053 Dark’s First Crush (UNFINISHED)

[[[UNFINISHED]]] Caroline has her own missions to do and takes Dark along. He meets a nice young lady!

[Caroline has no idea how to balance mentoring with her own personal work! Thus… Dark gets a cruise vacation while she hunts for a rumored demon!] -11:59 Dec 13
[Dark just wanted to find a way off of this ship!] -12:18 Dec 14
Dark: … Too much rolling! *Dark muttered, shielding his eyes against the glint of the sun off the ship’s white paint!* -12:19 Dec 14
Caroline: I have to wonder if you know how to swim. *Cruises were relaxing… at least, if you weren’t watching the people carefully, looking for signs of posession or demonic auras. Someone had contacted her and said there was some sort of curse on this ship, and she never liked to turn down personal requests. -12:21 Dec 14
Dark: Just ’cause I know how to do something doesn’t mean I like doing it. *He growled.* ‘Sides, Gabriel made sure I knew how to swim. *It was a miracle he wasn’t still having nightmares about that, either!* -12:22 Dec 14
Caroline: Did he? *There was that amused smile. Knowing Gabriel’s methods, Dark was likely dropped in the ocean somewhere and told to swim home.* If that is the case, you don’t need to spend all of your time with me. This trip is lesson free. -12:25 Dec 14
Dark: *Dark couldn’t believe his ears! Did she just–Wait, a minute! He blinked and looked over the top of his sunglasses!* Wait … you’re serious? -12:26 Dec 14

Someone suddenly bumped into Dark! “Oh, excuse me! I didn’t see where I was going!”

Caroline: Contrary to what it must feel like, I do have quests outside of teaching you. *Caroline blinked at the interuption, but still cast that amused smile. Although, letting Dark socialize could have been considered a lesson too…* -12:30 Dec 14
Dark: *He growled and turned, ready to give that guy a piece of his–!* Uh … Yeah, just uh … don’t let it happen again. -12:35 Dec 14

The woman who had bumped into him was a head shorter than he was. She wore a white hat with a wide brim, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wore a blue sundress, blue shoes and carried a white purse over one shoulder. In her other hand was the handle to her suitcase on wheels. “Thank you.”

“Boy’s twitterpated by a nice pair of breasts.” Muttered Alistair, hiding on Caroline’s shoulder and hidden behind her hair. All the beautiful women on board, and he couldn’t chase after any of them!

Dark: *Dark glared!* I heard that, you little–! -12:41 Dec 14

The woman was looking at him, blinking and head tilted to one side curiously. “Heard what …? I didn’t say anything.”

Dark: *He blinked.* It’s uh … nothing, really. So uh, you er, better go … find your cabin … or whatever. -12:42 Dec 14
Caroline: Hmm. Why don’t you help her find her cabin. I’ll be browsing the ship. *It was cute in a strange sort of way. Dark was lucky that Evangeline was not here to meddle. Caroline nodded her head to both of them before turning away to leave and swishing Alistair off her shoulder. She had no desire to listen to him sulk!* -12:49 Dec 14

She smiled and blushed slightly. “I’m sorry. I’m bothering you, aren’t I? My name is Abby.”

Dark: *Dark glanced over his shoulder.* Wait, where are you–?! *But Caroline and Alistair were already gone and he huffed!* Yeah, leave me, good-for-nothing, conniving, little– -12:52 Dec 14
Dark: /gm There was a giggle from behind him! The woman was still there! "You’re funny." -12:52 Dec 14

There was a giggle from behind him! The woman was still there! “You’re funny.”

Alistair was given the brush off! Hmph! Some partner! Well, then… That just meant he was going to go harass the boy. When he went flapping back, he found Dark chatting up with that pair of nice breasts. He landed behind the woman, sitting on a railing… but in Dark’s sight!

Caroline: *She wished there was a little more information about this ship. Saying that it was "cursed" and a "demon" on board was vague, considering how many different sorts of curses and demons there were in the world. With her hands resting in her pockets, for the moment, looking around and getting familiar with the ship would. When they were out to sea, that was the best time for beasts to come out. No one could escape then…* -12:59 Dec 14
Dark: *She thought he was funny?! That was a first. No one ever thought he was funny. Well, there was that time the Grey chick–Lily–had called him funny. But this woman meant it in a completely different way.* Uh, yeah … Well uh, where’s that cabin of yours. *He happened to glance over her shoulder and notice–damnit, what the hell was that flying rat doing here?!* -01:00 Dec 14

The woman began fumbling into her purse. “Well … It was just here a moment ago. I sure hope I didn’t throw it away or drop it overboard.” She stopped and blinked, seriously wondering if she had. She realized Dark was watching her and her cheeks were tinged with red. “It’s … happened before.”

Alistair made sure his presence was known by mimicing the woman. That included posing, rubbing his chest and making all sorts of kissy faces!

Dark: *Trying to keep a straight face for the woman and glaring at Alistair was hard as hell! He growled–only to stop and glance off to the side when the woman stopped what she was doing to look at him!* It’s bound to be somewhere in that purse of yours … Maybe it’s on the floor. -01:08 Dec 14

“Um …” She looked at the floor and began turning around. She was too busy looking for the piece of paper to notice a bat perched on the railing.

Dark: I’ll look over here. *Dark moved over to where Alistair was and growled.* What the fuck are you doing here, you flying rat? -01:10 Dec 14

Alistair gave a good smug grin. “Watching you flubber around like some addle headed pup! Can’t talk to women, can you boy?”

Dark: Why don’t you go and make yourself useful, like getting stuck in a hole somewhere for the rest of eternity? -01:14 Dec 14

“Oy, oy! And miss out watching you flounder like a dead fish? Go show that human you manpiece! Take it like a man!”

“Any luck there, Mr … I don’t even know your name. Are you alright over there?”

Dark: *He growled.* Oh, I’ll show you something alright–*He quickly turned.* Dark. My name’s Dark. And I’m fine. No luck over here. Maybe you should look in your purse again. -01:22 Dec 14

Alistair cackled softly, flapping up to land on the back of Dark’s shirt. He wasn’t going to miss this! “Offer her your room, vampire.”

Dark: Offer her my room! Oh, you are so dead! *He snarled, turning to try and grab the bat! It was something he should have done earlier instead of just yelling at him!* -01:26 Dec 14

“That’s a marvelous idea! Are you … sure you don’t mind? I don’t want to impose.”

Caroline: *Caroline had wondered up on one of the higher levels, now leaning over the railings and looking out at the sea. The ship was just starting to move away from port, and before long they’d be out in open ocean. It was a shame this was business. There was always something vaguely romantic in meeting a stranger on a cruise.* -01:26 Dec 14

Alistair seemed to know the perfect spot to cling, right out of reach! He snickered to himself! It was a good thing human ears were not as sharp as the dumb vampire’s. He could do this all day!

Dark: *Dark was forced to stop trying to reach the chattering little fuzzball because now Abigail was walking toward him.* Uh … Not at all. *Damnit, all his instincts said to refuse, to tell her to go look for someone else to help and stalk off! But no … he was still standing here, agreeing with a suggestion he got from a perverted, annoying little flying rat!* -01:41 Dec 14

Alistair crawled himself to a nice spot, out of grabbing range, but a good place to watch and occasionally give his expert advice! “Don’t just stand there, get walkin’!”

Dark: *He wanted nothing more than grab the little pest, tie him up with something, maybe with rope and to the anchor and launch him overboard!* -02:08 Dec 14

She was giggling as she grabbed his arm and started pulling him across the deck! “This will be so much fun!”

Caroline: *Watching people as they moved about, it was a little surprising to see Dark getting dragged along by that woman from before. …and Alistair clinging to his shirt. * -02:15 Dec 14

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