Evangeline takes a group of hunters for a special lesson at a light house!

[Gabriel is off … doing stuff! The hunters are relaxing!] -02:50 Jul 31
[Evangeline is giving newbies what they asked for. Real field experience!] -02:50 Jul 31

“Umm … Ms. Evangeline … Where are we going?” asks Chris, one of the more nervous students.

Evangeline: *They were -not- at the leylines, as that would be far too scary. Today she had the newbie hunters at a perfect innocent location outside of the city. It looked more like a vacation than a training lesson! ….but they wanted field experience and they were going to get it!* A posessed Light House! See? *She pointed to the distance! Her direction was a little off, but the Light House was coming in to view just fine. It looked normal and harmless!* -02:52 Jul 31

The hunters leaned out to get a look at the light house. “Possessed?” someone asked from the back.

One of the more cocky hunters had on his sunglasses and resting his hands on his head. “Pfffff. So we go from bean bags to ghost stories? It’s not even night time yet. REAL scary.”

Chris and the other hunters quieted down, feeling embarassed.

Evangeline: Ghosts don’t sleep, you know! *Newbies were always the most difficult. With Gabriel busy, and Caroline deciding to stay on the other side of the globe, it was very hard to get them to behave. This will do the trick! Evangeline led the way, up until she was a good forty paces from the door. Then she stopped.* ..Okay! Everyone can go inside and purge the light house of evil. I am going to stay right here. -02:57 Jul 31

The hunters looked at her and then at each other, then back to her. “Wait, you want us to go there–alone? Why aren’t you coming? Is it really that bad?” someone asks.

Evangeline: *She nodded!* There is a demon or two and the souls of the people it killed. …and I promised Gabriel I wouldn’t do anything that would get me in trouble. You are professional hunters yes? You can handle it. I will stay right here. *She even pointed down at the ground at the exact spot!* -03:00 Jul 31

“Whoa! A demon or two? And the people it killed?!” Chris echoed. He looked around. It suddenly felt colder and darker.

“Jus wait a second! I know how this shit works. We go inside, get all beat up, then you get kidnapped by a monster! I done heard the stories. No one is staying outside!” That guy had positioned himself as leader. At least he thought he did. He had it aaaall figured out. So he grabbed Evangeline’s hand and pointed at the Light House. “We’re ALL going in. Get out your guns!”

“Is that such a good idea?” someone asked behind the “leader”. They’d heard the stories, too! And they’d much rather take down demons and ghosts than confront Gabriel Carnatelli!

Evangeline: I didn’t plan on getting kidnapped today! *She really didn’t! This time she was just going to wait outside until they came out screaming!* It is better for me to stay outside. You can leave someone with me? -03:05 Jul 31

“ALL going in.” Decision was made. And proving just how serious he was, he was the first to open up the light house door and march inside. Dragging Evangeline all the way! He pulled out his gun and started looking around!

The other hunters looked at each other outside the door, then followed the “leader”. They better stick together. They knew how it worked. People died when they got split up.

Evangeline: Oh dear. *This one was going to fail this lesson! What was his name again… Tanner! Mister Tanner had the worst sense of danger! Walking right through the doorway, anyone with senses could feel the difference!* Um. The guns may not be useful, so if you have scrolls that might work better. -03:10 Jul 31

Tanner wasn’t putting his gun away. If there was ‘demons’ he needed the fire power. The Light House must have been prepared for these lessons, as there was runes, sigils and seals drawn all over the walls and floor. …in what looked like blood, no less! “Like the atmosphere. Reeeaaal creepy.”

Everyone was nudging Chris ahead of them and next to Evangeline. He was clutching some scrolls in his hands and looking around nervously! “Umm … uh …” He gulped.

Evangeline: *Next time, she would stay at Oracle and just give them directions!* All of the sigils are meant to keep souls inside the light house. Like a spider web! People come inside and they don’t normally go back out again. So, we will have to banish the demon or we’ll be a very large dinner. -03:16 Jul 31

Tanner wasn’t seeing any demons here on the ground floor, nor was he nervous by Evangeline’s story. “Right. Moving up the stairs, everyone keep their eyes open!” He pulled Evangeline with him as he started up the twisting stair case!

Oh yes! He didn’t need to tell them twice! Someone was saying a quick prayer!

Absolutely nothing was happening. Tanner decided this was nothing more than a scare tactic. But once they stepped past the middle stair of the middle, Evangeline had stopped and wasn’t following his tugging anymore! “Come on, we’re not to the top yet. Move!”

Chris was chewing on his bottom lip. “Um … Maybe we’re doing this the wrong way …? You know … Try something else to get the demon?”

Evangeline: I am trying to move. *Bother! Her feet were stuck to the step and it was a miracle she hadn’t lost her balance. Evangeline slipped out of her shoes and hopped up to the next step. …where this time something curled around her ankles!* …We’ve waken up the ghosts now. -03:24 Jul 31

“Can it, Chris. I got this!” Tanner leaned down to see why Evangeline wasn’t moving -again- to see weird wispy tendrils holding her to the step. “Huh, doesn’t look like a ghost. Can’t you move right through it?”

While all seemed to be distracted with the woman stuck to the stairs, something oooozed out of the walls above them. Long misty arms reaching out to curl around any warm body they could touch!

Chris gulped. He crouched down and used a scroll to free Evangeline’s feet! It took him awhile to get the right spell, though!

Evangeline: I think you need to retake your ghost classes! *The moment she could move her feet, she hopped down past those two tricky steps and was attempting to flee back downstairs! ..but… It seemed those ghosts were leaking through the walls downstairs also. Double bother!* -03:31 Jul 31

Tanner was fearless! Taking his gun, he didn’t hesitate to start firing at every moving mist and shadow he saw! BANG BANG BANG BANG!

Being ghosts, shots went right through them. Bullets now ricocheting off the stone walls of the light house! Now the dead souls were moooaaaning like an alarm!

The other hunters were panicking! They tried firing their guns, although someone else had brought along scrolls and were also using them on the wall! Chris did the same to the walls to buy Evangeline time to escape!

Evangeline: *A yelp, and she was ducking on the steps and covering her head!* Don’t fire guns at ghosts…! This is a terrible time to panic! -03:35 Jul 31

A better time to panic would be when something crreeeeaaak open up at the top of the stairs! All the light that had previously leaked in to the building vanished. It was pitch black dark, except for the subtle glow of the ghosts and now two big large red eyes at the top of the stairs. …Now creeping downwards along the wall!

Chris gulped and backed up. “That is one … strong demon …” He muttered.

THIS was more like it! Real excitement and danger! Tanner turned his gun from the ghosts to start shooting at the demon. Except… it either wasn’t affected by the bullets or it just moved too fast! “…So how do we kill this one?”

Evangeline: …by being as quiet as possible and sneaking up on it without waking it’s ghosts. *And it was too late for that now! She hadn’t expected them to do THIS badly! She was back to trying to sneak her way down the stairs!* -03:42 Jul 31

The other hunters had also taken Evangeline’s lead–except in a more hurried matter!

“Bunch of cowards! This is your JOB!” Tanner wasn’t running! He just reloaded his gun and waited for the thing to get closer. Then he was aiming and firing again!

“Umm … Uhhh … Maybe Evangeline can call for umm … Gabriel now …” Chris was murmuring. He was probably the only one left with Tanner, still trying to get down the stairs without tripping over someone.

Evangeline: *The others had sense enough to run away! Evangeline turned back only so she could run back up the stairs and grab on to Tanner!* Sometimes it’s better to run! *She tugged on his arm to get him to move!* -03:47 Jul 31

“Yeah, lets call a vampire to handle a GU-UH!” Tanner couldn’t spit out the rest of his sentence, something long and with sharp spikes had curled itself around his body and jerked him up in the air!

Chris did the only thing he could think of! He activated a light scroll he’d slipped into his pocket beforehand, hopefully to blind the demon and maybe Tanner if that would get the guy moving!

The light spell gave a FLASH! A snarl followed, along with a very good view of the demon! A body like man’s but covered in slime, scales and spikes. It had horns and looong hands with claws. And once it had it’s vision back, it was very pissed off! He flung Tanner down the stairs at the hunters, and snatched up Evangeline before she ran!

Evangeline: *This was why she wanted to stay outside!* …don’t eat me! I promise it will not be a good experience for either of us..!! -03:53 Jul 31

“Evangeline!” Chris shouted!

Another loud snarl and the ghosts were weaving their way out of the walls to secure all of those hunters with their wispy limbs! The demon squeezed it’s current captive tight to make sure she didn’t move, while it crawled it’s way back up the walls towards the top of the lighthouse!

Gabriel: *The blade of a sword came slicing through the demon’s long arm to free Evangeline and catch her!* -03:57 Jul 31
Evangeline: *Coughing for air, it only took seconds to wrap her arms around Gabriel’s neck!* …sorry! The tall one doesn’t listen! -04:00 Jul 31

The demons scream was ear piercing! But without missing a beat, it’s arm regrew as good as new! It turned around on the wall, lashing out with both arms and it’s spiked tail!

Gabriel: *Gabriel was holding Evangeline with one hand and his sword in another.* You would do well not to kidnap my wife. *He told the demon but he tightened his hold on Evangeline. He dodged the arms and the spiked tail, then swung the sword and sent an arc of lightning at the demon!* -04:02 Jul 31

The demon’s reply to such a comment was nothing more than a twisted smile with sharp teeth that glimmered in the flash of lightning! It lept from the wall, free falling down the center of the building to crash down at the bottom floor!

Gabriel: *He stood at the edge of the steps and looked down.* We will have to discuss your ideas of a field trip later. *He told Evangeline.* -04:06 Jul 31

Tanner untangled himself from a heap of other hunters, to find all of them face to face with a snarling demon! “Aw fuck.”

Evangeline: I was going to stay outside, then open the door when they came running back out. *…the idea was a good one when she thought of it!* -04:07 Jul 31

Someone tried to open the door!

True to the psychic’s words. That door wasn’t opening from the inside. The demon’s laugh was loud and disturbing, as it swung it’s arm to snatch up a new meaty meal! Ghosts were swirling around making all of the seals on the walls glow bright so they could see every sharp and pointy tooth it flashed!

Gabriel: *He threw the sword into the center of the lighthouse and then let it fall! The sword glowed and split into a dozen, then it came flying to pierce the demon’s body, hack off its limbs, and yet amazingly, not landing a scratch on the hunters!* -04:12 Jul 31

Howling screeches as the demon was pierced and sliced to bits! Blood and gore splattering all over the place. Covering the walls and everyone misfortunete enough to be at the bottom floor. As the demon hissed it’s last breath, each of the ghosts also seem to be released. They fled from the walls and vanished! Leaving nothing but a bloodied body behind.

The hunters blinked in speechlessness … and some of them looked up at the man standing at the edge of the steps!

“That lesson went well. What do you guys think?” said Tanner, flicking what must of been entrails off his arm!

Gabriel: And that … is how *I* banish demons. *He glanced down at Tanner. The swords glowed and disappeared, reappeared several feet above Tanner’s head, and then flew down, effectively trapping him in place as they’d grown to be twelve feet long.* -04:18 Jul 31

“Hey! The hell are you doing?! We were doing pretty good here! Tell him, Evangeline!” He was gonna reach out and shake the swords, but…. but he decided that might not be the best idea.

Gabriel: *He was walking down the steps, taking his time with Evangeline in both arms now.* -04:21 Jul 31
Evangeline: *Evangeline really had to consider it!* Well… he took charge. I suppose. Um… didn’t really know what he was doing… and didn’t listen. Chris did a very good job, though! -04:22 Jul 31

Chris was grinning sheepishly, blood splattered over his shirt.

Gabriel: … Except he did not leave you outside where it was safe. -04:26 Jul 31

“Everybody knows you don’t leave her somewhere ALONE! That’s when she does something stupid and we’re all screwed!” Tanner made sure to glare at Chris. Glory hog.

Gabriel: He is your student, Evangeline. *Was all he could say. But had this been his class, given the boy deserved a failing grade, he would have gotten that and more.* -04:29 Jul 31
Evangeline: *She knew very well, Gabriel might have tormented poor Tanner a bit if he had the choice!* …I think he’ll benefit from starting over his lessons from the beginning! -04:30 Jul 31

“Aw man, that’s some bullshit! I already know all that stuff!”

Gabriel: I will give you the final exam later. *He promised Tanner. He wasn’t in the particular mood to deal with it right now. He cast a spell to send Evangeline’s students and even the bus back to Oracle, leaving him and Evangeline alone.* Why do you bother teaching. -04:52 Jul 31
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned and kissed his cheek.* Because showing someone how to protect themselves and others is better than having to rescue them? -04:54 Jul 31
Gabriel: What would I ever do with you, Evangeline. *He bent his head and nuzzled her neck for a moment, before reaching out to grab his sword and pull it out of the ground.* -04:55 Jul 31
Gabriel: *without -04:56 Jul 31
Evangeline: You would continue to save the world and never take a bath. …Do you think we should teach me how to throw swords and shoot guns and slay demons? -04:58 Jul 31
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Speaking of which, you need a bath yourself. -05:02 Jul 31
Evangeline: You’re dodging a question! *And if it was because Taylor got a hair cut sooner than expected, that was a silly reason!* Hrrmph. I guess there must be demon hand print all over my clothes. Will you take a bath with me? -05:04 Jul 31
Gabriel: I am merely pointing out you need a bath. You are not using the honey lavender-scented bath again?’ -05:07 Jul 31
Evangeline: I will use something manly and vampire like if you will take a bath with me! *She grinned and nuzzled against his cheek. Most of the time she did… but sometimes the wrong bottle was grabbed and he had to go slaying demons smelling like her!* -05:09 Jul 31
Gabriel: *He took them back to the castle and led her to the bathroom to start the water and grab the right bath.* -05:22 Jul 31
Evangeline: *She did make sure to smell the bottles so she got just the right ones!* …What do you think of my learning how to use a sword with real lessons? -05:26 Jul 31
Gabriel: You already know how to wield a sword. *He took his coat off, then his gun holsters.* -05:27 Jul 31
Evangeline: A little bit. But I could learn better and protect hunters when they do silly things and then you won’t have to come and rescue me? *She knelt by the tub to run the water and test the tempuratures. As well as adding in the bubble bath. There had to be bubbles!* -05:33 Jul 31
Gabriel: Perhaps I like to rescue you. *He was naked by now and tugging at Evangeline’s clothes to get them off of her. Although, he did have an idea of just using a spell to get her naked, too …* -05:38 Jul 31
Evangeline: Even when you’re busy? *Evangeline very deliberately took her time trying to undo the buttons of her blouse! And trying to be coy about it was difficult with the way she was grinning!* -05:40 Jul 31
Gabriel: Yes. *It probably didn’t help that he was distracting her by kissing her grin as she played coy.* -05:46 Jul 31
Evangeline: You are like a black knight. *Wishlist item number… well, maybe that one didn’t have a number! Evangeline leaned back just enough so she could shrug out of her shirt.* I could be like Caroline, though, and come help you! -05:50 Jul 31
Gabriel: You do not feel as if you contribute as much as she. *He tilted his head slightly at her. She was an odd wife.* -05:58 Jul 31
Evangeline: Well… somtimes. I get in more trouble than I help? I can’t go places for visions like I used to or I get in more trouble than I am trying to prevent! *Removing the rest of her clothes took only a second, then she was fussing with trying to get the clip out of her hair. It always got stuck!* -06:01 Jul 31
Gabriel: *It was only a matter of time before she became frustrated. And having to rely on someone else … There may be a time when even he could not help her.* It would ease your mind if you taught some way to defend yourself. *He helped her get the clip out.* -06:05 Jul 31
Evangeline: Yes! Maybe just little things! Last thing I want to do is die because I couldn’t hit someone! *And then she would not have to worry AS much about the Oracle’s warnings! She would need every death prevention she could think of! Evangeline took his hands and (with avoiding sudden death in mind) stepped carefully in to the tub!* -06:08 Jul 31
Gabriel: Then I will teach you what you wish. *He slipped into the tub next to her and wasted no time in nuzzling her neck.* I will not become obsolete? -06:11 Jul 31
Evangeline: *That was not something she ever thought he would say! It was so sweet that she laughed without meaning to!* Never! I couldn’t sleep without you, or even breathe without you! My heart wouldn’t beat and couldn’t live another second. -06:16 Jul 31
Gabriel: *His body relaxed slightly and he nipped her neck gently for laughing.* -06:20 Jul 31
Evangeline: *A soft squeek and she was resting her head against his shoulder trying not to giggle again!* I do like when you come to rescue me and everyone decides chewing on me was a bad idea after all. My husband is an amazing man. -06:24 Jul 31
Gabriel: *He moved to sit and then he was drawing her into his lap.* A lesson you would think everyone would have learned by now. -06:26 Jul 31
Evangeline: Everyone wants to be as scary as my husband, I think? *Comfortable with bathtime snuggles, she brushed a kiss over his lips before running her fingers through his hair.* Dark said everyone should be afaid of me too if they knew what was good for them! -06:29 Jul 31
Gabriel: You are a dangerous woman, Evangeline. *His arms slipped around her waist and he planted kisses over her face.* -06:30 Jul 31
Evangeline: I am! I thought that today’s lessons would be a good example of listening better! But it went all wrong. *To wash his hair or to steal kisses… that was a hard choice! She settled for cupping his cheeks and stealing a kiss!* -06:32 Jul 31
Gabriel: *Gabriel’s return kiss made the kiss longer and then a little harder, his tongue flicking across her lips, his hands stroking her back.* -06:35 Jul 31
Evangeline: *No one was going to get clean like this! Still lingering against his mouth she leaned forward to see if she could find one of those shampoo bottles. And a gentle nipping at his tongue just for the sake of being wicked!* -06:42 Jul 31
Gabriel: *There was a soft chuckle as he leaned back and gently broke the kiss.* Dangerous. *He leaned back against the tub, stroking her body gently.* -06:49 Jul 31
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((06:55 Jul 31))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((06:56 Jul 31))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -06:56 Jul 31
[Evangeline is a dance instructor! She can\’t remember how or why ever since that weird accident, but she likes her job!] -03:58 Aug 08
[Vlamerias is a neighbor who loves to watch the people dance!] -03:58 Aug 08
Evangeline: *This afternoon is quiet and not a single lesson to be taught. Not that she minds! Sometimes the mirrors need cleaning, so at the moment she’s washing those and entertaining cute lil Meri!* I’m not sure how this stuff gets all over the mirrors. I kinda of wonder if there’s imps that come in at night and spit on them! -04:01 Aug 08
Vlamerias: But imps are children’s tales! I can talk to them for you and see if they will stop! *She likes watching her Mommy-who-is-not-her-Mommy teach but she misses the lessons she gave to those lazy hunters!* -04:02 Aug 08
Evangeline: Can you? *Evangeline grinned. Children always had big imaginations, but… she liked to believe imps were real!* Someone needs to. I need to clean these almost every week and I could be doing something more useful. Like… um… standing on the sidewalk and kidnapping new customers! -04:04 Aug 08

Gabriel: *Half a world away, he slices down a vampire attempt to escape. Another vampire pleads for mercy, saying she was created only hours before he arrived and she doesn’t want to kill humans. But he strikes her down and runs her through!* -Vlamerias

Vlamerias: I’ll try! Imps are sneaky! But if they’re real, that means all the other creatures might be real too, yes? Like um … witches … and um … *She couldn’t say it! Under no circumstances was she allowed to say "vampires"!* Um … um … -04:08 Aug 08
Evangeline: Faeries too? I bet they would be, yes! Just the other day I talked to a woman at the shopping market saying she always had faeries messing with her gardens. I told her not to plant foxglove, since faeries are attracted to it. I think I read that in a book somewhere. *Evangeline had paused, tapping her chin with a finger as she thought about it.* Bother, it’s hard to remember things sometimes, so I’m never quite sure anymore! -04:12 Aug 08

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