030 The Power of a Song

[Evangeline is wearing a whispy dress and today is a little more anxious than normal. She was currently lighting candles in the ballroom.] -10:19 Aug 13
[Gabriel is attempting to track down a serial killer … but is being blocked at every turn.] -10:21 Aug 13
Gabriel: *He approaches the abandoned castle at the top of the hill. There are wards here. Old ones. Perhaps made by those who had inhabited the castle before for protection but now a pain he must deal with to capture his quarry.* -10:23 Aug 13

Caroline: *Sitting on a small bench in front of a black grand piano, Caroline was playing a practice song just to get her fingers moving. These lessons with Evangeline have been interesting to say the least… The woman didn’t have a natural talent for it. Caroline had to teach her scales, tones, notes… everything from the ground up! Evangeline was a fast learner, though, and Caroline could happily say no one would ever cringe when the woman sings, ever again.* What are the candles for, my lady?

Evangeline: I like the way the shadows play off the light with the mirrors. *With mirrors all along the walls, Evangeline had set up tables and candles in every little spot she could. She lit a few more on a candleabra.* -10:29 Aug 13
Gabriel: *He slipped unseen, making sure to leave no footsteps, no sign he was here which meant he had to scale the boulders that surrounded the castle. He couldn’t teleport as one of the wards he sensed was especially sensitive to such magic. He stopped six feet from the castle wall and crouched low. It was easier to deal with the wards now. He’d have to unravel the wards around this particular spot so he could enter through here.* -10:33 Aug 13

Caroline: Hmm. Barely answers the question, but it is indeed beautiful. *Caroline play her song, patiently waiting for Evangeline to finish. She had to admit, she did enjoy playing the music. It was a relaxing way to be distracted and get away from other things.* Have you picked a song for today?

Evangeline: I’m still deciding. *In truth, she was waiting for a right moment more than deciding which song to sing… and she hoped it worked! Gabriel had been away for a couple weeks, and what he was doing must have been important and stressing him. She could feel it! Today she was going to try something special.* Is Dark upset about me stealing you away so often lately? -10:39 Aug 13

Caroline: *Caroline laughed.* Dark doesn’t know, my lady. If he finds out I can do this, he might think I am trying to one up him on his music too. There’s some things I just don’t want to argue about.

Evangeline: *Lighting the last candle, Evangeline stepped back to take a look. There was no other light outside of the candles, so the room had a soft glow. Reflected with the mirrors and making everything look so shimmery and dreamy.* He might it enjoy it, maybe? Something you could do together? …besides, I thought you like to argue! You’re always bickering! *Evangeline spun on a heel, dancing slowly with the notes Caroline played. She would wait until this song was finished!* -10:45 Aug 13
Gabriel: *He didn’t have time to unravel all these wards and if he did, his quarry–if he was here–would realize something was wrong and run. He finished the last ward and watched it unravel, providing him a magic hole. He phased through the wall which would cause no commotion compared to teleporting. He appeared inside a dark corridor. It was quiet here. Where to begin … He summoned the strand of hair and let it fall from his hand. But instead of dropping, it began to drift down the corridor. He followed …* -10:51 Aug 13

Caroline: *She shook her head, not looking up from the keys on the piano. Evangeline wasn’t going to understand this one! Her relationship with Dark was complicated. There were things she enjoyed hassling him about, and there were things she knew it was better to leave alone. Music was Dark’s way of expression, and Caroline wasn’t going to mar that.* Your song, my lady?

Evangeline: *Evangeline danced her way to the center of the room, spinning easily on bare feet. She stopped when she reached the center of the ballroom, looking up at the crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.* I would like Winter Sleep, please. But you can start when you are finished with that one. -10:56 Aug 13

Caroline: That seems to be a favorite of yours… *Caroline mused out loud, casting a short glance at Evangeline. It was funny how Evangeline could be so awkward and clumsy in everyday moments, but when she danced had all the poise and grace in the world. Caroline continued her song, and when reaching it’s end, blended it subtly in to the beginning of Evangeline’s without pause.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline took a deep breath. …she was nervous! Just a little bit. It all had to be just right. Closing her eyes she listened to the piano notes and opened her mind! At the moment she let out a breath to sing.* [i]It keeps coming back to me, I remember this pain. It spreads across my eyes… Everything is dull…[i] -11:05 Aug 13
Evangeline: *Evangeline took a deep breath. …she was nervous! Just a little bit. It all had to be just right. Closing her eyes she listened to the piano notes and opened her mind! At the moment she let out a breath to sing.* It keeps coming back to me, I remember this pain. It spreads across my eyes… Everything is dull… -11:06 Aug 13
Gabriel: *The silence continued to nag at him, the lack of movement, not a hint of life. There were no cobwebs but everything seemed so … sterile. As he followed, the strand of hair began to move faster which forced him to run to keep up with it. Sword drawn, he started to catch the scent of blood. Dried blood. Old blood.* -11:07 Aug 13

Caroline: *Something tingled her senses. Like the start of a spell. Yet it was so subtle, it was barely even there. Caroline didn’t stop playing… yet. If there was a danger, it’d present itself soon enough.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline opened her eyes to glance upwards at the chandelier again. Letting her voice rise a little higher. Everyone’s smiling, they’re smiling. It pushes me far far away… I can’t understand, Everything is blue! ……Can you hear me out there? *She glanced down then, looking at her own reflection, as if she were really asking the question!* -11:11 Aug 13

Caroline: *Caroline kept playing the notes, but that tingle was stronger. Looking up from the keys, she could see the candlelight flicker. There were no windows here for a draft. She tilted her head, casting Evangeline a curious stare. …that couldn’t be her?*

Gabriel: *The strand of hair disappeared through a crack between a pair of two closed doors. The blood was coming from there. He kicked the doors open and entered the throne room. There was blood and bodies everywhere, obscuring the sigils they’d drawn over the walls and floor. He growled. His quarry had escaped and–He paused and glanced over his shoulder. Evangeline! Her blood pressure and heart rate were higher than normal. He’d have to break off the search … for now. He appeared in the ballroom at the castle to find Evangeline dancing. There were candles and a piano playing but his eyes were for the woman who was … singing? The sword disappeared as he walked up to her slowly then circled around her.* -12:13 Aug 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline was so surprised to see him that she stopped her dancing! She hadn’t meant to summon him! Watching him as curiously as he seemed to be watching her, she continued singing with all of what she wanted to say and him to hear.* Will you hold me now? Hold me now, My frozen heart? I’m gazing from the distance and I feel everything pass through me. I can’t be alone right now! Will you hold me now…? Hold me now, My frozen heart. I’m lost in a deep winter sleep… I can’t seem to find my way out alone. Can you wake me..? -12:18 Aug 14
Gabriel: As you lie before me, I can’t help but see … the way that you shiver. And you call out, calling out to me … How can I deny you? I will never deny you … *He drew his arm around her waist as he circled her and stepped close, then took her hand and spun her slowly.* -12:27 Aug 14

Caroline: *This is unexpected…! Caroline nearly slipped her fingers on the keys. Thank goodness for the weeks of practice. She was already stunned by Evangeline… there was a magic being cast here, something so uniquly different, she had never seen it’s like before! To have Gabriel appear wouldn’t have been such a shock… but his -singing- was. Caroline could feel the whole room shimmer. …She kept playing!*

Evangeline: *There was something so amazing about his voice… Closing her eyes as she turned under his arm and stepped back without releasing his hand.* I know when I let it in, It hides love from this moment. So I guard it close and I watch the move it makes. But it gets me… but it gets me. I wish I could understand how I could make it disappear, make it disappear…? Anyone out there hear me now? -12:33 Aug 14
Gabriel: Oh, my dear, love can only hide for so long … It’s shining brightly there in your heart as frozen as you think it is. I will unlock it and warm us both up. Your body moving against mine, our lips caressing, our limbs entwined … *He circled her again, still holding her hand then pulled her close and brushed his lips across her temple before stepping back again.* -12:45 Aug 14
Evangeline: *She opened her eyes again, not able to hide a faint smile.* Will you hold me now? Hold me now, my frozen heart… Kiss my lips and maybe you can take me to your world for now. I can’t be alone right now! Will you hold me now…? Hold me now, my frozen heart! Please make it all go away, Am I ever gonna feel myself again? I hope I will… *Evangeline let go of his hand to spin around him on her toes, stopping behind him to lean against his back.* -12:48 Aug 14
Gabriel: *He smirked as she spun on her toes and he felt her leaning against his back.* I will hold you always, for eternity … Your love, my salvation. No one will love you more than I, of that I do promise. Stars will be born and stars will die … and I’ll keep holding. Holding onto you. Holding onto you … My one and my only. *He took her hand and raised it to his lips to kiss the knuckles.* -01:03 Aug 14
Evangeline: Will you hold me now? Hold me now, my frozen heart? I’m gazing from the distance and I feel everything pass through me… I can’t be alone right now! Will you hold me now? Hold me now, my frozen heart. I’m lost in a deep winter sleep I can’t seem to find my way out alone… Can you wake me? *Evangeline moved to turn under his arm again, now smiling much wider. Any nervousness she had at the start was long gone and all there was in the room was him!* -01:06 Aug 14
Gabriel: With each breath you take, each time you stir, I am right beside you … I will awaken you and for you I’ll fight … I shall not abandon. Will you hold me close? Will you trust in me? All I want is your smile … When you smile from oppression I’m freed. *He watched her move under his arm, then he stepped back and bowed.* -01:25 Aug 14

Caroline: *There was no way she could have stopped playing. It would break the spell that seemed to have been woven through the music, the words, and even the play of light and shadow as the two moved. All of it woven together with such simplicity, yet intricately complicated at the same time! She wasn’t even sure what the spell -was- but had the very strong suspicions it was a binding promise… Caroline played through the last of the notes, bringing a soft and gentle close to the natural harmony of their song. Then, without a word, she slid from her seat and made a silent exit. They earned the peace!*

Evangeline: *The music had stopped and they were left with silence. All Evangeline could do was smile… so wide that her cheeks almost hurt! Biting her bottom lip, she gently tugged his hand to draw him closer.* I did not mean to summon you. I wanted you to hear me singing.. -01:30 Aug 14
Gabriel: *He smiled, moving closer.* I needed to hear you singing. I have missed you, Evangeline. *He wrapped his arms around her waist.* -01:33 Aug 14
Evangeline: You’ve been away for a very long time. *There was no way she could be angry about it… singing with him left her feeling warm fuzzies and very contented. She curled her arms around him and rest her head against his chest to listen to his heart beat.* I missed this so much! -01:35 Aug 14

Caroline: *Caroline dropped in to her loft, out of breath. She had walked all the way from the ballroom to the courtyards as quickly as she could before teleporting, not wanting to mar the spellcasting with any magic on her own. That entire thing was an amazing rush!*

Gabriel: *He propped his chin on top of her head.* I know. I have let my obsessions get the best of me again. -01:49 Aug 14
Evangeline: Have I taken you from something important? *She knew what he did was for her and for their son. He was making the world as safe as he could for them, and she loved him so much for it! Yet she missed him too… she didn’t want to trade her husband in and their nights alone for anything.* Could you stay for tonight..? -01:54 Aug 14
Gabriel: Merely a dead end. Some time with you will more than cure it. *He stroked her hair.* Your singing … It is amazing. -02:03 Aug 14
Evangeline: *She laughed softly, hiding her face against his chest in faint embarassment.* You say that because you love me… I’ve practiced for weeks and I think everyone in the castle is ready to take my voice away. -02:06 Aug 14
Gabriel: They do not realize how far you have come. Alex and Vlamerias will agree with me. -02:13 Aug 14
Evangeline: I think they might also be a little biased.. *She tilted her head back to grin up at him.* I never imagined you would sing with me. It takes me breath away… -02:15 Aug 14
Gabriel: *He smirked.* I never imagined you would sing for me. *He raised an eyebrow.* I trust I did not destroy your song. -02:17 Aug 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head, grinning ever wider!* You’ve made it spectacular and amazing and warm and unforgetable. -02:20 Aug 14
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* I think we shocked Caroline. -02:45 Aug 14
Evangeline: Caroline! *Evangeline moved to glance over at the piano where Caroline had been… but she was gone!* I forgot all about her! I didn’t realize she left… I was surprised too, though. I didn’t think you would come! -02:48 Aug 14
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* At first I had assumed you were under attack and required aid. I realize now you require your husband instead, something I am more than happy to give you. -02:53 Aug 14
Evangeline: *Now she was embarassed again… he watched over her so carefully!* I didn’t mean to make you worry! I was just a little nervous about it. *She gave a sheepish grin.* I do require my husband though… too many cold sleepless nights. Even Alex thought I needed a hug and a kiss… -02:59 Aug 14
Gabriel: *Gabriel chuckled softly and kissed her.* Of course. He would know better than anyone. You carried him for nine months. -03:10 Aug 14
Evangeline: He is as perceptive as you are. *She tugged on his sleeve and tapped her mouth… asking for another kiss.* You have days and days of cuddles to make up for. -03:14 Aug 14
Gabriel: *He smirked.* However will I begin to make it up to you, my Queen. *He kissed her again and then kissed her temple.* -03:58 Aug 14
Evangeline: *A happy sigh escaped her, not that she was trying to hide it!* Take me and my candles to bed, Husband! *Evangeline giggled, lifting up on her toes to throw her arms around his neck and kiss his cheek.* -04:02 Aug 14
Gabriel: As you wish. *There were quite a lot of candles but he teleported them into the bedroom. The candles managed to fit although they were scattered everywhere except on the bed. He lay her down and lay down with her.* -04:14 Aug 14
Evangeline: *She loved her candles! They were so pretty and it took her so long to light them… it also made the room look so wonderfully dreamy. Evangeline tugged gently on his coat, biting her bottom lip with a grin.* You should take this off. -04:16 Aug 14

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