Tag: magical

  • Miyu Oshiro

    Miyu Oshiro

    Heiress living alone in a house, where she is causing it to be “haunted” because of unknown magic ability.

  • Kieran


    Pissy teenage demigod of Catalysts.

  • Underland


    Christy handed this nice little plot gem to me for development! >:3 “Underland” is a place where all the dark parts of our imaginations and dreams go. Alice went there, became a little twisted and saw it as her “Wonderland”. She hooked up with a creature/person there and made a babeh she then dubbed Dinah.…

  • Gemma Maes

    Gemma Maes

    Half faerie, half witch, that is banished from the Goblin Court because she is not a very nice lady.

  • Festival of the Damned

    Festival of the Damned

    The Festival of the Damned is a local yearly tradition where a town does a lot of superstitious things to keep the Damned happy and from rising up to claim the living. A group of troublemakers have decided to hang out in the town's cemetery for their own little party of drinking and games. And…

  • Teen God High School

    Teen God High School

    [color=cyan][b]”Boredom is the root of all evil. Even the gods knew this, for in their infinite boredom they created mankind. Then mankind made teenagers and now we never hear the end of [i]I’m Bored[/i].”[/b][/color] Your hear this story all the time. A kid turns whatever age and then suddenly their whole world is turned upside…

  • Clarice Drosselmeier

    Clarice Drosselmeier

    Harry potter universe charrie.

  • Carmilla Lace Montgomery

    Carmilla Lace Montgomery

    A teenager cursed with “goth parents”. She just wants to have a normal life!

  • Denerys


    Part of the Descendants universe.

  • Eleri Xerxes

    Eleri Xerxes

    Eleri must convince the last descendant demigod that he is INDEED a descendant, she is his fated bearer, and that they must make babies.

  • Angelle McCall

    Angelle McCall

    A wannabe actress that accidentally signs her soul to a devil to help her get a better job.

  • Celine Devareux

    Celine Devareux

    A countess who has opened up her home as a sanctuary to illegal magical creatures.

  • Dakota


    Made for the Descendants universe.

  • Callista


    Is returned to her home planet to find out she has a twin sister and they are to be Queens. Made for Key of Twilight Plot.

  • Caldea Leagar

    Caldea Leagar

    A magic user searching for meaning and direction after her school of practice is destroyed. Adaptable for magical fantasy settings.

  • April Cismet

    April Cismet

    An archeologist for a modern period Fantasy world. For the Supernatural Consequence plot.

  • Briony


    Daughter of Persephone for a any teen demigod plot.

  • Aurora “Rory” McNair

    Aurora “Rory” McNair

    Author of a popular fantasy series called MOONLIGHT SHADOW. She is writing her 7th book and gets sucked in to the world she’s written about for years. Part of the Moonlight Shadow plot.

  • Noriko Makino

    Noriko Makino

    Magical girl that is the Sun Princess!

  • Ebony


    Was cursed to be a swan like many other princesses but her “true love” never came. Her curse was finally broken when a guy came to rescue his girl and saved all of them. On returning back home, she finds out her true love married her sister instead. Now she sits on the cusp of…

  • Discordia Kieren DeWiess

    Discordia Kieren DeWiess

    A talented wizard/sorceress with a huge ego is forced to be a teacher at a magical academy to pay off all the damages she caused as a student.

  • Delilah Red

    Delilah Red

    Lady turned Pirate. Part of the Descendants universe.

  • Corona Flare

    Corona Flare

    Sorceress in a post-magic-apocalypse world.

  • Constance Marguerite Beltane

    Constance Marguerite Beltane

    Photographer in a strange supernatural world.

  • Ciara Yvonne Grey

    Ciara Yvonne Grey

    Owner of a five star Hotel. Rich heiress. Part of the Oracle universe.

  • Bianca Kayle

    Bianca Kayle

    A warrior turned queen. The world believes she betrayed them. Made for the Myridian plot.

  • Angela Reese

    Angela Reese

    Gros Bon Ange plotline. Bitter woman gone vigilante. Older sister to Sidney Reese.

  • Andrea MacGregor

    Andrea MacGregor

    A girl that realizes her life is going nowhere and is seeking some meaning. Little sister to Aidan MacGregor. Adaptable for any modern settings.

  • Ame Shimizu

    Ame Shimizu

    Generic magical girl shoujo with a jpop idol twist!

  • Evangeline Winifred Clark

    Evangeline Winifred Clark

    Super cute, super sweet blind psychic. Part of the Oracle universe.

  • Alathea Lenore Hawthorn

    Alathea Lenore Hawthorn

    An average normal witch, trying to be anything BUT average and failing miserably at it. Harry Potter Universe of any Modern Magical School setting.

  • Imperial Queen Aiyanna

    Imperial Queen Aiyanna

    A Queen who gets frozen in a giant crystal pillar while casting a spell to ward off a great evil. The pillar shatters many many centuries later releasing her and the evil.

  • Aidan Paul MacGregor

    Aidan Paul MacGregor

    Radio DJ at ELSWN Radio. Totally normal guy next door kind of dude, and doesn’t seem to notice (or at least doesn’t comment) on all the weird stuff that happens around him. Older brother to Andrea MacGregor. Part of the Elswen universe.