Evangeline asks Caroline about her past husbands. Dark pitches a tantrum!

Evangeline drags Caroline out for a “girls night” which is really just meddling in disguise!

[Evangeline has kidnapped people for afternoon tea and snacks!] -01:14 Jun 12
[Dark is sitting down to … tea and snacks.] -01:15 Jun 12
Dark: So uh, I take it you’re … okay and stuff, Evangeline? *He was trying to make small talk.* -01:15 Jun 12
Evangeline: *Tea and snacks was a very fun Queen-like thing to do. Especially when Gabriel her a door from her apartment to a very neat castle! Today it was fun in the garden conservatory!* I have bad dreams still, but I am feeling much better now. Gabriel keeps me distracted! -01:18 Jun 12

Dark: *He looked around. He had to admit, this was a hell of a place!* … Yeah, no kidding. And Meri? -Dark

Caroline: *Sipping tea from her own china cup, Caroline was trying not to smirk while she did so. The ‘Tower’ was working just as planned. She had to hand it to Gabriel’s evil ideas.* I believe Meri is having just as much fun as Evangeline. Poking her nose in to anything it’ll fit.

Evangeline: *She grinned!* She found a room filled with little devil rats and has been chasing them all morning! Though I suppose they were a little startling, but Meri likes them! -01:22 Jun 12
Dark: *He blinked.* Devil … rats? *He wasn’t quite sure what would be so fascinating about devil rats. They were just like normal rats in his opinion!* -01:23 Jun 12
Evangeline: They’re red with little horns! Maybe we can find some later too. Oh! Did you know one of the wolf ladies is going to have puppies soon? I’ve never petted newborn wolf puppies before! -01:25 Jun 12

Caroline: I suspect they’re not any more fuzzy than other newborns, Evangeline. *The thought of Dark chasing little red devil rats had her smirking behind her cup. She supposed they had pitch forks too.*

Evangeline: I guess not. But they’ll still be adorable, I bet! *Evangeline was pulling the leaves off a strawberry when a curious expression caught her face. She tilted her head.* Have you ever had children, Caroline? You said you were married before… -01:30 Jun 12
Dark: *Petting newborn wolf pups sounded dangerous! He was going to say so but then Evangeline brought up that question and he gave a sideways glance to Caroline!* -01:32 Jun 12

Caroline: *Caroline nearly choked! She had to turn to the side to swallow and cough! Damned Evangeline’s abilities to sneak up with questions like that! At least with Dark, you saw them coming.* No, I’ve never had any children. And yes, I have been married.

Dark: *There was an uncertain look on Dark’s face when Caroline confessed! He finally picked up his cup of tea and sipped from it!* -01:33 Jun 12
Evangeline: Did you ever want children? I’ve never really thought about it much before, but sometimes I think it would be nice. What was your husband like? -01:34 Jun 12

Caroline: Husbands. Plural. And no, I’ve not put much thought in to having children. Not since my first husband. There isn’t much room for that when you’re slaying demons. *Caroline wasn’t sure if this was awkward or amusing. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to talk about it… but well, the circumstances!*

Dark: … Seriously? -01:38 Jun 12
Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked, looking a little surprised! She really hadn’t expected more than one husband, but then again, Caroline did like social things?* Oh! What was your first husband like? When did you get married? Was it sweet or romantic? -01:38 Jun 12

Caroline: *Caroline finally cast a slow, wide grin.* Seriously. It wasn’t romantic, not with him. I was still human then and he was the blacksmith of our village. His name was Beigarth and he was so big, he stood a foot taller than even the largest of our men. He could cleave someone in half with one swing, yet his hands were gentle enough to cradle any small little creature.

Evangeline: Then how did you get married? Did you love him? *Evangeline was already trying to picture the man! The size of a giant with a giant sword, but cuddlie cute wolf puppies! Somehow, the image didn’t quite fit with Caroline though!* -01:43 Jun 12
Dark: *He was beginning to think he was better off getting his ass kicked by Gabriel than listening to this … stuff. He was a little curious but still grossed out!* -01:45 Jun 12
Evangeline: Hmm. He was looking for a wife and most of the women were afraid of him. He was trying so hard to woo someone with pretty words and flowers, by the time he got to me I ended up laughing in his face. I never saw a man look so wounded and I suppose that moment I was enarmoed. I did love him very much. -01:47 Jun 12

Caroline: Hmm. He was looking for a wife and most of the women were afraid of him. He was trying so hard to woo someone with pretty words and flowers, by the time he got to me I ended up laughing in his face. I never saw a man look so wounded and I suppose that moment I was enarmoed. I did love him very much.

Dark: Gee, Caroline. Nice way to boost a guy’s confidence. *He muttered. It sounded just like Caroline to do something like that. No wonder she was still single!* -01:48 Jun 12
Evangeline: *How sweet! Evangeline was smiling!* I think it’s sweet! Were you married for a long time? -01:49 Jun 12

Caroline: *She regarded Dark with a cool look but shook her head at Evangeline.* At the time there was a lot of war. Pirates, vikings, clans. He went to war one day and didn’t come back alive. It was heartbreaking, but that was the way life was then. When he was gone, I took over his business.

Evangeline: Oh… that’s too bad. But you did find love again, yes? Married again? -01:53 Jun 12

Caroline: Twice more. You’re awfully curious, my lady, are you going to make me tell those stories too? *She might as well ask and be prepared! Better to get it over with now, so they could change the subject!*

Evangeline: If you don’t mind! I wanted to know what sort of men you liked. *Evangeline poured herself a fresh cup of tea. She may or may not be fishing for information!* -01:57 Jun 12
Dark: *What type of men she liked … Suppressing the urge to shudder.* -02:00 Jun 12

Caroline: *There was so warning signs! Caroline leaned back in her chair to cross her legs and tap her fingers on the arm.* Uh huh. My second husband was long after I was a demon and long after my Mentor died. I came to a town in France following a devil. I came across a man named Louis who had such a presence that there wasn’t a person in town that didn’t adore him. He had a passion for life and big deams. When he spoke it moved you. I thought he was the most charming man I had ever met.

Evangeline: Really! He was handsome then, too? Did he court you with flowers also? *Dark was all bristly! That too made Evangeline curious!* -02:04 Jun 12
Dark: *He lowered his head. Gross. It sounded like one of those damn incubus. He needed to find somewhere else to hang out during his free time so he wouldn’t be stuck listening to stories like these.* -02:04 Jun 12

Caroline: He was handsome, yes. At first I wasn’t going to stay in town. But a few weeks turned to months and after awhile I realized I didn’t want to leave. The French have this way of sweeping romance, and he did that very well. We were married and for awhile things we happy.

Dark: *He glanced away, stared at something in the corner! As if he wanted to hear all this talk of romance and marriages and what not!* -02:07 Jun 12
Evangeline: *Caroline’s tone had changed. If it was romantic and wonderful, that tone didn’t seem to match it.* …only for awhile? Did something happen? -02:08 Jun 12

Caroline: Hrrm. *Unlike Beigarth, think of Louis was hard. She was frowning without trying to scowl. More tapping of her fingers.* I never told him what I was. A year or so after we were married, a group of demons came in to town. I took care of them as fast as I could, but several people saw me casting magic. They called me a witch.

Dark: *He blinked and was staring hard at the table! Wait, this story was really familiar … Caroline had asked him a bunch of questions the night of their date and used this exact situation on him …* -02:13 Jun 12
Evangeline: But he loved you, didn’t he? He defended you? -02:13 Jun 12

Caroline: *There was a wry smile from Caroline.* Not every love is a fairy tale ending. No, he didn’t defend me. When the town cried witch, he was the one with the torch. He claimed I bewitched him and that sending me out of town wasn’t enough. A witch deserved a burning at the stake.

Dark: … You killed him, didn’t you. For betraying you like that. -02:19 Jun 12
Evangeline: *Shocked! Evangeline was having a hard time imagining someone’s husband doing that!* Oh, you didn’t let them though! You taught them a lesson for being so unfair to you? You were only trying to protect them all! -02:19 Jun 12

Caroline: *She shook her head slowly.* …No. I let them tie me up and light the fire. I let them watch me burn. …A glamor spell and a teleport took me to safety, but as far as they knew, they succeeded in burning a witch. I just walked away and never looked back.

Dark: That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. *He stood and glared down at Caroline.* You’re such a hypocrite. You talk about defending and slaying but then you just lie down and take it? Screw this. *He turned and walked away, through the door back to Evangeline’s apartment. He’d been crashing at Caroline’s place for the past few nights but he was going to get his stuff and move out from everyone’s life once and for all!* -02:26 Jun 12
Evangeline: *…Evangeline agreed with Dark, but not quite so bluntly!* He is right… just a tiny bit. They shouldn’t have treated you that way. -02:29 Jun 12

Caroline: *Caroline was surprised! …then angry! Correct or not, he didn’t have any damned right to call her a hypocrite. He didn’t know what it felt like.* It was better that way. Now would you tell me what that jackass’ problem is?

Dark: *He was grumbling and muttering all the way back to Caroline’s place! And instead of teleporting, he had decided to walk instead! Unfortunately that didn’t really help him cool down … Stupid Caroline! This was all her fault!* -02:33 Jun 12
Evangeline: Um…! He is not used to you being a person instead of his teacher, I think? The change has been a little difficult for both of you. Why don’t you go and talk to him? *They needed to talk more often! Evangeline thought it was fairly obvious they missed each other, with Dark still staying over at Caroline’s when he was supposed to stay with her and Gabriel, but neither of them wanted to admit anything!* -02:35 Jun 12
Dark: *Dark was a fast walker, powers or not! He got to Caroline’s place, opened it with the spare key she’d given him and threw it over his shoulder after closing the door behind him! He was going to get his stuff and he wouldn’t need the key anymore!* -02:38 Jun 12

Caroline: Difficult is not the word I would use to describe him. Why don’t you call your husband and have him give that little vampire the spanking he deserves. *Why was SHE so mad! ..oh, that’s right. He called her a hypocrite and condemned her choices without even waiting long enough to hear why!*

Evangeline: …No, no, I think you talking to him is best. You are good with explaining things, he could use the sit down and talk? *…think fast! Evangeline tried to fake a yawn, but it was over dramatic!* Oooh, I think I am a little tired. I may take a nap. If you don’t talk to Dark, you may as well go home for a nap too. -02:42 Jun 12

Caroline: You’re going to harass me until I do, aren’t you. *Caroline placed her hands on the table and rose slowly. A snap of her fingers and her china cup poofed.* If this is what you wish. But if he returns to you with broken bones, I am not the one to blame. *Caroline pulled a pin from her pocket and cast her teleport spell back to the apartment!*

Dark: Stupid … idiotic … frickin’ … *He murmured a few other curse words, some in Russian and a few in French–only to remember that’s what Caroline’s second husband had been–and stopped. Stupid humans! He got his guitar, got his clothes and stuffed them into the duffel bag! Then he was headed out the door!* -02:45 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *She stopped chasing the rats to skip over to Evangeline!* Mommy, is everything okay?

Evangeline: *Evangeline sighed and slumped in her chair!* Everything is all right! I am not so sure what to do about Dark and Caroline, though! Every time I try to help, things go wrong. And every time I don’t help, things go wrong! I swear, they make things complicated on purpose! -02:47 Jun 12

Vlamerias: Dark is very passionate about things, Mommy! But aren’t you worried Warrior Lady is going to um … “rough” Dark up? *It took her a bit to think of the right term!*

Caroline: *Caroline arrived in the middle of her loft just in time to hear the SLAM of her door. A quick look around was plenty evidence to see that the vampire had just escaped.* …idiot! *She shouted at the door, and like hell was she going to chase him across town and drag him back. He could return to Gabriel and Evangeline for all she cared! Crawl around the streets homeless! Get eaten by a succubus!*

Dark: Stupid woman. Fine. I can find my own place. I don’t need her anyways. She would have just left me eventually. She’s human, after all. -02:50 Jun 12
Evangeline: She always says she will, but I don’t think she ever really has. At least, not when it wasn’t a real lesson. *Caroline was always so careful and controlled with the people around her. But more and more, she was losing it and Evangeline hadn’t quite bullied it out of her as to why!* I think I’ll have to do something more about it. Not meddling just isn’t working! -02:52 Jun 12

Vlamerias: Um … But what will you tell Glaër when he finds out?

Caroline: *It’s not like she had to explain herself for something she did hundreds of years ago. …but Evangeline! Evangeline won’t let things go! That woman needed to be tied up somewhere.* …damn it! *Caroline pulled her pin again. This time casting a summoning spell. She wouldn’t chase Dark around town, but she could summon him back and MAKE him listen just long enough to satisfy his pesky human mother!*

Dark: *Imagine Dark’s surprise–and then his anger–when he found himself right back in Caroline’s apartment! He growled!* Damnit! *He turned around to go stalking right back through that door!* -02:58 Jun 12
Evangeline: It will be for their own good, he can’t get mad at me for that. And technically it’s not meddling if I’m only supporting and then letting them do the rest. *Oh, but what to do! They needed to learn to spend time together without the student-teacher roles!* -02:59 Jun 12

Caroline: *Out came her ribbons, throwing them around him and jerking him right back!* Must you pitch a temper tantrum! What in the unholy mother’s name is your problem?!

Dark: *Oooff! He growled and fought! Stupid ribbons! He hated it when she used them on him!* What do you care whether a pitch a temper tantrum or not! Let me the hell go! -03:03 Jun 12

Vlamerias: That’s a tough one, Mommy … But weren’t they making progress when they went on that date and Warrior Lady fell asleep and Dark was really nice to her?

Caroline: I care when you call me a damned hypocrite and storm out for no god damned reason! *She held tight, that lingering want to pull one of Gabriel’s stunts and just fling him out the window to let him hang!*

Dark: You’re the one always telling me to say what I mean! That’s exactly what I meant! Now let me go! -03:07 Jun 12
Evangeline: I thought they were… Caroline said it was pleasant and she regretted falling asleep. But she won’t agree to do it again! I wonder if I could lock her in one of the towers? -03:08 Jun 12

Caroline: *Instead of letting go she gave him a good hard jerk to send him stumbled back towards the sofa!* So you can run away again? No. You’re going to take ten minutes to listen to me. Where do you get off being so judgemental?! Was I supposed to just slaughter an entire town? AGAIN?

Dark: Like I give a damn about what you do now or did then! *His fangs grew and he lowered his head to slice through those ribbons with his teeth! Then he was grabbing his stuff and heading out the fire escape instead!* -03:11 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *She giggled at the thought!* Can we, Mommy?

Caroline: You give a damn enough to go walking out of here with all of your things! *Let him walk out. …instead she was growling and springing off the floor to tackle him! She pinned him to the floor, tempted to make good on that threat of broken bones.* What are you expecting from me? Saint or sinner? Am I supposed to be a nun or some vengeful hell sprite?!

Dark: Why the hell does it matter what I think? *He grunted, trying to throw her off of him or tilt her to one side so he could escape!* You’re the oh-so-powerful Slayer! Why the hell does the opinion of a single ex-student matter so much! -03:19 Jun 12
Evangeline: She would be so mad! But time in a tower might do her good! *There was so way to get Caroline in one though without Gabriel’s help.* Hmm… might be too hard, though. A girl’s night might be easier. -03:19 Jun 12

Vlamerias: I don’t know, Mommy … I think locking her in the tower would be much easier. I’m sure Glaër would be willing to help you with that!

Caroline: It shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t. *That’s right, it doesn’t. She was needlessly wasting her time plotting to strangle him. Still, she held him pinned tight to the floor!* I told Evangeline I would talk to you, and thus you will listen. I wasn’t going to go back there and kill those people. I betrayed him with a lie and he betrayed me right back. It was karma.

Evangeline: He’ll say I’m meddling again… then lock me in the tower instead! I’m not sure how easy it is to climb out of a tower yet. -03:23 Jun 12
Dark: *He snorted and smirked.* Heh, karma. You’re going to lie down and take it and tell yourself it was karma. Good for you, Caroline. Good. For. You. *He suddenly shifted, elbowed her in the chest enough to knock her off and then he was grabbing his stuff! He paused after opening the window.* Good to know you accept your role as the world’s fuckin’ doormat. *And then he was gone again!* -03:24 Jun 12

Vlamerias: I don’t know. I think it’s gotten so bad between Warrior Lady and Dark that even he’s beginning to take interest in it! He told me so himself!

Caroline: *Caroline moved to the window, only to curse! Then out came her pin and she was teleporting herself right back to Evangeline. Pointing a finger, and straining to keep her voice from rising to high!* That was a mistake! I don’t know why I even for a moment thought he would sit still long enough to listen! He wouldn’t dare speak to me that way before YOU decided I wasn’t worth being his mentor any more!

Vlamerias: Eep! *She quickly moved between Evangeline and Caroline, attempting to shield her Mommy from the Warrior Lady!* Warrior Lady, stop! You can’t blame my Mommy!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was about to ask what Meri had chatted with Gabriel about, but one very angry Caroline was now the problem! …their talk must not have gone well!* …it is a little more complicated than that! You did say that you wouldn’t be able to teach him forever! -03:32 Jun 12
Dark: *He walked and he walked … He half-expected Caroline to summon him back or chase him down. But when she didn’t–Who needed her anyways! He didn’t have anywhere else to go and the last people he needed to see was Caroline, Evangeline, anyone from Oracle. He went to the park and sat on one of the benches at the edge of the pond.* -03:35 Jun 12

Caroline: Not forever, no! But nor did I think he was going to be so assinine the moment he no longer had to answer to me! What did he think I did for my entire life?! Drink tea play chess with Alistair? That I didn’t have a life – many lives – and that I never had to make choices I regreted?! And YOU! Oh ho… you think talking to him is easy! It’s like talking to a brick wall! *Seething! She was seething. Evangeline probably didn’t deserve her rage, but at the moment the woman was going to get it!*

[Dark is now known as: Darkness] -03:39 Jun 12

Vlamerias: No, Warrior Lady, don’t! *And when Caroline didn’t listen to her, Meri clasped her hands together!* Glaër, please! Take Mommy away from here! -Darkness

Evangeline: There isn’t any reason to get so riled up! It’s only a small fight, and I’m sure once he calms down he’ll come back home and it’ll all be just fine! *Poor Caroline! She was much more upset than Evangeline had expected! She really did care so much about Dark’s opinion!* -03:41 Jun 12
Darkness: *In another plane of existence, the dragon raised its head and its eyes glowed! One moment, Evangeline and Meri were face to face with Caroline and the next! On the very same plane as the dragon, as it lowered its head to the two of them! It was warmer here than one would expect and although there were shadows, they left well enough alone!* This has become serious. -03:42 Jun 12
Evangeline: *Crickets! This wasn’t the moment to be whisked away, Caroline needed someone to calm her down!* Gabriel! I was talking to her. I’ve never seen her so upset before! -03:43 Jun 12
Darkness: *The dragon shifted to Gabriel’s form.* She has no right to be angry at you. It was my decision to revoke her role as Dark’s teacher. -03:44 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *She clung to Evangeline’s head!* Sorry, Mommy! *She had just panicked! She had never seen the Warrior Lady so angry! And she couldn’t risk her Mommy’s safety!* -Darkness

Caroline: No reason…! *Caroline didn’t even get to finish. Evangeline and Meri were gone. Rescued by her husband no doubt. Oh, she had words for him too. Lots of words and none of them were pleasant. With a growl of indecision, she finally dropped in to a chair. She would wait and then she would shake them to death.*

Evangeline: But she does have a right to be angry. Now she thinks that we think she’s not worthy enough, and it’s not true! *Evangeline pulled Meri down to give her a reassuring hug. Later she would explain that Caroline was nothing to be afraid of… even if she was scary when she was mad!* -03:47 Jun 12
Darkness: *Gabriel shifted back into a dragon.* She is proving herself otherwise. If she cannot control herself, I cannot rely on her to protect you or Dark. Here. *The dragon lifted its tail and on the very tip, was some sort of sphere filled with images! Dark playing on the guitar and singing a very sad song!* -03:50 Jun 12

Dark: *He had found his way from the park to the bar and was sitting on a stool on stage!* Every time I try to rise above, I’m swept away by love … Baby, I can’t help it. I’m drowning in your love … -Darkness

Vlamerias: *She hugged her Mommy back and began to sniffle while listening to the song!* It’s so romantic! *And his voice sounded so much better when it wasn’t angry!* -Darkness

Evangeline: *It seemed that Dark always turned to music when he didn’t know what else to do. That was healthy… if well, he would let other people listen! Evangeline huffed.* But she can control herself. These past few months have just been so hard on her. She’s always given us more than she has to give, and now we’re telling her she’s unnecessary. -03:55 Jun 12
Darkness: She became reckless, Evangeline. Had she waited for help, had she not taken the demon soul into her, Dark would still be with her. Dark must also feel guilty due to the meddling of Caroline’s bat. We are not to blame for such things. -03:59 Jun 12
Evangeline: She put him above herself and I think that was very noble of her! We can’t expect her not to sometimes make mistakes. Haven’t we sometimes made bad choices too when we’re worried about the one we care about it? *He couldn’t deny it. They had been through so much, and even now sometimes they thought more with heart then with logic!* -04:03 Jun 12
Darkness: *No, no he could not.* I do not like her being angry with you. Serious actions call for serious consequences. *No one, including Caroline, was allowed to threaten Evangeline, intended or not! It was a lesson even Ciara Grey had been forced to learn!* -04:05 Jun 12
Evangeline: People need to yell and scream sometimes… especially women! There isn’t any harm in letting her get it out of her system and you know she would never hurt me! *He worried too much sometimes… If they couldn’t trust their closest friends, who could they trust?* -04:08 Jun 12
Darkness: *A soft sigh, which sounded strange coming from such a large dragon! Then Gabriel was standing there!* … I will apologize. -04:16 Jun 12

One of the guys who worked at the bar, a big human walked up to the stage. “Hey, Dark, you ready for tonight?” -Darkness

Dark: Yeah. Need help setting up? *He said, clearing his head as he got off the stool and returned the guitar to its case.* -Darkness

Evangeline: *Evangeline moved to kiss his cheek.* We should find a way to make her feel better too. She doesn’t even realized why she’s so mad, and Dark doesn’t either. -04:19 Jun 12

The guy was about to say no but–the look on Dark’s face! “Eh, sure. We could always use more beer up in front. Come on.” -Darkness

[Darkness is now known as: Gabriel] -04:20 Jun 12
Gabriel: Is she aware of where Dark is working. *He reached up to gently smooth one hand over Meri’s head!* -04:21 Jun 12
Evangeline: I didn’t even know where Dark was working! I had thought he was escaping to get ice cream when he wasn’t staying with Caroline! *And he was singing there too, that was so exciting!* -04:23 Jun 12
Gabriel: *He smirked.* You did not think I stayed here all the time, swishing my tail around, did you. -04:24 Jun 12
Evangeline: Well… I might have thought you were… *She did spend a lot of time imagining him doing dragony things, and that included swishing his tail and roaring at shadows.* -04:26 Jun 12
Gabriel: *He bent his head to whisper in her ear.* It gets boring after awhile. But I often fantasize about you. -04:26 Jun 12
Evangeline: Gabriel! *She refused to be blushing! Refused!* …we are supposed to take care of Caroline! -04:28 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly as he lifted his head.* Of course. I will tend to my Queen’s needs later. * -04:29 Jun 12
Evangeline: *She tugged on his coat, her cheeks still burning!* Let me take her out to do something fun! Maybe we can sneak in to see Dark so I can get them to talk to each other? -04:30 Jun 12
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *Dark was not the only "object of interest" there. And the tone in his voice said so!* -04:31 Jun 12
Evangeline: *That had her curious!* He isn’t just there singing? -04:32 Jun 12
Gabriel: No. *The advantage–and disadvantage–of being Darkness meant he knew what every dark creature was up to and where they were located! And he always made certain he knew about the dark creatures in close proximity to Evangeline at any given time.* -04:34 Jun 12
Evangeline: Oh… that’s very impressive! I’m so glad he’s decided to take care of people too! *It made her feel better to know he did. Even if he didn’t want to be a slayer, taking care of people was important.* If he’s there, it’d be okay for me to go wouldn’t it? And you would know I was there! -04:37 Jun 12
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her, took the hand with her Binding Mark and lifted it to his lips.* It is. And I will. *Of course, needless to say, if any harm befell her, there would be Darkness to pay. He looked up at Meri.* I believe you and I should spend more time together while your mother is away. -04:41 Jun 12

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Yes, Glaër! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Wonderful!! I can take Caroline and we’ll dance and they’ll talk. It’ll be fun! *It had been a while since she had been able to go out and do something! Being out still made her a little nervous now, but she didn’t want to always be afraid and taking Caroline out would be good for them both!* -04:43 Jun 12
Gabriel: Dark is working at the Oceanside Bar on North Avenue. *He took all three of them back to the observatory and Caroline!* My apologies, Caroline. It was I who revoked your mentorship of Dark, not Evangeline. -04:50 Jun 12

Caroline: *Caroline was still sitting in the same spot she had dropped in, but now instead of seethingly mad, she was resigned and melancholic.* In the end it doesn’t matter. I knew it would be coming soon. I can’t keep up with him any more.

Vlamerias: *She POOFED! from Evangeline’s head to Gabriel’s and clung to him!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline dropped in to the seat next to Caroline and took her arm.* But it isn’t a bad thing. You can relax now and not have to take on so much responsibility for everyone. -04:56 Jun 12

Caroline: Don’t give me sugar and sunshine, Evangeline. I know your husband doesn’t believe I can protect you, and a premature firing was only the first half of telling me my services would not be needed anymore. *Caroline was in a dark mood, almost enough to go taunting the king of darkness of himself.*

Gabriel: On the contrary, I believe Evangeline needs a night out and there is no one else I would trust. -05:03 Jun 12
Gabriel: *with her. -05:04 Jun 12
Gabriel: I will, however, understand if you are not up to the task. -05:07 Jun 12

Caroline: Is that so? *Not the comment she expected from Gabriel. It took a bit of that attitude out of her tone. Though, maybe she was suspicious. Gabriel like to punish people in unusual ways and was just as bad as Evangeline about pulling strings!* If you’re allowing her out of her Tower, I wouldn’t refuse to escort her.

Evangeline: Great! I want to go out dancing somewhere fun! We can put on cute dresses and order drinks with umbrellas with them, and we’ll flirt with boys until they cry! -05:11 Jun 12

Caroline: …so i will be flirting with boys and you will be making them cry, hmm? *Evangeline… the woman had her moments of infectious adorablism. It really was impossible to say no to her.* All right, dancing we go.

[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((01:15 Jun 12))
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[Evangeline suceeding in talking Caroline in to going out! And even made her wear a cute dress instead of being \’prepared for war!\’!] -06:42 Jun 16
[Dark is helping set everything up as the crowd begins to enter!] -06:50 Jun 16
Evangeline: *It was a rule that when you went out dancing with a girlfriend that you had to look really cute! Evangeline was wearing a sundress in cream and mint. One Caroline told her was adorable and inappropriate for clubbing, so no one would pick her up! She had made Caroline wear a dress too. No Warrior Ladies today! They had just arrived at the club Gabriel told her to go to!* I can’t wait to dance! It’s been a really long time since I’ve gone out and done something! -06:51 Jun 16

Gabriel: *Gabriel is spending time with Meri after she’s taken a bath and feeds the devil rats!*

Caroline: *Caroline didn’t mind wearing dresses and looking nice when going out clubbing. But when with Evangeline, bad things tended to happen and you wanted to be better clothed for it! She eventually gave in to pouting, so here she was dressed in a light grey dress, very tall heels and trying very hard to not let Evangeline’s enthusiam be infectious.* I find it very hard to imagine you at any sort of dance clubs, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Really? I used to go to all kinds of clubs while I was still in college. I like the music! *Gabriel was right! Dark was here! But he was trying to hide himself and doing a fair job of it too! She took Caroline’s hand to pull her through the mingling people and to the bar!* Don’t you like to go out and dance too? -06:56 Jun 16

Caroline: Dancing amongst other things. *Evangeline really did stand out here. But there was no way she was going to dress the woman up like one of those boozing bimbos. She doubted Gabriel would stand for it either. The same Gabriel that thought this was good idea! Caroline was wearily scanning the people in the place to be aware of all exits and potential threats!*

Dark: *Dark lifted his head after bringing a crate of alcohol from the back! Sam, one of the waitresses, had come over to whisper something in Jack’s ear!* -06:59 Jun 16

“Jack, those guys are back …!” Sam even threw a thumb over her shoulder, to a table in the corner. “What do we do?” But Jack only looked over at the table and preppy boys sitting there! “If they cause us any trouble, we’ll take care of it.” Sam looked disappointed with his reply but then nodded and disappeared.

Vlamerias: Oohh … This will be fun! We never get to spend a lot of time together! *And yet she was his familiar! It wasn’t right! But she kept that thought to herself so as not to worry him!*

Gabriel: *He smirked and ran a hand over her head.* Yes, we do not. Mommy is a big responsibility and I am very proud of you as I hear the Devil King is also.

Dark: *He looked over at the table and clenched his teeth.* Damnit, those idiots are back … *Preppy boys. How many times was he going to throw them out before they learned their lesson or Jack had the guts to ban them!* -07:04 Jun 16
Evangeline: No, no, no, no looking for dangers tonight. Tonight we’re going to have fun and you can relax! *Evangeline ushered Caroline in to a chair and hoped in to a seat herself at the bar. Then she was smiling wide!* I’d like to order something special! Um… maybe to try a chocolate martini! -07:05 Jun 16

A waitress walked by, already balancing a tray on one hand! And a young waitress stopped by their table, asking if they’d like anything to drink!

Caroline: Are you even old enough to drink, my lady? *She jested… making sure to order a glass of red wine for herself. …and whispering to the waitress to go easy on the liquor in that chocolate martini!*

Evangeline: I am an adult. *How often people asked her that was, well, too often! She took offense to it!* I’m not going to have one drink and run around like a crazy naked person! -07:10 Jun 16

Caroline: *A slow smirk snuck it’s way across her face.* That does remain to be seen. I can only imagine the chaos that’d follow if you did.

Evangeline: *The scene was so easy to imagine, Evangeline decided it was safer to get back on topic! As in, the topic she was luring Caroline out for in the first place!* You never finished telling me about your husbands! There was one more that you married? -07:26 Jun 16

The waitress nodded and made sure to tell the bartender to take it easy on the chocolate martini!

Dark: *There was such a strong temptation to go over to that table and beat the crap out of those demons now! But he had to go on soon and he couldn’t risk a fight just for them to turn the tables and get *him* banned instead! Then he wouldn’t have the satisfaction of seeing them fall flat on their asses when that happened!* -07:40 Jun 16

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Hehe, yes! I showed him the gypsy soul you gave me! Thank you! *She was sitting in his lap and threw her arms around his neck! Souls were such precious gifts!*

Caroline: *Back to that again. At least in chatting with Evangeline, she didn’t have to worry about completely stupid temper tantrums.* It was a good while after Louis. There was a very bad war between a few magical clans and I didn’t come out very well from it. An aspiring wizard took me in.

Evangeline: How many wars have you been involved in? I think you’ve mentioned more than one by now! *Evangeline was curious about more than just the hubby! Caroline had done so much!* -07:44 Jun 16

Caroline: Several. Are you changing the subject on me now? *At least Evangeline wasn’t as bad as Meri, switching between topics at light speed!*

Evangeline: No, no, continue! You were hurt and a wizard took you in. And then you fell in love again? How long had it been? -07:52 Jun 16
Dark: You are very welcome. Now then, I believe a few stories may be nice. *He waited until she had settled down before he began.* Perhaps a story about the Diablo Animus. -07:52 Jun 16

Gabriel: You are very welcome. Now then, I believe a few stories may be nice. *He waited until she had settled down before he began.* Perhaps a story about the Diablo Animus.

The waitress returned with Caroline’s red wine and Evangeline’s drink but when Caroline was about to pay for it, the watress said their tab had been taken care of by the man sitting at the corner table!

Caroline: Sixty years give or take a few. And it wasn’t as easy as just falling in love. *Caroline leaned to see, flashing a greatful smile. but definitely noting to keep an eye on that one in case he would come hitting on Evangeline!* After Louis the will to live was a struggle, the war didn’t help. A lot of death. I spent several months just being miserable and trying to heal. I don’t believe I spoke more than three words to him for several months.

Evangeline: *Evangeline picked up her drink and took a small sip! Ooooh! That was divine! She loved chocolate and the drink gave a nice warm feeling when going down!* It reminds me of Gabriel, just a little bit. Then what happened! What was his name? -08:03 Jun 16

Caroline: His name was Ederyn. *It wasn’t the first time she had been compared to Gabriel. Sometimes it was amusing and other times she didn’t understand the connection. Leaning back in her chair, she took a long drink of wine then tilted her head with a slow grin.* He wasn’t very strong or graceful and a lot of what he did would blow up in his face. One afternoon he was trying to do metalwork to make enchanted weapons and I thought it best to take it from him before he set everything on fire. Called him a raging imbecile and told him to go back to the kitchen where a woman belongs.

Evangeline: That’s terrible! You might have wounded his pride! *Occasionally the most wicked things came out Caroline’s mouth! She had the presence of a lady, but a hidden evil streak!* -08:12 Jun 16
Dark: *Dark walked backstage. It was almost time for him to go on. He still wasn’t keen on performing but it was either that or be a customer. And he wasn’t fond of the drink these humans indulged in … And he didn’t know why but when he performed, those idiots got real mad about it. That in itself was a good reason.* -08:14 Jun 16

Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes grew wide!* The Devil Soul! Your very own sword? *That weapon itself was a legend!* Yes, yes, please!

Caroline: *Caroline laughed softly!* I probably did. More than once. I stayed with Ederyn a very long time. Technically we never married, but we didn’t think it mattered much. His home was a sanctuary from the world. I would sell metal work on the few occasions we went to town to get supplies, but beyond that we were happy alone.

Evangeline: How long did you stay? Something bad didn’t happen to him to did it? *Her first husband died in a war, and her second was a jerk! It’d be terrible if the third went bad too!* -08:20 Jun 16

Caroline: Don’t make such a face, my lady. It wasn’t a tragedy. *Caroline smirked, but it was a sad one!* I stayed until the day he died. Ninty three years old. I made sure to burn the place before I left along with my past lives. *…and not something she liked to reflect on, even if it was good memories. Caroline drank that glass of wine in two seconds!* Anything else?

Evangeline: It’s very sweet, but very sad. I’m glad you were able to stay with him. *Poor Caroline! And that had been so long ago too!* Have you thought about being with someone else? A close relationship or getting married again? -08:29 Jun 16

Gabriel: It happened a long time ago. It was a different world. There was not so many humans but they were aware they were not the only ones and humans did not rule this world.

Vlamerias: OOhhh … That’s exactly what I told that human hunter Mommy was teaching but he just laughed! He said humans had always been in control and just patted me on the head like all those stupid humans try to do. But then I flipped him on his back and Mommy just told me humans do that because I’m cute and stuff!

The club was quite a friendly place. It wasn’t sleazy or anything. Just guys talking to girls, men prowling for an easy drink or an easy lay. Just normal things!

Caroline: I can’t do it again, Evangeline. I don’t want to watch another love grow old and die, nor do I want to ruin another man’s life with my curses. *Caroline smirked wide again, erasing all hints of sadness!* Besides, I do enjoy my life. There is company when I want it.

Evangeline: It’s not really the same though… *It sounded very lonely. Evangeline knew better! There was no replacing that feeling of knowing someone loved you and having them to go home to!* But I suppose if you’re really happy. Though I think if I ever die, you have my permission to marry Gabriel! -08:36 Jun 16

Gabriel: I see. *He sat back.* What else has happened in Oracle.

Vlamerias: *She was thoughtful.* There was that time, Mommy showed me the cafeteria and I got into an eating contest with some of the weres there! They can really eat a lot but they didn’t eat more than me! *She said, grinning proudly.* But those humans who did the cooking were really upset and Mommy said it’s because the food they’d prepared was to last a few months! But that’s not a long time at all!

Caroline: As… ah… pleasant… as that sounds, I believe I’ll decline that invitation. Your husband needs a damosel, and I will not be controlled. Not by him. Bossy. *Amusement mixed with being disturbed. Just to imagine marrying Gabriel herself! The first fight they had, they’d probably break each other’s necks! And the sex… damnation, now she was imagining sex with Gabriel. Caroline waved a hand to signal a waitress for another glass of wine!*

It took a few minutes but the waitress soon returned! The place was filling up and that meant more customers to help! She takes Caroline’s order and asks if Evangeline would like another drink!

Evangeline: Yes, another drink would be brilliant! *She would have to figure out how to make a chocolate Martini herself so she could have them at home!* I don’t think Gabriel is bossy. …well, sometimes he worries a little too much. But he always lets me do what I ask! -08:46 Jun 16

Gabriel: *He nodded once.* To a devil, no. And what other adventures have you had in Oracle with your Mommy.

The waitress returns with their drinks! Only to inform them that once again, their tab has been paid by the man in the corner who is now smoking a cigar!

Caroline: You believe Gabriel hung the moon and stars. You are a bit biased. *Caroline responded with a smirk. This time she was giving a curious look at the one with a cigar. Men tended to come over and speak after the first drink they buy, this one was either being generous or plotting to ply them with liquor and take them home! …there was that small urge to toy with him, so it was easy to cast him a grin and a wink!* We have an admirer, Evangeline.

Evangeline: I think he might have hung the moon and stars. Or at least the stars! *Thinking about his role as Darkness always led to interesting thoughts! But now she was curious about this ‘admirer’!* Do we really? Maybe he’ll want to dance if I ask him! -08:54 Jun 16

The waitress comes by to pick up their glasses! She smiles! “If you want to dance, you’ve come at a great time! Ever since Jack brought in that guy with the guitar, everyone’s been here. They love his voice!”

Vlamerias: Well, there’s lots of times I played with the were pups. Mommy said it’s better I not play with the human kids ’cause human kids are softer than devils. And they’d just break. And then at the tea party, Mommy asked Warrior Lady if she had any kids! ‘Cause you would think a human as old as the Warrior Lady would have some! I don’t think Warrior Lady or Dark knew I was around! I was chasing after the devil rats! They’re really fast!

Evangeline: Ooh, will he be singing soon? I would love to hear! You’ll dance with me too, won’t you, Caroline? -08:58 Jun 16

Caroline: Better to dance with me than some strange man. *If Evangeline was as oblivious here as she was when people hit on her at Oracle, there would be all kinds of misconceptions!*

She nodded. “Yeah, he should be going on any moment now.” That Dark. He was so shy! She disappeared to get more drinks for her customers.

Gabriel: *He smirked. Caroline did not like being called human and yet she still acted as one.* And did she have any children? Potential play mates for you?

The man who had paid their tabs finally came over and stood beside Caroline! “Hi. You two ladies together?” He was clean shaven, smelled like he’d taken a bath, was wearing a nice suit.

Caroline: *Caroline was good at being indifferent, despite the fact the man smelled very good. That was unexpected for someone cruising a club like this.* She is with me, yes. And thank you for the drinks. Always a pleasure to see the age of gentleman hasn’t died.

Vlamerias: *She huffed! Clearly disappointed!* No … But she had three husbands! *And she began to tell the story of Caroline’s spouses–or what she knew of them!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was so impatient to hear Dark really sing. But always polite to strangers!* Yes, thank you! *…there was something about this man, though. She couldn’t put her finger on it…* -09:20 Jun 16

The man smiled. He had nice teeth! “Thank you.” He looked up at the stage. They were setting things up and were almost done. “May I have a dance when they start the entertainment? They say the guy who sings here is good.” Too good. He was messing up the game for him and the others!

Caroline: I wouldn’t want to leave my girlfriend here all alone. But it is a very tempting offer. *If she were alone, she would be up in a heartbeat! But Evangeline definitely came first.*

“If your friend wants, she can dance with one of my friends. It’s a guy’s night but we like to meet beautiful women like yourselves,” he said with another easy smile. What a nice voice! And he seemed genuine!

Evangeline: *Evangeline had brought Caroline here to see Dark! But… maybe Dark should see her dancing with someone? Then again, he didn’t like even hearing about Caroline and men! What to do!* We did come to have a fun girl’s night, and that includes boys? It’s better dancing with boys, anyway! -09:28 Jun 16

Caroline: *The line was terrible, but what a smile! Caroline was tapping her fingers on the table.* IF I dance, you would stay right here at this table and not move an inch?

Evangeline: Of course! I won’t move unless I have to. Dance! It will be fun! *It’d be better if she sat still and kept watch, anyhow. Something still felt strange!* -09:35 Jun 16
Evangeline: * fun! *It’d! -09:37 Jun 16

Caroline: Hrrm. Then I might be persuaded for one dance. *Evangeline hadn’t been the only one who hasn’t been out dancing in awhile! One dance wouldn’t do any harm!*

Dark: *So the microphone was set up and his electric guitar was plugged in. Now all he had to do was get up and sing. The curtains started to part! People were already beginning to get on the dance floor in anticipation of the music!* -09:42 Jun 16

The man smiled. “The music’s about to start.” He offered her his hand. “May I.”

Caroline: You may, indeed. *Caroline took his hand and rose gracefully from her seat. She would keep Evangeline in her sight just in case.*

Dark: *He started the first chord while the guys in the background playing drums and the bass followed!* "Don’t pretend you’re sorry … I know you’re not. You know you got the power to make me weak inside … And girl you leave me breathless … But it’s okay. Cause you are my survival. Now let me hear you say … " -09:46 Jun 16

He was smooth as he got her on the dance floor and it just so happened Caroline’s back was to the stage!

Evangeline: *It was so hard not to squeel like a silly fangirl! She did clap though! With the music to back him up, Dark sounded wonderful! His tone was even different than Gabriel’s, and it made her happy to know he could have his own style!* -09:49 Jun 16

Caroline: *A slow song with a good pace. Ridiculously romantic for a club. Where she had been smiling at her dance partner, there was a curious recognition, though and she was turning to see if she could get a look.* That voice sounds familiar. Who is singing here tonight?

Dark: "I can’t imagine, life without your love … And even forever don’t seem like long enough. ‘Cause everytime I breathe I take you in … And my heart beats again. Baby, I can’t help it. You keep me drowning in your love. Everytime I try to rise above … I’m swept away by love. Baby, I can’t help it. You keep me drowning in your love …" -10:01 Jun 16

Really? *He couldn’t help but be mildly surprised.* No one professional or so they say. *He tried to shrug it off.* You look beautiful tonight. *He pulled her close.*

Caroline: *There wasn’t a girl who didn’t love being told she was beautiful and being pulled close. She was no exception! Caroline gave a slow smile and a tilt of her head. ..that voice though!* I am always beautiful. But I am very pleased you noticed.

Evangeline: *He was almost as good as that English band she adored! Evangeline finished her drink, and was leaning on her hands and listening with a grin. What a sweet song!* -10:08 Jun 16
Dark: "Maybe I’m a drifter. Maybe not. Cause I have known the safety of floating freely in your arms … I don’t need another lifeline. It’s not for me. ‘Cause only you can save me … Oh can’t you see …" -10:10 Jun 16

He was smiling, showing those nice teeth again. “My name’s Andrew. And yours?”

Caroline: *That smile again. She hadn’t seen a smile like that in ages! If she weren’t careful she’d be grinning stupid the way Evangeline does. ..Speaking of which, she broke eye contact long enough to look after the psychic and make sure she was still in her seat.* Caroline. Tearing yourself away from your gentleman friends tonight, Andrew?

Gabriel: *Once Meri was finished with her story, Gabriel had managed to glean the important details and keep her from side tracking.* … I see. *This made a great amount of sense.* And this second ex-husband of hers.

Dark: "I can’t imagine, life without your love … And even forever don’t seem like long enough. ‘Cause everytime I breathe I take you in … And my heart beats again. Baby, I can’t help it. You keep me drowning in your love. Everytime I try to rise above … I’m swept away by love. Baby, I can’t help it. You keep me drowning in your love …" -10:16 Jun 16
Evangeline: *Evangeline was right where she said she would be! Listening with a grin, swaying in her chair, and swishing her feet back and forth. Although it WAS surprising that Caroline hadn’t come stomping back asking why Dark was there. Had she noticed?* -10:19 Jun 16

Vlamerias: *She blinked.* Um … She didn’t say. He probably died, though, being human and all!

Dark: "Go on and pull me under … Cover me with dreams, yeah. Love me mouth to mouth now … You know I can’t resist … ‘Cause you’re the air I breathe …" -10:20 Jun 16

“For you, Caroline. Anything.” He lowered his head to kiss her mouth, then glanced over to the side! Where the hell were the others? They still had to take care of that singing vampire!

Gabriel: *He smirked.* Indeed. *Now to make sure he was!*

Caroline: *It’d be lying to say she didn’t see it coming. Nor did she fight it! Caroline was more than happy to meet him halfway and return his kiss. Somehow Evangeline was a very distant thought now!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was just a little worried. Dark was hard not to notice, and Caroline should have… It was one of those moments she wished she could see where she was looking! Something in the place was confusing her senses, and with all the people it was hard to track Caroline down.* -10:29 Jun 16
Dark: *Dark was smirking. He’d managed to take down the first incubus with a single spell and teleport him to take care of later! Now he just had to take care of those two over there and their blasted leader!* "Everytime I breathe I take you in … And my heart beats again … Baby, I can’t help it. Keep me drowning in your love. And everytime I try to rise above, I’m swept away by love … Baby, I can’t help it. Keep me drowning in your love." -10:29 Jun 16

Caroline was ripe for the taking. Andrew was smiling as he kept the kiss up and pulled her close. Now all he had to do was keep her occupied while he started taking her energy!

A man came up to stand beside Evangeline! He also smelled good and his voice was also delightful! “Hi. Are you here alone?” Why should Andrew be the only one having fun!

Evangeline: No, my friend is dancing. Have you seen her? She’s very tall, with black hair and wearing a grey dress! *Weird, this guy must have been the other’s twin brother or something. They felt very similar! …now something was deifnitely not right. This was familiar!* -10:35 Jun 16

Caroline: *Closer was better. To be so wrapped up in someone’s kiss. …but something was nagging at her. Frustrating her while she was trying to enjoy a free moment! She broke the kiss just enough to mumble.* What is that song?

“Mm. No clue. But how about we go back to my place and make some music of our own.” This woman’s energy was so fresh! It was all he could do to not drain her completely! He was leaning forward to cover her mouth with his. Another kiss.

“No.” Sounded like the chick Andrew had picked up and was feasting on already. “But how about I take you and we look for her together?”

Caroline: *That was the best idea she heard all day. Her only response being a delighted sigh and a nibble! Kissing this guy was so much like being drunk, and she had only drank a glass and a half of wine!*

Dark: *Great, the other three were moving in on women already! The thought of them panicking and trying to score while they still could amused him. But it didn’t amuse him enough to take them off his hit list. That incubus was too close to the woman for him to take out with a spell. Why the hell did he have to be standing behind her?!* -10:46 Jun 16
Evangeline: I appreciate the offer, but I can find her, thank you! *This was definitely familiar and not good. Evangeline slipped out of her chair. Oooh! Chocolate martini warm fuzzies lingered! If she weren’t concerned about Caroline, she would have giggled!* -10:47 Jun 16

He smiled as he kissed her. This woman had enough energy to feed him for awhile. The boys, too, if he could get her back to his place. Once human women were alone with him, they were open to all sorts of suggestions. Then again, he could just be greedy …

“You look a little tipsy,” the man said, reaching out for Evangeline. “It’s not safe to go out on the floor when you’re dizzy like that.”

Dark: How about you do me a favor and shut the fuck up. *Dark growled from behind him. He swung his arm and punched the incubus out while under the cover of glamour, then teleported the incubus to join his pal!* Stupid demons. I gotta do everything around here. *He muttered, too distracted by finding the other two to notice it was Evangeline right there!* -10:51 Jun 16
Evangeline: I am not a little tipsy! *Hmph. Well, maybe a bit! Oh, Dark! She hadn’t even realized the song was over, but this was good! She grabbed on to his arm before he got too far.* Dark! I hadn’t realized you could sing so well! -10:53 Jun 16
Dark: *He turned to march for the third incubus when Evangeline reached out and grabbed his arm! He turned and blinked!* What the hell! Evangeline?! *He growled.* You’re not here alone, are you? I’ve got enough on my plate to worry about your husband burning this place to the ground. *Ha! There he was! The coward was hiding by the bar, trying to pick up Katherine, another waitress!* -10:56 Jun 16
Evangeline: Oh no, I came with Caroline! She was upset so I wanted to take her out to dance, and I told her she could dance with someone, but now I’ve lost her and I’m a little worried! -10:58 Jun 16
Dark: *Dark looked around a bit, then swore!* Damnit, she’s clinging to Andrew … *That bastard! He was the worst of the bunch! Holding Evangeline’s hand, he was taking her through the crowd!* -10:59 Jun 16
Evangeline: Did you say they were demons? They smelled more like– Oh! ….uh oh. *Incubus! She had ran in to the one before, but Caroline..! * -11:02 Jun 16
Dark: *He didn’t stop but he knew the tone of her voice well!* Uh-oh what. *He didn’t like that tone of voice! He stopped behind Andrew.* Mind if I cut in. -11:03 Jun 16

Andrew didn’t want to stop! Damn that vampire! The others were supposed to warn him …! He slowly broke the kiss to glance over his shoulder. “Back off.”

Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned on her toes and whispered loud.* That’s Caroline’s kryptonite! -11:05 Jun 16
Dark: …*Dark blinked! Caroline had a kryptonite?! Ha! He knew it! She wasn’t as invisible as she liked to appear!* You first. That’s my friend you’ve got and warned you what would happen if you and your kind messed with one of mine. -11:06 Jun 16
Dark: *invincible -11:06 Jun 16

Caroline: *Hey! She was getting lucky here with a magnificent m- Broken contact and Evangeline’s voice. Dark’s voice! Her head was swimming as she tried to make some sense of it. …She did glare at Evangeline though. Man-blocking little minx…*

“I am not holding the woman by force. She is very beautiful …” He was stroking Caroline’s face. “My place, Caroline?” What shivers that voice created down Caroline’s spine! Surprise and mystery and unbelieveable sex!

Caroline: *She would kill for unbelievable sex right about now! A smitten smile on her face, she nodded slow.* Your place.

Dark: *He gently moved Evangeline behind him and out of Caroline’s glare! But he didn’t take his eyes off of Andrew!* I’m serious. Just ’cause there are innocents here, doesn’t mean I won’t kick your ass. -11:11 Jun 16
Evangeline: *This had to be handled delicately… Caroline’s pride and more importantly, her temper was at stake! She tugged at Dark’s back.* You better snap her out of it before it gets worse! -11:12 Jun 16
Dark: Delicate is not my strong suit, Evangeline! *He hissed over his shoulder!* -11:13 Jun 16
Evangeline: Bother! …. Caroline, that’s an Incubus! And a jerk! *Then she was ducking back behind Dark, because it wasn’t going to be pretty.* -11:15 Jun 16

Andrew was just leading Caroline away …! “Lies. They’re just jealous.”

Dark: *So much for delicate! He readied a spell which worked by gathering up magic and then twisting it at the last second to do something specific.* -11:16 Jun 16

Caroline: *That ever smitten smile slowly faded as Evangeline’s words sunk in. Caroline stopped dead in her tracks. Tense and stiff, and eyes narrowing just a bit. Evangeline didn’t lie.* An incubus?

Dark: There are four of them. That’s why I was working here, undercover. -11:18 Jun 16

Caroline: *How much she was restraining herself could be seen with every twitching muscle. Public place. Humans here. Caroline reached out a hand to curl her fingers in to Andrew’s shirt. The smile she gave him was oddly sanguine sweet.* And where are the other three?

… This was trouble! But he couldn’t teleport out of here! He couldn’t understand why! “There’s Chris over there, by that waitress. You have to ask your vampire boyfriend where the other two are.”

Evangeline: *This was JUST like the last time! Only now it was Caroline so dark with rage, that she was afraid she was about to burn the entire place down!* -11:23 Jun 16

Caroline: I hope you won’t mind watching Evangeline for just a moment. Andrew and I need a few minutes alone. *If she had fangs, they’d be showing right now with that porcelain smile! Her hand tightened on his shirt, and damned if she weren’t itching to kill him right there…*

Dark: Knock yourself out. -11:26 Jun 16

Andrew gulped! This didn’t look good! But pleading for mercy would fall on deaf ears! However … “I’m sure we can work something out.”

Caroline: Oh. Something will be worked out. *All it took was a clever spell, and not a human in the place noticed as she disappeared with that Incubus!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was relieved that Caroline wasn’t going lay waste to the entire place. But still… not such a good feeling! She cleared her throat!* That went better than I expected! -11:30 Jun 16
Dark: *Dark muttered something under his breath, used the energy he’d gathered to twist it and teleport that last incubus out of here and with his pals! One moment he was there, the next he wasn’t!* Which brings me to you and Caroline being here … -11:32 Jun 16
Evangeline: I told you? Caroline was upset so I thought a girl’s night out would be a good idea so she could relax. I was so surprise to see how well you can sing! You’re doing such nice things here! -11:34 Jun 16
Dark: I want to know what you’re doing here. Out of all the bars and clubs in this blasted place. -11:36 Jun 16
Evangeline: I was told that it had really good music! And it wasn’t a lie. I really enjoyed it up until things got a little scary. -11:38 Jun 16
Dark: *He huffed.* Fine. So how about I introduce you to the others while you’re still here. Seeing as how Gabriel hasn’t come to burn the place down himself. -11:41 Jun 16

Caroline: *Speaking of scary. Caroline was returning to them, twisting her hair up on to her head and looking a great deal more refreshed than she had in weeks! …Yet, she was still wearing that scowl. And just for Evangeline!* My beautiful lady, would you like to explain why Dark is here?

Dark: I work here. *He said.* Now want to meet the others, or not. -11:42 Jun 16
Dark: *Stupid Caroline. Talking about him as if he wasn’t there …* -11:43 Jun 16
Evangeline: Yep, he works here! Wasn’t his singing fantastic? *Evangeline was curious to know what had become of that Incubus, but…now might not have been the moment to ask.* …I would like to meet them, yes! -11:43 Jun 16

Caroline: You sing and work here? *That harshness of her tone eased up at the surprise. That WAS him singing before… and damned if that flowery scented monstrosity didn’t ruin her opportunity to hear him genuinly singing! ….she should have made that last longer and more painful…*

Dark: Yeah. *He glanced off to the side.* I don’t know … I found out it’s a lot easier for women to resist incubus and vampires who try to seduce them when I sing. *He shrugged.* So I sing and yeah, I take care of demons and vampires who keep harassing Kat and her girls. -11:52 Jun 16

Caroline: It’s kind of you to protect them. *And might ever so slightly make up for the fact that he walked out on her! …but to bring that up now would only make a weird situation weirder.* We can meet them if that’s what you want, Evangeline.

Evangeline: *She felt a little like she was being used as a shield… but they weren’t yelling at each other! That was a good thing!* Yes, I want to! Are you going to sing again too? I didn’t get to dance yet and Caroline would like to hear a song! -11:58 Jun 16
Dark: Someone’s gotta. You think those jerks at Oracle give a damn as long as there isn’t a wide-scale invasion on Earth. *He gave a shrug.* I have to sing anyways. You got a request? -11:59 Jun 16
Evangeline: Oooh, let me think! *Bouncing on her feet, she was trying to run songs through her head… but she just couldn’t decide on any one!* Um, something romantic, like the last one! And Caroline can dance with me since Gabriel isn’t here! -12:02 Jun 17
Dark: *He nodded.* Fine. I’ll be right back. *And then he was up on stage, whispering to the guys the name of the song.* -12:18 Jun 17

Caroline: You are far too excited, my lady. No more drinks for you. *She hadn’t forgotten that she wanted to shake the meddling right out of Evangeline. But a song from Dark might MIGHT make up for part of it.*

Dark: *The drums, bass, and guitar started out pretty fast for a romantic song!* "Sometimes … you’ve said I didn’t listen to your words … That I even made you cry. Maybe I didn’t show in every possible way … How much I cared …" -12:31 Jun 17
Evangeline: I’ve not had that many drinks! *Evangeline tugged Caroline off to dance! This one wasn’t too slow, so it was much better to get that excitement out!* -12:34 Jun 17
Dark: "I’m sorry for … Not being myself. For everything! Ending this way … Maybe I, maybe you … could made this change! I’m sorry for … for everything! I wish that I could stop your tears … From falling down!" -12:37 Jun 17

Caroline: *Damned Evangeline, she wanted to listen to this! He sure as hell knew how to pick a song. How the hell was she supposed to keep up with Evangeline like this!*

Dark: "But unlike me, I’d make it worse … Maybe I wasn’t always there! But it doesn’t mean I don’t care! … Whatever it was … I’m sorry for … not being myself! For everything! Ending this way!" -12:43 Jun 17
Evangeline: He sounds amazing, doesn’t he? And the song is so sweet! Don’t you think so? *Evangeline was trying to pull Caroline in to relaxing a little more and just dancing and listening and not thinking too hard about it!* -12:47 Jun 17
Dark: "We’re minutes away … From saying goodbye for all time! I’m seconds away … From breaking apart! I’m sorry for … For everything! I’m sorry for not being myself … For everything! Ending this way! Maybe I, maybe you could made this change!" -12:51 Jun 17

Caroline: Had you asked for this one, I might have been suspicious. …Not that I wasn’t already suspicious. *Fine, she’ll dance! A song was just a song, despite the words and the one singing it. …despite herself it did ease that sting of incubus contact too. An interested talent!*

Evangeline: It makes me want to sing too! Do you think they’d let me while you and Dark talk? *Though she told Jay she wouldn’t ‘torture’ anyone like that anymore. Frank said she didn’t sound THAT bad and that she could carry a tune, unlike Tabitha!* -12:59 Jun 17
Dark: *He ended that song and then disappeared back stage! He needed a break!* -12:59 Jun 17

Caroline: Why don’t you sit down for a few minutes and not talk to strangers, instead? *Dark was escaping again. Caroline led Evangeline back to the table and sat her down.* Don’t move. I know you’re meddling. Just stay right there. *And resisting the urge to tie Evangeline to the chair, Caroline went to sneak herself back stage!*

Dark: *It was a small backstage and instead of a room, there was a short hallway that led to an EXIT door. He picked up his guitar case and was headed out to the alley outside!* -01:05 Jun 17
Evangeline: *Meddling! She never does such a thing! She’d stay in her chair though… for a few minutes! Evangeline ordered herself another drink!* -01:06 Jun 17

Caroline: Running off so soon, little vampire? Not even to hear what I think about your song? *Always running off… she wasn’t going to chase him down this time.*

Dark: *He stopped. It wasn’t like he was running away! He was just leaving for crying out loud!* Yeah, well … you said you liked my singing before. Did that suddenly change. -01:09 Jun 17

Gabriel: May I, Seer. *He said from behind Evangeline.*

Caroline: No. I still like your singing and it was better to hear it like this. Despite Incubus and Evangeline’s prattling. *She hestitated a moment. If she had pockets that’s where her hands would be. Instead she had let Evangeline talk her in to clothes that wouldn’t give the impression she wanted to give!* Are you really going to leave without letting me explain about Loius?

Evangeline: Gabriel! *Having him appear was like greeting the morning sun! …which was ironic since he wasn’t very sunny at all! Evangeline turned in her chair to grin at him!* A dance? -01:14 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He was smirking down at her.* Here or back at the castle.

Dark: What’s to explain. You were in love with him. He betrayed you. You figured you’d right the cosmic balance or whatever the shit you wanna call it and turned your back. *He finally turned slightly to look at her.* It still doesn’t change the fact he was a bastard to you. -01:17 Jun 17
Evangeline: I wanted to see if they make up! But I am tired too… *That was a hard choice! She wanted to snoop, and she liked how loud the music was here! But getting to be alone with Gabriel somewhere serene was also very nice!* -01:17 Jun 17

Gabriel: I am more concerned about Caroline’s second husband.

Caroline: I certainly never said he wasn’t a bastard. But you didn’t stay long enough to find out.

Evangeline: That is over and done now! A long time ago, and I think she is mostly over it, but she’s still being a little stubborn. Not much to be concerned about? *She couldn’t just sit with Gabriel there. Evangeline got to her feet so she could hug him!* -01:22 Jun 17
Dark: I got the gist of it. *Some silence. He finally gestured to the club.* So yeah, this is what I’ve been up to for awhile now. Guess you figured out I wasn’t always going out for ice cream. -01:22 Jun 17

Gabriel: I still wish to be certain. And her other husbands?

Caroline: I am impressed. I suppose in the end Gabriel and Evangeline were right. You really don’t need to stay with me anymore. *He had been taking care of things here for awhile. And could do spells she wasn’t aware he was capable of! Lots of secrets.*

Dark: … Didn’t mean I don’t like staying with you. *He muttered.* -01:27 Jun 17
Evangeline: Well, he first husband died during a war while she was still human. And her third husband died of old age! That story was actually really sad and I think it upset her the most watching him die. But she is so good at hiding those things! -01:27 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He wrapped his arms around her.* And her second.

Caroline: *She had too much wine tonight afterall. Something like that shouldn’t make her feel so elated.* Even though I am a hypocrite and let the world walk over me?

Dark: You’ve done a lot for me. If it wasn’t for you and Evangeline, I’d be dead by now. You were willing to give me a second chance when no one else did … I just need to know I wasn’t some stray you were gonna dump on the street once you got tired of me. -01:31 Jun 17
Evangeline: I don’t think she knows what happened to him either. She left when the town tried to burn her! He was human, in any case, so he is long gone now too. *She tilted her head back with a curious expression.* Why are you so worried about her exhusbands? -01:32 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He lowered his head to nuzzle her neck.* Former personal attachments strike back with an unseen and often deadly force. *Take Light for instance! The bitch was considered a former personal attachment and she was wreaking havoc on his life now!*

Caroline: I made a promise. I don’t make frivolous promises nor do I abandon what’s important to me. I’m not even sure how you would connect the two together!

Evangeline: *She gave a small grin.* Maybe now you are having psychic visions? Do you want to lock her in the tower? -01:37 Jun 17
Dark: You’re not the only one with issues, you know. *He adjusted the grip on his guitar case and held it over his shoulder.* -01:40 Jun 17

Gabriel: How unfortunate she cannot be a true Queen’s knight if she is locked in the tower.

Caroline: Then speak to your meddling parents when you have them. Don’t walk out on me. *The way she said it wasn’t quite the way she meant to sound, but she wasn’t going to take it back now.*

Dark: Are you pissed because someone walked out on you. Or are you pissed I was the one who walked out on you. And don’t tell me, that makes no sense whatsoever. -01:44 Jun 17
Evangeline: Then we can leave the option open for later! *She squeezed him and dropped her head against his chest.* There were incubus here earlier! Dark was very quick to handle them, I’m really proud! For a minute I was worried that Caroline was going to burn the whole place down, but she just took the one away. …um… not sure what she did with him, though. I don’t think it was pleasant. -01:45 Jun 17

Gabriel: Indeed. *He stroked her hair.* Your breath smells like chocolate martinis.

Caroline: *Here’s a new feeling, now she wanted to head for the door. But she was no coward!* Because you walked out on me. Contrary to what you may think, I seem to find your opinion of me important.

Evangeline: They were delicious! I’m a little dizzy, but it tasted mostly like chcocolate! I want to know how to make them so I can have them at home too! -01:49 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He smirked.* A dangerous idea. I would take advantage of you as you lay giggling on the bed.

Dark: Just to gauge how you’re doing as a former teacher? Or just because I’m a friend? Or someone you promised Gabriel you’d watch over and protect? -01:51 Jun 17
Evangeline: What a wicked thing to do! It’s hard to stop giggling once I start, you know! -01:52 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He smirked. Oh, he knew …!*

Caroline: It wouldn’t possibly be because I’m fond of you. That would just be too much! *He always had to make things difficult. She couldn’t bite back the sarcasm!* You think I would have offered to protect you if I wasn’t fond of you?

Evangeline: Well, I know I will watch myself around you, then! *He made her want to giggle now, even! If only he didn’t smirk the way he did! She couldn’t stop herself from smiling!* -01:56 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He was nibbling on her ear now.* I believe you want me to find you giggling on the bed one night, having drunk one too many of your chocolate martinis.

Dark: Yeah, it’s possible. I’ve seen humans do stuff they don’t want to do because the alternative is worst. -02:00 Jun 17
Evangeline: That is ridiculous. I would know when to stop drinking them, I think! *Melissa had said she needed to stop making things so easy for Gabriel, after all! One little nibble and she’d melt! ….and trying not to do so now!* -02:03 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He was smirking.* But I love to nibble and you love it when I purr and then I stroke you just so … *She just had to be wearing that cute little dress of hers. He was pulling her into the back corner, away from the music to where he could take her back to the castle without the possibility of eyes spying.*

Caroline: You are a very dense man. *Caroline wasn’t sure if she wanted to hit him, throw him out a window or give him a kiss just to make him quit. And that’s what was most disturbing!* I am fond of you. I’ve missed you. I don’t like that you’re staying with Gabriel and Evangeline. I was going to kill Alistair for blabbering utter bullshit out of spite.

Evangeline: *There would be no stroking in public! So she was safe! …well, until he was tugging her to a corner and she was trying very hard not to blush or grin at him for encouragement!* You’re a horrible tease! -02:09 Jun 17
Dark: What the hell do you think I was doing still hanging around the motel. You had your place and the motel just reminded me of when you were my teacher. -02:09 Jun 17

Gabriel: Horrible but effective. It is your own fault for having worn that dress tonight. *Once they were in the corner, he took them out of the club and back to the castle! And he didn’t bother going to their room either! He took her to the summer coutyard and it was night!*

Caroline: I’ve got no idea what you’re doing anymore! You confuse the daylights out of me! Why don’t you just make this simplier and just stay with me at the loft!

Evangeline: Caroline said this dress wasn’t going to attract any men in a club! *She felt the need to defend her dress! It had pockets for her to hide things in, after all! She tilted her head at the summer courtyard… She knew this one was summer by the warmth and the smells!* -02:16 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He was smirking as he gently pushed her up against a tree!* Evangeline, you attract me no matter what you wear, no matter where you are. A beacon in the darkness.

Dark: *He smirked.* Okay, I accept. -02:22 Jun 17
Evangeline: And she called me biased! You can’t help it, you love me! *Why did he have to make simple motions feel so exhilarating! She eased against the tree to sneak to the side and escape!* -02:25 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly as she eased to the side. He thought she was very adorable like this. Such a tease!*

Caroline: NOW you smirk at me. I almost suspect you’re driving me crazy on purpose! *She was leaning towards hitting him now, for sure! …but he would stay with her at the loft!*

Evangeline: *All too easy to scoot away and then circle around to the other side of the tree out of reach! She couldn’t help but grin when he laughed. It was ruining her serious all business expression!* -02:31 Jun 17
Dark: *Now he was walking back to her.* I guess now I can’t tell you your lessons were worthless. -02:32 Jun 17

Gabriel: *And he was smiling, too!* … I love you, Evangeline.

Caroline: It’s apparently a tradition to assume they’re useless until you accidentally need them. *Imagine that. She felt worlds better now. Who knew having a troublesome vampire move back in with you could do that.* Were you finished here tonight?

Evangeline: *She leaned against the tree as tilted to flick at him.* And I love you! For hanging the stars and being wicked! -02:38 Jun 17
Dark: Yeah. I think the club’s safe for another day or so. I should probably scout out another one soon. -02:42 Jun 17

Caroline: Then you should dance with me once or twice. Evangeline seems to think I need to losen up and have fun more often. *A return of her smirk. If only Evangeline knew what Caroline liked to do!*

Dark: You actually know how to loosen up and have fun? -02:48 Jun 17

Caroline: Why don’t you come and find out, little vampire? I promise I won’t fall asleep this time.

Dark: *He laughed softly.* Guess taking you to a boring show is out of the question. -02:50 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He smirked.* You would have me no other way. *He easily dodged the tree and then he crouched to pounce and land at her feet.*

Caroline: That show was a beautiful classic and I might have enjoyed it if I weren’t so tired. …but tonight we could dance. I’ve danced with an asshole and I’ve danced with Evangeline. You might be far more fun. *She leaned forward with the most wicked of smirks!* Or will you let down a woman who was forced to dress up all pretty for nothing.

Dark: Heh. A couple of dances then. *Afterwards, he could feed. But for now, well … He’d enjoy this time with Caroline without having to snap at her.* -02:56 Jun 17
Evangeline: *There was an EEP that she tried to quiet with her hands before she hopped to the side to start running!* -02:56 Jun 17

Caroline: You’re so enthusiastic. *She was smirking again, taking his hand to lead him away from his hiding place back stage and back out where there was music!*

Gabriel: *He stood as she started to run, then smirked and began to follow. Let her run. Half the fun was in the chase.*

Dark: *She was pulling him back! He had enough time to place his guitar under the table backstage before they had reached the dance floor!* -03:01 Jun 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline loved the summer courtyard! There was lots of trees and plants! And plenty of places to hide! She managed to find one of the gazebos and hide behind one of the pillars. Clamping her hands over her mouth to try not to giggle!* -03:04 Jun 17

Caroline: Has Evangeline ever bothered to teach you how to dance yet? *It had been awile since she’s been able to tease him without him getting pissed off at her!*

Gabriel: *He was humming softly but then he started to sing as he approached Evangeline’s little hiding place!*

Dark: Yeah, but it was basic stuff like the waltz. But then she also wanted me to try doing some kind of hip hop dance to see if I’d like that better. -03:13 Jun 17
Evangeline: *Bliss! Dark sounded nice, but hearing Gabriel was so much better! Her eyes were closed and she was leaning against the pillar, listening with a grin… until she remembered she was supposed to be hiding! Sneaky!* -03:16 Jun 17

Caroline: Let’s not bother with hip hop or anything new and ridiculous. *Maybe she was an old woman, but some stuff couldn’t be called dancing! She moved to put her arms around his neck. The night was getting late and they were switching to more mellow music. …at least Evangeline picked out a decent club. Caroline might have come to one like this herself!*

Dark: *He blinked as she put her arms around his neck but then he relaxed and put his hands on her waist. It was the only place left to put them!* -03:24 Jun 17

Caroline: Now that I have you trapped, maybe you should ask me about myself. And hear things first hand without a big-mouthed warlock in the middle? *It was hard not to smirk at the expression on his face.*

Gabriel: *He seemed to come out of nowhere, slipping his arms around her, pressing her up against the pillar she had hidden behind!* “Cause the light I shine on you … Is what you gave to me … I’m a crystal clear and true … I’m your cairn and creed … You think that I’m a mountain, but there’s a price I have to pay … For the love I have forsaken, can never be replaced …”

Dark: *He seemed unsure. The last time that had happened, he had gotten pissed at her and they had fought.* I’m pretty sure you’ve said what you’ve had to say. -03:33 Jun 17
Evangeline: *There was that swooning fangirl feeling! How can a women be a fangirl of her own husband! For the moment it didn’t matter, she did so love the tone of his voice! It was like being hypnotized with warm fuzzies!* -03:36 Jun 17

Caroline: Why don’t you get to know me beyond first impressions. Or do I only give second chances and not get them? *Caroline was fascinated to know! There were a lot of assumtions and misconceptions, but he wouldn’t know any different unless he stayed still long enough to ask.*

Gabriel: *He lowered his head, lips brushing against hers with every word he sung!* “The mysteries of life … Take us high and low … The road can be long. It seems … Someone is lost but no one is free … Falling, I’m falling down … Into your open arms! Each and every gathered glow, maintains my shining star … This is a praise to all of you …”

Dark: *Eh, maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if he started out with something simple …* So why don’t you tell me about your favorite color and food first. I know you love tea. You drink the damn thing all the time. -03:45 Jun 17
Evangeline: *He did give her shivers making one song sound so sweet! So she cheated just a little to raise up on her toes and bridge that gap to kiss him!* -03:47 Jun 17

Caroline: *Patience was a virtue. Looking only mildly frustrated but still amused she answered!* Midnight blue is my favorite color. And I favor Baklava. It’s sweet and not something I get to have often. Tea is good for you, by the way.

Gabriel: *She kissed him just as he ended the song and then he was kissing her back, one hand stroking her cheek!*

Evangeline: *A little nibble of his lips before leaning away to giggle softly!* Do you know how many times I’ve fallen in love with you? -03:55 Jun 17
Dark: Yeah, I hear that a lot. *He muttered.* So, am I like your second stray or were there more strays you picked up and I don’t know about. -03:59 Jun 17

Gabriel: Is that a rhetorical question, Evangeline. *He was running his hands up and down her arms now.*

Caroline: You are the only one I picked up by choice, if that’s what you mean. I haven’t made it a habit to stay in one place for long.

Dark: And this Mentor of yours. Whatever happened to him. -04:04 Jun 17
Evangeline: I think this might be three hundred and seventy six. *At this rate she was going to purr, and she never did it quite the way he did. But she had her eyes closed again anyway, with that happy sigh!* -04:04 Jun 17

Caroline: …Now we come to the tough questions! I out lived him. I was surprised he lived as long as he did. Those days men didn’t get very old.

Dark: So he was human. I always thought your Mentor was a demon or something. -04:07 Jun 17

Gabriel: *Still stroking her cheek with one hand, he was planting kisses down her other cheek and then down to her neck, nibbling and sucking gently on the spot where her pulse beat strongest!*

Caroline: I always wondered if he was part demon. The man was insufferable. *Caroline gave a slow smirk.* Would you like to know how I met him?

Dark: … Does it have anything to do with sex? *Because if it did, count him out of it!* -04:10 Jun 17
Evangeline: *There was always that one spot that made her knees weak, and it would probably be like that for eternity! She tilted her head just a bit to rest against his and smell his hair. He smelled like her bath salts and summer rain. No incbubus could mimic that and the thought made her giggle again!* -04:11 Jun 17

Caroline: No! For the gods no! For your information, my entire life story doesn’t involve sex! *There was a mental image she never wanted to have again!*

Dark: *He was going to pretend like he wasn’t relieved!* Okay. So how *did* you meet him. -04:17 Jun 17

Caroline: One day a long time ago a very angry woman saw an old man getting hassled by a couple of demons. Determined to kill every demon she lay sights on, she decided to rescue him. The fight was long and bloody but in the end she won just barely. ..Only for the old man to take her to the ground in three seconds, sit on her back and say “All that potential and now you’re eating the dirt like a twit.” *Varients of that same phrase, she had grumbled at Dark so many times before!*

Gabriel: *He was kissing and stroking her body. He wanted her to feel the warm fuzzies she often spoke of, and to cuddle and kiss her without it actually having to turn into sex. Evangeline was more than just someone to have sex with.*

Dark: *He blinked.* You’re kidding me. -04:29 Jun 17
Evangeline: *He was so sweet, it made moment three hundred and seventy seven! There was no one in the world that ever made her feel more precious and loved. She took his hands to pull him away from the pillar and fuss him on to one of the gazebo seats. Then she was slipping on to his lap and curling her arms around his neck so she could nuzzle his cheek.* -04:30 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly as she pulled him away from the pillar, into one of the seats! He wrapped his arms around her and lay his head on her shoulder. Evangeline made him feel at peace and loved. He was glad he had made her this castle to cuddle in.*

Caroline: No. And I was unfathomably angry. I tried to shake him, throw him, roll over on him for an hour or so. He was a human old man and for all purposes I planned on killing him for it. But I couldn’t get him off. To make it worse he would chuckle the entire time! When I finally gave up and demanded he get off, he shared his grand wisdom. “Wasted all of your energy fighting those idiots, when you really needed it for me. Wouldn’t you like to learn better?” …Of course, I told him where he could stick his offer, with all of the politeness of a lady.

Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed softly, running her fingers in to his hair.* Is that all you made this castle for? Cuddling? -04:35 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He was purring now! She had such a wonderful touch! And when she ran her fingers through his hair like so …!* Mmm? *He kissed her collarbone.*

Dark: Wow. And did he just laugh and lecture you until you couldn’t take it anymore? -04:39 Jun 17
Evangeline: It wasn’t to keep me hidden away from the world? *Purring! Oooh, that deserved her massaging his head a bit. Since he was kind enough to let her go out dancing and meddling!* -04:41 Jun 17

Caroline: It was his greatest pleasure to do so. I did finally decide I would take his lessons, if only so I could kill him with them later.

Gabriel: *He could nuzzle and purr for her for the rest of eternity!* You deserve a castle.

Dark: Heh. What do you know … So, would you say your Mentor was as evil with his training as you and Gabriel were? -04:47 Jun 17
Evangeline: *She rubbed his head and took great care to get all of those pressure points for tension! Occasionally leaning to kiss him here or there.* And I love it very much. Especially with you here in it. -04:49 Jun 17

Caroline: I would say every curse word, insult, complaint and moan you have thrown at me and Gabriel I said myself to him at one point or another. I didn’t learn as quickly as you did. *She was glad he was amused! She had been while trying to teach him!*

Gabriel: *He purred.* Now I have lots of room to spread my dragon wings.

Dark: *Smirk!* So much for being original and stuff. So, you never got to find out a lot about your Mentor? -04:57 Jun 17
Evangeline: I like when you put your wings around me too. *Evangeline tilted to kiss his cheek. Who knew that she would only see darkness and then later only feel safe when surrounded by it too!* -04:58 Jun 17

Gabriel: *Gabriel smiled and then Evangeline felt his wings around her as well! The warm darkness as soft as a spider’s web or a butterfly’s wing without being sticky or so easily torn.*

Caroline: I was able to learn far more about my Mentor than I ever wished to know. *She replied with a wry grin!* I spent several years traveling with him. Old men a very unpleasant travel companions.

Evangeline: *Wings were something unique and didn’t cease to fascinate her! She reached out a hand to brush softly against one.* Are they awkward to have like this? -05:04 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He lay his head on her shoulder again.* No, not anymore. *Perhaps he was regaining his control as Darkness or perhaps it was because he was focusing solely on Evangeline.*

Evangeline: What do you think I would look like with wings and fangs? Intimidating? *Not that she wanted to accidentally bite herself, and sleeping with wings might be tricky. …but it was an amusing thought!* I don’t look much like the Queen of Darkness. -05:11 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He was trying to picture her with wings and fangs but it wasn’t working! It was much easier to picture her with angel wings!* I am surprised Light has not accused me of stealing one of her Angels and stripping you of your wings.

Dark: I’ll take your word for it. So, how did you know you were ready to go off on your own? -05:15 Jun 17
Evangeline: She may very well say so the next time she wants to talk to me. *Angel wings would probably get in her way too! She ran in to things enough without wings to worry over too!* Will she be able to come to the castle? -05:16 Jun 17

Gabriel: No. She would have to find it first. If she sets foot, eye, or anything else of hers on or around castle grounds, I will kill her.

Caroline: War. …Seems most of my stories involve war one way or another. You can’t stay on the heels of your mentor when you’re fighting off goblins and demons.

Dark: I don’t know. Sounds like the old man could take care of himself pretty well. -05:20 Jun 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned forward to kiss his forehead.* But what happens if you did kill her? There has to be Light somewhere, yes? -05:22 Jun 17

Caroline: He did. And so did I. A grim test of skill and independance! He retired to spend the rest of his days telling embarrassing stories about his students while I carried on the family business.

Gabriel: The universe rights itself by finding another avatar of Light. Or it is destroyed as the balance is completely uneven.

Dark: So he died a happy man. Good for im. -05:25 Jun 17
Evangeline: Then I hope it might find a new avatar so I can keep living with you! I don’t want the universe to be destroyed and you to be all alone. -05:26 Jun 17

Gabriel: As do I. *Light did not like the possibility of being replaced.*

Caroline: And that, my love, is the beginnings of Caiolainn the Slayer. So very exciting. *Caroline grinned. It was probably less exciting and more like a history lesson from a stuffy old professor. At least dancing was pleasant!*

Dark: Gee, look at the time. I think I should go feed now. -05:31 Jun 17
Evangeline: *She kissed him softly to erase his worries.* She won’t tempt fate, I think. Only the crazy ones try! -05:32 Jun 17

Caroline: What a casual brush off! You should work on your lady dismissing techniques. *Caroline released him and stepped back. He stayed and he listened. That’s all she wanted. And if he were going to stay at the loft, that meant other opportunities.* I will see you at home?

Gabriel: *And Light was most definitely crazy! But she wasn’t stupid. She pitched a fit whenever he destroyed something of hers. He could only imagine how she would panic if she knew he was coming to kill her and effectively telling the universe to screw the balance.*

Dark: You’re not going to burn anything else down, are you? Gabriel usually says, no. But with you pyromaniacs, you burn something down once and you’re finding the slightest excuse to do it again. -05:35 Jun 17
Evangeline: Gabriel. Don’t tell the universe things you can’t take back. Not unless you will keep me if it gets destroyed! -05:37 Jun 17

Caroline: Why would you say that. I didn’t burn anyTHING today. Unless there’s another Incubus between me and the loft, no one is going to have their souls burned.

Gabriel: Of course. *He was a bit surprised she had thought he wouldn’t want to keep her if the universe was destroyed! He wanted to keep her, period.*

Evangeline: You can wrap me with your wings and I’ll shine only for you. Even if we’re the only things left. *He had promised her eternity, and she wanted it whether the universe existed or not!* -05:42 Jun 17

Gabriel: *For that, he purred even louder and rubbed his head against her. Ah, there were those warm fuzzies she often spoke of!*

Dark: Heh. Anything is possible with you, Caroline. *He kissed her on the cheek.* Thanks. I’ll see you at home then. *And then he was walking backstage again, to pick up his guitar and feed.* -05:44 Jun 17
Evangeline: *She had made him purr more, and was so please with it that she had her arms around him again to squeeze! He was her universe!* -05:46 Jun 17

Caroline: *Caroline watched him go before she was rubbing her head and wondering how all of today came to here! A resigned, but relieved sigh, she headed for home. Just this once, she would listen to Evangeline and not think so hard about it.*

Gabriel: *Nothing but purrs and cuddles for this woman! He teleported them to their bed and leaned away slightly so he could shrug off his coat! Then he went back to snuggles and purring!*

Evangeline: *She should have written on her husband wishlist that she wanted a vampire that purred! It made agressive snuggling so much! She did love to pet him so he would purr more!* -05:54 Jun 17
Dark: *It was real easy to find somewhere to feed. It just so happened he’d discovered somewhere bottled blood was available. A small place run by some vampires. It wasn’t as "rich" or "fresh" as getting it from "the source" or a victim the old fashioned way. But it was less messy and time-consuming.* -05:57 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He stopped purring long enough to ask!* Do you need time to change into something more comfortable.

Evangeline: I’m already comfortable. *Curling up with him and nuzzling his cheek… But she supposed it was best to put on pajamas and get ready for bed. She hadn’t even taken off her shoes yet!* Hmm… I do, but I don’t want to let you go. -06:01 Jun 17

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Picture the pajamas you wish to wear. *When she had done so, he kissed her forehead and she was instantly in her pajamas!* Better.

Evangeline: Don’t you worry that you will spoil me and I will get lazy and wicked? *Of course, the only wickedness she could think of right now was to lean and kiss him while she moved to get them both under the covers!* -06:06 Jun 17

Gabriel: I do not do it often. This is urgent. *Was his reply!*

Evangeline: *He sounded so serious, it made her laugh!* Urgent snuggle time? -06:09 Jun 17
Dark: *He usually stayed enough for a bottle or two but after downing a couple, he bought a six pack of it to take home with him! Home. Living with Caroline at the loft. There was something that made him smirk!* -06:14 Jun 17

Caroline: *Home was always a quick jump away! And she was more than happy to get out of that damned dress, take a shower and drop on to the sofa to just relax! Alistair wouldn’t be there and now she had a roommate! Should she tease him and say he has to pay half of the bills? Maybe tomorrow when she wasn’t so tired!*

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Is there something more urgent than snuggle time.

Dark: *He decided he would just walk home. He didn’t like to teleport unless he had to–Crap, that’s right. He still had those three incubus to take care of. Eh, he’d do that tomorrow.* -06:19 Jun 17
Evangeline: *She was trying to think of something but…. Nope! Snuggle time was on the top of her list of important daily activities. She shook her head!* -06:20 Jun 17

Gabriel: We are in agreement then. *His arms and wings were wrapping around her again and he placed his head over her heart to hear it beat.*

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