056 Too Far Gone to Save

Evangeline meets Sid and tries to help her.

[Evangeline is at the park, hunting down acorns for a special \”lesson\” she\’ll be giving hunters later!] -11:35 Jun 30
Evangeline: *It was nice that this park had so many different kind of nut trees! She was filling up a pillow case quickly with acorns, a few pecans and even some walnuts. The class wouldn’t like the walnuts, but they’d learn pretty quick if they didn’t want to get hit by them!* -11:37 Jun 30
[Obsidian is lying on the ground, cradling her family\’s sword to her body!] -11:38 Jun 30
Evangeline: *Evangeline was aware when she was coming across someone, but didn’t disturb them… at first! It was a little odd that the woman wasn’t moving. A vampire, maybe… Evangeline dropped a few more nuts in her sack before she inched closer and leaned over the woman on the ground.* Are you all right? -11:41 Jun 30
Obsidian: *Weak … She was so weak … Her eyelids fluttered.* Am I … dead …? -11:44 Jun 30
Evangeline: I don’t think so. Um, not unless you count vampires as dead, but I don’t usually do. I’m Evangeline! -11:46 Jun 30
Obsidian: *She groaned! She was so weak but no! She refused to drink any blood!* I … I have to find Anthony … *She clung to that sword as if it meant more to her than anything!* -11:56 Jun 30
Evangeline: *Anthony! Evangeline blinked in surprise!* …Anthony Carnatelli? That isn’t such a good idea. Not like this. …hum… I think you need something to eat maybe? I could feed you until you can walk and then I could take you somewhere safe! -11:59 Jun 30
Obsidian: No! I refuse to drink … any blood … I will hunt Anthony down! *She slowly sat up and began to stand!* He … he has to pay … for what he did! -12:00 Jul 01
Evangeline: A sentiment so many share, I promise! But I am not so sure you are in the best condition? *Oh dear.. Evangelinge at least tried to help by taking her sword! The thing was monsteriously heavy!* -12:02 Jul 01
Obsidian: I will … I will avenge their deaths! *She began walking away, not even noticing Evangeline trying to help her carry the sword! She ended up staggering and leaning against a tree!* -12:06 Jul 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline now had the sword and was trying to drag it.* That is a noble thing to do, but I really do insist you get something to eat first! Um… *There wasn’t any easy way to do it, it’s not like she needed to carry around blood bottles! So biting her tongue so still herself, she made on quick swipe of her hand over the sword blade! A little bit of bouncing and some owing under her breath, she offered her hand to the women.* Please? Then I can take you somewhere safe! -12:11 Jul 01
Obsidian: *She turned her head away!* I do not need your blood! *She sure was a stubborn woman! But she reached for the sword Evangeline was holding!* -01:01 Jul 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline pulled the sword away to hide behind her back. It wasn’t really hiding, and it was a bit awkward, but it was out of reach! She offered her hand again.* You have to have something! Anthony Carnatelli is not someone to trifle with even when you’re strong! Just a little bit and then I can help you? -01:03 Jul 01
Obsidian: No! I … *She took a step toward Evangeline and her family sword! Then her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell forward, dropping on the ground, unconscious!* -01:07 Jul 01
Evangeline: Oh! Blast it! *Stubborn vampire woman! What sort of vampire doesn’t take blood when offer? Well… at least with her on the ground like this, it did make it easier. Evangeline knelt on the ground and set the sword down beside her. Then she was psuhing the woman until she rolled over. Her hand burned and she probably cut a little too deep, but it did make it so much easier to try and squeeze some of the blood in to her mouth. She was practically starving to death!* -01:10 Jul 01
Obsidian: *Drip … Drip … Drip … The woman slowly came to, disoriented.* Where … *Her throat was parched and she was so thirsty! But … Mmm … That was delicious!* -01:16 Jul 01
Evangeline: *Oh good! She was coming around finally!* I am Evangeline and your lunch lady for today! If you’ll just relax a minute, I can take you to Oracle where you can meet other people that also want to slay Anthony Carnatelli? You could meet Gabriel! -01:17 Jul 01
Obsidian: *When she realized what was happening, the woman sat up!* … I must slay Anthony Carnatelli! With my family’s sword, I will redeem their deaths and make him suffer! -01:24 Jul 01
Evangeline: You’ve already mentioned that! Did you bump your head? Come on, I’ll take you and help you! *This was a little frustrating! Now that she was sitting up though, Evangeline was trying to get the woman to her feet.* At least tell me your name? -01:26 Jul 01
Obsidian: *With a soft grunt, she was on her feet and more steady than before!* My name is Obsidian or Sid. Anthony killed my family … and then he turned me into a monster! -01:30 Jul 01
Evangeline: I don’t think you’re monster. I bet you could be very nice! I’ve met Anthony before, though, so going there like this is a terrible idea. But if you come back with me, I’ll make sure you’re helped properly. *Bother, now SHE was dizzy. Better to get her back quick so she can see the nursesd too! That might have been a little reckless!* Come with me! *She took Sid’s hand before leaning to pick up her sword.* -01:32 Jul 01
Obsidian: *Sid found herself being dragged.* … I’ll get it. *She bent to grab her family’s sword and clutched it close! She was not going to lose sight of it! Not when she was so close!* -01:33 Jul 01
Evangeline: Oh good! It’s awfully heavy! *Finally! Evangeline made sure she had her pillowsack of nuts in her other hand, and away she took Sid to Oracle! …and made sure not to let go of the woman, she might do something strange!* -01:35 Jul 01
Obsidian: *She was holding that sword so tightly, it was like watching a hungry dog hoarding a bone! She glanced from side to side like a nervous beast and studied Oracle as it came into view! She noticed the defensive wards almost at once, her sword glowing faintly!* -01:40 Jul 01
Evangeline: *That sword was kind of weird… but she held Sid’s hand and squeezed it, trying to urge the woman not to worry! Evangeline took them inside and was tugging Sid along to the infirmary!* Don’t worry! All of the people here are really nice! -01:45 Jul 01
Obsidian: *But Sid didn’t relax and she eyed everyone as if they were a threat or she was going to pounce on them! That strange sword hadn’t stopped glowing either!* I can’t stay for very long … I need to go soon. -01:53 Jul 01
Evangeline: Stay away from where? Can you tell me? *Pulling Sid in to the Infirmary, she prodded her to a bed!* Maryann! Can we feed vampires here? -01:57 Jul 01

Maryann was one of the nurses and the moment she saw Evangeline’s bloody hand and blood on that sword, she was so sure that the Carnatelli was going to show up and start blaming HER for it! “Uh! Yes, but maybe you should step over here and let me look at your hand!”

Evangeline: Can we get her something to eat first? I let her have some of my blood, but I think she is near starving to death! *Oooh, okay, she was really dizzy now! Evangeline went ahead and sat down in a chair before she went fainting like Miss Sid did!* -02:01 Jul 01
Obsidian: *Sid didn’t even seem to notice Evangeline moving away! But as soon as Evangeline looked up from sitting down, she was gone!* -02:02 Jul 01

“Evangeline I think she escaped.” said Maryann, turning to get some bandages!

Evangeline: Really? Oh! Drat it all! She’s a stubborn thing! *Setting her pillowcase of nuts on her chair, then Evangeline was up and going to chase after her, before Maryann could turn around!* -02:07 Jul 01
Obsidian: *She was on the trail of something! Sniff! Sniff! Something in the air … She had to follow it! She went down one corridor, turned … She walked up the steps to the roof where she hissed and attacked someone in a long black coat, issuing a war cry at the top of her lungs!* -02:08 Jul 01
Evangeline: *This was just one of those days! The woman herself was hard to follow, but the sword was easier to find! It glowed in her head! Oooh, but climbing up the stairs was a little work. At the top she was trying to catch her breath and holding on to the door before she toppled backwards!* …wait a second! -02:12 Jul 01

Gabriel: *Gabriel turned and eyed the sword the woman carried! He sidestepped, turned to her as she stopped and swung at him again! He landed a kick to her gut that sent her flying backwards!*

Evangeline: Gabriel! Can you not- Oh! *Why did they have to move so fast! He was kicking Sid good before she could get a word out of her mouth!* I’m trying to help her! I think she’s confused! -02:17 Jul 01
Obsidian: *She went staggering backwards!* Carnatelli! *She hissed, her eyes red! Her fangs were long! She gripped the sword’s handle in both hands and ran forward! Swipe! Swipe! Slash! Thrust! Swipe!* -02:21 Jul 01

Gabriel: What am I confused of, is how she bypassed the wards. *His eyes narrowed. Side step. Side step. A short jump backwards. Another side step!*

Evangeline: I found her in the park on the ground barely even alive! So I gave her a bit of blood so I could bring her hear to get help! *She wanted to go pounce on her, but the way the were moving, it wasn’t a good idea. Evangeline plopped to sit on the ground instead!* -02:24 Jul 01

Gabriel: … You did what. *Suddenly he had his hand around Sid’s neck, dangling her feet from the ground and away from his body! Her sword was on the ground at his feet!*

Evangeline: I gave her blood so I could help her to Oracle…? Gabriel, what you doing! *oo, maybe she said the wrong thing! Evangeline was scrambling to her feet again to scoot to him and grab on to one of his arms.* Please don’t strangle her! I think she needs help? -02:30 Jul 01

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* She sought me out and attacked me with no provocation, Evangeline. You wish me to set her free so she can plunge the sword into my heart.

Evangeline: She told me she was looking for Anthony Carnatelli because he hurt her family. She is just confused! *As if she would let someone hurt him! …but then with the thought now in her head, she slipped between him and Sid, just incase he did set the woman down and she jumped for the sword.* She didn’t even want my blood, I made her take it! -02:36 Jul 01

Gabriel: … Evangeline. There is something wrong with her. *The woman was still hissing and scratching at him. She was possessed! He could not allow her to harm Evangeline. This woman would be trouble.*

Evangeline: You didn’t like Dark either and he is turning out all right? One chance would be all right, and I promise I won’t let her hurt you! -02:39 Jul 01

Gabriel: *His fangs grew! He bit his lip, cast a spell and Sid was gone, along with her sword!* I sent her to a room in Oracle.

Evangeline: *A relieved sigh! Sometimes she was never sure when he would listen…* I’ll talk to her and try to explain things. Thank you for letting me try. -02:49 Jul 01

Gabriel: A confused woman is a dangerous one, Evangeline. Let her go.

Evangeline: That might describe every woman in the world! *She smiled wide and started to go before she stopped and turned back to him to tug gently on his sleeve.* Gabriel… -02:53 Jul 01

Gabriel: *He bent his head to kiss her on the lips, a kiss that lingered for several moments before he lifted his head.* You are insane.

Evangeline: *A surprised blink gave way to flustered blushing! She had forgotten tugging his sleeve meant asking for a kiss! …but she sure didn’t regret it! It took her a moment get her senses back!* ..hum…! I meant to ask if you would help me downstairs? I think you’ve just me even more dizzy! -03:00 Jul 01

On the ledge of the roof, the white raven perched, preening!

Gabriel: *He cast a sideways glance at Valravn!* Very well. *He took her hand, put his other hand behind the small of her back!* Remember to join me for dinner.

Evangeline: I will as soon as I have her settled! I managed to collect plenty of nuts for my next lesson, so I won’t have anything else to do today! *And dinner was sound really good about now! Hopefully Miss Sid would feel better herself after getting more to eat!* -03:05 Jul 01

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