Louis returns for revenge against Caroline! Dark gets real pissed.

[Caroline is sleeping in late. Which is SO NICE.] -01:27 Jul 02
[Dark just got home from a really long night! Zzz …] -01:31 Jul 02

KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCKKNOCK. On the door! It had to be the third time this week. Clearly the building the doesn’t supervise who comes in.

Caroline: *Caroline wasn’t budging. In fact she NEVER bothered to go answer the door if she were in bed. People could knock all day and she’d sleep right through it.* -01:33 Jul 02
Dark: *Dark was stretched out on the couch with his clothes strewn over the floor and furniture! All that fabric … irritating! Even after the first three knocks, he lay in bed, legs spread, one arm over his eyes.* -01:34 Jul 02

KNOCKKNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. It came again! This one was particularly persistant!

Dark: *YYYAAAAWWWNNN!! He stretched and lifted his head to glare at the door! He stood, not even noticing when the blanket draped across his crotch slid off! Then he was opening the door! He scratched his head, one eye still closed.* -01:37 Jul 02

KNO- There standing at the door was a very handsome blond man, now with one raised eyebrow as he looked Dark up and down. “Pardon me, I thought this may be the apartment of Caroline Andraste. Have I the wrong door?”

Dark: Yeah yeah, she lives here. No, she doesn’t need life insurance. And no, she doesn’t need whatever the hell you’re selling. Get the hell out. *He yawned and slammed the door shut!* -01:42 Jul 02

That came as a surprise to the man at the door, who found himself immediately eye to eye with it once again. A frown on his face, he knocked again. KNOCKKNOCKKNOCK.

Dark: *He walked back to the couch, stretched, fell backwards!* MMm … *Much better! He shut his eyes again!* -01:44 Jul 02

KNOCKKNOCKNOCKNOCKKNOCK. He was hitting the door a -smidgen- louder than he was previously.

Dark: Man! *He sat up.* Someone should just frickin’ invent a security system that shoots visitors when they approach the door. He opened the door slightly.* What the hell do ya want, asshole? She’s had a long night. *He scratched his crotch.* She’s knocked out cold. It’s been a wild eight or nine hours and I doubt she could find her panties, even if she wanted to. -01:50 Jul 02

There was just barely the slightest hint of a twitch at the corner of his eye before he forced a smile. “I am looking for Caroline, and it is very important that I speak with her.” He just faintly had that soft French accent to his voice.

Dark: … Sure. I’ll let her know. *And then he suddenly closed the door again and dropped back onto the couch!* ZZzz … -01:53 Jul 02

…this was a little more difficult than the man had thought it would be. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK.

Dark: *Dark got up. Opened the door again!* Yeah, Caroline told me to tell you to get lost, stop bothering the guy she brought home, and go fuck yourself. The end. *The door closed AGAIN and Dark went back to sleep.* -01:58 Jul 02
Caroline: ..ugh, what the hell. *The knocking she could sleep through. It was the door slamming every five minutes that was starting to drive her crazy. Caroline finally rolled out of bed, only wearing a tank top and her underwear… And was going to go hit Dark with the first thing she got her hands on.* Why are you slamming the damnable door?! -01:58 Jul 02

Now the man was getting frustated! He knew the guy was lying, he hadn’t even given his name yet. KNOCKKNOCKKNOCKKNOCKKNOCK.

Dark: … Jehovah witnesses again. *He muttered, one arm over his face.* Hey, you’re here. How about you get it this time. -02:00 Jul 02
Caroline: And you’re answering the door like that? Kinky witnesses. *Blasted Dark. He has his own room for god’s sake. It looked like a sex-wreck in here! Caroline moved to the door and swung it open. Only to choke!* …Louis. -02:03 Jul 02

This time he stuck a foot in the doorway, in case the door was slammed again. And a hand over the frame. “Caroline. It is a surprise, yes. Would you give me the time to speak with you?” He cast a look at the naked one in the room. ” …without your, how you say, lover? Alone?”

Dark: LOUIS!! *He was up in a flash and growling! Then he sat up …* Wait a frickin’ goddamned minute … He can’t be the same frickin’ asshole. -02:07 Jul 02
Caroline: *Caroline was thinking much the same! This was impossible. Louis should be dead. Long dead. But here he was, looking as the day she last saw him.* …I have no interest in talking to you. -02:08 Jul 02

“Caroline, I beg you just for a few moments. One last favor to your husband?”

Dark: Ex-husband, you sorry sack of–!! *Naked or not, Dark was pouncing for him!* -02:11 Jul 02
Caroline: This isn’t your business. *She responded quickly, and even before Dark could cross the room she has cast a transport spell. She sent Dark and his clothes to Evangeline. There was no way she could handle Louis with him here.* … I will get dress and you will have ten minutes to speak. -02:13 Jul 02
Dark: *He blinked when she transported him! But he had enough sense to put on his pants before he growled and began tearing up the walls!* CCCCAARRRROOOOLLLINNNNEEEE!! -02:15 Jul 02

“That is all I need, ange.” Louis stepped in to the room, looking around curiously even as she left to get dressed. It didn’t LOOK like another man lived here, but obviously it was a normal occurance!

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was just about to greet Dark when he growled and began attacking the walls! And by the way he was screaming the Warrior Lady’s name … this was not good!* -Dark

Caroline: *Now her husband thought she was sleeping with another man. But he WASN’T still her husband. But… that was when she thought he was dead. So technically he WAS still her husband! Getting dressed took far longer than it should have, as she was trying to figure out how the man was standing in her home, and more importantly WHY.* -02:18 Jul 02

Louis finally settled on the couch after counting how many rooms in the place. He nudged aside that blanket to sit. “Your place suits you, Caroline.” he said out loud.

Vlamerias: MOMMY!! *She POOFED! into devil form and flew around the castle to find her!* MOMMY!! QUICKLY!! IT’S DDDDAARRKK!! -Dark

Caroline: You don’t know me, Louis. *Dressed in dark colors, she felt much more able to deal with this. …she thought. Caroline crossed the room to stop near a window. She wasn’t going to step near him.* How are you here, Louis. You’re human. -02:22 Jul 02

Evangeline: *Evangeline stepped inside to find a very startled Meri! She had a basket of mushrooms she was hunting down. Food for the devil rats!* What’s the matter? Did he get in to another fight again?

“Louis, Louis… Saying my name to be sure I am real?” he cast a humored smile, but it quickly faded to a frown. “Not human. Not anymore. There are things I did that I regret, Caroline. …I have been searching a long time to make them right.”

Vlamerias: Warrior Lady brought him here with a spell! But he’s not very happy! And he’s destroying the walls! *Or trying to! Gabriel had made the walls exceptionally strong but still–! He was going to startle the devil rats!* -Dark

Caroline: Have you. Really. *Was it stupid that she had wanted to know he regreted what happened? She had thought she didn’t care! Caroline didn’t move from the spot.* As far as you knew, I was dead. -02:29 Jul 02
Dark: *Still muttering under his breath! He held his hands together and formed a ball of lightning! Then he blasted the walls with it and forks of lightning shot off into the sky!* -02:29 Jul 02

Evangeline: *That didn’t sound good! Must have been a bad fight! Evangeline followed Meri until they found Dark, having one hell of a big fit!* UM DARK… ! *Eeep! She ducked back behind the door. Maybe stepping in the room wasn’t a good idea!*

Dark: *PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH! He kicked and cursed! And, of course he was cursing Caroline! But it was when he started cursing her second husband, Louis, that was sure to catch Evangeline and Meri’s ears!* -02:31 Jul 02

“There was no body in the ashes. I had suspected, hoped you escaped.” Louis stood from the sofa to step across the room. And thought she backed away when he drew near, he caught her by the arms. “I needed to know. I tried to find you. Catch up to you. Then I was made an offer and I accepted. For YOU I am no more a human.”

Evangeline: Were you asking her questions you didn’t want to hear the answers to again? *One peek around the corner… he looked far too mad for it to be a simple fight.* Will you tell us what happened?

Dark: *He gave the wall a final PUNCH and then he lay his forehead against the wall.* Caroline’s being an ass again. That fuckin’ bastard Louis turned up. He wanted to talk. And she sent me here. They’re probably getting real cozy. Any moment now, she’s going to pop over here and say she forgives the bastard. -02:36 Jul 02
Caroline: Don’t you think it’s too late for second chances? What sort of deal did you make?! Were you thinking you could say "I’m sorry you almost died, here let’s have our honeymoon!" and that I would just forget?! *Caroline didn’t want to have this conversation! She didn’t want to have it THEN and she sure didn’t want to have it now! She pulled herself away from him to make some distance again. …she really needed to distance!* -02:41 Jul 02

Evangeline: Blast it… Gabriel IS a psychic! *…not a good time to make jokes, but it was amazing his sense of things! Was that because he was bonded to her, the same way she could do strange things now too?* That was such a long time ago, I don’t think Caroline would get cozy with him!

Dark: … Yeah. Well you’re psychic. Why don’t you go ahead and tell me how things are going to end. -02:46 Jul 02

“No. That wasn’t what I was thinking.” Louis was calm, even as he ran his fingers through his hair. “I was weak. Full of fear. I made a mistake that cost me my wife. My life. Hve you not done things you regret? Wanted to take it back? Make things they way they used to be?”

Vlamerias: Oohh! Maybe we should all check on Warrior Lady, Mommy! To make sure she’s not being charmed! -Dark

Evangeline: …I am sure she will handle it like a mature lady would do. And she deserves the chance to do so! *Evangeline tapped her chin for a moment. But nodded at Meri.* Yes, we should check on her. I can’t imagine how overwhelming it must be.

Caroline: I have. *So many times. Not telling him what she was had just be one of many. Yet it was Dark’s words coming to her now, calling her a damned doormat for just walking away! The man let her burn! Do you really love someone and let them burn? Caroline was shaking her head!* Things cannot be the way the used to be. I am not the same person now as I was then. Apparently neither are you. -02:53 Jul 02
Dark: … I’m coming with you. *He turned and started for them!* -02:54 Jul 02

Gabriel: You are staying here. Evangeline and Vlamerias will go alone. *He gave Evangeline a kiss on the forehead.* -Dark

Dark: WHAT?! WHY?! *He growled! He was so bristly! He looked ready to take on Gabriel himself!* -02:57 Jul 02

Evangeline: …You might EAT him! Caroline should decide for herself what to do about him, right Dark? Haven’t you told her she should?

Vlamerias: Let’s go, Mommy! Bye bye Glaer and Dark! *She waited until Evangeline was ready and then POOFED them into Warrior Lady’s living room!* -Dark

“But you ARE still my wife, ange.” Any other comment Louis was about to make had been cut short by the sudden appearance of a woman and child! Another curious raise of his eyebrow. “You have company.”

Caroline: *Caroline had never been more relieved to see Evangeline. …and more annoyed! Damnable meddling Seer!* This isn’t a good time for a visit. -03:03 Jul 02

Evangeline: No? I’m sorry! I wanted to invite you over for lunch today… *Evangeline tilted her head. If this was Louis, he wasn’t human. Demon maybe? Something about him was very good at hiding what he was!* I’m Evangeline and this is Meri, and you are?

Dark: *Now he was pacing, cursing and swearing, and pacing!* -03:05 Jul 02

Vlamerias: OOhh! Lunch! And I get to pick dessert, yes, Mommy? -Dark

“Louis Depaul. It is a pleasure to make your aqauintance.” He took Evangeline’s hand and kissed the back of it in a low bow. He found her very curious. “You are a friend of my wife’s…?”

Caroline: She is my Queen. *For the first time this morning that bewildered look of hers shifted to a slight scowl. She didn’t want him near Evangeline.* I can’t join you for lunch today. But if you can keep Dark for a little while. -03:10 Jul 02

Evangeline: Yes, you can pick dessert! Hmm… Why don’t you AND Mr. Depaul come to lunch? I was really hoping to have you come and visit today.

Vlamerias: Oohh! We can throw a lunch party! Or um … something …! *The devil rats would love it!* -Dark

“It would be my pleasure to join a Queen for lunch, even if mon ange cannot attend. Though, might I inquire, was Dark the gentleman from before…?”

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice!* How would you know about Dark? -Dark

Evangeline: Ahem, that’s probably why Dark is so mad. *She leaned to mumbled to Meri, before straightening and grinning!* Dark is my son, and he has been living with Caroline for a bit now. You can talk to him at lunch and meet my husband too!

Vlamerias: *She blinked and her mouth formed a big “O” before it closed.* -Dark

Caroline: *She could strangle Evangeline right about now. There was no way she could let her take this man off without her! And what was her god damned husband going to think! And who knows how many different ways Dark was going to run his mouth.* ….If we’re going, let us go now. -03:19 Jul 02

Vlamerias: But it’s not a lunch party if we don’t get to prepare first! We don’t get to throw parties very often! -Dark

Evangeline: That’s true. And I want it to be special if we have a special guest too. Um… I know, you can explore the courtyards! You probably have a lot to talk about?

“Centuries to discuss. I would like to finish our conversation, Caroline.” he even offered her his hand.

Caroline: *Caroline stuffed her hands in her pockets.* As long as you can keep Dark distracted for awhile, then yes, talking in the courtyard would be fine. Can we go and get it over with. -03:25 Jul 02

Vlamerias: *OOhh! They would have to find things for Dark to do!* Let’s go then! *And then they POOFED! appearing in the spring courtyard!* -Dark

Evangeline: Wonderful! All right Meri, we’ll go get lunch ready. *She took Meri’s hand to lead her away. Now Caroline could handle the man and be safe while doing it! …Evangeline wasn’t sure what to do about Dark though!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel turned to go! Evangeline and Vlamerias were back with Caroline and someone new in tow.* -Dark

“You have very interesting friends in this life, Caroline.” Louis said with some humor. He was already turning away, with his hands clasped behind his back and taking the idea of exploring the courtyard seriously!

Caroline: *Caroline was seriously debating leaving him here. Going home. Or to Alaska. Alaska was probably nice this time of year. …but this was her business to handle! A growl under her breath, she trailed after him.* Why don’t we stop discussing my life for a moment and talk about YOU. Who made you an offer? What sort of offer? -03:38 Jul 02
Dark: … Wait. *He turned to find Gabriel about to go! But he’d just remembered something!* -03:39 Jul 02

Gabriel: *He turned slightly and waited for Dark to continue.* -Dark

Dark: I want … I want to make it so people can’t just teleport me somewhere else, like a kid or something. *He was so angry at Caroline but more angry at the fact she could send him away whenever she wanted to! He wasn’t a kid, damnit! And he was going to prove it to her! And to himself!* -03:41 Jul 02

Vlamerias: *She looked up at Evangeline, now in her human form!* What are we going to do about him, Mommy? *She asked, meaning Louis more than Dark!* -Dark

“A demon. How I came across them was an accident, but they knew of you.” A frown on his face, he stopped to turn to her. “I didn’t know you were human once. I found that intruiging.”

Evangeline: I really don’t know, Meri. We’ll have to see what Caroline thinks. *She was taking Meri off to the kitchens to see about what could be made for lunch!* Of course, if it were -me- I would let Gabriel do something wicked. I don’t think he loved her at all. Things like that don’t happen when you love someone!

Vlamerias: Let me bite him, Mommy! For doing that to Warrior Lady! -Dark

Caroline: There were a lot of things you might have known if you had given me the chance to tell you. *He was infuriatingly vague.* Who was the demon. Was it a woman named Malsuada? -03:51 Jul 02

Evangeline: WE can’t bite him. …well, not unless he tries to hurt her. Then it’s fair game! *They could have a very English Tea Party lunch! With tiny sandwiches and everything! Caroline would appreciate it, even if she’s upset right now! So Evangeline was digging things out of the fridge!*

“Malsuada? No.” he didn’t offer any sort of explanation who it was, however. Louis turned to walk again. “You should have told me before we married. Things might have been different. About how you became a demon. The wars you fought and lives you lived. You seem to have a reputation amongst devils.”

[Caroline has timed out.] -02:29 Jul 03
[Dark has timed out.] -02:29 Jul 03
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -02:29 Jul 03
[Caroline is seriously considering abandoning ship!] -02:31 Jul 03
[Caroline logged out of the chat.] -((02:51 Jul 03))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -02:51 Jul 03
[Caroline is outside having a conversation with her should-be dead husband.] -03:14 Jul 06
[Vlamerias is helping Mommy get everything ready!] -03:14 Jul 06
Vlamerias: Mommy! We should dress up for the lunch! Oohh! Maybe we can decorate! -03:15 Jul 06

Evangeline: How about you find us something nice to do wear while I fix up lunch? I think an old fashion English tea lunch would be brilliant!

Caroline: *With her hands in her pockets, she was watching him carefully.* How long have you been following after me. What do you know of me? -03:20 Jul 06
Vlamerias: Oohh! Yay! Can I get you your crown, Mommy? The one Glaër made for you? -03:24 Jul 06

He was silent for several moments. Taking more interest in the courtyard garden than the conversation. “I have wondered what sort of woman can kill a child. That is still one thing I have yet to understand.”

Evangeline: *Her crown! Immediately she was smiling and nodding! There was never a reason to wear it, and running around Oracle with it might have been too strange even for her!* Yes, I would like that! Caroline called me her Queen, I should dress like one! Maybe it will be intimidating?

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! And it will show that scalawag his place! *Scalawag! She’d gotten that from the Treasure Island book Evangeline had been reading to her at bedtime!* -03:28 Jul 06
Caroline: *If anything could have made her blood run cold faster. He knew quite a bit, then.* …it was the circumstances, Louis. People were dying.. …it wasn’t even human. *This was something she had to come to terms with ages ago, so why did she now feel the need to defend her actions?* -03:29 Jul 06

Gabriel: *Gabriel appeared from behind, lifted one of Evangeline’s hands and kissed the knuckles.* You are going to wear your crown. I am delighted. -Vlamerias

Vlamerias: Hehe! I’m glad you like the idea! Will you dress up too, Glaër? -03:35 Jul 06

“Circumstances are tricky things. Is murder still murder when the circumstances have changed.” his serious expression shifted to a slow charming smile. “…but that is too much for such a beautiful day. This new family of yours, are you happy?”

Evangeline: Will you? I can’t be a good Queen without a King too! I think that man needs a good scare, anyway. Hmm… And where is Dark?

Gabriel: Evangeline, you had me when you mentioned a good scare. *He smirked.* Dark is practicing. -Vlamerias

Caroline: *Feeling as if she were blindsided, Caroline just shook her head.* What exactly do you want from me? I don’t intend to stand here while you pry away with subtle questions and pointless small talk. -03:45 Jul 06

Evangeline: Practicing for what? Oh, I suppose that is a good distraction until lunch at least. *Speaking of which, she was going to make some nice tea and maybe little sandwiches! And scones! Those were good!*

Gabriel: *He was gone, in classic Gabriel style! Probably to find his own clothes! He could always summon his crown!* -Vlamerias

“I wanted to speak with you. My wife should owe me that much.” Louis had that serious look again. Frowning deep. “When you were gone, I could not stay in town. My life was over, Caroline. Because of you.” With that he was turning away and heading back towards the castle to wander inside.

Caroline: *Standing in the courtyard, she decided there was no way in hell she was stepping foot in to that castle while he was here. The trick was telling Evangeline she was leaving without having to go inside. For the moment, she found a seat on a bench and was trying to take a deeo breath. Any breath!* -03:57 Jul 06

Dark: *Dark was watching from the balcony! But when Louis passed by, he dropped a few water balloons on his head! See, how the asshole liked this!!* -Vlamerias

Strange and unexpected, though Louis didn’t bother to look up, he did hold a hand over his head. Those water balloons hit something invisble and not a drop of water splashed him. There was only a smirk on his face when he stepped in the castle!

Evangeline: *Evangeline could fix things up quick when she wanted to! Especially with help from a little devil and little red devil rats! Now she was walking things back and forth from the kitchen to a small dining room and setting the table nice and pretty!* We should tell everyone that things are ready! I need to change my clothes, though!

Vlamerias: *He growled and slammed his fist against the stone pillar, muttering under his breath! The devil rats skittering past him, paused to stand on their hind legs and look at him as if wondering what was going on.* Nothing. I’ll get him next time. -04:03 Jul 06

Dark: *He growled and slammed his fist against the stone pillar, muttering under his breath! The devil rats skittering past him, paused to stand on their hind legs and look at him as if wondering what was going on.* Nothing. I’ll get him next time.

Vlamerias: *She brought out the dress she had chosen for Evangeline! A lovely pale blue gown that reached to the floor, long sleeves and a jewelled belt that would also match her crown!* -04:10 Jul 06

Evangeline: Thank you, very much. *She leaned to kiss Meri’s forehead as she took the dress.* Can you fetch everyone for me? I’ll only take a second!

Dark: *Dark was pacing the corridor! He occassionally took a peek at Caroline in the courtyard. On one hand he wanted to talk to her, on the other hand he wanted to throttle her! Sending him away like that … the nerve!*

Vlamerias: *She giggled! Her Mommy liked it!* Yes, Mommy! I left the boots, too! *They were nice, soft, pale blue boots! Her Mommy would look like a snow fairy!* -04:13 Jul 06
Vlamerias: *She found the Warrior Lady first, still in the courtyard!* Warrior Lady, Mommy is ready for her luncheon! *She had also dressed up in a dark gray dress with several skirts and bows and a cute jacket, too!* -04:15 Jul 06

Evangeline: *This was going to be fun! …at least until someone got mad and spells or weapons were thrown around! Evangeline was dressing herself as quickly as possible!*

Caroline: Would you do me the favor of telling Evangeline I won’t be attending. *Still sitting, now she had her face in her hands and wasn’t bothering to look up. She could leave as soon as Meri passed along her message.* -04:17 Jul 06

Louis found the inside of the castle peculiar! He had intended to wander around for a bit, see what he could discover. But the halls seemed to have their own intentions. He found himself setting in to the dining room far sooner than he wanted to. Like a gentleman, he waited ever so patiently!

Vlamerias: But Warrior Lady, you can’t go …! Mommy dressed up just like a Queen and Glaër is attending as well! And you know how rare it is for him to attend! He’s even going to dress up like a King! And Mommy spend so long making the dishes! -04:21 Jul 06
Caroline: *Caroline shifted to take one look at the devil, which was most certainly a glare that she normally reserved for when Dark was begging for ice cream.* Would serve her right for all her tampering if I left, Vlamerias. -04:23 Jul 06

Gabriel: … On the other hand, if the Warrior Lady wishes to go, she may. I trust you said everything you felt needed to be said to your husband, Caroline. *And here Gabriel was, walking toward Caroline from behind, pulling on a long overcoat that was pure black. He really was dressed like a King and he even had the crown on his head.*

Caroline: *Caroline stood slowly and turned. Seeing Gabriel like this suited him well, and were she in a better mood, she would have commented.* I don’t need to say anything to him. But I do want to know what game your wife is playing today. -04:29 Jul 06

Gabriel: You know as well as I, Evangeline always has others’ best interests in mind. I am curious myself. But since you are standing here, I assume you were unable to glean from your husband why is he here, how, and who is responsible.

Vlamerias: *Her eyes went wide at the sight of her Glaër!* Oohh! You look so handsome! *She couldn’t help but clap in joy!* -04:35 Jul 06

Gabriel: My thanks, Vlamerias. You should summon Dark to Evangeline’s party now. Our guest is already at the dining room.

Vlamerias: Yes, Glaër! *And then she POOFED! to find Dark leaning against the stone pillar he’d punched earlier, sulking!* Dark! Mommy’s lunch is ready! You have to come! -04:39 Jul 06

Dark: I’m not coming. *He glanced away.* I don’t want to see that asshole.

Evangeline: *She loved wearing pretty dresses and getting and excuse to dress up! The crown Gabriel had made her was in silver with aquamarine and amethyst! Possibly because he knew they were her favorites! So when she stepped in to the dining room, she was grinning and pleased as a cat, despite the unusual guest!* Good afternoon! …No on else has arrived yet?

Vlamerias: But you have to …! I … I … ! *She started to sniffle as her eyes swelled with tears! And then she began to cry!*

Caroline: No, I have not. Nor do I care. *The wise thing to do was to leave, but that meant leaving angry-Dark alone at Evangeline’s party… If she weren’t feeling enough guilt already.* I am grossly underdressed for lunch with royals. *She growled under her breath, turning to stalk back to the castle and casting a spell to change her clothes.* -04:43 Jul 06

Dark: Don’t … *Dark muttered, hearing her sniffle.* No … Anything but … *It was too late! Meri was crying! And damnit, he didn’t have the heart to yell at her or disappear on her! He clamped his hands over his ears.* Just … just stop crying already!

Louis bowed with respect, looking only a slight bit awkward at the sight of Evangeline! “Not yet, your most brilliant highness. I am afraid my wife is a bit put off from seeing me today. May I say, you look exquisite?”

Gabriel: *Gabriel closed his eyes, opened them, and then smirked at Caroline’s back. Sometimes, sometimes she made it so very easy …*

Vlamerias: NNNOOOO!! *She wailed, tears still streaming down her face!* You’re not going to come! And you won’t see Mommy dressed up as the Queen or Glaër as the King! And no one will eat the fancy little sandwiches we made and the devil rats will feel so insulted because no one ate their food!!! -04:49 Jul 06

Evangeline: Thank you! I was hoping lunch would make her feel a bit better. Caroline is very kind to us and I don’t like it when she is upset. *Evangeline didn’t like to make threats, and it probably wasn’t a very obvious warning. Especially when she was still smiling!*

“From what I have learned, she has settled within your gracious company quite well.”

Caroline: My role is to protect Evangeline and I take it very seriously. *Caroline stepped in to the dining room, still looking none too pleased.* A job, I wish you would make easier on my, my lady, by not inviting strangers to lunch. *She inserted herself between them in a very deliberate motion. Louis was here for her, but she would take no chances!* -05:02 Jul 06

Dark: … Grr … Fine. Fine! FINE! I’ll go! She’s … stop CRYING!! *He winced! And he thought Gabriel’s roar as Darkness was bad! It had nothing on Meri’s wail up close and personal at point blank range!*

“But I am no stranger, ange. I am family, yes?” He replied with a bright smile. “What of your lover and her Highness’ son? Will he be attending as well?”

Vlamerias: *She suddenly stopped crying and wiped away her tears! She threw her arms around Dark’s neck!* WWWHHHEE!! THANK YOU, DARK!! LET’S GO!! *Not even waiting for him to prepare, she POOFED! them both to the dining room!* We’re here! -05:04 Jul 06

Dark: *He was ready to curse! But then everyone else, except Gabriel was there … and Evangeline! He stalked past them to sit down at a seat cleverly marked “DARK” on a name card. He’d better not be sitting next to Louis!*

Evangeline: He will- Oh! Here he is! *Ignoring Dark’s scowling, Evangeline tugged Caroline’s arm to sit her in the chair across from Dark. She had a seat for Louis next to Caroline and one for Meri next to Dark! And she and Gabriel would get to sit at each end. Perfect for reaching over to pinch someone, or in a worst case hit someone with a candle stick!* Sit, please!

Vlamerias: *She clapped her hands as she went over to her seat! This would be so much fun! Even with the adults and Dark all bristly at each other!* -05:09 Jul 06
Caroline: *Between calling her ange and Dark her lover, Caroline was gritting her teeth. Against her will she was sitting, and refusing to look at Dark. Or anyone for that matter. The table cloth was nice.* -05:09 Jul 06

Louis had a seat and despite the obvious mood, he still seemed to be in good spirits. “I appreciate the trouble you have gone. Had I known I would be dining with such fine company, I might have dressed for the occasion.”

Vlamerias: This is a very special day for Mommy! She gets to wear the crown my Glaër made for her! -05:20 Jul 06

Evangeline: *A small grin at Meri! Evangeline slipped in to her own chair.* I wish I could wear it all the time, but that’s never so easy when teaching hunters!

“I am curious to meet the man Caroline has pledged her loyalty to. I suspect he must be extraordinary for a roaming woman to remain stationary.”

Caroline: No doubt waiting outside the door incase one tries to escape. *She muttered under her breath. It would be like him.* -05:28 Jul 06
Vlamerias: He’s the greatest Glaër ever! I’m so grateful to be his familiar! *She blinked a bit at Caroline!* But he promised he would come and dress up like the King! -05:28 Jul 06

Dark: *Dark had his arms crossed and looked everywhere BUT at the people at the table!*

Evangeline: Don’t worry Meri, he likes to be late. That is what a King does, isn’t it? *A simple joke as she poured a cup of tea and nudged Dark to pass the teapot to him.* Um, Louis, I was wondering. Why has it been so long since you have come to see Caroline?

Dark: *He huffed. Did he *have* to look at someone … He saw Evangeline with the teapot, took it from her, and contemplated flying it at Louis’ face. But he didn’t need it flying back at him or hitting Meri or Caroline or Evangeline … He settled for pouring some tea in his own cup instead and then pouring some for Meri before handing it to her!*

Vlamerias: Hehe! Thank you, Dark! *She smiled and took the teapot from him then passed it over the table to the person across from her!* -05:38 Jul 06

“Alas, it is not from wont of trying. It seems that our dearest ange never wishes to be found. I would think I have reached her at last, only to find she had been gone ages ago. Never to stay in the same place for too long. Well…. until now? Stories of interesting people have reached far across the world.” Louis took the teapot with a quiet thank you, poured his tea and offered it to Caroline!

Caroline: *Caroline flat out ignored him. Snapping her fingers to produce the small china cup she always used. Setting it on the table already filled with tea. If she had taken the pot, she might have cracked it over his head. Would have been a shame to destroy Evangeline’s things!* -05:44 Jul 06

Evangeline: Really? I know people at Oracle gossip all the time, I suppose gossip gets all over the place after awhile. *Now Evangeline took a couple of the small cut sandwiches to set on her plate, before nudging Dark to take it!* Caroline has told me a lot of stories about her life, I was under the impression you were human?

Unphased at being ignored, he set the pot down to smile that charming look at Caroline. “Spoke of me? Yes, I was human. But it was unsuitable for what I needed.”

Gabriel: *Gabriel’s voice spoke in the dining room.* A man who changes with time and necessity. *The door opened and Gabriel walked in, one of the devil rats on his shoulder!*

Dark: *Dark sipped his tea, grumbled under his breath!*

Evangeline: Gabriel! I was just asking Louis some questions! *…What on earth was he doing with that devil rat. How cute!*

Where seeing Evangeline all dressed up had him awkward for a split second, there was a definite different sort of look on his face at seeing Gabriel. Louis cleared his throat and nodded his head. “Necessity, yes.”

Caroline: So kind of you to join us, your highness. *Now if he would sit his ass down, so they could finish this sham of a luncheon and she could go home. She was already tapping her fingers on the table.* -06:00 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He acknowledged the table with a nod, placed the devil rat on Vlamerias’ lap and walked over to Evangeline to give her a kiss on the cheek. He was smirking at Caroline.* It is not often Evangeline gets to host parties. Shall we begin, Evangeline? *He walked to his own chair and sat down.*

Evangeline: *It was too bad Caroline didn’t have Gabriel for her husband, he would have taken care of this for her! …Although Dark might have too if she would have let him! Evangeline was grinning again!* I was just about to ask Louis HOW he’s not human anymore. I’m really curious and I do like to hear stories.

Louis’ previous easy and relaxed demeanor was a little more stiff now. “Ah, such stories are not for the ears of beautiful ladies and young children. Though, I can say it was unpleasant. The things we do for those we once loved, yes?”

Caroline: Hmm, yes. Angry mobs, burning wives. Pass me the plate, Vlamerias, please. -06:10 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He suddenly had the teapot in his hand and was pouring some tea for himself.* It has been quite awhile, has it not, Louis? Since you and Caroline last saw each other. You have been through much.

Vlamerias: Yes, Warrior Lady! *She smiled and handed the Warrior Lady a plate!* Mommy, should we start serving dessert now? *She really wanted some of that chocolate pie!* -06:13 Jul 06

“I cannot say I have killed children and villages for the sake of love, but I have paid my prices.”

Caroline: *Oh, Evangeline, why did you set this table with knives. Caroline nearly picked one up to stab one of those sandwiches with. But instead, she was setting the plate down silently.* -06:15 Jul 06

Dark: *That was it! Dark was lunging across the table at Louis!* You fuckin’ piece of–!!

Evangeline: Don’t curse at the table! *She would chide him for cursing, but not trying to kill the man. That Louis WAS being pretty mean! Evangeline just snagged Dark by the arm before he went jumping over the table!*

Dark: *He muttered but then he sat down, ate a sandwich!*

Gabriel: Please forgive Dark. He is passionate and he cares deeply. Had it not been for Caroline, many bad things would have happened instead. I have learned that everything happens for a reason, good or bad. In the end, it is necessary.

Louis’ smile didn’t fade. …but he did scoot his chair back before he got strangled. “I understand what is necessary. Some that must die for the greater good. What is it called, collateral damages? A shame, but every action has it’s reactions. Every lie it’s consequences.”

Gabriel: *He sipped his tea.* Nothing is ever given for free, that is the law of equivalent exchange. A soul for a chance at power, to save the people you care about … or destroy the one you cared about.

Vlamerias: *She petted the rat for a little while but she couldn’t give it a piece of her sandwich because that would be unfair to the other devil rats! Her Mommy had said so! But her Mommy had also explained the devil rats had their own food in exchange for helping out.* -06:28 Jul 06

If it made him uncomfortable, he didn’t show it. “No, no it certainly is not. That is the way devils and demons seem to work. Leaving us to be judge and executioner. I know it’s something my wife is well familiar with. Judgement and execution.”

Caroline: I’ve had enough. *Caroline scooted back in her chair and stood!* Thank you, Evangeline. I will make it up to you later. *And then she was stalking to leave the room, before she had to hear anymore of this!* -06:31 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He was eating a sandwich.* … Apples and chicken salad sandwiches, Evangeline?

Evangeline: Yes, it’s good isn’t it? *This was difficult! Caroline had never let people treat her this way… she was tempted to throw something at the man herself!*

Louis cleared his throat when Caroline exited the room, moving to stand himself. “Pardon me. I should speak things out with my wife. Your hospitality is appreciated.”

Gabriel: *He waited for Louis to leave, and then there were two shadow wolves there who quickly disappeared!* You are beautiful, Evangeline.

Evangeline: *He was rewarded with a bright smile!* Am I, really? Meri picked out the dress for me!

Caroline: *Caroline had stalked out to the courtyard and was pulling out her pin to leave when she realized she was being followed. She turned on a heel to scowl.* What part of I’ve had enough do you not understand? -06:39 Jul 06

Gabriel: The gown looks beautiful on you but you know you are always beautiful to me.

Dark: *Dark stood! He wanted to see what Caroline and that asshole was up to! He excused himself and left!*

Louis was not smiling now, a dark expression on his face. “Now will you show your colors, Caroline? Will you pull your weapon and slay me down?”

Gabriel: *He sipped his tea.* Louis is not leaving my castle, Evangeline.

Evangeline: *There went Dark, and though she was worried, it was all something they had to work out without her… But Gabriel eased her worry a little bit! She picked up a sandwich to nibble.* What do you think of him? He was baiting her something awful. I am surprised she didn’t walk out sooner… or hit him!

Caroline: Is that what you WANT? Because right this moment you are making it so very tempting. *She snarled right back! One swift spell was all it could take!* -06:46 Jul 06

Gabriel: You do not bait someone unless you wish them to react in a way you want them to. It was a wise decision for you to bring him here. There can be no outside influence and Caroline and Dark can deal with him as they see fit.

“Realize it’s your nature to kill, ange, but no that is not why I am here.” Alone again, his confidence had returned. “Your new family, they are interesting. Amazing that you can settle here when you have taken away the families of so many others.”

Evangeline: I’m glad you think so. I was a little worried about him being here, but you said he might be trouble even before we knew he was alive. …how did you know? *She was so curious about it!*

Gabriel: He is a loose end, Evangeline. Loose ends will always trip us when we are going in one direction and looking in the other.

Caroline: If you are pissed off at me Louis, say so. Say what you want to say, then kindly go to hell. -06:52 Jul 06

Dark: *Meanwhile, Dark was cursing because he’d been walking all this time and hadn’t come across Caroline or that asshole yet!*

Evangeline: *Chewing thoughtfully, it did make her wonder! How many loose ends did she have? Everyone was bound to have them! Things didn’t always resolve themselves right away!* …I’m glad I don’t have any exhusbands!

Vlamerias: *He chuckled softly.* That will make two of us, Evangeline. Or they would be in a world of hurt and humiliation, for not having held onto you better. -06:55 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* That will make two of us, Evangeline. Or they would be in a world of hurt and humiliation, for not having held onto you better.

“Ah, hell, how many have you sent there, Caroline? My life was over that day you killed those monsters in the town streets. Not a person in town trusted me again. The man that married a monster. Imagine my surprise to realize you were not amongst those ashes. My horror to know what you were WHO you were.”

Caroline: Of course, I am nothing more than serial murderer. Slaying humans and demons alike. Is that what you believe? That I married you and lied to you because I take pleasure in ruining lives? What else am I, Louis? A whore? Maniac? The very devil himself? -06:59 Jul 06
Vlamerias: *She giggled!* That’s ssssooo romantic! -07:00 Jul 06

Evangeline: *She grinned and leaned on the table!* I might have gotten in trouble for meeting you and falling in love with another man, anyway.

“If the shoe fits, ange. How many men have you had after men? Hundreds? Here you are again, robbing the cradle of some boy under the wing of his parents.”

Caroline: *THAT was too far. A growl and Caroline was swinging an arm back to summon her ribbons and strangle him to death. …but there was surprised look on her face when the spell didn’t cast!* -07:03 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He smirked.* I would have kidnapped you and made you mine, regardless.

Louis had a smug smirk. “A strong demon needs a strong counter, does it not? Nullification is an interesting gift. I was not going to just allow you to kill me, Caroline. Destroying my life was enough.” Holding his hand out palm up, he summoned a strange looking knife in to his hand.

Dark: *Dark finally found himself in the same place as Louis and Caroline! He pounced for him!*

Quick as could be, Louis had great reflex! He was sidestepping out of the way, now casting his smirk at Dark! “And thus the lover appears. Adults are having a conversation. It would be best if you waited inside.” And before the rescue attempt allowed for his wife to escape, he was throwing out his other hand to cast a spell! A wooden cross appearing behind her and binding her to it with rope and vines!

Evangeline: A truely wicked thing to do! *…but a wicked thing that was fun to imagine! Being taken away by Gabriel!*

Dark: Try and make me, you asshole! *He was lunging for Louis again but he didn’t notice the two shadow wolves who appeared. The two of them threw their heads back and HOWLED! A howl so loud and mournful, it shook the castle itself!*

Caroline: *Wood and ropes were nothing to her, but every spell she tried to cast would not complete! Even trying to use pure strength to pull herself free wasn’t working!* You are digging yourself a hole, that I will not pull you out of, Louis! -07:14 Jul 06

Gabriel: *Gabriel was standing and walking over to Evangeline to kiss her forehead when those howls began!* I will return.

“The human and the demon. Interesting to be on the other side, is it not, Caroline? *Louis had that knife glowing, and was going to slash Dark to pieces when he lunged. Those wolves, though! The howling was so awful he had to cover his ears!*

Evangeline: We will be waiting! Let’s clean up a bit, Meri, and get some dessert!

Gabriel: … You appreciate my hospitality. Yet you attack my son and my Knight within the walls of my own castle, you bait her and dare bring that blade into this place. *For once Gabriel honestly sounded angry, and his voice was a low growl!* Louis DePaul, no spell, no trick, nor word ripped from the lips of you or yours, me or mine will set you free from this place.

Dark: *He clamped his hands over his ears when those wolves howled! But even when Gabriel appeared, he had a hard time hearing!*

Vlamerias: Yay, dessert! *She smiled!* Do you think this party went well, Mommy? -07:24 Jul 06

Louis froze. Even he had known of Gabriel Carnatelli, but he had hoped this would be finished and he would be gone long before! “That woman is MY wife and I retain the rights to deal with her. I have no desires to deal with you or yours.” He hissed back with more venom than he had the entire day. He didn’t want to deal with them, but he was sure as hell going to defend himself.

Evangeline: I think, planning for the inevitable fight makes it much less stressful to have these parties! *Evangeline stood, just long enough to clear the plates. Then she was stealing Dark’s seat so she and Meri could share some cake!*

Caroline: Then I want a god damned divorce! *As expected, Louis had dug his hole.* -07:27 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He was chuckling now, a soft, dark chuckle, his lips pulling back to reveal fangs.* From the lips of your own wife, a divorce hence any rights you had to deal with her is null and void. I and Dark stand as witness. He as Prince of Darkness and I as the True Vampire and Darkness Incarnate. *The wolves released Caroline with their sharp claws.* Tell me, Louis, do you still possess a soul.

Vlamerias: Oohh! Can we have a food fight next time? … But I don’t think the devil rats will appreciate it. -07:32 Jul 06

Louis’ smug smirk was back again. “No. Ruins your plan to take it, does it not? My soul to destroy Caroline Andraste. A price well worth paying to rid the world of such a plague.”

Evangeline: They might like eating the fodo everywhere, but helping to clean it up not so much! We could do it at Oracle, though!

Caroline: Now I am a plague. How flattering. *Gabriel might have been amused, but she sure as hell wasn’t. Clawed free by those wolves, she now rubbed her arms. …and preparing to escape the moment she could cast the spell!* -07:38 Jul 06

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly, still smirking.* I merely asked. What I truly wish for … are your memories.

Vlamerias: Oohh! Really? *She was so excited! That sounded marvelous!* -07:42 Jul 06

The confusion on his face showed how he couldn’t grasp what that meant! But the moment it dawned on him, he was moving quick. Taking that knife up in his hands and flinging it, along with it’s spell at Caroline before it was too late!

Gabriel: *Gabriel twisted the space between Caroline and that knife and the knife disappeared!* Louis DePaul, for fixing your former wife to a wooden cross, I will leave you suspended on an icy tree, covered in ice. You will suffer blindness, frostbite, and starvation for twenty four hours. After the twenty four hours are done, you will be taken down, fed, your sight restored, your needs tended by a phantom who resembles she you despise the most. You will sleep and when you awaken, you will be back on that tree, covered in ice, starving, frosbitten, and blind. *The wolves returned to his side.* Take him down to the dungeon. His imprisonment starts immediately. *The wolves were pouncing on Louis and all three sunk through the floor!*

Caroline: *To do that to Louis, she could only imagine what he does to those that hurt Evangeline. Holding her palm open, she tested her casting. …as expected one of her marbles appeared, her magic and strength was restored.* Unnecessary, but thank you. Send my apologies to your wife. I am going home. -08:08 Jul 06

Gabriel: You deserve it. *Then he turned and walked away, leaving Caroline and Dark alone together.*

Evangeline: *Enjoying cake with Meri, She nodded!* The chefs might not enjoy it, but it makes for good teaching to hunters having them do chores!

Caroline: *She wasn’t so sure about that. Caroline was rubbing her face with her hands before she was digging in to her pocket to pull out her pin.* -08:17 Jul 06

Dark: *He was on the floor but he stood up then, looked at Caroline, walked out! He’d go get his things from the loft later, maybe when she was asleep. He still had a room here at the castle.*

Caroline: *Here she was expected to get shouted at again by him! That was almost more unnerving that Louis himself. She wasn’t going to hunt him down, though. A prick of her finger and it was back to her apartment. And straight to bed. The world could be plagued by someone else today.* -08:23 Jul 06

Vlamerias: That is so true, Mommy!

Dark: *There was so much he wanted to say to her, yell at her, strangle her … So he returned to the loft a little sooner than he had expected, used a spell to pack everything, remember his guitar.*

Gabriel: *Gabriel was back to his normal black clothes, coat, and the crown was gone as he walked back into the dining room.*

Caroline: *Lying in bed, trying not to think, but it was hard not to notice when Dark was there and especially when he was casting magic all over the place. She threw an arm over her head before shouting!* And what exactly ARE you doing? -08:28 Jul 06

Dark: *He wasn’t going to talk to her. He wasn’t going to talk to her. He wasn’t going to–!* For crying out loud, go to sleep already!

Evangeline: Are things okay now? *He was only gone for a bit and she had missed him. …but she was very curious as to what happened!*

Caroline: It’s the middle of the afternoon! *She responded, reguardless of the fact she was lying in bed!* -08:31 Jul 06

Gabriel: Caroline’s loose end is tied up and currently serving eternity in the dungeon. *He kissed her forehead.*

Dark: It wouldn’t be the first time you went to sleep in the middle of the day! *And then he was mumbling something about women and stubborness and stubborn women!*

Evangeline: *There was a surprised expression!* We have a dungeon?

Caroline: *She rose up on her elbows to glare at the opened door.* And I suppose when I sleep, you’ll be leaving again? -08:33 Jul 06

Gabriel: Of course. It would not be a castle without a dungeon.

Dark: Like you care! Just go to sleep! That’s what you need! Rest! Sleep! Snoring away while the whole world passes you by!

Evangeline: I’ve never found it! *…then again, she might not want to see another dungeon! They never were very fun and always kind of creepy!*

Gabriel: I made sure you do not come across of it, Evangeline. *He stood behind her to lean forward, wrap his arms around her.* Come to bed with me, my Queen. *He was nuzzling her neck.*

Caroline: Thank you ever so much for your permission, you jackass! *Caroline was itching to roll off the bed and chuck him head first off the roof of the building. Yet it was welcomed to hear him bitching compared to the silent treatment. It figured.* -08:39 Jul 06

Dark: I’d rather be a jackass than a lazy woman! *He yelled! Not his best work but he wasn’t in his top form at the moment! … That was his story and he was sticking to it!*

Evangeline: To leave Meri alone with all of this cake? *She had to think about it, just for a second!* I might..

Gabriel: I believe Vlamerias deserves all that cake. *He was nibbling on her neck now, stroking her cheek.*

Caroline: *Where the hell was he getting lazy from! She hopped out of bed to stalk in to the living room, taking off her jacket in the process.* LAZY? I suppose that might be better than a man with a big mouth! -08:43 Jul 06

Dark: Oh yeah! Well at least I make good use of my big mouth! If someone comes by and mocks the shit out of me, I’m going to make sure he knows who the hell he’s dealing with! *So much for Caroline showing she was mature! He was grabbing for his things and marching for the door!*

Evangeline: She did do a very good job today. But who will play with her if we go to bed early? *Evangeline was trying not to grin!*

Caroline: Because you’re just SO GREAT at talking to people when you’re pissed off! ~Obviously~ you do a great job at it! *Argh! And they had finally gotten past that the first time! There was no winning with Dark!* Shit! Just go ahead and leave! Before I go ruining YOUR life anymore too! -08:52 Jul 06

Dark: Yeah, maybe I will! *He was sick of this! He grabbed his bags and marched out the doors!*

Caroline: *And she was very uncharacteriscally flipping him the finger as he left, before marching back to bed and plopping back in to bed! God damned stupid, stubborn, clueless male!* -09:04 Jul 06

Dark: *It would serve her right! He didn’t need her! Instead of heading back to the castle, he went to the park!*

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