Caroline Andraste

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Character Name: Caroline (Caoilainn Andraste)
Alias: Lady Shade, Bane of Shades, The Midnight Raven
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human turned Demon
Age: c587 Years, Looks to be early/mid 30s.
B-Day: September 30th
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Norway
Current Residence: New York, USA
Occupation: Slayer
Gemstone: Mahogany Obsidian
Theme Song: Karnivool – Deadman; A long life story! Poets of the Fall – Roses, fair representations about how Caroline views her life! Pendulum – Propane Nightmare, Rihanna – Russian Roulette


Height: 5’11”
Weight: 135lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Marks:
General Appearance: Pitch black hair, blue eyes, pale skin. She seems to have that “evil goth look” going, so she tries to offset that by wearing color. Caroline avoids wearing black clothing. She favors a navy blue long jacket, and darker muted tone clothes. Hunter greens, maroon reds, dark purple.
Strengths: Physical strength & agility. She’s several times stronger and faster than a normal human. Ability to see very well in the dark, hear softer sounds. Caroline also retains some magic power. Mostly dealing in shadow & light properties. She may also cast most magic spells without aid of blood.
Weaknesses: Power doesn’t necessarily come with advanced healing. She might be quicker and stronger, but her body is still very human. She heals normally, can catch any flu, cold or disease, can be poisoned, suffers from bloodloss, etc. Caroline can only do as much as her body can support.

Akse komme til meg!
Akse tilkalle!
Og hermed stave jeg knipe du, beseire beistet!
bånd omringe og knipe.
forherlige kast , nord sør øst vest , gjemt fra syn


Current Goal/Purpose: Penance for Personal Sins
Hobbies: Collecting Antiques, Fashion Design
Talents: Metal Work
Fears: Making another big mistake. Someone slaying HER. Aliens. (The thought of life on other planets freaks her out.) Incubus (Past experience leaves her afraid of repeating!)
General Personality: Caroline was once a righteous individual. Judgmental, stubborn. Everything was in black or white, good or evil. You were either an honest, hard working individual or you were a bad person. Monsters were horrible creatures without compassion or feelings, and humans were victims of great evil. Outside of her solid opinions, she was strong-minded, outspoken (for a woman at the time), commanding, and had a visible presence in her village. Needless to say, her opinions of everything changed after she fond herself possessed by a demon and slaughtering her own village.
Inner Personality: Caroline has withdrawn herself from the world in general, fearing getting too involved with others. With guilt about what she’s done, fear that others will slay her just for being a demon, and a desire to right her sins… life feels a bit complicated. After her third husband, she has not felt the need to have a deeper relationship with anyone. (It broke her heart to watch him die.) Occasionally she will have a brief affair, but it never lasts for long. Caroline has a habit of helping or picking up strays, possibly to make up for feeling lonely!
Self Perception: She is very hard on herself for the choices she’s made. Caroline doesn’t feel that she deserves a good life, but still finds herself striving for it.
Fondest Memory:
Painful Memory: Watching her third husband die. It was then she realized she was going to live a very long time, and any man she loved was going to inevitably die before she did.
Biggest Regret: Taking that demon’s soul…
Secret: Murdering an entire village, being a demon… that’s usually a secret you want to keep to yourself.


General History:
Life as a Human; Parents were tailors, and she worked as a tailor also. Beigarth was a big bumbling blacksmith and determined to find himself a good wife, but he was striking out with all of the women in the village. All of the women feared him because he was such a big and violent looking man! When he finally attempted to court Caroline, and tried so hard to be gentle with sweet words and flowers she laughed at him. His wounded look touched her, and she was in love! They married not too long after and she worked with him at smithing. Their life was pleasant for a year or so, before Beigarth had to leave to help protect the village during a battle. He died, and she was hurt, but that was the way of the world. She continued on their work with smithing.

The Contract; “Grant me the strength to save them.” One sin in exchange for power. It was Caoilainn’s great mistake. A plague of monsters terrorizing the country side and she made a deal with a demon. She could be granted power if she did a deed for the demon in return. There was a child born – a half demon half human creature. It was a monster and would grow to be a dangerous threat. The child was a demon like the rest, Caoilainn was sure this was what was best to save the villages. She signed the deal, killed the child. Gained a power.

But signing deals with demons come with consequences… Caoilainn was consumed by the power. Possessed by the child. Became the demon. It was her own hands that destroyed the villagers. When the possessed soul burned off, Caoilainn was left with all the powers and all of the guilt of her crimes. Despair had her burning the entire village to the crime to erase all that happened, but she couldn’t get away from her guilt. When she left she was wild and feral. Bitter and slaying any demon or ill-intent creature that crossed her path without question.

The Mentor; Still wild and reckless, she came across demons hassling an old man. She fought them and killed them, exhausting herself in the process. The old man even proved just how much energy she wasted by taking her to the ground and sitting on her. She had been so tired and weak, she was unable to move him. He made her an offer! For one with so much potential, she should know how to control herself. He could teach her. At first she refused, but she accepted after some thought. He taught her how to control her power, conserve her energy and most importantly how to control her temper. What she learned with him she continues to value in present date. To not be so judgemental. To listen and give people an opportunity to take second chances.

The Second Husband; Long after the death of her mentor, Caroline roamed as a slayer and continued his work. The small French town she came across was quaint. She cleared out the demons, but found herself enchanted with a human man by the name of Louis DePaul. He was charming, charismatic and was doing great things for the town. His romantic courting led to them getting married. But she never told him that she was a demon. One day her secret was revealed and the townspeople accused her of being a witch. Louis did not give her a chance to explain. They burned her at the stake and Louis let her die. — At least that is what they thought. She escape with simple spells, but did not bother to go back. Louis letting her die broke her heart, and she couldn’t bare to go back.

The Scholar Wizard; Sixty years or so after she left France, there was a particular bad war between some magical beings. Caroline took part and was badly injured for her efforts. A Wizard, Ederyn, took her in helping to nurse her back to health. For a long time, she was about ready to just let herself die. She was still miserable about Louis DePaul and the constant war and death and slaying was not making matters any better. For several months being laid up in bed, she refused to speak to him or bother to acknowledge him. When she was feeling more healthy she would wander around his tower home, and one afternoon he was nearly killing himself trying to do metal work. The man was not strong or graceful, nor was he particularly good at anything. Calling raging imbecile she sent him away and took over the work for him before he hurt himself. From then on, she spoke more with him. Months turned to years and she never left. Their life was quiet and simple. They never married but she loved him. He finally died at the ripe old age of 93. When she left, she left the tower burning. Watching the man she loved grow old and die left a deep scar.

From then on, she called herself Caroline Andraste. Taking Ederyn’s last name, even though they had never married. She’s never married again, nor carried a serious relationship. Her moments are always brief and impersonal. One night stands or quick flings. She can’t bare dealing with another broken heart and doesn’t believe she deserves to have that kind of love.


Alistair: Her relationship with Alistair is pretty peculiar. She firmly believes he deserves the cursed he had placed on him by an angry witch, but also believes that if he actually tried he might learn the lesson and become a better man. Until he figures it out, she has allowed him to stay with her and keeps others from doing him harm (no matter how much he asks for it.)
Dark: Caroline believes strongly in second chances and Dark is one that not only has an opportunity for a second chance – he could do much good with it. What started as a typical “give a chance” mission, has turned to a real interest in seeing the kind of man Dark grows in to.
Evangeline: Evangeline reminds her of an old fashioned princess. The way one is supposed to be. She thinks it’s a miracle the woman even exists and still behaves the way she does. Caroline is protective of her in the same way a knight would pledge his loyalty to his lady. She feels Evangeline does not stick up for herself often enough, and occasionally feels the need to do it for her.
Gabriel: A healthy respect and fear of Gabriel, as anyone with sense would have! Caroline finds his relationship with Evangeline odd but heartwarming. Yet his neglect to his woman often pisses her off.


– Caoilainn’s first marriage with the Beigarth blacksmith!
– Monsters begin attacking local villages.
– Caoilainn strikes a deal with a demon. She kills a demon child.
– being possessed by the demon soul she killed, Caoilainn becomes the demon and kills her own village.
– With the demon soul burned off, Caoilainn is left with it’s power.
– Angry and bitter, she meets the one that becomes her mentor and teacher.
– Death of mentor and acceptance to make up for her sin by being a slayer.
– Caroline’s second marriage to the Townsman Louis DePaul.
– Second husband discovers Caroline is a demon, and it dun end pretty.
– Third serious Affair. The Scholar Wizard Ederyn.
– Ederyn dies. Very sad.
– Meets Alistair who becomes her familiar/partner.
– The Incubus of Harrisburg.

– Discovers Dark and takes responsibility for him.
– Makes oath to Gabriel that she will protect Dark and Evangeline. (after getting Evangeline from Malsuada.)

Here comes the end of all I know,
In this moment come and gone
And as the rain falls
This is all I have.
A blessing, a curse,
Water dark and cold.
There goes my love,
faces fading, broken places.
I am a soul taker.
Of cruel wit and no peace of mind.
And as the rain falls,
This is all I have.
Here I fall again,
Searching for a second try, a second life.
Of redemption and forgiveness,
Who I am and who I could be.
Choices made, dreams alive.
As the rain falls.


Character’s greatest fear: Repeating Mistakes – Or facing those mistakes?
What is the worst thing that could happen to him/her? Having to face the people she murdered.
What single event would most throw character’s life in complete turmoil? No longer being a demon.
Why? She doesn’t know what it’s like to be soley human anymore. Were she human now, there would be a lot of people out there ready to take advantage of it.
Character is most at ease when: Listening to soft music, drinking a cup of hot tea and curled up on the sofa with a magazine or book.
Most ill at ease when: Having to speak about Louis.
Depressive or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? No
Priorities: Protect the Bright Queen!
How s/he feels about self: Caroline has a lot of pride in the person she has become, but deep down she still feels like she doesn’t deserve to be alive or claim any happiness for herself. It’s a constant inner struggle.
Past failure s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about: Dark digging her out of a coffin!
Why? It shows that she has a weakness that can be exploited.
If granted one wish, what would it be? She couldn’t say. Any time she thinks about it, she wonders about the consequences of every wish.


Greatest source of strength in character’s personality (whether s/he sees it as
such or not): Perseverance.
Greatest source of weakness in character’s personality (whether s/he sees it as
such or not): Pride
Character’s soft spot: She is a softy to underdogs and has a habit of helping them out.
Is this soft spot obvious to others? Yes.
If not, how does character hide it?
Biggest vulnerability: She can’t bring herself to harm children or anything that LOOKS like a child. Even talking about having children is a strange topic for her!
Which of the 7 deadly sins does your character fight (or give into, willingly or not)?
PRIDE (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride)
Which of the 7 virtues does your character have (or fight against)?
[have] Patience [fight] abstinence (chastity, abstinence, leberality, diligence, patience, kindness, humility)


Optimist or pessimist: Pessimist Why? She feels it’s more realistic. There’s a lot of evil in the world.
Introvert or extrovert: Introvert Why? Though she can be out in the open, most of her personal thoughts are kept to herself.
Drives and motivations:
Extremely skilled at:
Extremely unskilled at:
Good characteristics:
Character flaws:
Biggest regret:
Minor regrets:
Biggest accomplishment:
Minor accomplishments:
Character’s darkest secret:
Does anyone else know?
If yes, did character tell them?
If no, how did they find out?


One word character would use to describe self:
One paragraph description of how character would describe self:
What does character consider best physical characteristic?
What does character consider worst physical characteristic?
Are these realistic assessments?
If not, why not?
How CHARACTER thinks others perceive him/her:
What four things would CHARACTER most like to change about self? (#1 most
important, #2 second most important, etc.)
If change #1 was made, would character be as happy as s/he thinks?
If not, why not?


Has character ever cheated on signficant other?
How does character relate to others?
How is s/he perceived by…
How does character view ____?
First impression: Why?
What happens to change this perception?
What do family/friends like most about character?
What do family/friends like least about character?


Immediate goals:
Long range goals:
How does character plan to accomplish goals?
How will other people around character be affected?


How character reacts in a crisis:
How character faces problems:
Kinds of problems character usually runs into:
How character reacts to NEW problems:
How character reacts to change:


Favorite clothing: Why?
Least favorite clothing: Why?
Other accessories:
Where does character live?
Where does character want to live?
Spending habits (frugal, spendthrift, etc): Why?
What does s/he do too much of?
Too little of?
Most prized possession: Why?
Play musical instrument? Which?
How did s/he learn?


Person character secretly admires:
Person character was most influenced by:
Most important person in character’s life before story starts:


A. If your character were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would they most regret not having told someone? Why haven’t they told them yet?
— Caroline would have wanted to say honestly and without joke or sarcasm how much she loved!

B. Would your character accept $1,000,000 to leave the country and never set foot in it again?
— No. She has no use for money.

C. Your character is given the power to kill people simply by thinking of their deaths and twice repeating the word “good-bye.” People would die a natural death and no one would suspect them. Are there any situations in which they would use this power? [If they can imagine themselves killing someone indirectly, could they still see doing it if they had to look into the person’s eyes and stab the person to death? Have they ever genuinely wanted to kill someone or wished them dead?]
— Yes and no. It’s something she could do without regret, but at the same time she feels it much more honorable to do the deed face to face.

D. What would constitute a “perfect” evening for your character?
— Good music, good dinner, good sex!

E. Would your character rather be extremely successful professionally and have a tolerable yet unexciting private life, or have an extremely happy private life and only a tolerable and uninspiring professional life? [Since so many people place great emphasis on a happy private life, why do people often wind up putting more energy into their professional lives? If you feel that their private life is more important to your character, do their priorities support this? Are they simply unwilling to admit that work is more important? Do they use work as a substitute? Do they hope professional success will somehow magically lead to personal happiness?]
— Caroline has put “work” first over everthing else. She hasn’t had very close or intimate relationships with someone for a long time.

F. If your character could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality, what would it be?
— She thinks she would have been an excellent Avatar of Light, but that’s pride talking more than common sense.

G. Your character has the chance to meet someone with whom they can have the most satisfying love imaginable – the stuff of dreams. Sadly, they know that in six months the person will die. Knowing that pain that would follow, would they still want to meet that person and fall in love? What if they knew their lover would not die, but instead would betray them? [In love, is intensity or permanence more important to them? How much do they expect from someone who loves them? What would make them feel betrayed by their mate – indifference? Dishonesty? Infidelity?
— Having loves that both died and betrayed her, she had no desire to go through that and risk it again.

H. Does your character prefer being around men or women? Do their closest friends tend to be men or women?
— Caroline is very protective of women, but her closest friends have always been males.

I. Would your character be willing to murder an innocent person if it would end hunger in the world? [Would it torment them more to have the blood of an innocent person on their hands or to know they let millions of people die? What do they think of people who achieve great things by compromising their principles? Many are will to give their own lives but not to take the life of another; is anything so important they would sacrifice their very soul for it?]
— She WAS willing and killed a child and sacrificed her soul to save her village. The guilt drives her insane.

J. What is their most treasured memory?

K. If your character knew there would be a nuclear war in one week, what would they do?
— Do everything possible to try and stop it. And if that doesn’t work, enjoying a week with some good sex would have to do!

L. What is the greatest accomplishment of your character’s life? Is there anything they hope to do that is even better?

M. One would be the one material item your character would save during a fire?

N. Your character is offered $1,000,000 for the following act: before them are ten pistols – only one of which is loaded. They must pick up one of the pistols, point it at their forehead, and pull the trigger. If they can walk away they do so a millionaire. Would they accept the risk?
— No. She’s reckless but not stupid.

O. If your character could choose the manner of their death, what would it be? [Would they die a hero’s death, die a martyr to some great cause, die in a natural catastrophe, or die peacefully? Why is it so tempting to have death catch us in our sleep?]
— Caroline has issues thinking about death, but doesn’t want to admit it. She doesn’t want to die PERIOD. She would waffle between wanting to die during something important and noble, or dieing blissfully unaware.

P. For what in your character’s life do they feel most grateful?

Q. How forgiving is your character?
— More forgiving than she should be.

R. When your character tells a story, do they often exaggerate or embellish it? If so, why?
— She never embellishes. She has no reason to!

S. How much does your character feel in control of the course of their life?
— Most of the time she feels very in control, but there are moments where she questions whether or not fate is directing everything.

T. Is it easy for your character to ask for help when they need it? Will they ask for help?
— Caroline has a lot of pride and will rarely ask for help.

U. Would your character like to be famous? In what way?
— She doesn’t care about fame one way or the other. But she is amused with having a reputation.

V. What are your character’s most compulsive habits? Do they regularly struggle to break those habits?
— She is a “runner” if a fight or problem hits the wrong chord, she flees so she doesn’t have to face it or deal with it.

W. What does your character strive for most in their life: accomplishment, security, love, power, excitement, knowledge, or something else?
— Caroline tells herself that she is striving for redemption. She wants to make up for her mistakes. But she always wants security and love and to know that she deserves it. It’s someting she doesn’t want to admit.

X. How easily embarrassed is your character?
— Very hard to embarrass Caroline.

Y. Does the fact that your character has never done something before increase or decrease its appeal to them?
— She finds new things interesting!

Z. How many different sexual partners has your character had in their life? Would they prefer to have had more or fewer?
— More than she will ever care to count. If she were honest with herself, it would be fewer in favor of having real relationships instead of just sexual partners.

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