Anastasia Riktophen

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Character Name: Anastasia Riktophen

Name Meaning: resurrection – court of judgement

Alias: Lilith

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human/Demon

Age: Ancient

Place of Birth: Hungary

Current Residence: London

Occupation: Late Baroness

Family: Son: Deceased, Daughter in law: Autumn


Height: 5’4

Hair: Light Silver

Eyes: Bronze

Distinguishing Marks: When no longer hiding behind her human body, she is covered in a huge vine like tattoo from head to toe.

General Appearance: Anastasia is a regal, frightening yet beautiful woman, in the aspect that her appearance sends chills down your spine, yet you can’t bare to look away. Even being “aged”, her demeanor seems to demand attention, and hypnotizes the weak.


Weaknesses: Her son. Azazel/Lorant is the only thing she has any care about in this world. Everything else can go to hell.


Allies: Her Fallen Angels

Enemies: The side of light.

Current Goal/Purpose: Anastasia herself wants her son alive, and his wife dead. Beyond that the world is her toy…

Talents: Anastasia is a master of manipulation. She can weed her way through the minds of almost anyone.

Inabilities: She is reluctant to do her own dirty work.

Fears: The loss of her son.

General Personality:

Inner Personality:

Fondest Memory:

Biggest Regret:


Special Items:




General History:

Anastasia Riktophen is a very well known, distinguished member of society life. Though most people consider her as a friend purely for social reasons. The rumor going around states that in her younger days, she was a “loose” woman, often seeing many men… but those men always seemed to make mysterious disappearances soon after! Even her first and only husband, the Baron Riktophen, met a strange, horrible death, when his body was found burned, and bones broken in several places…

Anastasia had only one child, a son being Lorent Riktophen, who she smothered with affection and adored beyond anyone’s comprehension. When he chose a woman to be his bride, (Autumn), she despised her, plotting her death every chance she could… However, killing the woman would have broken her poor son’s heart, so she could merely be hateful and make her life hell.

The new Baron, as invincible as he seemed, eventually ended up dying of a very bad illness… After the death of her husband, Autumn took control of all estates, and caring for Anastasia, despite the women’s obvious hatred. Since then Anastasia has made many many an effort to get rid of her daughter-in-law, but never doing the more dirty work herself. When her simple plots, like poisons, and old dangerous falls failed, she would hire someone to try something else on a more grander scale, like assassins and general thugs.

Unfortunately Autumn seems to be just as crafty as she is, always being able to escape harm, or unknowingly avoid it. Autumn is well aware of Anastasia’s attempt on her life, but she is still unaware of the extend of her skills…

The Riktophen family come from a long line of just plain evil people. Anastasia is no exception. In her younger days, she prayed on young men for their blood and life force. She married the Baron Riktophen simply for the power and history of his family, and as all of men men do… he died a horrible death at her hands. The only man in her life she ever cared for was her son, Lorant, who’s attention was taken from her by that wench of a woman…

When he died, she went senile.. more so than her usual self. She was desperate to bring her son back, and using the greatest of her powers she called the spirit of Lilith and used her body as a shell. Thus, Lilith consumed her body being ‘reborn’ into the human world… Lilith seemed to have similar goals, also wanting her own son reborn… Lorant Riktophen was to be the shell for Azazel’s return…

Present Life: Plans in motion, her son will soon be reborn. “Their” plans of destruction will be realized!

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