*

Vlamerias: You’ll do great, Dark! *She was fussing, trying to find some clothes of his she’d gotten from the motel room while visiting the Warrior Lady!* Just remember the advice you got!

Gabriel: I watched. However, Monique gave me pointers on how to kiss. She called it ‘tips on how to kiss the right woman right.’ She was confident I would need the knowledge one day. -09:40 May 04

Caroline: *Caroline had already stepped out of the shower and finished drying her hair. Out from under the bed, she drug out a large case. The thing was getting dusty. Since she’d taken up teaching Dark and guarding Evangeline, there hadn’t been much time for more pleasant activities. She opened it up! Now… to find a dress that’d make any man faint!*

Evangeline: Monique Loncrae-Grey, the witch that called you Kitten? *Evangeline had loved the stories in that diary. Though Ms Grey was disturbed, everyone else thought it was amazing. …Of course, that brought up some OTHER thoughts.* … Did you watch everything? -09:42 May 04
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* You will have to specify what you mean by ‘everything.’ There were many times I was absent. -09:45 May 04

Dark: *It took him several minutes but he was done and getting dry!* So … this wardrobe thing … How does it go?

Evangeline: *Now she was hoping her face wouldn’t turn red, but for the sake of curiosity, she did want to know!* well. I mean, you learned kissing by watching. …did you learn to make love too? -09:46 May 04

Vlamerias: Basically I find you something awesome and cute to wear! Something you don’t normally wear but something that’s not too fancy! You want to make sure your date knows you got dressed up for her!

Gabriel: Yes. Monique found it amusing. Or rather she found the fact Grey was frustrated by me watching amusing. No matter her reasons, she believed it important that I know these things. -09:53 May 04

Dark: *Dark walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist to find some clothes lying on Meri’s bed! He looked it over.* These?

Evangeline: I suppose she thought you would meet someone special some day! What else have you learned by spying on humans? *She was getting the shampoo after his hair now.* -09:57 May 04

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled and nodded.* Hmm hmm! I’ll let you get ready! *Then she had flown out of the room and closed the door behind her!*

Gabriel: Humans romanticize everything. *He replied, folding those wings behind him to make it a bit easier for her.* And what have you learned now that you are an immortal married to a vampire? -09:59 May 04
Evangeline: I have learned that you will always surprise me! It’s nice to not know what’s coming. *She kissed his cheek quickly before continuing with his hair.* -10:02 May 04
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly and leaned forward to kiss her long and deep again.* -10:13 May 04
Evangeline: *She responded with giggles between kisses as she pulled him down to rinse his hair! And to think he would have missed bath time had he not come home with her!* -10:17 May 04
Gabriel: Yes. I see the error of my ways in not taking more baths. *He replied, breaking the kiss so she could rinse his hair.* -10:23 May 04

Dark: *A few minutes later, Dark was looking at himself in the full-length mirror in Meri’s room!* Um … I don’t know …

Vlamerias: *Meri took this to mean he was done and flew inside! Then she giggled!* It’s perfect!

Caroline: *Meanwhile, Caroline took getting ready for a date very seriously. Low black heels so she wouldn’t stand taller than him. A slinky navy blue dress with a swishy skirt at the knees and a silver belt around her waist. For once she left her hair down. No barrets, no clips, no twists. Just a little bit of fussing to get her bangs out of her face. Caroline checked the time before she was stepping out the door and looking smug!*

Vlamerias: Hm. We just have to do your hair … *She pulled out a bottle of hair gel, coated some on one hand, threw the bottle over her shoulder where it landed on her bed, and flew over to Dark! It took a minute or two but she had his hair coated with gel and it was nice and combed!* Yay, done! Um … Now we’re just missing … Ooh, a flower! *She wiggled her fingers and a small bouquet of purple heather appeared in Dark’s hand!*

Dark: … What?

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* It’s the Warrior Lady’s favorite flower! She told me herself! *Although in retrospect, Caroline probably hadn’t realized under what circumstance Meri would use the little tidbit of knowledge!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline had Gabriel’s hair all rinsed, then she was handing him one of her shampoo bottles and turning around so he could wash hers.* I have thought of tying you to the tub before, but that never quite worked out in my head… -10:47 May 04
Gabriel: *Gabriel took the shampoo bottle, poured some on her hair and began to lather it into her scalp. He took the opportunity to plant kisses on her neck and back when her hair was out of the way.* -10:52 May 04

Caroline: *No more magic, spells, or monsters. Caroline was intent on saving her energy and enjoying herself, even if by the end of the evening she’d be laughing at her fleeing date. She walked to the park, waiting at a tree and at least attempting to not think of evil things to do.*

Vlamerias: Okay! So … she’s at the park and she’s waiting! Are you ready? I can poof you there and you two can start the date! *She was giddy with excitement! Is this what her Mommy felt like when she helped people out?*

Dark: *Dark took several deep breaths. He’d even brushed his teeth thanks to Meri bringing that with her when she returned! He nodded.* Yeah, I’m ready. *Or as ready as he’d ever be!*

Dark: *his toothbrush

Evangeline: *With Gabriel washing her hair, and being distracting, she was at least trying to use the soap on them both where she could reach. Still, it was nice to just lean against him since he was so nice and warm!* -11:08 May 04
Gabriel: *He was nibbling on her neck, nipping at her gently without drawing blood. Then he lifted his head so he could rinse her hair from the shampoo.* You smell good enough to eat. *He murmured, lowering his head to her ear so he could nibble on her earlobe. His hands rested on her hips.* -11:11 May 04
Evangeline: *She laughed softly.* That is compliment from a vampire. Do you think we should have eaten dinner before having a bath? *It was always so nice with his voice in her ear… she might tie him up and keep him just for that!* -11:18 May 04
Gabriel: You are a tease, Evangeline. *He kissed her ear and slipped his fingers through hers.* -11:21 May 04

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled!* Yay! Good luck, Dark! Have fun! *She wiggled her fingers and he POOFED!*

Dark: *He found himself in the park. He approached Caroline and offered her the flowers.* ‘Evening, Caroline. You look … wow. *He blinked.*

Caroline: I assume ‘wow’ is good? *Caroline was going to smirk, but she hadn’t expect him to show up with flowers, and certainly not heather! There was a perculiar look on her face when she took them and smelled.*

Evangeline: I am not even teasing yet! *Taking his hands, she pulled his arms around her. Now she was thinking of ways she might tease!* -11:28 May 04

Dark: *Dark snickered.* Believe me, it beats the reactions I get on a regular basis. “Oh my God, it’s the Carnatelli!” “Eekk! Vampire!” … But that’s life. So yes, wow is very good. It’s awfully quiet. *He looked around.* Did you tie that flying rat up, gag him and throw him into a locker somewhere?

Gabriel: Then you are a master at teasing, teasing without even meaning to. *He kissed her cheek, rubbed his cheek against hers.* -11:32 May 04

Caroline: I thought it was better not to have him around sharing his unique brand of wisdom. *She really did love heather. …for this she wouldn’t tormet him so badly. Caroline gave a wide smile.* Have you considered where you will take me?

Dark: Heh. Thanks. He’d never let me hear the end of it. Well, I doubt the bowling alley or arcade is a place to take a date to. *He searched in his pockets.* How about … Broadway? They’re showing West Side Story.

Caroline: *He WAS trying hard! Must have gotten that pre-date advice! She was just going to have to remind herself that she’s his date and not his keeper!* Actually, that does sound amusing. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a live musical. …Iiif, you can manage to stay awake? *A cheeky grin!*

Evangeline: If I am the master teaser, what does that make you? *Evangeline was trying to think of something clever, but it was nicer getting to touch his skin. * I suppose we should get out of the bath. -11:45 May 04
Gabriel: Your ever willing servant and husband. *He murmured.* And then dinner? I believe I owe you a meal. -11:46 May 04

Dark: Eh … I should give all musicals a try. Not just pre-judge ’em, right?

Clip-clop! Clip-clop! Clip-clop! A carriage and white horse approached!

Caroline: …And you are Dark and not bodyswitched with some poor idiot from Oracle?

Dark: Pre-dating advice. You never know what you like until you try it. *He gave a small shrug. He spotted the carriage and driver!* Um, be right back. *He was probably nuts for this but hell, it was a date. He stopped the driver and talked to him!*

Evangeline: Dinner would be divine. Then we can snuggle on the sofa and I can spend the evening teasing you until you growl at me. *Having him growling was fun too… and she was careful not to get the angry grolwing. Only the frustrated kind that was usually followed by her giggling!* -11:52 May 04

Caroline: *How unsettling. If he wasn’t going to behave like she expected him to, that complicated her original ideas. Now she was just plain curious!* ..what did I get myself in to.

Gabriel: I cannot imagine snuggling on the sofa with anyone else. *He kissed her one more time and then stood to step out of the bath and get the towels! He glanced at the wings. Water ran off of them as if the wings were waterproof!* -11:57 May 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline rinsed her hair once more before letting the water drain and stepping herself out of the tub. She made sure to ring her hair over the tub so she wouldn’t get water everywhere.* I can imagine you snuggling with others… but I don’t think I like it. Not even with that, um.. what’s his name, Duchess? He talked about getting snuggles with you and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or lock him in a closet. -12:00 May 05
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* I do not snuggle. I did not snuggle until I began snuggling with you. -12:04 May 05

Dark: *Dark jogged back to Caroline and threw a thumb over his shoulder to the driver and horse approaching.* So, we got a ride to the edge of the park. Ready to go?

Caroline: *How old fashioned, and damned if she wasn’t amused by it. Caroline offered him a smile before taking his arm (offered or not!) to meet the carriage.* Now I think it’s appropriate that we discuss each other.

Dark: *He wasn’t expecting her to take his arm but when she reached out, he quickly offered it!* Um, like favorite color and stuff? *He opened the carriage door for her (he remembered that much from Evangeline’s lessons) and then stepped in after her! Soon after that, the carriage began to move!*

Evangeline: Which means you do snuggle now, and could be stolen by a husband stealing deviant. *Gabriel she trusted… but a woman… or in the case, man, wanted to steal someone’s husband they’d try a lot of things. And now she had gotten herself jealous for no reason. She had been doing that so often after marrying Gabriel! Strange!* -12:11 May 05
Gabriel: *Gabriel took her hands and lifted them to his lips to kiss the knuckles.* Yes but I snuggle only with you, Evangeline. You are my life and my soul. You keep the balance and I would have it no other way. -12:14 May 05

Caroline: And stuff, yes. *Seated comfortably in the carriage, she kept his arm. There was that temptation to lean and flirt, and had it been with a serious date she would have. But… she was going to at least try not to terrorize him too soon since he was making an effort.* Blue is my favorite color, and by coincidence heather is my favorite flower. They grow natural in Norway.

Evangeline: I was scowling again, wasn’t I? *She would have to stop, or one day she might be as crazy as Ms. Grey! She leaned on her toes to kiss his cheek before she took one of the towels.* I love you! -12:17 May 05
Gabriel: *He smiled at her.* Just a bit. *He dried his body off and then headed into the bedroom to get dressed!* -12:37 May 05

Dark: *He was thoughtful for a bit.* Orange is my favorite color. I don’t know, I always figured it was a weird color for a vampire to like. I don’t have a favorite flower but I do have a favorite plant. Cactus. You know, because they look different but they’re really tough, surviving out in the desert.

Caroline: I think you should meet more vampires. You would be surprised at how normal you are compared to many. *What to talk about with him? She was so used to continuous lessons, or lecturing him about lessons, and when they weren’t talking about lessons, she was teasing him so he’d start singing, or trying to get Alistair to stop yapping about her private life.* You asked Evangeline for your pre-date advice?

Evangeline: *Evangeline had wrapped herself with the towel and was combing through her hair.* I would still like something Russian for dinner. Are you going to need something to eat? I don’t want to let you out of my reach. -12:46 May 05

Dark: *That got her a sheepish grin!* Um … yeah. Her and … Gabriel, believe it or not. I barged into the bathroom while they were taking a bath. They uh, took that better than I’d have figured. *He shrugged a bit.* I guess they’re used to Meri interrupting them a lot.

Gabriel: I will have a little of what you’re having. I will get the pelmeni and some Moscow ponchiki. Would you like salad as well? -12:52 May 05

Caroline: You are still alive, so I imagine that must not have bothered them at all… *Caroline would expect Gabriel to shoot anyone on sight for seeing Evangeline naked. Apparently ‘family’ did not count.* …Aside from occasionally being disturbing, they are a good example. *..and she was teaching again. She tilted her head back against the seat!* I have to admit, I am out of habit for dating.

Gabriel: *Dark slowly leaned back and relaxed a little.* Hey, at least you have experience with this. It’s still one of those unknown ‘frontier’ types for me … But it was kind of awkward asking them for pre-dating advice ’cause it was like seeing your parents naked. Not something I’d like to repeat. -12:59 May 05

Dark: *Dark slowly leaned back and relaxed a little.* Hey, at least you have experience with this. It’s still one of those unknown ‘frontier’ types for me … But it was kind of awkward asking them for pre-dating advice ’cause it was like seeing your parents naked. Not something I’d like to repeat.

Evangeline: Hmm.. yes! A salad would be nice… and you are sure you won’t need anything? Because a wife that smells good enough to eat would not mind making sure a husband can stay. *With her hair combed, she stepped out to find himself some nice comfy pajamas to wear.* -01:00 May 05
Gabriel: *He wore a black t-shirt and pants but was barefoot.* I have some bottled blood in the fridge. *He kissed her forehead.* I would rather not run the risk of devouring you whole. *Always a tempting idea though!* -01:02 May 05

Caroline: I believe that is a right of passage… seeing your parents naked at some point in time. I was tramatized for a few weeks after seeing mine. *That was one of those memories that burned in to your brain no matter how old you were. It was probably true for everyone!*

Dark: Wow, so that’s true no matter what country you live in. Go figure. I guess if worst comes to worst, I can try writing a book about it. That seems to be what everyone does.

Evangeline: I guess that means no nibbling at all, either! *And she made sure to step away before he tried! Evangeline tugged out a longer nightgown to pull over her head.* -01:07 May 05
Gabriel: Just a little nibble? *He tilted his head slightly to watch her get dressed.* -01:09 May 05

Caroline: Please don’t do that. If I see another book about some poor traumatized soul, I might just burn the world down. *She cast Dark a smirk.*

Evangeline: I might end up nibbling you if I don’t get something to eat! *She smoothed the gown out once it was on, then had the towel again for drying her hair.* And not the fun nibbling, either! The sharp teeth kind! -01:15 May 05

Dark: *He smirked back.* Okay, okay, no writing books about my tortured soul then. *He noticed the carriage was stopping and got out first! Then he held the door open for Caroline to walk/jump fly away as noram would be.*

Dark: *He smirked back.* Okay, okay, no writing books about my tortured soul then. *He noticed the carriage was stopping and got out first! Then he held the door open for Caroline to step out!*

Gabriel: *He walked out and prepared the food, which was a simple matter of casting a spell to conjure the food! They were nice and hot, waiting on the table for the two of them!* -01:18 May 05

Caroline: *It was still strange, but relaxing certainly helped. She stepped off carefully, making sure to balance herself with a hand on his shoulder until her feet touched the ground.* Although… if you wanted to sing about it, that might be acceptable.

Dark: *He grinned after paying the carriage driver. Odd that he happened to have the exact amount for the ride in his pocket!* I bet. You got me so worked up about one of the lessons I sang until my throat was hoarse.

Evangeline: *It was really nice having a husband that could bring back anything, or conjure something! It sure beat having to walk across town for things, and she most certainly wasn’t great with cooking anymore. Evangeline hopped to kiss Gabriel’s cheek before confiscating one of the pelmini.* Have I mentioned how much I love you? -01:24 May 05
Gabriel: No. And you know I do not mind hearing it again. *Gabriel smiled at her and helped her to her seat.* What would you like to drink tonight, Mrs Clark? -01:26 May 05

Caroline: It did make for a quiet complaint-free evening. Though I prefer the singing to strangled grumblings. *Smirking still, she doubted he knew she taunted him to singing on purpose.*

Evangeline: I would like a glass of iced tea, Mr. Clark. *Crossing her feet together, she was already nibbling away on dinner. A quiet day followed by a volcanic evening really did make a girl hungry! She did worry about keeping Gabriel home and not letting him go out and feed!* -01:32 May 05
Gabriel: *He made a glass of iced tea for her and then got a bottle of blood from the fridge. He ate sparingly, of course but he enjoyed the food!* -01:54 May 05

Dark: *A smirk. Now they had walked out of the park and were approaching Broadway! They were just in time to get to their seats and get some refreshments!* Yeah, except where the flying rat kept talking and talking and talking. How’d you two meet?

Caroline: I’m not sure if that’s an appropriate date story. *Caroline cast that wicked flirty smile. Just this once!* At the time there were harlot houses. I was there tracking down a demon and came across Alistair trying to charm any woman that didn’t try to kill him first.

Evangeline: *Evangeline ate in silence, if only because she was so wrapped up in thinking. She loved these evenings even when they came after something scary. She didn’t get them when she was younger, and Gabriel rarely had those moments either. She was caught up in trying to look over those memories!* -02:05 May 05

Dark: *Maybe not an appropriate story for a normal date but they weren’t normal! They found the seat–with some help from the usher!* Lucky you, you got to take home the flying rat.

Gabriel: *Gabriel often looked at her during the meal but she always had that same contemplative look on her face so he left her be. Her thoughts seemed focus in one direction. He smiled a bit at her and took one of the candies sitting in the bowl at the center of the table to eat.* -02:07 May 05

Caroline: I really wasn’t trying to take him at all. He tried to romance me, like he does with every other female he runs in to and… I suppose he felt I was better company than harlots or witches. *Caroline settled in her seat. She really was tired after that afternoon. Getting to sit and do absolutely nothing would be bliss.*

Evangeline: *The sound of a candy wrapper had her tilting her head and smiling! Some memories were a lot better than others.* Did you ever finish reading my husband wishlist? -02:12 May 05
Gabriel: *He nodded.* Hmm hmm. I especially thought the part about dealing with drunk warlocks amusing. It was quite a list. -02:23 May 05

Dark: *He snickered.* So, he was your first stray then.

Evangeline: For some reason most of my visions involved warlocks then. That was a particularly bothersome group of them! *She almost wondered what it would be like to run in to that same group now!* -02:25 May 05

Caroline: Yes. It was some years after I lost my own teacher. I supposed I missed the company of travel companions. Not that Altair is ever pleasant company. *Altair was a real pain a great majority of the time!*

Gabriel: And the one about your wish husband wearing black? -02:33 May 05

Dark: He must have his moments of usefulness if you keep defending him like you do. Don’t you ever find it weird how things turned out? I mean, how we met and how we are now.

Evangeline: I thought a knight in black was a lot more interesting than one in white… You never see white knight get dirty and that means they really aren’t out fighting and saving people at all. *…it made perfect sense to her, anyway!* -02:36 May 05

Caroline: Did I wonder if the feral vampire about to eat up some idiot human would later be a slightly more interesting house mate? No. It makes me wonder now, though. If all the things that don’t make any sense now will make more sense in the future. *She tilted her head to cast him a smirk.* Of course, if you want to discuss fate and destiny, that’s more of Evangeline’s expertise…

Dark: *He grinned.* Nah, I’ll steer clear of that one. I’m learning the hard way it’s risky business. Everytime she talks fate and destiny, I start wondering when she’s going to need a favor next.

Gabriel: I assume you were also having trouble with jelly fish at the time. -02:44 May 05

Caroline: I believe she’ll be needing favors as long as we’re living. …but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like her. Several hundred years ago, she was the sort of woman men would go a fight wars for. You don’t meet many people like that now.

Evangeline: Not personal wise… but I always had, and occasionally still have jelly fish dreams. I watched a special on tv about jelly fish. Did you know they have the most painful sting in the world? And they like to swim in big swarms! If you got in the middle of a giant jelly fish swarm, it’d probably be the most horrible way to die. *She had clearly thought a lot about the subject. Even now she was making a face and wondering if just talking about it were going to give her jelly fish nightmares…* -02:50 May 05

Dark: I guess you’re right. Then again, Gabriel is always fighting something for her. *He shrugged.* I guess that’s love, huh.

Gabriel: *He leaned forward and to the side to kiss her lips gently.* I will chase away your nightmares. -03:01 May 05

Caroline: *She smirked at him again.* You’d be surprised how true that is. Most people are never in situations where they find out, though. It’s not a good experience finding out your husband would rather save himself than you.

Evangeline: Gabriel… that’s really silly… *If only because she imagined him in her dreams chasing around giant jelly fish with his sword! Evangeline couldn’t help but smile.* I think sea creatures are immune to vampires? -03:07 May 05

Dark: *There was a look of disgust on his face.* That bites. If I was a girl and my spouse did that, I’d kick the monster’s ass and then kick his ass. But I’m not a girl so men are lucky that way.

Gabriel: *He smirked.* They think they are but they aren’t. Not this vampire, in that regard. May we snuggle now? -03:08 May 05

Caroline: Ah, would you? What if your were a town speaker and you found out your new wife was a demon when an angry mob came to fetch her? *Not a topic one should grin about, but the look on his face was amusing.*

Dark: Hrm. *He blinked and had to think about that one.* Depends. Good demon or bad demon?

Evangeline: *There was not a woman in the world that could resist a snuggle request like that! Evangeline nodded, and after drinking the last of her tea was taking his hands to pull him to the sofa.* -03:11 May 05

Caroline: We shall say a good demon with a bloody temper. The village doesn’t know that though. They think all demons are bad ones.

Gabriel: *He followed her to the sofa but when it was time to sit, he found it a bit odd to do so with the wings. He raised an eyebrow as he glanced over his shoulder.* I will have to take care of these wings somehow. -03:14 May 05

Dark: Oh okay. *He realized something and glanced at her sideways.* And uh, what the hell is a town speaker?

Evangeline: They aren’t entirely tangible… maybe if you will them away? That is what most angels seem to do! -03:15 May 05

Caroline: A popular individual that almost has as much power as the mayor. They tend to speak for the townspeople during important events. Does that make a difference?

Dark: Not in terms of my rescue plan. I seize a torch from the closest place, use it to keep them at bay, get my wife to the stables, grab a horse and the two of us ride off!

Gabriel: *Gabriel was silent for a bit and then the wings darkened and disappeared! His eyes flashed gold briefly and then returned to gray!* My thanks. Your idea worked. -03:21 May 05

Caroline: And abandon the village, hmm? That would likely be a mob of people chasing you down with swords and pitch forks. *Still she was grinning. It was a good answer. The obviously correct or make your date scowl answer, but a good answer.*

Evangeline: I suspect you can make them reappear when you wish also. *For a moment she thought of vampire folklore and their batwings and such… but snuggles were more important. Evangeline plopped on the sofa, patting the seat next to her.* -03:24 May 05

Dark: *He shrugged.* Let’s see how far they chase me when they land into trenches cleverly disguised by leaves and stuff, filled with wild animals who’d love a snack or stuffed scarecrows to make them piss in their pants.

Caroline: Traps like that would require planning, and if you had that much time to design them, what on earth would you still be doing in town with a demon wife?

Dark: … Maybe I’m really bored with being the townspeaker and had lots of time on my hands? And so the original purpose of the traps was to scare away invaders and I still had no clue about the demon wife.

Gabriel: *Now he had wings to worry of but that could wait. He smiled as he sat down beside Evangeline and slipped his arms around her. He did enjoy snuggling with her.* -03:28 May 05

Caroline: *She eyed him for a minute before she laughed!* I think the world would be a drastically different place if you were the townspeaker then…

Evangeline: *Evangeline put her arms around his neck, and eventually it was just better to crawl on to his lap. That’s where she tended to end up anyway! She nuzzled his neck and breathed deep… He smelled like fresh bath water and rain!* -03:30 May 05

Dark: *A grin!* It’d be a hell of a lot less boring, that’s for sure. But I probably wouldn’t let the wild animals stay in the trenches for too long. That’s a lot of feeding.

Gabriel: *Gabriel smiled and held her close. He stroked her hair and lifted his head a bit when she nuzzled his neck. They didn’t get to snuggle very often but the fault rested with him. Evangeline was always there but lately he’d become determined to unravel the mystery of the Great King, despite not wanting to.* -03:34 May 05

Caroline: Which means your angry mob of villagers fall in to trenches without wild animals to eat them. I suppose it would take them a day or two to climb out.

Dark: True. And if we’re talking run-of-the-mill villagers maybe a little longer … especially if I have barrels of something slippery to pour on top of them while they’re scrambling around. Hey, that’s even better than wild animals because I’d just need to have stored the slippery stuff.

Evangeline: You could take me with you and get in between mystery snuggles? *And she was perfectly serious! It would be like in between lessons at Oracle! The trainees were always weirded out, but she liked getting to have her moments with Gabriel.* -03:42 May 05
Gabriel: *He laughed softly, although he knew she was serious!* We may never solve any of the mysteries. *He said, teasing.* But yes, I believe I would end up in less trouble if you were beside me from the start. -03:44 May 05

Caroline: You realize that you’re putting a ridiculous amount of planning in events that have already happened? If you’re going to plan the details, it should be present date relevent. You’re going to end up with a city full of slayers. With guns, more likely.

Dark: *Dark shrugged again.* I was kind of answering the question on a ‘what would I do?’ type of deal. I didn’t really think in terms of present or past. I guess in that case, it’s the whole “run away and slink off somewhere far away” thing.

Evangeline: I don’t believe there is a rush to know, just yet. So a little snuggle time here and there will probably make for a much happier Great King in the end. *She hugged him tighter, finding herself nuzzling at his neck again. It was so nice when he laughed! She might have tried to tickle him, but that never seemed to work!* -03:48 May 05
Gabriel: *He smiled and was stroking her hair again.* With you, Evangeline, there are no endings, just beginnings. I love you. -03:49 May 05

Caroline: I think I’m disappointed. You’re not going to barricade a building somewhere or plant land mines? *Caroline cast a teasing grin.*

Dark: I figured we’d run into a candy factory or something, push them into chocolate vats or lock them into freezers. Oh, I got it! Take them into a place where they’re cutting up meat and then lock them into the freezer there. They always have huge freezers. Or sticking them into giant crates and sending them off to Alaska or something.

Evangeline: I like the way that sounds. Always beginnings. Do you think we can have frivolous snuggles for the rest of eternity and it always be just as nice? -03:52 May 05
Gabriel: *He kissed the top of her head.* As long as I am snuggling with you, it will always be this nice. If I was a cat, I would be purring. -03:54 May 05

Caroline: May need quite a few crates. The entire process will probably unmasked the supernatural to the human world again, and start the next Great War. Would you rather your wife fighting with you or have her hiding somewhere safe? *The question was purely fort curiosity’s sake. She knew how Gabriel would answer, but Dark had his own thoughts and point of view…*

Evangeline: *Evangeline giggled softly.* You do purr sometimes, Gabriel… You would be an adorable cat! Hmm, but I like you as a man so much better. -03:57 May 05

Dark: That depends. If she can kick ass, I think she’d be better suited for fighting than hiding. *He’d always thought humans to be slow when it came to supernatural stuff but he figured she was right … they probably would notice something wrong.*

Gabriel: I purr? *He raised an eyebrow.* -03:58 May 05

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