051 Possession of Dark

Dark experiences his first possession and Caroline gets very reckless to fix it. It’s decided that Caroline no longer needs to be Dark’s teacher.

[Dark was feeling awfully tired … Stupid bat and his damn marathons!] -04:43 May 19
Dark: *Dark yawned and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.* C’mon, Caroline. We’ve been at this all morning. *And he wanted to hit the ice cream parlor before lunch!* -04:44 May 19
[Caroline is known to have the occasional weakness for letting them all sleep late!] -04:44 May 19
Caroline: And we’ll be at it longer to make up for a late morning, won’t we. Any more ice cream in you, and we’ll be buying you larger clothes. -04:45 May 19
Dark: It’s that flying rat’s fault. He was the one who wanted to watch that stupid show of his. *He was not getting into trouble for an idea that wasn’t his!* -04:48 May 19

“Aye. Little bastard is startin’ to look all round and plump in the middle.” said the bat perched high up in the rafters. HE was fit as a fiddle.

Dark: (testing)

Dark: *He narrowed his eyes. He picked up a book and flew it at the bat! Stupid, little–!* -04:49 May 19
Caroline: Indeed. And keeping ME awake a long with you. Or do you forget how small those motel rooms can be? *Dark DID look tired. Moreso than usual. Ah, but just as moody and irritable as usual!* We can take a break and get some fresh air. …no ice cream. -04:50 May 19

Alistair dodged the flying book like a champ. “Doncha go blaming me for yer lack o’ self control! Any fatter and ladies are gonna start callin’ ya Dark Carnafatti!”

Dark: Grr … I am NOT getting fat, you poor excuse for a familiar! *He was looking around for something else to throw at Altair when Caroline announced a break! He frowned at the "no ice cream" part but a break was a break! He couldn’t say no to that! He stalked outside!* -04:54 May 19
Caroline: At least ice cream is not as fattening as caramel choclates…. *She said with a wide smirk at the now huffy bat near the ceiling. Stuffing her hands in her pockets, Caroline followed Dark!* I am considering passing your training soley over to Evangeline and Gabriel. -04:56 May 19

“What, what?!” Alistair was indeed puffy! Looking down at his furry tummy. The only fatty around here was that vampire! He jumped out a window to go flying and a short distance.

Dark: *Stalking … stalking … He didn’t realize Caroline had spoken, much less was behind him until a couple of minutes AFTER she had spoken! He blinked. But any concern he had over zoning out was dashed when he realized what she’d said!* … Wait! What?! What for?! *He turned around to face her. What the hell was wrong this time?!* -04:59 May 19
Caroline: Such a horrifed look! I might assume that you would miss me. *Caroline only gave him a sly grin as she walked on past him.* I don’t need to tell you what for. And it wouldn’t be permanent. -05:01 May 19
Dark: Haha, very funny. *He muttered as she walked by.* But really, why. Is teaching getting to be too much for you. Or are you on this trip where I have to go spend more "quality" time with them. -05:04 May 19
Caroline: I think Evangeline has enough plots for quality without me helping. What if teaching was becoming too much for me? Wouldn’t that ruin your perception of your flawless adult role model? *She was joking with him again… but in all honesty she was getting tired too fast too often! She hadn’t had to put so much energy in to such a short time frame since that one War!* -05:07 May 19
Dark: That’s all I need. Talks about how important I am, and how I can make a difference versus the drill sergeant from hell who seems to want to kill me before toughening me up. *He huffed and ran his fingers through his hair.* -05:11 May 19
Caroline: You should appreciate having people that play the role as your parents. You have no idea how that influence will help you later on. ….but I won’t lecture you now, as I spent the entire evening listening to late night television and all morning trying to teach a moody vampire! I’m just going to sit and breathe. *The benefit of the this Oracle building, was that it was so close to one of the city parks. It made for a short walk down a street and across some grass to one of her favorite benches by the lake. Caroline sat herself down and as usual, that china teacup with a nice hot liquid appeared in her hands.* -05:15 May 19
Dark: …. *Women! He just didn’t get them! They expect the world on a silver platter withOUT having to tell you and when you fail to give it to them, then they bite you up and spit you out! He huffed. Typical! He jammed his hands into his pockets and started walking. Screw this whole "train to save the world" thing! That’s what Gabriel was for!* -05:23 May 19
Caroline: *Caroline cast as smirk as he stomped off and simply drank her tea. She could drag him back once she had a break!* -05:24 May 19

It was Alistair that flew after Dark instead. Flapping nearby, but out of grabbing distance. “You’re as dense as a block of solid stone, Carnafatti!”

Dark: Yeah, look who’s talking, you sorry sack of fur! *He growled. Like he really needed THIS of all times! Seriously. Could he go NOWHERE without someone following him or keeping tabs on him somehow?!* -05:30 May 19

“HA! I’ve lived with her for YEARS and ~I~ have never drained her like you and that pompous fang-toothed psycho with the pretty wife!” Alistair taunted some more flapping around to the other side of Dark. “Have her tear down a mountain and then go on a fancy date – ya might have Incubus blood in ya too!”

Dark: Talk all you want. You call him names behind his back but let’s see you do that when he’s face to face … *As soon as Altair was flying around him, he ducked into the ice cream parlor. No way in hell he was going to pass up THIS chance!* -05:37 May 19

Pff. Alistair WOULD insult Gabriel to his face, but obviously the bat was far too busy to bother. He zoomed in the parlor after Dark, perching himself on his shirt collar and just DARING him to make a big scene in public. “Do you know why she’s going to get rid of you, eh, eh, fangbreath? Yer high maintenance! Can’t keep up. Soon you’ll be tossed aside like yesterday’s trash and it’ll be I and the Lady Shade once again!”

Dark: *He blinked and then glanced away.* Yeah, well, fine. I can deal with my life on my own. If Gabriel could do it, so could I. *He grabbed for Alistair to throw him out the door or the window! Oh, or even the trash can in the corner!* -05:45 May 19

Alistair crawled right down the back of Dark’s shirt and out of hand reach! “Haha, but her honor is her word! She vowed to watch your chilly carcass! Now my future wife only sleeps and follows you around like a puppy!” Obviously Alistair was really wanting to pick a fight today, moreso than usual! It was made evident when he gave Dark a good bite on the back before slipping out the bottom of his shirt and flying out the door!

“Sir …” The employee for the ice cream parlor finally appeared only after Alistair flew out the door! “Sir …?” She spoke a little louder to catch his attention. The customer was staring out the door all weird-like!

Dark: …. *Instead of replying, he just walked out the door, too! And he kept walking! He ended up at the city aquarium and visited the shark tanks!* -05:52 May 19

Alistair made a beeline back for Caroline, landing on her shoulder as if he were the most innocent creature in the world.

Caroline: …what did you do. *She asked calmly, but with that hint of annoyance in her voice. Alistair never came back quiet and ‘innocent’ unless he had gotten in to trouble. Caroline expected a pack of warlocks or some weres to come following after him.* -05:54 May 19

Alistair snorted. “Nothing. When are you going to tell that twit that yer a tired old woman and worn out with all their antics. I have not see you so weak since that Incub-”

Dark: *He put his hand on the glass, standing in the cool darkness. There was no one else around. It was almost time for the morning dolphin and whale performance show.* I can handle it on my own. I don’t need anyone. *He muttered, watching a hammerhead shark swimming just a few feet away.* -05:57 May 19
Caroline: Say another word and I’m going to pluck your wings off and feed you to a snake. *She took another long sip of tea.* You make too many assumptions. Where did my charge go, or is that who you’re hiding from now? -05:57 May 19
Dark: *No one. No cares in the world. His own choices. He wouldn’t be another "pet project". He wouldn’t be some vampire with another vampire’s face. He wouldn’t be expected to take on the world and try to save the humans from themselves. He would just be him. Dark. Caroline and that fuckin’ bat could burn in hell for all he cared. They all could. He didn’t need them. He didn’t need anyone …* -06:00 May 19

“Run off if he knows what’s good for ‘im! Made sure he knew it was only a matter of time before ye dropped him off on that psycho’s doorstep and we were on our merry way!”

Evangeline was teaching a class when she was told there was a phone call for her! It was Melissa, a reconnaissance hunter who often came to Evangeline for advice about the many men she dated!

Caroline: *Her teacup vanished as she stood slowly, sweeping the bat off her shoulder in one fluid motion…and proceeding to wrap one of her coal black ribbons around his furry body.* You told my charge I was going to leave him. Abandon him. Is that correct, Alistair? *She made sure those ribbons were pulled nice and tight!* -06:03 May 19

Evangeline: Oh! Um… everyone just hang still for a moment! *A room full of hunters wrapped in jumping ropes weren’t sure how to ‘hang still’, but Evangeline was already leaving to get the phone!* Hello Melissa! You didn’t have another bad date, did you?

Alistair gulped! It seemed he had gone one step too far. “Now, Caiolainn. D-Don’t do anything drastic! I am only concerned for your health…!”

“Um no … Evangeline, um, it’s about Dark … I think he’s up to something but I can’t figure out what. He’s here at the aquarium and he’s watching the whale and dolphin show … Evangeline, I think there’s something wrong. I tried to talk to him but he didn’t even recognize me. I have a bad feeling …” Melissa sounded upset and worried. And she usually had a really good reason to be!

Caroline: My health. *Caroline flashed a wicked smile. An almost fanged smile!* I am patient with you, Alistair. But do not harm the people close to me if you wish to stay with me. …Go home. *The black ribbon vanished as she tossed him up in the air!* -06:11 May 19

Evangeline: I see… Well, I am sure it will be all right. Caroline is close by, isn’t she? *Caroline rarely let Dark out of her sight unless he was with her or Gabriel!*

That was more than enough warning for the cursed bat. Gasping for his breath, he flapped off in to the sky and zoomed off!

Caroline: *She should have broken his neck. Or thrown him in the lake. He most certainly deserved it. There were occasions where having her humanity wasn’t convenient. But for now she needed to be concerned about where Dark escaped to and repair the damages Alistair stirred up. A smell searching spell, and she was following Dark’s trail!* -06:15 May 19

“That’s just it. Caroline is nowhere to be found! He’s all by himself. He’s not really doing anything but … Christ!” She swore and Evangeline could hear the sound of panic and chaos! People screaming! “Evangeline, I gotta go.” So much for not doing anything! There was magic at work here and not at all the type of magic she was used to dealing with! Then she hung up!

Dark: *Dark leaned away from the pillar he was leaning on and began walking to the pool. The people were fleeing. It hadn’t taken very much power to prompt those underwater creatures to turn on their trainers. In fact, that one killer whale still hadn’t released his human toy after dragging her under!* -06:17 May 19

Evangeline: *That didn’t sound good at all! She was going to have to fo fetch him, or find Caroline on the way! Evangeline just returned back to her class to get her coat.* Class is over! You are free for the day. I’m going to go save Dark from peril, so please make sure you clean up the class for me!

“Dark! Dark, stop!” Melissa huffed. She might not know how to deal with this type of magic but damn if she was going to let this continue! She pulled out her gun! She didn’t want to have to do this but …!

Caroline: *Surges of power were not hard to feel when you were looking for them. Caroline’s arrival at the aquarium was confused, but there was little time for questioning! As she dropped from the air near the larger tanks, she immediately had to throw out a spell circle that woman being pulled under by the whale and have her ported out!* …what in hell’s name is going on here?! -06:22 May 19

Melissa turned! “Caroline!” There was a look of relief on her face–until a burst of air knocked her off her feet and onto her back! The gun flew out of her hand and dropped a few feet away!

Caroline: *It took a larger spell to dispell the enchantment over all of the animals! Now the only chaos was fleeing humans! Caroline walked, not ran, her way to Melissa. Dark was here, but not of this seemed like Dark’s style… even if it was his power signature!* Are you all right, Melissa? -06:33 May 19

She groaned and sat up. “That’s gonna hurt for awhile …” she muttered, holding her head. She looked up at Caroline and still managed to smile. “I’m fine, thanks, Caroline. Are you gonna need any backup?” It wasn’t that she doubted Caroline could handle things but … it never hurt to ask!

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t need her scrying crystal, she knew where the aquarium was! But on the way, she did make sure to tell Gabriel she had left Oracle to get Dark.*

Dark: *He watched Melissa fall and kept walking toward the pool! He lifted one arm and the water in the pool swirled together and then formed a pillar of twisting water, thirty feet tall! He turned around and sent the water pillar smashing into a few fleeing humans!* -06:36 May 19

Gabriel: *He crossed swords with the animated suit of black armor.* Be careful, Evangeline. *Then he pushed it back and pressed the advantage!*

Caroline: *Caroline held up a finger as she glanced around carefully.* I might… but not quite what you can do. Make sure no one gets trapped here and all mortals get out in one piece. …It’s Dark here, isn’t it? *She didn’t want to think so, but..there was that magic again!* Nevermind. Humans, out! *With that she was stalking across the grounds, calm but quick. That water that had went crashing in to the people, she pulled up with her own magic, twisting and rebounding it right back where it came from!* Dark! If this is about ice cream…! -06:39 May 19

Melissa got up and was scrambling to help the people who’d been trapped by that water out of the crossfire!

Dark: *His eyes were glazed over and he didn’t seem to be looking right at her. Instead of replying, he jumped into the pool of water and disappeared! Gone! Teleported!* -06:44 May 19

Evangeline: You should tell that to Dark! I think he’s upset. Or Caroline. Well, possibly both of them! Dark feel so similar to you when I am looking for him. But Caroline almost never gets so upset that I can feel it! I didn’t think she ever got mad about things! *Admittedly, she was rambling again, but it was better than speculating and getting worried!*

Gabriel: It will work out, Evangeline. *He saw the warlock he was going after, scurrying across a catwalk up high. Then he was running for the armor and jumping on it, then jumping on another armor, and then another! The whole room was filled with animated suits of armor!*

Caroline: *Strange… Caroline nearly piggy-back teleported after him, but Evangeline had entered the property, and now Caroline was cursing under her breath. She was stomping to meet the woman before she walked in to trouble.* Evangeline, go back to Oracle. -06:48 May 19

Evangeline: There you are! Melissa said she hadn’t seen you, so I was worried and came to… fetch.. Dark… *Evangeline paused, chewing on her thumb while she felt the damages. Something had happened here, and not just a vampire going crazy and throwing spells out willy nilly.* hmm… where is he now?

Dark: *Dark appeared behind a pillar in the subway! He stuck his hands into his pockets and slipped onto a train!* -06:50 May 19
Caroline: I intended to follow him until you interupted, so please go back to Oracle. I cannot handle both you and Dark at the same time. *Caroline was never blunt with Evangeline, but some cases she needed to be quick. She was already taking Evangeline by the arms and turning her around to march her out.* -06:53 May 19

Melissa was checking on some people nearby. She stood and walked over. “Evangeline! Phew, you’re okay!”

Evangeline: But I can he- *Her complaint was cut short the moment Caroline had turned her around. The vision was so unexpected! …and worrying!* …I am going to ask Gabriel to fetch him, you should go back to Oracle with Melissa.

Caroline: Evangeline, I don’t like that expression. Nor do I sit at home and wait. *Fetch Gabriel, indeed. That meant Dark was in serious trouble and he was HER responsibility. Before Evangeline protested, Caroline had her pin from her pocket. A murmured spell to follow Dark’s signature, and she was teleporting after him!* -06:58 May 19

Evangeline: …Blast it! She is as bad as Gabriel! Melissa, he didn’t seem himself at all did he?

“Um … no …” She sounded upset just to have to recall it! “I just got … some bad vibes from him. He didn’t talk, he didn’t smirk, nothing. And his eyes were … weird, too! You know, distant and it’s like he couldn’t see me!” She glanced off to the side. “It was … kind of like how Gabriel was when that Mother had him.”

Evangeline: That’s what I was afraid of… Caroline is going to do something reckless. *Evangeline had learned a lot of possession from Caroline while Gabriel had been gone. And Caroline would not take it well when she realized something had Dark now!* Did everyone leave here safely at least?

Dark: *The train was full! Dark slipped out at the next stop, then he slipped into the tunnels and started walking on the side!* -07:07 May 19

She nodded. “Um, I think so. The paramedics just got here but it looks like we just have broken bones and some sprained ankles. It’s a lot better than what might have happened.” She put a hand on Evangeline. “I have to get back to Oracle. Are you coming with?”

Caroline: *Deep breaths and calm. As her own teacher had said, do not waste needless energy on rushing… Appearing on a train was confounding and she walked down a boxcar until she felt his presence leave. …he was using magic and spells that he had never even tried before! Soon she too was off the train and following his trail in the tunnel… summoning up her ribbons in her hands.* -07:10 May 19

Evangeline: I will need to go and rescue Caroline from peril now, so I think I will follow them and ask Gabriel to help me. Thank you for calling me! I’m very glad we have hunters with such good instincts!

Dark: /gm There was a blush to her cheeks! "Yeah, thanks. Um, just be careful okay! I’ll see you later!" And then she was gone, to Oracle for what would be hours of paperwork! -07:14 May 19

There was a blush to her cheeks! “Yeah, thanks. Um, just be careful okay! I’ll see you later!” And then she was gone, to Oracle for what would be hours of paperwork!

Dark: *Dark arrived at a side door and knocked! The door opened and he slipped inside! The door locked tight behind him! He was in a small room with a high ceiling and in front of him, a pair of really tall and heavy iron doors! There was a special lock!* -07:16 May 19
Caroline: *Dark had not been here before, and his movements were very direct. Which led her to all sorts of frustrating assumptions, none of wish she liked. And all of which were making her a great deal angrier! By the time she came across the side door, her very loud knocking was only to test and see how much it would take to break it down!* OPEN. -07:20 May 19

The iron door was thick but certainly not a real obstacle for a woman who knew what she wanted! (Or who in this case!) A peephole opened and the eyes that stared out were red and slitted! A demon, then! “Wass the passworld?”

Caroline: Open the door or I will collapse it over your head. *To make her point, she had placed her hand on the door, cast her spell and now the hinges were starting to rust at an alarming rate!* -07:27 May 19

The demon refused to take her seriously! “Geth ah ‘ell outta here!” And the peephole closed! The demon dusted his thick hands and turned away from the door!

Caroline: *They never did take her seriously. Caroline took several steps backwards, and with a swip of her hand, there was a heavy blast of wind. As she promised, the rusted hinges cracked from the pressure and the big iron door when collapsing down, demon side! She made she to step HARD on it.* As I was saying. I am looking for a vampire. -07:31 May 19

There was a groan from under the door! The only thing sticking out was one of the demon’s pudgy hands! It twitched and pointed to the pair of double doors at the other side of the room!

Caroline: *Stepping off, she headed towards the larger doors. These were more unique, but she repeated the process. A loud knock before she placed both hands on the double doors.* Let me in. -07:35 May 19

The hand was weakly pounding on the floor! It seemed to want Caroline’s attention!

Caroline: *A soft growl escape her, before she flicked a hand over her should. Thatburst of wind came up from the floor this time, lefting the door up, if only long enough for the demon to get out from under it before it dropped with a long CLONG.* You better be offering to open it. -07:43 May 19

The demon tried to move as best as he could but that door had been HEAVY! He managed to sort of crawl out but the door fell right on top of his feet before he was completely out of the way! That forced him to squirm out and then he was crawling over to the door! He didn’t move as fast as Caroline might have liked but once he got there, he produced two keys! He stuck one into a low keyhole about a few feet from the ground. But the other lock was too far up! A foot above Caroline’s head! The doors began to groan when the first key was placed into the keyhole but that was about it!

Caroline: *Her patience was thing, and dangerously so! Caroline snatched that second key from the demon before sticking it in the second lock and giving it a turn. Then she was taking a step back and casting the demon a warning glare. If he pulled any tricks, she would be more than happy to drop that door back on his head.* -07:49 May 19
Caroline: *-g thin! -07:49 May 19

As soon as Caroline had snatched that key, the demon fell forward and on his face! The doors’ groan began again and grew louder! There was the sound of huge wheels turning and then the doors separated! Caroline came face to face with a demon’s marketplace where all kinds of inhuman creatures came to mingle and trade and barter! It was crowded and loud and it smelled terrible!

Caroline: *Clearly she had spent too much time in the company of Gabriel Carnatelli, for her first desire was to just burn EVERYTHING. Instead, she took that long seething breath and stepped in to the market place. It was harder to sense Dark here, but thankfully he was quite unique compared to the usual demons that seemed to be roaming around!* -07:53 May 19
Dark: *Dark was still roaming around the marketplace. But again, his movements were precise and direct. He was definitely looking for something! Or somethings as the case sometimes were! He was deep inside of the marketplace and, like others, there was no telling how huge this marketplace was!* -07:57 May 19
Caroline: *An interesting place, this was… she might have been here before when the door was located elsewhere. She past several interesting shops and stalls. Selling human parts, ancient scrolls, spices, and even bartering souls. Her fingers twitched, itching to make a summon! But she finally caught sight of Dark weaving through the crowd, and she headed right for him with a curse under her breath!* -08:00 May 19

Evangeline: *Subways were a little scary now, but thankfully the one she wasn’t fond of was on the other side of town. Following her scrying crystal, she came across a fallen door and an awful moaning!* Um… is that the door groaning in pain?

Dark: *By the time Caroline began tailing him, he was holding one long capsule under one arm and a glass orb in another. The glass orb had strange designs etched into it. Caroline might recognize it as the sort sorcerers trapped creatures’ souls inside! And who knows what else Dark had picked up!* -08:06 May 19
Caroline: *She was going to kill him. AND whomever was controlling him. Caroline moved through the crowd of demons a little quicker, but was doing her best not to draw attention. A fight here, and she really WOULD have to burn everything. When she caught up to him she clamped a firm hand on his shoulder, and mumbled ever so sweet!* Where are you going, my dearest love? -08:09 May 19

Evangeline’s only reply was more groaning!

Gabriel: *He was standing with one foot on the back of one groaning warlock all tied up!* Evangeline. What are you doing. *The sense he’d developed for when Evangeline was getting herself in over her head was beginning to go off.*

Evangeline: I see. Well, I am only looking for a friend, so I will leave you be. *Evangeline stepped carefully over the fallen door and them came across and open set of them. When she stepped through the archway, it was much like stepping in to a different world! ….and it smelled terrible! This wasn’t a good sign at all.*

Dark: *Dark turned his head to look at Caroline but then he was brushing her off and walking away!* -08:16 May 19

Evangeline: I am tracking Caroline before she hurts herself. I’m all right! I think the doorman isn’t though…

Gabriel: “Tracking her. Where.”

Caroline: *He looked her right in the face and didn’t recognize her at all. But what really pissed her off was that blank look in his eyes and the distinct feeling of someone else when she touched him. Caroline growled as she grabbed the back collar of his shirt.* I suggest. You get out of that body. Now. -08:19 May 19

Evangeline: I am not entirely sure, but if this demon doesn’t stop cheating on his girlfriend, he’s going to end up with a curse. *What an interesting place! There were demons everywhere and selling all sorts of things. Not that she had any interest in rat’s brains, but someone mentioned selling the toes of a human and she decided she would she walk a little faster past that stall!*

Gabriel: “… Evangeline.” *There was that warning growl! The one he used before he told her to get out of somewhere and get to safety!*

Dark: *He didn’t like that idea! He gestured and some wicked looking knives from the stall next to them floated up and went flying straight for Caroline!* -08:24 May 19

Evangeline: She’ll die if someone doesn’t intervene. Dark will be all right either way, but Caroline isn’t following her own advice anymore! *Demons, demons everywhere… her scrying crystal was no longer working for finding Caroline and Dark’s energy was being eclipsed. Who knew so many demons could be in one place!*

Caroline: *All it took was an arm up and those knives stopped and dropped to the ground. She growled louder now, dragging him backwards by the shirt to hiss in his ear.* If you don’t leave willingly, I will TAKE you out. Do you know what it feels like to have your soul burned, demon? -08:28 May 19

Gabriel: *There was a few moments of silence!* “Find somewhere safe, I am on my way. *Fortunately, thanks to the bond they shared, finding Evangeline was a breeze! Unfortunately, he knew very well the types of things that went down at Demon Marketplaces!*

Evangeline: *Now wasn’t a good time to make a joke about finding safety in a demon marketplace. So Evangeline wisely kept it to herself, and sidestepped a very large demon covered in horns, only to bump in to another demon and mutter apologies. On the bright side, Caroline must have realized Dark was possessed as Evangeline could feel her anger very strong!*

Dark: *It didn’t have the effect Caroline was going for! Instead of complying, he was struggling even harder! He turned and landed a knee into Caroline’s stomach, kicking and punching! Anything to make her lose her grip on him!* -08:37 May 19
Caroline: *Caroline released him – but not for what he was hoping! The spell she cast this time was strong and wild. So much so, that everyone near by could hear the crackle of magic! In both hands long spikes of flecked obsidian appeared in her hands. Then just as quick as she let him go she thrust them forward stabbing them in to his ribs at both sides! Holding tight, Caroline flashed a wicked sort of smile. The spell was designed not to stab through Dark’s body, but the demon within him! …and she was trying to suck him right out and in to herself!* Come out, come out… -08:43 May 19
Dark: Aaggghhh! *Dark finally made a sound, a cry as his body stiffened and then grew limp! That demon soul Caroline extracted slid right out of the spikes and into Caroline! He pulled away and dropped to the ground, still clutching those items he’d gotten!* -08:48 May 19

Evangeline: *Almost too late! Evangeline was trying to squeeze between two stalls until she found herself walking face first in to something sticky and stringy. Like spider webs! Before she knew it, she was tugged sideways in to a stall like a fish on a hook!* Now wait a moment, I don’t have time for this right now! If you can just wait three minutes!

Caroline: *There was that familiar burn! The struggle between one soul and another trying to take dominance over one body. But she was stronger. Her soul would- her soul would… be the victim of a gross underestimation! She dropped to the ground, stabbing both spikes in to the dirt to try and ground herself. She was NOT going to be burned away just for using one nasty spell!* -08:51 May 19

The demon in the spell was a spidery thing with at least a million eyes. It found the human’s request curious! “Humans have no business in here, except as food.” It took a sniff. She didn’t smell like good food, but others might be interested! Tugging his catch around, her picked her up and plopped her down on his shop stall. “Human! Fresh human! Caught just this morning! 200 Souls!”

Everyone in the Demon Marketplace had taken cover! There was no reason for them to be mixed up in this! Now they were cautiously lifting their heads and horns and … other things to see if it was safe! And it probably was … until some of them saw Gabriel strolling through! There was no mistaking the Infamous One!

Evangeline: I am not worth 200 souls! *Evangeline was furiously trying to pull off that webbing so she could hop down, but the blast thing kept swatting her hands and adding more. Caroline didn’t have the time for this sort of inconvenience!*

Gabriel: …Evangeline. *Gabriel stopped in front of the stall. But instead of giving the demon a warning, he had already drawn his knife and was cutting her free.*

Caroline: *Evangeline shouting about souls. The marketplace had gone silent at some point. Those obsidian spikes slowly vanished, leaving her clutching the ground. The crackle of magic had also gone. But the burn had groan stronger and the laughter of that assinine demon echoing through her head. Her vision had gone black!* -09:04 May 19

The spidery demon had it’s strange looking mouth gapping open! Instead of saying a word, he decided now was a good time to sloooowly sneak out!

Evangeline: No, no, no! Go get Caroline and expell that demon, please! Quickly, fast! Now! *And she was quite serious! It might have already been too late! Blasted spidery demons delaying her!*

[Dark is now known as: Gabriel] -09:07 May 19
Caroline: *Caroline was already slowly standing, a bewildered look across her face with awkward movements as she opened a hand wide. Black flame with a greenish tint appeared, goopy and very unlike fire. And the expression she gave it were as if she had just discovered a new magic!* -09:14 May 19
Gabriel: *He turned and walked over to Dark to pick up that strange glass orb! He faced Caroline and raised one hand! A giant hand of rock formed under Caroline’s feet and wrapped around her!* Get out, Eramix. *But he was already running forward to place that glass orb against Caroline’s forehead!* Ego voco continuo everto animus ex is everto somes , unus notus ut Eramix. Acerbus animus extractum." -09:17 May 19
Gabriel: *He was trying to get the demon soul out of Caroline’s body, while leaving hers intact and trapping the invader inside the glass ball.* -09:18 May 19
Caroline: *A growled NO from gritted teeth was he recieved at first! Her body was strong, her SOUL was strong! There was much strength the latch on to! But, that same strength turned and threw him back. Gabriel’s spell open the door and Caroline was ripping her soul free while the demon was being drawn out in to the glass orb!* -09:21 May 19
Gabriel: *He meant to get that demon soul out one way or another! Once the demon soul was completely inside, he was pulling it away but even then the demon fought, a game of tug of war to keep contact as much as possible! Gabriel and Caroline won and the vampire pulled away. He stepped back and the stone hand "melted" into the ground and put Caroline back down gently. He glanced sideways. The marketplace was empty now, except for Dark, Caroline, Gabriel and Evangeline!* -09:27 May 19

Evangeline: *Relief! Evangeline had been so worried that the damage would be beyond repair! She moved to kneel next to Dark and shake him awake first. He was going to need the mental care the most!*

Caroline: Thank. You. *…and that was really all she could hiss out at the moment. She was now sitting on the ground, a hand against her chest where that burn had been the strongest. That demon had been nothing. It would have been nothing to burn away. She really had used too much of her energy on that one spell. When there was apparently much more effective methods. ….oh God, and the lecture Evangeline was going to give.* -09:32 May 19

Dark: *There was a soft groan. There were traces of possession, like black traces of energy emanating from him! But that appeared to be all! He opened his eyes.* … E … Evange … -Gabriel

Evangeline: Good morning, Dark! I hope you aren’t feeling too badly… You are going to be the new teacher! *He was fine, as expected! Unlike Mother, that demon was not too strong and it hadn’t influenced Dark for too long… he needed some encouragement though!*

Dark: *There was confusion on his face! Everything was a blur! What was he doing here. Where was he. The aquarium! … This wasn’t the aquarium! How. Where. He didn’t remember a thing! But yet, he had vague memories … but they seemed more like a dream or a nightmare … Where they true …?* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Don’t worry, everyone is all right. Except Caroline, she nearly killed herself. You’ll be fine once we get you something to eat and a little rest! *In fact, she was already fussing to get him to move off the ground.*

Gabriel: *Gabriel nodded. Caroline did not need questions but he would have to keep Evangeline from lecturing the woman.* -09:40 May 19
Caroline: Evangeline. Don’t tell him that. *Yes, it was going to be a bad lecture. …she wondered if Gabriel would be feeling kind enough to rescue her from his wife!* -09:41 May 19

Dark: *She was helping him up but then he was quickly shaking his head.* No. No! *He pulled away from Evangeline and stumbled a bit, but got back to his feet.* I can’t … I can’t go back. I did that to her. I made her almost kill herself. If it wasn’t for me … Look, I don’t need anyone, okay! Everyone is better off without me! Just … just leave me the hell alone! *And then he started staggering away, with no clue where the hell he was going!* -Gabriel

Caroline: … *A groan from Caroline! Tired or not, he was not stumbling out of this place with THAT as a final word! She rest her elbows on her knees, and a flick of her hand to toss out one of her ribbons. They wrapped around one of his legs and she jerked it back. …Then she was rubbing her head with both hands. Even ribbons were a strain!* -09:45 May 19

Evangeline: Dark, please don’t g- Caroline! If you cast one more spell I’m going to… going to tie both of you up and leave you on an island somewhere in the pacific! …Gabriel, make them stop, please!

Gabriel: *He looked from demon to vampire and back again. It was Caroline he walked to.* Caroline. Let him go. *It wasn’t said in his usual tone of voice either. Contrary to popular fear, Gabriel could, on occassion, use a different tone with someone other than Evangeline. This was the tone of one friend talking to another.* -09:48 May 19

Dark: Let me go! *Dark growled, swiping at those ribbons and struggling to get free! Or trying to struggle to get free! He looked more like a fish out of water at this point! But he was stubborn and very persistent in getting out of here!* -Gabriel

Caroline: *Caroline cast Gabriel a look that most people wouldn’t dare to give! But with a soft grumble, she released the ribbon and it vanished.* …You realize if he gets away now I won’t be able to find him. -09:51 May 19

Evangeline: If you hadn’t been so reckless, you might not feel so wretched now. I can’t imagine what you were thinking leaving without even asking me what my vision was! You know better than anyone how dangerous that was! *And that wasn’t the end of it either, she had plenty more to say and now Caroline couldn’t escape her!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel watched as Dark stumbled into the darkness. He shut his eyes.* It is time he convinced himself he is not a project. *He did not like the idea of Dark stumbling through the city, weakened as he was so he cast a subtle, condition-activated spell. As soon as Dark fell unconscious, and it was only a matter of time, the spell would take him somewhere safe for him to cool off for awhile with a minimum risk of encountering negative interference.* … Evangeline. *He put a hand on her shoulder.* -09:58 May 19

Evangeline: But she might have died! I think she’s been keeping secrets too, she should have told me that she hasn’t had the strength to do all of these favors for us! I wouldn’t have asked her if I had known!

Dark: *Alistair’s words and Evangeline’s still ringing in his ears, he staggered, crawled, did everything he could to get as much distance between him and them. His eyes were burning but he didn’t let that stop him! There was wet earth under his nails, the smell of something nasty. But the only thing that mattered, was getting away.* -Gabriel

Caroline: One small mistake and suddenly I am keeping secrets. *That was it. Caroline lift herself off the ground and stood – perfectly fine in appearance. If there was one thing she was good at, it was hiding just how much she hurt. Anything to shush Evangeline!* You should be more concerned where Dark has taken himself to. -10:02 May 19
Gabriel: It is not in her nature, something I understand very well. But now, Caroline requires rest and energy. I will seek and retrieve Dark when the time is right. *However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t cheat! He cast another teleportation spell to send Caroline to a spa resort in Arizona! Both to keep Alistair from bothering her and to keep Evangeline from lecturing the woman any further.* I did not get to tell her how much I am thankful for her keeping her vow to me. -10:06 May 19
Caroline: *Spa resort or not, there was one angry Caroline in Arizona! And as soon as she could cast her own spells, she would return! … but for now, she collapsed in the nearest bed to sleep!* -10:08 May 19
[Caroline is now known as: Evangeline] -10:08 May 19
Evangeline: I wasn’t finished with her… *She was so mad…! But without Caroline here for her to lecture, and nowhere she could reasonably travel, she was forced to let it go.* …She has taken it too far. Maybe it’s best that Dark stays with us for awhile. -10:11 May 19
Gabriel: I agree. Teaching Dark is something that requires much, in the way of attention, time and energy. She still has her slaying duties to consider. *He cast one more teleporting spell back to their apartment but not before making sure no one could trace any of the trio’s magic here!* -10:13 May 19
Evangeline: She won’t admit that she cares about him, and won’t admit that she is worn out, and she deliberately ignored my warning, and should have asked for our help! *By now she was just ranting to be ranting. She really was very worried. Like Gabriel, Caroline was someone that was always infallible and dependable. To see her like this was hard. …and now Dark was upset and all alone out there by himself!* Can’t I go get him and bring him home? -10:16 May 19
Gabriel: I would allow you but to do so … he may resent us for it. If it is any consolation, I cast a spell. As soon as he is unconscious, the spell will take him somewhere safe with a minimum chance of negative interference. *He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. He needed to hold her as much as she needed to feel him.* -10:18 May 19
Evangeline: He’s so stubborn. *It did make her feel better to know he would at least be in a safe place. Evangeline rest her forhea against his chest and sighed!* I don’t know what I would do without you. I wish he realized that you care about him too. -10:21 May 19
Gabriel: It is something one realizes but never admits in public. I believe he knows. *He kissed the top of her head and he was stroking her back.* -10:31 May 19
Evangeline: Then he shouldn’t be running away from home! *She snuck her arms around him and squeezed. Still very tempted to go out and fetch Dark home! If he were her son, that’s what she would do! Having to realizing important things or not! She was going to end up brooding about it all night.* And how long before he might come home? -10:35 May 19
Gabriel: I assume you will not cease your worrying until he is either at home here or you know for a certainty where he is and what he is up to. -10:36 May 19
Evangeline: I want to know he’s safe. Anything could happen before he passed out if he’s really stubborn! -10:37 May 19
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He raised an eyebrow. Dark’s privacy meant everything to him. If he realized they were spying …* -10:39 May 19
Evangeline: *A huff! She relented for the moment, tucking her face somewhere it couldn’t be seen. Of course she didn’t want to invade his privacy.. but.. but even parents had to spy on their children sometimes? For thier own good?* …maybe if you just told me where? -10:42 May 19
Gabriel: He is still at the marketplace but he is drifting into unconsciousness. Even now the spell is activating and is teleporting him to the Himalayas. -10:57 May 19
Evangeline: And he won’t get too cold there? He might need blankets. *They could take him blankets! …no, no, they were supposed to leave him be.* All right, I am satisfied and I will leave it alone… for now! -10:59 May 19
Gabriel: *He kissed her lips gently.* He is fine. What better place to cool down than at a temple. We may visit him later if you wish. -11:05 May 19
Evangeline: *She lift her hands to place at the sides of his face and smiled wide.* Yes, I do wish. I suppose now that I’ve cancelled my class I have an entire day to spend with you! *And time with Gabriel was always well spent to keep her from worrying! She place a quick teasing kiss at the corner of his mouth.* -11:08 May 19
Gabriel: *He smiled at her then–just before he picked her up and sat down on the couch. Then he lowered his head and was nuzzling her neck.* I love you, Evangeline Clark. -11:10 May 19
Evangeline: Hmm, as I love you, Mister Gabriel Clark! *She did find it amusing to call him Mr. Clark! But… she was supposed to be teasing him, not him whisking her away! So with a grin and a soft giggle she was tilting away just out of reach as she pulled off her coat to toss at once of the chairs.* -11:13 May 19
Gabriel: *He leaned back and watched as her coat went flying off. Then he was sitting back and watching her.* -11:16 May 19
Evangeline: *Next she slipped off her shoes and sliding them over out of the way. Then she was standing and stretching, before clasping her hands behind her back. Only for her to step in front of him and lean forward to nuzzled his face and give a feather soft kiss to his cheek!* -11:20 May 19
Gabriel: *He tilted his head to one side.* So you are a tease now, dear wife? -11:23 May 19
Evangeline: Am I doing it right? Melissa said I give in too easy when you steal me from classes and that I should practice more. *And anything that involved kissing Gabriel was worth extra practice! He tilted, but she only leaned again for a quick kiss at the corner of his mouth.* -11:28 May 19
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly and then he was reaching for her. It wasn’t a serious grab but more to test the waters. Would she come close or sway from his touch again.* I am intrigued. -11:38 May 19
Evangeline: Some of her advice was silly, but other things very useful! *She kissed him quick before hopping out of his reach! …and nearly losing balance in the process, she had to stop hiding her hands behind her back to get her balance back!* -11:41 May 19
Gabriel: *He watched her hop out of his reach and sat back.* You could make it easier for both of us and come here to sit in my lap. -11:58 May 19
Evangeline: I think that would be getting stolen too easily? *Stepping close again, this time she rest her hands on the back of the sofa, so there would be no falling! She kissed his forehead and then his nose. And brushed her lips against his very soft, with a devious grin.* -12:01 May 20
Gabriel: *A smile.* Indeed. *And resisting the urge to take more than she was giving or reach out and end the game. He would see where this game of hers ended.* -12:04 May 20
Evangeline: *It wasn’t often that she was the one to tease! But what to do! She nuzzled nuzzled his cheek again, kissing softly where she did before tilting forward more to nibble at his ear!* -12:09 May 20
Gabriel: *He sat through it all despite the urge to do otherwise. But he was smiling a bit.* Hmm. -12:13 May 20
Evangeline: *Now she wanted to giggle! There was even the soft sound of her attempt not to and the feel of her grin! She kissed a soft trail down from his ear to his neck, even pausing for a gentle nip of her teeth. That had always made her senseless!* -12:16 May 20
Gabriel: Aahh … The lady shows her fangs. *He teased. He was enjoying this little tease of hers!* -12:20 May 20
Evangeline: I have no such thing! *He was very good at resisting! Melissa was right, she did need the practice! She moved her hands from the back of the sofa to cup his face and brush her thumbs gently against his cheeks. She kissed one corner of his mouth, then the other, before flicking her tongue ever so lightly over his lips. Then she couldn’t help but giggle!* -12:26 May 20
Gabriel: Mmm … *Oh, yes, definitely enjoying this! Her giggle made him chuckle and he took the opportunity to hold the back of her head and kiss her long and deep!* -12:29 May 20
Evangeline: *She had been caught! But it was more than worth it to return his kiss as her hands glided down to squeeze his shoulders and then push his coat from them!* -12:33 May 20
Gabriel: *Off went his coat but that was a small price to pay! He had Evangeline and he was going to make full use of his time with her! Like inching her toward him, tongue slipping out of his mouth to slip into hers.* -12:38 May 20
Evangeline: *A soft escaped her and she had to kneel on the sofa over his lap just to keep her knees from buckling out from under her! Her hands moved to fuss with his shirt, not paying the least bit attention to his guns as she teased his tongue with hers!* -12:47 May 20
Gabriel: *He slipped his gun holsters off for her and then smirked.* I trust the lady would like me to bare myself for her. *He tilted his head to kiss her neck and begin taking off her shirt.* -12:50 May 20
Evangeline: well… I would not quite put it that way…! *Breathless! It was very easy to close her eyes and near purr with him kissing at her neck. She nearly forgot she was trying to do away with that shirt of his!* -12:53 May 20
Gabriel: *He chuckled against her skin and nipped her gently where her pulse beat strongest! Knowing she still wanted that shirt off but was distracted, he pulled his hands away from her top to get rid of his! But as soon as his shirt was gone, his lips were on her neck, alternating between kissing, nibbling, and sucking.* -12:58 May 20
Evangeline: *She might have pestered him for laughing at her, but she was far more preoccupied with having her hands on him! From his shoulders to his chest, always felt so warm… or even now, very hot! Her fingers danced over his stomach, ever teasing. He was never ticklish but she could feel him move where ever she touched. She tilted her head to murmur in his ear.* Will you take anything else off? -01:04 May 20
Gabriel: If the lady desires it. *For now his hands were on her shirt, trying to get rid of it and he was nibbling on her ear!* -01:08 May 20
Evangeline: I think I might like it if you didn’t have your clothes. *She took his hands to pull them away from her shirt. And it was very difficult to leave him, but she moved backwards and away to stand back up, with a small teasing grin as she undid the first few buttons of her blouse and turned away!* -01:12 May 20
Gabriel: *He smirked, standing as well.* It’d be unfair if I was naked and you were not. *He teased.* -01:23 May 20
Evangeline: But it would be teasing, yes? *She took care of the rest of her buttons, and made a big show of slowly sliding her shirt off and letting it drop to the floor. Then she was trying to make sure she had the serious sexy face on, and not the silly grinning one that she couldn’t seem to shake!* -01:27 May 20
Gabriel: *He smiled.* Indeed. *And so he took off his boots and slipped off his pants. Then he was stepping closer to her to kiss her again.* -01:31 May 20
Evangeline: *There was no dodging from her this time! At least not when he stepped closer. She did love to have her hands on him and it was much better without anything in the way. She did lean away when he went to kiss, only to ease herself against him and rest her ear against his chest to hear his heartbeat. She wanted to know if she made his beat as fast as he did to hers!* -01:36 May 20
Gabriel: *His heart WAS beating faster and it was all he could do not to take her right there! But he was a patient vampire! He kissed her cheek.* You have me at a disadvantage, Evangeline. -01:40 May 20
Evangeline: I don’t think anyone could have you at a disadvantage. *She tilted her head back to grin up at him while her hands teased lower.* I could be considered a sexy wife? -01:44 May 20
Gabriel: *He nodded.* Hmm hmm. The effect you have on me … It is nothing short of erotic talent on your part. *He rubbed his cheek against hers even while his body was straining for more of her touch. -01:46 May 20
Evangeline: *He did always know what to say to render blushing and speechless! She moved only for the sake of capturing his head and giving him a hard and wanting kiss. No more teasing!* -01:51 May 20
Gabriel: Hmmm … *Now this, this he could get used to! It wasn’t often Evangeline initiated such a strong, hard kiss. He returned the kiss in full force and his hands moved to help get her out of the rest of her clothes.* -01:54 May 20
Evangeline: *It was much different being aggressive, but he did make it so deliciously easy! She would tilt and move so he could take the last of her clothes, but never broke away from that kiss. It wasn’t until all her clothes were gone, she locked her arms around his neck and had her body pressed against his before she had to take a breath. Then she was kissing him again, softer but no less demanding!* -02:03 May 20

Continued in Tease

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