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  • Princess 101 006: Secret’s Out

    Princess 101 006: Secret’s Out

    [Adrian Is enjoying a day off… for once, singing in his room.] -09:57 Apr 09 [Autumn is having ONE OF THOSE DAYS.] -09:59 Apr 09 Autumn: It all started with itchy contacts. After all, her eyes weren’t naturally brown, just like her hair wasn’t naturally black. The contacts were high quality since Ysabelle paid for…

  • Princess 101 005: Blackmail

    Princess 101 005: Blackmail

    [Autumn is starting to get the hang of ettiquete classes. It’s probably the ONLY thing she has the hang of! And now she is headed back to her suite.] -10:35 Jun 19 Autumn: Her hair was freshly dyed black again, so she was happily not wearing one of those silly hats. Every time she passed…

  • Autumn Katelyn MacGowan

    Autumn Katelyn MacGowan

    Smalltown girl goes to Europe for a last taste of freedom and ends up trading places with a doppleganger Princess. Can Autumn navigate the wicked world of Royal Society without getting caught?

  • Princess 101 004: Town

    Princess 101 004: Town

    [Adrian is in town for a meeting and picking up a few things.] -09:37 Oct 18 [Autumn walked all the way to the local town, which was a WAY longer walk than she thought it was!] -09:38 Oct 18 Autumn: Her feet hurt. Ysabelle’s pretty princess shoes were not made for walking down long winding…

  • Princess 101 003: That Voice

    Princess 101 003: That Voice

    [Autumn is in her room with her headphones on! It’s her free day and she managed to borrow some fun things from the music room to play with. This is so much better than reading boring history and politics books.] -09:06 Oct 09 [Adrian is going to ask a certain “princess” some very serious questions.…

  • Princess 101 002: Royal Manners

    Princess 101 002: Royal Manners

    [Autumn has to schedule a tutoring appointment with a mobster prince. This time she is much more prepared!] -09:47 Sep 25 [Adrian is conducting bussines, no ban on phones is going to stop him having one, especially one with settelite internet.] -09:54 Sep 25 Autumn: Autumn was so prepared, she might have accidentally have built…

  • Princess 101 001: Tutoring

    Princess 101 001: Tutoring

    [Adrian is the son of the famous business man, Damion Rubrum and is here in europe to learn for to rub shoulders with the highups of european society in order to break into the market and add europe tot he family financial empire… all to impress his father.] -10:00 Sep 02 [Autumn is Ysabelle. At…