Conrad and Lily on their way to Montana have to stop at Lucretia’s Home.

[Lily is on vacation while her mom and new step dad are on a honeymoon! Roadtrip with Conrad it is!] -11:06 Nov 07
[Conrad is on a roadtrip with Lily to Montana!] -11:08 Nov 07
Conrad: *They had just stopped at a gas station for drinks, a bathroom break, and gas! They were good to go and now they were listening to Lily’s favorite song via her mp3 player!* -11:12 Nov 07
Conrad: *hooked into the jeep stereo -11:12 Nov 07
Lily: *Tilting her head side to side to the music while it rest against the seat, the road trip was loooong, but WAY more enjoyable without her mother here to complain. Getting away from school was even better! Not to mention Dark being annoying and… Blargh! Vacations were great!* They want to do a musical at school, and Eugene keeps trying to talk me in to helping. It doesn’t help that Hannah’s already starring in it. It’s like an evil plot. -11:15 Nov 07
Conrad: *Conrad smiled at her before turning back to the road.* Oh yeah. So what do they want you to help with? Or are they trying to get you into acting again? *He snickered.* I don’t think Eugene can make up his mind who he has a crush on. You or Hannah. -11:16 Nov 07
Lily: Anything they can get me to do, I guess. *She made at face at him saying Eugene had a crush! Soooo not true.* I don’t know why Hannah thinks it’s such a great idea though. Last time she tried to get on stage she nearly barfed. -11:19 Nov 07
Conrad: … If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right? Hannah seems to have the right frame of mind. Don’t you also have finals coming around the same time as the play? -11:20 Nov 07
Lily: Yeah. Some of the classes have been a pain in the ass. *Lily switched the songs on the player. Oooh! This one is good!* You could always volunteer for the play though. *She cast him a wicked grin!* -11:23 Nov 07
Conrad: Oh no … I’m using the excuse that I have to be committment-free and avoid distractions to perform my job. *He winked. He’d used that excuse plenty of times but as long as you got away with using it, why not continue? Besides, he didn’t like getting caught up in the hype and tension of acting and drama. His life was full of drama as it was!* -11:25 Nov 07
Lily: Eventually that’s gonna stop working, and they’re gonna have you dressed up as the Easter bunny or something! -11:29 Nov 07
Conrad: … Or in tights. *He shuddered.* Do you have any idea how hard it is to exorcise a demon who eats pigs and tears up crops while weairng something like tights? It’s damn hard to run in and no pockets to stow away scrolls and tic tacs when said demon decides breathing down your neck seems like fun. -11:30 Nov 07
Lily: *Lily laughed! Mostly because the only place she COULD imagine stuff being put is stuffed in those tights! That’d look pretty damn stupid!* I’ve seen guest slayers come in to Oracle, like these ladies wearing outrageous outfits and I always wonder how they’re supposed to kill demons dressed like that. -11:32 Nov 07
Conrad: Can you imagine how often those outfits are ripped or destroyed when they end up in Evangeline and Gabriel’s class? -11:40 Nov 07
Lily: Evangeline had Caroline help her with one of the classes one day, and she ended up stringing this woman from the ceiling by her own coat like a straight jacket. I bet Gabriel would have done a lot worse! *And she’s watched him do it! Their classes were always worth hanging around when Conrad had other work to do!* -11:43 Nov 07
Conrad: It’s a good thing I became a hunter before Gabriel and Evangeline joined. So what does your mom think about you watching their classes? -11:46 Nov 07
Lily: I think she loves their classes too, but you know how she is about admitting anything related to Gabriel is a good idea. *Especially after the incidents with Mother. …and the same time, it did change he mom’s perspective on things a little bit! Now she has a stepdad to prove it!* -11:48 Nov 07

… Suddenly the Jeep slowed down! One of the lights on the panel were flashing and that was never a good sign!

Conrad: Damn. What is it now? *Conrad asked to no one in particular! He’d checked everything before they left and periodically since then! But this Jeep had seen its share of hardships and travel … after all, the drive from New York to Montana and back again were not short ones! He looked around and saw a road that led off the main through a gate and some trees! The Jeep was sputtering now and he didn’t like the idea of spending the night on the side of a desserted road so he turned and drove up to a very large mansion–that was already crowded with trailers and moving trucks!* I guess we’re just in time for someone to move in? -11:54 Nov 07
Lily: Looks more like a tv crew or something. *The jeep acting up wasn’t odd in itself. Something was bound to go wrong on a road trip! Luckily they didn’t die somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and there were people here!* It could be, worse, anyway. -11:57 Nov 07

There were a couple of people walking in and out of the front door, carrying things inside! But they were carrying cameras and tripods not chairs and tables! One man stood off to the side on the steps, directing them! “Yeah, that one … No, Ronnie, the other one. Yes, get me the Zoom 180 out and make sure it’s working this time! Patrick, I need you to check the connections between the computer and the cameras. Christ knows how long we have until things start crapping out in this godforsaken place!”

Lily: Wow.. looks like chaos. *Oh, but the curiosity! There was a lot of music equiptment getting unloaded too, and that definitely piqued her interests!* -12:07 Nov 08

The man on the steps saw them and pointed! “You two, you’re from the temp agency, right? Hartman’s Hiring Service.”

Lily: *Lily turned to blink at Conrad.* Not exactly, no… It’s just car trouble? -12:16 Nov 08
Conrad: *Conrad blinked at Lily.* Yeah, sorry, sir. I’ll just check what’s wrong, fix it, and we’ll be on our way. *He unbuckled his seat belt and then jumped out. He lifted the hood to get a look inside.* -12:17 Nov 08
Lily: *Not one to stay sitting around in the jeep, Lily hopped out to look around at things. Without straying too far away from the jeep!* What’s all this stuff, anyway? -12:18 Nov 08

One of the guys moving things who looked in his late 30’s paused for a moment. He was carrying a box and had an unlit cigarette in his mouth. “We’re shooting a music video for some rock group. You know, the Seven Sins.” And then he continued on his way and disappeared into the house!

Lily: Ooooh… sucks to be you guys. *Seven Sins. HA. They were okay. If you liked generic boring rock music. They sure weren’t as awesome as Forsaken. Lily at least tried to keep her opinions to herself!* …Do you think the jeep is fixable? This might actually be a cool place to stay for the night, if not. -12:26 Nov 08
Conrad: *Conrad had rolled up his sleeves and his hands were black.* Fixable, yeah. I think I can do a temp fix that’ll last until we reach a gas station or garage. -12:35 Nov 08
Lily: *Tilting her head to watch, she supposed she really liked the picture of Conrad working on cars. …enough that she pulled out her cellphone and snapped a shot of it.* I wanna see how they’re making the video. They might sound better in person. -12:37 Nov 08

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