053 A Bad Wish

A Gypsy takes advantage of Evangeline’s mood and talks her in to making a wish that she never existed. But despite being a ghost with no memory, she still manages to find Gabriel. He finally accepts his role as Great King in order to claim the Crown and right reality again. Light makes her first appearance.

[Evangeline day is mostly normal. Except for trying to keep all her thoughts and feelings to herself!] -03:51 May 25
[Gabriel is out, slaying again!] -03:52 May 25

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was napping on her little bean bag in the corner but she woke up! And looked at Evangeline!* Mommy, is everything okay?

Evangeline: I’m just fine Meri! *She was, really! Today she was just thinking a lot, and that tended to bring her to melancholy thoughts, then Gabriel would come home worried about her when he didn’t need to. So today she was keeping those locked up tight while cleaning up after one of the classes.* -04:02 May 25

Vlamerias: *She tilted her head at her Mommy but yawned and went back to sleep!*

Nearby there was the old woman, Madam Tuli, as she insisted all the fine young hunters of Oracle to call her. She loved helping the poor dears, for the small price of a tiny little memory. They didn’t need the things and she found them of so useful. Now she just needed EGADS! A psychic. Blast them, she hated those uppity psychics! Madam Tuli was going to sneak awake before she was caught doing Ill Deeds.. but… this psychic seemed to wear her every thought in open air! …Tuli hammed up her limping. “Ooh, oooh my aching bones!”

Evangeline: *Meri was so sweet, one day she’d be a nice grown up devil! Evangeline rest her coat over Meri, so she wouldn’t shivver herself to death. ..before hearing the pained moaning of an elderly woman! She left Meri just for the moment to step out in to the hall.* Are you all right? Can I help you to the infirmary? -04:09 May 25

Madam Tuli took a deeeeeep breath, smiling a half toothless smile! “No, no. Just old burders weighing heavy on these achy bones. My, you soul is bright. Might you be the Seer of Oracle? The pretty little thing those big strong hunters are all a twitter about?” Tuli already knew, she had been avoiding running in to this one for two weeks. Nothing like a do-gooder psychic to ruin your business deals.

Evangeline: I’m Evangeline. …they don’t talk like that about me, do they? *There was so much gossip around Oracle. Some of it she was always embarrassed to walk in to!* -04:12 May 25

“Oh, aye. About all your troubles and those visions. We women of fate know those troubles well. Ah! And you’re married! I can’t imagine how much a burden that puts on your husband! I do hope he has not seen the things you must see. Men just can’t handle that…” By now, Madam Tuli had pulled out her tarot cards. This psychic didn’t shield herself at all. Her every fear and concern was being turned over with each card!

Evangeline: Er, well, Gabriel is not any normal husband. *Gabriel had seen her visions directly once or twice… sometimes it was hard to keep them in her head!* Are you sure I can’t help you somewhere? -04:19 May 25

“A seat, a seat… in there?” Madam Tuli pointed to the next room. One away from that devil familiar sleeping in a corner. “Of course he is different, my I can’t believe I hadn’t realized he was THAT man. There is not a man nor woman in this building that has no spoke of how often he has gone to rescue his precious wife, or the many people he’s killed for her! I’m sure you are thrilled that he faces so much danger to protect you!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline helped the woman in to the next room. It was a nice comfortable seating area where some of the hunters go to take a break. She chewed on the inside of her lip. She hadn’t realized people were saying things like that.* He does too much for me sometimes, but I do try to keep him from getting hurt. -04:24 May 25

Madam Tuli took a seat, making a big show about relaxing in the chair. She turned over another of her tarot cards. “Oh, but that is love, isn’t it. No matter how much he has to face on his own, the dangers and trauma, he will always come after you. Even if coming for you is going to kill him! Ah, but being a psychic, you must already know the day you both will die! You are protected, yes?”

Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head!* I can’t see myself in visions. …well, I have twice before but it was an odd circumstance. …are you telling fortunes now? *The woman was a gyspy, Evangeline knew. And gypsys had their own way of telling futures. This one kept hitting on things, she really wished she wouldn’t!* -04:28 May 25

“Oh. Oh, that’s not good.” Sounding as apologetic as possible, Madam Tuli leaned forward as she turned another card. “Death, my love. Death follows you. Since the moment you were concieved, you were to be the fall of a strong man.” She straightened up again. “Ah, but what does an old woman, know! Love conquers all!”

Evangeline: *Things like that put a churning in her stomach! It was true that since she had met him, his life has gotten extremely difficult! But…* It does, doesn’t it? Sometimes I had thought it would be better if he had never met me at all. But a very close friend showed me what would have happened if I left him. He would be heartbroken if I did, and honestly I don’t think I could do it. -04:34 May 25

“Of course he would be heartbroken if you left. Once love takes root there is no going back. It would be better had you never been born at all! Oh, I am so sorry. I don’t mean to make it sound that way. Just… well… you wear those scars on your sleeve. All the hurt and pain that would never have happened if you- Well. I won’t dare go on.”

Evangeline: I suppose if I had never been born, it would have been easier for a lot of people. *Her parents had thought it once or twice! But that was all dead and gone… and this conversation was making her very uneasy.* If you’re all right now, I better get going. -04:39 May 25

“There is a way, you see. To turn back the clock and change it..? To make a wish and to prevent all of those terrible awful things from ever happenning? One spell and all of those problems erased.” Madam Tuli was hardpressed to keep her grinning to herself, she had laid the bait and was now reeling in her fish!

Evangeline: Really? *Blast it, she really should get back to Meri. But… she may have been a little curious. Those hunters that got in trouble for her accidents, all of those moments she dragged Gabriel in to her issues. Even his current struggles with the Great King might not have happened if she hadn’t chased after a vision and got them stuck in the past!* …I don’t thing it’s such a good idea. Spells come at such a high price. -04:45 May 25

“A little useless memory or two is all it takes. For the sake of preventing the ones you love from suffering… even erasing all of their past suffering! Ah, but such a strong couple can surely handle the evil that is to come…”

Evangeline: *All the evil that’s to come? From her? For eternity? Spending eternity with Gabriel was a dream come true, but was latching on to him just making it worse? She was confused!* …so it would just be a few memories, and then none of this would have ever happened to him? -04:49 May 25

And her fish was hooked! “Yes, yes! All of the pain erased! What a wise choice you have made.” Madam Tuli rose from her chair, putting away her tarot cards in favor for a piece of chalk. She rounded Evangeline quick, drawing a circle surrounded by several odd symbols. Then she was in front of the woman. “Now give me your hand, and you will never have to worry about your dear loved ones again.”

Evangeline: *If he never met her, he would still be free and unattached. His life would not have changed and he would protect others as he always had… Evangeline offered the woman her hand. But…* Maybe I should wait a day and think about it? -04:54 May 25

“Hearts are not saved by waiting.” Madam Tuli pulled a smalled knife from her pockets and without any warning she placed the blade on Evangeline’s palm and made a sharp swipe! She closed the girl’s bleeding hand and tilted it so the blood would drip down on the symbols on the floor. They started glowing bright!

The entire world shifted! Stripping away every color, sound, and feeling until there was nothing left! Like the very fabric of existance had been rewritten. By the time it all came back, the room was different. The gypsy was gone and the room looked like the place hadn’t been used in years.

Evangeline: *She felt like she had just dropped out of the sky to land on her feet! Even swaying as the room came in to view. Real view with her own eyes… and for some reason that didn’t seem right. But, when she tried to think of why she just… couldn’t remember! As she looked down, she was standing in the center of a dusty chalk circle with her hand bleeding and her body not even entirely tangible!* …Crickets! What did I do! -05:01 May 25

Suddenly a small ball of darkness came flying into the room through a broken window! “Oh no no no no no …! This cannot be … this cannot be at all!” a tiny, small voice wailed as the ball floated from one corner of the room to the next!

Evangeline: *Her name was… um… well. She was married!! On her hand was a ring and a very pretty and very detailed designed. At least she knew that much. For now, there was a shadow darting around.* …. is there a problem? -05:09 May 25

The ball of darkness floated over to Evangeline and hovered in front of her! The darkness dissipated and there was a tiny creature wearing a black dress and a large black witch’s hat! She had pink hair and leaned in close! “No no no no no! You should not be here! No one should be here!”

Evangeline: Where is here, exactly? *What a cute little devil! …it was a devil wasn’t it? It was so hard to tell! For some reason, she was fairly certain she should be able to know simply by feeling, and that didn’t seem to bed working either. She did finally step out of that chalk circle to see if that helped, and nearly dropped herself to the floor! …that was dizzying!* -05:17 May 25

“This is the very very bad place. Many bad things happened here! Terrible things!” The creature looked around as if someone would overhear! “But terrible things have happened everywhere! But spirits like you should not worry about such things! You should find rest, away from this mortal plane!”

Evangeline: I’m a spirit then? *…that might explain why she can see through herself! But still bleeding? Spirits didn’t bleed. She wiped her hand on her pants, leaving a messy patch of blood while she continued trying to piece it together.* Well… I can’t move on without knowing why I’m here in the first place. Did someone summon me, maybe? I was standing in that circle there. ….what sort of bad things happen here? I don’t think anyone has used this place in forever! -05:22 May 25

“Eeeee!” The devil flew down to Evangeline’s pants. “You cannot be a spirit! You bleed! That is not good! Not good at all!” She began flying all over the place again, wailing over and over!

Evangeline: I just figured that out myself, thank you! What I need to know is where I came from! *Oh! This devil was just a twittering ball of panic! She wasn’t helping at all.* Bother, I’ll figured it out. Unless you can tell me where this place is, already! -05:26 May 25

The devil flew back to Evangeline, now distracted from wailing to answer! “This was once a school but evil creatures came, bad creatures! And they killed people and chased them away! The humans call this city, New York City. Or they did before humans were almost wiped out!”

Evangeline: Humans wiped out…? *Now she knew this wasn’t right, because she was a human and she was pretty sure having humans everywhere was a normal thing.* What happened to all of them? …and where can I find someone that can tell me about this? *She held out the hand that had the red markings. They were faint, but still perfectly visible. And they weren’t any normal tatoo!* -05:33 May 25

Nod nod nod nod nod! “Yes! Almost wiped out!” Her eyes grew wide as she leaned forward! “Oohhh … That is ancient magic! How did you come by such a mark?”

Evangeline: I really have no idea. I can’t remember… But if you could give me a tiny hint, I might leave here and see about finding out. *Staying in this room for eternity was not going to be an option. In fact she was already heading to the door to see if it would open… only to give loud squeak when her hand and then whole body fell right through it! She was then a very confused women on a dirty hallway floor!* …! -05:39 May 25

The devil flew through the door and hovered above Evangeline. “All I know is such marks are ancient magic and we are nowhere near–No no no no no!” She was shaking her head again. “That would be a very bad idea! A very bad idea indeed!”

Evangeline: *This was awkward and frustrating! She picked herself off the floor and huffed!* Bad idea or not, I’d like to find out. Now tell me, so I can… um… ghostly blip myself to somewhere more informative! *Because this place was as blank as could be… or maybe everything was blank! Her own head was empty and it was unsettling!* -05:45 May 25
Gabriel: *Lost … Gone … How much longer. Chaos. Order. The Gate. Tall, dark, foreboding. The look of a little girl’s face as dim light reflected off the blade of a knife. The knife flying down. Screams.* -05:46 May 25

She chewed on her lip! “On this plane of existence, only the Vampire Father can say for certainty! He holds all power here!”

Evangeline: *And not even a second after she had cursed the emptyness in her head she could hear that one single voice. Those broken thoughts and images. …now she wasn’t sure what was more unsettling! The quiet, or knowing she had wanted it and then got it!* Vampire Father…? Then that’s where I plan to go. *Now, lets see… a ghost can travel just by thought, right? Envision the place they want to be?* um…. and where is this Vampire Father? -05:51 May 25

“He is at the heart of the city! A skyscraper so high, it breaks the sky! He is at the very top but there are so many dangers there!”

Evangeline: Honestly, I don’t think anything can get much worse than it is now! *She was going to clasped her hands together again to concentrate, but instead was wiping blood on her pants again.* Thank you for you help. *…now to think! A Vampire Father. Heart of the city in the tallest building… she wanted the one that could give her answers! So she closed her eyes and thought hard, trying to use that ghostly poofing trick and appear there!* -05:56 May 25

“Good luck, spirit-who-is-not-a-spirit!”

Gabriel: *Anthony had him chained in the basement of his skyscraper. "The better to keep an eye on you," were his words. His arms were spread out so his body formed a "T" with his ankles shackled together. But instead of chains, Anthony had used a sigil so it looked like the wall itself had swallowed his wrists and ankles. Had it not been for the wall, Gabriel would have collapsed by now. His fangs were long thanks to the hunger. Anthony would be here soon to play the same mind tricks with him.* -06:03 May 25
Evangeline: *And in a blink, she dropped! Landing on one foot then the other… and nearly losing balance again. Clearly that mode of transportation wasn’t something she was used to doing! As she glanced around, she was… not on the top of a skyscrapper at all. She must have missed her target. Here was a weird looking room, like a torture chamber… or medical room. It may have been the same to her!* Blast it. -06:06 May 25

One big harry werewolf looked up from chewing on an all too human looking bone, to be very surpised! He swallowed a big chunk of meat. “…move along, spirit! Or I’mma call the priest to have you exorcised!”

Evangeline: I’m moving along. but which way should I go? To the left or to the right? I need a vampire! -06:10 May 25

That confused the wolf. Now he was sniffing the air! Blood! Spirits didn’t have blood, that’d be unnatural. Baring the fangs, he hoped up on all four paws. “Trying to sneak in here? The master don’t like sneaky witches. C’mere!”

Gabriel: *Thirst. Hunger. Blood. But tired. So very tired … He lowered his head (he was too weak to keep it up anymore) and closed his eyes. He tried not to think about blood; that would only make the thirst worst. But if he didn’t think about it, he would start thinking about his many failures. Chief among them, his inability to find that missing part of him. He snorted. Missing part of him … He wanted to believe he was really just that weak. But he kept hoping. And the hoping hurt.* -06:12 May 25
Evangeline: *An EEP as the wolf lept at her! Her sudden jumping out of the way had her falling not only through one wall, but down a floor as well! This time she landed on her back with a lot of ‘owing!’* -06:15 May 25

Up above, there was now one very confused wolf trying to dig at the floor where that non-spirit disappeared! There was even a smudge of blood there! He finally HOOOOWLED! One of his partners, or even his Master will find her soon enough!

Gabriel: … Get the hell out, Anthony. *A low voice warned! He smelled blood but he refused to rise to the bait.* -06:17 May 25
Evangeline: …that has to be a strange name for a woman. I doubt it’s mine. *Oooww! Spirit or not, landing like that still hurt! She rose back to her feet, trying to dust herself off as useless as it was… and only now realizing she was getting blood everywhere. When she looked up, she was surprised to see him attached to the wall!* …are you a prisoner here? -06:20 May 25
Gabriel: *He lifted his head slightly and opened his eyes. A spirit. But she was bleeding. So the bastard had decided on a new game.* Leave. *He repeated.* -06:22 May 25
Evangeline: I will. …In a moment. *It wasn’t polite to stare! She did wish she could see beyond just her eyes. She supposed that might have been useful when she knew what she was thinking about!* Why are you stuck in the wall? -06:24 May 25
Gabriel: I broke everything else your Master tried to bind me with. The wall bears a sigil I cannot break. *Not yet anyways. Had he not been deprieved of sleep and hunger, had he not been a bitter vampire still holding out hope about a missing piece, he may have been gone from here by now.* -06:26 May 25
Evangeline: So you know where I come from then? *Not that she was sure… he didn’t look well at all. Tired and hungry and very angry. She didn’t like to see him this way at all. So she glanced around a bit before she stepped closer and was hoping to try and swipe at the wall!* A devil told me the Vampire Father would know about my markings, which was really the only helpful thing she said! Um… blast it, I can’t touch a thing! -06:30 May 25
Gabriel: From the depths of Anthony’s sick and twisted mind. *He lay his head back, not in the least bit concerned with the bleeding spirit except the fact she was getting blood everywhere.* Leave. Now. -06:33 May 25
Evangeline: Well, I don’t feel very sick and twisted so whatever summoned me, probably wasn’t him! *Maybe a chair would help. She moved away from him long enough to go after a chair, only to find that she couldn’t grab it either. After a few frustrating attempts, she tried to kick it. Also without any affect!* …grrrrmph!! Can you tell me about ancient marks while I try to figure out how to get you down? -06:38 May 25
Gabriel: *A soft sigh. He wanted to sleep so badly! But as soon as he tried, those images would haunt him again.* … Have at you then. -06:40 May 25
Evangeline: Well! I came to realization that I am… well… existing, only a few minutes ago in the middle of a circle. I can’t even remember my name and nothing feels right about anything. Not even myself. I met a devil who was very adorable, but hardly helpful at all. Hmm…*Talking helped! In speaking to him, she focused herself on the very difficult task of finally grabbing that chair and dragging it across the floor to set right in front of him.* I do know that I’m married and that I belong to someone, oh, see? She held up her arm to show him the red markings.* And she said the Vampire Father would know all about that. So here I am? I think I missed. I met a werewolf first. *Now she had finally stepped up on to the chair and was trying to eye the part of the wall that had his hands. …she should know how to remove sigils. Shouldn’t she?* -06:44 May 25
Gabriel: *He’d only intended on giving that mark of hers a passing glance … But then he looked at it and looked at it! No … It couldn’t be! That mark!* Damn you, Anthony. *He growled.* -06:47 May 25
Evangeline: *That made her paused from staring at the wall to stare at him instead! All of her looking wasn’t helping at all, anyway. She couldn’t see any magic sigils. Just brick and stone.* You still think I am from him? …maybe so, I can’t figure out how to get you down from here. I wanted to help. *She really did… Why DID it hurt so much to see him this way!* Maybe I can do something else for you? And don’t say Leave! I won’t leave until I get you down. -06:51 May 25
Gabriel: *Gabriel began to pull at the wall but, of course, nothing happened. This was the last straw for Anthony, baiting him like this!* -07:14 May 25
Evangeline: *Struggling like that wasn’t doing him any good! She placed a hand at his shoulder to still him from hurting himself…. and was very surprised to find he was the one thing she DIDN’T fall right through!* -07:19 May 25
Gabriel: … Leave me. *He told her again, forced to remind himself she wasn’t real. She was a trick sent by Anthony.* I can tell you about the mark but you have to leave after I am done. -07:22 May 25
Evangeline: *She shook her head! The one thing she was able to touch and she was supposed to leave?* I’m certainly not leaving now. You can tell me after I get you down. How do I do it? Magic or a key? Should I talk to that Vampire Father? -07:24 May 25
Gabriel: *Not real, she’s not real. That thought echoed in his head. She was sent by Anthony to hurt him even more. She couldn’t be … she couldn’t be … It hurt to even think about it. But that was when Evangeline picked up something, an image, a memory! Gabriel holding up his own hand which bore the same marking!* -07:26 May 25
Evangeline: *There was that voice again in her head and alone..and that mark!* Oh!! That was you! *She didn’t explain what she meant by that, but there was that rush of relief. It was his voice she had heard in her head earlier! Now she was trying to move to the other side of him to check his hand – only to step off the chair and end up in the floor again! That was really beginning to hurt!* …double blast it! Just a minute, I’ll get back up there! Do you have one too? the red mark? I do want to know what it means! Wait, I should really get you down, do you think blood will help? -07:30 May 25
Gabriel: Yes. *He replied, eyes now closed and head turned away. But which question was he saying yes to? He was tired, so very tired. But he couldn’t deal with this. It had been one thing to believe in something so strongly and realize it wasn’t there. Hope. Hope hurt. And it was hurting him now.* -07:35 May 25
Evangeline: That much I can do. I think. *She was getting blood everywhere else, she may as well put it to good use. It took her a moment to move the chair and step back on to it. Finally she held up that bleeding hand, and even looking apologetic about it.* It would be okay, yes? To take my blood? I don’t mind and it would help you get down? I think. ..well, at the very least it would make you feel better! *And before he would argue about it, she cupped his face with both hands, placing the bleeding palm just over his mouth. He could either drink or muffled argue with her!* -07:39 May 25
Gabriel: *He didn’t realize what she was going to do until she did it! His eyes widened a bit and then he was trying to jerk his head away. But her grip was stubborn and when he opened his mouth to protest, her blood was there! He hated himself for it, for being so weak, but the vampire in him wouldn’t be denied any longer. He closed his eyes while he drank, greedy, thirsty.* -07:43 May 25
Evangeline: *It almost felt bad to make him, but he needed it so much! If it were really his thoughts she heard, he needed the blood so much more than she did. And the feeling was strange! She might be a spirit for now, but she didn’t want to find out if spirits could die again. When she had that dizzy feeling, she pulled her hand away and left the other on his shoulder, afraid she might fall through the chair and hit the floor again.* …better? -07:48 May 25
Gabriel: *He was grateful. But now he was growling.* Do not ever do that again. You may have weakened yourself all the more. … Why are you bleeding. -07:49 May 25
Evangeline: *There was a soft shrug of her shoulders and a shake of her head. At least until she realized that made dizzyness worse.* I don’t know why. I was being careful not to give too much. Are you feeling better now? Should I go and get someone to help you? *There SHOULD be a way to take him down. What if the one that put him there had died and he was stuck there forever! She finally jumped down off the chair.* Maybe that werewolf could do it. -07:52 May 25
Gabriel: Leave now while you still have a choice. *He growled. One didn’t encounter a werewolf here for it not to go running to Anthony!* -07:56 May 25
Evangeline: I told you, I am not leaving until I get you down! Now stop being stubborn and tell me how to do it! *She grabbed that chair to pull it out of the way again. Then she was testing to see if she could touch the walls. Maybe if she concentrated extra hard she could find the sigils!* -07:58 May 25
Gabriel: I can feel the sigil. Close your eyes. Even if you cannot touch the walls without it phasing through, you can still manipulate the energy binding me. *He was closing his own and feeling for every point, every curve, every inch of the sigil. If she could unravel it even slightly, it would give him a chance.* -08:02 May 25
Evangeline: I am not sure if I can here. I don’t seem to be able to do the things I should. *She did try anyway. Attempting to place her hands at the walls and close her eyes. When that was not enough, she rest a hand on his leg instead. That psysical contact made it easier! Almost like she could feel what he felt and see the sigil as he examined it! So with one finger brushing over the wall, she focused on one small point, trying to pull the little symbol apart.* -08:07 May 25
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((08:10 May 25))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((08:10 May 25))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -08:10 May 25
[Gabriel knows it\’s only a matter of time before Anthony arrives!] -02:59 May 26
[Evangeline is trying to get a vampire off a wall, and that\’s a lot harder than it sounds!] -02:59 May 26
Evangeline: *She was borrow his senses to see the sigil, which might have caused her to wonder how it was possible if she weren’t so busy concentrating on trying to unravel it! With two fingers she pulled at the invisible string of one of the symbols until the thing unraveled and fell apart. Then she fussed with the next one. All the while keeping on hand on that vampire’s leg. It was the only thing she knew she had a solid touch on!* -03:02 May 26
Gabriel: *He had his eyes closed but he felt her hand on his leg. Could it be. After all this time searching and waiting … had he found that missing piece? But if she was indeed, she herself was incomplete. He could feel the sigil beginning to shift slightly.* -03:02 May 26
Evangeline: *There was plenty of blood to help fuel the unraveling, but it was her own strength that was giving out! It was frustrating enough to have her huffing and grumbling… and by the time she unraveled and fifth symbol, she couldn’t find the sense to decipher any others!* …there’s so many of them! It’s only a few, but this helps, doesn’t it? -03:05 May 26

Anthony: Gabriel, you know it’s after visiting hours. *In the door was a man with black hair and golden eyes dressed in a suit. Behind him were a couple of large weres, growling and ready to pounce!* Hello, little bright soul.

Gabriel: *His fangs grew and there was a soft growl beginning at the back of his throat!* Go. Now. *He didn’t take his eyes off of Anthony or his pets but it was obvious he was talking to Evangeline!* -03:08 May 26
Evangeline: *She turned around quickly and was a little surprised to see another that looked so similar to the one on the wall. ….but she wasn’t running!* What do you have him up on the wall for! It’s not very nice. *Danger, danger… something about this was dangerous, and she really wished she knew why!* -03:12 May 26

Anthony: *He was smirking! Her question amused him!* That is what one does with trophies. I collect them and then I stick them wherever I see fit. *He waved his hand in dismissal as he said that and then his fingers were closing around something. A long sword with a black blade marked by runes on both sides!*

Gabriel: *At the sight of the sword, Gabriel’s growl grew louder and he PULLED! He could feel the sigil loosening–but then it grew tight! So close! It was so close to breaking!* Leave her be! *It was obvious what Anthony meant to do. Bastard that he was!* -03:18 May 26
Evangeline: I came to see the Vampire Father, but if that’s you, I think I’ve changed my mind… *Unsafe, if she could bleed, she could probably be killed too! But she could let the other, His name was Gabriel!, stay trapped like this! It wasn’t right! If there was anything she knew for sure, it was that she was married and the man on the wall shouldn’t be treated this way!* Yes, leave her be and you let him down! Or I am going to… um… hurt you! *She put a hand on the chair and pulled it in front of her. It’d be her weapon!* -03:19 May 26

Anthony: *He tsked Gabriel and chuckled softly at Evangeline’s show.* You honestly want to defeat me with a chair? That is amusing. Yes, that would be me. I am Anthony Carnatelli, Father of all vampires, avid collector of souls. Acerbus animus extractum. *The sword was glowing now as he walked toward Evangeline. The weres still growling at the door.*

Gabriel: *He was pulling on the sigil for all he was worth! Snarling!* Leave her be or I will kill you! *That sword! It would "kill" Evangeline by draining her very soul into its blade! He could not let that happen!* -03:26 May 26
Evangeline: *He was going to steal her soul! She was afraid… really afraid! And it would be easier to blip herself elsewhere, but… she had to do something! Her hand missed the chair twice before she gripped it again and flung it at that vampire! ….she’d think of what else to do in a minute!* -03:28 May 26
Gabriel: *PULL! PULL! PULL! With each pull, the sigil was weakening! But it wasn’t enough! Gabriel needed to be free for a chance to save her and kill Anthony!* Mark. My. Words. You. Will not. Touch. HER. -03:31 May 26

Anthony: *The sword cleaved that chair in two, proving the edges to be very sharp! He was smirking as he advanced and thrust! But to his surprise, the sword had gone through Evangeline and yet it hadn’t taken her soul! She was completely unharmed by it! But the runes on the sword and Evangeline’s own mark was glowing! Anthony saw the mark on her hand.* … No.

Evangeline: *Arms over her head, she was so sure she had been stabbed right through and having her soul sucked away! But she didn’t feel a thing beyond that tingling on her hand… she even looked at it with surprise!* -03:35 May 26

Anthony: *Anger! He swore under his breath, pulled the sword back and tried to thrust! But this time, the sword didn’t even move forward to run Evangeline through a second time! It appeared to be stuck!* Kill Gabriel! *He ordered the weres!*

Gabriel: *The mark on his own hand was glowing and with one last pull, the wall gave way, crumbling like dust! He dropped onto the floor on his hands and knees but he lifted his head as the weres charged and suddenly the floor became quicksand and the weres sank up to their necks! They had barely gotten a few steps inside!* -03:41 May 26
Evangeline: *She backed away from that sword, trying to swallow her fear quick! He couldn’t hit her! But at the sight of those sinking weres, she was spinning around to move back to Gabriel!* -03:44 May 26

Anthony: *At the sight of Gabriel free, he dropped the sword!* This isn’t over! *And then he was gone!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel stood and walked over to the Diablo Animus. Anthony’s cherished weapon had turned on him. Not just once, but twice. And it had not harmed Evangeline. He bent to pick it up, finding it … familiar in his grip.* -03:50 May 26
Evangeline: *Scared and confused, but she was at least fairly certain of who she could trust! And without uttering more than a quiet huff, she was throwing her arms around his waist and clinging without invitation!* I thought he was going to steal my soul! -03:53 May 26
Gabriel: *Freeze! The gesture! It–it shocked him! And it hurt all the more that it couldn’t last! She was here now but she could just as easily vanish or betray him. As she clung to him, he was lifting his hand up to look at the mark. Then he lowered it.* -03:58 May 26
Evangeline: *This was right! Everything in the entire world felt wrong, except for this one thing! Now she was smiling, finding comfort in knowing where she belonged.* I belong to you. Because of the marks? Do you know my name? *When she did look up, there was the oddest expression on his face. With a frown she lift a sleeve to wipe that smear of her blood from his face.* …you do know me, don’t you? -04:01 May 26
[Gabriel has timed out.] -02:57 May 27
[Evangeline has timed out.] -02:57 May 27
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -02:57 May 27
[Evangeline is sure the vampire named Gabriel knows her! She belongs to him, after all!] -02:58 May 27
[Gabriel is … confused?] -03:00 May 27
Gabriel: *No, not his confusion. Hers. He closed his eyes.* Yes. -03:01 May 27
Evangeline: Good! *Relief! She was really worried for a second there that she had been wrong.* And my name? -03:03 May 27
Gabriel: I … do not know. *He opened his eyes and looked at something over her shoulder.* But I know someone who can help. Close your eyes and cover your ears. *He said as he moved away from her and started for the door!* -03:05 May 27
Evangeline: You don’t? *…back to being confused again. He had seemed to know exactly who she was before.* What are you doing…? *She watched him move away until she realized those wolves were still sunk in the floor.* …oh! *She promptly turned around with her eyes squeezed shut and her hands over her ears!* -03:07 May 27
Gabriel: *The Diablo Animus disappeared and in his hand was a gun. The ground rose slightly so both wolves, still encased in earth, were eye to eye with Gabriel.* The devil I was captured with. Where is he. -03:12 May 27

“I–I–I don’t know—OOOowwwwwww!!” The wolf howled! His ear had been shot off!

Evangeline: *She could barely hear mumbling, but it was the gunshot that made her jump! Her hands had dropped and she had to slap them over her ears again. …she didn’t think to ask when it would be safe to remove them!* -03:15 May 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel moved the gun to point at the other wolf and didn’t even bother to ask the question again! His finger was already pressing that trigger …!* -03:16 May 27

“Up! Up! Sub-basement, um … um level 4!” the other wolf was stammering, eyes shut!

Gabriel: You are lying. -03:19 May 27

“No, no! I swear! Sub-basement 4!”

Evangeline: *She was imagining all sorts of horrible ways you could shoot people and still have them talk! And werewolves could probably get shot a million times before they died! There wasn’t another gunshot yet so she moved one hand to listen..* -03:20 May 27
Gabriel: *BANG! He shot that werewolf dead, then moved the gun … BANG! And shot the other wolf dead as well! Then he was moving to take Evangeline’s arm and they were walking out, the wolves’ bodies at their feet.* -03:25 May 27
Evangeline: *She almost jumped when he took her arm, but he was the safe touch and not something unpleasant! …She did keep her eyes squeezed shut, though, and grabbed his hand with both of hers. She didn’t want to see any dead bodies!* They’re dead? -03:27 May 27
Gabriel: Yes. *He opened the door and then they began climbing up a spiraling stairs. They must have been really deep underground because there had to have been at least a hundred steps before they reached another door! Gabriel opened the door and stepped out. They were at the end of a corridor! And on the other end, an elevator! But between them and it were several large hybrid wolves and a tall, gigantic figure wrapped in furs!* -03:37 May 27
Evangeline: *There was so much stair climbing, she was far too out of breath to ask anymore questions. She had opened her eyes, though… and maybe a little too soon. There were now surrounded by a whole bunch of very angry looking wolves!* …they aren’t the friendly kind, are they? *…just in case, she stepped just slightly behind him.* -03:40 May 27
Gabriel: *Instead of letting her step behind him, he opened the door again.* Stay here. *If anything she should be protected from random flying body parts and avoid getting into the crossfire.* -03:55 May 27
Evangeline: I don’t know… I could help if I had a weapon…? *There were so many wolves! He shouldn’t be out there all by himself!* -03:58 May 27
Gabriel: *The wolves were drawing closer.* I need you to stay here. *If something should happen to her … But he let that thought go.* -03:59 May 27
Evangeline: *She really wanted to argue it but..* Okay… but if it sounds like trouble I will come in there to get you! -04:00 May 27
Gabriel: *He blinked, stunned again! She was serious! He squeezed her hand and closed the door just in time to shoot one wolf who had been right behind and shoot the next one closest.* -04:03 May 27

The tall figure was smirking under all that fur! “Ah, Gabriel. Comment pouvons-nous toujours en venir aux mains comme ça?” [“Ah, Gabriel. How do we always come to blows like this?”]

Evangeline: *As soon as the door was closed she pressed her ear against it, trying to hear what was happening on the other side! She so meant it. A scream, or wail or sudden silence, or if the gunshots stopped, she was going to go in there and save him! Wolves or dead bodies or not!* -04:05 May 27
Gabriel: *BANG! BANG! BANG! His shots were quick and precise, one shot to the head! His sword appeared in his other hand and he dashed forward to take care of the other wolves and clear the way! There was the sound of snarls and gunshots and dying wolves!* -04:09 May 27

Gabriel was down to the last two wolves when the figure finally went into action! He actually began to HOWL! A howl so strong it seemed to be bringing the whole building down!

Evangeline: *It sounded horrible! There was that temptation to take a peek… until there was that howling! She had to cover hear ears again, as it was so loud!* -04:13 May 27
Gabriel: *He was blown all the way back to the door but then drove his sword into a chink in the tiles! He held on and then his fangs grew and he bit his lip! He cast the spell, a chunk of the wall behind the figure broke off and pommeled him in the back!* -04:15 May 27

The force was enough to stagger him forward a few feet and stop the howling! But then he quickly recovered, threw the fur over his shoulders and began running toward Gabriel on fours, hunched over with his claws scraping the floor!

Gabriel: *He ran forward, sword at an angle and the two of them clashed! Taurias had caught Gabriel’s blade in his grip and the two of them started pushing against each other!* -04:19 May 27
Evangeline: *She recovered quick to put her ear back to the door. …the gunshots were gone! Now all she could hear was crashing! …Maybe she should open the door and just take one quick look! So she moved to open it a crack!* -04:21 May 27

“Vous êtes toujours aussi silencieux, Gabriel. Vous n’aimez pas mes nouveaux pouvoirs? Ils se renforcent les uns avec les loups je tue.” [“You are always so silent, Gabriel. Do you not like my new powers? They grow stronger with each wolf I slay.”] He was grinning.

Gabriel: *Gabriel clenched his teeth and felt himself pushed back slightly. This should be child’s play to beat Taurias! But he wasn’t at full power yet … He narrowed his eyes, then suddenly relaxed his grip, sidestepping as Taurias lost his footing and then shooting him in the knees!* -04:25 May 27

That didn’t stop him completely! With claws he raked Gabriel’s side and slammed into him, knocking him against the wall and then doing that repeatedly, despite the pain!

Gabriel: *The air was knocked out of him, once, twice, three times! When Taurias tried to slam him a fourth time, he rolled out of the way and emptied every single bullet in his gun into him! BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG …! Bullets ripped into his limbs, his body, blood began to splatter everywhere!* -04:30 May 27
Evangeline: *A gasp and a wince, and she was turning away to hide her face against the wall! She had been so close to rushing in there and grabbing the first thing she could lay a hand on so she could rescue him, and now there was blood splattering all over everything!* -04:31 May 27

His body jerked and he just kept going! When Gabriel’s gun clicked, he smiled and dropped to his knees, then lay on his side. “I … win …”

Gabriel: *Gabriel’s gun disappeared. He moved to Taurias’ side and then, with the vampire’s life fading, he drank his blood and took his powers. He didn’t need a lot of it so it wasn’t long before he was standing and waiting for something else to appear that he would have to slay.* -04:34 May 27
Evangeline: *She shouldn’t be afraid of this, if she belonged to him she was used to this right? She did wait until all was silent before she snuck a hand inside the door and waved. Without looking!* Is it safe now? -04:38 May 27
Gabriel: *He turned back to her.* Yes. *He suddenly had the desire to clean the blood and the bodies from here, to shield her from the sight. It was a strange feeling and one that left him feeling more than a bit confused! But he was walking back to her.* Close your eyes. I will lead you to the elevator. -04:41 May 27
Evangeline: *Nodding quickly, she had her closed good and closed when she stepped through the door and held out a hand for him.* Um.. I’ll try to be more prepared next time. -04:46 May 27
Gabriel: … Prepared. *He said, taking her hand and then leading her through. They went into the elevator and once the doors had closed and they were moving …* You may open your eyes now. *The elevator was rather large and gray and there were so many buttons on the panel!* -04:49 May 27
Evangeline: Yes, prepared for our next fight. So it’s not as scary and I can help you? *She opened open eye, then the other when all was clear. …that sigh of relief again! The fighting wasn’t so bad, it was the blood that gave her the shivvers! The thought made her take a look at the cut on her hand again.* You know me but you don’t know my name, yes? I think it must have been my fault… -04:52 May 27
Gabriel: I see. *He saw her look at the cut on her hand.* If that is the case, we will know for certainty very soon. *He turned to watch the screen above the doors countdown.* -04:54 May 27
Evangeline: How do you know me if you don’t know my name? *She tugged at his hand – she hadn’t let it go! – And leaned to see if either one of his hands might’ve hand a wedding band. She thought maybe he should have, and was disappointed when she didn’t see it!* -04:58 May 27
Gabriel: *Instead of a wedding ring, Gabriel showed her the mark on his hand that matched hers. It was faint but it was there.* For as long as I can remember, everything has felt wrong. There is a missing part of me and without it, I am lost. -05:01 May 27
Evangeline: I am so missing I have even misplaced myself. *She rest her head against his arm. She didn’t want to blurt out loud that she hoped she was his missing part!* We can fix it now though, can’t we? If I haven’t messed it up too badly? -05:08 May 27
Gabriel: *He knew, deep down inside, she was his missing piece. But he was reluctant to trust himself because that was what had led to him searching for that missing piece all these years. And yet, he wanted to believe … The elevator stopped.* It will work out. *The doors opened … And he stepped out first, still holding her hand.* -05:12 May 27

The floor they were on was pure white and brightly lit! And the corridor had only one door, the one at the end! It was empty, too! Whoever could have escaped the skycraper by now most certainly had!

Evangeline: I hope so. *He was kind to her… and sweet! It was the way he held her hand that made her smile! If he wasn’t her husband, she was going to be in a lot of trouble for being so smitten with him now! She held his hand tight, looking around at everything curious, but wary!* -05:17 May 27
Gabriel: *He was looking left, right, left again … in front of them, above them, everywhere. But no one ambushed them and nothing went off! The door they approached was just a simple door and didn’t even have a simple sigil for protection or illusion. He slipped inside!* -05:20 May 27
Evangeline: *He was tense and it was making her nervous… but this time she was determined not to be startled by anything!* It’s really very quiet! Maybe everyone has gone. -05:22 May 27

The room they walked into was large, a high ceiling but a rather large sigil on the floor! There were four crystals at each cardinal point on the sigil and at the center of the room hung a young teenager with white hair dressed in old fashioned black clothing. He was suspended in the air above the center of the sigil by thick chains that criss crossed and stretched from wall to wall! Black lightning cackled over his body every so often!

Evangeline: *Eyes wide, it was terrible to see someone so young strung up like that! She let go of Gabriel’s hand and was going to go pull the boy down, but stopped quick at the edge of the sigil. Rushing forward would probably hurt him more… She chewed on the inside of her lip as she pointed at the crystals on the floor.* Those are bad! They need to go! -05:30 May 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel moved away and destroyed the crystals! Then he was returning to Evangeline’s side. He was studying the sigil on the floor. He would ask how Evangeline knew the crystals were trouble later.* -05:32 May 27

A ripple of black lightning forced the prisoner to groan weakly and tense up, only to grow limp.

Gabriel: *He pulled a knife out and cut his palm before placing his hand on the edge of the sigil. He closed his eyes and traced each curve and line, undoing them at their weakest points. The chains around the prisoner began to loosen, lowering him little by little and eventually the black lightning disappeared completely.* -05:35 May 27
Evangeline: *She was rocking on her feet now, trying to restrain herself from jumping to the boy too soon! This one was different from what had Gabriel, it was definitely made to keep people from rescuing! She bounced several times before the boy was lowered safely on the floor and the sigil was most unravel. Then she rushed forward to kneel on her knees and pulls those chains off him.* Wake up! Are you all right? Do tell me you’re all right! …what kind of monster goes stringing up young boys like this! He’s barely very old at all! -05:37 May 27
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow as he stood and walked over to Evangeline and Valravn.* He is a devil. He is far older than he looks. *He cut his palm again.* We are leaving. *He cast the teleport spell and they were gone! … They reappeared in what looked like an underground warehouse of some kind! With crates of different shapes and sizes!* -05:45 May 27

Valravn groaned in response but it wasn’t until they had teleported that he raised his head weakly. “Who …”

Evangeline: I don’t care if he’s a devil, he’s still a young one and no one should be treated that way! *Teleporting by his spell felt a little weird, but the boy was speaking now!* Oh good…! Can you sit up? Do you need blood? I can’t remember what devils eat! -05:47 May 27
Gabriel: They are capable of eating many things. But it is rest he requires. *He moved to pick Valravn up and walked away to find a cot set up in the corner. It looked like it hadn’t been used in years.* The sigil kept him there but Anthony used the chains to siphon his energy, making him immobile and preventing him from escaping. -05:49 May 27
Evangeline: *She was up and following, practically on his heels! As soon as he set the devil down she was confiscating a blanket to put over him. She had a lot of very unpleasant words she wanted to say about Anthony, but that she would keep to herself.* He is your familiar, isn’t he? So I belong to him too? -05:52 May 27
Gabriel: He is. *He raised an eyebrow.* And how did you know. -05:53 May 27
Gabriel: * – And -05:53 May 27
Evangeline: Because he… you… um… *She blinked! She really had no idea!* …I don’t really know! It seemed natural? -05:56 May 27
Gabriel: *He studied her for a moment, then opened a crate and pulled out a long, steel box about three feet long and a foot wide! He placed it on a shorter crate next to Evangeline. Then he opened the lid. Inside there had to be at least a thousand rings, of different size, shapes and colors.* I need to get something. Could you find my ring. *Before she could say no, he was walking away and he disappeared behind some crates!* -06:03 May 27
Evangeline: ..you didn’t tell me what it looked like! Bother. *And there was so many! Men, and women and children’s rings. Silver, gold, platinum. Some with gems and some without. She pushed several aside while she looked until… ooh! She loved this one!* -06:06 May 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel returned a few minutes later with a first aid kit and some food and water. He placed both on the crate and pulled out a gauze bandage and some wrap.* -06:09 May 27
Evangeline: *She had been so wrapped up in examining it, she hadn’t kept looking for his ring! She closed her hand around it and hid it behind her back with a guilty expression!* You didn’t tell me what I was looking for and I got distracted! -06:11 May 27
Gabriel: It is a ring. *He said simply, tilting his head slightly at her.* Your hand. -06:12 May 27
Evangeline: *Her cut hand then disappeared behind her back, while she pulled out the other to offer him.* I did find one -I- liked, but it would help if you told me what you were looking for. -06:15 May 27
Gabriel: We may have similar likes. The ring. -06:17 May 27
Evangeline: *Doubtful, she opened her hand for him to see! A simple gold men’s wedding band.* It isn’t fancy, but I liked the engraving. It says "You are in my heart as I am always in yours." I suppose it’s kind of silly, but I think it’s sweet. -06:19 May 27
Gabriel: *He covered her hand with his and placed his other hand under hers.* … That would be mine. -06:22 May 27
Evangeline: Oh. *What a stupid thing to be blushing and speechless about! Especially if he were her husband after all! There was no reason to be embarrassed. It was just… sort of romantic! He probably had no idea!* -06:26 May 27
Gabriel: *He smirked at the look on her face. It just seemed so familiar! But then he was lowering his head and giving her a kiss on the lips!* -06:29 May 27
Evangeline: *She may have fallen in love with her husband a second time! If touching him felt right and safe, kissing him was simply heaven! She was more than happy to return his kissing, damning herself for forgetting this!* -06:32 May 27
Gabriel: *He was tilting his head to deepen the kiss for a little while longer, then separating. He slipped one arm around her to pull her close and pressed his cheek against her hair.* You are the missing part of me. -06:36 May 27
Evangeline: *The other hand she was hiding behind her back was fulled forward again so she could lean against him and rest her head against his shoulder. This was perfect! Safe and loved and everything she would want! …so what did she do and why did she do it?!* But I did something wrong, didn’t I? I’ve hurt us and I don’t know what I did. *…and if she were not careful she would cry about. No crying allowed!* -06:41 May 27
Gabriel: *He lifted his head to stroke her hair.* I promise. It will work out. No matter what it takes, we will fix this. *Now that he’d found her, he had no intention on losing her ever again!* -06:43 May 27
Evangeline: At least I can’t see through myself anymore? *She had not noticed until now! No more serious concentration just to touch things! She was real and here…. and she was sure it was because she found where she belonged!* I think you will have to call me Wife until we figure out my name! -06:47 May 27
Gabriel: *He looked down at her. It was true. She wasn’t just a spirit anymore! He smiled a bit.* Wife, you need to eat and drink. And I need rest. *He stepped away and took her over to the tray consisting of two bottles of water and some MRE’s! The ones he’d brought had things like powdered drink mix, crackers, bread, a candy bar, and a few other edible things!* -06:52 May 27
Evangeline: *The first thing she went after was the candybar.. it was chocolate!* I’m afraid to sleep or I might wake up in that circle and confused all over again. -06:57 May 27
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at what she said.* You need to rest. -06:58 May 27
Evangeline: I can keep watch while you sleep. You’ve been tormented and need the rest more! *She had half of that candybar gone before she was getting something to drink… and maybe some crackers! She was starving and all of that bloodloss had made it worse!* -07:01 May 27
[Gabriel is up and about and feeling better than he had in years!] -08:35 May 30
[Evangeline had tried to stubbornly keep watch, but has fallen asleep!] -08:35 May 30
Gabriel: *Gabriel found Evangeline asleep and has carried her to the cot he was lying on to put her down and cover her with a blanket!* -08:35 May 30
Evangeline: *Who knew bloodless left someone so tired! Or was that from doing whatever she did to mess up things? Either way, she had been sleeping deeply until she was moved and latched on to one of his arms!* … I’m keeping watch. -08:39 May 30
Gabriel: Rest. *He said but he didn’t pull away from her.* -08:40 May 30
Evangeline: But you’re awake. *And if she were sleeping it was like she didn’t exist! So she was sitting up again, trying not to yawn.* -08:43 May 30
Gabriel: I am a vampire. I do not need much rest. *But then he was sitting down on the edge of the cot and cradling the hand with the cut in his, palm up to examine the wound.* Valravn. -08:46 May 30

A white raven flew from behind to perch on Gabriel’s shoulder and cocked its head at Evangeline’s hand. Then it hopped down to her side and examined it a bit closer.

Evangeline: But you spent forever on a wall? That requires extra rest? *He was examining her hand, and if he made a move towards that medical kit, she might run for it! Which was a weird thought, cause she wasn’t sure why that seemed scary if it were just going to be bandaids. But then the raven had her distracted!* …you’re so fluffy now! Did you not like being a boy? -08:50 May 30

Valravn looked up at her face and cocked its head at her slightly. Then it began tapping its claw on the cot.

Gabriel: Valravn prefers being this way. *Gabriel explained before Valravn began tapping.* He says the cut you bear on your hand is a sign of blood-magic. It reeks of it. He also says there is reason to fear something is wrong but to know for sure, he will have to use his Truth of Sight ability. It is taxing and he recommends you receive more rest. -08:53 May 30
Evangeline: Wouldn’t it be better to see what happened and fix it right away? I’ve rested enough. *With a single finger she leaned just a bit to scratch the top of the raven’s head. …the form suited him!* -08:56 May 30
Gabriel: No. You are in need of rest. -08:59 May 30

Valravn hopped off of the cot and onto the floor, where he transformed back into a boy. “The woman speaks true.”

Evangeline: *She nodded quick!* I can rest when it’s all fixed. I promise! -09:02 May 30
Gabriel: *His silence was answer enough! He stood and helped Evangeline up then walked over to stand in front of Valravn.* Do it. -09:07 May 30
Evangeline: *She had married a man whose silent answers made her want to smile! But there was a small bit of worry on what the little devil was going to do… and find out!* Will it hurt? -09:09 May 30
Gabriel: … It would depend on your definition of the word "hurt". *He replied softly.* -09:09 May 30

Valravn nodded once and clasped his hands together, pointer fingers up. He began to speak in a different language, speaking words any human tongue would have found impossible! A large sigil appeared at their feet and then the warehouse disappeared, leaving them in the same building Evangeline had found herself in! But it was in better condition and there were so many people! Vampires, weres, humans …! And a little girl with brown hair and gray eyes running around, chasing after a large werepup with a ball of yarn in its mouth!

Evangeline: *She recognized the building and it did look so different!* I was here when I found myself. There wasn’t any people like this, though. -09:13 May 30

A gentle shake of the head. “No. This is the truth of things, the way they were meant to be.” They followed the little girl as she finally got tired of chasing the werepup to retire in a room with a beanbag in the corner. She was talking to someone, a woman who looked very familiar, and then curling up to sleep! “You wished to know where the wrong has been done. And we are here to see it for ourselves.”

Evangeline: So this is where I was before? *Cause that looked like herself, even if she didn’t remember.* Did we have a daughter? -09:20 May 30

“That is my sister,” Valravn replied. “Gabriel’s familiar after my sacrifice. She took on human form at your bidding.” Now the woman, Evangeline, was turning to follow someone into another room, leaving the girl to sleep alone. The two women were talking and then the older woman pulled out a knife and slashed the younger woman’s hand!

Evangeline: *She jumped just a little at the slashing. It was almost as if she could still feel it burning. But even watching it all, she still couldn’t remember it!* I really don’t understand. *Or maybe she did… everything was completely different now because of this moment!* -09:35 May 30
Gabriel: … You made a wish. *Gabriel finally said beside her.* Your wish was never to exist. *He looked from what was in front of them to Valravn.* -09:37 May 30

Valravn saw the look in Gabriel’s eyes and watched the blood fall to the floor. He also recognized the sigil on the floor. A sigil of destruction, complete annihilation. “And yet you found yourself here, a spirit without a body, bound to a vampire no spell can ever extinguish.”

Evangeline: Oh. *She didn’t know what to say. Hadn’t she been loved and happy? There was no reason to do something so.. so stupid!* But I… …but if I only wished I didn’t exist, it shouldn’t have done all this too? -09:44 May 30

“I see far-reaching consequences stemming from a single act. But what that act is and what influence you had upon it, I cannot say. I do know that to undo such a wish will require power equal to that of a god you humans believe in so highly.”

Gabriel: *Gabriel tilted his head to glance at Valravn sideways.* The only one with that type of power is Anthony. -09:48 May 30

Valravn clasped his hands together again and with a lengthy incantation, the scene around them dissipated, leaving them back in the underground warehouse.

Evangeline: He didn’t seem like the sort to bed very helpful. *Her stomach was churning! She had known it was her fault, but it was so much worse than she thought it would be! She had ruined their lives!* -09:54 May 30

“At present, yes, but not necessarily true.” Now he was grinning, as if he knew a secret he was just bursting to tell them! “The power you seek is in a very special location, hidden from all save for one.”

Gabriel: *Gabriel’s eyes narrowed slightly and flashed red. He obviously knew what Valravn was referring to.* No. -10:00 May 30
Evangeline: *She moved to tug on Gabriel’s sleeve.* If it will make things right again, we should, shouldn’t we? -10:02 May 30
Gabriel: It is not something I am eager to discuss. *He replied, glancing away from Evangeline and to something far off on the side.* -10:03 May 30
Evangeline: It’s something bad? *If he weren’t going to answer her she turned to give a curious blink at the devil!* -10:07 May 30

“There are not many things Gabriel fears.” Gabriel quickly turned to glare daggers at him but he was used to that sort of thing. To gain something, he would have to face his past. And Valravn knew that if he didn’t face who he was, there was no chance for either of them to be who they were meant to be. “But the power he needs to undo this, and the place it lies within are perhaps two of them.”

Gabriel: I have sought to block it out for so very long. It calls and it demands I answer. Growing stronger, leaving me no peace. *There were countless times he found himself walking toward the call, those times when he was most distressed by that missing piece of him. Then Anthony had captured and locked him away and the call, the feeling had just gotten worst.* -10:13 May 30
Evangeline: *He shouldn’t be afraid of anything, and she didn’t want him to be!* I could go there for you? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about it! -10:15 May 30
Gabriel: *He cupped her cheek with one hand and looked into her eyes.* I need you safe. I will go. -10:21 May 30
Evangeline: If you’re afraid, I won’t stay here and make you go by yourself. You might need me there? *He would. She was pretty sure! If at least so he wouldn’t be alone!* -10:23 May 30
Gabriel: *He wanted to refuse! And yet … it felt wrong. There was that feeling that to refuse her would mean disaster. He nodded once.* Very well. -10:26 May 30
Evangeline: *She smiled wide at him!* So then we go together! Where is it, Fluffy? -10:27 May 30

“I will come as well.” He smiled. “I cannot allow the two of you all the fun and glory.”

Gabriel: *Gabriel moved away to open another crate and pull out two fur-lined parkas and boots!* You will both need these. -10:31 May 30
Evangeline: *She took a pair of boots to slip on and a parka, and decided that she felt much like a wooly mammoth! It was furry and warm, but big! She fussed with trying to keep the hood from swallowing her head.* You won’t need one? -10:37 May 30

Valravn was laughing as he slipped his own parka and boots on. “Gabriel’s coat can withstand anything nature can throw at it. I am ready.”

Gabriel: *He cut his palm.* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via. *The wind whipped around them, there was a pulse of negative energy and they were gone! … Only to appear in the middle of a blizzard in what was either the North or South Pole! He took Evangeline’s hand was leading her something she couldn’t see, what with all the snow and wind and ice flying around!* -10:52 May 30
Evangeline: *It was blindingly bright with all the snow and the sunlight reflecting from it. And cold! Even wrapped in a fur parka, it didn’t take long for her teeth to be chattering. She had both of her hands clinging to his. If she got lost here, she’d probably freeze to death!* -10:56 May 30

Suddenly the snow and ice stopped! They had walked into a cave in what had to be a really large mountain! It was ice all around, so smooth, they were like mirrors! It was so quiet here with the wind and snow howling outside!

Valravn shook the snow and ice off of him as they entered the cave and looked around! He made sure to stick close to Evangeline and Gabriel.

Evangeline: *It was so pretty! The ice had to be old, it was practically blue after being frozen for so long! She was almost afraid to speak, or the sound might crack it all!* -11:01 May 30

They were walking for quite some time before they came across it. An entire wall of ice covered in ancient symbols and almost glowing with their own light!

Gabriel: We are here. *Gabriel said softly. There were voices in his head softly calling to him. Voices he didn’t recognize but were so familiar. He brushed his hand over the runes, so proud of the crisp detail, it was as if he’d carved these runes in himself!* -11:04 May 30
Evangeline: *She squeezed his hand.* I think this place is very old. Are you sure you don’t want me to go for you? -11:08 May 30
Gabriel: *He looked back at her, then lifted the hand squeezing his and kissed the back of the gloves she wore.* I do not want to lose you again. *He reached up and began to press one rune, and then another and then another. They weren’t in sequential order, either. He almost seemed to be doing it randomly but yet, confidently!* -11:11 May 30

Each symbol he pressed, darkened and sank into the wall! He’d finished pressing the twelfth symbol and then there was the sound of something moving within, there was the glow of something orange in the center that spread–and the entire wall melted! It left them facing a corridor of stone with pillars on either side, tall ceilings. And the feeling of something ancient.*

Evangeline: *Lose her again. He wouldn’t have lost her in the first place if she hadn’t done something so stupid! She walked with him, holding his hand and arm. At least now she could do something!* What will we find here? -11:17 May 30
Gabriel: *Gabriel stood still, his eyes were distant. Memories of walking down this corridor. Of voices talking behind him. The sound of boots echoing on stone. Urgency. Caution. Running out of time …* -11:20 May 30
Evangeline: *She tugged his hand gently. He was lost in thoughts!* Gabriel. What are we looking for? -11:22 May 30
Gabriel: *He blinked and was disoriented for a moment! He looked down at her. What were they looking for … Something important. Something, something he had lost–no, lost implied something that had happened without warning. No, what they sought was carefully guarded and this place had been specially prepared for. He searched for the memory, for a clue.* … A crown. The King’s crown. -11:29 May 30

“We should go,” Valravn said from behind.

Evangeline: Yes, we should keep moving. A crown might be in a treasure or throne room, yes? *That would be an obvious place to look. Though, this place didn’t seem like much of a castle!* -11:32 May 30
Gabriel: *He moved then. They were walking and he kept on the lookout for anything. But everything was so silent here, so empty. It felt like they had been walking forever and yet the corridor continued on and on. Gabriel suddenly stopped. A corridor that went on forever, for eternity … dooming people who walked it to never arrive to their destination, to never stop walking until they did.* -11:39 May 30
Evangeline: *She had been watching the walls… there were so many mirrors here! She didn’t even realize they had stopped until she walked right in to him!* Have we found it? *Peering around, all she saw was more and more corridor! There wasn’t even any turns. That was strange.* -11:43 May 30
Gabriel: *He knelt down to touch the ground, then looked from one wall to the other. He stood and cut his palm. Then he closed his eyes and stretched the hand with the cut out in front of him. Then symbols began to appear in front of them! There was some kind of two-way mirror or wall!* -11:55 May 30
Evangeline: *How confusing! It seemed nothing here was going to be like what it look liked. …and it was so hard for her to use any other senses when she was so sure she should be able to!* Maybe there is a hole or opening or door? -12:07 May 31

Valravn was examining the wall! “Ah, here.” He pointed to a door in the wall. There was a faint outline.

Gabriel: *He nodded and with a simple push, he walked through! Then he waited for Evangeline and Valravn to join him! Now there were two rows of mirrors leading on either side of them! Except they didn’t show their reflections but different scenes and filled with so many people and creatures!* -12:52 May 31
Evangeline: *And she had thought there were lots of mirrors before… now the entire walls were mirrors! Without their reflections too. She stopped at one of them to watch the scene.* Every one seems to have something different in it! -12:54 May 31

Valravn also stopped at another mirror! “It is as if these are windows to another world.”

Gabriel: *Not just windows. These were more than windows. Looking at some of these mirrors. It was as if he’d been there and experienced these things for himself. In one mirror, there were shadows in the form of wolves running through a forest, coming across vampires and mercilessly slaughtering them without even pausing!* -12:56 May 31
Evangeline: *She moved across the wall to another mirror, then another! It was so interesting to watch each scene! With a finger, she leaned forward to poke gently at the glass.* -01:00 May 31

Evangeline might have been surprised to see that her finger actually went through the glass! The surface seemed to ripple like the surface of a pond or a lake! And the glass was cold! She could even hear the soft whispers of the people in the mirror she was looking at!

Gabriel: *Gabriel stood in the middle of the corridor and closed his eyes. It was here. It was calling. It was filling him with the desire to find it, to hold it again. To want it so badly, he could feel it in his grasp. He started walking without even realizing it, leaving Evangeline and Valravn to study the mirrors.* -01:04 May 31
Evangeline: It is kind of like a window to another place. *She pushed her hand through before she realized Gabriel wasn’t standing there with them anymore! She pulled her hand back to follow him!* -01:10 May 31

Valravn noticed Gabriel wandering off. This place was having a stronger effect on him than he had thought it would have had. He had underestimated the connection between the two …

In this hall of mirrors there were twists and turns at least! Except somewhere down the corridor, Valravn and Evangeline realized there were two Gabriels walking side by side now!

Evangeline: Ga-! …briel. Hum… *At first she thought it was mirror reflections, but now she was just plain confused! She lingered behind him – them? – tapping a finger at her chin.* I should know what this means… -01:20 May 31
Gabriel: *And then the two Gabriels split up, each going in an opposite direction!* -01:21 May 31

Valravn was left standing beside Evangeline. “How do we tell which one is which before they disappear completely?”

They were both so alike! They smelled the same, had the same aura–It could prove to be frustrating!

Evangeline: I don’t know! Um…! *She stepped first one way… then double back towards the other. ..then went right back to the middle again!* Blast it! It really is him either way, he just needs to be brought back to himself…? Bother, I don’t even know what I’m talking about! *They couldn’t just stand there, though.* …should we split up? -01:27 May 31

There was concern about being able to communicate with each other, much less find one another once they were separated. But she was right. Valravn nodded. “I shall take this one then.” And he went after the Gabriel closest to him!

Evangeline: *She only waited a second before she turned around to follow the other Gabriel! As long as one or both wasn’t a trap, they should be able to bring him back to himself! She hoped!* Gabriel! -01:33 May 31
Gabriel: *He was just about to step through one of the mirrors when she called him! He stopped! And then he turned his head to look at her.* … Forgive me. I could not protect you. I could not protect us. Had I not forced you, you would have been happy. -01:40 May 31
Evangeline: I was happy. I am happy! But you clearly have an idiot for a wife! *That look on his face.. she couldn’t stand it! She moved quickly to block his way to the mirror .* You aren’t going to leave me, are you? -01:44 May 31
Gabriel: *He closed his eyes and tilted his head back.* I should have allowed you to go back. Had I known then what I know now … You are no idiot. Such a bright soul. The brightest soul in existence. I think I understand … -01:49 May 31
Evangeline: Well, I don’t understand! I know I made a stupid wish, and I can’t remember why… But I know I want to be with you. How could I be here now if I didn’t want to find you? -01:54 May 31
Gabriel: *He blinked then and looked around, disoriented again.* Where is Valravn. -01:58 May 31
Evangeline: He followed the other you in the other direction. *Now she latched on to his arm, intending to hold him captive until he no longer acted so strange!* -02:00 May 31
Gabriel: We have to go. *Now he was walking in the direction they’d come. This place was messing with his mind and the longer they stayed here, the higher the chance any affect on him would be permanent! They past the point Evangeline and Valravn had split up and kept walking! But there was no sign of him anywhere! He growled softly.* I do not wish to wander this place for eternity. -02:03 May 31
Evangeline: Maybe I shouldn’t have left him alone. *She might have left Fluffy defenseless! It seemed everything she did today was wrong!* Fluffy! Fluuuffy! -02:09 May 31

“If you wish for your devil back, you will leave immediately. If you swear to leave and never return, we shall return him to you,” the woman’s voice came out of nowhere. But then the mirror in front of them rippled and out stepped a woman with dark red hair and brown eyes wearing an old-fashioned long black gown and holding a fan. She studied Gabriel.

Gabriel: That is not an option. Return him now. We are not leaving without the crown. -02:13 May 31

“Who said anything about a–” A snort. “I see.” She folded the fan and tapped it against her shoulder. “Come with me. I believe a test is in order.”

The woman turned and stepped back into the mirror she had come from, obviously expecting them to do the same!

Evangeline: *She made sure to have his hand. If he were going through a mirror, she was going too!* Be careful? -02:16 May 31
Gabriel: *Gabriel walked after the woman and went through the mirror. it was a bit disconcerting but the wave of vertigo passed. Now they were in a large room with a high ceiling of stone and in front of them, the woman from earlier standing beside a man so like her, they had to be twins! Between and in front of them was Valravn, unconscious but bound!* Release him. -02:21 May 31

“If you wish him back, you will have to pass the test,” the woman replied. She and the man flashed very long fangs at them. Vampires!

Evangeline: Why does everything have to be tests! I’ll just take him back and you can… go about your business! *She even took a step or two forward but had to pause cause she didn’t want to let go of Gabriel’s hand! He might get lost again!* -02:26 May 31

“We are Gemini, the first Guardians,” said the man!

“We destroy those who enter here–by challenging them to a battle of words!”

“Even those who resemble the Great King must prove his mettle and worth on the battlefield of honor!”

Evangeline: *She tugged on Gabriel’s hand and whispered.* What do they mean by battle of words? -02:32 May 31
Gabriel: Word spells. *He replied as the floor moved. A line appeared between them and the twins and Valravn and then the floor began to separate! A platform rose from under the floor they stood on, as long and as wide as a football field. There were pillars of solid rock and ponds of water all around! Now the twins and Valravn stood in front of a pair of thick iron doors made just for a giant of some kind!* You will have to stay here. -02:35 May 31
Evangeline: But I need to stay with you! *She couldn’t imagine what could go wrong with word spells, but she was very reluctant to let him go!* -02:37 May 31
[Gabriel is torn between leaving his Wife here or taking her with him!] -01:15 Jun 02
[Evangeline would rather stay with Gabriel. And fight if she can have a weapon! Maybe a stick!] -01:15 Jun 02
Gabriel: It is dangerous. *He said, feeling as if he’d said that over and over again so many times. But with Valravn incapcitated, there was no guarantee she would be safe here.* You will have to get on my back. -01:16 Jun 02
Evangeline: I can do that. And then you can leave me near Fluffy so I can rescue him! *It was a good plan! Those vampires weren’t likely to notice her, she was hardly even real!* -01:18 Jun 02

“There is but one rule. There is no physical contact between the participants.”

“All must be performed by word and will. If you succeed, you may have your devil and pass through.”

“But even then, that is no guarantee you will achieve the power you seek.”

Gabriel: You are real enough to me. *More real … The only thing that was right in this world. Or the next.* -01:20 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She hopped up to kiss his cheek.* Then I am real for you. Let’s get Fluffy! -01:23 Jun 02

The twins looked at each other and nodded. Then they took off, a blur! They were quicker than most vampires!

Gabriel: *Gabriel waited for Evangeline to get onto his back, made sure to secure his hold on her legs and that her arms were tight. He took off, right down the middle, jumping to the top of one of the rock pillars and then running across!* -01:24 Jun 02

When the twins reappeared, they were on either side of Gabriel but several feet away! “Earth, begone from his feet!” The rock under Gabriel’s feet suddenly gave way and he was falling!

Gabriel: *He clenched his teeth, summoned the Diablo Animus and drove it into the rock as he fell! They slid down several more feet until the Diablo Animus finally embedded itself into the rock and they stopped!* -01:28 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She held on good and tight! He moved awfully fast and heights were a little scary, especially when falling! She burried her face at his shoulder!* -01:28 Jun 02

“Wind, cut his skin from his bones! And flay his flesh!” The wind began to pick up and cuts began to appear in his clothes, across his cheek, on the back of his hand …

Gabriel: Words lose their power. Deflect and return the damage dealt to those who would do me harm. *The wind suddenly stopped and picked up around the twins to cut their skin instead! He pulled the Diablo Animus out of the rock, fell the rest of the way and landed neatly! Then the sword disappeared and he was running for it again!* -01:30 Jun 02

“Restrict access from the trespasser! Deny him what he seeks!” Gabriel came up against an invisible wall! Something clamped around his wrist, nice and tight! A shackle of some sort but the chain was endless and disappeared into the darkness at the edges of the room!

Evangeline: *They weren’t kidding when they said battle of words… she was almost tempted to ask for attack bunnies and see if that worked!* Would it be easier if you set me down? -01:36 Jun 02
Gabriel: *A growl! The shackle was tight and there was no telling how high or how thick the wall was! And he didn’t have time to pull it–The next platform with Valravn was within sight! There were no steps for Evangeline to climb but if she was off his back … * Yes. Head for Valravn. I will give you a way to get to him. -01:38 Jun 02
Evangeline: *Carefully, she slipped off his back and for a second tugged at that shackle on is wrist. AFter huffing, she finally turned to run for Fluffy!* -01:41 Jun 02
Gabriel: *Now he just had to distract them and keep them from going after her.* You will deny me nothing. All walls stand down. These obstacles have no meaning. *He pushed through and the wall was suddenly gone! But instead of heading for the platform, he was jumping up to the top of the rock pillar! Interestingly enough, the shackle stuck with him, moved as he moved!* -01:43 Jun 02

A snort at Gabriel breaking through the wall. “Clever.” He spotted Evangeline running for Valravn. “Freeze this abomination from her goal!”

Gabriel: *Gabriel saw the ice forming at Evangeline’s feet!* Warmth and heat. Unfreeze. *The ice melted away!* Lightning, rend and tear. *Bolts of lightning rained down from the ceiling to split the twins apart! When they appeared next, they both had shackles! The man had a shackle on his ankle! The woman a shackle around her neck!* -01:45 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She had her hands on her head, and nearly had herself slipping on ice! Better not to think about that, just rescuing Fluffy! He was only a few paces away, and she was already trying to climb up the short platform!* -01:48 Jun 02

“Banish these trespassers from our sight! Unworthy of our Great King!” The wind was picking up around Gabriel, Evangeline, and Valravn again! Threatening to take them away–but who knew where!

Gabriel: We are not here by your will but our own. We will remain. *He was running to join Evangeline.* Make way for the Queen. Deny not her way. *Rocks began to jut out of the platform to make climbing easier for Evangeline!* -01:56 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She forced herself to ignore the wind and the words! Gabriel would take care of her! With new rocks helping to make climbing that much easier, it was only a matter of moments before she had climb to the top and shuffled quickly over to Fluffy to untie him!* -02:01 Jun 02

“The Queen?!” The twins were running side by side. “Did he just–?!”

“He did! Such blasphemy!” The man muttered. He and the woman joined hands! “We call upon the ultimate spell!” The room grew dark! “Return their existence to nothing! Let the beginning meet the end! Allow none to escape! For we are the Gemini, protectors of the Great King Himself!” The room became freezing and a black ball of energy formed at their hands and shot straight for Evangeline and Valravn!

Gabriel: *Gabriel reached there in time to stand between them and Evangeline! He turned to face them. But shackles appeared around his wrist and ankles and his neck! He clenched his teeth as all of them grew tight!* I take the Gemini as my property and make their will mine. They can neither gainsay or act against me or mine. I will protect and defend. I will not surrender. I will not yield. I am Gabriel. My word is law. -02:10 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She had Fluffy untied and was trying to shake him awake. All while squeezing her eyes shut and hoping they weren’t about to be erased!* -02:13 Jun 02

Valravn’s eyes began to open. “Uhh … You …” He turned to look at Gabriel and Gemini. “What is …”

Gemini gritted his teeth. “His will. It’s–!”

“It’s too … strong!” the woman remarked! They squinted as the energy was coming back towards them, deflected by something! But then their pupils contracted and everything went black! … The dim light returned, leaving Evangeline and Valravn and Gabriel were they had been. But Gemini was kneeling at Gabriel’s feet!

Evangeline: *She was checking over Fluffy to make sure he wasn’t hurt, now that there was no worries of impending doom!* Are we safe now? -02:22 Jun 02

Valravn was unhurt. Just stunned!

The man was on one knee, the woman in a curtsey so low both knees were on the ground. Their heads were bowed! “Forgive us, Your Majesty. We wished no true ill.”

“We are doing what we swore to you, long ago. To protect this place and everything within. Please, mercy.”

Evangeline: *She reached a hand out to tug gently on Gabriel’s pants.* It was their job and we’re not hurt? Fluffy is all right! -02:31 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He turned to look at Evangeline.* I did not come to kill. Get these off of me. *He held up the shackles.* -02:33 Jun 02

The twins looked at each other! “Forgive us. We are unable to. The shackles will only disappear once you claim the crown.”

Evangeline: *She helped Fluffy to his feet and gave him a soft pat on the head.* And where is the crown so he can claim it? -02:36 Jun 02

“Beyond the doors. It will open for you now.”

“Please, be careful. The one you charged with protecting with has lost what little sanity he has long ago.”

Gabriel: … Thank you. *He said and then he was walking away, shackles trailing beside him to the doors, already beginning to open inward!* -02:44 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She caught up with him quick to link her hand with hers. He didn’t have to go alone… and she intended to protect him if she needed to! Who knew what those shackles would do!* -02:45 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He paused. They were in another corridor again, but this one looked extravagant with its carved pillars on either side.* So many memories. I do not know which are true and which are lies. -02:48 Jun 02
Evangeline: *It was definitely a place builty for a king… and still so cold! She squeezed his hand.* We’ll be able to figure it out soon, together, yes? -02:51 Jun 02
Gabriel: *There was a look on his face when she said that.* I want to believe that. -03:01 Jun 02
Evangeline: I promise we will. We have forever to find out! *She hated to see the doubt on his face. If she could do all of this and fix it herself so he wouldn’t have to worry, she would! For now, she could just hold his hand and tug him down the corridor. To be his support!* -03:05 Jun 02

Valravn was following right behind! The corridor opened up to a HUGE room, high ceiling, circular. There was a single shaft of light coming through from an opening at the ceiling in the center! And it shone down on … several crowns! Each looked identical to the next!

Gabriel: *As Gabriel exited the corridor and entered the room, the shackles went tight! They restrained him and he was suspended in the air! He pulled but then electricity ran down the chains and shocked him until he grew still!* -03:14 Jun 02
Evangeline: Gabriel! *Oh, she knew it! It was a dirty trick! How was he supposed to get the crown if he were strung up and being tortured? And he was too high up for her to jump and get him down!* -03:17 Jun 02

At the far end of the room, there was a woman twirling in a very lovely blood red dress! She had a beautiful wig on and was wearing lots of jewels! She seemed oblivious to them!

Valravn was examining the shackles and chains! They were enchanted with magic too complicated for him to unravel in a few short moments!

Evangeline: Can you get him down? I think I could find the- *That’s when she spotted the twirler in the dress but… Something didn’t look quite right!* -03:24 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He clenched his teeth but his fangs had grown! He shut his eyes because now he smelled something that made him want to rip out someone’s throat!* -03:27 Jun 02

The woman was twirling and twirling–right up until she got to the light and struck a pose! Back arched and head tilted back! … It was a guy in a woman’s dress!

Evangeline: *She wasn’t sure if she should laugh or be worried! But by Gabriel’s reaction, she was leaning towards very worried! She moved to stand in front of Gabriel and shield him from… um.. Him?* Um..! We are here to find a crown? Miss? -03:29 Jun 02

Valravn was working on a way to at least loosen the chains, if nothing else! But Gabriel’s sudden reaction made him pause and wonder if that was the safest thing to do right now!

“Hmmm?” The man blinked and looked at them. His fangs were sharp and his eyes were red! A vampire! “I told them not to allow anyone to disturb him!” he said in a woman’s voice. “Really! The competence of help these days!” The woman’s voice switched to a man’s. “Mother, I am sick and tired of you complaining on and on! Why don’t you shut up?!” The man’s voice switched back to a woman’s! She gasped! “Oh the nerve! You insolent whelp! After everything I did for you?!”

Evangeline: *They weren’t kidding! He was bonkers! Or possessed? Well… not sane in any case!* Um… nevermind then, I won’t bother you… *With Fluffy trying to remove the chains, she would just tiptoe towards those crowns!* -03:36 Jun 02

“Did for me?! You old crone! You never loved me, much less did anything *for* me! Everything you did, you did for you!” The man’s voice became a woman’s. “I am not listening to this! I will not stand for this! Why your father never said an ill toward me–!” The woman’s voice became the man’s again. “Yes! And see where it got him?! He’s dead! Ash! And now I’m stuck here guarding a bunch of crowns and I don’t even know which one is the real one!” The man’s voice switched back to a woman’s! “Stupid boy! I told you to pay attention!” The woman’s voice became the man’s! “Pay attention?! I was tortured, flogged, bones were broken, drained of blood, bound, gagged, blinded!” The woman scoffed. “Excuses!”

Gabriel: *He growled and he was straining against the chains again! But the chains only responded by sending more volts of electricity to shock him until he stopped struggling!* -03:40 Jun 02
Evangeline: *Well… it was no wonder there were the twin vampires being guardians too! This man in a dress was absolutely crazy! She removed her gloves to stuff them in a pocket, and quiet as could be snuck her way over to the crowns. They all looked exactly alike! She tapped her chin as she thought about each one.* -03:42 Jun 02

“Excuses?! Let’s see you live through something like that and then you can scoff at me!” The man’s voice was a woman’s again. “Ha! You went to war–you came back a coward! You went to find a woman–you brought back a demon whore! You went to find your life’s calling–and you tried to usurp the King! You fool! You’re not half the man your father was!”

Evangeline: *The argument was distracting… and harsh! She finally shook her head and returned her focus to the crowns. One hand out, it hovered near each of them until she finally stopped. The one that felt so strongly of him! Pulling her because it was something precious of his! Making sure they weren’t looking, she snatched it up and placed it on her head so she could tip-toe back!* -03:48 Jun 02

The base of the crown was an intricately carved dragon of gold with intricate scales and jewels of different shapes and colors embedded in them! In the dragon’s mouth at the front was a large hole where a large ruby sat, except it shifted colors from blue to red and to white to green! So beautiful!

“I could never be half the man my father was! All you ever did was belittle and tell me how I would never amount to anything!” The man’s voice became a woman’s! “And I was right! So much for being a promising heir! I told your father children were a waste of time!”

Evangeline: *The crown nearly slipped down her head to land on her nose, but she quickly pushed it back up and held it in place as she dashed back to Gabriel.* I have it! It was like finding the ring! -03:53 Jun 02

And not a moment too soon! Valravn put up a shield that sent one charging madman/woman flat on his/her back!

Gabriel: *At the sound of her voice, he calmed down slightly.* … Wife. *He was pulling at the chains again! They hadn’t come off yet! And the electricity returned!* -03:56 Jun 02
Evangeline: We will have you down in a moment. *She cast a worried glance over her shoulder. They had argued so much, she hadn’t realized they even noticed her!* ..Why don’t you stop bickering between yourselves and let him down! We have the crown now, and there’s no reason any more! -04:00 Jun 02

The woman straightened her wig! “The nerve! Now that the Great King has returned, I can finally do what my son was never man enough to do and finish him!” Her voice became the man’s. “YOU finish him?! He tortured and stuck me here–with YOU!! I’m going to be the one to finish him!” The man’s voice became the woman’s again! “You don’t have the balls! That demon whore you stole away had more guts than you!”

Evangeline: *There was just no way to take this guy seriously! Huffing, she turned back to Fluffy!* ..let’s just get him down, quickly, then! Can I help? Maybe if I find the end of the chains! -04:09 Jun 02

Valravn was on the floor as if he’d dropped something. “If I can lower him, you can get close enough to him …” He moved on his hands and knees to one side of the room and then the chains on the side he was on grew slack! He quickly moved to the other side and did the same thing! Gabriel landed neatly on the ground, with the shackles still on!

Evangeline: *As soon as he was back on the floor she moved and hugged him. The fact he landed on his feet and hadn’t collapsed from pain was a relief!* Are you okay? What should I do now? -04:15 Jun 02

“She did not! I was the one who thought up the plan!” The man’s voice became the woman’s! “The plan! What a stupid plan it was, too! If you are going to stage an usurping, you would do well to have done your research first! A fine idea of betraying your cohort beforehand!”

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her but then he clenched his teeth and dropped to his knees!* -04:18 Jun 02

“He should be able to–That’s it! He can’t claim the Great King’s power until he claims the Great King with it!”

Evangeline: *She dropped to the floor with him – she wouldn’t dare let go!* To.. to regain his own memories, yes? *She was supposed to be here for him and support him, and she couldn’t even remember why it was so monumental! She moved her hands up to his cheeks to make sure he was looking at her.* I’m here with you. -04:21 Jun 02
Gabriel: … Too much of it. Memories. Thoughts. Sins … *It was foolish of him. But he had done things … he was certain he had. And if he claimed this power, would he be Gabriel or the Great King the twins spoke of.* -04:24 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She didn’t want him to be afraid! Leaning, she kissed his forehead gently.* Do they really matter now, after all..? If even after I mess things up and we still find each other despite it? -04:27 Jun 02
Gabriel: … I will always find you. *He cupped her cheek and kissed her lips. He closed his eyes. The shackles broke away and everything was bathed in darkness, until only the two of them and Valravn remained!* -04:33 Jun 02

Valravn smiled. “There is something I would like to say. If you could give my sister a message for me, the one you saw in the vision.”

Evangeline: *Something had shifted! Heavy and weighing. A little dizzying… and she wasn’t sure if it was because he made a choice or if everything was catching up to her! She finally grinned and smiled at Fluffy.* A message? -04:36 Jun 02

He nodded. “Tell her, I am proud of her. That I am sorry I left the Devil World before I had a chance to know her. And … to be careful. She has much to learn but I have faith in her.” He grinned. “And don’t worry. I am not sad to have died in this reality. My sacrifice is legendary and I made it for the right reasons. Goodbye.”

Gabriel: Thank you, Valravn. *He nodded once.* Goodbye. -04:39 Jun 02
Evangeline: *She waved softly, trying not to let tears sneak up. But she knew they were going to get her later! Fluffy was something special!* Goodbye, Fluffy… -04:42 Jun 02

Valravn was fading away …! “Please take care of him. And, Gabriel, take care of her. You two are something special–and it takes a lot to keep you out of trouble.” And then he was gone!

But suddenly, Gabriel was gone as well! “My poor Child drawn away by the Darkness,” said a woman’s voice. A woman appeared in front of Evangeline. Dark skin, almost white hair, beautiful! “Take this chance now and free yourself while you can.”

Evangeline: *She was so tired and so upset! It was the last time she would ever see Fluffy again… and now she was all alone! With a strange woman!* Who are you? -04:46 Jun 02

The woman smiled. “You do not recognize me. That is understandable. I prefer to keep out of my children’s way so they may live and prosper. I am the Light, the counterpart to the Darkness, mother of humans, pixies, those who flourish in life and light. The Darkness seeks only destruction, only power, and control. It does not care for you, daughter. Not the way I care for you. Please, turn back. Forsake the Darkness while you can.”

Evangeline: *How confusing! She slowly shook her head.* But… not all darkness is like that? He protects and shields and gives safety when you need somewhere to hide? -04:53 Jun 02

“Merely an illusion. You were not there when our races first began to grow. When my children only wished for a little more room, he denied it. He grew so angry. He spoke his own children into revolting and because of it, everything was destroyed.”

Evangeline: Not everything destroyed… the world is still alive and growing. And maybe even beyond? -05:00 Jun 02

“You have been with the Darkness for too long. Please, daughter. I sacrificed everything to give you a chance for happiness. It is only a matter of time before the Darkness tires of you. Then you will be left with the cold, the bitter, barren shadows.”

Evangeline: But he loves me. And I know he loves me. *He did. …but what she did was pretty terrible. Her wish was stupid, but had she made it for a good reason? She suddenly shook her head and put her hands over her ears.* No! He does love me! You just don’t know him! -05:04 Jun 02

“He will betray you, just as he betrayed me. Turn from the Darkness. Kill him and end the threat once and for all.”

Evangeline: I won’t. Even if he decides that I am not worthy to be his wife, I could never betray him. I can shine because he holds me up. -05:08 Jun 02

“You will regret this. How can you love something so twisted and ugly.” The woman was frowning. But something was calling to Evangeline, a feeling so strong, reminding her someone was waiting for her!

Evangeline: Because he isn’t twisted and ugly. *So tired. Was she awake or asleep? He was asking for her though, she could feel his worry!* -05:14 Jun 02

“I will show you. I will show you all the error of your ways …” the woman promised before she faded away!

Gabriel: … Evangeline. Evangeline. *He was leaning over her.* -05:15 Jun 02
Evangeline: *That woman… there was something about her! And she wanted so much to ask what she meant. But she was falling asleep. …or was it waking up? She was groaning softly with the floor solid at her back. Opening one eye then another, and still seeing on the dark! Most might have panicked, but this seemed right!*…I’m Evangeline? -05:18 Jun 02
Gabriel: You are Evangeline Clark, my wife and seer. And I believe this belongs to me. *He took something off of her head and placed it on his own. His crown.* -05:21 Jun 02

Vlamerias: “Oohh! That’s a magnificent crown, Glaër! May I see it?” That bouncy, hyperactive voice was everywhere as Vlamerias hopped and skipped around them!

Evangeline: I see. *She felt so strange… before she could see and everything had been silent. Now everything was dark and there were a million things in her head! Visions and voices all together in a jumbled mess. But it was Gabriel she was most aware of! She could not hear his thoughts, but could feel his emotion! And he was very angry!* -05:24 Jun 02
Gabriel: A moment, Vlamerias. *He was helping Evangeline to stand and then taking her by the hand, out into the hall! He was searching for something–no, someone! And then he spotted the old gypsy at the other end of the hall!* -05:26 Jun 02

The gypsy women was already looking worried, and for an escape route! Not only had she not expected the entire world to change the way it had, now it was FIXED again! So she was scuttling for a door!

Evangeline: *He was so, so angry… And all she could think of is what the woman said. He would tire of her. Maybe not tire, maybe he would be so mad at her for what she did that he would leave her! Her wish had hurt him and lots of other people! She might of betrayed him after all!* -05:29 Jun 02
Gabriel: *The only warning Evangeline had before he disappeared was the sudden surge in anger and the growl at the back of his throat! And she knew it was the angry growl! He reappeared in front of the old woman and had his hand around her throat! Then he was pulling her into the cafeteria!* -05:30 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *Meri was beside Evangeline!* Mommy! What happened? Where did you go? Why is Glaër taking that gypsy into the eating place? Is he going to eat her? *Maybe she should run and get her chocolate syrup and get a bite of the tough, chewy human!*

“Wait, wait!!” Wailed Madam Tuli, flailing her arms all about! “I only granted a wish! She wished for it! That is what she wanted most!”

Gabriel: You took advantage of my wife. I want the memories you took from her back and the memories of all those you have "helped" along the way. -05:33 Jun 02
Evangeline: I did something terrible and now he’s very angry. *She wasn’t going to run in there and save that women. In fact, she was tempted to run away herself! Instead, she knelt on the floor to pat the devil on the head.* I was somewhere else for a bit. And I have a message for you. Fluffy – um – Valravn says he is very proud of you. And that he is sorry he left before getting to know you. -05:34 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *Her eyes grew wide!* He … he said that … *She swallowed! That meant so much to her, she was sniffling and rubbing her eyes before she knew it!*

“That was payment! Wh-What she asked for!” Then again, that look on his face. No one in their right mind was going to refuse this man! Madam Tuli dug down in to the front of her shirt until she pulled out a jingling bag! “Here, here! As you want!”

Evangeline: Oh, please don’t cry! *She pulled the wee devil close and gave her a tight hug. She already wanted to cry herself, and having someone else do it would be too much!* -05:37 Jun 02
Gabriel: You prey upon the broken-hearted and the innocent. *He pocketed the jingling bag.* If this is not what I want, you will pay the consequences. *He didn’t even need to use words to cast the spell! One moment she was in his grasp, the next, he was extracting her soul and placing it into another glass ball!* The same fate will befall the next one who seeks to take advantage of Evangeline. *Then he had turned and walked away to find his wife!* -05:42 Jun 02

Vlamerias: But it’s so–so–! *Now the tears didn’t stop coming and she clung to her Mommy!* That’s so nice of him! *Sniffle! Sniffle!*

The old gypsy women didn’t even have the time to screen. There was now an entire cafeteria of people looking shocked and appalled! …and none of them wanting to move an inch while a couple tried to remember if they might have accidentally made Evangeline mad anytime recently and if they should run for it!

Evangeline: *She held the devil and gave her many gentle pats. At least until she felt Gabriel drawing near. Just as angry as before! She set Meri back on her feet and took a deep breath.* All right now? -05:47 Jun 02

Vlamerias: *Meri was sniffling but then she nodded.* Hmm hmm. Thankies. Mommy.

Gabriel: … Evangeline. We must talk. *Now he was stalking toward her. Half of him wanted to shake her, the other half wanted to kiss her.* -05:49 Jun 02
Evangeline: *A quick kiss to Meri’s cheek, then she was on her feet, with that expression of a woman that was about to run down the hall! She even took a step or two away.* …we must talk? -05:51 Jun 02
Gabriel: Yes. *He didn’t pause.* Talk. That is what married couples do, do they not. You did not allow me to run. Do not believe I will not extend the same courtesy to you. -05:52 Jun 02
Evangeline: Okay. *It came out more like a breathless squeek! She was so scared! He was going to yell at her, then he was going to leave her what she did! For betraying him and everyone, and then she really would be left alone in the dark! Maybe one more step away!* -05:55 Jun 02
Gabriel: I remember everything from this reality and the one you created. It was not a pleasant experience. *Closer, closer …* -05:57 Jun 02
Evangeline: I- I never meant to hurt you. Or anyone and I… *Oh dear! She backed several paces away until she backed in to the wall. She should run! He couldn’t leave her if she didn’t hear him say it! She put her hands over her ears.* -06:01 Jun 02
Gabriel: *Instead, Gabriel placed his hands over her ears and leaned his head down to touch his forehead against hers.* Would you like to know why a simple wish to never exist would cause so much change in the world as you know it. -06:02 Jun 02
Evangeline: *Blast it! She had not remembered he could speak directly to her! Still, it wasn’t the words she was expecting!* Hum… I do want to know… Yes? -06:05 Jun 02
Gabriel: Because a long, long time ago, I met a woman wandering my castle, insisting she was married to me and bore my mark when I had none. She was bold enough to touch me when no one else would dare. Her soul shone brighter than the sun at its peak. Her concern was not for herself but for me, even when I ordered her to face Cerberus. -06:07 Jun 02
Evangeline: I don’t understand. *She knew it was her… but how would that possibly change the world! He always protected her and she brought him grief!* -06:12 Jun 02
Gabriel: *He touched his mind to hers so she could share the memory with him.* The night before I faced Galisteu, I was all alone. Since then, I had been thinking of the woman who made such an influence in such a short time. I never let it show but I was lonely. I wanted a mate but for me, no ordinary mate would do. *Evangeline saw him playing his violin with those shadow wolves around him under the moon. Then he paused and tilted his head up to look at the moon.* … I made a wish, Evangeline. "What is darkness without light. What am I without balance. I wish to find the brightest soul in existence, my heart as I have none of my own." To rule, I had to use my head, not my heart. I had ruled for a very long time, Evangeline. I no longer had a heart. I merely had a code I followed and for a time, that was enough. By not existing, and not visiting me in the past, all I could see was a bleak future ahead of me. You touched my life and made it possible for Dark to be created, for Ms Grey to survive, for Lily to find her way home, for Brutus to be free. Things happen for a reason. I was meant to find you because long ago, I made a wish for a wife. I made a wish for you. I love you, Evangeline Clark. -06:21 Jun 02
Evangeline: *A wish. A wish for her. With his memory she could feel his lonliness and hear his words. Her stupid wish had taken everything away from him! She had wanted to give him the world to experience, and then one foolish mistake and she snatched it away from him!* Gabriel, I.. I’m so sorry..! -06:28 Jun 02
Gabriel: I know you are. *He stroked her hair.* … Which is why the punishment will fit the crime. -06:32 Jun 02

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