Bonnie Crenshaw

Bonnie grew up on old, old family land deep in the mountain woods of Alabama. She was always a wild child, getting herself in trouble at school as a little thing, and then around town as a teenager. She got knocked up at 16 but birthing complications led to the loss of her baby and her inability to bare any future children. The tragedy set her head on straight and from there she went on to get a business degree at the University of Georgia. When she got back home, she was able to take the family’s traditional business of handmade crafts to a new level. First with a real store in downtown, and then later through the internet as new means of selling developed.

Her romantic life could be considered both successful and not. Bonnie never had trouble meeting men and getting serious. She has two ex husbands to show for it and more than one affair. After awhile she realized she just wasn’t the settling down type and it made things a lot easier.

Bonnie’s relationship with her family was always tumultuous. Her promiscuous behaviors were always looked down on (to which she’d say it was none of their damn business), and thanks to her education out in the big city, nobody appreciated her liberal opinions on social issues or government policies. Despite that and any bad blood, if anyone ever had a problem or needed help Bonnie was there in a split second. Whether they needed money, a bail out of a jail, somewhere to live, or an alibi. When her parents died, she inherited the family land, and with it the joy of hosting all family events and being the home base for their scattered members.

During the first weeks of the outbreak, Bonnie was living alone with her dogs. She’d see things on the news and tried to keep in touch with her family, even urging them to come home to the mountains where it was safe. She lost contact with the outside world when the local power grid went down and her backup generators followed. It wasn’t until the virus took one of her dogs and spread to the rest of her farm that Bonnie decided to leave.

During her migration, she tried to hunt down what happened to her family, but has not found answers. Their homes were empty and disheveled, but there were no clues to reveal whether or not they made it somewhere else to safety or if they’ve been killed or turned. She has hope that at least some of them have made it out there.

Bonnie spent most of her traveling alone, believing that she could take better care of herself without other people screwing it up. A lot of survivors aren’t the greatest of people. (It’s a sad fact of life that the bullies and the cheats and the liars of the world tend to survive better than the good.) Traveling alone is lonely, and worse, it’s dangerous. Eventually, after a close call ambush and a little bit of luck, Bonnie fell in with Quinn and Robert. They were good company and honest people. Others sometimes join the clan and leave again, but she always sticks with these too.

Bonnie has very average brown hair with streaks of grey, brown eyes, and stands around 5’8″. She is the bony kind of thin, but still has strong muscle mass. She’s starting to get bad joint pain, especially in colder weather or when they’ve had to move around and walk for a long time.

She’s a no bullshit kind of person and speaks her mind bluntly and to the point. Bonnie rubs people the wrong way sometimes – you either love her or hate her. She’s fiercely loyal to those she feels deserve it.

Bonnie is a skilled hunter, fisher, hiker, and general outdoors enthusiast. She grew up in the mountain wilderness, so it all comes perfectly natural to her.

She can kick anyone’s ass at poker. It’s uncanny. You’d think she was cheating but no one’s found a spare card on her yet.

Always DTF with strangers as long as you got some condoms. Oh, your dumb ass didn’t think you needed to worry about safe sex and diseases during the zombie apocalypse? Come back when you got something.

For the group she is especially helpful when it comes to make deals or trades with other travelers. Bonnie is a hardass negotiator.

Her goal? Well, she doesn’t have much hope for things ever getting much better. But she misses having dogs, quiet mornings drinking coffee on the porch, and old traditions gathering with family.

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