054 Punishment! (UNFINISHED?)

After several days of her punishment, Gabriel allows Evangeline her snuggle time!

[Evangeline has spent several days in her apartment. …and it is the lack of cuddles that is the worst!] -03:09 Jun 03
[Gabriel has made it quite clear just how angry he is with Evangeline!] -03:10 Jun 03

Vlamerias: *She blinks!* Mommy? Mommy … *She is really worried about her but Warrior Lady and Dark said to let things be!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was sulking! She could live without teaching classes. Or going out for lunch. Or maybe even not getting to have a bath with Gabriel. …but no cuddles has been torture! Horrible long, terrible torture! She couldn’t rest without them, or sleep, or anything! Not even getting to touch!* Hmm, Meri? -03:12 Jun 03

Vlamerias: *She chewed on her lip!* Um … um … *She saw Gabriel coming and jumped up!* Um … I better go to my room now! *And she scurried away!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel slipped his coat off, and his gun holsters!* … Evangeline. -03:16 Jun 03
Evangeline: Gabriel. *And she couldn’t be mad at him, cause she did deserve this.. but… but how did she ever live without cuddles before! Her fingers twitched even now to go bouncing out of her chair and pounce on him! ….she considered doing it anyway. It had been days! Could he really stop her? She might force cuddles on him!* -03:18 Jun 03
Gabriel: *It probably didn’t help that Gabriel was in a great position to be pounced on! His back was to her and he seemed to be unloading his guns for the night–Perhaps he was actually going to stay home tonight instead of always leaving like he’d been doing since "punishing" her!* -03:22 Jun 03
Evangeline: *She could pounce him to the floor! Maybe tie him to the bed… Evangeline slipped from her chair to step quietly closer, but when it came to the pouncing moment, she hesitated instead!* Are you going to stay home tonight? -03:25 Jun 03
Gabriel: Yes. *Then he finished unloading.* What would you like for dinner tonight. -03:27 Jun 03
Evangeline: *Him! In the bath with a bowl of chili and cuddles! She reached a hand out to tug on his shirt sleeve.* I’m not really all that hungry? -03:29 Jun 03
Gabriel: *He turned to her then and tilted his head slightly.* You do not seem hungry for food. Something else, perhaps. -03:31 Jun 03
Evangeline: *Blast her thoughts! Now he knew he evil plans! There was no looking innocent now!* Maybe one small tiny snuggle? -03:32 Jun 03
Gabriel: *He was very tempted to give in. He also missed cuddling with her at night and taking baths and going out to lunch with her. The small things they did together mattered so much to him! There was a soft sight.* Have you learned your lesson about making wishes pertaining to messing with reality and existence. -03:34 Jun 03
Evangeline: I won’t ever dare to wish I don’t exist or to even think it or anything else that would take me away from you again! *And she meant it! The entire experience broke her heart, and worse yet having him so angry with her was unbearable!* -03:38 Jun 03
Gabriel: Good. *He walked past her, only to take her hand and lead her over to the sofa where he was sitting down and then pulled her into his lap, slipping his arms around her body and holding her close!* … I have missed you, Evangeline. -03:40 Jun 03
Evangeline: *To have his arms around her again felt so good, she might have cried! And almost did just with relief! She curled up in his lap and even latched on to his shirt, intending to cling for dear life if he thought of getting up again!* I couldn’t sleep without you. It was wretched and horrible! -03:43 Jun 03
Gabriel: *He was stroking her hair with one hand, rubbing her back with the other.* That is how I felt when everything in the world was wrong and the one person who would have made it right was missing. -03:44 Jun 03
Evangeline: I really didn’t mean to do it, I thought I would have time to think and then it happened so fast… *She didn’t have any right to make excuses, she had still thought it! And he suffered for her insecurities! She snuggled her face against his neck, almost tempted to ask about his wings just so he’d be wrapped around her that much more! She missed this so much!* -03:49 Jun 03
Gabriel: *He lay his cheek against her head.* … I know. You had my welfare in mind. I should have told you sooner of the role you played in my life. -03:52 Jun 03
Evangeline: I really don’t deserve to be your wife, but I don’t ever want to be somewhere else ever again. *Never again! No more stupid thoughts! Anything so she could have him like this. To touch and feel him! She shifted only a bit so she could wrap her arms around him and hold tight!* -03:57 Jun 03
Gabriel: I disagree. I think it is fitting you became my wife. I can imagine no one else filling the role. *He stroked her back again.* -04:05 Jun 03
Evangeline: Because I am your heart? *She remembered those words… they had made her cry! A Great King making a wish for her… it was still hard to believe! She leaned back so she could brush her hands against his cheeks.* I am your heart, but you are my life. -04:09 Jun 03
Gabriel: I would have it no other way. *He kissed her forehead.* We are quite the pair. *He said with a smirk.* -04:31 Jun 03
Evangeline: Am I really your queen? I wondered if you were wearing the crown out slaying things. *She moved her hands to his hair to check… but mostly just so she could run her fingers through it!* -04:33 Jun 03
[Evangeline is finally getting cuddles after her cuddle-drought punishment!] -01:44 Aug 20
[Gabriel tilted his head slightly at Evangeline!] -01:45 Aug 20
Gabriel: You do not wish to be my queen? *He asked, smirking at her as she ran her fingers through his hair. He kissed her forehead again.* -01:47 Aug 20
Evangeline: If I am your queen, of course I do! I’ve never been a queen before. *Which was probably a silly thing to say, but she was preoccupied with toussling his hair. Who knew something so simple would be so missed!* -01:49 Aug 20
Gabriel: *He sat back and now he was nuzzling her neck, nibbling on her skin just so …* Mm. But as my queen you are missing something, are you not. -01:52 Aug 20
Evangeline: Am I? *Most queens have countries? No, that wasn’t true, there was all kinds of queens! Nothing could come to mind, though. She was too busy grinning and settling herself more comfy in his lap. And stealing one of his hands to press against his cheek. She missed his touch so much!* -01:55 Aug 20
Gabriel: *He moved his mouth off of her neck when she took his hand and then he kissed her mouth gently.* Indeed. I was thinking something other than a country but say the word and I will conquer one or two for you. Italy. China. Canada. -01:57 Aug 20
Evangeline: *A soft giggle and a quick kiss! She ought to be careful what she thought or daydreamed, he might really bring her one home one day!* What would I do with a country? But you could conquer me if you wanted to? I could get a stick and put up a good fight, I think! -02:01 Aug 20
Gabriel: *A smirk!* Mm. A fight. *He tilted his head again at her!* Or I could just hold you prisoner now and have my way with you. -02:05 Aug 20
Evangeline: Or maybe I have caught you first! *She loved how he smirked and would think so wicked… But she couldn’t let him get away with it so often! She shifted a bit to poke his sides. He was never ticklish, but one day she might find a spot!* -02:12 Aug 20
Gabriel: *He appeared to be thinking about it!* You are a dangerous woman, Evangeline. I suppose we will see who has more tricks about his sleeve. -02:21 Aug 20
Evangeline: *That made her grin all the more! There was not a critter alive that could best Gabriel. …but she might! Evangeline captured his hands, and while decided what to do with them, grinned more still!* And if you were my prisoner, what would be best, you think? Nothing but cuddles all week, ooor… hmm… dancing? -02:26 Aug 20
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* You would not be so cruel as to allow only cuddles. Or only dancing. *He knew she loved to dance. He, on the other hand, was not so fond of it. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. He may enjoy it … just a little.* -02:31 Aug 20
Evangeline: Hmm.. no. I might allow bath time and meals… And maybe a few kisses too. I have to be fierce or you’ll escape! *Not that anyone could call kisses and cuddles fierce… but there was few things better! She pulled his hands behind her back.* You don’t have to dance with me if you don’t like to. -02:34 Aug 20
Gabriel: *He smirked.* It would not be much of an imprisonment if you gave me a choice. -02:39 Aug 20
Evangeline: *Evaneline leaned forward to lightly kiss his nose.* In that case I should be as terrible as possible? Like give you lots of kisses, but only to tease? *As an example she nuzzled his cheek before giving it a soft kiss.* -02:42 Aug 20
Gabriel: Yes, that would be a form of being terrible. *He agreed, although he moved his head to kiss the corner of her mouth.* -02:48 Aug 20

Vlamerias: OOhhh! That’s so romantic! *Meri’s voice said from behind the couch they were sitting on!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Well… that would explain why Meri was so quiet in her room. …she wasn’t in there! Evangeline released Gabriel just so she could move and reach a hand behind the sofa.* …You wee peeper! It’s dusty back there! -02:51 Aug 20
Gabriel: *He looked over his shoulder as Evangeline stuck her hand behind it.* -02:54 Aug 20

Vlamerias: *There was a giggle and then Meri popped up–covered in dust!* It’s okay, Mommy! Me and the dust bunnies don’t mind! ACHOO! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Gesundheit! Any particular reason you’re lurking with the dust bunnies? …oh! Dinner! I forgot all about that! *Not that she minded much getting lost with Gabriel, but a hungry devil wouldn’t do!* -02:57 Aug 20

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