Anthony and Malsuada enact their plan! It nearly succeeds… until the final seals of Gabriel’s memories are broken!

[Evangeline was waking up somewhere unfamiliar, and without a familiar! ] -02:19 Jun 06
[Anthony is either going to have Gabriel\’s body as his own or have his head on a silver platter!] -02:20 Jun 06
Anthony: *He had his back toward Evangeline! Such memories at this place! He was beginning to get nostalgic! He glanced over his shoulder when she stirred and smirked.* I was beginning to think you would be unconscious through all the fun. *He started walking toward her, one hand lifting, claws growing …* -02:21 Jun 06
Evangeline: *Something really strange had happened. She and Meri were just on the way home, and she was very specifically making sure not to stop anywhere or talk to strangers. Even when they nice old lady tried to offer them free drinks! After that was just a complete blur and now… she was in a very bad place!* …you do have very bad timing! *Evangeline rolled off what she was sitting on and was trying to find a direction to run! This place echoed strangely!* -02:24 Jun 06
Anthony: *He moved so fast! He grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him! Then he closed his claw around her throat! He drew blood!* I would not run if I were you. *He took a deep breath, inhaled! Ah, the scent of blood! He could hear the groans of the restless stirring at the scent of blood! Groans that were definitely not the wind!* The ghouls who dwell here have much to repay your husband for. -02:26 Jun 06
Evangeline: *She was trying very hard not to panic! She needed time to think. To know if it would be safe to call for help, or if this was just a way to get Gabriel! But it was awfully hard not to be scared!* Y-you really should leave him alone! -02:30 Jun 06

Malsuada: Poor glittery human. Trying to be brave. What makes you think we want your husband today? *Malsuada was pleased with herself. The little devil brat and her human had resisted, but she wasn’t one of the great devils just by rumor.*

Anthony: Leave him alone? *A smirk. A flash of fangs!* My dear, you should have left him alone. *Decades … centuries! He had taken to ensure Gabriel would be under his control. All it took was a single mortal woman to make things all the more difficult! The ghouls were rising! Tangible shadows with glowing red eyes! He spoke to them now.* You wish for revenge against the one who condemned you? The one who left you to suffer these long millenia, filled with a thirst, a hunger that can never be sated! -02:34 Jun 06

The ghouls stopped advancing! Anthony had their attention! Yes, yes! It was revenge they sought, the one hunger they held onto!

Anthony: His wife is the bait but he is already approaching. Savor the opportunity and destroy him! *It wasn’t until after the ghouls had left that Anthony turned back.* That should weaken him. -02:36 Jun 06
Evangeline: *..it was a little bit worse than she thought. Anthony AND Malsuada was not something she ever expected! And Meri was no where near! Evangeline struggled to pull those claws from her neck. She was scared, but she wasn’t just going to let them hurt her or Meri!* -02:36 Jun 06

Gabriel: *He was at the base, looking up! This place! Memories …! But he could not get any closer by magic. He would have to go on foot. He steeled him. Great King or not, this place was something to be wary of!*

Malsuada: And we cannot forget the guardians of this creepy little tomb. Devils and demons, so bored and tired of watching a corpse. Oh~! My little treasure is getting fiesty! *Her tail was swishing behind her, like a cat delighted with pawing at a new toy!*

As soon as Gabriel set foot on the mountain and began to climb up, there was that feeling of being watched! The ground was loose and it was hard to gain a firm hold on it! The ghouls were rushing toward him! He was here! He was here!

Anthony: *Gabriel had no idea of what was coming toward him! This place messed with the senses, gave him an ache throbbing at his temple! There was the feeling of suddenly becoming dizzy and the ground became like quicksand and he found himself sinking!* -02:43 Jun 06

Gabriel: *Gabriel had no idea of what was coming toward him! This place messed with the senses, gave him an ache throbbing at his temple! There was the feeling of suddenly becoming dizzy and the ground became like quicksand and he found himself sinking!*

Anthony: *He was inspecting Evangeline’s hand! He snorted.* A life bond. How touching. Leave it to Gabriel to do something so stupid. -02:44 Jun 06

The ghouls were delighted! That was him, alright! And the quicksand was pulling him in! Now all they had to do was tear him apart! As he fell forward and reached out to gain some hold to get out, they split up! A bunch of them took one arm, the rest took the other and they began to pull! … Time to make a wish!

Gabriel: *He grunted as he fell! Reached out for a hold! There had to be something! But then suddenly something had him by the arms and was pulling! The grip was tight! And he was still sinking!*

Evangeline: You shouldn’t taunt him like this..! *Why to even warn him, he didn’t deserve it! She was still trying to squirm out of his grasp. Getting to Gabriel was important, he needed her!* -02:47 Jun 06

Anthony: Heh. And what is [i]Gabriel[/i] going to do when he has unfinished business with everything for miles around!

Anthony: Heh. And what is Gabriel going to do when he has unfinished business with everything for miles around! -02:49 Jun 06

Malsuada: And we haven’t even begun with the truely fun parts. Taunting is such a child’s play compared to delightfully vicious revenge. *Flicking her hand, long claws grew from her finger tips. At the end of the room, starting at one corner, she drug her claws along the stone wall. The spell she cast was slow to take effect, but the stone shimmered and faded until it was as crystal clear as glass. On the other side they were going to have a very nice view – and vice versa!*

Pull and pull! The ghouls were delighted! They were going to tear his arms off and then let him bleed to death while they tortured him more! Roused by the emotions of anguish not felt for generations, the devils and demons Malsuada had mentioned began to rise! One of them, an imp, had a nice long dagger, ornate and with a golden handle, appeared only to drive the blade into Gabriel’s back!

Gabriel: *He had not even noticed the imp approaching! When the knife slammed into his body, he jerked and let out a cry of pain! He managed to slip one hand out of the ghouls’ grasp, summon the Diablo Animus and bury it deep in the soil! The ghouls and demons knew that blade well and scurried for safety, long enough for him to pull himself out!

Evangeline: *This place was so warded and bound with spells, trying to make sense of it was impossible! All she knew was that Gabriel was in a great deal of pain!* Stop! Just, stop please. -02:56 Jun 06
Anthony: Every humiliation, every defeat will be repaid in blood. *He pulled Evangeline a little closer.* Hm. I’m feeling a little parched. *He licked a trail of Evangeline’s blood.* Mmm … No wonder he protects you so. You have such sweet blood. -03:01 Jun 06

It wasn’t long before the ghouls returned! They were swarming him, landing little cuts and slices along his body, moving too quickly for him to catch as they darted out of range of his swings! Some of the demons and devils sat back and watched the show! The wind began to pick up! Sand was flying everywhere and blinding Gabriel!

Evangeline: Don’t. *Evangeline was scared to death, and trying so hard not to be! Gabriel would be okay as long as he knew she was all right! She squeezed her eyes shut and tried pushing him away.* -03:05 Jun 06

Malsuada: Don’t what, shiny soul? Take all of your blood? Don’t you worry, he won’t take it all. Such sweet blood should be kept alive for years of enjoyment. …Of course, I could make it all go away for you, if you wanted to make a tiny deal.

Gabriel: *Frustrated, tired, missing Evangeline … This place sapped his strength and the sand itself burned his eyes! He was trying to get that knife off of his back as he moved but the imp had put it somewhere difficult to reach! He knew he was climbing upward, though, but that was it!*

Anthony: *Anthony didn’t even feel Evangeline’s efforts to part from him! It had been years since he’d been able to truly enjoy someone struggling! Fear was an invigorating emotion!* -03:09 Jun 06
Evangeline: I’m not making any deals! And when he gets here you’re going to be very sorry..! *Evangeline refused to be taken advantage of again, not after what she did to Gabriel with one stupid wish! But he wasn’t letting go, and it was starting to hurt! She tried kicking at him, nails, anything!* -03:13 Jun 06

The ghouls tripped him but he continued on! Blood followed behind him, dotting the sand with red! They bared their fangs! There was no better revenge than draining the Great King himself!

Anthony: *He grinned. Unbeknowest to Gabriel and his little pet, he’d taken such great care to design a ward sufficient enough to hold the Great King and complicated enough to where even Gabriel would have a hard time undoing it! His very energy would feed the ward’s power turning his body into a living battery until it was drained so much, he could take possession with minimum effort!* -03:15 Jun 06

Malsuada: Poor soul, he isn’t even going to make it past the glass. But take heart! He will get to see you in his last moments! Isn’t that just the most romantic thing?

Anthony: *His feet were dragging! His body felt heavier! A ghoul pounced on him and drove its fangs into his neck but he snarled and grabbed it, then flung it off! Now every few steps he was battling ghouls trying to drain him dry! And every other ghoul was able to take a bite before being thrown off!* -03:22 Jun 06

Gabriel: *His feet were dragging! His body felt heavier! A ghoul pounced on him and drove its fangs into his neck but he snarled and grabbed it, then flung it off! Now every few steps he was battling ghouls trying to drain him dry! And every other ghoul was able to take a bite before being thrown off!*

Evangeline: He is going to kill you, and I might be happy for it! *She was getting tired and nothing she did seemed to phase Anthony at all! But every moment she could feel it getting harder and harder for Gabriel. So instead of wasting her energy, she stilled to conserve it and give to Gabriel! They had put this place together well, but they couldn’t keep her from him!* -03:28 Jun 06

Malsuada: My, I believe she is going to try and use that bond and make her little threat come true. We better do something so fast! *Her voice was dripping with sarcasm, tail swishing once again from sheer amusement!*

Gabriel: *He kicked up loose sand as he approached! He was rubbing sand from his eyes, ignoring the pain! He could feel Evangeline close by! Giving him strength!*

Frustrated, first one ghoul and then another and another pounced on Gabriel! They clung to him and drove their fangs into his body to start drinking his blood! One of them grabbed the knife in his back and twisted!

Evangeline: *They were taking him to pieces, hurting him so much! It was bringing her to tears despite trying to stay strong for him!* Please, let him go, please? -03:45 Jun 06
[Anthony logged out of the chat.] -((05:46 Jun 06))
[Evangeline has timed out.] -05:46 Jun 06
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -05:46 Jun 06
[Gabriel may be in his final moments!] -10:09 Jun 06
[Evangeline was begging them to stop tormenting Gabriel like this! But no one ever listens to her!] -10:09 Jun 06

Anthony: \Indeed. *Anthony agreed, chuckling softly and leaned forward to whisper in Evangeline’s ear!* If you think this is bad, perhaps you should consider this … *And then he dropped her onto the floor, stepping to one side!* -Gabriel

Michael: *Something moved from behind him and walked into the dim light! A man in a suit who looked so much like Gabriel … except there was a rather long scar down one side of his face! Michael!* Finally. My turn to play … Little doll, human doll, the doll from which I feed … *He was saying in a singsong voice! Not that he had the singing talent Gabriel had, which might have been a relief or Evangeline might never be able to tolerate Gabriel’s singing again!* -Gabriel

The ghouls tore his coat off and tore his back with their claws! Gabriel’s shirt fell to the ground in pieces! There was so much blood! Their shrieking pierced the air! -Gabriel

Gabriel: *Head, throbbing. Body … Losing strength. Blood. Seeping out. Everywhere. Mouths. Fangs. Sucking. Feeding. … Evangeline? It was difficult but he was able to distinguish her pain from his. She was–she was close! He groaned as he clenched his teeth, winced! He started moving forward, on hands and knees, using the Diablo Animus as a walking stick to gain ground!* -10:13 Jun 06
Evangeline: *She couldn’t catch herself from dropping to the floor, she had been so scared her knees wouldn’t hold her up. …and now so frightened she couldn’t even mutter Michael’s name! She had to get up and run, but she was shaking so much she was only scooting backwards slowly on the floor!* -10:14 Jun 06

Michael: *Michael advanced only to stop a few feet away! Ah, poor little Gabriel! He folded his arms, showing fangs!* This will be fun … -Gabriel

Malsuada: The little chatter box is speechless! I did tell you she would enjoy our guest. *So pleased. This plan was perfect. The little soul would be so broken she would beg to be taken!* Is he listening now, wee human? Does he know you’ll be taken blood, body and soul?

Gabriel: *He reached the glass wall! But he was so weak! He fell forward but the ghouls gathered around him, leaving him space to see Michael and Evangeline’s back! He could barely see with the burning sand in his eyes!* Michael … *That voice! He knew that voice! Michael?! His eyes flashed red, gold, then red again! Anger! So much … anger! But … weak … so weak … Protect. He had to … protect … He shut his eyes. There were suddenly images! A bright light! Glowing red runes … His hand reached up but he couldn’t even push against the wall!* -10:18 Jun 06
Gabriel: *suddenly images appearing in his mind -10:18 Jun 06

Anthony: *Anthony smirked!* The sooner we get this over with, the better. *He couldn’t wait to get started!* -Gabriel

Michael: *He ran his tongue over his fangs! It had been so long since he last fed from her! This would be a delight! It was his turn to pick Evangeline up by the neck and draw her near!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head slowly! She wouldn’t let him know. She had to be strong for him! Frozen with fear she was squeezing her eyes shut, trying so hard not to scream or cry!* -10:23 Jun 06

The ghouls were happily feasting! But suddenly something happened, something overwhelming that was growing right before their eyes! They ran away! -Gabriel

Gabriel: *Blinding light! Glowing runes! Then black! There was something … something he wasn’t remembering! The memories were there! Just not all of it! Power. He needed … power! Destroy to protect! Something was happening to his Binding Mark and his body was rapidly healing–revealing the strange red glowing marks on his body! Those were wards! But something was wrong with them! They were … incomplete?! And they were quickly dissipating!* -10:25 Jun 06

Malsuada: Take her blood! Do it! She’s feeding him strength! *…or something! Cause there was a sense of some sort of power starting to spike, and that was not part of her plans!*

Michael: Bleeding for me already, little doll … *He lowered his head to lick up the trail of blood! Then he was scraping the tip of his fangs against her neck!* Mm … Do you remember Wareham? *He whispered in her ear.* It is alright if you do not. You will remember it soon. -Gabriel

Anthony: *Anthony took a step back! There was something wrong! This growing power–It felt nothing like Gabriel. And it was greater than even the Great King’s!* -Gabriel

*Something was happening to Evangeline’s hand! It tingled and it even burned a little! The Binding Mark, the symbols within the five pointed star in the center of the circle and the circle itself were shifting! Lines appeared from the circle, a larger circle formed around it … and both circles formed the top and bottom of a dragon biting its own tail! An Ouroboros! The symbols Even when they stopped shifting, they were glowing!* -Gabriel

*The symbols changed! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She did remember Wareham, and her choked cry gave it away! She didn’t want to be his doll again, or have him touch her! The fear was so strong she was sure to black out, but the burning at her hand reminded her how much Gabriel needed her to be okay!* -10:31 Jun 06
Gabriel: *Those large dragon wings sprouted from Gabriel’s back! He let loose a roar that shattered the glass wall and shook the entire mountain! The shadows in the room shifted and one of the shadow wolves attacked Michael, forcing him to drop Evangeline!* -10:33 Jun 06

While the shadow wolf held Michael’s throat in its jaw, two others stood on either side to make sure Michael didn’t move! Malsuada and Anthony were surrounded by more shadow wolves! -Gabriel

Malsuada: …you brainless asshole! Who did you seal! *Malsuada wasn’t going to stick around to find out! The moment that glass shattered, she had waved both arms and totally poofed! She wasn’t going to take the fall for that Carnatelli’s mistakes!*

Anthony: *Anthony clenched his teeth!* Malsuada! *He snarled but she was already gone! He disappeared as well just as a shadow wolf pounced for him!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *On her knees on the floor, she had wrapped her arms around herself and was shaking! Trying to push away those thoughts and memories and just focus on Gabriel in the present!* -10:37 Jun 06
Gabriel: *He got to his hands and knees but it was so difficult! So much … so overwhelming … Power. He was breathing hard with the effort to keep control, to keep this body. But then he suddenly grew a dragon tail and one arm became a dragon claw! The shadow wolves disappeared!* -10:39 Jun 06

Michael: *That damned wolf was finally gone! He was scrambling to his feet and scrambling to get away–before his body suddenly froze on him! The only thing he could move were his eyes!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Focus, focus… don’t be afraid. Those words she repeated in her head not only for herself, but for Gabriel as well! It took her a moment, but she stilled her shuddered breathing and was forcing herself to her feet so she could move towards Gabriel!* -10:44 Jun 06
Gabriel: *His tail whipped behind him and then disappeared as he stood! The dragon claw became a normal arm. The knife in his back was gone! He started to walk but he walked past Evangeline and stopped behind Michael.* Forever feeling, forever watching, unable to participate, unable to speak. You are my doll, Michael Carnatelli. *Suddenly Michael fell to the ground, twitching, drooling, eyes rolled back in his head! He suddenly dropped to his knees and tail appeared again! He held his head with both hands! He was confused and torn! This was not the Great King’s power!* Aggghhh! -10:50 Jun 06
Evangeline: Gabriel. *She didn’t want to think of Michael or even hear his name… or even step anywhere near him! But she still made herself turn back to step a wide half circle around him so she could uncurl her arms from herself to wrap around Gabriel. Don’t be afraid! Focus! She was here and she was safe. She had him in her arms and they would both be safe!* -10:54 Jun 06
Gabriel: *So many voices in his head! And somehow he instinctively knew which voice was whose! A vampire in Paris, France. A werewolf Pack in Pennsylvania. A banshee in Ireland.* Not the … Great King’s … power. *His insides were clenching! He bit his lip to keep from crying out and drew blood!* -10:58 Jun 06
Evangeline: *To the floor she went, to slide her arms around his neck! She kissed his cheek softly and rest her forehead against his.* Don’t lose me please? You are strong and Meri needs you. I need you. -11:02 Jun 06
Gabriel: *He nodded and swallowed. Strength. Too much strength! He took deep breaths! Meri. Evangeline. Need. Their safety. First. Awhile longer!* Devil World … *He started to stand!* -11:06 Jun 06
Evangeline: *Evangeline rose with him, moving her arms around his waist, intending to carry him if she had to try! Carry his body, his memories or mind if that’s what he needed! He didn’t know what to do with all of the sudden voices in his mind and she could feel it taking it’s toll on him!* Just remember my voice, promise? -11:09 Jun 06
Gabriel: *Even with so much strength, he wasn’t lashing out at her with it! He took that as a good sign! He may go mad if he harmed her again!* Remember your voice. *He closed his eyes! With so much power, he didn’t need to use words or blood for this spell or a demon guide to take them to the Devil World! One moment they were in the room, the next they were in another room!* -11:19 Jun 06

Vlamerias: *Meri whimpered and cried! There was some kind of collar around her neck that prevented her from using her magic and she was in her devil form! She was stuck in a cage in the same room Gabriel and Evangeline appeared in but it was against the wall! The wall suddenly opened, letting in sounds of cheering and a loud announcer! There was a roar and the cage opened up to an arena on the other side!* -Gabriel

“Ladies and gentlemen! A special guest for our ravenous champion! The Great Cho Beast against the Little Devil Princess herself!” A big ogre came out from nowhere to grab Meri by her collar and drag her out to the arena! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Meri! *That need to stay close to Meri gave way to maternal instinct! She released him suddenly to try and snatch her devil back from some horrible beast!* -11:24 Jun 06

Vlamerias: *Meri landed in the center of the arena and was looking around fearfully! But she heard Evangeline’s voice!* M–mommy? Mommy! *She was frantically looking now and got on her hands and knees!* Mommy! Mommy! *She wanted to fly away but those meanies had bound her wings as well!* -Gabriel

Vlamerias was so busy looking for Evangeline that she failed to notice the giant beast approaching her! It had to be at least fifty feet tall! The crowd was going wild! Its two back legs ended in hooves, the four front legs were claws! It had tusks like a boar and six red eyes! It had an egg-shaped head and tentacles coming from its mouth which were filled with nasty teeth! -Gabriel

There was some room to squeeze through, a space between the cage and the wall Evangeline could fit through! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Meri was small and helpless, and she might not of been so brave before, but this was getting desperate! Evangeline picked up the first solid weapon she could get her hands on and was squeezing through the small hole in to the arena! She reached Meri just in time to take a swing and slash at a flying limb with a cringe! And apologized for it!* ….sorry!! -11:31 Jun 06

The Cho Beast roared and the crowd cheered! It seemed they’d have quite the show! Two victims eaten for the price of one! How entertaining! The monster charged to scoop Evangeline and Meri into its waiting jaws! -Gabriel

Gabriel: *The only thought that registered through the haze of all those voices were Evangeline and Vlamerias’ safety! He roared and then a giant dragon much bigger than the Cho Beast appeared between it and its intended victims! It was so large the Cho Beast slammed into it and landed on the ground and the dragon didn’t even flinch! The dragon was made of shadows and yet not! One moment solid and then intangible!* -11:37 Jun 06
Evangeline: *Evangeline pulled Meri up in to her arms, wasting no time in getting that awful collar off of her. Gabriel was big again! Giant! A dragon of shadow… this must be the part he said was not of the Great King! She just held Meri tight, not daring to run for fear there might be other monsters in the arena!* -11:40 Jun 06

Wow, a battle of monsters! This was pure gold! The crowd loved it!

Gabriel: *Or they loved it up until the dragon spread its wings and a ring of pure darkness surrounded it and Evangeline and Vlamerias! The ring quickly expanded outward and disintegrated every living thing in the stadium until only the three of them remained!* -11:42 Jun 06

Vlamerias: MOMMY! *Meri hugged her tightly and did her best to help her get that collar off! She blinked and looked wide-eyed up at the dragon!*

Evangeline: *There was that small part of her that felt sympathy for the loss of life, but those same devils had put a child in a cage to get eaten by a monster, and she wasn’t feeling so sympathetic anymore!* They didn’t hurt you, did they? -11:45 Jun 06
Gabriel: *The dragon folded its wings and suddenly it became Gabriel! He seemed to have finally gotten control, even with all the voices in his head!* Meri … -11:50 Jun 06

Vlamerias: Glaër! *She reached out and hugged him, too!* They slapped me around and called me names! *She sniffled!* But it’s Malsuada! She’s going to attack the two of you to get your bright soul back, Mommy! And she did terrible things to all the people she knew would help! Like Dark and Warrior Lady! And Conrad and Lily! Oh, even Lily’s mommy and Mr Wolfy!

Evangeline: *That woman was climbing her list of the most evil people she had ever met! She brushed her hands over Meri to make sure they hadn’t abused her too badly. Evangeline was about ready to start crying again! This was all so overwhelming, and there were so many people being hurt! What if they weren’t okay?!* -11:58 Jun 06
Gabriel: Malsuada has gone too far. *He growled and suddenly he was gone!* -12:14 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Mommy! What happened to Glaër? He looks and feels like him but there’s something different!

Evangeline: Wait! *And he was gone..! This was too soon! She needed him and he- ..and she couldn’t panic. Evangeline took a deep breath, hugging Meri close again.* I am not sure… there is something more than the Great King. -12:16 Jun 07
[Gabriel is now known as: Vlamerias] -12:17 Jun 07
Vlamerias: *She hugged her Mommy tightly!* Oohh! Daddy would know! He knows everything! Let’s go see him and ask him! -12:17 Jun 07
Evangeline: *She nodded, and though reluctant to let go of Meri, she set the devil on her own feet and made sure to hold her hand tight.* Lets see him. -12:19 Jun 07
Vlamerias: *She quickly nodded and POOFED! both of them to her Daddy’s throne room!* -12:20 Jun 07
[Vlamerias is now known as: Dark] -12:20 Jun 07
Dark: You little–! You better give me back the remote! *He was not going to watch aerobic exercises just because that stupid little pervert wanted to see chicks!* -12:21 Jun 07

Dark: testing -Dark

Alistair wasn’t any happier being alone with Dark than the fanged brat was. But this was his ‘pennance’ for causing trouble awhile back! “…I am older, wiser, and thus get to choose! And we’re watching Jennifer’s Workout!” Now if only he had a place to hide this remote! -Evangeline

The Devil King didn’t seem surprised to see his small daughter, or the bright soul that was one half of her new masters! “Daughter! You have come to visit your old boring father at last!” -Evangeline

Dark: *He was ssooo lucky he couldn’t reach up there! But that stupid bat was flying overhead!* I don’t care if you’re the Pope! *He growled and began throwing things at Alistair!* -12:24 Jun 07

“If you weren’t such a Carnafatti, maybe you could catch me!” There went his promises to behave. Alistair flew circles above, ever so often dropping low enough to taunt before darting back up again. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: DADDY! *She let go of Evangeline briefly to fly up to his head and give him a hug! She gave him a kiss on his cheek!* I missed you! *She rubbed her cheek against his!* -Dark

Dark: I am NOT fat! *He growled, crouching down and then jumping up to swipe at the big-mouthed rodent!* -12:28 Jun 07

The Devil King was so huge and mighty, seeing him smile while a small devil rubbed cheeks with his must have been a sight for all of the devils and demons currently in court! But so was the shiny human who smelled of blood! More than one inched closer to her! The Devil King took his daughter in to one mighty hand. “What trouble has my small child been in to? It takes not a King to know an ill wind has blown!” -Evangeline

Suddenly the shadow Evangeline cast shifted into one of the shadow wolves between Evangeline and the demons who approached her! It snapped and growled! -Dark

Vlamerias: Something has happened to Glaër and Mommy needs your help finding out what! -Dark

Evangeline: *Now she did not have Meri to hold, and she was still feeling very jittery and scared. Evangeline crossed her arms around herself again and was going to step away when a shadow wolf appeared! It did make her feel a small bit better!* Something awakened and it was not the Great King. -12:32 Jun 07

Vlamerias: There was a giant dragon! And it was dark and really powerful! Of course not as powerful as you, Daddy! *Meri added!* -Dark

Alistair cackled, but the laughter was shortlived! Suddenly, something in the ceiling opened up. Water came pouring down on top of them both. Torrents of it, stained red! Then dropped something else, on Alistair and then on Dark who was under him! -Evangeline

Caroline: *That wasn’t a soft landing. It was Caroline who rolled off them both, coughing up bloodied water and struggling to push herself off the floor.* -Evangeline

Dark: AAagghh! Oofff! *He hit the ground and winced! Something heavy had fallen on him–and not just that stupid rodent either! And all that water! He let out a string of curses while he squirmed out from under the load!* -12:36 Jun 07

The Devil King leaned forward, low and giving a curious look at the shadow wolf snarling at devils nearby. That he found amusing, but this talk of the Great King and another power was something else! “I see, I see. A dragon… black as night? Larger than any beast ever seen?” His devils were cowering away from those wolves. ..except for one or two that were brave enough to try and tempt it. They only wanted to comfort the poor human! -Evangeline

[Dark is now known as: Shadow Wolves] -12:38 Jun 07
Shadow Wolves: *The shadow wolves reacted as one and pounced on any devil who became "overly brave"! Fortunately, they didn’t do much else but one of them moved over to sit beside Evangeline!* -12:39 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *She quickly nodded!* Hmm hmm! A dragon that disintegrated an entire stadium and a Cho Beast in a single attack! *That had been the most awesome technique ever!* -Shadow Wolves

“YOU DAMNED FANGED– Caiolainn?” Alistair had thought Dark had casted some failed spell, but it was Caroline on the floor! …and Caroline was not the only one that had come. Across the room there was a beast, who was so large it’s head was knocking in to the ceiling. It was all black and made of strange goop. But it had a child’s head right in it’s middle. “DEMON! DEMON!” -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline slowly slid to the floor, curling up to sit beside the wolf and hug it close, shadowy thing or not! It was her only physical link to Gabriel and she needed it so badly!* His mind isn’t just filled with memories anymore. He hears voices. People. Almost like my visions but not of the future. Of the present. -12:43 Jun 07

Caroline: I’ve got it. *She gritted through her teeth. Covered in cuts and burns, and still coughing up water, Caroline was climbing to her feet anyway and pulling her axe. There were no reserve spells left, she was relying on her own blood and soul to summon as she took a step forward.* -Evangeline

Dark: *He was shaking himself, to get all that water off! He huffed and quickly brushed his bangs back at the mention of Caroline! But he felt that presence even before the bat started crying about demons!* What the shit did you get yourself into?! … You’re serious! -Shadow Wolves

Shadow Wolves: *The shadow wolf Evangeline hugged was warm and solid!* -12:47 Jun 07

“If you were to ask of the Great King – HE I could tell you many a tale. But this dragon… that is the legend of Darkness. Have I told you the legend of Darkness and Light, my smallest daughter?” Stroking his chin, he was greatly intruiged by that shadow wolf and amused at the fools that dared to test it! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She clapped as she flew over to sit on one of his knees!* Yay! A story! *And a legend! That made it an even better story!* Please tell, Daddy! -Shadow Wolves

Alistair was doing what he did best, and that was escaping the room as quick as his wings could carry him! The demon, however, knew exactly what it was after! Long tendrils of the black goop were shooting out in every direction and darting for the woman with axe! -Evangeline

Dark: Caroline, you can’t fight it here! *For once Alistair had the best idea! He cast a spell and hurled pieces of furniture at the creature!* -Shadow Wolves

Caroline: *There was no time for her to reply, as those black tendrils came at her, she was slashing her axe with one hand! But her movements were slow and stiff, and there were too many! There was a very angry growl from her when one managed to swing itself around her. And then a startled shout when it lift her off the ground and was sucking her back to it!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: *A story was good, while she took what comfort she could with resting her face against the shadowywolf! It wasn’t Gabriel himself, but it was still warm and felt close to him!* -12:54 Jun 07

Dark: You never fuckin’ listen!! *He snarled! He reached out to wrap his arms around Caroline and try to pull her back! He even cast a spell to turn puddles of the water into icicles and launch them at the demon!* -Shadow Wolves

The entire hall of the Devil King’s court seemed to dim, as if him telling a story was a very important affair. He leaned back in his chair, and his voice boomed with dramatic effect! “In the beginning, before time even existed. Before there were devils, demons, and beasts. Before there were fae, elves, or dwaves. Nor humans or animal. There was only the Darkness and the Light. Brother and Sister taking equal space through infinity…” -Evangeline

Icicles stabbed in to the creature, only seeming to get pulled in to and vanish! It even seemed to grow bigger, taking up even more space in the room! And it wasn’t letting go! It’s tendril was so strong, now it was drawing both Caroline and Dark towards it. The child’s face in it’s center smiling with delight! -Evangeline

Dark: *This reminded him all too much of that beast Anthony sent to get him and Evangeline!* Stupid, fuckin’ … piece of shit … asshole .. idiotic … *He was grunting with the effort! He refused to let go!* What the hell is it?! *He bit his lip and focused his energy on forming a blast of wind so keen and sharp to cut through the tendrils pulling them to the beast!* -Shadow Wolves

Caroline: *She couldn’t breathe. But she wasn’t dropping her axe, nor her attempt to cast magic! Not when it was going to drag Dark in with it! She was going to release another spell when Dark’s snapped them both free and she took in a ragged breath!* do you.. *Gasp for breath!* want to know…? *Of course she would still crack a wicked smile at such a moment!* -Evangeline

Dark: If it’d help get us the hell out of this mess, yeah! *He growled, grabbing her and dashing out of the motel room! They needed open air!* -Shadow Wolves

“But infinity is large and lonely. Myth cannot agree if it were Darkness or Light that made the first Children… But they both made their own. Filling one single world with the ancient races. Devils, Angels, Elves and Vampire. From them came new beasts. New peoples. Time began.” There were many a proud devil there to know there were one of “the first” to exist! -Evangeline

Caroline: Rescuing me? *How could she sound amused when she was barely conscious… and apparently cheating! She was trying to lean and point behind him, aiming a summoned spell at the beast that was now trying to follow them!* -Evangeline

And follow fast it was, growing bigger by the minute! It squished it’s way through halls and out doors. And in the open air, it had even more room to grow larger! It was feeding on something to gain it’s strength. The child’s face now laughing! -Evangeline

Dark: *He glanced over his shoulder!* What the fuckin’ hell! You better tell me what it is quick! If you even know what it is! *He glanced over his shoulder!* -Shadow Wolves

Shadow Wolves: *The shadow wolf Evangeline was hugging turned its head to snap at a demon trying to sneak closer to Evangeline by crawling on the floor! And if that didn’t get the point across, it opened its mouth far wider than a normal wolf ever could!* -01:17 Jun 07

Caroline: Soul Reaper. *Less amused now, Caroline fired off her spell. Light was not her speciality, but she was wracking her brain trying to find something that worked! But her spell didn’t seem to do anything at all, and now her vision was blacking out! Another growl from her.* ..put me down…! I’ll use the axe..! -Evangeline

Dark: What the fuck is a Soul Reaper?! *He didn’t want to stop but he couldn’t run forever! He growled but he skidded to a stop in a parking lot and set her down!* Damnit, Caroline! You can barely stand! -Shadow Wolves

“As the people grew and expanded, there was a desire for space. Again Myth cannot agree if it were Darkness or Light that began the war. But ~I~ say Light became greedy. Treating us Children of the Dark like evil beasts. The war was bloody and far reaching. Not only did it tear the World to pieces, it tore Darkness and Light to bits as well.” -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes grew wide as she hugged her knees to her chest! She was really enjoying the story!* -Shadow Wolves

Evangeline: *Things about this story sounded so very familiar! As if she remembered those things but… it wasn’t her memories she was recalling! She had lift her head again, now listening intently!* -01:26 Jun 07

It was true that Caroline could barely stand, as once on her feet, she was nearly collapsing to the ground. Even that motion seemed to fuel the beast, making it bigger. It was standing nearly as tall as a five story building, and shooting it’s tendrils out towards them again! The child’s face was twisted in to loud laughter, now even having a deep man’s voice! “Soul, soul… give me more soul!” -Evangeline

“The universe was born then. Pieces of Darkness and Light scattered across it. What was left, forced to take physical forms and walk the worlds of their Children. It is said that they continue to walk these worlds today, ever so often meeting in war for the struggle between balance and dominance.” -Evangeline

Dark: *Dark blinked!* … Soul … *He glared at Caroline!* It’s feeding off of you! How the hell do you stop it! -Shadow Wolves

Vlamerias: So Glaër isn’t just the Great King! He’s Darkness, too! -Shadow Wolves

Caroline: Kill me. *Caroline was dead serious. …with no puns intended! Even thinking was requiring too much energy now. There was a way to destroy it, but damned if she could find the words! And then, just as it occured to her what had to be done she was trying to gesture at the thing and fell unconscious!* -Evangeline

The Devil King quirked a giant eyebrow leaning forward in his chair. “I believe his shining human wife may know the answer…” -Evangeline

Dark: … Bloody hell! *He said a few more curse words and caught Caroline! He moved to set her over his shoulder!* Okay, ugly. You want her, you’ll have to get through me! *He jumped out of the way of those tendrils and then started running again! There had to be another way!* -Shadow Wolves

Evangeline: *Darkness. He was the Darkness. …and it suited him! But this was so much for him so fast! He had only learned that he was once the Great King and now he was being overwhelmed with Darkness too! Evangeline hugged that wolf again.* He is. …and that woman we met must have been the Light. *It did explain what that woman was talking about! This was so much for her to process, she couldn’t imagine what Gabriel was thinking now. …and that made her worry even more!* -01:40 Jun 07

The demon was taking up Dark’s challenge. Seeming to move with unusual speed for something so gloopy! That childface was snarling now, lashing out with more tendrils. Trying to grab him, crush him, and snag him! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, twice!* Woman? What woman, Mommy? -Shadow Wolves

Leaning forward even more still, the Devil King gestured a giant finger down at Evangeline. “Your bond agrees, shining human. For True Name marks you now, as his others also do. But one must beware the Light. Even on of her Children. Righteous and Spiteful, she is an ancient power. One human has no meaning to her.” -Evangeline

Dark: *Dark stopped when he came to a fence! There could be innocents on the other side! He turned back to find the demon moving even faster! He smirked.* I’ve seen worst. You know, you look like cat shit. Really bad cat shit. -Shadow Wolves

Dark: *He dodged the tendrils! Then cast a spell to slice through more of those tendrils with that sharp wind blades he directed with a wave of his hand!* -Shadow Wolves

Evangeline: The bright woman. The one that took me from Oracle and made you worry so much. *The one that had tried to make her betray Gabriel, and promised to try and break their bond! One that was supposed to be light and lifegiving, but was so cold!* I don’t know what to do. -01:47 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Daddy! Glaër is still in there, isn’t he? How do you deal with all the power you have? *Maybe she could give those hints to him so he could be okay again!* -Shadow Wolves

The beast snarled! It didn’t like being insulted, nor chopped to pieces! But Dark must have been right, as without Caroline trying to fight it, the demon was not getting in larger and could not grow! It rushed it’s entire body forward, trying to swallow them up! -Evangeline

“I am so big and glorious, old and experienced! My power has well settled and strong!” Boasted the Devil King with pride! “The Infamous One is who he is, no matter his name or place in time. I have known him through most of these names. He will settle in to his power as all Great Kings do.” -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline pet the shadow wolf at her side, only a small frown on her face. The wolf was proof that Gabriel was still himself. But as Gabriel always did, he would try to stay away from her for fear he would hurt her… even when he needed her most!* If there has been wars before, between them… what if it happens again? And he’s hurt or taken away or sealed somewhere? -01:58 Jun 07

Dark: *He landed on the top of a car!* If you’re going to go after the teacher, you better expect to face the student, too! *And if it liked eating icicles, let’s see how it did against fire! He cast a spell and a small ball of fire appeared between the palms of his upraised hands! And it grew bigger! Then it got dark but instead of panicking, Dark unleashed all the heat the fire had been gathering while also somehow maintaining a shield around him and Caroline to protect against said heat!* -Shadow Wolves

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled! Her Daddy was so big and strong! But he had his own duties and thus it was not right to involve him in getting her Glaër back!* -Shadow Wolves

The Devil King stroked his chin, giving it a great deal of thought. “But Darkness did not have a wife then. A wife who shines as bright as Light herself.” One that was so irrestable to devils, that even still there was a demon or two trying to sneak around the other side where that wolf wasn’t sitting. His devils were unusually reckless and blood thirsty at the moment! -Evangeline

The demon had swallowed them both AND the car he was standing on! But as the fire burned and grew, it was eating it up on the inside and moving outwards! There was a strange gutteral sort of scream from the demon, and the dark blob had suddenly let off! It was no longer huge a gloppy, but now about the side of a small girl, and the face looked dead and angry! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *The little devil frowned when she noticed what the devils were doing! She flew down to rip a cloth off of her skirt and bind up her Mommy’s bleeding wound! Then she wagged a finger at the devils!* Bad devils! Do you want my Glaër to catch you trying to get a bite of his wife? How sneaky! *She even slapped a few hands and the back of some heads!* -Shadow Wolves

Dark: I don’t know what you did to her but you’d better undo it. *He growled!* Don’t even think about fuckin’ running ’cause I’ll find you and I’ll make you wish you’d never even looked at her. *He still had Caroline over his shoulder but now he had something sharp and pointy in one hand! A sword! He’d worry about it being too much like Gabriel’s style later! He even cast a spell to capture the demon in a floating, airtight bubble!* -Shadow Wolves

Evangeline: *The Devil Kings wounds did help put her at ease, but surrounded by thirsty devils was not! And even she recognized this as strange! When she was here as Malsuada’s slave, the devils just wanted to collect her as something shiny, not eat her!* I think there is something wrong! -02:06 Jun 07

It tried to run anyway, before it got caught in the bubble. Despite being airtight, it was screaming! A horrible high pitched sound! Ear shattering and terrible as it formed hands to claw at it! “Oooouuut. Leeet oooouuuuutttt!” -Evangeline

Gabriel: … If you so much as touch my wife, I will kill you, despite the promise I gave to your King. *He growled from behind! He was holding his side and he had the dragon wings!* -Shadow Wolves

Gabriel: *behind Evangeline toward the back of the throne room -Shadow Wolves

Dark: Not a chance, ugly. Tell me what you did to Caroline! -Shadow Wolves

The devils and demons of the room trembled and shrank back! There was not a being in the room that didn’t cower away and move backwards! Except for the Devil King, who nodded his head with respectful reverence. “A pleasure for you to rejoin my court, oh Infamous One!” -Evangeline

Shadow Wolves: *If it was at all possible, those wolves were smirking at the devils and demons’ reaction to Gabriel’s appearance!* -02:12 Jun 07
Evangeline: *She released the wolf she had been hugging, to scrambling shakingly to her feet and run to Gabriel!* Where did you go! -02:13 Jun 07

The beast’s mouth opened wide in a terrible smile, far too large for it’s face and filled with razor sharp teeth in many rows! “Diiiiidddd iiiit tooo herseeeelf. Now I reeeeeaaap.” -Evangeline

Gabriel: I thank you for your hospitality. *He said as he stepped forward.* I cannot stay long … *He stopped when Evangeline ran to him! There was something wrong! Something was sapping his strength! Something bright and cold!* -Shadow Wolves

Shadow Wolves: *His eyes narrowed slightly! That airbubble grew smaller!* Explain. Now. -02:15 Jun 07

Dark: *His eyes narrowed slightly! That airbubble grew smaller!* Explain. Now.

Vlamerias: Daddy! Why do the devils want to bite Mommy?

Evangeline: *She hugged him, and clung on to his coat. She needed him to hold her! …but something wasn’t right.* Stay with me. -02:18 Jun 07

Shrieking, it beat against the bubble wildly! “Cuuuurrsed! Spell cuuuurrssed! Casting magic blooood and sooooul! Now I reeeaaaap! Reap until the eeeeed!”

Gabriel: *He let out a deep breath and put his arms around her! He needed to hold her! She was his one anchor and his control was slipping enough as it was!*

Dark: … Stop it. Release her soul. *The bubble held fast! That thing was strong but his anger was far stronger and so was his focus!*

The Devil King was trying to figure it out himself! This was his realm and his word was law – only something above himself could send them in to a frenzy, thirsting for blood of one of Light’s Children! “Light is the Enemy of Darkness, daughter. Children of Darkness crave her blood.” His tone was grave… he was dropping a subtle warning!

Snarling! Hissing! Scratching! “Dooo noot answer to yoooouuu.” It cackled, beating against the bubble and lashing at it with it’s teeth!

Vlamerias: Eep! *Could it be her Glaër could not control his power? And thus, everyone was acting strangely?* Daddy, you mean–!

Dark: Then who do you answer to. You best hurry up. *He shrank that air bubble even more!*

“Is it the will of Darkness to see all of Light’s Children pay?” he posed the question out loud! The Devil King was curious of the answer himself!

Shrieking and laughter was Dark’s reply! Manic and crazy laughter! But the bubble shrank more, squishing it in to a small ball. It was snarling again. “Deeeviiiil and Vaaampiiire! Let ouuuut! Let ooouuut!”

Evangeline: *If all of Light’s Children counted herself too, at this moment she didn’t care! She just wanted him to stay with her!* -02:32 Jun 07

Dark: You’re gonna have to do better than that. Names. I know a ton of devils and vampires.

“Maaaalsuaada and Annnthony.” it finally shrieked out! The bubble was so small now, it’s whole face was smashed up against the sides and it’s body making the bubble black!

Shadow Wolves: *He was releasing Evangeline, disoriented. But the mention of Light made him growl!* I kept the balance for an eternity! All she did was whine like a small child, even when I allowed her children to prosper and curbed my own! All she wants is more! More room and more power! I will not allow it any longer! -02:37 Jun 07

Gabriel: *He was releasing Evangeline, disoriented. But the mention of Light made him growl!* I kept the balance for an eternity! All she did was whine like a small child, even when I allowed her children to prosper and curbed my own! All she wants is more! More room and more power! I will not allow it any longer!

Dark: Not a chance. You didn’t tell me how to free her. And I can do this all day. How long do you want to stay in that bubble? Because I can always launch you out into space. The empty, dark, soulless abyss of space. Not a soul for light years.

“That is your choice but know the consequences.” The Devil King warned. He did not seem to want to offer any more advice than that!

Caroline: *She was slowly coming to and… staring at Dark’s behind.* …why am I upside down.

At Caroline’s stirring, the demon in the bubble was frantic again! “Let ooouut, let oooouuuttt! Will release! Leeet ooouuut first!”

Dark: You mean besides the fact you were stupid enough to take on a Soul Reaper on your own. *He muttered, once he got over the initial shock of Caroline talking!* Release her first, ugly. Or no deal.

Dark: *And he didn’t let Caroline go just yet!*

Shrieking, it nearly refused again! But the beast in the bubble churned around several times until the black blob had shifted to grey and the dead looking child’s face looked more normal. “reeeelaaased! now releeeaaase!”

Dark: … I don’t know. Caroline? *He set her down! He didn’t want to let that thing go just to have to deal with it again!*

Gabriel: … *His Binding Mark was tingling and growing hot!* I cannot punish her Children. *He was looking at Evangeline’s face.* I will deal with Light herself. I made a promise to someone far more important to me.

Caroline: *She was snarling again herself, and the moment she was on her feet again, she splayed both hands at the bubble. The entire thing burst to green flames, bubble and beast inside! It melted and dropped from the air until it vanished! …then her knees were buckling out from under her again. But it was SO worth it!*

Dark: … Not bad. *He said, tilting his head slightly.* But don’t even think about going after Malsuada and Anthony yourself. *He clasped his hands behind his head.* ‘Cause I’ll track you down and kick your ass after I kick theirs.

Evangeline: *Evangeline hadn’t even realized she was holding her breath. And even though he had released her, she was forcing herself in to his arms again!* Thank you. -02:47 Jun 07

Caroline: Try and stop me. *Caroline hissed back at him. She was already getting herself off the ground again to stand on wavering feet. Malsuada was going after Evangeline and Gabriel because of her. Malsuada was going to breathe her last breath tonight if she had to stalk across the planet to do it!*

Gabriel: *But even with that settled, there was a pain at his back! He clenched his teeth.* I have to go, Evangeline. *Control was becoming an illusion. It was only a matter of time before he lost it and did something.*

Dark: I would but you’re too thick headed. And you told me yourself you didn’t stand a chance against Malsuada and that was when you were at full strength.

It was too bad… they were so close to getting that human! A couple devils in the back sniffed, grumbling that Malsuada’s plan with Anthony was a real bust! No one got the shining soul after all of that work, after all!

Caroline: Don’t give me logic! I promises to protect Evangeline and now where is she! I wouldn’t know now! *Caroline was frustrated, pissed off, tired and hurting! He could take his logic and go to hell! She was trying to summon up her axe again. Weak or not, this time she was going to make sure that devil was dead!*

Gabriel: *All it took was the mention of those names! Gabriel disappeared and that huge black dragon filled the room! It grabbed the two devils with one claw and lifted them!* [i]I want Anthony and Malsuada![/i] *The dragon didn’t speak either! The voice was in their heads and it was so powerful, it gave them headaches!*

Gabriel: *All it took was the mention of those names! Gabriel disappeared and that huge black dragon filled the room! It grabbed the two devils with one claw and lifted them!* I want Anthony and Malsuada! *The dragon didn’t speak either! The voice was in their heads and it was so powerful, it gave them headaches!*

Dark: *He made to stop Caroline when he suddenly winced and clapped his hands over his ears!* … What the crap! *His ears were ringing as if someone had just shouted in them!*

[Shadow Wolves is now known as: Darkness] -03:02 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Eep! *She blinked! That dragon was back! She flew over to her Mommy!* -Darkness

The Devil King drew his small daughter in to the safety of his hands. He might have taken the human woman too, but that may not of been a wise move! Every demon and devil in the room…. and even across the devil world was quivering at the sudden sound!

Vlamerias: *She started for her Mommy but her Daddy caught her!* -Darkness

Caroline: *There was something not good afoot, and at Dark’s wincing her righteous anger was replaced with concern! She put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed!*

Dark: *He was breathing heavily! Then he was cracking one eye open at Caroline.* … You’re gonna have to take a number on ’em. I think something else is gunning for those two. -Darkness

Evangeline: Gabriel! *Maybe there was a tiny bit of her that wanted him to find them both, but not like this! Not when things were so sudden and he might lose himself in the process! She moved so she could stand in front of him, trying to get him to look down at her!* Gabriel, don’t go! -03:10 Jun 07

Caroline: *Mental curses, she shook him by the shoulder gently.* We should find him and Evangeline. …that stupid bitch can wait.

Darkness: *It slammed the demons down on the ground and held them there, slowly suffocating them! The wings unfolded, swallowing every ounce of light in the room! It looked like it was preparing to leave! Its tail suddenly cracked like thunder and moved twice as fast! The wind it released was so sharp it sliced some candles in half!* -03:13 Jun 07

Dark: Yeah … ingenius plan and all. But how are you gonna find ’em? They could be anywhere. -Darkness

Caroline: Cast a seeking spell. They come in handy with Evangeline. *More frustration… it was something she should do herself!*

Dark: *Amazingly it didn’t take that much effort at all! He bit his lip, cast the spell–and it was like they had been right there! … Except they weren’t!* … Damn … *He whistled!* They’re in the Devil World. And whatever Evangeline is next to. It’s huge. -Darkness

Evangeline: You have to stay! I don’t want to be alone! *He was so high up, she wasn’t even sure he could hear her! Especially with the wind!* -03:19 Jun 07
Darkness: *The dragon looked down and saw Evangeline! But it didn’t seem to recognize her! However, it didn’t roar at her or show its teeth and bent its head slightly as if a little curious!* -03:21 Jun 07

Caroline: She is never with furry woodland creatures. *Devil World… that was tricky, even when she could do the spells. After some thought she put her arms around Dark’s neck. A hug!* You have a demon. Cast a portal. …and for the love of all that’s holy, don’t drop me.

Evangeline: I’m scared. I don’t want to be alone. I want you to hold me like you always do! To make those horrible thoughts go away! -03:25 Jun 07

Dark: … Wait, a demon? Wha …? *He blinked! Hugging him! She was hugging him! And she was in his arms! She was nuts!* Grrr … *He huffed!* If I drop you it’s only ’cause you deserve it. *He bit his lip and cast a portal spell! Devil World! He needed to get to the Devil World! Then he was stepping through, eyes closed–Only to open them when he felt the air change! Instead of grace, he was on some kind of marble floor! He finally opened his eyes and saw …* Holy crap on a hat! It really is huge! *Feeling the dragon was one thing but seeing it!* -Darkness

Darkness: *-grace, grass -03:27 Jun 07

Caroline: *Caroline let him go to turn around and — Nevermind then. If she thought she’d fight any damned thing and rescue Evangeline, she wasn’t going to fight THAT. Just seeing that giant dragon fill the Devil King’s hall and dwarf even him was enough to take all the wind out of her sails!* … That’s… unexpected. ….Evangeline, are you CRAZY!

Dark: Oh come on, Caroline. You want to be a knight so much. There’s a dragon to slay and a princess to rescue. -Darkness

Vlamerias: *Meri popped her head up!* Oohh! It’s Dark and Warrior Lady, Daddy! -Darkness

Caroline: I think that dragon is your father. *She bit back! Cheeky vampire!*

The Devil King was impressed, but well… there was still Darkness crowding his court and looking murderous! Not the moment for cheerful welcomings!

Dark: … You’ve been watching too much Star Wars. *He muttered! Dad, right–Then he actually looked at the dragon!* He’s a vampire! He’s not a dragon! -Darkness

Darkness: *So many voices in its head! But this voice struck a chord! The dragon lowered its head a little farther down to Evangeline, looking uncertain but still curious about her! It didn’t even feel those demons under its claw, gasping for breath!* -03:35 Jun 07
Evangeline: He is Gabriel! YOU are Gabriel! *She said to the dragon, lifting up her hands trying to reach him as he came closer.* You promised to remember my voice. Over all of the others. I always remember yours, even when the world is in my head. -03:37 Jun 07

Caroline: I don’t care what he is, he’s big enough to swallow her whole! *Gabriel! She hoped Evangeline wasn’t going completely insane, because Caroline was not going to like dashing across the room to grab her before she was eaten by him!*

Darkness: *Gabriel. A promise. That voice! And there was something tingling on its claw! The Binding Mark! It lowered its head completely down, between Evangeline’s hands and closed its eyes! Its other claw reached up and touched her hand! At first nothing happened and then Gabriel was standing there, his face in her hands, his eyes closed, his hand on her hand! Those devils were trapped in an air bubble much like the one Dark had used on the Soul Reaper!* -03:42 Jun 07

Dark: … *His jaw dropped!* -Darkness

[Darkness is now known as: Gabriel] -03:43 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *Meri was sniffling and hugging one of her Daddy’s fingers!* That’s so romantic!

Dark: Where the hell does it say vampires can turn into dragons?! I’m being punked, aren’t I! I knew it. *He was glancing around, looking for hidden cameras.*

Evangeline: *She stroked his cheeks with her thumbs before standing on her toes and pulling him down to kiss him softly.* See? It’s easier when you focus on something. -03:48 Jun 07
Gabriel: *He smiled.* It only works as long as the object of my focus is you. *He said after she had pulled him down for a kiss.* -03:49 Jun 07

It was a shame he wasn’t hosting a dinner party, these sort of things made fantastic shows! “NOW!” He boomed! “That does make things better!”

Vlamerias: Yay! *She held up one hand in a v-sign! When her Daddy said things were better, things were better! No question about it!*

Caroline: *Caroline wasn’t sure what was going on either, and she wasn’t going to pretend she did. …but if Evangeline wasn’t in danger anymore, no one was dying, then she could drop on the floor and never get up again. She rubbed her head while Dark ranted about hidden cameras!* I am too old for this.

Vlamerias: Oohh! Daddy, this is Glaër‘s clone, Dark! He’s really funny and he and the Warrior Lady babysit me! They’re usually in much better shape! I think they had a long day!

Evangeline: *She found her way in to his arms again! As much as she appreciated the Devil King’s advice, right now she only wanted Gabriel and to be somewhere as far away from anything with teeth as possible!* -03:56 Jun 07
Gabriel: *He really just wanted to enjoy some time with Evangeline! But there was still the matter of those demons in the air bubble! He could leave it to Caroline and Dark but Vlamerias was right, they did look like they’d had a hell of a time!* -03:59 Jun 07

The Devil King leaned down until he was near giant-head face to face with both Dark and Caroline. “Greetings oh Great Prince. Welcome to my Grand Court! Oh Lady of Shade, I dare say there has no been a visit here that you have no been covered in blood!” He chimed with amusement!

Dark: *He blinked! Whoa, this guy was huge! And he was pretty intimidating too! He gulped!* Uh … Hi. *He might have taken offense about the Great Prince comment under normal circumstances!* Yeah, thanks … Uh, yeah, it’s grand alright. So uh … Anyone want to explain why Gabriel can turn into a huge black dragon? And Evangeline has clearly gone nuts.

Caroline: Thank you for noticing, Magnificent Devil King. I have always thought red an attractive color. *Good Gods, he was right. Everytime she’s been here. This was a trend involving Evangeline! Caroline was pinching the bridge of her nose.*

Sitting up to his full height again, he gestured a massive hand at Gabriel and Evangeline. “He is Darkness in physical form. Your namesake as well as your flesh! Does the Great King wish for I to handle his business with these two devils? My daughter may enjoy telling this eve’s story!”

Vlamerias: Yay! A story! *She was clapping her hands and smiling!*

Gabriel: *Evangeline’s arms were so tight around him, he doubted even a ward could separate her from him! He couldn’t bow completely but he did bow his head to the Devil King!* Your offer is most generous and appreciated, Your Highness. I apologize for the damage and trouble I have caused. -04:13 Jun 07

“No man has brought more entertainment to my court, Infamous One! Take your Bright Lady to sanctuary and worry not.” The Devil King too nodded his head and leaned forward in a slight bow. This was a momentous day!

Evangeline: *She tugged gently on Gabriel’s coat, but she definitely wasn’t letting go anytime this century. Evangeline was impatient to escape, even forgetting her usual politeness and kind goodbyes!* -04:18 Jun 07
Gabriel: *He smiled at Evangeline before they disappeared! And then reappeared in the apartment! He took her over to the couch and sat down.* Impatient, my Queen. -04:24 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Spending time with you is never boring, Daddy! I promised you a souvenir the next time I came! *She reached into her pocket and offered him the glowing ball!* Glaër captured a human gypsy after Mommy made a terrible wish! He gave it to me but I want you to have it!

Dark: *He let out a breath and relaxed when the Devil King sat back in his throne!* I guess we’re watching Meri for awhile, Caroline. I am. You’re going to get some rest.

Evangeline: I just want to be safe with you. *She made sure she was in his lap, pulling a blanket around the both before she curled up and burried her face at his shoulder. The day had been too much! Even just thinking about some of those moments made her sniffle!* -04:29 Jun 07

“WELL! What a beautiful offering! A condemned soul!” He closed one eye so he could examine the tiny orb. “That is a powerful treasure, daughter! Perhaps one that would be of good use to the Familiar of Darkness!”

Caroline: I’m fine. *Swaying on her feet, yes. But she was ON her feet. She wouldn’t let a devil or demon think she were weak, and for that matter, not Dark either.* I wanted to hear what all of this Darkness business is.

Gabriel: *He put his arms around her.* I know. *Focusing on her caused the voices to become softer, although they hadn’t disappeared entirely!* -04:32 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Hehe, thankies, Daddy! *She beamed! Praise from the Devil King was a grand gift indeed! She flew up to kiss his cheek!* I shall take Dark and Warrior Lady and tell them the wonderful story you told me!

Evangeline: *She didn’t want to think anymore about some of those things! And to do so would upset him. She wanted to think only about him, and let him focus on her to still his own mind too. She tapped his chin with a finger.* Will you sing for me? -04:35 Jun 07

Dark: *Dark blinked! He remembered how it went the last time Meri had told him a story! This should be rather interesting!

“Go, go! Do your father proud! Perhaps in your next visit, there will not be so much blood!” The Devil King didn’t mind blood at all, but it was a favorite habit of devils to taunt the Lady Shade!

Caroline: *Caroline flashed the Devil King a wicked toothy smile suggesting a promise of revenge! It seemed she wasn’t afraid to do so at Gabriel, and she wasn’t afraid to give one to the Devil King either!* Not my blood, for certain, Most Gracious King.

Dark: *He rolled his eyes.* You call me reckless. *He muttered!*

Vlamerias: *She landed at his feet and gave a deep curtsey! Then she flew over to Caroline and Dark, took each of their hands and POOFED!*

Dark: *Dark was looking at the motel!* Now where the hell are we gonna stay!

Gabriel: *He nodded and slipped his fingers through hers! A song. She deserved a song and so much more! He started to sing then, a gentle melody just for her!* -04:43 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes grew wide! The motel was in ruins! They had had quite an adventure for sure!* Oohh! Can you tell me the story of what happened?

Caroline: *She shifted. An awkward and pained movement as she dug a hand in to her pocket and through a pair of keys at Dark.* Somewhere new. But I was certain it was just me as you were the newest roomate of Evangeline Clark? *This time her tone was more of a question than teasing. She did wonder!* I think we want to know about them first, Meri…

Evangeline: *He did sound very nice! And he picked something soft and soothing, knowing so easily what she needed! She squeezed his hand, a small smile as she nuzzled his neck!* -04:47 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *Oh! Ahem! She opened her mouth to start but then remembered to turn back into her human form!* So um … this was way before time started! And um, there weren’t any demons or vampires or elves or annoying pixies! Because you know how annoying pixies can get and how they never taste right! But I think they taste great if you use chocolate syrup! But Mommy said never to eat any pixies at all! And …

Dark: *Dark blinked and caught the keys!* Hardy har har. *He waved a hand in front of the devil familiar.* Meri, focus. *He pointed to his eye.* Before time started.

Caroline: *Taking a page from Evangeline’s book, she gripped on to Dark’s shirt. But instead of clinging, she was shaking him gently.* Keys. Take us there. Spell. Now. *Because there was no way she was going to survive Meri’s story standing out in the street. …or standing at all!*

Dark: *He huffed.* Man, I have to do everything around here. *He closed his hand around the keys, felt for the door resonating the same aura as the keys themselves. It didn’t take very long which meant Caroline had been to her new place recently! He cast a spell and they were in the middle of a living room!*

Gabriel: *He kept singing, making up verses as he went along! She was nuzzling his neck and he was smiling at her.* -04:54 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *She blinked!* Oh yes! So um … before time began, there was Darkness and Light. Brother and Sister equal and balanced! But then one of them got lonely and they started creating Children! *She counted on her fingers!* There were Elves, Vampires, Devils, and Angels and they were the first races! From them came all the other people and animals! Time started!

The place was a loft apartment on the top floor of a small building. The decor was modern and clean, but there was lots of color! And apparently definitely with long term in mind, as there were many personal items here and there too!

Dark: Oh, I see how it is! You make your own little place elsewhere and leave me sleeping in the motel bed with bed bugs and roaches! Thanks a lot.

Vlamerias: Oohh! *She was looking around with wide-eyes, distracted from the story!* Your place is so beautiful, Warrior Lady! *She grew her wings and started flying around!*

Caroline: *Caroline practically slid on to the sofa, eyes closed, but brows furrowed in listening to Meri’s story.* You’re supposed to be staying with Evangeline. You shouldn’t be haunting the hotel room anymore. …the story Meri. Darkness and Light. and Gabriel is Darkness?

Evangeline: *He was so good to her! More than she had ever deserved! While he sang, she snuck a touch here and there. Her fingers at his neck to feel his voice, or brushing over his mouth to feel his breath!* -05:06 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Oh, right! *Ahem! She drifted down!* Everyone grew and grew! But then they needed more space! There was a HUGE war that tore everything apart, including Darkness and Light! But yes! Glaër is Darkness! He’s now so powerful that when he wanted to destroy Light’s Children, the devils responded and was going to destroy Mommy because she’s a Child of Light! And he was so powerful, he turned into that dragon and wiped out an entire stadium of devils and a Cho Beast with a single attack!

Dark: Staying with Evangeline! You just wanted to get rid of me! *He was cut off when Meri continued the story!* As if I didn’t have enough to worry about already …

Gabriel: *He planted a soft kiss on her fingertips when she brushed them across his lips! And then he sang some more! A song for the his Heart of Darkness! How could he refuse!* -05:22 Jun 07

Caroline: For your information, they were the ones that said you couldn’t stay with me any more. *She slid lower on the soda, throwing an arm over her face.* Not just the Great King but King of Darkness. … he needs more guards for his wife.

Caroline: *soda sofa!

Dark: You see the irony in this, don’t you? All this time Anthony was looking for the power of a god. And it was right under his nose the whole time.

Evangeline: *All the better than he would never sing for anyone else but her. Now she knew why Caroline was so amused by Dark singing! Evangeline scooted up so she could whisper in his ear.* I like your singing. -05:26 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Daddy says we have to watch out for Light and her Children! Darkness has never had a human wife before!

Caroline: What worries me is how he managed to capture and control Gabriel in the first place. If he did it once, he could do it again. He tried tonight with Malsuada’s help. How close did they come to suceeding? Evangeline didn’t even lecture me. She was not herself…

Vlamerias: Ummm … I picked up something very odd from Mommy! But I think they came very close! When they came to rescue me, Glaër was not himself! *She looked nervous and worried!*

Dark: *Dark was at the window and staring out! There was a distant look in his eyes.* Close. They came too close.

Vlamerias: *Her eyes grew wide!* Oohh . .. But how do you know, Dark? You were not there!

Caroline: *Caroline was pushing herself to sit up again and rubbing her face with her hands.* I shouldn’t be sitting here while that woman is loose making deals with vampires.

Dark: *He turned and was walking toward Meri!* Meri, give me your hands. Your bond with Gabriel and Evangeline. I want to see what happened …

Vlamerias: *Meri looked uncertain!* Um … I don’t know! *It was a little scary! Who knew what had happened to her Glaër and her Mommy before they had rescued her!*

Caroline: *She spied at them from the corner of her eyes, but then scooted closer in their direction.* It would be better if we knew. We should be prepared better next time.

Gabriel: *He ended the song, smiling down at her.* I love you, Evangeline. More than anything else. -05:38 Jun 07

Dark: It’d be okay, Meri. Caroline and I are here. *He reached out for her hands!*

Vlamerias: *She took a deep breath! She would do this! For Warrior Lady and Dark! And her Glaër and Mommy! She closed her eyes and held his hands!*

Evangeline: *She placed a soft kiss at his cheek.* And I love you. I was so afraid I would lose you when they… *She bit her lip, dropping her head to his shoulder again. She really didn’t want to think about it!* -05:42 Jun 07

Dark: *Deep breaths! A simple spell! He saw things through Gabriel’s eyes!* Stubai mountains. Mother’s body. Anthony and Malsuada with Evangeline. That place was screwing with Gabriel’s powers. He got attacked real bad. He nearly died. But he made it to them. Runes. There were wards on Gabriel’s body but they were incomplete. And then he snapped. Some guy named Michael. Anthony and Malsuada ran away. Gabriel did something to that Michael guy … Voices. *He opened his eyes and broke contact with Meri.* You know what, those looked like binding wards on Gabriel’s body. But I can’t tell if those wards were supposed to keep the Great King bound or the Darkness.

Vlamerias: Eep! *She squeaked!* Oh no! Do you think those wards were supposed to keep both of them bound?!

Gabriel: *He tilted her head up to his, lowered his own down and kissed her long and deep!* -05:47 Jun 07

Caroline: *Caroline was gritting her teeth. She knew of Michael Carnatelli. That was the last person on the planet to be near Evangeline. Gabriel snapped with good reason.* I am going to kill that woman so much. Those wards must have been sealing Darkness. I doubt Anthony nor Malsuada knew of it or they wouldn’t have tried what they did.

Dark: *He crossed his arms.* Yeah, they looked real surprised. But the only other person who would know Darkness’ true identity would be his other half. That Light chick.

Evangeline: *There were tears sneaking their way down her face, but she was just so relieved to be here with him! She returned his kiss with that same relieved feeling, and threw her arms around his neck!* -05:51 Jun 07

Caroline: I don’t like the idea that there is someone as equally dangerous as Gabriel. Or moreso. I am starting to agree with Gabriel’s Tower idea.

Gabriel: *His arms were around her waist, pulling her close. And then he was lying on his side, her on the inside of the couch, between himself and the back. He slowly broke the kiss to kiss her tears.* -05:54 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Daddy says Mommy shines as bright as Light herself! And a single human will mean nothing to her! But Glaër is serious about locking Mommy away! He even gave me blueprints for it!

Evangeline: Can we run away somewhere? Away from everyone and everything? Or maybe stay here forever? *This time she had been very careful not to walk in to trouble, and it happened anyway! She didn’t want to be afraid to walk him or teach newbie hunters!* -05:58 Jun 07
Gabriel: *He nuzzled her neck.* A castle far away. You and I. -05:59 Jun 07

Caroline: If those blueprints allow of many people to be around her. Trusted people. We can’t leave her alone, but obviously Oracle isn’t safe enough anymore.

Evangeline: *A smile wince that she tried to hide. She was still a little sore, but she wanted Gabriel’s affection so much!* I want to go. Maybe just for a little while. -06:02 Jun 07
Evangeline: *smile small! -06:03 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Um … I think so! *She glanced from left to right and back again! Then she pulled all the shades around the apartment down and even incased the three of them in a soundproof bubble! Only then did she produce a long rolled up paper from thin air and laid it on the table! The map was so big, it took up the entire table and more, rolling over the edges and touching the ground! It was very detailed!*

Gabriel: *He felt her wince and lifted his head to nuzzle her cheek instead.* As my lady wishes. *He teleported them off of the couch and they appeared on a large bed in an entirely different room!* -06:07 Jun 07

Vlamerias: *She tapped her chin!* But according to Glaër, although the blueprints remain the same, the layout does not.

Dark: *He scratched his head.* That makes no sense whatsoever.

Caroline: …he wasn’t kidding. *It wasn’t a tower, it was an entire castle! Including the grounds around it. With spells to help design, ward, and every other little detail.* To keep her distracted. She would be so fascinated with it, she wouldn’t worry about anything else. The man is devious.

Evangeline: *Evangeline hadn’t expect for them to go right then! A place that felt just as guarded and secure as her apartment, but so much bigger! She leaned up on an elbow, curious!* Now? Where is this? -06:11 Jun 07

Dark: … It’s almost like he knew he’d have to use something like this. *Gabriel was either the smartest guy ever or the most paranoid! Quite possibly both!*

Gabriel: *He smirked.* Travel later. *There was a window nearby but he was not about to let go of her just yet!* -06:12 Jun 07

Caroline: But it IS ideal. All she needs is her court and his guard. It’d be like the Devil King’s home. *Meri would find that just as fascinating!*

Evangeline: *But she was curious! …but she did want his touch so badly! She settled back down after leaning to brush a kiss over his lips.* Later, then. -06:16 Jun 07

Vlamerias: Oohh! *She clapped her hands!* And we can get lost for hours just trying to look for the bathroom! And we can end up in the lion’s den instead!

Gabriel: You are a wise and beautiful Queen. *He said with a smile, slipping his coat off! And Evangeline knew he never went anywhere without his coat!* -06:17 Jun 07
Evangeline: *No coat meant staying only with her! She waited until it was off before she snuck her arms around him, grinning in contentment! She slipped her shoes off with her feet and then pushed them right off the bed!* -06:22 Jun 07

Dark: … *He looked at Caroline from across the table.* You’re serious.

Gabriel: May I start purring now, my wife? *He asked with a soft chuckle, brushing some hair from her eyes and planting kisses all over her face!* -06:23 Jun 07

Caroline: Yes. I promised to look after her, and obviously I can’t do that by any normal means. If she is a Queen, we may as well protect her like one.

Dark: *He huffed at Meri!* Whoever said life was a stage, obviously meant it’s a medieval stage where everyone is dedicated to protecting Evangeline or the world goes up in smoke.

Evangeline: I don’t want to be the sort of Queen that requires permission for purring! *Not when she could have it at any time including surprised purrs! She was considering purring now herself!* -06:25 Jun 07

Vlamerias: But you have such a beautiful apartment here, Warrior Lady! Will you keep it and stay at the castle, too? *A castle was always fun to explore!*

Caroline: No one said YOU have to be part of Evangeline’s guard, little vampire. *She cast a glance at Meri.* I can keep both. Eventually she’ll realized we’re practically holding her hotage. But until then, it will be fine.

Gabriel: *He brushed his lips against hers, smiling.* You can be any type of Queen you wish to be, so long as you are mine. -06:29 Jun 07

Dark: Hardy har har. *He crossed his arms.* Go right ahead and play your Three Little Musketeers game. See if I care!

Evangeline: I’ll be your Queen until the end of forever! Or until we have children that replace us? *She had her fingers at his mouth again, feeling his smile! Children were an intriguing idea!* -06:32 Jun 07
Gabriel: *He kissed her fingers.* You wish for children? -06:33 Jun 07
Evangeline: I would like to have your children one day. *She did like the idea very much!* That would be okay? -06:35 Jun 07

Caroline: You have to care, oh Prince of Darkness. They are your parents after all.

Dark: *He blinked!* Hey, wait a minute–!

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* She’s right!

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* When the world is able to handle me, Dark, and children. -06:38 Jun 07

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