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Sci Fi Space Opera #997839

A military base is under surprise attack! Pilot(s) tell a teacher friend to meet them at the escape pods, go straight there, no detours etc, as they got orders to follow first.

On the way woman has to dodge several enemy soldiers but gets stuck when a few torturing and ripping apart a fellow teacher are in the way. She tries to sneak past and is caught herself. General McBad is there and asks where he can find [insertname here], and by the astonishedly terrified look on her face, realizes that’s her! He assures her that her fate won’t be the same as her friends, and to be sure he has the right person drops a bit of her blood in to a test vile. It goes all shiny.

CRASH BAM BOOM goes a distraction and the woman is rescued by her pilot friends. They make it to the pods and she gets strapped in and off they go.

[b]~~~ Plot noooootes[/b]

The military has been hiding returned Atlanteans for generations in exchange for technology. It’s been long enough that ones in the civilian population don’t know what they are anymore. But the military has always kept track. Recently someone has betrayed the military and given information to the big bads. Everything from where bases were located, secrets, and the full list of Atlanteans. They want these Atlanteans because something in their blood can fuel some ancient lost weapons tech. The same tech that has destroyed two other planets. (venus and mars?)

Settings: SciFi Settings: Space Saga

Thirty Seconds From Mars

[color=orange][b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b][/color] Space Sci-Fi Alien Invasion!

[color=orangered][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN:[/b][/color]
Humans have terra-formed Mars to be a habitable planet through the power of technology and science. There are now several Mars colonies and a single major city. The Mars capital of Marelsou.

But suddenly… MARS IS UNDER ATTACK by an invading alien species! They are wiping out the entire city’s population of humans. When done with Mars, the intend to move on to Earth.

Mars has called for help… but will help get there in time to evacuate the last surviving refugees in the City of Marelsou?

A rescue team has been sent to save who they can and get off the planet before the Military arrive to wage battle.

[color=orangered][b]Your character and plot options:[/b][/color]
– Someone who lives on Mars or is visiting Mars.
– The Military Rescue that was station on Mars or has come from Earth to help evacuate any survivors.
– You must play a human! There is no magic or mutant powers in this roleplay. However, there can be cybernetics!

This roleplay is all about fighting aliens and survival! Survive until the end and get off the planet if you can!

Settings: SciFi

On The Run

Russian Scientist Crazy Military dude has experiments in genetics. His best is a really tall assassin guy that he keeps under control with regular injections. Crazy guy has just captured a few orphan kids and is about to use them in his genetic experiments because they have -natural- gifts. But Assassin dude manages to escape and takes the kids with him. They are on the run trying to find a new place to live and hide.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi

Unnamed Scifi Steampunk Cyberpunk

A crazy cross between Mad Hatter and Robin Hood type character. He doesn’t steal from rich to give to the poor, and technically he’s never doing good deeds when he does the things he does. He’s a “bad guy” that inevitably does good things.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: SciFi

The Seven

Genre: SciFi Fantasy
Location: Vykendria


The Seven are an elite secret Imperial Guard for the current Vykendria royal bloodline. They have existed since the very first Oelamir King and are loyal only to blood heirs. The original Seven were chosen from the most skilled & talented warriors of the age by it’s founder, a man part of the Previous King’s bloodline. As years went on if one was lost, they were quickly replaced by another. Someone that was chosen as their successor, or chosen by the Head. Only Seven, Always Seven. Never more, never less.

Present era Vykendria is an exciting developing time. Strange new technologies mixed with old world traditions. Imperial King Stephane Oelamir has been the most loved monarch in the past century along with his gentle Queen Genevieve. When blessed with their first child, it was a mixed emotion as Queen Genevieve died in childbirth. Saddened, the King did not remarry until nearly ten years later to an infamous Beauty, The Lady Amethyst. A lady whose face was so lovely, she enchanted all that saw her.

Shortly after, the King’s health started to decline drastically until one night he passed away, leaving behind his Queen as acting monarch until his blood heir daughter came of age. The new Queen was never able to bare a child, leaving the Princess Gwendolyn as the last living blood heir to the throne. The True Heir.

In coming years, there were a few suspicious accidents, but the Princess was reaching age 20 and soon there would be the official coronation. The Queen Amythyst, not wanting to loose her ruling place set a plot in motion, framing the Princess for a diplomatic murder and sending her off to the prison to await a death sentence.

With a kingdom enchanted by a beautiful Queen, none would defy her rule… except The Seven whose loyalties are pledged to only one life! The True Heir must be saved and the Queen’s plots unfurled if Vykendria is to survive a coming war. As The Queen has no desire to stop with just ruling Vykendria. She wants the world.

[color=dodgerblue][b]THE LAND OF VYKENDRIA[/b][/color]
In it’s current era, Vykendria still holds on to old world traditions even as advanced technology has become and every day thing. Castles, quaint villages, horse carriages, fashion and other traditions are blended in with high tech weapons, machines, and power structures. Though magic has been a part of the world since the dawn of time, it has become old fashioned in favor for the less draining machines of today. Imagine a world like King Arther’s, but throw in sci-fi tech in the mix. King Stephane has been dead for nearly 10 years, and the state of the country has started to decline under Queen Amethyst’s rule. Everyone had hope that the mysterious Princess Gwendolyn would take the throne on her 20th birthday and continue the fair rule of her father. ….Until now! The news that Gwendolyn is responsible for murder and soon to be put to death has spread through the country like wild-fire. Everyone is in a state of unease about the future.

[color=dodgerblue][b]ABOUT CHARACTERS & JOINING[/b][/color]
We are casting characters slowly, and a few at the time introducing them to the story to avoid a giant clusterfuck of confusion. This is why the IC is already started, but we aren’t posting an official OOC thread yet. [color=yellowgreen][b]Anyone that has been invited already can PM their bio to ME ooor post it here as a reply if they want![/b][/color] Once the story gets going a bit, we’re going to open the official OOC and let anyone who wants to join finally hop in. :D

[color=lime][U][B]NOTICE:[/B][/U] Even though we are not officially taking in new characters outside of the pre-cast ones yet, if you’re interested in working on a character before hand, you can ask any questions you like or send a bio over to Diana![/color]

“The Seven” have all been cast or reserved. If during the rp one of the players for a Seven vanishes for too long(I’ll give you a month, unless there’s a problem), their absence will be a death and another character in play will become one of the Seven. So if you missed out on getting to be a Seven, just make a cool character, they might be chosen later as someone’s successor. XD

Remember that the Seven are SECRET. No one has ever known of their existence except blood heirs. Until now, where Gwendolyn never had the chance to be told about them… and recently the Queen has managed to discover them. Each of the Seven have a number they “inherited” from their predecessor, this number they use to identify themselves to other Seven members. Usually they will have a Tattoo or an Special Item that has the number in code. Because Vykendria has been at peace for so long, many of the former Seven have retired or died, thus explaining why many members of this generation’s Seven are younger in age. (Younger being mid 20s to later 30s) Most of the Seven have never met each other. They keep in contact through their current Leader.

If you don’t want to play one of the Seven, you also have the option to play anything else you want! It just needs to make sense! Fantasy races are allowed, so are sci-fi alien races, but alien races must be native to the planet. There are other countries in the world, so you don’t need to be from Vykendria. Our three basic plots will be:
— The Castle where couple members of the Seven will be trying to catch the Queen in the act of doing something wicked so they can clear Gwendolyn’s name.
— Out and about where members of the Seven are trying to keep Gwendolyn hidden and safe until they can return her to the castle.
— Citizens of Vykendria trying to decide if they are with the Queen and believe she can do no wrong, who is already starting plans to invade another country, or if they side with Gwendolyn and believe the True Heir is getting shafted and planning to revolt.

You ARE allowed to have magic, just remember that it’s “old fashioned” and not as common as high tech sci-fi weaponry. Again, imagine a world that looks a lot like the time of King Arther, with the castles, the knights, the forests and villages… but there’s a lot of new tech mixed in. Laser guns, light sabers, machines. Vykendria’s old world traditions are blending with new school tech.

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Stargate: De’av Project

Genre: Modern Sci-Fi & Space Travel Based on STARGATE Universe.
Rating: R – Cursing, Violence and Bad Stuff Allowed
Mood/Style: Action adventure with plenty of comedy and dashes of drama!
Location: Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado And Random “Planet of the Day”.
IC Located: Sci-Fi
Accepting Characters:
Posting Expectations: Daily = Heaven, Every other day or Weekly = Just Right, Less than that makes frownie faces.
Basic Plot: Based in the Stargate universe, a team of characters will be doing their job of exploring new worlds through the gate and handling the issues that develop. Main plots are focused on the lives of the characters themselves.
NOTES: You don’t need any knowledge about Stargate to play. We’re not planning cannon universe setting. :D We allow bullshitting when necessary.

Stargates. Created by an ancient alien race linking together worlds across the universe. One has been under secret lock and key under Cheyanne Mountain in Colorado. Their “Brainy Old Men” have been working on it’s mysteries and uncovering coordinates to many new worlds for exploration for the past years. …Until recently, where nearly the entire team of archeological fogeys have ended up dead one way or another. No one has been accused of foul play, and with nothing dangerous seeming to come up in the investigations… a new team of specialists have been called in to take their place. The De’av project is ready to start hunting down new discoveries!

Settings: SciFi

Star Children

Genre: Present Date Sci-fi
Rating: PG13/R
Location: Boles, New Mexico

Falling Stars

It was nearly 18 years ago during the late summer when the night sky of the Western United States saw shooting stars. Though the occurrence itself isn’t
uncommon, when they began to strike the ground, the government and citizens
took notice. What was found at all the craters was not lumps of rock and
ice, but babies.

It was a curious discovery and many of the babies where taken into custody by the government, but not nearly all. Tests were ran on the babies, and
though there where some unusual results it was not conclusive enough for
the government to allow the military to keep these small ‘illegal aliens’.

The children the government claimed went up for adoption and started new lives with their new families. The government never forgot the children though
and kept tabs on all of them. They where not the only ones keep track of
these falling babes…

Though there was something very odd about the children’s biology, none of the government labs could figure out what. Then on May 17th the blood and
tissue samples the government had started behaving very strangely. In fact
they were all destroyed so completely there wasn’t enough to test to begin to
find out what happened. Strange things where happening to those now teens as

The “Storks”

Once there was a sub-continent known as Atlantis. Everyone on Earth knows the legend of how it sunk into the sea. It is also widely known that the
Atlantians where sophisticated in their science. Just how sophisticated is
not known. Long before their home was swallowed by the oceans, the
Atlantians were traveling space.

Many had abandoned their home for the stars and so when the great flood
came, they where more than prepared to move on and leave Earth to their
‘younger cousins’. Earth has become almost a national park to the
Atlantians. Few travel there due to it’s statues as a preserve. Criminals
try to hide there, officials that follow them, and there are the
occasional adventurers that like to see the rustic. Other then that no one
pays mind to the home planet.

It was the perfect place to hide the children.

The children themselves were created as weapons. The next step in
evolution, so said the war mongers. When five young researchers found out
the true purpose of the infants that they helped to create, they decided
that they wouldn’t let their work be used for the purpose of violence.
Especially when talk of expanding was being discussed by the military.

In what could be considered one of the greatest thefts/kidnappings in the
history of the Atlantian Empire, the 5 scientists took the children,
destroyed ~all~ research about the babies and in a stolen ship took off to
parts unknown.

There was only one safe place, Earth.

After sending the babies planet side the scientists took on the family name
Stork. Their purpose was to keep track of all the children and insure they
got to enjoy normal lives. It was also a sentence of exile for the
researchers, as they felt guilty for their part in creating weapons out of

Due to the advances in health, the Storks, though now in their 40s and 50s
all look to be in their late 20s or early 30s. They also have a longer life
span and access to a great deal of technology that they brought with them.

Troubled Teens

The children the government put up for adoption were visited by a ‘social
worker’ at least once a month. Them and their families where given extensive
medical coverage by the government though every check up was done at a
military base. Other then that, their childhoods and the childhoods of those
children the government did not find, were quite normal. For the most

The ‘Star Children’ never seemed to get sick. Not a cold, or the flu. The
only times they ever broke a bone had been those children that were in a
situation where it was a miracle that they even survived. Not one of these
children suffered from SIDS, all have 20/20 or better vision, perfect
hearing and never even needed braces. In fact there where no hereditary
disability in any of the children. They where very close to being perfect.

However there is no such thing as a perfect child. They had the same
attitude problems, emotional upsets and plain stubbornness as any child.
Most did excel in either school or sports, but that had a lot more to do
with pressure from parents and family.

It is now senior year for all the teens. The pressures of test and what
will happen after graduation are upon even those that pretend school isn’t
important. On May 17th they all woke up to strange new abilities and the
world was never the same.

It is now May 20th, 3 days since everything changed.

General Abilities

Though all children are not created the same, they share the ability to
sense others like themselves. They are stronger, faster and their senses
more acute then other people. The best thing though, is the ability to fly. Unlocking the telekinetic power of self levitation was an import part of the research, as it was something almost unheard of in anything but fantasy and dreams. This doesn’t mean that their flying is perfect.

Each child has a very specific power, aside from their natural abilities. Either over an element, a psychic gift, or something obscure like speaking with inanimate objects. No two children have the exact same abilities, though many abilities may be similar.

Character Possibilities

There are currently four types of characters available.

The Children: All Star Children are 17-18 years old (depending on birth month chosen), and should be in their senior year in high school. (depending if they flunked or not!) A HUGE majority of them grew up Boles with their adopted families, though a few that were never discovered by the government have recently come to the town by an inexplicable pull. It has been three days since they have discovered their powers.

Friends and Family: The friends and family of the Star Children. This can be parents, friends that go to their school, teachers, or random people that are involved indirectly in the lives of the Star Children. Most have no idea about their children’s past, though a few were once agents of the government and adopted children under orders.

US Government: Agents of the government who are assigned specifically to the Star Children case. They may be disguised as teachers, parents, social workers… anyone indirectly related to the children. They have been watching the children for several years, and would be immediately interested to know if they had anything ‘strange’ about them. The children would NOT want the government agents to discover their secret.

The Storks: The five scientists that hid the children on earth. They have been close by watching the children since they landed. They have always been around in one form or another to help and guide them, and continuously protect the children behind the scenes. The Storks also share the natural abilities like the students, like above average intelligence, stronger bodies, etc, but do not have any magical gifts.

Settings: SciFi


Genre: Sci-Fi Mecha
Location: Hartford International Base
Timeline: 2072

[b]2052[/b]. The Invasion. Mankind’s first contact with life outside of Earth. The dawning realization that we were not alone. Their technology superior, with battle-suits, mecha machines, giant starships, laser weaponry. Coming in fast, with intent to siege Earth, Man fought back with a vengeance. With such an advanced arsenal, it didn’t look good for Mankind.

But… just as suddenly as the aliens came – they left. No war was one, no armies defeated. They just left. No one could understand why.

[b]2072[/b]. Twenty years after the initial invasion, Mankind has taken what they have learned and put it to good use. An international effort has been put in to effect, creating a military faction to protect Earth from future invasions. Man has designed his own mechas. His own weapons. Space colonies in orbit around the planet. Before long, Man will have advanced technology to fly beyond the solar system.

[b]Hartford International Base. Codename: Project SAVAGE.[/b]
We begin at the Hartford Base. Military Personnel training to use the new Mecha & Aircraft technology. Civilians that work on base. People with their own stories, own lives, and own agendas. Twenty years without an invasion, some believe that Earth is safe and sound. But others, they’re sure it’s only a matter of time. The Mecha technology ranges in sizes from smaller units for ground support to huge gundams for space combat.

[b]The Aliens[/b]
There is almost nothing known about the invading Aliens. In fact, no one has ever SEEN one. This lends a lot of mystery about their agenda and even more on why they left so suddenly. No has a clue what happened, they only know that it’s important to protect Earth from future attacks.

Settings: SciFi Settings: Space Saga

Return to Earth

[color=steelblue][b]Genre:[/b][/color] Sci-Fi
[color=steelblue][b]Location:[/b][/color] Lost Earth. Hundred Thousands of Years in the Future
[color=steelblue][b]Joining:[/b] JUMP IN. No bios required, but recommended!
[color=steelblue][b]Basic Setting:[/b][/color] An exploration ship has rediscovered Lost Earth. They will investigate and explore the planet to reconnect with ancient history and learn what has become of Humanity’s first home during their absence.

Eons ago Earth was abandoned in what was called “The Great Exodus”. After being abused by humanity, the planet was dying. Viral infections, scientists playing god, nuclear war… all played a part in destroying the natural beauty and habitats of planet Earth. Humanity decided to leave the planet, branching out in to the stars of other galaxies. Leaving behind the weak, the infected, and the poor to slowly die along with Earth…

Thousands of years later an expedition has been funded to find “Lost Earth”. Much like legends of Atlantis, Earth became nothing more than myth or legend to current generations. Star charts and maps have been uncovered and a large exploration ship has found Earth at last. It will be the greatest historical discovery in mankind’s history.

Of course over the eons, Earth has changed greatly. New species have changed and evolved. Lost Earth is wild… dangerous. And nothing like what it used to be.

Settings: Modern Realistic Settings: SciFi

Prisoners in Paradise

Genre: Modern SciFi Fantasy Blend
Location: Uthlav Dulanc and the surrounding Savage World


A modern society behind a great wall. Uthlav Dulanc is run by it’s Dulanc Council, to help keep peace and prosperity in it’s humble city. The outside world is filled with dangers, poisons, and savages. But Uthlav Dulanc is a paradise. There is no war, no crime, no sickness. All is perfect.

The Horrible Truth of Uthlav Dulanc
To keep a place running “perfect” it requires a heavy hand. Anyone that breaks a rule or shows signs of illness is “removed”. Elders and people with signs of illness are taken to fuel the massive shield that’s protecting the city. Criminals are treated the same, if not expelled to the “Savage World” outside of the wall. Everyone is told and believes that these people/prisoners are being taken to a happy lala place.

The rules and laws of the city are strict. Everyone wears the same colors and styles, you do the job you are given, you live by curfews. You do not speak out against the council or cause any sort of unrest to the people.

Outside the Walls
The Savage World outside the walls is a wild uninhabited wilderness. Giant beasts, from mammals to dinosaurs. There are cannibal tribes of humans, but also tribes of people dispelled from the City. Still, no one in their right mind wants to be back inside the walls, unless they are freedom fighters or “terrorists” determined to open the eyes of the denizens inside.

Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


Genre: Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi
Location: Post-Modern Earth
Timeline: X Months After Outbreak

Not long after making contact with an alien race, a strange virus strikes modern Earth. When infected, a human turns crazy, zombie like, their genetic structure seems to change. Yet, these infected human beings can also breed, taking bodies of the dead and growing a weird sub-human creature from the remains. No one can tell how a person becomes infected, it simply happens; sending the entire world in to global chaos.

Months/a year later the virus seems to be “controlled”. Communities of humans are hiding out in small colonies. Places like single buildings, churches, schools. They are fed supplies and promises from the government.

An unlikely person has discovered a connection between government actions and the virus outbreak (where it was previously assume alien contact did it.). The food that’s been given to these colonies has some sort of control-factor in it, either to spare people from the virus or mind-control. Unlikely Person seeks out for a scientist to help crack the mystery.

Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi

Neo Terra

Genre: Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fantasy
Location: Neo Terra
Timeline: 3310 – 200 Years after the Destruction of Post-Modern Earth

INTRODUCTION: After a comet destroyed a majority of the civilizations on Earth, many are trying to come into power, claiming territories and warring each other for control over the planet. The Brelj, a powerful race from outside the solar system, have managed to take over a good portion of Neo Terra. They are cruel people, forcing those left on Terra into hard labor and keeping all resources to themselves. Many rebellious factions have tried to fight back, only to be crushed by the Brelj, who carry the ancient arts that Terra lost eons ago.

BREAKDOWN: There is a small group in one of the ore mines that has gotten the idea of escape and revolt. When they uncover some ancient tools and links to old magic, they find themselves aided with power that is equal to the Brelj.


Uncovered in the mines was a magic circle. Several points on the outside of the ring, each seeming to represent a part or style of ancient magic in the old worlds of earth. Those that can unlock the points would gain a mastery over certain styles of power.

Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


Genre: Post Apocalyptic Otherworld Scifi

Basic Plot

Creatures have invaded and the world has been nearly destroyed in the conquest. Now, the human race are nothing more than cattle being harvested each time the Creatures return. Humans that still have a sense of civilized society have built up protected enclaves and mini towns to guard against harvesting. For most days it is safe to venture outside the enclaves… but when the moon is full. It’s a Lockdown.

Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


Ratings: PG-13
Genre: Borderline Sci-Fi.
Time: 2052
Location: Old New York


It is the key to immortality.

It holds the secret to life itself.

It is the key that unlocks the mysteries of the universe.

For untold generations, mankind has spread across the planet. Mighty empires rose and fell, and wars ravaged the countryside and changed history for generations to come. With the destruction of the great Galadorian Empire, the ways of magic and sorcery declined, giving way to the rise of technology. Over the next two thousand years, the old ways were utterly forgotten, and mankind entered a new age full of computers, space travel, and the completion of the Human Genome Project, which laid bare the mysteries of humanity.

But some things will never change. Throughout all of history, only one story…only one legend has survived the passage of time, and lives still today. The story of the key device that was sought after by sage and warrior alike; the one item that was said to contain the great essence of God Himself.

The Legacy.

No one has ever seen the Legacy, and its origins are unknown. Only rumors of it unfathomable powers exist, but in all of history, it has never been found. Now, in this age of iron buildings and digital technology, the old ways are being remembered once more; the Legacy is making itself known. It wants to be found.

And it wants to be used.


World Setting: 40 years after the attack on earth. One very trashed, run down Earth. The big cities are almost like skeletons, run down and ghetto-like, as most people have moved on to other planets due to earth’s ruin during the war.

Plot: Man shows up in a bar ranting about “legacy keys” and the name “Pandora”, then he drops dead. A few minutes later some people come in, and shoot the place up looking for a box the dead man dropped… Basically, the players have to figure out what the box is, get the box, steal the box, try to keep the box out of bad people’s hands, ect.


Why has magic returned at this point in time?
There was the battle quite a few years ago with the aliens that not only brought new technology with them, they uncovered some of the old as well.

What kind of guns can we have?
Most normal people will have regular projectile weapons. Government will have the high-tech guns, IE Plasma guns and lasers and so on.

What kinds of mind powers can we us?
Limited Precognition and Minor Telepathy.


Humans_- Most humans do not have magical capabilities. Though can have some skills in white & black magic, Shamanism and Druidism.
Werewolves_- Have no magical capabilities but are magic resistant. They can change form at will.
Vampires_- These are not the traditional vampires. These are more or less humans that are following vampirism like a religion. Most have psychokinesis or telekinetic powers.
Alien_- You cannot apply for an alien character. Aliens appear randomly only for NPC use.


White Magic_- healing and shields
Black Magic_- offensive spells, etc
Shamanism_- Shamanism has a spiritual basis..
Druidism_- Druidism is purely based on nature.. shape-shifting, into normal animals, is usually common…

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld Settings: SciFi

Last Projection

Genre: “Any” Genre Supernatural

_____ is a witch/wizard/etc, having control of many magical powers. But when they have something another seeks, they found themselves the object of assassination. The “body” was tossed somewhere, but.. surprise! They aren’t quite dead yet! Using the last of their strength, the person astral projects their spirit elsewhere to find someone to help retrieve their body and save their life before it’s too late.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: SciFi


Genre: SciFi Fantasy

The ‘Hourglass’ is this huge hourglass shaped building on a desert world, legend to pass through the sands of creation. You take the dust that drops on to it’s floor and can create new life.

Someone has recently discovered and taken over this world. Using the sands to create their perfect lover and keeping the ‘defects’ as a personal army of thugs. The woman has now started her own sort of mafia and making life in the galaxy a real pain in the ass.

Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


Genre: Scifi

A little girl comes home to her parents acting weird. Daddy being strange and controlling, and Mommy seems to have gone completely senile. She tries to act normal and pretend to go to bed so she can try and sneak out of the house, but Daddy always seems to catch her getting out of bed. A family friend comes over talking about something really freaky happening all around town. Mommy comes out acting strange again and Daddy quickly tries to take her away. The Family friend tells the girl what’s going on around town – people acting crazy and weird creatures attacking places. The little girl runs off to bed when Daddy comes back to talk to Family Friend.

A couple of the girl’s young friends sneaks over talking about the creatures – just in time for a couple to show up. They look like weird squid head things with long squiggly legs, about the size of a large dog. The kids kill a couple of them while they are trying to escape.

The little girl is grown up and the world is a different place. Grievers have taken over, leaving small factions of humans hiding in towns and cities trying to survive. The creatures are breeding and trying to take over human hosts. Successful ones can look like humans, with no side effects. Unsuccessful ones start turning their host crazy and the body starts degrading to the creepy squid form.

The little girl lives in one of the hidden human colonies. They discovered making weird looking “fake hybrids” of half creature half machine can scare off Grievers to help keep their entrances hidden – but they still have no idea where the Grievers came from or how to stop them.

Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


Genre: Alien Abduction SciFi Thriller Post Apocalyptic Blend
Location: Unknown Location
Timeline: ???

Many many people are kidnapped and abducted by strange aliens claiming that they are saving the humans from the destruction of their planet. One group of humans seem to be treated very well. Finally their “home” is landed on a planet and the humans are told that is their new world. They must make the best with what they have and can build.

It seems, that there were many groups of humans, but each group was “tampered” with by the aliens. The entire planet is an experiment. Some groups had shifted in to blood drinking beasts, others like zombies. Now it is a struggle to make a new life on this strange alien planet while being faced with live nightmares!

Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi

End of Days

Genre: Post Apocalyptic
Timeline: 2021

In 2012 something wiped out all electronics and things of technology on earth. This set the globe in a panic. Riots. Wars. Chaos. Mankind became so reliant on it’s technology that it deteriorated quick when it was taken away. Between war, famine, and disease much of humanity wiped itself out in a few short years. Now, things are “calmer”, and people are search for lost family and friends they lost contact with…

Settings: SciFi


Project A.N.G.E.L.S (Active Network Guardian & Emergency Logic System).

Genre: Sci-Fi
Rating: PG13
Location: Future Earth

In 2098, archeologists found the frozen remains of a super being. With the help of government funding, scientists used the DNA of these frozen beings to create cyborgs… part machine part life-form creatures that they have dubbed as Cybangels. These cybangels have been designed for the sole purpose of fighting crime on the modern unified world. In 2209, war between countries is no longer an issue, but crime rings and families are more prominent and dangerous. These Cybangels are the driving force to protect the cities of Earth.

The government Cybangels are not the only creations to worry about however. Double agents, bought scientists, amongst others have betrayed the system linking out valuable information and equipment to the enemies of the world’s government. With these tools families (and others) have been able to create their own cybangels for uses ranging from theft to assassinations.

With a new year approaching along with elections for officials in high up places, many conspiracy theorists believe positions will be bought or killed for by way of the cybangel technology. Others believe cybangels will evolve and try to take over in their own right. Whatever the case it’s a dangerous game on either side.


CYBANGELS: All cybangels have heightened strength and intelligence compared to humans. Depending on their created purpose, each cybangel has a special talent encoded in to their DNA. If create as a body guard, one would have extra strength and perhaps the added use of a weapon or power. If made as a thief or spy one would have quickness and abilities to make themselves “invisible” or blend in. Each cybangel’s talent would be unique. Additionally all Cybangels have a barcode or marking on their person for purposes of tracking and identifying them as a Cybangel. Legally created cybangels would have a barcode and number, illegal cybangels may have the mark of the family or organization that created them.

“Legal” Cybangels: Whether on the police force, special investigations or undercover, these were created for the purposes of upholding the law and protecting the innocent. Most would be involved in special cases for investigated high priority crimes or as personal security to important people. There is of course the special team designated for the soul purpose of hunting rouge or illegal cybangels.

“Illegal” Cybangels: These beings have been created for the use of assassination, special tasks, or other means involving illegal activities.

“Rouge” Cybangels: Rare cases have been reported that one or two cybangels might have been able to break free from their original intent and have escaped to disguise themselves amongst humans. This however must be a rumor as no such cases have been found. (perhaps one or two may play one of these… perhaps. c.c;)

Scientist: One of the few that created cybangels be it for the government or as a bought scientist.

Organization/Company/Family: One of these places that have illegally created cybangels. Reasons may include sabotage of rival, making more money, or even an attempt to control the government.

Police: Officials that work with Cybangels to flush out crime!

Others: Random normal characters, reporters, bar tender, taxi driver, super model… general any random character that just somehow gets themselves caught up in the plot.

Government: Higherup government officials that would be the target of assassinations or perhaps are using their own cybangel for wicked purposes.

Settings Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: SciFi

Crashed at College

Genre: Modern Scifi
Location: Harlock College
Timeline: Present Date

Two Girls/Boys leading very opposite lives are unhappy and bored. Life seems to be going nowhere, nothing ever changes, and it just all around sucks. Leaving work one evening they see something crashing out of the sky, landing in a small wooded area behind their apartment. Low and behold a pair of alien Girls/Boys have crash landed on earth! Now they have to assimilate in to human lives while they’re waiting for a pickup!

Random Notes: The gender of the two pairs should be opposite of each other. (Two college girls and two alien boys or two college boys and two alien girls.)

Settings: SciFi

Artificial Connection

Genre: Sci-Fi Futuristic
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older.
Time/Location: 2084 / Hong Kong
Idea: Four people come to find out they have military cybernetic technology implanted in them by their good Doctor Friend Dr Ryuga Shirow, when the doc goes missing and they become targets by government officials…

What is the Plot?: Doctor Shirow used to work for the US Military as a Cybernetics Specialist. He created many types of special cybernetics. When he began to disagree with what the Military was using his work for, he left the Military to work in Hong Kong. There he has help many people, but in particular he has saved four peoples lives using this government technology that he wasn’t supposed to take out of the US. The Government has found out, and has taken Doctor Shirow. Many of his friends have found either by actually seeing him being taken, or because they have the top secret cybernetics in them, and the government is now after them too…


“Yeah, but the wife…man, she can yell! I tell ya, Bert, we’ve had th` neighbors on our cases ever since we moved in. It’s enough to drive a body wonky, ya know?”

“Yeah, Chuck, I know.” Bert slid his thumb off the radio’s transmission switch, looked out the window at the rolling road, and sighed. Aside from the chemicals he was hauling cross-country, Chuck was his only company late at night. But sometimes, when Chuck started complaining about his home life, Bert preferred the company of the cargo. “Hey, Chuck, I’m gonna pull over and take a nap. Call in for me in about half an hour, will ya?”

“Sure thing, Bert. I’ll talk to ya tomorrow.”

Bert set the microphone down on the dashboard, and took a moment to revel in the sweet silence. For a long moment, Bert lost himself in the slow, throaty rumble of his rig’s tougher-than-God engine. It was odd, he thought, that a simple guy like himself could find solace in something like the sound of an engine. But his father had been a trucker, and so had his mother. His older brother, Gus, had died in a truck, carrying a payload of frozen chicken. Trucking, he guessed, was in his blood.


Bert snapped out of his daydreaming and slowly let his foot off the gas a bit, pulling on the clutch and looking up at the roof. It sounded like something had just landed on it. But he was going nearly 65 in the middle of the highway at night. Maybe it was a bird or something. Right, it had to be. Nothing else could make a landing on a speeding truck like that.

A moment later, Bert swatted at the bug that bit him on the neck. Looking down at his hand to see what he had hit, though, Bert found nothing but the stumps of his fingers, completely lacerated from his hand. Looking in the side mirror, Bert caught a quick glimpse of the carbon steel blade that had been stuck completely through his neck. A moment later, his vision fogged, and Bert was suddenly unaware of everything around him.

The chemical truck lurched to the right for a moment before a steel arm reached inside from the driver’s side window and fixed itself onto the steering wheel. The assassin swung the door open, threw Bert’s limp body out by the roadside, and shifted the truck into high gear. The honed blade glinted in the soft moonlight for a moment before it retracted back into the killer’s metal arm with an almost inaudible snap.

“Hey, Bert, I forgot to tell ya! I’ll be heading your way tomorrow, `round noon or so. I’ll meet you at the Gas N` Go, okay?”

“No problem,” the assassin said, using his fiber-optic voicebox to perfectly mimic Bert’s steady drawl. “Ten-four, pal. I’ll be there. You’re carryin` the sister cargo to this stuff, right?”

“That’s a big secret, Bert. But yeah, you nailed it. Why?”

The assassin smiled. “No reason. No reason at all.”



The government creates cyborgs for most of the illegal operations that have been going on recently. These cyborgs are created with the most up-to-date technology available from the labs. Parts are made with a new, light-weight and durable Kevlar. Wiring has been replaced with fiber optics.

Method of Creation: Nanites. The atom-sized robots make the fusion of metal and body more accurate and efficient. The parts are almost perfectly interlaced for fluid movement and reaction time that is just as quick as the normal human body.

Power Source: Like anything else, the cybernetic parts require an energy source to work. Advanced, high-tech lithium batteries. These batteries are rechargeable and need to be recharged only every ten years. They can be recharged more than once, but for the best performance the batteries are discarded five years after the second recharge (or possibly sooner).

There are different models created for the specific operations the cyborg will perform.

Medical – Equipped with parts and programs for surgical procedures, diagnosis, and first aid emergency procedures.

Scientific – Equipped for calculations, experiment procedures, and data storage. The exact storage capacity is somewhere in the area of several hundred Terabytes, and data since digital memory, unlike human memory, does not corrode over time, the information will be as reliable as its source.

Military/Assassin – Best weaponry and physical enhancements available. Military models focus mainly on high-grade hardware and tactical training, while covert assassin models may have such features as dart guns in lieu of fingers, collapsible skeletons to allow them to slip into small areas like a snake, and the newest units are equipped with cutting edge stealth gear.

Hacker – Walking computers, with all the equipments and programs needed to hack computer information. A common problem with these units is the fact that, because their specialty is in cyberspace–which is represented by first-person holographic constructs–most units complain about how “unreal” everything seems. This is a common by-product of over-exposure to holographics, and has been known to drive people completely insane. Steps are taken to prevent mental breakdown of Hacker units; the number of units that have gone insane has been reduced from 55 to a mere 14 in the past eighteen months alone.

Driver – A driver model has the tools and programs to start and operate any type of transportation (vehicles, planes, ships, ect.) efficiently.

MT-C385 Prototype – New model designed to be able to handle more than one of the listed operations. The prototypes aren’t as proficient in each operation as the specific models, but are much more efficient for assignments that may require more than one operation.

Different weapons are available for the cyborgs.

Guns are specially made to fit into the arm and rise from the arm when firing.

Plasma Gun – Fairly large, these take up the entire length of the arm and require the cyborg to straighten and lock the elbow and shoulder joint to connect the two barrel pieces and prevent damage to the arm itself. There is a five minute interval between each shot for recharging and cooling.

Rail Gun – Small and easy to be inserted as part of the body, but requires specific military ammo.

Custom models of typical hand guns are also available for military cyborgs. Obviously not as powerful as the rail gun or plasma gun, but still effective and uses the same ammo as the original hand gun does.

Blades made of polymer can also be inserted. High Frequency swords, molded from a lightweight titanium-osmium alloy, are carved electronically instead of forged, and the entire process is monitored by a computer. In the hands of a skilled swordsman, a high-grade HF blade is capable of severing through six inches of solid steel in one single stroke.


Civilian models of cybernetic parts are available to civilians. These parts have no special enhancements. People who have been severely injured in accidents, have debilitating diseases, or birth defects can get reconstruction. Parts available are limbs, eyes, skeletal enhancements and replacements, and microchips with specific function programs for brain damaged patients.

Method of Creation: Mostly surgical. Not nearly as accurate as the nanite system, just a lot less costly for the average civilian. Very few doctors have the nanite system available and is saved for victims of severe brain damage that requires very accurate reconstruction.

Power Source: Limbs are simply attached to muscle tendons to work the same as a normal limb as far as small parts such as hands, feet, fingers, etc., go. Small model lithiums are used for any parts that may require power.

Settings: SciFi


Genre: Alien SciFi

Tiny little town in the country where there’s a lot of “alien sightings”. Most of the townspeople write off the sightings as crackpots or bored people. An “for fun” investigation team is now in town looking up proof on aliens. …And get abducted! They discover there’s a whole wide universe out there, and two alien races are fighting over the ownership (and safety) of Planet Earth!

Settings: SciFi

2013: Solarwinds

Genre: Future Sci-Fi
Location: Earth
Timeline: 2013

As predicted by prophets and scholars, in 2012 it was the end of the world as we knew it. An alien race made contact with Earth, coming to enslave mankind and take it’s resources. But… just as suddenly as they came, they left. Something in the minds of young people made it impossible to capture the earth without destroying humans. …Destroying the humans would defeat the purpose of capturing the planet. The aliens were gone… but who knew when they would return?

Mankind, bracing for the next alien invasion, has designed special tactic units to help protect the human race. Mecha.