051 Sleepover at Oracle (UNFINISHED?)

[[[UNFINISHED]]] Dark has shown “promise” after he protected Evangeline, thus Gabriel has decided to return his memories and let him be aware of who created him and why. Evangeline sees this as a perfect bonding opportunity as a sleepover!

[Evangeline is going to have a sleepover at Oracle with Dark who probably has no idea what she\’s doing! ] -02:58 Jun 20
[Gabriel was curious enough to follow Evangeline around and help prepare for the sleepover!] -02:59 Jun 20

The hunters in the laundry room thought Gabriel was up to something sneaky when Evangeline asked for some clothes pins! It was either another crazy lesson or some cruel type of punishment Gabriel had cooked up! … But they gave up the clothes pins anyways!

Evangeline: *Maybe she looked crazy walking around oracle in a nightgown and fuzzy slippers, but that was ideal sleepover attire! Now that she had clothes, some stolen sheets, marshmallows, and some crayons… this would be just right!* -03:01 Jun 20
Gabriel: *After deciding several errands ago that none of what Evangeline said would make sense, Gabriel just followed her silently! But of course, she knew he was there and kept describing the strange rituals of this human invention called a sleepover!* -03:03 Jun 20
Evangeline: If Dark was a girl I could fix his hair pretty and paint his toenails, but since he’s a boy we’ll just have to answer surveys in magazines and talk about monsters. I think boys talk about monsters for sleepovers, but I’ve never had a sleepover before, well besides staying with Ms. Grey, so I think I’ll have to make a lot of things up! *Of course, now was sneaking in to Dark’s room with all the goodies she collected and seeing if he had even woken up yet. She might have asked Caroline to join them, but it seemed Caroline needed a break and this would be good for Gabriel to get to know Dark better!* -03:10 Jun 20

Dark: *Nope, he was still sound asleep!*

Evangeline: *Well, that was fine with her! Gabriel said Dark would need to stay for two days, so she had plenty of time! Evangeline set down her goodies and was pulling out her clothespins and sheet. ..Now how was she going to put this fort together?* I need chairs. Maybe some extra pillows. …Or maybe I should wake him up and have him help. I don’t think he’s built a fort before. -03:17 Jun 20
Gabriel: … As I thought. *He replied from behind Evangeline.* The battle took quite a toll on him. No, it is better to let him sleep. I will help you with your fort. *Gabriel remembered how exhausted he had been the first time he had to fight with sword and magic …* -03:22 Jun 20
Evangeline: At least having a sleepover with you is just as fun! *She handed him the sheet and some of the clothes pins as she fetched one of the chairs from the desk.* I can ask you all of the questions until Dark wakes up! -03:24 Jun 20
Gabriel: … I am sure you are well prepared to barrage me with your inquiries. *He took the sheets and the clothes pins and followed her example before rewarding their combined efforts with a raised eyebrow and a slight tilt of the head!* -03:26 Jun 20
Evangeline: There, that should do it, I think. *She had to test the sheet and the pins to make sure they’d be sturdy enough to hold and not go popping off somewhere. It made a pretty decent fort! Taking some pillows, she crawled under the sheets to arrange them neatly.* Have you ever made a fort before? …Although I guess you’ve probably made more real ones than pretend ones! -03:33 Jun 20
Gabriel: Made them, destroyed them. I can honestly say none of them were ever made of pillows … Are you done preparing for your sleepover? -03:35 Jun 20
Evangeline: Sleepover is officially ready! *Opening her bag of marshmallows, she held one out for him!* Were they always someone else’s forts or did you have ones of your own? Did any of them have princesses? -03:39 Jun 20
Gabriel: *He sat down closer to the door with his back against the bed and his legs stretched out! He ate the offered marshmallow after accepting it.* They belonged to others. I had no time to invest in keeping a fort. Some had princesses, yes. But their lives were little like the romances of your kind. -03:48 Jun 20
Evangeline: Well, I guess that is common sense… Stories leave out all the dreary day to day things of real life. *She was taking out Marshmallows to stick together with toothpicks and making little people!* Did you really spend your entire time slaying things or did you take vacations sometimes? -03:54 Jun 20
Gabriel: It is my mission to slay things, Seer. I do not take vacations. -04:03 Jun 20
Evangeline: How do you take time to think about things when you don’t have breaks? *Granted she has probably asked him a million times, and it is always the same answers… But then, that is why she always asked him to do things with her too! They were mini breaks from slaying!* Well, I have better more sleepovery questions. Like, your perfect evening! -04:05 Jun 20
Gabriel: A perfect evening of what …? -04:08 Jun 20
Evangeline: *She blinked!* Just… a perfect evening! Of doing something that doesn’t involve killing things or harassing hunters. -04:11 Jun 20
Gabriel: You have me at an impasse. A night that does not involve killing something or, as you put it, harassing hunters is something I am not accustomed to. *A slight smirk crossed his face.* Why do you think I was also on the list of those to be shot on sight, despite my actions? -04:16 Jun 20
Evangeline: Then… we should think of a perfect evening for you so we can do it later! There’s no sense in not getting to have a perfect evening when you have the chance to do so. *Or in this case, someone that will make sure he can do so! Dark could help her, if she can get him to not hate them all so much!* -04:20 Jun 20

Dark: *There was a snort from the bed!* Good luck, psychic. Like the bastard is going to take a holiday from his busy schedule.

Evangeline: You’re awake! Good! Now we can plan a perfect evening for you too! …well… actually, you might not have any idea for one yet.. So I have much better questions for our sleepover! …By the way, we’re having a sleepover! -04:24 Jun 20
Gabriel: … There is to be ice cream afterwards. -04:27 Jun 20

Dark: *He groaned and had he the strength, he would have been out that door!* Was this Caroline’s idea? Is this her punishment for–Ice cream? After what? The sleepover?

Evangeline: Ice cream! That’s even better! For now I have marshmallows. *Of which she took one out of her bag to throw at Dark!* This was my idea, since you needed rest and we were waving a good talk before that demon got in the way. …Which reminds me, I wish you wouldn’t have sent me back without you! I thought you might have gotten eaten alive! -04:31 Jun 20

Dark: *He groaned again and eyed that marshmallow that landed on his chest! He scowled.* Like hell if I was going to be roasted for letting you stick around. *He glared at Gabriel.* So, what’s your story? You stuck here, too?

Gabriel: On the contrary, I was merely concerned about your welfare. *He looked over at Dark, into those eyes that were so much like his own but different!* Caroline has not been getting sleep and it was about time you knew things before you found yourself back in Anthony’s clutches. -04:39 Jun 20
Evangeline: He volunteered, which means more fun for both of us! Unless we’re going to talk about Anthony, he’s never fun, but I suppose that’s a necessity if we’re going out for ice cream and the universe decides to cause trouble. *Evangeline decided her perfect evening would likely involved not getting pounced on by monsters!* -04:41 Jun 20
Gabriel: There are two things that must be done before Dark can set foot outside of my wards. I need to mask his aura until he is able to shield himself from prying minds and I must unlock his memories. *Dark didn’t have a clue on what or who he was dealing with when coming up against Anthony or any of the other Carnatellis!* -04:48 Jun 20
Evangeline: Well, I hope you have decided you like us enough not to eat us once you get your memories back. I suspected they’re not going to be very pleasant. *Nothing involved Anthony was ever pleasant. It was usually quite the opposite, and she couldn’t imagine how much worse it was for something he view as nothing more than a tool…* -04:52 Jun 20

Dark: *He glared at Gabriel!* You are so damn lucky I’m way too comfortable to move right now. *He glanced at Evangeline.* So, ice cream … We can raid the cafeteria?

Evangeline: Yes! We’ll wait until you feel better. Until then, you can tell me your favorite colors! *Apparently, this was what the box of crayons was for as she tugged it out and scooted it on to Dark’s bed.* -04:56 Jun 20

Dark: *Dark yawned! Then he blinked and looked at the crayons! Evangeline was a strange human, indeed! But it was an interesting question … One he couldn’t help but focus on. It beat focusing on Anthony and what Gabriel might know that he didn’t.* This. *He picked out the blue.* Blue. And … orange. *He picked out the orange crayon, too!*

Evangeline: Not many people like orange, it’s a sunny color. That makes you pretty special! Do you like the clothes Caroline got for you? She mutters a lot about Gabriel always wearing black. -05:05 Jun 20
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at Caroline’s mention of him always wearing black but didn’t say anything.* -05:09 Jun 20

Dark: *He shrugged a bit.* It’s okay, I guess. When she found me, my clothes were pretty messed up. I guess as long as they don’t get in my way, I’m good, no matter what color my clothes are. *He frowned.* Never mind, I’d care if those clothes were really bright or something. Just ’cause I like orange doesn’t mean I like wearing it.

Evangeline: So you don’t ever want to run around looking like an idiot. *Evangeline grinned and tossed another of the marshmallows at him.* Do you like staying here at Oracle even a tiny bit? Or do you want to leave as soon as we let you? -05:12 Jun 20
Gabriel: *He wasn’t <i>planning</i> on eating it but before he knew it, he had popped the first and then the second marshmallow into his mouth! He was thoughtful for a bit.* It’s okay, I guess … except everyone mistakes me for you-know-who. *He rolled his eyes to emphasize his point.* -05:23 Jun 20

Dark: *He wasn’t planning on eating it but before he knew it, he had popped the first and then the second marshmallow into his mouth! He was thoughtful for a bit.* It’s okay, I guess … except everyone mistakes me for you-know-who. *He rolled his eyes to emphasize his point.*

Evangeline: You haven’t been here for very long, so eventually they’ll learn the difference. ..Especially since you talk so much more than Gabriel does and have yet to shoot anyone, break their fingers, or show your teeth at them when I’m not in the room. *As far as she knew, anyway! He had been kept busy!* -05:26 Jun 20

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