Gabriel and Evangeline are trying to have some naughty alone time when Dark barges in clueless and complaining about Caroline!

[Evangeline is having a nice afternoon alone with Gabriel! ] -01:50 Jul 07
[Gabriel has his arms wrapped around Evangeline in the spring courtyard!] -01:52 Jul 07
Gabriel: *He nuzzled her neck and held her close.* -01:53 Jul 07
Evangeline: *The Spring courtyard was always the best for cuddlie afternoons… The winter courtyard was a little frosty! But it did give her a good excuse to curl up in his coat with him too! Evangeline giggled softly, tugging on his hair.* -01:54 Jul 07
Gabriel: Hm? *He stroked her back and nibbled on her neck.* -01:56 Jul 07
Evangeline: Have you ever been swimming in a water fountain before? *She doubt he had… at least not be choice! But it was a nice warm afternoon, and she could sneak his coat off, and maybe his shirt… and some other things! For a swim!* -01:58 Jul 07
Gabriel: No. *But he smirked at her idea, even as he was thinking of sneaking a few articles of clothing off of her as well. He was sitting up and then slipping his coat off!* -02:02 Jul 07
Evangeline: *Evangeline kissed him quick, before hopping to her feet and skipping across the grass to the fountain! She kicked off her shoes, but that was it! She was leaving her dress on, if only to tease for a bit!* I don’t think you will need a shirt! -02:04 Jul 07
Gabriel: *He smirked but he was getting rid of his shirt as well! He kicked off his boots!* -02:08 Jul 07
Evangeline: *Evangeline tapped her chin as she climbed over the stone of the found to walk around in the cool water. Luckily, this one didn’t have any fish in it!* Hmm… Still not enough. Maybe your pants too? -02:11 Jul 07
Gabriel: You are shameless, Evangeline. *He said as he approached. He kissed her shoulder even as he was pulling his pants off. But it wasn’t like he was wearing underwear!* -02:23 Jul 07
Evangeline: *She laughed softly, only pulling away long enough to take his face in her hands and kiss the tip of his nose.* I am. I would have you like this forever if I wouldn’t get jealous! -02:26 Jul 07
Gabriel: *He smirked but then he was tugging on her dress impatiently.* -02:31 Jul 07
Evangeline: *Evangeline kissed that smirk! Then she was stepping away and sinking in to and under the fountain water with a giggle! She wiggled out of her dress and tossed it at him with a quick flick and another laugh!* -02:34 Jul 07
Gabriel: *He tilted his head as she slipped into the fountain but he caught the dress and threw it over his shoulder! Then he stepped inside to join her, wasting no time in moving for her.* -02:37 Jul 07
Evangeline: *She loved to have the sun and the water… and Gabriel without his clothes! She curled her arms around his neck, and nuzzled against his cheek before sneaking a few kisses!* -02:41 Jul 07
[Evangeline and Gabriel are… well…getting frisky!] -03:14 Jul 09
[Gabrie is enjoying his time with Evangeline!] -03:17 Jul 09
Gabrie: *Gabriel slipped his arms around Evangeline’s waist, nuzzling her neck, kissing her shoulder!* -03:18 Jul 09
Evangeline: *He was so warm! It was a nice contrast with cool water. Especially putting wet hands on him to sneak a touch here or there. He wasn’t ticklish but it made her giggle!* -03:21 Jul 09
Gabriel: *He heard her giggle, felt her body shake a bit from it. He smirked when one hand moved to her side, slid up, cupped one of her breasts, and squeezed it lightly.* -03:26 Jul 09
Evangeline: *Her giggle quickly turned to a quick gasp! But she leaned forward to brush her cheek against his and whisper in his ear.* I guess you like swimming? -03:30 Jul 09
Gabriel: *He nibbled on her earlobe while his thumb rubbed her nipples in circles against her breast.* … Only when I am swimming with you, Evangeline. *With anyone else, at any other time, he only did it because he had to.* -03:49 Jul 09
Evangeline: I make it more fun, yes? *Ooo, he always made her breathless! She shifted away only a bit so she could position herself over his lap. Then she was tugging his hair back gently to brush a kiss over his lips.* -03:52 Jul 09
Gabriel: You make everything more fun, Evangeline. *He said, his head tilting back, kissing the corner of her mouth. He took one of her hands and wrapped her fingers around his erection. He loved her touch and he knew she would understand. He was hard for her, only for her, and there could be no one else in his life.* -03:58 Jul 09
Evangeline: *It was silly that even now he could make her blush! She squeezed him gently, sliding her thumb back and forth. Her grin was hard to hide, even when she leaned down to kiss him again and flick her tongue across his mouth!* -04:02 Jul 09
Gabriel: *Gabriel groaned softly, kissing her deeper, even as he was pulling her closer.* … Evangeline. *He was growling her name softly as he broke the kiss briefly. She had stopped just shy of his cock slipping into her. What a time to be a tease!* -04:09 Jul 09
Evangeline: *She loved it when he said her name that way! Needing her… it made her want to give him everything just to hear it again! At his beckoning Evangeline guided him inside her, only releasing her hand to grip his shoulders with a soft sigh!* -04:15 Jul 09
Gabriel: *He grunted softly, shifting a bit so he could slide deeper. His arms went around her waist as he lay his head against her chest to nuzzle and lick her skin. He wanted nothing more than to make love to her, and make her his. But for the moment, he wanted to savor this. Her body. His body. He slowly began to thrust into her, hands moving to rest on her hips.* -04:22 Jul 09

Dark: STUPID CAROLINE!! *Dark was suddenly pacing in the courtyard, oblivious to the two of them in the fountain!*

Evangeline: *So deviously slow! She was flushed and so deliciously tinglie… and then her fingers griped Gabriel’s shoulders and her head ducking to rest against his cheek when she heard Dark!* ..d-Dark…! -04:27 Jul 09
Gabriel: *DARK?!! With a soft grunt, he was forced to stop. He lifted his head and clenched his teeth.* -04:29 Jul 09

Dark: She hasn’t come begging for forgiveness–or to explain herself! But I keep hearing stories of her roaming around the world, beating the crap out of things and killing them! Stupid Caroline! Stupid stupid Caroline! *He growled, still pacing!*

Evangeline: *Ooh, don’t stop! Well, yes stop, but… ooo Crickets! How embarassing! ….but clearly Dark needed to rant and..!* …she um… You shouldn’t leave her alone! Talk to her and come back later…? -04:31 Jul 09
Gabriel: *He wanted nothing more than to tune Dark out and finish what he and Evangeline had begun. But Dark was annoying and beginning to get on his nerves … Especially since he was oblivious to everything but his own problems!* We can talk about this later. -04:33 Jul 09

Dark: But I want to talk about it now! I’ve gotta stick it to Caroline somehow! Make her feel really bad about everything! Make her come crawling back!

Evangeline: *She had slid her arms down and pressed herself against Gabriel so Dark wouldn’t inadvertantly see anything he shouldn’t. But that subtle movement… Ooo, it was maddening to be so still like this! She was chewing on her bottom lip trying not to whimper!* .hmm… She is in Moscow, go and get her! -04:39 Jul 09
Gabriel: *Dark wasn’t looking this way … He thrusted once … then twice … He grew still.* … Dark. *There was that growl again, but it was not the same growl he’d used on Evangeline just moments earlier!* -04:42 Jul 09
Evangeline: rmph. *Gabriel was wicked…! She didn’t want to make a sound and scare Dark to death, so she lowered her head to Gabriel’s shoulder and bit gently! A warning to a naughty man!* -04:48 Jul 09
Gabriel: *He managed to smirk when she bit him but then he moved his hand down, between her legs and rubbed her gently. He plotted on how to get rid of Dark, but there was that problem of him knowing how to avoid being transported away by spell.* -04:56 Jul 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline bit down harder, swatting his other shoulder with a quick flick! This was tormenting! And now she was trying not to gasp and laugh!* -05:03 Jul 09

Dark: Stupid Caroline! She could just go to hell for all I care! But nnnoo … she had to be a pain in the ass! Yeah, real mature!

Gabriel: *The temptation to just keep thrusting regardless was so strong! But he wanted Evangeline to be comfortable and she couldn’t be with Dark around! He growled softly again.* … Evangeline. -05:14 Jul 09
Evangeline: hrmm… Dark, please, you LEFT her somaybeyoushouldgotalktoherplease…! *She might have said it a little fast, but if she didn’t she might not sound so normal! well, if high pitched and breathless was as normal as it could get!* -05:18 Jul 09

Dark: Damnit, why do I always have to be the mature one? This is all Caroline’s fault! *As he was pacing, he covered his eyes or looked away anytime there was a chance he’d see them!* Come on, you guys. You have to know something I can do.

[Evangeline now understands the true meaning of being frustrated!] -11:38 Jul 13
[Gabriel stops to lower his head and nuzzle Evangeline\’s neck.] -11:39 Jul 13

Dark: Stupid, stupid, stupid Caroline … *Dark is still pacing, seemingly oblivious to them but every so often he grunts or kicks the ground as if reminding the two he’s still there!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline had never been so tempted to poof someone off to the moon! Dark needed the help but she much, <i>much</i> prefer to well… finish what she was doing first! And Gabriel was wickedly not helping at all!* …You can um… come back later I’ll tell you what to do! -11:42 Jul 13
Gabriel: He is lost in his own world, Evangeline. *He murmured in her ear and thrusted once, very deep, holding her hips in place with his hands!* -11:45 Jul 13
Evangeline: *The soft hrrmph from her was a concentrated effort to bite her lip and not make a sound to draw attention! It was awfully hard not to be lost in her own world, herself!* Gabriel! *Nope, not helping at all, and she was having to brace her hands on his shoulders just to keep herself still!* -11:50 Jul 13
Gabriel: *The only indication how difficult this was for Gabriel was how tense he was! He made a soft groan as he froze again and nibbled on her ear.* -11:59 Jul 13
Evangeline: *Ooo… she did love that sound! She tilted just a bit so she could steal a kiss. …and maybe just a small movement of her hips to get that groan from him again!* -12:08 Jul 14
Gabriel: Aaahh … *There was that groan again! His fingers tightened on her hips and he clenched his teeth, although it was too late to stop the sound!* … Evangeline … *He was going to be merciless and let Dark see everything he needed to know about sex, trauma be damned!* -12:10 Jul 14
Evangeline: Sssh! *Her sudden giggle had to be silence by her clamping a hand over her own mouth! But not taking advantage was increasingly impossible! Evangeline slid her arms back around his nec, the result pressing her breaths against his chest and the motion pulling her up and back down as she shifted over his lap. How could something be so agonizing but such divine at the same time!* -12:19 Jul 14
Gabriel: You are a tease … *He had to lower his head and bury his face in the crook of her neck. One hand moved up to caress the side of her breast, thumb sneaking between them to caress the nipple.* -12:33 Jul 14
Evangeline: *It was all too easy to forget a ranting Dark just for a moment, savoring that feel of his hands and breath against her skin. Her fingernails grazed over one of his shoulders.* …if we are quiet? *She murmured softly against his ear!* -12:41 Jul 14
Gabriel: *He lifted his head and kissed her hard and deep, holding her hips so he could pound into her steadily. He could hear Dark still ranting and kicking but he might as well have been a world away.* -12:48 Jul 14
Evangeline: *Her sigh of pleasure was masked by the kiss she so readily returned! Ravaging his mouth and nibbling his lips with unrestrained impatience even while she moved to match his rhythm!* -12:53 Jul 14
Gabriel: *It seemed like he’d waited an eternity for this. His tongue quickly moved into her mouth and played with hers. He moved hard and deep inside of her, the water around them begining to churn with their movement.* -12:57 Jul 14

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