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  • Adventure #????

    Adventure #????

    Random log #20228293 Unfinished! [01:57AM] Azra: “I didn’t even know Trolls liked fish. It seems somewhat odd.” [02:01AM] Skye: “They usually eat just about anything, but I suppose in this case they’re doing it more for the fun of it.” said Skye, who was patroling around town giving everything a good look over. Usually when…

  • Adventure #???

    Adventure #???

    Unfinished random scene! [b]Skyelight[/b] “OW! OW! OW!!!” “I told you, I didn’t want to dance!” “You didn’t have to break my finger! Ooowwww!!” “Big baby, I didn’t break it at all!” Skye was standing there, her arms crossed as she looked down at the rather huge fellow rolling around on the floor clutching his hand…