055 What Might Have Been

Valraven shows Evangeline what the world would have been like had she not stayed with Gabriel.

[Evangeline is not having a good day!] -07:39 Oct 17
[Valravn the white raven was perched on the back of a chair watching over Evangeline!] -07:40 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Classes were not going well, and it really wasn’t the trainees fault. She’s been a little off for a good while now, and today was particularly bad! She saw Charlie’s kids today and was reminded of him all over again!* -07:43 Oct 17
Valravn: *Valravn landed on the edge of the desk and had suddenly morphed to a young boy, pre-teens, with pale skin, white hair, and red eyes dressed in old-style black clothing!* … And what weighs down the young lady’s spirits today? *He asked as Evangeline was closing the door.* -07:45 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline jumped! Occasionally Fluffy did very unraven-like things! She only frowned and shrugged her shoulders, before forcing a smile.* Nothing to worry about Fluffy, really! -07:46 Oct 17
Valravn: *He jumped off of the desk and studied her thoughtfully.* You should no’ fret, fair lady. It is easier to hide things but better to talk about it. -07:50 Oct 17
Evangeline: Some things are just better not to speak about. There are so many much more pleasant topics! *because if she did talk about it, she might just cry. And if she started crying, she wouldn’t stop and Gabriel would come home and get upset!* -07:52 Oct 17
Valravn: *Valravn glanced off to the side. He didn’t like to mess around with things. He had a firsthand experience of what happened when you tried to fix outcomes.* Did you know Gabriel is like … a pond an’ you are a pebble. You throw a pebble into the pond and it causes ripples. But even when the ripples are gone, the pond is changed forever. -07:56 Oct 17
Evangeline: Maybe so, but sometimes it’s better of for the pond if you don’t throw rocks at it. *…Well, that hardly made any sense, but Fluffy himself used a strange analogy! Ripples indeed. Things had been very hard for everyone since she decided to stay!* -08:00 Oct 17
Valravn: *He ran his fingers through his hair.* Your human terms confound me. *It looked like his point was getting across. He would have to take drastic measures.* Lady Evangeline, you are a psychic so you know … the consequences of dabbling in the future, of what could be, what should be, what would be. I must show you something and before you refuse, it is ultimately for the greater good. -08:03 Oct 17
Valravn: *his point wasn’t -08:03 Oct 17
Evangeline: For the greater good? *…It was hard to refuse anyone when it was for the greater good, though she was curious what Fluffy could possibly show her!* … I don’t know, Fluffy. I think its better if I just prepare for bed and let this day. -08:05 Oct 17
Valravn: … If no’ for the greater good, than for Gabriel’s? *He asked her. From what he had witnessed, she had not refused anything of Gabriel’s yet. A strange yet intriguing sight, indeed.* -08:07 Oct 17
Evangeline: *… For Gabriel’s good was a different matter. Pausing to turn and cross her arms she finally nodded her head.* All right, I will see if it’s for Gabriel’s own good. -08:08 Oct 17
Valravn: *Valravn stepped forward. He clasped his hands together, raised them with his pointer fingers up and the rest folded. He started speaking in a different language and a large sigil appeared under their feet! The room filled with energy and suddenly disappeared! Leaving Evangeline and Valravn standing in a wide open space! It was … quiet. A dry, harsh wind blew. It felt so empty but there were the "echoes" of life all around them! They were standing in the middle of a street in a large city, none other than New York City itself! And the street was right outside of Shades!* -08:24 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Eeep! What a weird feeling! Evangeline could hardly describe it! She tilted her head, trying to feel out.* What is this now? -08:32 Oct 17
Valravn: … This … This is what occurs when a pebble is not thrown into a pond. *He said something in that strange language and reached up and touched the center of her forehead with his pointer finger.* … It will perhaps serve our purpose better if you can actually see. *The buildings around them looked empty or abandoned and a good majority of them were destroyed completely. The sky was black and the road was cracked but cars were parked everywhere. In some places, they had crashed into poles and into buildings!* -08:37 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Sight! There was a brief moment of freaking out, but she quickly realized this was not reality at all. This was something really special… but… it wasn’t looking so good. She glanced around with a frown.* Is that Shades? -08:38 Oct 17
Valravn: It is … What was once Shades. *He replied. Valravn turned to look up at Shades. It was in better condition than most but that wasn’t saying much.* You have had experiences with the Carnatellis so you are well aware of how fragile the human race is. Survivial of the fittest is the vampire’s modus operandi. The Carnatellis are the most brutal and survival-oriented of their race. -08:41 Oct 17
Evangeline: Yes, but Ms. Grey is a very resourceful person! I’m sure she’d take on the world herself if she had the chance to. -08:44 Oct 17
Valravn: Ciara … for her many traits an’ qualities is still human. And the type o’ power we are referring to is no small feat. *How to explain things to her without revealing it himself was very frustrating!* I would like you to take a guess on the one responsible for this … desolation. -08:47 Oct 17
Evangeline: Anthony or Michael? This is a vision of possible future, yes? -08:50 Oct 17
Valravn: *Valravn led her to an electronics shop. There was still one TV left and the window had been broken completely. He switched the TV on and it worked! The screen flickered to life! The pictures were shot by someone holding the camera in a shaky grip as the picture was uneven. There was static every so often. It was daylight and the city looked much the way Evangeline remembered it. There were people running. Someone trying to make a broadcast of some sort. Something was chasing everyone away … herding them, almost! The familiar tinkered with the TV a bit longer!* -08:53 Oct 17

Finally the static stopped but the pictures were still shaky. The sound worked now! Someone off screen was talking! “We’re … here on … Street. It’s … the … day since these attacks started. The daytime used to be safe but now the monsters are attacking in broad daylight!” The camera zoomed in on someone bending over another person. At first it looked like she was trying to help the man … but on closer inspection, she was ripping his throat out! And she couldn’t have been any older than Evangeline!

Valravn: … Your human technology is unreliable. *Valravn muttered, annoyed at the TV.* -09:00 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Frowning deeper, she leaned to see the tv better. It was like… the apocalypse!* This is awful! None of this is ever supposed to happen. Where is Oracle? Or Gabriel? -09:01 Oct 17
Valravn: Oracle was … the first place to be struck. *Valravn shook the TV again! The picture went black and then turned on again. This time it was night and the camera was behind a bunch of police! They were at the bottom of stairs outside of what appeared to be a museum or city hall! It was night and suddenly the cop was telling someone to freeze! The camera moved up and zoomed in on … Gabriel?! Evangeline watched as Gabriel kept walking down the steps as if he hadn’t heard the police. The police began to fire but the bullets weren’t hitting Gabriel at all! He finally stopped halfway down and drew a sword! A wicked-looking sword bathed in the blood of innocents and drenched in the countless souls!* -09:06 Oct 17
Valravn: *instead of city hall or the museum … Oracle HQ! XD -09:07 Oct 17
Evangeline: Diablo Animus….? *Somehow that name stuck in her head. …That was the sword from her vision of Anthony’s gate! Gabriel wouldn’t have something like that!* How… how far is this in the future..? -09:09 Oct 17
Valravn: *He raised an eyebrow. That couldn’t be right. How had Evangeline known the sword’s name when Gabriel himself had never mentioned it …* This is what would have happened if you had refused Gabriel that night Anthony attacked the priest and hunters. But like all possible futures, just because it does no’ happen soon, does no’ mean it will no’ happen. -09:26 Oct 17
Evangeline: …if I had gone back to London? *She almost did. Had he not asked her to stay, she would have gone…. but this..?* No, that can’t be right. Gabriel would never just.. just slaughter people like this. That couldn’t be him. -09:29 Oct 17

Meanwhile on the screen, people Evangeline recognized as hunters and Oracle personnel moved behind Gabriel but they were no longer human! They were vampires and had fangs and an odd look in their eyes! Gabriel said something and they launched into a frenzy, running forward despite being shot multiple times!

Valravn: There must be balance, Evangeline. The darkest shadow needs the brightest light. -09:35 Oct 17
Evangeline: But he is balancing, isn’t he? Someone good to stop Anthony and all that he does! *This was startling! And it didn’t even make any sense! Gabriel would never do this!* -09:36 Oct 17
Valravn: Sometimes the most serious danger of the work he does, is the high probability of becoming what he is hunting. Gabriel has the potential of becoming the most powerful of any race. Without you to show him those small things, he may become driven to extinguish every evil he comes across. And when there is no evil to fight against … -09:40 Oct 17
Evangeline: Gabriel has lived for a very long time before I was even born. He didn’t need me then, and if something happens to me.. *Well… she wouldn’t continue that thought! She didn’t want to leave him, or think that she might die. But with the way things were, it could happen so easily!* -09:42 Oct 17

It was over. The camera man had dropped the camera on the ground and off to the side, Evangeline saw someone’s bloody hand. Gabriel was holding up the sword, having reached the bottom and the blade glowed! Wisps of white–souls!–flew into the blade and disappeared! Then the TV went black!

Valravn: There is always a risk. But Gabriel needs you more than you realize. He is restless soul and he cannot fight forever. Even a vampire needs someone. -09:46 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline jumped before the screen went black! It was just… awful!* But to be like this? This is mean and evil and nothing like him at all! -09:51 Oct 17
Valravn: I cannot give you an explanation, fair lady. Things are what they are, become what they become. -10:06 Oct 17
Evangeline: Just because I was not here? but… I would have come back if something was wrong, I know I would have. *Unless she couldn’t..!* …Did I die..? -10:09 Oct 17
Valravn: I … cannot say. It is a possible future. Anything may have happened. *He turned his head as if listening to something.* We must go. He is calling. -10:12 Oct 17
Evangeline: … Yes lets get home. *She’ll die and Gabriel will be crazy? She needed to get home right now!* -10:14 Oct 17
[Valravn is now known as: Gabriel] -10:19 Oct 17
Gabriel: Evangeline. *She was lying on the ground and he was holding her. He checked her pulse again.* Evangeline. Seer. -10:20 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Did she pass out…? Evangeline was a little confused, but she was blinking her eyes open to test… just the dark and a lot of dizzyness!* Blasted Fluffy! -10:21 Oct 17

Valravn was perched on the back of the chair, preening his feathers!

Gabriel: I will take you to the Infirmary. *He stood, picking her up and was walking for the door!* -10:23 Oct 17
Evangeline: No! We’re going to home! To bed! …and I need scarves! *She through her hands around his neck to capture him! …not that it was going to keep him stationary, but she wasn’t going to let go without a crowbar!* -10:24 Oct 17
Gabriel: *Gabriel stopped and looked down at her! He raised an eyebrow.* Another odd request. *But he took out his knife and cut his palm! He cast the spell and there was the usual pulse of negative energy and wind whipping around them. When they were back at the apartment, he lay her down on the bed.* We are here. Let go. -10:40 Oct 17
Evangeline: Here! Sit! *Evangeline let go, only to roll out of bed to lean in the floor and dig in her dresser. She fished out a few of the thin scarves and returned to poke and prod at him until he was in bed!* I have decided that I’m never leaving you. ever. I’m going to keep you here in this room and you’ll have to worry about anything again. -10:43 Oct 17
Gabriel: *Still watching her, he sat on the bed. He tilted his head slightly at her.* Not even to use the toilet. -10:50 Oct 17
Evangeline: …Maybe for bathroom breaks and getting a snack from the kitchen! But that’s it. *Evangeline crawled in to bed and climbed over him. She plopped right on him tie start tying one of the scarves around one of his wrists.* It’s the only way to make sure you’re happy! -10:54 Oct 17
Gabriel: *Gabriel had a feeling he knew where this was going! He just couldn’t believe it! But then what she was telling him was pretty baffling in itself!* You … would do that … for me. -11:02 Oct 17
Evangeline: Yes! Oh, hold still a minute. *She tied his arm to the bed in a neat little bow! Then was starting on the second one!* I’m not going to die and let you go crazy and blow up the universe. We’re going to stay here, and we’ll dance and play checkers. No monsters, no evil things and no dying. -11:04 Oct 17
Gabriel: You truly are insane. *He said, letting her tie one arm and watching her start on the other!* Tell me, this dying and blowing up the universe. A vision. -11:06 Oct 17
Evangeline: …. sort of. *She frowned and paused for a moment. …then was right back to trying to secure his other arm.* Sometimes I think I should have gone back to London. Things have been very bad for you because I stay. …but… maybe they would be worse if I left and couldn’t take care of you. -11:08 Oct 17
Gabriel: I will … understand if you chose to leave. I cannot keep you against your will. It would complicate things. *He was watching her careful. She seemed unsure of herself and yet fiercely determined. He was curious to know what had happened since the last time he saw her.* -11:20 Oct 17
Evangeline: I’m never leaving! Ever. I’m going to stay here with you forever. You’re just going to have to get used to it, as you’re going to be in this bed safe and sound until the end of time. *There! She had his arms tied and turned around to sit on his legs and start tying his feet!* -11:22 Oct 17
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly, studying her back.* Evangeline. What is the matter. -11:25 Oct 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline sighed!* What do you think you would do if I died? Would you miss me? -11:28 Oct 17
Gabriel: Of course I would, Seer. *He said, without hesitating and as if he had thought the matter over before!* -11:36 Oct 17
Evangeline: And if I were gone, what would you do then? *Now she was tying a scarf around his foot to secure his leg!* You wouldn’t go nuts and set the world on fire, would you? -11:40 Oct 17
Gabriel: … Evangeline. Stop. *The questions were too specific to just be curiousity and were odd even by the Seer’s standards.* -11:45 Oct 17
Evangeline: *She stopped… after tying the knot!* There’s still a foot left or you’ll escape. *Evangeline at least turned around to face him and returned to sitting on him.* -11:47 Oct 17
Gabriel: I will always return to you. There is no reason to tie me. -11:51 Oct 17
Evangeline: I know, but… But if something happens to me I don’t want you to be upset. If I keep you here, we’ll stay safe. -11:52 Oct 17
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Someone has threatened you. -11:54 Oct 17
Evangeline: No, no one has threatened me. But I… I guess it was like a vision. What life might have been like if I weren’t here. I don’t want you to be alone. -11:59 Oct 17
Gabriel: *Gabriel moved then. One hand moved to take hers and pull her forward so she was lying on top of him now. He pulled his other hand free and wrapped his arms around her waist.* … Thank you, Evangeline. I am in your debt. -12:05 Oct 18
Evangeline: *Hey! How did he get out of that! She tied knots! Huffing, she adjusted herself so she could hide her face at his neck.* You already take care of me. I have to make sure to take care of you too. Because even a vampire needs a seer? *Or… something like that!* -12:09 Oct 18
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Indeed. You never know what you need until you find it and then lose it. -12:11 Oct 18
Evangeline: You better keep that in mind, then! Because I will tie you back to the bed and leave you here. I’d have to feed you and only set you loose for baths. -12:20 Oct 18
Gabriel: *Gabriel snorted but then he nodded.* I will keep that in mind. -12:23 Oct 18

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