Ame Shimizu

Character Name: Shimizu, Ame

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Student/Working in Cafe

Age: 16

General Appearance: Black wavy hair with ragged cut bangs, navy blue eyes, 5’5″. Has taken to shopping at vintage and used clothing stores for her totally stylish wardrobe!

Current Goal/Purpose: Make enough money to see to ALL of Takeshi Tetsuhara’s concerts! Aiieee!

General Personality: Ame is a friendly individual at least most of the time. Prone to temper tantrums and bouts of insane fangirlism, occasionally that out-going nice-girl personality looks a little more insane! She has tendencies to be a little self-absorbed with her own problems, so don’t go looking to her for advice or comforting. But, if you need someone beaten up or rescued, she’s happy to oblige! What Ame wants, she works really hard to try and get – even if what she wants is totally out of her league. Her obsession with Takeshi Tetsuhara borders on stalking!

General History:
Originally from Osaka, it’s a surprise to anyone that Ame hasn’t been born and bred in Tokyo. She’s a total city-girl, who is up on the latest trends, fashions and what’s popular. Her father is a wealthy man, owning the family fishing business while his wife tends to the household. Deciding that he was bored with country life, he moved his family to Tokyo.

Presently, Ame’s doing everything she can to see Takeshi Tetsuhara in concert. Every concert. She needs to. She HAS to. Because eventually he is going to see her in the crowd and they’ll fall in love, get married and be happy forever!

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