Tag: fantasy

  • Lady Gwenaelle Peony Belenet

    23 Years Old Parents are Lord Norton Belenet and Lady Camille Belenet Betrothed to Sir Gerald Creswell since she was a small child. He’s a good 15 years older than her and thought she finds him kind… she also feels he’s the most boring man on the planet. Brunette with red tones, dark green eyes.…

  • Mariana Ann Hayes

    21 years old. 5’5″ Ginger red hair, hazel green eyes. Talented animal trainer. Mariana trains horses, hawks, and anything else she can charm. She is an unassuming and quiet person, despite the woes of the world. All she ever really wanted was a nice little farm to keep animals and live with her family, current…

  • Rhiannon Alina Sutherland

    Mid to Late 20s. Adopted as a baby to a quiet unassuming couple. Rhiannon’s life was very mild and uneventful. She’s always had very vivid dreams of this other world, that inspired her to begin writing stories. Rhiannon has now published two very popular books about her fantasy world, and is supposed to be working…

  • Princess Sissel

    Princess Sissel 5’5″ Long Black hair, usually in some form of a braid. Brown eyes. Devastating pretty. The kind of pretty that starts wars. She is the miniature image of her mother. Young and has just finished the bulk of her schooling. She’s well educated in a wide variety of topics. Languages, Politics, History, Sciences,…

  • Chantilly


    Chantilly 16 years old. Light brown hair, blue eyes. 5’6″. Dresses comfy casual with a hint of fairy princess. Exp: A lumpy sweatshirt paired with a lacy floral skirt. A baggy button up shirt turned in to a dress with a belt and her hair braided up with flowers, ribbons, and beads. Loves to play…

  • Abigail Renly

    A lady’s maid of Aubrielle Cantova. She is stuck in the lady’s home wearing mourning clothing and a veil, pretending to be the lady herself until she returns.

  • Zisel Tulley

    Zisel Tulley

    Potions Bottle Artisan in a large fantasy town.

  • Lorelai Sterling

    Lorelai Sterling

    – Daughter is Victoria. She calls her Tori. – Has a tramp stamp tattoo of her boyfriend’s nickname “Tomcat”. – Real last name is Kearney HISTORIC BACKGROUND Grew up in an apartment complex in Columbus Georgia. Got preggo at 16 with her 19 year old badboy boyfriend Thomas Serrano. Parents kicked her out because a…

  • Catzia


    Name: Catzia Knightwatch Byname: Little Cat Appearance: Strawberry-blonde hair with dark roots, cut a bit short in the back than it is in the front. Light blue eyes. A small stature and frame. Somewhere between 18-21. Refuses to wear anything but black. Coat of Arms: A side profile of a cat in silver with an…

  • Penny Thistlewhitt

    Penny Thistlewhitt

    One does not usually see a Caterer out in the field, but with recent budget cuts, several departments are working together on ways to kill two (or more) birds with one stone. Feed, enchant, and heal operatives all in one go? Yes please! Hopefully during this round of tests with a live group won’t end…

  • Princess Ysolde

    Princess Ysolde

    Princess used in a devious plot.

  • Tyga Gian

    Tyga Gian

    Warrior woman looking for the best of male to make her a baby with.

  • Kimimela


    Interdimensional Explorer

  • Queen Titaia

    Queen Titaia

    A child Queen that needs a guiding hand.

  • Tlalli


    A brand new witch trying to learn how to use her witchy powers.

  • Sookie Levesque

    Sookie Levesque

    generic high school girl

  • Princess Clover

    Princess Clover

    Super cute random princess

  • Melody


    Chocolatier in a fantasy town.

  • Jules Vriska

    Jules Vriska

    Generic bounty hunter for fantasy world.

  • Eirene


    Found wandering in the snow, Eirene was a strange child. Unites northern tribes to create one massive tribe. People suspects she might be a god or the child of a god. For magical fantasy universe.

  • Underland


    Christy handed this nice little plot gem to me for development! >:3 “Underland” is a place where all the dark parts of our imaginations and dreams go. Alice went there, became a little twisted and saw it as her “Wonderland”. She hooked up with a creature/person there and made a babeh she then dubbed Dinah.…

  • Phaedra


    ABOMINATION CHILD of Jayden and Cupio. A prophesied creature.

  • Dannon Aisley

    Dannon Aisley

    Dragon tamer/rider with a dragon named Bobcat.

  • Country of Charbriq

    Country of Charbriq

    [B]Country Name:[/B] CHARBRIQ [B]How does the average commoner/noble person dress?[/B] Citizens of Charbriq wear practical clothing for their occupations. They do not put heavy emphasis on fashions or fluff. [B]Some common occupations:[/B] Jewel Mining, Gem Crafting, Farming, Trade [B]Education system: [/B] Most denizens are educated under apprenticeships. [B]The dominant religion and a brief overview of…

  • Muris


    generic charrie

  • Festival of the Damned

    Festival of the Damned

    The Festival of the Damned is a local yearly tradition where a town does a lot of superstitious things to keep the Damned happy and from rising up to claim the living. A group of troublemakers have decided to hang out in the town's cemetery for their own little party of drinking and games. And…

  • Teen God High School

    Teen God High School

    [color=cyan][b]”Boredom is the root of all evil. Even the gods knew this, for in their infinite boredom they created mankind. Then mankind made teenagers and now we never hear the end of [i]I’m Bored[/i].”[/b][/color] Your hear this story all the time. A kid turns whatever age and then suddenly their whole world is turned upside…

  • Clarice Drosselmeier

    Clarice Drosselmeier

    Harry potter universe charrie.

  • Ales Dusek

    Ales Dusek

    A shithead that somehow managed to get himself a job as Royal Guard. Probably because he’s an assassin or mercenary. Made for a fantasy setting. I would prefer someone to play this character FOR me than to play it myself!

  • Duchess Beatrice D’Allessio

    Duchess Beatrice D’Allessio

    Steampunk duchess.

  • Lady Feline Valencia

    Lady Feline Valencia

    Potions maker.

  • Epic Fantasy #223767292

    Epic Fantasy #223767292

    (The past) A young woman opens a box she finds under rubble at the ancient ruined castle site. It possesses her with a god’s power, but in exchanged it killed/sacrificed her younger brother and also set loose an evil in to the world along with a curse. A curse prophecy about the fall of the…

  • Adelaide Caltross

    Adelaide Caltross

    A young woman from the College of Bards, seeking her missing brother. Has no idea her brother got mixed up in the Wizard Fight Club. Magical fantasy settings.

  • The New Rise of Eldaryn

    The New Rise of Eldaryn

    [b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b] Post Apocalypse SciFi Fantasy with DRAGONS. [i]…and then the world fell.[/i] It didn’t happen all at once, nor was it from one single cause. There was the plagues. The meteor shower. The wars. As time went by the population grew smaller and smaller. Cities fell and civilizations were lost. The wild took…

  • Denerys


    Part of the Descendants universe.

  • Isolde


    Priestess to a God. The god is actually a demigod/man who was sealed away in ancient technology so he could come back if another evil god was summoned. Made for Descendants.

  • Ardiaei


    A Traveling performer that is a secret descendant to a mad-king’s bloodline.

  • Eleri Xerxes

    Eleri Xerxes

    Eleri must convince the last descendant demigod that he is INDEED a descendant, she is his fated bearer, and that they must make babies.

  • Plot bunny #203272639

    Plot bunny #203272639

    Man has a destiny, and a love interest who foolishly makes a pure heart wish to take his burden and protect him. WHAM he is now normal and she’s in a coma/sleeping/encrystized. Shitty, right? Gets better (or worse) now when he encounters the baddies that he would have been trying to defeat she shows up,…

  • Badriyah


    Cursed with an item that is turning her to a creature, Badriyah must find a way to stop it and return home to kick her traitor sister’s ass.

  • Celine Devareux

    Celine Devareux

    A countess who has opened up her home as a sanctuary to illegal magical creatures.

  • Dakota


    Made for the Descendants universe.

  • Prophecy of Faizen

    Prophecy of Faizen

    Come the Star Age a 4th moon will appear in the skies. In 30 days time that moon will split in three, revealing it to be meteors heading for the world and then end will be…. No one really knows for sure. It could be nothing, it could be the destruction of the world, it…

  • Zamira


    A princess that accidentally betrothed herself to one of the Royal Guard.

  • Skyelight


    A warrior priestess that completed her quest to save the world. But she was supposed to DIE. Now she’s being hunted by crazy cultists who think the world is doomed unless she finishes the quest proper and dies.

  • Sadia


    Chieftain’s Daughter and future heir. Target of an assassination attempt. Vizier has purchased her a war-slave in hopes the slave kills her in an attempt to escape.

  • Genevieve Colmondeley

    Genevieve Colmondeley

    Made for a Robin Hood inspired plotline. Is the “Maid Marion”!

  • Princess Elaina Rosenthal

    Princess Elaina Rosenthal

    Bestie Queens of two kingdoms decided to betroth their children. Now the big wedding has come and Princess Elaina is being retrieved.

  • Callista


    Is returned to her home planet to find out she has a twin sister and they are to be Queens. Made for Key of Twilight Plot.

  • Caldea Leagar

    Caldea Leagar

    A magic user searching for meaning and direction after her school of practice is destroyed. Adaptable for magical fantasy settings.