Oracles come to see Evangeline.

Caroline spends the afternoon teasing Dark.

[Evangeline is at Oracle, where incidentally she\’s now met a few REAL Oracles!] -02:21 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Her lessons for the hunters were over for the day, and she was glad for it, as it was a little strange! Those woman had been lurking for some time, but they were curious to watch and Evangeline didn’t want to shoo them away. Now she was putting things away and chatting!* Did you see something interesting during the class… maybe? -02:24 Jun 23
[Vlamerias is sticking close to her Mommy and eying those Oracles closely!] -02:25 Jun 23
Vlamerias: *In fact, Meri has her arms around Evangeline’s leg and is ready to hiss and scratch if need be!* -02:26 Jun 23

The tallest of the women must have been the oldest. He face was so wrinkled, you could barely see her eyes. But her hair was as dark as night! She wore dark purple robes and was very interested in looking around the room. “We have seen much, daughter. You have an extraordinary gift for one so young… and still alive.”

Evangeline: Um… thank you! I think? *Walking around with Meri attached to her leg wasn’t easy, but Evangeline couldn’t bare to pull her off. The devil was so worried about her, and Evangeline wanted her to feel secure in keeping her safe!* Why are you here for a visit? I suppose you did want to come and see me directly after all. -02:28 Jun 23

The old woman stood tall, very proud of her words. “We are the Guild of Oracles and have come to offer sanctuary to one of our daughters. A Seer is not safe here on the human plane. There are many who seek to own our power and souls. We are with deep regret that we have not come to spare you this torment much sooner…”

Vlamerias: *Oh no! She was NOT letting go! Everytime she left her Mommy when strange people visited, bad things happened to her Mommy and Meri felt bad about it afterwards! Maybe she should call for Warrior Lady and Dark now instead of waiting until later!* -02:34 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed softlym dropping a handful of her beanbags in to a bin.* I’m not being tormented at all! What makes you think so? I am honored by the offer, though. What is the Guild of Oracles? *She brushed a hand over Meri’s head gently. If she clung any tighter, she was going to lose a foot!* -02:35 Jun 23

“The Guild of Oracles brings together the strong and the bright. Safety for those who see beyond the present. We influence destiny, guide fate, and protect life from the darkness.” Answered the old woman. She did not seem to be in a rush, nor concerned about the clinging devil.

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice, looked up at her Mommy when she brushed a hand over her head. Then she looked back at the people! Strange shiny people! But if they wanted her Mommy, they had another thing coming!* -02:39 Jun 23
Evangeline: But darkness really isn’t a danger to life at all. Lots of life even thrives in it! Don’t you think it is a little biased? -02:41 Jun 23

The old lady only smiled as if she knew that was the response she would get. “You speak truth, young Seer. Darkness is not to be feared as a threat. Yet, the children of Darkness are the ones that prey on life most often. Your soul has been safe and protected thus far, but you are now in great danger. The feud between Darkness and Light will be the death of you, daughter. We have forseen it.”

Vlamerias: Eep! *Was all she could say at that! Mommy … dead?! No, it couldn’t happen! She hissed at the old woman now!* -02:45 Jun 23

“Small devil child, do not fear. WE do not wish your Seer harm! We wish to protect our daughter from this fate!”

Vlamerias: You’re going to upset Mommy! *She muttered, although she stopped hissing and opted for sulking and clinging to Evangeline’s leg instead!* -02:48 Jun 23
Evangeline: I’m afraid I find it a little hard to believe, and I hope you’ll forgive me for being so suspicious! But sometimes people try to trick me, and I’ve done terrible things become of it. *Heaven forbid she alter reality and hurt Gabriel again! She couldn’t stand it!* -02:48 Jun 23

“The gypsy is a prime example, daughter. She, the devil Malsuada. The vampire Anthony. The beast of the trailway. They are moments of your forseen death, only narrowly escaped. But, if you will not believe our words, we could show you. A tour of our sheltered place if you wish to see for yourself.”

Vlamerias: Mommy doesn’t go anywhere without me! And that sheltered place does not welcome devils! Give Mommy a chance to think about it on her own! On Earth! The human plane! -02:53 Jun 23
Evangeline: *The last thing she wanted to think about were the moments she almost died. But it was the last one that gave her the shivers… That demon in the subway, the one she couldn’t sense at all but had the vision about killing her! She would have died if Gabriel hadn’t shared her vision and came!* …she is right. I would like to see, but I won’t leave Meri here alone. Or leave here without telling Gabriel. -02:54 Jun 23

“Of course, daughter. We would not take you without consent. If you wish to find a sitter for your devil, and tell someone where you are, we would allow it.” Several of the women nodded in agreement!

Vlamerias: No, Mommy! Don’t go! Souls have searched for centuries for that place! I’ll never see you again! -02:57 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline knelt on the floor, pulling Meri off her leg to kiss her cheek and smile!* It’s important I know if they’re telling the truth. I don’t want to die and leave Gabriel here alone without me. And they’re not stealing me? You know where I will be, and Gabriel will know! He will find me anywhere I go and bring me home. -03:01 Jun 23
Vlamerias: *Her Mommy was set on going! She pouted! And if her Mommy really wanted to go, she really couldn’t stop her! A familiar could not intervene in the affairs of her master and vice versa!* … You still need a sitter for me, Mommy. -03:02 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Meri was so worried, it was breaking her heart! Evangeline wanted to take her, but she wouldn’t want her somewhere uncomfortable for devils!* Would you like to stay with Dark and Caroline? Or maybe to stay with Gabriel? I doubt he would be too busy to keep his familiar close! -03:05 Jun 23
Vlamerias: *Sulking! Sulking! She didn’t like being separated from her Mommy in the least!* Um … Dark and Warrior Lady! *She’ll tell her Glaër after giving her Mommy exactly three minutes! That was usually how long before Mommy was in trouble and needed rescuing!* -03:11 Jun 23
Evangeline: Good. *She kissed Meri’s forehead.* Go to them and you can tell them where I am too. And please tell Dark to stop answering the door without his clothes, there is a lot of gossip about him! -03:13 Jun 23

The Oracles were quite patient, allowing the exchange to occur without a sound of complaint! They did find it quite interesting, however!

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy … *She gave her a tight hug!* Just make sure they treat you good! Or else Glaër will be mad! -03:18 Jun 23
Evangeline: I believe oracles would know better than to anger my husband! *Evangeline was grinning when she stood back up, clasping her hands behind her back!* I am ready to see your special place, then! But I need to return before dinner. -03:20 Jun 23

“Good-day, small devil child.” said the tallest Oracle, moving to stand at Evangeline’s side before there was a soft hum of the women’s voices. A doorway opened, blinding bright and near impossible to look at! She placed a hand at Evangeline’s back to guide her through the portal!

Vlamerias: *Meri hissed! Then she was teleporting and landed right on Dark’s head!* DDDDDARRRRRKKKKKKK!!! -03:26 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline was expecting a dizzy feeling, a whoosh, or anything! But when they passed through the doorway and it disappeared behind them it was just like stepping in to her apartment. Strong and safe wards. They weren’t as warm and comforting as Gabriel’s, but they weren’t ice cold! Everything here was very sheltered!* The wards here are old! -03:28 Jun 23

“Yes. We have sheltered Seers for many eons. Come!” Most of the ladies had dispersed, leaving to go about their business. Evangeline was alone with the eldest, who was taking her arm to guide her through the tour. “Daughter, do you know why so many Seers of myth and legend are often blind as you are?” she asked!

Dark: *He was just sitting back and watching TV when his view was obscured by a little wailing devil!* Wha?! Meri!!

Evangeline: Um, no… I thought it was a bit of ironic coincidence, really… -03:31 Jun 23

Caroline: *Caroline was sitting at the kitchen counter, reading a magazine and eating cashews from a bowl. The sound of Meri, though, and she was inwardly groaning. That wasn’t the happy hello “daaark!” that was the trouble one.*

Vlamerias: *She was sniffling and clinging to his head, oblivious to the discomfort she was causing!* They took Mommy and Mommy went with them! And I’ll probably never see Mommy again!

Dark: … Whoa! Calm down! Slow down! Stop! Rewind! Who took Evangeline and what do you mean you’ll probably never see her again?!

“A great Seer must have nothing to distract her vision from the lines of fate. You, daughter, are to be a great Seer.” The elder led Evangeline to a large room, where many woman were sitting in their own secluded little spots. Each having a large crystal, bowl of water, or other clear mediums sitting in front of them. “Have a seat here. Look in to the stone, that is your element, correct? Look deep and tell me what you see, daughter!”

Vlamerias: *She sniffled in between her words!* They were … at the class! And then … they watched … Mommy! And they said they were Oracles! And they said … Mommy was an Oracle, too! And then they said they came to take her way! And then they offered her a tour! And she took it! And now she’s gone! Cause no one’s ever found their shelter place thingy before! -03:38 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline sat, not sure how she was supposed to look but… It was strange! Though she couldn’t see the place, she could definitely see the crystal! And in the crystal were images. All of those things she always had in her head where now in the crystal with so much more clarity!* This is amazing! What is this for? -03:45 Jun 23

Dark: That’s insane! I’ve never heard of these oracles before.

Caroline: Vlamerias, did they -take- her or did they -invite- her? It’s an important detail. *Oracles were mysterious things… Rare! To see one meant a huge event. Even she had only met one once… and it wasn’t good circumstances.* They are like the elite of psychics. People like Evangeline, but their gift is stronger, more controlled. …and they aren’t nearly as helpful or direct.

“A tool for divination. To enhance the strength of vision. Imagine the good one could do, seeing every vision with crystal clarity. Knowing exactly what is to happen. How to prevent evil or guide good to it’s destiny.”

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice.* Um … They invited her! But they said stuff that made Mommy want to go with them! Like bring up that gypsy woman and Malsuada and Anthony and some beast! That’s not fair to bring up to Mommy! She’s very sensitive! -03:50 Jun 23

Dark: … Grand. They sound like the life of the party. *He muttered, trying to pry the devil off his head! But she had one hell of a grip!*

Evangeline: It would be helpful, yes. I’ve not been able to make sense of so many visions after getting married. There’s so many and so strong I can’t really focus. *She was poking at the crystal now, watching a few, and setting them aside to find others. Specifically she was trying to find herself! She had never seen visions of herself before, and maybe this would help. …yet she couldn’t find any!* You said that you thought I would die? I don’t see anything like that here. -03:56 Jun 23

Caroline: It’s hard to imagine Evangeline as an Oracle. They don’t live amongst humans. They live in their own little world away from everything else.

Vlamerias: Creatures have tried for centuries to find that place! It’s said to be a place of bright, shining souls! So warded, no ounce of Darkness can penetrate it! What will that mean for Glaër?! -03:59 Jun 23

Dark: *He stopped trying to pull her off and opted for patting her on the head instead! At least, he hoped that was her head he was patting!* Come on now. I’m not the first to defend him but Gabriel finds ways of getting Evangeline back.

“Those visions are unique, are they not? You have viewed yourself only in moments of great choice and consequence. You would not see the other potential moments…” The elder moved, resting her hand on top of the crystal. Here she was sharing visions of her own! Several shifted on the crystal before it settled on one. A seemingly innocent moment of Evangeline helping hunters in a class before a very fatal accident! Then another of her and Meri taking a bus across the city and a wreck! Then another where several demons interupt their way home! “These moments are common. Come often. You have been lucky thus far, that you have survived for so long. So many have tried to claim your soul.” The last vision was an odd one. Everything there was crystal or glass and Evangeline seemed to be just sleeping. But there was both Light and Darkness there! “If you remained here with us, this things will not befall you.”

Caroline: I can promise Gabriel would find her, even if she were at the center of the sun. As long as they don’t intend to harm her, she’ll be all right. Oracles aren’t known for being vicious… just vague and irritating. *At this rate Dark was going to be smothered… she should probably save him. In a moment.*

Evangeline: *Knowing that things just tend to happen, and then knowing they WERE going to happen had a very unsettling effect. Especially knowing how easy it was for Gabriel to lose her! His heart would be broken and he would never be himself again.* I see. It is very lucky for me to still be alive. …but I don’t think that staying here would be the best choice for me. There have been scary moments, but Gabriel has always protected me. -04:15 Jun 23
Vlamerias: But what if they convince Mommy to stay with them! Or they do something slick! People get slick where Mommy is concerned! -04:16 Jun 23

Dark: *He was back to trying to get Meri off of his head! Why did she always cling to his head? He stopped, huffed!*

Caroline: If she chose to stay there herself, then that is where she’ll stay. …Otherwise, if they were slick you can bet Gabriel will go to get her. *…all right. She felt sorry enough for Dark to get the devil off. Caroline rose from her chair to cross the room and pluck Meri up in to her arms.*

Vlamerias: *She was frowning but all it took to let go of Dark was Caroline picking her up!* I don’t like it when Mommy is away from me too long! Oracles are sneaky! I should warn Glaër right away! -04:22 Jun 23

“Daughter, even Darkness can fail. Light wishes her child to be returned and she will have her victory. At least here, amongst your kindred spirits you will be away from the war between Light and Darkness. None will touch you here, and your love with remain eternal and alive.”

Evangeline: Eternal and alive, but lonely. *What was she supposed to do? She wanted to be safe for Gabriel, but not at the cost of never getting to see him… She never liked tragic love stories!* No, I think things are best the way they are. I really do appreciate your concern for me, but I couldn’t bare to be away from him. We can find other ways to make sure nothing terrible happens. -04:25 Jun 23

Caroline: Tell your master where she is, then. But for the heavens, Small Lady, don’t panic so badly. Bad choices are made when we panic. Then you do silly things like make crazy wishes or try to burn souls.

The elder looked regretful. “If that is what you wish.” She pulled her hand away from the crystal, and gestured at it again. “Before you choose to leave us, perhaps you can donate your time and knowledge? If only for a few moments, share you visions with us. Allow yourself the opportunity to use our tools?”

Vlamerias: *She lowered her head slightly.* Yes, Warrior Lady. *She blinked and remembered something!* Mommy said for me to tell Dark to stop answering the door without his clothes! -04:31 Jun 23

Dark: *He blinked!* … What.

Caroline: Is he answering the door naked? *…THAT would be a sight! What does he do while she’s asleep or away?*

Vlamerias: I think so! But Mommy said there’s gossip! -04:34 Jun 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline nibbled on her lip. A few minutes wouldn’t hurt… An Oracle could do so much good!* Only for a few moments, if at least to get my head straight! -04:35 Jun 23

Caroline: If Dark is answering the door naked, I would say there is a lot more than gossip…

That was plenty enough for the Oracle! Bidding Evangeline a thank you, she moved away to check on other women. Leaving Evangeline alone with peace and visions!

Dark: Hey! I had some pants on! … Most of the time. *He rubbed the back of his head. He couldn’t remember EVERY time he’d had to answer the door!*

Evangeline: *Alone with nothing but herself and the divination crystal. It was a unique feeling! With the wards, every distraction was far, far away from her thoughts. And through the crystal she could see and focus directly on every single vision, that ran through her head. With a finger she could move them. Tuck away the ones that were silly things and unnecessary or bring to focus the ones that may be important! Things she wanted to remember and pass on to someone! Evangeline became so wrapped up in those visions, she never noticed how much time had passed or how long she had been sitting there!* -04:44 Jun 23

Caroline: I can only imagine the things they say. *A wicked smirk across her face, she could imagine lots! Things that would likely send him in to another temper tantrum, so it was wise to keep them to herself.*

[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((04:59 Jun 23))
[Vlamerias logged out of the chat.] -((04:59 Jun 23))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -04:59 Jun 23
[Evangeline let time get away from her and missed dinner! That can\’t be good!] -11:48 Jun 23
[Vlamerias is spending time with Dark and Warrior Lady!] -11:48 Jun 23

Gabriel: *Somewhere, in that realm of shadows, Darkness swung its tail and roared! The roar was loud enough to be heard even on Earth as it lifted its head!*

Caroline: *There are many ways to keep a deviled entertained… In this case Caroline had Meri playing with a box of marbles that may or may not be of a suspicious nature. If Dark didn’t ask what they were, she wasn’t going to tell!*

Dark: *He winced!* … Crap. *He massaged his temples.* Hey, Meri. I’ll give you two guesses who’s pissed off right now.

Vlamerias: *Meri was having such fun playing with those marbles! She really had to remember to ask the Warrior Lady about these later! She looked up at Dark and blinked once, then twice!* Umm … umm … -11:52 Jun 23
Evangeline: *She jumped and blinked wearily! Blast it, she must have fallen asleep… Evangeline sat up in her seat, blinking down at the crystal that was still showing visions. She had been concentrating so hard at it, she had forgotten about everything else!* Miss Elder? -11:53 Jun 23

A hand rested at Evangeline’s back, and the Elder Oracle smiled down. “You’ve over exerted yourself, daughter. I shall take you somewhere to rest.”

Caroline: *She glanced up at the clock on the wall.* …Someone is missing his wife, no doubt.

Vlamerias: Ohh no! Glaër! *She had been so preoccupied …!* He’s going to be so mad at me! I failed him! *She started to wail and POOFED! right on top of Caroline’s head!* -11:55 Jun 23
Evangeline: I didn’t realized how much that would take out of me. *And despite herself she yawned! Evangeline shook her head though.* I should get back home. But I do appreciate you letting me spend some time here. *When she stood, she swayed on her feet a bit… She was REALLY sleepy, and surprised she had even woken up to begin with!* -11:56 Jun 23

Dark: *He huffed and cracked his knuckles! Meri was one emotional devil!*

The elder wrapped an arm around Evangeline’s back to support her and took her hand to help guide her from the room. “The divination tools are taxing yes. You will need a much more rejuvinating rest that what a normal bed might give. Allow yourself a small nap here, where you will be much more refreshed when you wake before you return to your home.”

Caroline: She isn’t in danger Meri and you will not be in trouble. *…at least not in physical danger. Evangeline had a terrible habit of not being able to tell people NO, but Caroline didn’t think Oracles would be stupid enough to do something to the wife of Gabriel.*

Gabriel: *Darkness’ form dissipated and Gabriel stood there! He appeared in Evangeline’s class and was unable to find her! Vlamerias was with Caroline and Dark … but it wasn’t an emergency or she would have contacted him somehow. He felt the traces of the portal. The easy part turned out to be activating it again. The hard part was tolerating all the light! He walked down the corridor, feeling the bond between him and Evangeline and following it.*

Vlamerias: Thank you, Warrior Lady! *She sounded relieved but she still clung to her head!* -12:03 Jun 24
Evangeline: I think I’ve been here too long already. I promised to be home for dinner… What time is it? *Guided down the hall, the Oracle led her to another room. This one was small. A single room for guests? She was guided in to a bed, and it did feel like heaven! It seemed to have it’s own special wards. Something to still visions and put the mind at ease. So useful for a psychic always hearing voices!* -12:04 Jun 24

Several surprised Oracles were startled when someone dark walked through a portal in to their sanctuary! Frightened even, so that a few were scurrying away to find somewhere to hide, so sure they were being invaded!

Gabriel: *He wasn’t interested in the other Oracles. He wanted his wife back but he did keep his sense out in case one of them should try something stupid.*

Dark: *Dark clasped his hands behind his head.* So, let me get this straight. All these little Oracles away in one place. And neither Darkness and Light is allowed there or something?

The elder moved Evangeline to tuck her nicely in to the bed. “Time does not have much meaning here, daughter. Do you like this? Our daughters require deep and restful sleep. You cannot recieve this on the human world, being bombarded with all that is there. Rest!”

Caroline: Uh huh. Oracles are valuable. Even human conquerers would keep Oracles close to help predict the outcomes of battles and such. Knowing the future is an asset. Demons tend to like collecting their souls or stealing their power. *Now it was Caroline trying to get Meri off her head!*

Gabriel: *He found himself in the room Evangeline had been sitting in just moments ago. He saw the mediums she had touched, the place she had sat. Then he turned and walked out, still in search of her.*

Vlamerias: Daddy said that once upon a time, Oracles were much more common! But as time wore on, for different reasons, Oracles were less and less known! It used to be that every psychic could reach Oracle potential but not anymore! -12:13 Jun 24
Evangeline: It is comfortable… *So much so, it really was a struggle to stay awake! She was already laying down and curled up with the blanket. And before she knew it, she was sleeping!* -12:14 Jun 24

The Elder smiled with a self satisfied look, before brushing a hand gently over Evangeline’s head. She exited the room quietly, but was startled to find Darkness himself approaching down the hall. “..Y-you…!”

Gabriel: *He stopped.* You have someone who belongs to me. Step aside.

The wrinkled old face frowned deep, as she held up a hand and shook her head. “She does not belong on the human world. Her gifts should be shared with the guild and her life safe here within our walls.”

Vlamerias: I will hear those words from her own lips, not yours. -12:20 Jun 24

Gabriel: I will hear those words from her own lips, not yours.

Caroline: A lot of things are less common these days. I suppose that’s the way the world evolves. *Finally, she managed to get Meri off her head, and trying to tempt her with that box of marbles again!*

“Her judgement is being shadowed by her love for you, Great Darkness. You cannot dare to deny that her existance on the human plane has been perilous and traumatic. Her soul in danger. WE have forseen her death.”

Vlamerias: Oohh! *She blinked once, then twice at the box of marbles and gave into temptation!* Yay! *She went to play with the marbles again!* -12:23 Jun 24

Gabriel: Her judgement is all that matters. I deny nothing. But that is the risk one takes to live. You are directly interfering with my affairs. Stand. Aside.

Caroline: *At this rate, she was going to be Caroline, Master of Babysitting! With her head free, she was settled back on the sofa with a cup of tea!*

Dark: *He yawned.* So this Light chick. Did any of your sources know anything more about her? You know, besides her being a royal pain in the ass.

“And you are tresspassing in to our Sanctuary. A broken promise.” The elder didn’t move and inch! “She is meant to be an Oracle and you are preventing her from her true path.”

Gabriel: A promise that would not be broken had it not been for your meddling. I want my wife back. *He said, beginning to bristle.* Or my trespassing will be the least of your worries.

Just a lot of myth and legend, but nothing about her personally. There seems to be more legend about Gabriel as the Great King than anything about Light. I have the suspicion that he’s tried to erase anything she might have done.

Caroline: Just a lot of myth and legend, but nothing about her personally. There seems to be more legend about Gabriel as the Great King than anything about Light. I have the suspicion that he’s tried to erase anything she might have done.

Dark: Heh. Figures. Even Gabriel must have a petty streak somewhere. He probably got so insecure about Light, he resorted to trying to scrub her out permanently.

If anything, the elder Oracle was persistent! “She will be safe here. Away from everything that wishes to do her harm. You will take her back to a life where people like Anthony abuse her?”

Gabriel: No. But I have learned that regardless, it is her happiness I wish for the most. I abandoned her one time too many. I will not add this to the list. *And now he was moving forward!*

Caroline: No man or god is perfect. Wouldn’t be much of a balance if he were. *Caroline cast a wicked smirk!*

Vlamerias: *These marbles were so pretty! She could stare at them all day! She rolled a few of them in between her palms on the floor!* -12:37 Jun 24

The Oracle stepped backwards just far enough to hold up her arms and brace them in the doorway. “So be it! But does she not at least deserve a rest where her mind is at ease?!”

Gabriel: *Now he was smirking.* As if I would trust you or any other Oracle alone with my wife. I will let her rest but I am staying by her side.

The elder scowled, but she finally stepped aside. “You may turn that suspicion back to yourself. …In the end it will be your war with Light that ends her life.”

Dark: Arrogant bastard. *He lay back and closed his eyes.* As long as the world doesn’t explode …

Caroline: I suppose you wouldn’t destroy your enemy’s things out of spite? *It was an amusing question. …In all honesty she had on more than one occasion!*

Gabriel: *He ignored her and stepped inside. Evangeline was sleeping so peacefully, he really couldn’t wake her. He sat down by her bedside to watch her sleep.*

Dark: *He snickered.* No comment.

Evangeline: *Evangeline slept deep! Getting to rest without visions in her head was wonderful, but it didn’t stop the dreaming. And dreaming always got complicated and scary without Gabriel there to snuggle her! She was getting restless despite the wards!* -12:51 Jun 24
Vlamerias: *He and Light would be the death of her. Oracles had no reason to lie. He had promised to keep her even if the universe was destroyed. He had left her so many times, had seen the pain each time had caused her. Each pain stronger than the last. He leaned forward on the bed, propped his elbows on it, twined his fingers together.* -12:55 Jun 24

Gabriel: *He and Light would be the death of her. Oracles had no reason to lie. He had promised to keep her even if the universe was destroyed. He had left her so many times, had seen the pain each time had caused her. Each pain stronger than the last. He leaned forward on the bed, propped his elbows on it, twined his fingers together.*

Caroline: Wouldn’t it be a sight to find that it’s not Gabriel getting pissed off and burning the would but his Prince of Darkness instead! *She even snickered as she took a sip of tea and rest her feet on the coffee table!*

Evangeline: *The slight movement on the bed stirred her just enough to reach her hand out. Followed by that relieved sigh when her fingers curled around his arm and familiar presence. She stole his hand and shifted so she could rest it against her face and lay on it! So much better!* -01:00 Jun 24

Dark: Hardy har har. *He muttered, one arm over his eyes.*

Vlamerias: *He watched her reach out, take his hand and rest it against her face. This is why he could not leave her. Even if it meant her absolute safety, although he personally did not believe in such a thing.* -01:03 Jun 24

Gabriel: *He watched her reach out, take his hand and rest it against her face. This is why he could not leave her. Even if it meant her absolute safety, although he personally did not believe in such a thing.* –

Caroline: My sweet, the least you could do is laugh at my jokes. We are supposed to be entertaining Meri with slapstick comedy and whatever other nonsense she seems to think we’re amusing for.

Vlamerias: OOhh! Maybe Warrior Lady can tell me about all the women who coo at Dark while he’s singing! Mommy says he’s really good! -01:06 Jun 24

Dark: *Takes his arm off to look up at Meri!* They do not COO! Damnit, who even taught you that word? Coo. Isn’t that the sound a pigeon makes!

Evangeline: You’re thinking so hard… *She mumbled softly, and barely even awake! Now that she had his touch sleeping forever sounded nice… Ooh, wait! She forgot about dinner! That’s when she finally shifted to sit up!* Oh crickets! How late is it?! -01:07 Jun 24
Vlamerias: Late enough that I have raised the Oracles’ ire. *He would have kept that thought to himself but she would have ended up hearing it anyways!* -01:08 Jun 24

Gabriel: Late enough that I have raised the Oracles’ ire. *He would have kept that thought to himself but she would have ended up hearing it anyways!*

[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -01:09 Jun 24

Caroline: They ooh, aah, and before long will be throwing their underwear at him. ..if they haven’t already. *She turned to glance at Dark.* Have they?

Dark: … No! *He said in such a tone and with a look on his face, that they obviously had!* That is the weirdest thing I have ever heard! Women. Throwing their panties at me. Tch.

Evangeline: *She was still so tired… and looking very guilty!* I’m late for dinner. I’m so sorry… I think I was a little carried away here. -01:12 Jun 24
Gabriel: No. *He reached out to cup her cheek.* You rest. -01:13 Jun 24

Caroline: I never understood that one either. What is a man supposed to do with a strange woman’s underwear? Wear it? *…that mental image made her smirk wide. Eyeing Dark with a suggestive look!*

Dark: As if I touch those things! I just do what I go to do and that’s it! Without ladies’ panties! Or whatever the hell they throw at me!

Evangeline: You were worried about me and came to get me. I should have been home so much sooner. *And she was so surprised he wasn’t angry with her! She shouldn’t have fallen asleep like she did!* Can I go home with you? -01:17 Jun 24

Caroline: …What else do they throw at you? *He had left that open to interpretation…!*

Dark: *He blinked! Coughed!* A few … other … things … *Things best left unsaid!*

Vlamerias: I want to know! I want to know! *This was just too interesting to pass up!*

Caroline: I want to know, also. Bra? Condoms? Lacy nightgowns?

Gabriel: If you wish to … I would not stand in the way of you wanting to remain here with the other Oracles and becoming one yourself. -01:21 Jun 24

Dark: … Yeah … hotel room keys … roses … money …

Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head softly.* It was a kind offer, but I would have to stay here without you. I wouldn’t get to see you and it would be lonely and I would never sleep and there would never be any kissing or cuddling! -01:24 Jun 24

Caroline: And here you come home to me every evening. Imagine the looks on those women’s faces. *Actually… knowing that he keeps answering the door without his clothes on, she could probably see a few expressions from the ladies at Oracle.*

Dark: Yeah well I can do without the looks, thanks. *he wasn’t going into detail what was the strangest thing to be thrown at him.*

Gabriel: And I would have missed you. What is a castle without its Queen. *He leaned forward again to kiss her forehead.* -01:41 Jun 24

Caroline: Maybe you should try answering the door with your clothes ON. People might get interesting assumptions about what you do here with me. *She smirked!*

Dark: Can’t beat the looks those girl scouts were giving me that one time … or the Jehovah witnesses.

Evangeline: *Evangeline took the opportunity to sneak her arms around his neck.* I AM sorry I worried you. I want to go home and have dinner and snuggles. -01:44 Jun 24
Gabriel: *She didn’t have to say anything more! He was already picking her up and walking out!* I cannot stand in the way of you seeking your own path. -01:48 Jun 24

Outside the door, the Elder was still waiting, looking very unpleased. “This is not the right choice.”

Gabriel: It is her choice. *And that was all that mattered to him! Evangeline had spoken and he would not deny her her rightful place beside him. Or … even under him. That was a tempting thought.* -01:51 Jun 24
Evangeline: *With her arms around Gabriel’s neck and her head resting against his cheek, she looked perfectly at home!* And it’s the right choice for me! *Under him..! She caught that fleeting thought and coughed! Good things Oracles were not mind readers!* -01:52 Jun 24

Caroline: I suppose I should begin answering the door without my clothes too. May as well give them all something to talk about.

Vlamerias: Ooh! No clothes means more freedom! Or that is what one of the hunters said!

Dark: *He was smirking.* You just want to flash people.

“Then be wary, Seer. We have only shown you a few mere moments of your death. It will come.”

Caroline: Cleary I am not the one with the affinity for flashing people in this apartment.

Evangeline: Thank you for your warnings. I will be careful. *…and she didn’t want to think about it! It was hard enough to do things without always being afraid!* -01:58 Jun 24
Gabriel: *He was walking past the woman now, to go back to the point the portal had opened! He was still slightly impressed at Evangeline’s determination to be with him, despite her death.* -01:58 Jun 24

Dark: Hey! It’s not my fault they always pop up when I’m trying to sleep! Even vampires need their rest!

Oracles that had thought it was safe to come out, were now running to hide again! And thinking the worst that Darkness must be kidnapping one of their own! Poor Sister..!

Gabriel: *From the portal to the the Oracle classroom and then he took her back to the castle, to lie her on the grass in the spring courtyard as the sun was shining!* -02:04 Jun 24

Caroline: Most people pull on a pair of pants before answering the door. What if -I- end up seeing you naked? *…there’s a thought!*

Dark: *he blinked! He hadn’t expected her to say something like that!* … Do you want to see me naked?

Evangeline: *The Spring courtyard was her favorite… this week! She seemed to change which was her favorite everytime she was there! Evangeline moved only to nuzzle his cheek. She was still very sleepy, but that time in the Oracle’s Sanctuary made her feel as if she had been cut away from him for too long!* Should we have a picnic? -02:08 Jun 24

Caroline: *A sly sort of smirk was on her face!* Why do you ask questions you may not want to hear the answer to?

Gabriel: In a moment. *Right now, he wanted cuddles and he would have them. He dipped his head to nip at that spot where he pulse beat strongest.* -02:10 Jun 24
Gabriel: *her -02:12 Jun 24
Evangeline: *A moment would be fine! She had her fingers in his hair, messing it up just a bit only to brush it back again. His hair was always so nice!* -02:14 Jun 24

Dark: ‘Cause you always ask the weird questions! *He muttered, giving her a sideways glance!*

Caroline: I think the question may be, do you want me to see you naked? *There were moments teasing him was well worth it! Especially when it involved dodging answering them!*

Dark: … Hey now! *He huffed. Of all the questions! He started looking for the TV remote!*

Vlamerias: *She giggled as she played with the marbles and listened to the conversation. Dark was so funny!*

Caroline: *That wicked look on her face only got worse! She set down her teacup, inching closer to Dark on the sofa.* Hey, what? One doesn’t walk around naked in a woman’s apartment for no reason…

Gabriel: My hair is only this way because you are here to appreciate it. *He murmured, slipping his arms around her and cuddling.* -04:00 Jun 24

Dark: There’s a small devil present! You shouldn’t say stuff like that in front of her!

Evangeline: I don’t think the condition of your hair is dependent on me… *As sweet as it was! She kissed his cheek and gave him a good petting. She hadn’t seen him since morning and missed having him!* -04:03 Jun 24

Caroline: I’m not saying anything inappropriate Dark. ..Unless that’s the way you’re thinking? *Caroline may as well of been a cat stalking it’s prey, sneaking closer on the sofa with that wicked grin.* You’ve already flashed so many people already.

Gabriel: *He smirked.* I would not take a bath for any other. -04:06 Jun 24

Dark: *He was silent as he started flipping channels! He was trying so hard to ignore Caroline!*

Evangeline: I hope not! I think I’d be mad to find someone in the tub with you! *Maybe even drown them! …well… maybe not drown them, but she’d think about drowning them a lot. Evangeline returned herself to stroking his hair, pretending she wasn’t thinking anything evil!* -04:10 Jun 24
Gabriel: *Gabriel chuckled softly as he turned his head to kiss her palm.* I love you, Evangeline, and your wicked streak. -04:11 Jun 24

Caroline: *Dark was making it far too much fun to pester him! And since he was -insisting- on ignoring her, Caroline inched herself so close, she was practically on his lap. Leaning to mumbled in his ear!* I suppose this means you sleeping naked now?

Evangeline: You are an occasional bad influence I think. …But you are mine and I’ll not let anyone else have you. *She had never been so possessive over anything before, but Gabriel was on her permanent no-share list. He could go and save the world and rescue damsels and protect people, but there were things special only for her!* Do you think I’m selfish? For wanting to keep you? -04:15 Jun 24

Dark: *Dark was muttering under his breath!* That’s all I need. To wake up naked and find you’re awake and have company or something.

Gabriel: I think you are in love, as I am in love with you. *He bent his head to kiss her lips gently.* -04:17 Jun 24

Caroline: You already have jealous Oracle females thinking they’re trying to charm my lover. I doubt that would make a difference. *As if she ever brought home company! That WOULD be something to talk about!*

Evangeline: *She returned his it followed with a giggle!* I am in love with you. Completely smitten! -04:20 Jun 24
Gabriel: Then we are made for each other, Evangeline. *He said, lips brushing against hers as he spoke.* What would you like to eat. -04:22 Jun 24

Dark: … Yeah, right. It’d be my luck that you do something like that just to make me squirm.

Evangeline: You, maybe? *He was making it tempting! She stole another kiss.* Spaghetti? -04:24 Jun 24

Caroline: I don’t need to bring someone home to make you squirm. *As she was demonstrating now by resting her chin on his shoulder and grinning like an evil fiend. The fact he hadn’t jumped off the sofa was rather impressive.*

Gabriel: *A soft chuckle in her ears!* Spaghetti fresh from Italy. Would my devious wife also like green salad with her favorite dressing, breadsticks, and for dessert, yogurt? -04:40 Jun 24

Dark: *He leaned to the side, away from her slightly! He blinked! Damnit, why did she have to be so close?!* You should go check on Evangeline and Gabriel, instead of trying to disturb the hell out of me. *He muttered.*

Evangeline: That does sound nice! A picnic after all then? I like it out here. *It was so nice when he laughed! Even better than his singing, and even more rare!* -04:44 Jun 24

Caroline: They’re fine. No one has been summoned and their little devil is playing without fear. *He leaned away, so she just tilted farther in to his personal space!* Am I that disturbing? I overheard a few hunters the other day, saying some interesting things about me and Evangeline…

Gabriel: *He nodded.* We have not had a picnic for quite sometime. *And the best part was, he didn’t need to pull away to make a picnic for her. All it took was a thought and everything was provided! To the large blanket fit for at least five people, the picnic basket and on the blanket, everything was laid out.* -04:48 Jun 24

Dark: *Alarms were going off!* Oh yeah? *That tone of her voice meant trouble for sure!* About what a tough teacher you and Evangeline are?

Evangeline: *There we so many benefits to marrying a very powerful vampire! Dinner in moments, without losing cuddles! Another giggle as she took his face in her hands to give him a quick kiss.* Do you know that you’re amazing? -04:51 Jun 24
Gabriel: *Smirking! He was moving off of her to take her hands and guide her closer to the food.* Yes, I do. But I love to hear you say I am. -04:52 Jun 24

Caroline: *She was smirking again.* No. Not about our teaching. I won’t mention what they said about Evangelinge, see as she is your mother, but they seem to appreciate me in such interesting ways.

Evangeline: I’ll remember to say so more often! *Dinner smelled divine! Evangeline confiscated a breadstick, still warm and fresh, to nibble on.* Hmm, something to drink too? -04:55 Jun 24

Dark: *Stuff about Evangeline he wouldn’t like to hear … Interesting ways to appreciate Caroline … It dawned on him! And then he growled!* What the crap, Caroline!

Caroline: *It was impossible NOT to laugh, but she managed to keep it down to a low snicker.* Mind you, I have heard female hunters say much the exact same things about you, also.

Dark: *The next time he visited Oracle, he was going to hunt down those idiots and beat them to a pulp! He just wasn’t quite sure whether he was going to do it for Evangeline, Caroline or–and awh hell–both! He huffed.* You’re just saying that.

Gabriel: *He also took a breadstick.* What would you like to drink. -05:02 Jun 24

Caroline: Why would I make something like that up? They say you’re hot enough to eat amongst other things. *Not the way she would describe him, but he was getting flustered and she found that entertaining!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline gave it some consideration!* Would you let me have a chocolate martini? Or maybe something else with chocolate… -05:07 Jun 24

Dark: And you just sat there and listened to that?!

Caroline: *She leaned back to give him an incredulous look!* Would you like me to defend your honor, next time? I can, but it will only give confirmation to all their gossiping.

Gabriel: *He was silent for a bit. He could not see a downside to that as Evangeline was right here, with him, not in a crowded bar. And she had not had a chocolate martini for quite some time.* Very well. *He conjured a chocolate martini and handed it to her.* -05:14 Jun 24

Dark: … I have the feeling you really enjoyed that conversation. *He gave her a sideways glance.*

Evangeline: *She could barely contain a delighted squeak! Evangeline took the glass and and slow sip. Divine! Like kisses from Gabriel made in to a drink! …which was really silly when she gave it a second thought and made her giggle again!* Thank you! I like these so much better than most things. Some of the hunters had me try their beer after a class, but it was awful. -05:17 Jun 24

Caroline: It wasn’t quite how I normally thought about my former student, but they did bring up oddly accurate points that were impossible to deny. *There was her smirking again. That moment of surprise was gone and it was back to bothering him.*

Dark: *Suspicion! Red flags! Alarms going off!* … What oddly accurate points.

Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked.* You are not the only one. Dark growled about it and swore never to try beer again. -05:22 Jun 24

Caroline: *There was always that look on his face when he was getting suspicious, yet couldn’t help but be curious! If she smirked any wider, her face was going to be sore!* Most accurate, I’d say, would be that beautiful color of your eyes. Probably more silver than grey.

Evangeline: I think people drink it to to show they can survive it afterwards! *She set down her glass so she could get her hands on spaghetti! It was probably her favorite food in the world, right next to anything made of chocolate!* It’s better Dark doesn’t drink things like that, anyway, he’s liable to get in to trouble and Caroline would have a fit! -05:26 Jun 24

Dark: *He huffed.* My eyes?! *He rubbed the back of his head and then glanced at her sideways again.* So what were the others.

Caroline: Let’s see… Someone did say you had an especially nice haircut. *Caroline even flicked his hair out of his eyes as she grinned.* Getting a little long, though.

Dark: *Another huff!* Yeah, well … I haven’t had time to go to the barber’s lately.

Gabriel: Indeed. *Caroline and Dark shared a bond that had lasted through so many obstacles. It was fitting he lived with her at her loft.* -05:41 Jun 24

Caroline: Now, when someone brought up that you might look better with a beard I had to disagree. *She brushed the back of her fingers down the line of his jaw. …She wasn’t sure he could even grow a beard!* That wouldn’t suit you.

Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted her head, twirling spaghetti on her fork.* You spend a lot of time thinking about them. As much as I do. -05:43 Jun 24

Dark: *He huffed.* Beards are scratchy and stuff. You know the guys with them just want to spend all their time scratching.

Gabriel: That is because you are obsessed and meddle. *He said, in a tone that told her he was gently teasing.* -05:46 Jun 24

Caroline: *Caroline grinned!* And with as much as you eat, you’d be storing food in it for weeks.

Evangeline: Wasn’t it you that told me where Dark was singing? I think that counts as meddling! *Teasing her for meddling, when he did it too… shameless! If dinner wasn’t so good, she’d wag a finger at him!* -05:54 Jun 24

Dark: I need energy sources, you know! Great, now you have me picturing me with a beard using a Dirt Devil on it.

Gabriel: I am merely observing. What you did with the knowledge was up to you. -06:00 Jun 24

Caroline: *There was a mental image that pretty much ruined her devious mood! Caroline just laughed!* …That’s… not ever going to leave my head. Thank you.

Evangeline: Mmhm! *A mouth full of spaghetti made it a little difficult to retort with a comeback, but she was thinking of one! In the end, she could only smile!* Does mean I’m not meddle-banned anymore? -06:03 Jun 24
Gabriel: *He smirked.* You are already wreaking havoc with the meddle-ban. I can only imagine what you will do without it. -06:05 Jun 24
Evangeline: I’m helping not wrecking havoc! *…well, there was one or two moments where a little meddling went completely wrong, but usually it was for people’s own good! She set her plate aside to take her glass and drink the rest of that martini!* And you don’t let me lecture her when she needs it! -06:09 Jun 24
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Caroline? -06:11 Jun 24

Dark: … Yeah, don’t mention it. So, that’s it. My haircut, my eyes, and me having a beard?

Caroline: Would you like me to go over the entire list of compliments? *She asked, amused with the question. By now she had settled to resting her elbow on the back of the couch. Still sitting close and with her feet pulled up on the cushion, but no longer stalking after him like an evil predetor!* The way you dress, which is more my doing, the way you sing when you’re getting flustered, how you call people dirty assholes when they say things about Evangeline…

Dark: … Wait. Calling people assholes is considered a compliment for me?

Evangeline: Yes, she needed a good lecture and now I keep forgetting to do it… *She almost forgot everything she was supposed to lecture her -about-. Especially now that she was more interested in knowing how they were getting along without all of the lessons!* -06:19 Jun 24
Gabriel: Caroline is a proud woman. She has endured much, from Anthony to Mother to Malusada and the present. -06:22 Jun 24

Caroline: Defending a woman’s honor, even when the means are less than gentlemanly is a compliment. *Caroline smirked!*

Evangeline: She surprises me sometimes. I am not sure you know how much she took care of me when I thought you died. -06:28 Jun 24
Gabriel: I believe a picnic is a good time to share that story. *He said, a bit curious.* -06:30 Jun 24

Dark: I guess. *He huffed.* Not like anyone ever listens. I still have to beat the crap out of those new hunters every other day.

Evangeline: Oh, um..! *It wasn’t that she didn’t want to share with him, but… those weeks were awful! And some of the things she did was a little crazy – and for a bit she was!* Are you sure..? -06:38 Jun 24
Gabriel: I would like to know but not if it would cause you discomfort. -06:40 Jun 24

Caroline: Why Dark… One might think you care a great deal about Evangeline acting like that!

Dark: Hardy har har. I’m just teaching those humans their rightful place, that’s all.

Evangeline: Hmm. It was just hard. I went straight home after and to bed. I was there a few days before Caroline and Dark came to see me. Then she was dragging me out of bed and making me take and bath and eat and being a horrible bully. But I’m so grateful for it now. -06:44 Jun 24

Caroline: You should admit it. You care for and love Evangeline! You are probably just as snugglie and cuddlie as your dark and wicked father!

Dark: I am NOT snugglie and cuddlie! And I’m grateful for Evangeline doing what she did but that doesn’t mean I love her! *Bristly! So very bristly!*

Gabriel: And I am grateful for her as well. *He kissed Evangeline’s forehead, grabbed and ate a breadstick.* -06:48 Jun 24

Caroline: *And in to the tease-trap Dark falls! As helpless as any mouse! Thus, Caroline pounced, throwing her arms around his neck and nuzzling his face!* You are a kind and loving vampire! A rare gift amongst man!

Dark: Hey! *He blinked, falling back against the couch! He was squirming but she had him cornered!* I am not kind and I’m certainly not loving! I don’t care what you say!

Evangeline: And then she kept yelling at me for trying to kill myself, but I wasn’t really trying, there was just an accident or two when I wasn’t paying attention. So she made me stay at Oracle with all of the trainees and I wasn’t allowed to go back to the apartment! -06:54 Jun 24

Caroline: *It was like killing with cuddles! Caroline kept on nuzzling!* Protecting the young Queen Mother from the hands of perverted hunters! Rescuing beautiful demon women from things they can handle themselves! A dark and brooding hero if I have ever seen one!

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