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  • Sci Fi Space Opera #997839

    Sci Fi Space Opera #997839

    A military base is under surprise attack! Pilot(s) tell a teacher friend to meet them at the escape pods, go straight there, no detours etc, as they got orders to follow first. On the way woman has to dodge several enemy soldiers but gets stuck when a few torturing and ripping apart a fellow teacher […]

  • Thirty Seconds From Mars

    Thirty Seconds From Mars

    [color=orange][b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b][/color] Space Sci-Fi Alien Invasion! [color=orangered][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN:[/b][/color] Humans have terra-formed Mars to be a habitable planet through the power of technology and science. There are now several Mars colonies and a single major city. The Mars capital of Marelsou. But suddenly… MARS IS UNDER ATTACK by an invading alien species! They are wiping […]

  • On The Run

    On The Run

    Russian Scientist Crazy Military dude has experiments in genetics. His best is a really tall assassin guy that he keeps under control with regular injections. Crazy guy has just captured a few orphan kids and is about to use them in his genetic experiments because they have -natural- gifts. But Assassin dude manages to escape […]

  • Unnamed Scifi Steampunk Cyberpunk

    Unnamed Scifi Steampunk Cyberpunk

    A crazy cross between Mad Hatter and Robin Hood type character. He doesn’t steal from rich to give to the poor, and technically he’s never doing good deeds when he does the things he does. He’s a “bad guy” that inevitably does good things.

  • The Seven

    The Seven

    Genre: SciFi Fantasy Location: Vykendria BASIC PLOT The Seven are an elite secret Imperial Guard for the current Vykendria royal bloodline. They have existed since the very first Oelamir King and are loyal only to blood heirs. The original Seven were chosen from the most skilled & talented warriors of the age by it’s founder, […]

  • Stargate: De’av Project

    Stargate: De’av Project

    Genre: Modern Sci-Fi & Space Travel Based on STARGATE Universe. Rating: R – Cursing, Violence and Bad Stuff Allowed Mood/Style: Action adventure with plenty of comedy and dashes of drama! Location: Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado And Random “Planet of the Day”. IC Located: Sci-Fi Accepting Characters: Posting Expectations: Daily = Heaven, Every other […]

  • Star Children

    Star Children

    Genre: Present Date Sci-fi Rating: PG13/R Location: Boles, New Mexico Falling Stars It was nearly 18 years ago during the late summer when the night sky of the Western United States saw shooting stars. Though the occurrence itself isn’t uncommon, when they began to strike the ground, the government and citizens took notice. What was […]



    Genre: Sci-Fi Mecha Location: Hartford International Base Timeline: 2072 [b]2052[/b]. The Invasion. Mankind’s first contact with life outside of Earth. The dawning realization that we were not alone. Their technology superior, with battle-suits, mecha machines, giant starships, laser weaponry. Coming in fast, with intent to siege Earth, Man fought back with a vengeance. With such […]

  • Iris Landing

    Iris Landing

    Location: Lost Earth. 10 Thousand Years in the FutureBasic Setting: An exploration ship has rediscovered Lost Earth. They will investigate and explore the planet to reconnect with ancient history and learn what has become of Humanity’s first home during their absence. ABOUT ME AS A GAME MASTER Hi, I am Diana and this is the […]

  • Prisoners in Paradise

    Prisoners in Paradise

    Genre: Modern SciFi Fantasy Blend Location: Uthlav Dulanc and the surrounding Savage World Timeline: BASIC INFO A modern society behind a great wall. Uthlav Dulanc is run by it’s Dulanc Council, to help keep peace and prosperity in it’s humble city. The outside world is filled with dangers, poisons, and savages. But Uthlav Dulanc is […]

  • Outbreak


    Genre: Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Location: Post-Modern Earth Timeline: X Months After Outbreak Not long after making contact with an alien race, a strange virus strikes modern Earth. When infected, a human turns crazy, zombie like, their genetic structure seems to change. Yet, these infected human beings can also breed, taking bodies of the dead and […]

  • Neo Terra

    Neo Terra

    Genre: Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fantasy Location: Neo Terra Timeline: 3310 – 200 Years after the Destruction of Post-Modern Earth INTRODUCTION: After a comet destroyed a majority of the civilizations on Earth, many are trying to come into power, claiming territories and warring each other for control over the planet. The Brelj, a powerful race from […]

  • Lockdown


    Genre: Post Apocalyptic Otherworld Scifi Location: Timeline: Basic Plot Creatures have invaded and the world has been nearly destroyed in the conquest. Now, the human race are nothing more than cattle being harvested each time the Creatures return. Humans that still have a sense of civilized society have built up protected enclaves and mini towns […]

  • Legacy


    Ratings: PG-13 Genre: Borderline Sci-Fi. Time: 2052 Location: Old New York THE PLOT It is the key to immortality. It holds the secret to life itself. It is the key that unlocks the mysteries of the universe. For untold generations, mankind has spread across the planet. Mighty empires rose and fell, and wars ravaged the […]

  • Last Projection

    Last Projection

    Genre: “Any” Genre Supernatural Location: Timeline: _____ is a witch/wizard/etc, having control of many magical powers. But when they have something another seeks, they found themselves the object of assassination. The “body” was tossed somewhere, but.. surprise! They aren’t quite dead yet! Using the last of their strength, the person astral projects their spirit elsewhere […]

  • Hourglass


    Genre: SciFi Fantasy Location: Timeline: The ‘Hourglass’ is this huge hourglass shaped building on a desert world, legend to pass through the sands of creation. You take the dust that drops on to it’s floor and can create new life. Someone has recently discovered and taken over this world. Using the sands to create their […]

  • Grievers


    Genre: Scifi Location: Timeline: A little girl comes home to her parents acting weird. Daddy being strange and controlling, and Mommy seems to have gone completely senile. She tries to act normal and pretend to go to bed so she can try and sneak out of the house, but Daddy always seems to catch her […]

  • Firelight


    Genre: Alien Abduction SciFi Thriller Post Apocalyptic Blend Location: Unknown Location Timeline: ??? Many many people are kidnapped and abducted by strange aliens claiming that they are saving the humans from the destruction of their planet. One group of humans seem to be treated very well. Finally their “home” is landed on a planet and […]

  • Lost and Found

    Lost and Found

    Genre: Post Apocalyptic Location: Timeline: 2032 In 2022 just when everyone thought things were going to be maybe okay, the widespread pandemic turned ZOMBIE. Honestly, no one was surprised at how badly things were handled at this point. This set the globe into a panic fueled by chaos! Everyone that didn’t go zombie had to […]

  • Cybangels


    Project A.N.G.E.L.S (Active Network Guardian & Emergency Logic System). Genre: Sci-Fi Rating: PG13 Location: Future Earth In 2098, archeologists found the frozen remains of a super being. With the help of government funding, scientists used the DNA of these frozen beings to create cyborgs… part machine part life-form creatures that they have dubbed as Cybangels. […]

  • Crashed at College

    Crashed at College

    Genre: Modern Scifi Location: Harlock College Timeline: Present Date Two Girls/Boys leading very opposite lives are unhappy and bored. Life seems to be going nowhere, nothing ever changes, and it just all around sucks. Leaving work one evening they see something crashing out of the sky, landing in a small wooded area behind their apartment. […]

  • Artificial Connection

    Artificial Connection

    Genre: Sci-Fi Futuristic Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older. Time/Location: 2084 / Hong Kong Idea: Four people come to find out they have military cybernetic technology implanted in them by their good Doctor Friend Dr Ryuga Shirow, when the doc goes missing and they become targets […]

  • Abduction


    Genre: Alien SciFi Location: Timeline: Tiny little town in the country where there’s a lot of “alien sightings”. Most of the townspeople write off the sightings as crackpots or bored people. An “for fun” investigation team is now in town looking up proof on aliens. …And get abducted! They discover there’s a whole wide universe […]

  • 2013: Solarwinds

    2013: Solarwinds

    Genre: Future Sci-Fi Location: Earth Timeline: 2013 As predicted by prophets and scholars, in 2012 it was the end of the world as we knew it. An alien race made contact with Earth, coming to enslave mankind and take it’s resources. But… just as suddenly as they came, they left. Something in the minds of […]