Artificial Connection

Genre: Sci-Fi Futuristic
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older.
Time/Location: 2084 / Hong Kong
Idea: Four people come to find out they have military cybernetic technology implanted in them by their good Doctor Friend Dr Ryuga Shirow, when the doc goes missing and they become targets by government officials…

What is the Plot?: Doctor Shirow used to work for the US Military as a Cybernetics Specialist. He created many types of special cybernetics. When he began to disagree with what the Military was using his work for, he left the Military to work in Hong Kong. There he has help many people, but in particular he has saved four peoples lives using this government technology that he wasn’t supposed to take out of the US. The Government has found out, and has taken Doctor Shirow. Many of his friends have found either by actually seeing him being taken, or because they have the top secret cybernetics in them, and the government is now after them too…


“Yeah, but the wife…man, she can yell! I tell ya, Bert, we’ve had th` neighbors on our cases ever since we moved in. It’s enough to drive a body wonky, ya know?”

“Yeah, Chuck, I know.” Bert slid his thumb off the radio’s transmission switch, looked out the window at the rolling road, and sighed. Aside from the chemicals he was hauling cross-country, Chuck was his only company late at night. But sometimes, when Chuck started complaining about his home life, Bert preferred the company of the cargo. “Hey, Chuck, I’m gonna pull over and take a nap. Call in for me in about half an hour, will ya?”

“Sure thing, Bert. I’ll talk to ya tomorrow.”

Bert set the microphone down on the dashboard, and took a moment to revel in the sweet silence. For a long moment, Bert lost himself in the slow, throaty rumble of his rig’s tougher-than-God engine. It was odd, he thought, that a simple guy like himself could find solace in something like the sound of an engine. But his father had been a trucker, and so had his mother. His older brother, Gus, had died in a truck, carrying a payload of frozen chicken. Trucking, he guessed, was in his blood.


Bert snapped out of his daydreaming and slowly let his foot off the gas a bit, pulling on the clutch and looking up at the roof. It sounded like something had just landed on it. But he was going nearly 65 in the middle of the highway at night. Maybe it was a bird or something. Right, it had to be. Nothing else could make a landing on a speeding truck like that.

A moment later, Bert swatted at the bug that bit him on the neck. Looking down at his hand to see what he had hit, though, Bert found nothing but the stumps of his fingers, completely lacerated from his hand. Looking in the side mirror, Bert caught a quick glimpse of the carbon steel blade that had been stuck completely through his neck. A moment later, his vision fogged, and Bert was suddenly unaware of everything around him.

The chemical truck lurched to the right for a moment before a steel arm reached inside from the driver’s side window and fixed itself onto the steering wheel. The assassin swung the door open, threw Bert’s limp body out by the roadside, and shifted the truck into high gear. The honed blade glinted in the soft moonlight for a moment before it retracted back into the killer’s metal arm with an almost inaudible snap.

“Hey, Bert, I forgot to tell ya! I’ll be heading your way tomorrow, `round noon or so. I’ll meet you at the Gas N` Go, okay?”

“No problem,” the assassin said, using his fiber-optic voicebox to perfectly mimic Bert’s steady drawl. “Ten-four, pal. I’ll be there. You’re carryin` the sister cargo to this stuff, right?”

“That’s a big secret, Bert. But yeah, you nailed it. Why?”

The assassin smiled. “No reason. No reason at all.”



The government creates cyborgs for most of the illegal operations that have been going on recently. These cyborgs are created with the most up-to-date technology available from the labs. Parts are made with a new, light-weight and durable Kevlar. Wiring has been replaced with fiber optics.

Method of Creation: Nanites. The atom-sized robots make the fusion of metal and body more accurate and efficient. The parts are almost perfectly interlaced for fluid movement and reaction time that is just as quick as the normal human body.

Power Source: Like anything else, the cybernetic parts require an energy source to work. Advanced, high-tech lithium batteries. These batteries are rechargeable and need to be recharged only every ten years. They can be recharged more than once, but for the best performance the batteries are discarded five years after the second recharge (or possibly sooner).

There are different models created for the specific operations the cyborg will perform.

Medical – Equipped with parts and programs for surgical procedures, diagnosis, and first aid emergency procedures.

Scientific – Equipped for calculations, experiment procedures, and data storage. The exact storage capacity is somewhere in the area of several hundred Terabytes, and data since digital memory, unlike human memory, does not corrode over time, the information will be as reliable as its source.

Military/Assassin – Best weaponry and physical enhancements available. Military models focus mainly on high-grade hardware and tactical training, while covert assassin models may have such features as dart guns in lieu of fingers, collapsible skeletons to allow them to slip into small areas like a snake, and the newest units are equipped with cutting edge stealth gear.

Hacker – Walking computers, with all the equipments and programs needed to hack computer information. A common problem with these units is the fact that, because their specialty is in cyberspace–which is represented by first-person holographic constructs–most units complain about how “unreal” everything seems. This is a common by-product of over-exposure to holographics, and has been known to drive people completely insane. Steps are taken to prevent mental breakdown of Hacker units; the number of units that have gone insane has been reduced from 55 to a mere 14 in the past eighteen months alone.

Driver – A driver model has the tools and programs to start and operate any type of transportation (vehicles, planes, ships, ect.) efficiently.

MT-C385 Prototype – New model designed to be able to handle more than one of the listed operations. The prototypes aren’t as proficient in each operation as the specific models, but are much more efficient for assignments that may require more than one operation.

Different weapons are available for the cyborgs.

Guns are specially made to fit into the arm and rise from the arm when firing.

Plasma Gun – Fairly large, these take up the entire length of the arm and require the cyborg to straighten and lock the elbow and shoulder joint to connect the two barrel pieces and prevent damage to the arm itself. There is a five minute interval between each shot for recharging and cooling.

Rail Gun – Small and easy to be inserted as part of the body, but requires specific military ammo.

Custom models of typical hand guns are also available for military cyborgs. Obviously not as powerful as the rail gun or plasma gun, but still effective and uses the same ammo as the original hand gun does.

Blades made of polymer can also be inserted. High Frequency swords, molded from a lightweight titanium-osmium alloy, are carved electronically instead of forged, and the entire process is monitored by a computer. In the hands of a skilled swordsman, a high-grade HF blade is capable of severing through six inches of solid steel in one single stroke.


Civilian models of cybernetic parts are available to civilians. These parts have no special enhancements. People who have been severely injured in accidents, have debilitating diseases, or birth defects can get reconstruction. Parts available are limbs, eyes, skeletal enhancements and replacements, and microchips with specific function programs for brain damaged patients.

Method of Creation: Mostly surgical. Not nearly as accurate as the nanite system, just a lot less costly for the average civilian. Very few doctors have the nanite system available and is saved for victims of severe brain damage that requires very accurate reconstruction.

Power Source: Limbs are simply attached to muscle tendons to work the same as a normal limb as far as small parts such as hands, feet, fingers, etc., go. Small model lithiums are used for any parts that may require power.

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