052 Oracle Christmas Party

Christmas party at Oracle! Gabriel tells Evangeline she may ask for a kiss whenever she wants one.

[Evangeline is wearing a long green velvet dress and has mistletoe clipped in her hair! So how come no one will give her a kiss? It\’s bad luck!] -08:45 Dec 11
[Gabriel knows full well why no one will give her a kiss … and it makes him smirk. Just a bit!] -08:50 Dec 11
Gabriel: *Gabriel walked up from behind her.* What troubles you now, Seer. -08:58 Dec 11
Evangeline: I am not troubled.. maybe curious, but it doesn’t matter much! *Standing at the drinks table and pouring herself some cider, maybe she should go kiss people herself. Oracle hunters were so shy!* -09:00 Dec 11
Gabriel: I trust you realize why the hunters are giving you a wide berth. *His head tilted slightly as he watched her. To any paying attention, it was much like a cat studying a mouse or a little bird as it sang. It was no wonder they thought she was Gabriel’s snack.* -09:02 Dec 11
Evangeline: I suppose I have cooties. But Leon actually has cooties and he has been getting kisses all night! Luckily I am not too superstitious, but it does hurt a girl’s feelings, though! *She huffed softly, taking a drink. Apparently she is only edible!* -09:08 Dec 11
Gabriel: *He watched as she drank, huffing softly. He had heard some of the hunters whispering some things about her. Good things. But they would never follow through with it. They liked Evangeline, they liked her very much. They just feared the vampire who had become her shadow in almost every sense.* … You look lovely tonight. -09:11 Dec 11
Evangeline: *She blinked, then cast a wide smile. He was so very sweet!* Really? I’ve not been to a lot of parties, so I wanted to wear a pretty Christmas dress! It’s fuzzy too – feel it! *Evangeline held out an arm so he could touch the sleeve.* -09:13 Dec 11
Gabriel: *Gabriel found that the material was indeed fuzzy.* You are uncomfortable here. -09:18 Dec 11
Evangeline: Oh no, everything is really nice here. But I would like a dance or a kiss before I miss the chance. Maybe everyone has jealous dates. *That might be it! She heard Ms. Grey threaten Leon about girls earlier!* -09:25 Dec 11
[Gabriel The DJ announces a special song for all those lovebirds out there! He starts up Air Supply’s "I Can’t Believe".] -09:32 Dec 11

The DJ announces a special song for all those lovebirds out there! He starts up Air Supply’s “I Can’t Believe”.

Gabriel: … May I have this dance. -09:34 Dec 11
Evangeline: *She didn’t want to be suspicious, but normally she had to drag him for dancing!* Are you sure you want to dance with me? I know you don’t like to! -09:36 Dec 11
Gabriel: I will make an exception. *He raised an eyebrow at her.* Just this once. -09:36 Dec 11
Evangeline: Just this once, hmm? All right! *She took his hand to pull him towards the dance floor. There was no way she would pass up an opportunity to dance with Gabriel! That was her current favorite daydream!* -09:39 Dec 11
Gabriel: *Gabriel found himself pulled onto the dance floor and watched as Evangeline turned. She arranged his hands, one on her waist and she clasped the other in one of hers.* -09:42 Dec 11
Evangeline: It’s different from the tango. Much softer, and this time we have real music to dance to! *And it was so hard not to be grinning silly! He really had no idea how much she loved dancing!* -09:45 Dec 11
Gabriel: You humans enjoy your music. *He said, remembering he had to lead and stepping slowly and softly.* -09:54 Dec 11
Evangeline: Music is a wonderful way to express things that are not so easily said. Vampires can like music too! *She paused only long enough to spin herself under his arm, and then was right back to sneaking her arm around his waist. He had taken a bath with her urging, and now he smelled like that really nice soap!* -09:59 Dec 11
Gabriel: I am aware of that. *He paused as she spun herself under his arm and then moved back toward him.* -10:12 Dec 11
Evangeline: Have you really not ever cared for music or dancing? Not even once? If you closed your eyes and listened, you could experience all kinds of things! *No dancing, no music! There was probably not a person in the world that needed her as much as he did! Gabriel was missing out on so much!* -10:16 Dec 11
Gabriel: That is the way of things. And before you ask, no, I do not sing and I do not have a talent for such. -10:18 Dec 11
Evangeline: I can’t sing very well either, but that doesn’t stop me. *How stubborn. It was a miracle he was even dancing with her right now! Evangeline leaned forward to rest her head against his shoulder.* You might like things if you tried them. Dancing with me isn’t too bad, right? -10:25 Dec 11
Gabriel: I would not dance with anyone … but you. -10:36 Dec 11
Evangeline: *How did he do that, rendering her speechless! Evangeline hoped she wasn’t flushing, and just in case she made sure to hide her face from view somewhere at his shoulder. Maybe he didn’t mean it that way, but it was knee-weakeningly sweet!* We’ll have lots of opportunities to dance, then. I’ll make sure! -10:39 Dec 11
Gabriel: *He was tilting his head at her again.* Do you miss London. -10:49 Dec 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline shrugged her shoulders softly.* I do sometimes. I lived there my whole life, so it’s familiar. But, I am liking her better with you and all of the people in Oracle. It’s not so lonely. -10:53 Dec 11
Gabriel: That is well. You are doing a lot of good here. -10:58 Dec 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted back to grin at him.* Is this your subtle way of making sure I’m not taking any more trips and leaving you alone with Brutus? -11:00 Dec 11
Gabriel: I am merely ensuring you are provided for. You are my Seer. -11:06 Dec 11
Evangeline: *She loved the way that sounded, and it took some discipline not to have a wistful look!* You really don’t have to do so much for me, I’m always happy to stay and help you. -11:13 Dec 11
Gabriel: Indeed. I … appreciate that but you still require things. There is food, water, and shelter to consider. Then the secondary needs of companionship, clothing, luxuries. -11:22 Dec 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed softly.* You give me more than you should. People will tease you and say you are my boyfriend! -11:26 Dec 11
Gabriel: They will not say to my face or to yours. They fear me. -11:43 Dec 11
Evangeline: They couldn’t be that afraid could they? I don’t think you’re very scary. *There was nothing terrifying about him… but maybe she was a bit biased!* -11:49 Dec 11
Gabriel: They are. *And he said it without a hint of pride or remorse.* You do not think I am scary because since the moment we met, I have protected and cared for you. It is uncharacteristic of me to do so. -11:53 Dec 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned!* It’s uncharacteristic for you… You are always helping people. Even if you do have moments of harassing those poor newbie hunters. I think you’e very kind and sweet. -12:04 Dec 12
[Evangeline thinks Gabriel is sweet!] -12:10 Dec 12
Gabriel: That is not an opinion others share. You did not know me until we met at the warehouse, Seer. Many others have had to deal with my having been placed on the list of those to kill upon sight. -12:14 Dec 12
Evangeline: I don’t see how that matters. ….well, I suppose you might seem a little scary at first. But even mercenaries and slayers can get to know what someone is really like. *Sometimes she wondered if he preffered it with everyone being terrified of him!* … Would it be better if I were afraid of you too? -12:17 Dec 12
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her. It was a question he pondered as well.* … No. I find that I like that about you. -12:24 Dec 12
Evangeline: That’s good! Because I am not sure how easy it would be to share a bed with you and pretend like that’s scary! *It would be like screaming because a mouse was in the room! The thought was funny! Evangeline moved to rest her head against his shoulder again.* Hmm. …Gabriel, can I have a request? -12:31 Dec 12
Gabriel: A request. -12:39 Dec 12
Evangeline: Yes. Just a small one. *Well… maybe a big one, but she was trying not to be goofy about it!* Since I can not even get Christmas kisses, even though they are even more harmless than every day kisses.. Um… Would you give me another? It will be the last time I ask, I promise! -12:42 Dec 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel nodded. He tilted her head up slightly to make her mouth more accessible and leaned forward to kiss her lips.* -12:48 Dec 12
Evangeline: *She was holding her breath and trying not to slip in to a fit of nervous giggling! He had kissed her once before, so she knew what to expect this time! ….but despite it, she still had that rush of warm fuzzies the moment his mouth met hers!* -12:52 Dec 12
Gabriel: *He continued the kiss a little longer, knowing this would indeed possibly be the only Christmas kiss she would receive.* -12:56 Dec 12
Evangeline: *If it would be like this to kiss Gabriel every time, she never wanted to stop! Not even to breathe! Evangeline leaned up on her toes, so she could make sure he had a good Christmas kiss too!* -01:03 Dec 12
Gabriel: *He leaned a bit forward so she wouldn’t have to lean up so much.* -01:15 Dec 12
Evangeline: *She sighed, deciding this was what heaven was like! But she did have to breathe, so it was with a great deal of regret to break away… she shouldn’t have promised she wouldn’t ask for anymore! Drats! Evangeline cleared her throat.* ahem… Thank you! -01:19 Dec 12
Gabriel: If you should ever wish for another kiss, merely tug on my sleeve and ask, please. *He tilted his head slightly.* Technically you would not be asking for a kiss and as such, would not break your promise. -01:32 Dec 12
Evangeline: *Squeezing her eyes shut, she once again hoped her face wasn’t red. Sometimes he was a mind reader! Or was it that obvious on her face?* I may end up tugging on your sleeves all the time, though! It’s like that tv commercial, where you can’t seem to stop with just one! -01:36 Dec 12
Gabriel: Merry Christmas, Seer. -01:46 Dec 12
Evangeline: *Well, that does it. She was smitten and there was no way around it! Evangeline hopped to throw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek!* Happy Christmas! -01:49 Dec 12

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