Autumn Katelyn MacGowan

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Autumn Katelyn MacGowan

18 Years Old

Dark red hair and dark blue eyes. Tanned skin with faint freckles. Stands around 5’5″ and struggles with the fact she looks baby-round and squishy. There’s not a muscular part of her body and she is embarrassingly out of shape. Autumn ends up catching every germ and cold she comes in contact with and it turns her in to an absolute useless lump. She’s not very comfortable in her own skin, so she doesn’t put a lot of time in to her appearance. Her three hairstyles are Down, Pony-tail and Braided. The clothing she wears tends to stick with jeans, t-shirts, and plaid because they’re easy and you really can’t go wrong with it. She really does love pretty, feminine and sexy clothes, though, but she doesn’t know how to put it together and doesn’t believe she can pull it off.

Grew up in the tiny small town of Jefferson, Kansas where absolutely nothing of interest happens there ever. You go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, live for awhile doing the same thing every day and then finally die. Dad was a wannabe musician who walked out on the family when she was still too little to remember him.

Her Mom has always been super protective of her because she is the baby and somehow ends up with every illness and accident under the sun. She wants Autumn to get a simple stable job and marry a simple stable guy with a good job of his own so he can take care of her. The woman isn’t supportive of her music interests at all, both because of bad memories of Autumn’s father and because they’re a waste of time.

Autumn has always been interested in music. It’s pretty much her entire life. She’s been in Band since middle school; her favorite is piano but she can also play guitar, oboe, drums, and violin. If it makes music, she can figure out how to play it with time. She enjoys writing lyrics and trying to compose her own songs. Singing is something she also really enjoys, but has always been nervous about doing it in public. If you sing bad, no one wants to take you seriously as a musician.

In high school she fared pretty well in math, but sucked in English. There’s too many dumb rules in grammar and the books they had to read for reports were always agonizingly boring. Most of her grades averaged around Bs.

The girl is a terrible dancer and an even worse actress. She feels way too awkward in her own skin to know how to move her body around without looking like a dummy.

She loves flowers and gardens, parks and water fountains. They’re so pretty and elegant, and getting to tour the famous gardens and fountain sculptures is one of the reasons she chose to go to Europe. (The other is that she wants to see authentic Opera, and you’re only going to find the best Opera overseas.)

Autumn is terrified of dogs, and the smaller the dog the least she likes it. This is all because she was terrorized by a friend’s pack of angry little chihuahuas nipping at her socks and legs at some child’s birthday party and she never really got over it.

Autumn has been saving money since she was 14 so she could take a back-pack tour of Europe before starting college. Her mom has not been supportive of either choice, preferring that Autumn stay in-house and at best maybe take some community college courses before getting a nice easy job. Autumn chose to completely ignore her mom, and waited to tell her that she was leaving the country until she was boarding a plane in New York.

Surprisingly Autumn did not have a lot of close personal friends in Kansas. There were plenty of people she was friendly with, she even had a boyfriend or three. But everyone’s world didn’t seem to reach out much farther than Jefferson and Autumn always kinda felt like she didn’t belong. The one exception was Henry Pratt, whom she was deeply in love with for six months of her sophomore year. Then she found out he was only interested in getting her to do his Algebra homework for him so he could stay in football. She spent the rest of the school year in heartbroken agony until her older brother August did what older brothers do best.

As a born and bred country Kansas girl, she’s very polite, well-behaved, and good-natured. She doesn’t ever curse, she’s never had a drink of alcohol, smoked a cigarette, or tried any sort of drugs. She’s never even gotten past first base with a boy. She’s never been in a fight with anyone or had to deal with scary people. She trusts people without question. Autumn enjoys being around people and chatting. She doesn’t have any issues with her personal space, in fact she can be bad about not realizing she’s invading someone else’s bubble.

Autumn’s fears usually center around getting herself physically injured in some way. She has a low pain tolerance, so if she thinks she’ll get hurt she just won’t try it. This prevents her from being very spontaneous or trying a lot of new things. This trip to Europe is her chance to prove to herself she can do something exciting and potentially scary and still make it out in one piece. If she can handle a year of traveling through Europe all by herself, then Autumn plans to go after her dream career in music. Something that is notorious for destroying people.

Autumn’s meeting of Ysabelle was a very STRANGE thing, but she completely fell under Ysabelle’s charming spell. Even though Ysabelle’s plan sounded totally insane, she had a way with making it sound like it was actually possible. The Princess was so excited to actually tell someone about her own dreams and the adventure she wanted to go on herself. They connected and bonded over this shared dream of theirs. It also helped that Ysabelle promised to fund Autumn’s entire tour, and all she had to do was make a few public appearances and enjoy being a princess for a couple weeks.

It wasn’t until Autumn was in Ysabelle’s clothes on the plane to Montcoria that the reality of how CRAZY the whole plan was finally sunk in with full force. Autumn is convinced she is going to be called out and sent to prison for impersonating royalty or facilitating a kidnapping should anything happen to Ysabelle and she never comes back.

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