Characters: Apocalyptic

Vivian Beasley

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Born to a middle class Christian family, Vivian grew up in a bubble of normalcy, good feelings, and old fashioned values. She went to ballet in elementary school, played violin in middle school, and spent high school in student government. Vivian always knew she wanted to be a teacher, so she went for childcare and teaching degrees in college.

As a teacher, Vivian is kind and energetic. She’ll deviate from overly structured lesson plans in favor of creative methods tailored to what seems to work the best for her class that year. She is both a kid and parent favorite at the school. To her friends, she is a genuine and compassionate woman. Her faith is important to her and she never failed to appear at church every Sunday. Vivian regularly participated in school events as well as church hosted volunteering programs.

Vivian’s romantic life was sparse and chaste due to her very conservative upbringing. She always swore that she’d only have sex when she got married, and kept that promise through her few boyfriends — until Thomas! As it turns out, when you meet “the one” you know, and old fashioned rules don’t seem so important anymore. They moved in together quickly. After two years of being in a happy relationship Thomas proposed and they were already making plans for starting a family. They were two months away from their wedding date when the outbreak happened.

Widespread outbreak hit Vivian’s sphere at the end of the school day while she still had half of her students (Kit Moon being one of them) waiting for parents and school buses to show up. Her first priority was to try all of the kids to their families as quickly as possible. Sadly, some kids were lost. With only Kit left, they made contact with Coyote and his friends.

Later she discovered what happened with her own family. Thomas died in a street accident caused by the chaos and thankfully never turned, but her parents were both infected by the airborne virus and turned after they died in an attack. The rest of her (and Thomas’) immediate family are also presumed turned or dead.

In a post-outbreak world, Vivian surprised everyone, including herself, by being far more strong and capable than anyone would have expected. Despite the world falling apart, she’s found strength to fight and keep fighting. She’ll claim that it’s her faith in God and that this all must be part of his plan, but most of it is the responsibility she feels for the children who lost their homes and their families during the outbreak. They’ve all lost their loved ones, but together they can heal and survive.

Vivian has light brown hair and hazel (green-brown) eyes. She stands about 5’4″. Always wears a cross necklace that was given to her at her high school graduation by her grandmother.

Can play the guitar as well as violin and has a lovely singing voice.

She is the voice of counsel and reason of the group. Mediator when there’s disagreements, and final choice maker when no one can agree on a resolution. Vivian has a cool head in a crisis.

Her ultimate goal is to find somewhere they can all settle down for good. Nomadic life is starting to take it’s toll on her.

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Characters: Apocalyptic

Willow Moreno

Willow was born to two hippie vegan lesbians that were ready to start a family of their own. One mother is her natural birth mother, while the other asked her brother to be the sperm donor so her child would still share the family DNA. Willow was a happy child in downtown San Fransisco, going to school, farmers markets, and just being a kid. She didn’t think about what she wanted to be in the future, but she did really like art. Art, horses, and tween pop stars.

The first stages of outbreak began when Willow was 11. A city as big as San Fransisco was a dangerous place to be, so her family packed up and migrated out of state. Over the next few weeks there were some separations and losses. At a dingy motel in Utah a couple of desperate people attacked her parents to steal their car. One mother was killed immediately, and the other was injured. Not knowing much about the airborn virus, they took too long when trying to bury Mom 1 in the desert. She turned and killed her wife. All Willow could do was run.

Willow has had nothing but long and painful experiences since. She’s been with creeps who enjoyed taking advantage of little girls, families who swore to take in a lost child only to abandon her when things get difficult. She’s seen frightening towns where the worst things weren’t even the zombies. Somewhere along the way she stopped speaking. Willow wouldn’t talk to anyone. She’d just show up somewhere, hang around if she was allowed to, and then disappear again once things got moving.

Something was different when she stumbled over Quinn, Robert and Bonnie. Willow did what she always did – make camp close by, but not too close. She ignored all attempts to get her attention or get to know her. But every night Quinn seemed to inch closer and closer. Willow found herself involved in meals, or being talked to, and even helping with supply gathering. What might have sealed the deal, though, was that during a skirmish she wasn’t left to fend for herself. And every time thereafter she was still protected as part of the group. No questions, no asking, she was just one of theirs. It’s been almost a year now and Willow has made sure to be useful.

Willow still doesn’t really speak, but she has developed more of an open personality around the group outside of “quiet weird girl”. She’s very facially expressive. Though Quinn seems to be the one she feels safest around and will often cling to, Willow finds Bonnie hilarious and seems to share that same sarcastic smartassery. She’s been slower to warm up to Robert, but these days she’s fine being alone with him and even having silent conversations. In very rare occasions Willow might speak out loud to one of the three, but so far it’s only been when she’s had something important to say or warn them about.

She has nightmares often. Pure terror nightmares. It’s one of the few times anyone will hear her vocal. Willow has taken to sleeping with Quinn or Bonnie and it helps.

Willow is barely 5 feet when wearing sneakers, with black hair and dark brown eyes. She’s small and wiry, but strong. Especially now that she is with a group and getting consistent meals.

She’s great for squeezing in to tight places, being sneaky, or climbing up things. She’s gotten very good at cooking stuff up, mending things, and doing busy work that’s given to her.

She whittles things from sticks. Specifically animals. In her pack she’s practically got a zoo of little wooden animal figures. It’s relaxing and she just enjoys doing it. Quinn has even painted a few of them for her, whenever they stumble across the right kind of supplies.

By all odds, Willow really should’ve died by now. But there is a little spark in her that keeps her going. Willow wants to defy all odds and live. She has this daydream about being somewhere safe and beautiful, with lots of animals, and doing stupid things that she used to do, like going to the farmer’s market, hanging out at a park or listening to music.

Characters: Apocalyptic

Bonnie Crenshaw

Bonnie grew up on old, old family land deep in the mountain woods of Alabama. She was always a wild child, getting herself in trouble at school as a little thing, and then around town as a teenager. She got knocked up at 16 but birthing complications led to the loss of her baby and her inability to bare any future children. The tragedy set her head on straight and from there she went on to get a business degree at the University of Georgia. When she got back home, she was able to take the family’s traditional business of handmade crafts to a new level. First with a real store in downtown, and then later through the internet as new means of selling developed.

Her romantic life could be considered both successful and not. Bonnie never had trouble meeting men and getting serious. She has two ex husbands to show for it and more than one affair. After awhile she realized she just wasn’t the settling down type and it made things a lot easier.

Bonnie’s relationship with her family was always tumultuous. Her promiscuous behaviors were always looked down on (to which she’d say it was none of their damn business), and thanks to her education out in the big city, nobody appreciated her liberal opinions on social issues or government policies. Despite that and any bad blood, if anyone ever had a problem or needed help Bonnie was there in a split second. Whether they needed money, a bail out of a jail, somewhere to live, or an alibi. When her parents died, she inherited the family land, and with it the joy of hosting all family events and being the home base for their scattered members.

During the first weeks of the outbreak, Bonnie was living alone with her dogs. She’d see things on the news and tried to keep in touch with her family, even urging them to come home to the mountains where it was safe. She lost contact with the outside world when the local power grid went down and her backup generators followed. It wasn’t until the virus took one of her dogs and spread to the rest of her farm that Bonnie decided to leave.

During her migration, she tried to hunt down what happened to her family, but has not found answers. Their homes were empty and disheveled, but there were no clues to reveal whether or not they made it somewhere else to safety or if they’ve been killed or turned. She has hope that at least some of them have made it out there.

Bonnie spent most of her traveling alone, believing that she could take better care of herself without other people screwing it up. A lot of survivors aren’t the greatest of people. (It’s a sad fact of life that the bullies and the cheats and the liars of the world tend to survive better than the good.) Traveling alone is lonely, and worse, it’s dangerous. Eventually, after a close call ambush and a little bit of luck, Bonnie fell in with Quinn and Robert. They were good company and honest people. Others sometimes join the clan and leave again, but she always sticks with these too.

Bonnie has very average brown hair with streaks of grey, brown eyes, and stands around 5’8″. She is the bony kind of thin, but still has strong muscle mass. She’s starting to get bad joint pain, especially in colder weather or when they’ve had to move around and walk for a long time.

She’s a no bullshit kind of person and speaks her mind bluntly and to the point. Bonnie rubs people the wrong way sometimes – you either love her or hate her. She’s fiercely loyal to those she feels deserve it.

Bonnie is a skilled hunter, fisher, hiker, and general outdoors enthusiast. She grew up in the mountain wilderness, so it all comes perfectly natural to her.

She can kick anyone’s ass at poker. It’s uncanny. You’d think she was cheating but no one’s found a spare card on her yet.

Always DTF with strangers as long as you got some condoms. Oh, your dumb ass didn’t think you needed to worry about safe sex and diseases during the zombie apocalypse? Come back when you got something.

For the group she is especially helpful when it comes to make deals or trades with other travelers. Bonnie is a hardass negotiator.

Her goal? Well, she doesn’t have much hope for things ever getting much better. But she misses having dogs, quiet mornings drinking coffee on the porch, and old traditions gathering with family.

Characters: Apocalyptic

Quinn Moon

Even as a child, everyone knew Quinn Moon was going to be something one day. Both she and her twin Coyote shared that special quality, but Quinn had a little more sparkle sprinkled on top. As soon as she was old enough, she joined the Girl Scouts and began her childhood career as a volunteer and entrepreneur. Making the world a better place was always her passion. Her do-gooding tended to get her labeled as a dweeb, especially when her grand ideas involved weird inventions or outlandish business ideas. But she was smart and people had to appreciate that she knew what she wanted and was creative in finding ways to get it.

Quinn is a people person and has always wanted to be directly involved with helping people. She’d volunteer everywhere. At the old folks home, at the animal shelter, at the transition house. She participated in charity bake sales, joined cleanup crews. She was also a hopeless romantic and full of crush feelings for her brother’s friend Duncan. Quinn was hoping that during high school he’d finally realize that she was super cute and they’d fall in love and get married and have three kids and two dogs and one cat. But if that didn’t work out, she decided she would definitely marry Keegan Allen from Pretty Little Liars.

No one could expect the outbreak or how it could completely rip apart their life. Having her mom turn zombie and try to eat her and her brother is an image that’s cemented so deeply into her mind that she still has nightmares about it. Worse was getting separated from her siblings and never knowing what happened to them. For awhile she relied on “twin magic” and really, truly believed she would know if her brother died and it gave her hope that they’d find them again.

At 16 Quinn fell deeply, hopelessly in love with a boy in their traveling group. He was a couple years older than her, loved her just as much, and for almost a year they made each other happy and kept each other in good spirits despite the state of the world. Then, BAM, random zombie horde attack and he was bitten. He was ready to die, but Quinn didn’t want to let go. In the end, her father had to take him out.

From that point on, Quinn lost her sparkle, her hope, and any sort of belief that they were going to make it. Everyone is going to die, and it’s just a matter of when. There’s no point in daydreams and wishing for a future that’s never going to happen. Despite these hopeless feelings, Quinn is still Quinn. She can’t abide other people’s suffering or sadness. She keeps the dark thoughts to herself and still tries to encourage hope in others. She stays strong for her Dad and for the battered people they run into or collect. They need to hear those words to be able to keep surviving. Sometimes she feels like the only reason she can keep going is because she knows her Dad wouldn’t be able to without her.

As part of a traveling group, Quinn tends to take over planning and management and tends to boss everyone around. She keeps people and herself busy and makes sure they are never without enough supplies. A surplus is always better. Being prepared is essential. You never know when something bad will happen, when new people will show up, or when you need to run. Having extra on hand is great for trading with other groups too. Plus, busy people can’t sit around being mopey people.

Thanks to her years in Girl Scouts she’s got wilderness survival down as an art form. She can identify edible plants in the wild. She fishes. She knows first aid, safe camping, and how to use most tools. Everything else she has learned through experience and lessons from the people they come across.

Dad taught her how to handle herself with a gun and knife, including some close combat things should it get that far. She hates guns, but she’ll use them. Quinn is less skilled when things get up close and personal. Panic starts creeping in and taking over. She keeps an ice pick on her because it’s easiest and quickest for a zombie kill.

Quinn is directly responsible for their strange ability to adopt people into their group. She’s not doing it on purpose, she just tends to take care of people and gives off this sense of a safe space.

Quinn doesn’t curse ever. She still thinks if she curses in front of her dad she’ll get grounded or something.

What she wouldn’t give for a hot bubble bath and a bowl of real ice cream.

Hopes and dreams about the future? Nope, don’t have those anymore. Lets just try to die as painlessly as possible and not turn in to zombies.

Characters: Apocalyptic

Gabrielle Alvares


Character Name: Gabrielle Alvares
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: Recently 20
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Paladin In Training.


General Appearance: Creamy mocha skin, dark brown eyes. Brunette. 5’5″. Her figure hints at would-be curves had she enough nutrition. Her clothing is well-worn with over use and on the fringes of being tattered.
Strengths: Having been on the run for a few years, she knows how to make herself blend in and disappear in to the background. Gabrielle is pretty good about being able to squeeze in to tight spaces or go unnoticed. She has quick hands.
Weaknesses: Bone density deficiency due to years of malnutrition!


Current Goal/Purpose: Become a Paladin
Talents: Weaving (baskets). Quick learning. Speaks fluent English and Spanish.
Inabilities: Noticing Details.
Fears: Sleeping in the Dark. The ache of loosing someone again.
General Personality: Gabrielle is the sort of person you can bare your soul to and feel like you have been understood. She cares more about people than just the passing acquaintances. But, she seems to hold herself back from others. Where she will listen and discuss other people, she rarely wants to speak about herself. Gabrielle isn’t prone to emotional moodswings, but there are things that trigger strong responses from her. She is devoted to her faith.
Inner Personality: Gabrielle misses the days of her youth were the world didn’t seem to hang above her head. She’s often haunted with nightmares about the demons that attacked and killed everyone she knew. After the death of the other survivor and the Priest that took care of them, she doesn’t want to feel that pain again. So even though she genuinely cares about the people she is trying to help, she is trying to keep herself from becoming emotionally attached. It’s going against her nature and need to feel compassion and connected with people… but she’s just that afraid of the pain. Gabrielle truly believes in her Faith, but sometimes she uses it as a shield.
Secret: [Insert to be decided plot-device about delicious blood/soul here.]


General History:
When she was only a year old, Gabrielle was left on the doorstep of a Church-run Orphanage. Who her parents were or why they left her was unknown. Sadly, it was a fate that happened to many children. With so many lost homeless souls, the Church did it’s best to care for them all. With the world as it was, children were rarely adopted. They spent their life at the orphanage until they were old enough to leave out on their own or join the Church to help keep the place running. Gabrielle was raised the same as all the others. Simple lessons or chores during the day and bible study on the weekends. “Playtime” was a luxury that was hard to come by, though the Nuns and Priests tried hard to let the children have time to be children. No one EVER left the Church after dark. Outside the walls of the grounds, there could be one or two lurking demons at any time. Volunteers would sit up in the tower each night to keep watch.

Gabrielle was sixteen when several demons hit the orphanage and slaughtered near everyone inside. They crawled the place, grabbing each person to sniff as if they were looking for something in particular. When it wasn’t found, they ripped them apart. One of the Priests managed to escape with Gabrielle and another of the younger boys.

The Priest feared that something drew the demons. The way they seemed to be searching… Without a large group to help protect she Church, the Priest decided traveling was the best option. Over the next few years they moved from city to city, moving when there was a need to find new work. The young boy never quite bounced back from the experience. He ran wild to later get himself in trouble with vagrant street gangs and killed. The Priest and Gabrielle kept moving. …Until the Priest was too old to move any longer. Their final stop was Mexico City, where the Priest finally passed away. Gabrielle buried him with a promise that she would treasure all the words he taught her. But with him gone, she doesn’t want to run any more. They spent years running and now she wants to do something more.

Present Life:
Gabrielle has decided that the best thing she could do with her life is to become a Paladin and find a way to stop the demons. To end this Apocalypse and bring the world back to the way God meant it to be.