054 Daycare Dilemma (UNFINISHED?)

Evangeline volunteered to watch the kids at the Oracle Daycare and Gabriel visits.

[Gabriel is standing in the middle of a crowd of little children no taller than his knee!] -02:33 Jan 22
[Evangeline volunteered to be a caregiver at one of the Oracle day care centers! …she isn\’t sure why Gabriel joined her, there isn\’t any slaying involved here!] -02:34 Jan 22

There were several children standing there staring up at Gabriel. He was as big as a house and had this big cool coat on!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at Evangeline.* … You are not teaching a class today. -02:37 Jan 22
Evangeline: *Gabriel looked so out of place she almost laughed! Today she was wearing simple clothes, a sweater and some pants. Chasing children around required easy running!* No. They were under staffed here today, because so many people have caught a flu lately, so I thought I would help! *Oop! She snatched a fork up as a kid ran by. Where’d they get this fork!* -02:39 Jan 22

One of the children tugged on Gabriel’s coat. “Are you the Boogey-Man?”

“Mommy says guns are bad.” said another, tugging on the other side of Gabriel to look under his coat!

“Oohh! I want to see the gun! I want to see the gun!” said a third child, moving to push the child in front of him so he could.

Evangeline: *A blink!* You don’t have your guns with you, do you..! They are awfully good at stealing things from your pockets when you aren’t looking! *As she had found out earlier this morning! She was still missing three of her stones!* -02:47 Jan 22
Gabriel: Some have called me that but no, I am not. *He raised an eyebrow.* Guns are bad but I deal with bad … people. -02:47 Jan 22

“OOhh! Those guns look big and heavy!”

*said another child.

“Can I try the gun!? I want to play Cops and Vampires!” Not that asking stop a kid from trying to crawl up Gabriel’s leg!

Gabriel: *He was still looking at Evangeline when his hand shot out and he grabbed it out of one of the children’s hands! He moved so fast the child didn’t notice the gun had been taken away until seconds later!* The next child to touch my guns will serve as my snack. *He put the gun away and picked up the child crawling up his leg by the collar of the kid’s shirt.* No. -02:50 Jan 22
Evangeline: *Thanks goodness she was the only one here! If one of the others were, they’d be panicking half to death! ….Not that she wasn’t a tiny bit worried herself!* Um…! I think it would be best if the guns weren’t here at all don’t you think? That would include any knives or other weapons! -02:53 Jan 22

The kid now being held up by his shirt was staring wide-eyed! “Woooowww! You’re super strong! Can you touch the ceilin?!”

Gabriel: *He looked at Evangeline.* … Fine. *He looked at the kid who had spoken.* Easily. *He lowered the child back to the floor and suddenly his guns and knives were gone. He moved to walk away only to find two children clinging to his leg!* -02:56 Jan 22

“Wow! He really is strong!” said one child!

“Can we ride on your legs and you walk around, Mister!” said the other child.

Evangeline: *A relief! Now she didn’t have to worry about any children sneaking Gabriel’s weapons away. He was fast, but there was a whole room of them and they could get overwhelming!* There are about thirty of them, most around five years old or younger. The ones too young to be in school yet. *Evangeline tried not to grin!* …um, did you need something from me today? -02:58 Jan 22
Gabriel: No. *And he didn’t explain why he’d come to see Evangeline either! He looked down at the two kids clinging to his legs.* You are clinging to me. Why. -03:01 Jan 22

“Just a little ride, please?! Pretty pretty please?!” said one child.

“Yeah, just a little ride! And we’ll get off! … Promise!” said the other.

“I’d rather have a horsey ride! …Hey, where’d all the guns go!” That one was now hanging on the back of Gabriel’s coat and flicking it to make him move!

Gabriel: To the door. *He said and then he began walking, kids clinging to his legs and back with him! And he was walking as if they were light as a feather–which they probably were for him!* -03:05 Jan 22
Evangeline: Did you want to tell me something? *He must of needed something, because he was still here and being so viciously tormented by very curious children! If she were nice she should pull them off…. but…. but it was so cute!* -03:05 Jan 22

“Weeee! This is fun!” The kid was giggling!

“Yee-haw! Yay!” went the second kid!

The one on his coat was trying to stop him from walking, but just ended up being dragged across the floor!

Gabriel: No. *He replied and reached the door.* Off. *He told the children but none of them budged!* -03:24 Jan 22
Evangeline: *Evangeline rest her hands on her hips, tilting her head in thought.* …all right you baby chicks, let go of that monster and hide before he eats you! We’re going to count to ten! -03:26 Jan 22
[Evangeline wonders how long Gabriel will tolorate this tiny beasts if he didn\’t actually need to speak to her about something!] -11:52 Jan 22
[Gabriel is trying to pry the children off of him!] -11:57 Jan 22

Kids didn’t look like they were going to get off Gabriel, even when Evangeline said she’d start counting! Lots of high pitched giggling!

Gabriel: *But everytime he pulled one child off, there were more in its place.* Persistent. -12:00 Jan 23
Evangeline: You gave some of them rides, I think you’re going to have to do it for all of them. *Poor Gabriel! Children have iron-like sticky grips of doom. It’s not like slaying monsters!* -12:02 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He lifted his arm which one child clinging to it, giggling! There were thirty of them! And they didn’t look the type to be easily placated!* … I see. And you are watching over them for how long. -12:03 Jan 23
Evangeline: For a few more hours until their parents come to pick them up. You’ll have to come back later if you needed me to do something for you! *Evangeline tilted her head curiously.* -12:06 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He turned around to face Evangeline now.* And you are the only adult here. -12:12 Jan 23
Evangeline: Well, yes. No one else was available. They are fun though. I just haven’t figured out where they hid my rocks or my shoes. *Speaking of which, she was supposed to be searching for those! Heaven forbid they end up in a paint can or flushed down a toilet!* -12:15 Jan 23

“Can I get another piggyback ride?” said one kid.

“Can we, can we?” said another.

“Hey, I didn’t get a turn yet! When is it my turn?!” said a third.

“I wanna plaaaaaay a gaaaaaaame!” Said the one still attached to the back of his coat!

Gabriel: *He glanced over his shoulder at the one attached to the back of his coat.* One more ride. *And then he started to walk across the room again!* -12:20 Jan 23

“Yay!” said one of the kids on his arm!

“Giddy-up, horsie!” said one of the kids on his leg!

“Wow! You’re strong!” went another kid.

“Can you do this to my daddy?!” said a different one.

Evangeline: *Evangeline was reaching under one of the tables hunting… and found another kid! She shooed him out.* You really don’t need to stay! Are you sure there wasn’t something you needed? -12:26 Jan 23
Gabriel: You wish to get rid of me. *Gabriel said, pausing to stop beside her as she hushed the child out from under the table.* -12:28 Jan 23
Evangeline: No! Of course not! But I will be here for awhile and you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. *How many of them could he drag around the room! Evangeline pulled one of the kids off his arm!* -12:32 Jan 23

The kid Evangeline pulled off of Gabriel’s arm was clinging very tightly! “I wanna ride! I wanna ride!”

Gabriel: *He suddenly had a child on his shoulders! What a quick climber! He lifted one hand which was covering one eye.* -12:39 Jan 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline couldn’t help but grin!* You’ll be at this all day, if you linger. I think they like you. *Took some prying but she managed to get the one off his arm and tucked him under hers! Then she was trying to fish the one off his shoulder Little monsters were heavy!* -12:41 Jan 23
Gabriel: Actually … *And even the children paused to listen to this one!* … I do not mind. -12:43 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She wasn’t so sure if she believed him! After all, Gabriel was not someone you would find surrounded by lil tiny grabby humans!* Is that so? Well, if you don’t mind you are welcome to stay and help me! We can’t leave until the last one is picked up. And we can’t lose any of them either. Sometimes they like to escape. -12:46 Jan 23

“Mikie crawled out a window this morning, and Miss Clark called him a spider monkey!”

“And then when she found him and brought him back, Joey got into the cookie jar and made such a mess!” said a little girl!

“And then the aliens came and we had to fight mutant squids with rockets for eyes!” another stated just as seriously!

Evangeline: I… don’t know about the squids, but it’s been very chaotic! *…and someone had toilet paper and was currently throwing it around the room! Evangeline dashed to intercept!* -01:13 Jan 23
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((01:16 Jan 23))
[Gabriel has returned!] -01:36 Jan 23

“Can we play hide and go seek, Miss Clark?”

“No, it’s snack time! I want a cookie!”

“You had a cookie a little while ago! It’s my turn!”

Evangeline: I’m afraid snack time is later! So it’s safe trouble free games! …Where are my shoes! *She was rewinding that toilet paper back on a roll and sliding some legos off the floor where no one would step on them! …No one being her! It was going to be a disaster to clean up later!* -01:40 Jan 23

“I want to play with the trains this time!”

“I want coloring books!”

Evangeline: Then you should play with trains and coloring books! We have them here don’t we? *…She wasn’t so sure! Some of the toys were just pretend, and other times she was running around in circles! Grown up trainees were just a little bit easier to take care of!* -01:52 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Gabriel began to move around–still carrying five or six children–to help look for things! He lifted the lid of the cookie jar and–pulled out a shoe too big to be any of the children’s!* -01:57 Jan 23
Evangeline: *And Gabriel was still here! Moving around like the abominable snowman covered in layers of snow! She even giggled when he moved past her!* Maybe we should play hide and seek. -02:02 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He offered her his shoe while the kids clinging to him cheered and agreed! They didn’t seem so eager to get off of their ride, however!* -02:10 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She took the shoe and grinned more still.* You have to get off him so he can come and find you! So you better hide quick! -02:11 Jan 23

The coat clinger hopped away! “You’ll NEVER find me! I am a master hider!”

[Evangeline is being ran in circles by mobs of excited children, but doesn\’t seem to mind!] -01:33 Apr 15
[Gabriel is sitting at one of the kids\’ tables, in one of the smaller chairs, watching one girl draw him!] -01:35 Apr 15

“Okay! I’m done now!” The girl in the blonde pigtails sits up to show off her picture of him! A stick man in a black coat! “This is you!”

Evangeline: Ha! Gotcha! Give me that before you paint the walls purple! *Evangeline finally caught up to the one that had her scuffling around the room and recaptured the sticky paint brush that had been previously painting another child pretty colors.* Scoot! Wash yourself in the sink! -01:39 Apr 15
Gabriel: *Gabriel took the drawing and tilted his head slightly at it. Finally, he handed it back to her.* It is uncanny–it resembles me perfectly. *He had to add that last part when he saw the look on the girl’s face.* -01:40 Apr 15

The girl beamed with pride and shared the drawing with her friend! “Hehe, he said it’s uncanny!”

“Aaawww…” the boy shuffled off, dragging his feet aaaaalll the waaaaay. …and made sure to place hand prints where he could!

Gabriel: *He turned slightly and reached out to pull a blackboard eraser out of a running child’s grip! Then he had to pull another eraser out from another child.* -01:42 Apr 15

“Eww!” A little girl with freckles ran up to Evangeline! “Miss Evangeline! Tommy is making poop in the corner again! He said he doesn’t need to use the toilet.”

Evangeline: *Evangeline dropped the paint brush back in to a jar, ending up with paint and handprints on herself.* Oh dear… Tommy! Your mother is going to hang you by your ears if you don’t use the bathroom like a proper gentleman! *She was scooting quick to get him before there was a real disaster!* -01:45 Apr 15
Gabriel: *He was standing up and he crossed the room in two or three strides to pry one child off of the shelf he was climbing up on to retrieve a ball. He reached up and returned the ball to the child.* -01:47 Apr 15

There was a sudden EXPLOSION of baby powder somewhere in the room! Somehow it was so bad, the entire room had filled with white dust and now kids were screaming and giggling all over the place with the lack of sight!

Tommy was squatting in the corner with a very determined expression on his face! Even his nose was crinkled!

Evangeline: That’s enough of that! *Evangeline had Tommy up under her arms just in time to start coughing from all of that powder in the air! …this was getting absolutely impossible! Wolf puppies would be easier than this!* No reason to scream! It’ll *SNEEZE!* …oh! Someone open a window! -01:52 Apr 15
Gabriel: *Of course, Gabriel reached the window with little if any problem and opened the window! He picked up a kid trying to climb out and have his own adventure!* -01:54 Apr 15

“There’s a monster in heeeeerreee!” shouted someone else, which prompted a whole new torrent of screaming and running!

Evangeline: Then everyone should hunt for it instead of screaming! Monsters like eating the screamers first! *Tommy underarm, she was hauling him off to the bathroom and plopped him on the toilet before guarding the door!* -02:02 Apr 15

That ended the screaming pretty quick! But as the dust cloud settled there was a lot of powdered covered children and very weird shaped foot prints on the floor! Lots of oohing and aahing! “Coooool! It must be a dinodragonraptorvamp!’

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