061 An Evil Pact

Malsuada makes a deal with Anthony.

Malsuada sets up her trap with Lucretia.

[Malsuada is a devil. And devils always find who they seek!] -03:35 Sep 29
PM From: Malsuada: To: Malsuada pbybe grfg! -03:36 Sep 29
[Anthony was in a foul mood–as usual! And he was brooding on a castle atop a cliff!] -03:37 Sep 29
Anthony: *Of course, Anthony doubted anyone was fool enough to even try to look for him! There were vampire sentries and weres around the perimeter and patrolling but no one in the large room he sat in! There were books and shelves and a giant fireplace with a single large chair in front of it!* -03:40 Sep 29
Malsuada: *When one was going to meet a potential client, one always dressed to impress. In this case, a perfectly taylored Armani suit, and long sharp fingernails painted black as midnight! …She also liked to make an impressive entrance. With a loud PLOOOOF there was dark smoke everywhere, leaving one Malsuada examining her nails while a long demony tail swished behind her.* I thought you would be difficult to find. Why is it always a dank cold castle? -03:42 Sep 29
Anthony: *He wasn’t in the mood to bother turning and looking! But the vampires and weres just outside the door heard the commotion! They burst right in and tried using normal handguns and ordinary bullets on Malsuada!* -03:43 Sep 29
Malsuada: A welcoming party! Oooh! I wasn’t really looking for party, after all, I was much more interesting in talking about Gabriel, but if you want more of your little pets disembowled… -03:46 Sep 29

The vampires realized their bullets were having no effect! The weres moved forward to attack! -Anthony

Anthony: *A body. He needed a real body. He needed–At the mention of Gabriel, one hand lifted off the arm rest! This demon had piqued his interest!* -03:48 Sep 29

The weres screeched to a halt and the gunfire stopped at the signal! -Anthony

Malsuada: You’re all trying to ruin my new suit. *Malsuada brushed off her sleeves, despite the fact nothing seemed to have impacted her! She merely stepped off to the side, preparing to pull the fire out to crisp them.* Ah good. You’re reasonable after all. -03:49 Sep 29
Anthony: *Anthony finally stood. The clone’s body he was using looked every inch of how his real body had looked. Unfortunately the clone’s body lasted only so long before it deteoriated. No body made could withstand the power Anthony possessed–even if it was weaker than he liked.* Leave. *He told the vampires and weres.* -03:51 Sep 29

The vampires and weres knew better than to question him! He was the Father, after all! They quickly left and the last one shut the door behind him! -Anthony

Malsuada: Shoo, shoo! The adults have things to discuss! *She swished her hands after the fools, finally stopping to cross her arms and smile grandly at Anthony.* Poor thing, you look so… unlike yourself. -03:52 Sep 29
Anthony: *He turned and walked around the chair. He wore a tailored suit, his long hair pulled back in a ponytail.* I have had to improvise. Times have become difficult. *He gestured to the small table nearby.* Would you like some wine …? I was not expecting company. -03:55 Sep 29
Malsuada: Wine? No, no… these human grades just don’t match what we have in the devil world. *Content that she had his ear, she plopped comfortably in to his chair!* Isn’t it a shame how that Gabriel tends to ruin our day? Wouldn’t you just LOVE to do something about him? -03:57 Sep 29
Anthony: *At the mention of Gabriel, Anthony’s eyes narrowed into slits and flashed.* He was a thorn in my side and I had him where I wanted him. *He growled and crushed the empty wine glass in his wine. He didn’t feel the shards of glass in his hand or bother with the blood dripping. The wounds healed but in this body, it was difficult to feel anything. Even now, with his powers and memories locked, Gabriel was dangerous. And he continued to grow more so.* -04:01 Sep 29
Anthony: *He dusted his hands.* But I assume he is a bother to you as well. Or we would not bringing him up. -04:03 Sep 29
Malsuada: So many seem to say that. And there he is off with his perfect little life while you are here alone and miserable. It just isn’t fair is it. *She pressed her fingers together in a mock motion of thought.* He has… gotten in my way, yes. What would you give to make him suffer for eternity? -04:04 Sep 29
Anthony: *Anthony chuckled softly.* Now we are talking. My dear, I would give a lot to make him suffer for eternity and give much more if I could secure his body for my own in the process. The whelp is keeping secrets not even he is aware of. -04:12 Sep 29
Malsuada: Ooh, that is so good to hear! Because ~I~ have spent an awful lot of time learning about the Infamous One and those around him. *Hopping out of his chair she stood straight and was reaching in to her jacket – then she paused.* But that little matter of what you would give. Your soul, well… it’s no good… but there is another I would like. -04:14 Sep 29
Anthony: *He smirked.* Hm. Would that be the soul of the bright little human he protects so relentlessly? -04:17 Sep 29
Malsuada: That would be the one! I am not oppose to letting you borrow her for a bit – after all, my little pet is now bound to the fiend. But, oh… there’s not a shinier soul! It’s an acceptable deal to torment the one that plagues you so, isn’t it? *Malsuada grinned big. She did love tormenting!* -04:20 Sep 29
Anthony: My dear, it is an acceptable deal, indeed. *With Evangeline gone and Gabriel suffering for an eternity, Ciara Grey and her Oracle and even the Living Grave would be easy to destroy.* Where would you like to begin? -04:24 Sep 29
Malsuada: *Malsuada pulled out a scroll from her jacket, shook it, and it unraveled to a long long long list! A feathered pen appeared in her hand.* You see, your greatest mistake comes from not realizing that the Infamous One now has many many allies. And they have allies, and their allies have allies… It’s a definitive pain in the ass. But, with close observation, it was so very simple to know what their little souls desire. Silly Vampire that you are, you just don’t know the desires of heart and souls. *Malsuada flashed him a bright toothy grin.* Do you know what your enemies desire most? -04:28 Sep 29
Anthony: *Anthony tilted his head slightly at the list and raised an eyebrow. It was a pleasant surprise to find someone who did her homework.* Besides to be a thorn in my side, I would have to say no, I do not. -04:33 Sep 29
Malsuada: Tisk, tisk. Take that pain in the ass Caoilainn for instance. Pledged herself as protector to Gabriel’s little wife and oh yes, that failed clone of yours! *She choked back laughter, leaving herself only smirking!* Oh, I am SO sorry. The irony, that you could clone the Infamous One and that very clone goes and throws himself with humans too.. Well. It’s hilarious. -04:39 Sep 29
Anthony: *He leaned against the chair and peered down at the list.* And it does my heart wonders knowing my failure amuses you greatly. *He said dryly.* -04:43 Sep 29
Malsuada: Poor Vampire. Your failure makes you an old crotchety man. Should I make it easier for you and simply tell you what to do? Although, it might be far too complex for someone that can’t even keep his own children under control. -04:45 Sep 29
Anthony: It would seem everyone on that list of yours are willing to sacrifice themselves for someone else and so on and so forth. *He said with a dismissive wave of his hand.* … Just thinking about all that love and affection is giving me a headache. -04:54 Sep 29
Malsuada: Why don’t you try seeing it in a much more… amiable light. It makes breaking your enemies all that more simple. *Malsuada rolled up her list and stuffed it in her jacket.* People lend strength to each other when they are close. Your Gabriel and My Pet are perfect examples. She shines brighter with him near, and he is annoyingly vicious where she is concerned. My pet commands this protective streak in many, so it would be of our best interests to make sure all of Gabriel’s lwee army are as far from each other as possible. -04:58 Sep 29
Anthony: I suppose. *Anthony muttered. But yes, that was true. The more of them there were, the worst their chances to succeed. He snorted.* Distractions are easy enough to come by. Particularly the ones to send the wolves running from our star-crossed couple’s sides. But little Gabriel has fox holes everywhere and he’s paranoid to a fault. *Then there was the matter of actually binding Gabriel in one place for anything more than a few seconds. But then, a few seconds should be all they needed if things went right.* -05:05 Sep 29
Malsuada: All you need is opportunity! *With a smirk, Malsuada practically skipped over to a table, where she paused for a moment and arranged items across the top.* Here we have Ciara Grey and Leon Santos who will soon have a wedding – and a honeymoon. One out of country even. A little accident and they may not return. There is her little daughter Lily Grey who will take a trip with her dedicated bodyguard Conrad Wolf while mother is away. They won’t be making their destination! …Should I continue? -05:11 Sep 29
Anthony: I see someone has been thinking of this quite thoroughly … But no, no need to continue. With all the planning, what you need is something that will cause Gabriel to lose control. Something so unexpected, he won’t even realize why he’s reacting in such a way. *One of Gabriel’s strengths was his self-control and with that gone, he’d be much easier to deal with. Unfortunately, the one thing that would do the trick was a wild card. It could help them or be their undoing.* -05:17 Sep 29
Malsuada: *Malsuada clapped!* I am so glad you brought that up! What is the one thing that the Infamous One would move mountains for? Why, his little shining wife. Oh, the stories I have heard! The very best when he stole her from me. Take her away and he’ll tear the world apart looking for her. -05:20 Sep 29
Anthony: *Anthony smirked.* Yes, yes he would. *He would also destroy the world for that woman. Anthony was one of the few who knew Gabriel had in fact destroyed the world once before …* Since they are bound to each other, it would be a snap for them to contact each other and if need be, he’d teleport to her. -05:23 Sep 29
Malsuada: Uh huh. And taking her is not so easy in itself. She is always with Vlamerias, the little familiar princess, and if not with her she will be with Caoilainn and that Dark Doppleganger. And if my shining pet contacts him before we are ready, then that would be a problem too. *Malsuada leaned to snatch that wine bottle, eyeing the lable and deciding she might take a drink after all!* How do you get to a woman who is untouchable? -05:26 Sep 29
Anthony: No one is invincible. I believe the one time she is truly vulnerable is when she is asleep. Or it might be a simple matter of drugging her to slow the reflexes. -05:33 Sep 29
Malsuada: Do you like fairy tales, Vampire? They are silly things, but they have such imaginative ways to destroy people. *Plopping on to the table and swishing her tail, Malsuada pulled a beautiful red apple from her jacket.* Putting her to sleep will be a simple trick. But we must be rid of Vlamerias. I hear that a Devil Princess is very valuable… if they were both to fall asleep and be seperated… Teehee. -05:36 Sep 29
Anthony: *Anthony smirked.* Even if one of them awaken, Gabriel would be hard-pressed to rescue them both. Even he cannot be in two places at once. *It would be a sweeter deal if they could get the psychic and the demon on two separate planes. Such extensive travelling would tax even the Great King himself.* -05:40 Sep 29
Anthony: *Even he cannot -05:41 Sep 29
Malsuada: Away Valmerias may be spirited to the Devil World. While we take my bright soul somewhere that not human or vampire would ever dare to go. Somewhere not even you have dared to go. *Malsuada gave a smirk as she took a long drink from the wine bottle.* Oh, what lies in the Stubai mountains that would make even The Father steer clear? -05:48 Sep 29
Anthony: *His eyes narrowed into slits again for a moment. As if he would tell her. He snorted.* If his woman there, he will find a way. You admitted he would tear up mountains for her. It will be no different. -05:53 Sep 29
Malsuada: Are you afraid a stone cold bitch will rise up from her grave? *If her smirk could get any wider, it did!* There’s no reason to fear bodies long dead. If you fear Stubai, he will fear it too. Take my pet there and bleed her. He’ll come to fetch her, with fear of might be freed. Make it seem as if their bond has broken, and spring your great trap. Then I will take my pet home where she belongs and you have your Infamous One to seal away writhing in agony and destroying the world! -05:58 Sep 29
Anthony: *At that he smirked again.* We have a deal and a plan then. Let us begin … -06:05 Sep 29
[Malsuada is setting up one of her priceless traps. …and taking the opportunity to harass a rival.] -04:05 Oct 07
Malsuada: *CRASH! There went one of those possessed chairs right out the window. Malsuada dust off her hands!* Lucretia, really! I thought you would want to see an old friend! -04:05 Oct 07
[Lucretia was beyond displeased at the moment!] -04:07 Oct 07
Lucretia: Get out of my house, Malsuada! *What the hell was she doing here! Couldn’t a devil enjoy her exile in peace?! But nnooooo not her. She had Malsuada, the most arrogant, big-headed, big-mouthed devil to curse her!* -04:09 Oct 07
Malsuada: But, Lucretia! It’s been centuries! Aren’t you lonely, here all alone in this big empty… *She ran her fingers over the mantle of a fire place with a frown.* …dusty house. You need a maid, Lucretia. -04:10 Oct 07

The lovely house was more like a castle! The first owner had brought each and every stone overseas from his native homeland in the hopes of starting a new life, a new family. He certainly hadn’t come for the mass murder, the insanity, the sheer terror that ended up befalling him … -Lucretia

Lucretia: *Lucretia was nowhere to be seen but that was because she was stuck in that painting! She sighed, closed her eyes, and rubbed her temples.* It’s so hard to possess good help these days … And I’m stuck with that rickety old man and his senile wife with her stupid cats. -04:13 Oct 07
Malsuada: Poooor little thing! I just feel for you, I do! … In fact I feel soooo much for you, that I thought I’d give you a present! *Malsuada was about to plop right in to one of the chairs, but after thwacking it with her tail and causing a huge dust cloud, she decided against it.* -04:15 Oct 07
Lucretia: … You taking my place in this cursed painting would be gift enough, Malsuada. *The painting Lucretia was trapped in changed randomly, one day landscapes, another day a portrait of someone. It was a rather large painting and mortals were easily overwhelmed by it. The painting’s location changed randomly as well, one day it was in one of the bedrooms, the next in the dining room. Today, the painting showed Lucretia, a tall, slender devil with fair skin, violet eyes, and jet-black hair. She wore a Victorian dress and had her hair down. The painting was in the den.* Now what are you doing here, besides reminding me I’m in this accursed prison? -04:21 Oct 07
Malsuada: *Malsuada was a paragon of innocence and good intentions! Why, if any devil could look like an angel, she did right this moment!* I only thought you might like some company, Lucretia! A pair of humans. A Hunter and a little Witch in Training. I’m sure you’d like to play with something besides cats! -04:25 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Lucretia knew Malsuada better than that! Innocent and good intentions, she was not! She raised an eyebrow.* Your generosity knows no bounds, Malsuada. *She said dryly.* But a Hunter and a soon-to-be Witch do not seem like a pair I should bother with. *Indeed, if Malsuada suggested it, the cats might be the greater of the two choices.* -04:30 Oct 07
Lucretia: *greater better -04:31 Oct 07
Malsuada: What sort of devil are you? Passing up the chance to totally maul those under the protection of the Infamous One? That little witch is the only surviving doll of The Marionette… And since they are coming here ANY way. *Oh! Something shiny! Malsuada picked up a little statue and examined it for value.* -04:33 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Despite examining the statue, Malsuada may have caught the way Lucretia’s eyes narrowed slightly and flashed at the mention of the two Carnatellis but then she smoothed her skirt.* Well … that changes things. Very well, Malsuada. I will see just how much fun the pair will be. -04:40 Oct 07
Malsuada: The world of humans these days is soooo much more fascinating now, compared to back when you were actually pretty. *Malsuada eyed her outfit. Nope, much too skin tight to be able to smuggle out this little prize.* I have deeply researched the ones surrounding the Infamous One. Do you wish to know, or are you going to…. teehee… do another foolish thing and attempt to figure it out for yourself? -04:44 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Had she been any less interested in what Malsuada had to say, she would have been furious over that little snip. She waved her hand and the statue drifted out of Malsuada’s grasp and right back to where it belonged. On the shelf.* Old age certainly hasn’t dulled your sense of humor. But, by all means, make yourself useful and tell me this worthwhile information. *Research, hm. Malsuada obviously had a score to settle with the Infamous One.* -04:50 Oct 07
Malsuada: A wise move! We certainly wouldn’t want you to end up any worse than what the Great King did to you! *Oooh, did she let that slip! Though she covered her mouth and tried to look apologetic, she couldn’t help but smirk. …Malsuada waved a hand over that dusty chair until the thing looked as good as new and worth sitting in.* We begin with Conrad Wolf, a Hunter for the Oracle Organization and one of the few that is any good. It seems his family history involves that lunatic vampire Elizabeth Bathory. -04:55 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Lucretia growled and the house shook! That demon was pushing her luck! How dare she say that name! … She calmed down, eventually … and the house did, too! She rolled her eyes at the mention of Elizabeth. And everyone thought SHE had a problem? At least she still had her own body. Even if it was trapped.* -05:00 Oct 07
Malsuada: *Teeheehee! She was like a child tormenting an fuzzy little animal!* He accompanies Lily Grey, on of the precious few humans that has actually lived post being The Marionette’s Doll. Kind of extraordinary, really, the bloodlines of those two humans. Rather valuable souls, if I do say so myself! -05:05 Oct 07
Lucretia: My, Malsuada, you seem to have stumbled on quite the obsession. What did you do, track down their bloodlines several generations back? *Forget Elizabeth Bathory, perhaps Malsuada was the one with the more serious issues.* -05:07 Oct 07
Malsuada: *Malsuada cast a glare over at the painting, pulling a metal file from the air to sharpen her lovely claws* Don’t be such a twit, Lucretia. One as magnificent as myself would not be so sucussful if the research wasn’t done. ….In this case, extra precautions. I intend to take out the Infamous One himself. -05:10 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Lucretia chuckled softly.* Silly sister, you will just have to stand in line behind all the others who have tried and failed. *She did enjoy ruffling Malsuada’s feathers a bit and using a pet name, whether true or not, never hurt.* -05:14 Oct 07
Malsuada: *Scowling deeper still, Malsuada bent back her nail file until the forced made it flick across the room! The pointy end imbeded in to the wall and inch from the painting.* Others that have failed because they’re idiots and didn’t take in to account the danger surrounding that man! UGH! He has collected a host of allies with extraordinary talent and exuberant souls. It’s unnatural for one man to have so much power. …not to mention he jacked my newest precious! I had THE brightest soul in the world and thanks to the Devil King’s wee princess, he stole her away. -05:17 Oct 07
Lucretia: *My, someone was cranky. Lucretia arched an eyebrow at the nail file stuck in the wall. She would have to repair that later. The poor wall.* He is truly one of a kind … *Even among the rare Carnatellis, he was outdoing the lot.* In that case, Malsuada, I wish you the best of luck. Allies or not, I would not tamper with Gabriel Carnatelli for all the souls in existence. -05:23 Oct 07
Malsuada: But Luuuucreeetiiiiiaaa! *Malsuada slipped in to the floor on her knees, holding up her hands in pleading prayer! Complete with her best of pouts.* Two humans wouldn’t be a problem for the Lady of the House. Believe me, that damned vampire will be far too distracted elsewhere to do a thing about them. *She smirked wide.* I have contracted Anthony Carnatelli for one of his infamous traps. We will take the precious glittering soul, bleed her near dry. And if the Infamous doesn’t cooporate… well… I am sure he wouldn’t want to see her thrown to the Marionette! *Hahahaha! Malsuada cackled loudly, before she coughed and resumed her pleading look.* It’s a full proof plan. All of his companions will be elsewhere and there will be no one to help him. -05:28 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Lucretia was thoughtful for a moment. Or two. Or three …* Very well. I’ll play with the Hunter and his Charge. -05:39 Oct 07
Malsuada: Aren’t you the sweetest thing! Make use of my research, Lucretia, really. I wouldn’t under estimate the humans. They are strong souls. *Malsuada jumped to her feet, swatting the dust off her clothes.* Oh, I may even let you keep their souls too! The one ~I’m~ after is so much more shiny and delicious! -05:43 Oct 07
Lucretia: *Lucretia was amused by this and mildly curious. Malsuada hadn’t been this passionate–or obsessed–over a soul in … quite sometime. This human must truly have the brightest soul in existence. But the brightest light cast the darkest shadow.* Either way, your quest should be quite fun to watch, Malsuada. -05:48 Oct 07
Malsuada: Oh, I’ll be sure to bring it here and show you, Lucretia! I know you haven’t had any souls in suuuuch a long time! Such a glittery thing just HAS to be shared! -05:52 Oct 07
Lucretia: How lovely of you to remind me, Malsuada. *She said dryly. She was very fortunate she was still stuck here and bereft of the opportunity to gain more souls! She snorted.* And what does your partner-in-crime, Anthony Carnatelli, gain from your contract? *Only a fool would strike any sort of bargain with Malsuada of all devils.* -05:57 Oct 07
Malsuada: Why, the Infamous One returned to his possession, of course! *For once that assinine look disappeared from her face and Malsuada took on a thoughtful expression.* There is more to that Carnatelli saga than meets the eye. Research that doesn’t seem to add up properly. He hides a great secret. ….but frankly, as long as I get that human’s soul, I could care less about the drama of vampires! -06:00 Oct 07

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