055 Light and Darkness

Light takes Evangeline from Oracle for a chat, confused by the strange human Darkness has bonded with. She tried to cast doubt in Evangeline’s mind about Gabriel’s history with Light, but Evangeline knows facts from fiction. Light promises that she will end that unnatural bond!

Dark and Caroline discuss Evangeline while easing Meri’s mind. Meri meddles in trying to make them spend time together, especially when Caroline is no longer the teacher.

[Evangeline WAS trying to prepare for a class! Now she is just confused!] -10:52 Jun 04
[Darkness wants his wife back. Now.] -10:52 Jun 04

Dark: Seriously, Caroline. How are we going to explain to Gabriel–or whoever the hell he is that his wife got taken by some chick who waltzed in and waltzed right back out with his wife.

Everywhere the eye could see there was snow! Snow up to the knees! Snow flying through the air! Biting wind and blinding sunlight! There was nothing around but tundra. …except for a tall woman, walking back and forth. Looking just as confused as Evangeline.

Caroline: With an ‘I’m sorry, please don’t kill us.’ *Despite her tone, it WAS crossing her mind. Caroline was currently holding a hand out with a small spell circling in her palm. She was trying to trace Evangeline and piggyback where she was taken, but no matter how much she put in to the spell, it just wasn’t working.*

Evangeline: *At this rate she was going to freeze to death. She couldn’t even feel her toes!* Are we only going to stand here, or did you want to talk? Honestly, we could be somewhere warmer! *Evangeline remembered the woman from what she thought had only been a weird dream. But if she were going to tell her to betray her husband again, she was going to be really disappointed!* -10:59 Jun 04
Darkness: *Somewhere on an entirely different plane, the giant black dragon raised one claw and slammed it down into the shadows surrounding its feet. Only for it to shift to Gabriel’s form.* -10:59 Jun 04
Darkness: dark *He winced. Damnit, another headache.* Yeah, well, I don’t think he’s too happy. And he’s getting more impatient. -11:00 Jun 04

“Helpless. Useless. Only a human.” Light circled around the woman again. “Call up warmth. Cast magic. Do something interesting. You must do SOMETHING.”

Dark: dark *He winced. Damnit, another headache.* Yeah, well, I don’t think he’s too happy. And he’s getting more impatient.

Caroline: So am I. *Evangeline couldn’t seem to do anything without needing constant supervision. How that woman survives is a mystery! With a low growl she dropped her spell all together.* And this time she’s been snatched away but something I can’t trace. YOU try it. If I can find her without having to summon Gabriel to raise hell, it would make the day easier.

Vlamerias: *Meri was chewing on her lip. She didn’t feel the headache Dark was talking about but she did have a feeling things would get very bad if her Mommy wasn’t recovered soon! That weird lady had been all light and stuff! Nothing like her Mommy’s light and yet, similar! It was very confusing!*

Dark: *He huffed.* Fine. But if *I* find her, doesn’t that mean Gabriel will know where she is and get pissed at us, too?

Darkness: *The dragon let out a roar that sent everyone in touch with the Darkness wincing and covering their ears! What a horrible noise!* -11:12 Jun 04
Evangeline: I AM a psychic? Does that help at all? *Evangeline crossed her arms so she could hide her fingers. Wearing a skirt today was clearly a bad idea! At least she was sure there were somewhere south. Antarctica? If she didn’t get back soon she was going to literally freeze solid!* I need to go home now. -11:13 Jun 04

Caroline: WE didn’t lose her. Oracle is safe from at least Ninty percent of the world’s population of evil. We’re just so blessed that the last ten percent seems to enjoy pissing off Gabriel. * Caroline pinched the bridge of her nose, waving a hand for him to continue and try it anyway. At least it would find her faster, even if it were Gabriel that went to fetch her.*

Dark: *He growled! Stuck one finger in his ear and wiggled it around to test his hearing after that roar!* Crap, fine. *He walked over to where Evangeline had been standing, cracked his knuckles. It was several minutes before the distant look in his eyes turned into confusion.* All I’m getting is light. Really bright light. So strong I don’t even want to go near it. I don’t see how the hell that helps, though.

“Psychics are ridiculously common.” Light finally stopped pacing, gesturing arms wide and the land around them. “What do you think of my kingdom, daughter? The sun shines for months. Reflects off the snow. It is the most beautiful place on earth. Darkness tries to destroy it, but in the end Light always wins. Have you turned away from the light, daughter?”

Darkness: *Gabriel’s eyes narrowed. Nothing but light. He knew the place. Light was going to wish he did not. The dragon flapped its wings once and the darkness around its feet surrounded it, only to suddenly break apart, revealing Darkness gone!* -11:20 Jun 04

Vlamerias: *She suddenly POOFED! and ended up on Caroline’s head, clinging for dear life! She was so anxious she was spellcasting and not even realizing it!* I failed again! I’m a bad, bad familiar! *She wailed, tilting her head back and crying!*

Dark: *Just when he figured the roar had finally stopped and there would be peace–the familiar teleported and started wailing! He clapped his hands over his ears.* ….

Evangeline: I am sure it’s like heaven… but my husband gets upset when I’m gone for too long, and I was finally able to go teach classes again! *This was getting frustrating! Why did people never get to the point of things? All of the talking, couldn’t she just try to eat her or reveal her big evil plan so she could get back to Oracle where it was warm?* -11:22 Jun 04

Caroline: *And that was when her hand smacked against her face. Now she would be consoling a devil!* Vlamerias, do you know about Kings and Queens of old?

Darkness: *And in the midst of the light, Darkness appeared! But the dragon roared and Gabriel was standing there! He saw Light standing next to Evangeline and growled.* You have gone too far. *Then he was stalking toward Light for Evangeline! All this bright light made him clench his teeth but he would not be denied!* -11:24 Jun 04

Vlamerias: *She was wailing and wailing and–She sniffled!* You mean like my Daddy? That kind of King? *She loved hearing stories and Warrior Lady always had great ones to tell! She lowered her head to look at Caroline’s face upside down!*

“Speaking of your husband.” How dare he come here to her sanctuary! Light moved, graceful and sweet, to wrap her arms around Evangeline from behind and give her a hug! “I was getting to know your wife. She is beautiful. I have never seen a human shine so bright. …You must have missed me so much!”

Darkness: *He paused.* Release her now. *He had finally taken his guard down enough to allow Evangeline to teach at Oracle again and this happened! The tower was appearing to be a wise decision by the incident!* -11:28 Jun 04

Caroline: Yes. Like the Devil King. He has many people in his court, doesn’t he? But he is a powerful devil. So much so that he could destroy any enemy that attacked him. Now… imagine if he took a human wife. Do you know what would happen?

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice!* Um … *Oh, she knew the answer to this one! Let’s see. On one hand, there was the powerful Devil King and on the other, a human.* The wife would die in a few short decades?

Evangeline: *So cold! And it was not the snow and wind! She would have expected light to be warm and vibrant. But this woman was freezing to touch! There was no wamrth in her at all! Now she was having to clamp her mouth shut just to keep her teeth from chattering!* -11:31 Jun 04

Dark: *Dark removed his hands from his ears. Then he was digging into that big bag Evangeline carried around with her. There had to be treats for Meri inside somewhere! Maybe that would help keep her calm …*

Light didn’t move an inch, only smiled and cradled her dearest daughter in her embrace. “All of this time I thought you didn’t care for me anymore. That the moments we shared together had been forgotten. Ah, but here you are taking a new light for a wife. I would have been so happy to be your wife.”

Caroline: Not quite. Imagine your father’s enemies deciding the best way to harm him was by hurting his human wife. Tons and tons of devils all sneaking after her while your King was away on business. How many people do you think it would take to protect her?

Darkness: *Oh, the temptation to rip her throat out! But Evangeline’s safety was always first priority …* The only happiness you seek is my destruction. You care nothing for others. Your children are just pawns in the eternal struggle between us. -11:41 Jun 04

Vlamerias: *Meri was sniffling again. Now she was getting it …* Stronger people than a single devil familiar so young … *She suddenly had her tail and wings again and they were drooping! She hugged Caroline’s head!*

Dark: *Meanwhile, he had grabbed a hold of something and began to pull it up … and up … And, bloody hell! How had she managed to fit a giant stuffed penguin into a bag so small and still have room for all these things?!*

“You make our relationship sound so dangerous. We’ve been together before the dawn of time, the occasional tiff happens.” She had still not let Evangeline go, now twirling a bit of her hair around her finger.

Evangeline: Relationship! *Evangeline was trying to be patient. Gabriel needed her to be calm…. despite being too cold to breath! But what was all of this about marrying Gabriel and relationships!* He is my husband. -11:47 Jun 04
Darkness: *He tilted his head slightly at her. What game was Light playing this time.* You kidnapped my wife to make small talk. Your latest incident has grieved my familiar. Give me. My wife. -11:49 Jun 04

Caroline: Yes. More than just a small devil. However, *Caroline finally pulled Meri off her head and set her on the ground. She held up a hand and produced a small book. It had a lot of interesting pictures. Fairy tales!* a Queen still needs her court. Young ladies that help her day to day with important things that most people always forget.

Vlamerias: *Oohhh … what a beautiful book! Well-worn but bound in leather! There were not many books in the human world like these! And she had developed an appreciation for books thanks to Evangeline! Her eyes grew wide! She rubbed the tears away.* … R–really? Even though I don’t do the big stuff like you and Dark do?

“I wanted to meet the woman that stole the Heart of Darkness. Imagine my surprise to find that she is one of my daughters. Did you think I would be jealous of her? She is bright, but she is not as bright as I.”

Darkness: If your wish was so simple, you had no need to kidnap her. *There were many things he wished to say to Light but Light was fickle and prone to recklessness when her temper flared. He could not risk her harming Evangeline.* She did not steal it. She is my heart. *And quite possibly the one reason he didn’t stamp out Light’s children once and for all, in spite!* -11:58 Jun 04

“I used to be your heart. Don’t you remember? We are two sides of infinity.” She hugged Evangeline close to whisper in her ear. “A bond far stronger than any other.”

Evangeline: *Talking about her as if she weren’t right here… and about her husband as if she had been his lover before! Evangeline was really tempted to bite her! And for a small tiny moment, she thought it might be true! He had so many memories of things he had never realized before. But Gabriel didn’t respond to Light like a past lover, he was angry and worried. And memories of Light spoke far louder!* You were never his heart. You were a very frustrating woman. …and continue to be so! Now get off! -12:06 Jun 05

Caroline: Yes. She can’t stay by herself for too long. You give her company and help her with things she can’t do herself. Before Gabriel brought you back from the Devil World, she was having a hard time. Isn’t that right, Dark?

Darkness: *Evangeline was the only reason he didn’t attack Light the moment she hugged Evangeline close to whisper to her. There were many things he could tolerate but Light was pushing things too far. He smirked when Evangeline told Light to get off.* I discovered there were stronger bonds. *He replied. He shifted to the giant black dragon and reached one claw out to grab Evangeline gently!* -12:13 Jun 05

Dark: *Dark stood and handed Vlamerias the giant stuffed penguin! He huffed.* Was she ever. But she never wanted to bother anyone and Gabriel was always away.

Vlamerias: *She accepted the penguin! It was the one her Glaër had won for her at the fair!* Mommy is always doing strange human things … like talking to strangers at the park!

Light loosened her grip, out of surprise! “How would you know, daughter? Your soul is a mere infant. We have been eternal!” Then she hissed! The blasted dark dragon large enough to block sun from the sky. Light vanished but her voice remained. “We will see how strong this farce of a bond is! It is against our nature and it WILL be broken!” As her voice faded, the wind picked up and the sun in the sky seemed to be shining brighter!

Darkness: *Darkness brought Evangeline closer and put her down on the ground next to it. It lowered its head and wrapped its neck around her protectively, even while it flinched under such bright light! Then the dragon teleported itself and Evangeline away, somewhere warm! A grassy cliff in the middle of nowhere with the sun shining bright where the dragon was smaller, about the size of a skyscraper! It lay down, body curled around Evangeline and wings folded so it didn’t block out the sun!* -12:20 Jun 05
Evangeline: *So cold! All of her shouting she had well prepared in her head was just as frozen as she was! The sudden shift from biting cold to sunny warmth was a relief… but not as much as having Gabriel around her! He was so opposite of light. Touching him was always warmth! And he was… wait, a big dragon?* y-y-you’re big! *She managed to squeak out through teeth chattering!* -12:23 Jun 05
Gabriel: *The dragon raised its head and then the darkness dissipated from it until Gabriel was standing there.* Forgive me. -12:26 Jun 05

Caroline: Evangeline needs people around her. Something that is hard to explain to her husband. *Speaking of Evangeline… Gabriel hadn’t shown up there to rip their flesh from their bones, and her danger senses weren’t tingling. And Dark was no longer holding his head like it was about to explode. A good sign!*

Dark: *He clasped his hands behind his head.* Yeah, well I think it’s gonna be even harder to explain that to him now. It doesn’t take a psychic to see he’s serious about locking her in that tower.

Evangeline: *Throwing her arms around him, she only grinned! It was hard to talk with her whole body shaking, it was easier to think! It was just easier to hold him as a man, dragons were too big to hug!* -12:30 Jun 05
Gabriel: *He had expected so many reactions! A hug was a pleasant surprise! He slipped his arms around her.* … Evangeline. *There was no masking the relief he felt!* -12:33 Jun 05

Caroline: Towers are a pain to get in to, also. If he does, I’m not going to go rescue her. *Caroline dropped in to a seat. …she wouldn’t scale a tower, but talking to that man would be a good idea.*

Vlamerias: *She plopped down onto her beanbag, still holding the penguin!* The humans often whisper about Mommy being a damsel in distress. Is that not where damsels in distress belong?

Evangeline: *Bliss! Now if he would make it warmer for her, so she could actually feel!* Y-you’re MY husband. Remember. -12:38 Jun 05

Caroline: That’s where witches and villains put damsels in distress. Not their husbands. Though, I admit I’ve considered locking her away somewhere myself. If Gabriel is going to be this Great King and his enemy strong enough to snatch her from her, she needs an entire army watching her. *Wouldn’t that just shake the entire world? Gabriel Carnatelli’s own personal King’s Guard.*

Gabriel: I do. *But Light had a way of playing with people’s minds and turning things to her advantage. But then he was tilting her face up to his and kissing her lips, her cheeks, her forehead, moving further down to nuzzle her neck and nip her gently where her pulse beat strongest!* -12:43 Jun 05

Dark: *He was smirking.* You mean, that’s not what we are? Evangeline’s personal guard?

Vlamerias: Oooohh! Mommy is the Queen! Mommy is the Queen! *She twirled her penguin around and around!*

Evangeline: *There was no better way to feel warmer! She gave a soft sigh before she shifted just enough to slip her arms under his coat and hands under his shirt. He felt burning hot!* And she is not going to steal my husband. *Evangeline wasn’t sure what that woman was up to, but she didn’t like the way she talked about Gabriel! Even thinking about him with some other woman… she might need to start carrying a gun!* -12:50 Jun 05
Gabriel: I love you, Evangeline. *He smiled as he lifted his head to look at her.* I have not known any to hold her own against Light. You surprised her. -12:51 Jun 05

Caroline: Knights of the Bright Lady. I suppose we are. Now we just need ninty seven more people and I believe that may almost be enough eyes to keep that woman out of trouble.

Dark: *Snickering!* Yeah, like anyone else has the guts to bear bad news to Gabriel. Evangeline’s been kidnapped. Evangeline’s disappeared. Yeah, half the world’s population will be wetting their pants.

Evangeline: *Evangeline wouldn’t have considered that holding her own. She was freezing to death! At least until she was getting mad, had that woman talked any longer, she was going to pounce on her.* I had talked to her once before. I thought it was just a dream… but she wanted me to leave you. -12:54 Jun 05

Caroline: Has she told you some of her odd misadventures before she ever met Gabriel? She has always been involved in one strange thing or another chasing after visions. Only now there’s visions AND Gabriel’s enemies. Yet I’ve never heard her complain beyond a few grumbles about things trying to eat her. Gabriel married pure sunshine. It’s really uncanny.

Gabriel: Uncanny, yeah. Seeing as how Gabriel turns out to be Darkness Supreme or something. I mean, honestly. How screwed up can things get? -01:36 Jun 05

Dark: Uncanny, yeah. Seeing as how Gabriel turns out to be Darkness Supreme or something. I mean, honestly. How screwed up can things get?

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her. He was curious about how long Light had been free.* And when was that. -01:38 Jun 05

Caroline: *Caroline cast him a sly smile.* Do you truely want to know?

Evangeline: *…for some reasons her instincts were yelling that she should have mentioned this sooner!* When you fixed things after my accident with the gypsy. Before I woke up. -01:39 Jun 05

Dark: … Awh hell. *He muttered, giving Caroline a sideways glance!*

Vlamerias: *She was clapping, with that penguin under her arm!* Oohh! Oohh! I want to know, Warrior Lady! I want to know!

Gabriel: … That long. *And who knows what sort of trouble she had been up to before that! Talking with Evangeline. Bold enough to show herself.* What else did she say. -01:47 Jun 05

Caroline: These things happen all too often. In a human lifespan you may see one global event, but the longer you live you start to realize there seems to be a cycle to these things. I am no Seer, but I suspect there will be a war very very soon. *Not something to be grinning about, but Dark went and opened his mouth and Meri asked so nicely!*

Dark: *He huffed.* You just had to go ahead and say it, didn’t you. So what kind of war are you expecting. Like the U.S. bombing someone with nuclear warheads or something?

Evangeline: Well…. she said you would be tired of me soon and leave me. And you would betray me.*Evangeline knew he would never betray her, and knew he loved her and wouldn’t tire of her! It was only that fear he would leave her that always lingered. He had tried to do it before!* -01:52 Jun 05

Vlamerias: Oohh … *Her eyes went wide!*

Gabriel: *He felt the concern over Light’s indefinite amount of freedom melt away, replaced by concern for Evangeline.* I have tried, Seer. But our bond remains strong. I feel it strengthen with each new obstacle we face together. We are one. And you are my wife, my Heart of Darkness. -01:56 Jun 05

Caroline: Hrrm. If humans become involved it might come to that. *Her grin disappeared, replaced by a more thoughtful expression.* While I’ve been alive, there has been an effort to hide the magical and devil world from the human one. Demons, monsters, faeries and others used to be at least vaguely normal for humans to see and now they think it’s all myth. But… all of these changes lately are bound to be noticed. Great powers can’t be awakened without reprocussions.

Dark: *He huffed again and sat down.* Well, can’t someone wipe clean all the human minds so no one will know? *He didn’t like the thought of humans becoming involved. They always complicated things and they smelled bad.*

Evangeline: *If he was ever gone, she would refuse to live and she really didn’t want him to worry about her! Not when it was her own problem to deal with! She leaned to rest her forehead against his chest.* And I love you more than anything else in the world! I really don’t care what she says, and if she knows what’s good for her, she won’t steal you away. -02:01 Jun 05
Gabriel: *Gabriel lowered his head to nibble on her ear.* You are a dangerous woman. But I am sorely tempted to lock you away in a tower. *Especially now that Light had set her eyes on Evangeline! It was only a matter of time before Light decided to strike a low blow by harming her in some way. Perhaps to test the bond he and Evangeline shared.* -02:04 Jun 05

Caroline: *At that she laughed!* Billions of humans on this world? No. Everything changes and we have to change with it. I just hope if there is a coming war, it’s not because Gabriel has lost his wife and his mind. I have a bad feeling that his enemies have realized she’s a catalyst for chaos.

Dark: *He leaned back.* Ya know, we might not be at this point if Gabriel had just left well enough alone. You know, not life bond with Evangeline and enjoy her while she’s in her mortal years.

Evangeline: You can’t lock me in a tower, I would escape! *At least she thought she would! But he was nibbling at her, and it was hard to think of escape routes when she would rather lean against him!* -02:08 Jun 05
Gabriel: *He was picking her up only to lie her down and then he was lying on his side beside her.* Would you escape if I were with you. *He moved his head lower to nibble on her neck again and he slipped the fingers of one hand between hers.* -02:11 Jun 05

Caroline: Watch the person you love grow old and die is a heart breaking experience. *That amused look of hers was more distant then as she rested her chin on her hand.* He wouldn’t have taken it any better. The world will burn the day she dies.

Vlamerias: *Her eyes were wide! This sounded like one of those tragic love stories! And she remembered the day him and the Warrior Lady when they came to the Devil World!*

Evangeline: *The grass was soft and comfortable and her reply was just a nodding of her head! …then a shaking of her head! And then a giggle as she pushed at his shoulder with her other hand.* Hmm, maybe not if you were with me, but then very moment you left! -02:13 Jun 05
Gabriel: It would be a vacation. You and I. We would never have to leave. I would purr for you. *He knew she liked him purring and cuddling! And baths and snow kittens!* -02:15 Jun 05

Dark: *He huffed.* I guess. *Gabriel did a hell of a lot for Evangeline and Evangeline was the only human who didn’t take advantage of him.* Maybe they were meant to be together. *He gave a small shrug.*

Evangeline: You would purr for me? *And his thoughts… this was subtle suduction! Purrs and baths and snow kittens, it was a trap! …a very nice sounding one!* What sort of tower has snow kittens? -02:18 Jun 05
Gabriel: *He smirked.* My sort. You did not think I would settle for a drafty tower like the one you read to Vlamerias about. Oh no. For you, a castle. Every Queen must have a castle. Four courtyards. Each with a different season. One for spring. One for autumn. One for summer. And one for winter. *His fingers were at the buttons of her blouse now, slowly unbuttoning one at a time.* -02:21 Jun 05

Caroline: A grand romance, destiny or not. I would have liked to be so lucky. *There were moments she were jealous of Gabriel and Evangeline. ..maybe not of all the trouble! But they were in love. Real love that didn’t come with betrayal, and wouldn’t end with old age and heartbreak! Caroline cleared her throat as she moved out of her chair.* …ahem. Seeing as Gabriel has not come to murder us, I suspect Evangeline is fine now. I should go.

Vlamerias: Warrior Lady! *She jumped up to snag her hand!* Can we go shopping? Mommy’s been busy lately but she always says you were the one she likes to take shopping with her! *She blinked.* Um, or was it the other way around …

Evangeline: An enchanted castle just for me? *He did make that seem very nice. Something so neat would have to exist!* And if I had four courtyards, I wouldn’t be locked away in a room? -02:25 Jun 05
Gabriel: You would be depressed and that would be suffocating you. And I doubt all of your things would fit in a single room and still be considered inhabitable. *She had her rocks, her jewelry, her tools for making jewelry, her clothing, and her souvenirs from her world-wide travels.* -02:27 Jun 05

Caroline: *It seemed she was on devil babysitting duty! Caroline nodded.* And what did you want to shop for, Small Lady? Doesn’t Evangeline spoil you as it is?

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled and snagged Dark’s hand before he got away!* Um … Maybe not shop but hang out with! *Yes, she would hang out with Dark and Warrior Lady and in essence, they would be spending time together! It wouldn’t be a date but they’d enjoy each other’s company!*

Dark: *He looked doubtful.* I don’t know … I’m not the shopping type.

Evangeline: *She might fill a room just with her stones alone… She did wonder where Gabriel put all of her things that Melissa shipped over! Every time she needed something specific it was so easily found!* A room for every country I’ve been to? -02:30 Jun 05
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Are you seeking to house an army in our castle, Evangeline? *Now her shirt was open and he was planting kisses down her body.* -02:31 Jun 05

Caroline: That I am very aware of. *Caroline smirked at Dark. Dressing him was a struggle. Thankfully he learned enough to dress himself now without her wincing about it!* If not shopping, and not saving damsels from danger, and not grueling lessons, what to do, Small Lady? Look for my new apartment?

Dark: *Shooting daggers at Caroline!* Very funny. *He muttered.*

Vlamerias: Oohh! You’re finally moving out of the motel? Does that mean you got rid of that fleabag, too?

Evangeline: Castles are supposed to be big enough for small armies, I think. *How distracting to have his breath across her skin! But there was no complaints from her!* -02:36 Jun 05

Caroline: He is still hiding from me, but he will eventually return. *Caroline was still angry with him, and if the cursed beast knew anything, it was when to protect his own skin.* Since I have obligations here now, I decided a more permanant place would be a good idea.

Gabriel: A room for every country you have been to. And a special room to dance. *He nuzzled her skin, scraped the tip of his fangs against the curve of her breast.* -02:41 Jun 05

Dark: So the Caroline the Slayer is going to find a permanent place. Boy scouts beware. I think that’s one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

Evangeline: *Her breath caught, and suddenly it was very hard to keep focused on what they were talking about!* …a ballroom with wood floors? -02:46 Jun 05
Gabriel: Perfect acoustics for singing. *And she did enjoy his singing. It was not often he had a reason to sing, except where she was concerned. He smirked. She had to be wearing a skirt today and he took full advantage by putting one hand on her calf and slowly sliding it upward. He nuzzled the space between her breasts and kissed the spot where her heart beat strongest.* -02:48 Jun 05

Caroline: Oh is it? I thought you might feel safer with me here to protect you. You ARE the Prince, now, aren’t you? *Caroline cast him a cheeky grin!*

Dark: *He blinked. He scowled, then he clapped his hands over his ears and started singing!*

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice! It never ceased to amaze her Dark’s singing! … Or how easy it was for Warrior Lady to get him to!*

Evangeline: *And her heart was beating so fast, she was trying to take deep breaths just to still it!* Singing for me too, you are trying to lure me! *Luring or not, she brushed a hand over his head to stroke his hair. A castle might not be so bad..* -02:53 Jun 05

Caroline: What’s the matter now? I haven’t even started calling you the Prince of Darkness yet. Who could imagine how befitting your name was. *If she grinned any wider, he face was going to hurt. The vampire should be on broadway with a voice like that. At least he was easy to taunt!*

Dark: *He was marching away! The look on his face! It hadn’t looked so bad when that Darkness had roared!*

Vlamerias: *She tilted her head slightly at Dark. He never learned!*

Caroline: *And as always she followed. ..He had to finish the song after all.* Hopeless, but amusing. Yet so tempting to join him in duet.

Gabriel: *He smirked.* Yes, Evangeline. Darkness Incarnate or not, I am madly in love with you. *He lifted his head to whisper in her ear.* And a castle would give me new opportunities to show you how much. *He purred.* -02:59 Jun 05
Evangeline: *Evangeline suspected that it wouldn’t be the castle or the rooms themselves that he would show her! Especially with a purr that made her shivver with something other than cold! Moving her other hand to run through his hair too, she turned her head to kiss his cheek.* I think I would like to know how much. -03:02 Jun 05

Dark: *He was oblivious to everyone who stopped and stared! But he marched out of the HQ just as he finished the song and slowly took his hands off his ears … Safe.*

Gabriel: I would whisk you away, Evangeline. No one would notice at first. *He smiled.* And after I am through with you, you will need a week or two to recover. *His hand moved under her skirt, between her legs and stroked her through the fabric of her panties.* -03:06 Jun 05

Caroline: *Safe… until she clamped her hands on his shoulders and muttered in his ear!* That one is my favorite. I think you should try adding a musical instrument. Violin like family trade? Or maybe be rebellious and try a guitar?

Dark: *He glared at her over his shoulder.* You’re just loving this, aren’t you.

Vlamerias: *She skipped up from behind Caroline!* You have such a wonderful voice, Dark! I love to listen to it!

Evangeline: *A gasp that she had to hide by biting her tongue! Her toes curling as she squirmed beneath him.* and, hum… That does sound like a long time. *She might think of a better retort after she tugs his head down and kisses him!* -03:11 Jun 05

Caroline: Every moment with you is like listening to angels in heaven, dear heart. *She smirked. Of course, Vlamerias had to ruin her teasing, by being sincere!*

Dark: Hardy har har. Yeah, thanks, Meri. *He said, still ruffled about Caroline’s comments.* Great, so I suppose now that you know Gabriel plays the violin, you want to start a band or something.

Caroline: Don’t ruin my fantasy by dragging Gabriel in to it! *Dark singing was one thing, thinking about Gabriel doing it was… just kind of disturbing. Enough that she had to shake it off, and headed down the sidewalk, tempting to sing it out of her head herself!*

Dark: *He grinned and clasped his hands behind his head, humming that song he was singing. But when he caught up with Caroline, he started singing the song out loud!*

Vlamerias: *She skipped side by side with Caroline, still hugging the penguin!*

Caroline: There’s no need to serenade me now, the moment is gone! *Caroline swatted at him.*

Dark: *He laughed.* What happened to, “The moment is all of what you make of it” or whatever you said.

Gabriel: *He kissed her back and made sure it was a long and dragging kiss, even as he pushed her skirt higher and spread her legs wider.* -03:23 Jun 05

Caroline: I’m certain that must have been something to do with romance or relaxing and not ruining my innocent daydreams.

Dark: *A blink!* You. Innocent?

Evangeline: *Conversation was all forgotten in favor of brushing her tongue against his lips, and dropping her hands to his shoulders to push away his coat!* -03:26 Jun 05

Caroline: Yes, innocent! I have only the noblest of intentions where you are concerned! *…most of the time. Getting him to sing wasn’t so noble, but he didn’t need to know the how and whys!*

Gabriel: *He broke away from what he was doing to help get his coat off, never breaking contact from her mouth. He kissed her deeper and slid his tongue against hers as he flicked open her bra. He cupped one breast and rubbed it in circles against her chest while rubbing her nipple with his thumb.* -03:34 Jun 05

Dark: *He was grinning then! And he suddenly kissed Caroline’s cheek as he walked past her.* Thanks.

Vlamerias: OOhhh! *Her eyes went wide! Dark kissed Warrior Lady! This was such news!*

Evangeline: *She sighed a soft delighted sound against his mouth. That feeling of sunlight warming her skin mixed with his touch was bliss! With his coat away, her hands moved down to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants!* -03:39 Jun 05

Caroline: *Her eyes were probably as wide as Vlamerias, before she came to her senses and caught up with him again.* Aren’t you just filled with gratitude now that the teacher is no longer the teacher.

Gabriel: *Gabriel broke the kiss and moved his head down to take the breast he’d been caressing into his mouth. He flicked his tongue against the nipple before drawing it between his lips and further inside. He made sure to swirl it around a bit to create a tingling sensation.* Mmm … *He groaned, feeling Evangeline’s hands at his pants. His own hand was slipping between her legs to pull her panties down impatiently. There was always the idea to rip them off of her …* -03:43 Jun 05

Dark: Heh. Maybe. I guess it’s also nice to know you don’t have to spend so much energy on me.

Evangeline: *Ooh, he had given her goosebumps and those delicious shivvers that had her mumbling his name! But what a wicked idea! Ripping clothes off… with her hands fumbling and giving the waistband of his pants a sharp tug, that was tempting indeed!* -03:51 Jun 05

Caroline: You don’t have to be concerned. *Caroline cast him a slow smirk.* Never ending rescues and constant teaching was just a little taxing. After my forced vacation, I can return to shaking down mountains or defeat Princes in war if I need to.

Gabriel: *He sucked harder on the breast as he got those panties off her feet and dropped them somewhere! His hand quickly returned to pushing her skirt up until it was bunched up around her waist. Then he was lifting himself slightly to slide between her legs. His other hand moved to help free himself. Today, tomorrow, or a millenia from this moment, he would never get enough of her!* -03:57 Jun 05

Vlamerias: *She blinked.* So you’re not mad at my Glaër for sending you all the way to Arizona, Warrior Lady?

Dark: *He snickered.* Hope you got a lot of marbles stocked up in that case.

Evangeline: *He was driving her crazy!* Gabriel, please..! *Gasping for breath, she grasped his shirt at his shoulder, tugging him up to steal another kiss from him. Feverish and wanting!* -04:05 Jun 05

Caroline: I happen to be very angry with him, but not for the trip. ..And as a matter of fact, I don’t need those marbles, they just give a decided advantage! *Why she felt the need to prove herself to Dark of all people was redundant! Especially spending all of that time teaching him herself! Her own teacher never got that way!*

Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He growled and it wasn’t the angry growl either! It was the “desperate” one! Her passion was already pushing him to the edge and he was so hard! Then she tugged him up and he nearly lost himself in that kiss! He slipped his tongue into her mouth as he wrapped her legs around his waist and drove deep! Both hands gripped her hips as he pounded her.* -04:11 Jun 05

Vlamerias: Oohh … *There were sparks in the air! But she couldn’t tell whether it was the romance kind or the angry kind! They all felt the same until the people started kissing or killing each other! Her Mommy had said so!*

Evangeline: *A soft gasp so quickly turned to a low mewl of pleasure. Locking her legs around him even as her body moved beneath him! She nipped at his tongue gently with her teeth, a quiet giggle as she did so!* -04:18 Jun 05
Gabriel: *He smirked when he felt her teeth on his tongue but that did little to slake his passion! His hands moved down and under her to cup her bottom. Now everytime he thrust, even faster now, he rubbed up against her sheath, looking for that special spot that would give her more pleasure!* -04:26 Jun 05
Evangeline: *She broke away from the kiss simply to take a breath, but instead found herself biting her own to keep from crying out! Her fingers dug in to his shirt before sliding down his arms. Almost wanting to pull his hands away, but adoring the sweet tormet of his movements!* -04:35 Jun 05
Gabriel: *It was amazing how much control he had! One moment he was going agonizingly slow, the next moment he was going fast and hard! But he always drove deep inside of her, so deep she could feel him right down to the tip of her toes! She looked so beautiful and the fact she needed him as much as he needed her …* -04:39 Jun 05

Dark: … So you spent your entire vacation saving up energy and enjoying the spa, huh?

Evangeline: *Almost more than she could bare, she was writhing beneath him! Her arms dropping to her sides and fingers curling in to dirt and grass, only to shoot up suddenly and clutch his shoulders tight when that first orgasm hit!* Oh god, Gabriel..! -04:46 Jun 05

Caroline: It would have been a fool’s move not to. I should now be able to throw you in to traffic and hide a few good months before Gabriel tracks me down for it. *Another wicked smirk!*

Gabriel: *He hissed under his breath when she clenched up around him. All it took was a few more thrusts and then he was grunting softly as he reached his own climax. He lay down on top of her, only to wrap his arms around her and roll over so they lay side by side. It took a simple teleporting spell to send them home in bed (along with their clothes!) and then he was drawing the sheets over them. He kissed Evangeline’s lips.* I love you. -04:54 Jun 05

Dark: *He snickered.* Sounds like a challenge.

Evangeline: *There was no feeling like this. That contented glow of making love to Gabriel. She curled up with him, nuzzling his cheek as she moved her legs against his.* As I love you. More than anything else. -04:57 Jun 05

Vlamerias: *Blink blink! Then she huffed! Oh well. It looked like it was the “killing each other” kind of sparks!*

Caroline: A challenge for Gabriel? Yes. I am particularly good at knowing where to hide. *She deliberatly mistook the question. After all, now that she was ~rested~ even if he were Gabriel’s protoge, he had no chances at besting her.*

Gabriel: … I know. *And that was how he felt about her! He smiled and closed his eyes, to sleep and dream with her.* -05:00 Jun 05

Dark: You’re lucky Meri here is hungry. Aren’t you, Meri?

Vlamerias: *She blinked!* Um … Okay.

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