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[01:57AM] Azra: “I didn’t even know Trolls liked fish. It seems somewhat odd.”
[02:01AM] Skye: “They usually eat just about anything, but I suppose in this case they’re doing it more for the fun of it.” said Skye, who was patroling around town giving everything a good look over. Usually when people complained about trolls, it was people getting eaten, not their fish!
[02:04AM] Azra: “I guess that’s it,” Azra conceded watching for anyone that was going to give Skye a hard time. “But this is the first time I’ve heard of them this far from the woods.”
[02:08AM] Skye: “That’s a concern for sure. I wonder if they’re really bored?” When they passed a set of barrels, she pulled out her sword and SMASHED one to pieces! Then looked fairly disappointed. “They’re not hiding IN the town, that’s for sure. So they have to be crawling in from somewhere outside of the border. …Unless they’re sea trolls!”
[02:11AM] Azra: “Sea trolls?!” Azra was more then a little upset at that thought. “Trolls arn’t suppose to be able to swim.” Azra looked out at the bay with a queasey look.
[02:12AM] Skye: She paused to glance at Azra, then laughed rather loud! “Don’t worry. There’s no such thing. There’s not a troll in the world that’d dare go out to sea!” Of course, this new taste for fish was weird! Skye dashed off towards the beach to see if there’s signs of troll night fishing!
[02:16AM] Azra: Azra did not think it was funny and would have said so too if she hadn’t gone off ahead. Jogging to catch up Azra tripped and nearly fell into the gavely sand. Saving himself from that fate he turned to look at what he tripped on. “Skyela look over here,” he called out as he knelt down to dig out some sort of box.
[02:19AM] Skye: Treasure! Yes! She loved treasure! Yet, when she approached, leaning her hands on her knees to take a look, she kept that excitement to herself. It might belong to someone else, or worse, it could be a dead minature body. “Anything shiny in it? Or is just another fishy tackle box?”
[02:22AM] Azra: “Don’t know,” he pulled it out and then dusted off some of the sand. “Uh-oh,” Azra said with regret. “It’s got anchient writting on it.”
[02:25AM] Skye: “Damn. That always means curses and pissed off gods.” Skye plucked the box out of his hands to look over the writing. It wasn’t one of the languages she had gotton familiar with, which made it all the more frustrating. It meant opening the box could be any old disaster! “Well…. I guess I can open it, and you can stand over there across the beach where it’s safe, just in case something explodes or a pox of snakes pop out.”
[02:28AM] Azra: “Can’t we just throw it in the sea?” Azra knew better but she had to bring up snakes. It was too late of course they found the box and if they didn’t openit at best something would happen anyways. At worse it would keep on showing up till they did open it.
[02:30AM] Skye: “The last time we threw something in the sea, it start stalking us!” Carrying it over her head, she trotted across the sand at a safe distance before she put it down. Looking it over, she decided against hitting it with the sword. It didn’t have a lock on it anyway. Finally, she opted for grabbing a stick, standing away from it, and prying open the lid with the stick!
[02:32AM] Azra: Watching with dread Azrs had a knife in each hand just in case. When the box opened there was no smoke or lights or even fanfare. There was though something very Trollish. “What is it Skye?”
[02:37AM] Skye: “It’s…. um..” Well, Skye wasn’t quite sure. It looked a lot like a crown, but it was made of fish bones and in some typical trolly style that just… wasn’t quite right for any sea cultures! Leaning over to pull it out of the box, she examined it! “You know, I am not even going to pretend I understand anymore! This is just weird! Maybe they’re fishy-troll hybrids or something!”
[02:43AM] Azra: Walking over to her Azra pickedout of her hands to examine it. “You don’t suppose they were loo-” Azra didn’t get any further because their was a low pitch hoot that sounded like the inside of a barrel followed by another. From inland large shaggy forms could be seen.
[02:46AM] Skye: “..on the bright side, I guess we found what they were looking for.” she replied, scratching the back of her head as she watched the shaggy beasts approach. It’d be simple enough to charge forward and cut them all down, but they DID have something that was rightfully theirs… “Better put it back in the box.” Skye pulled out her sword again!
[02:50AM] Azra: “Right,” Azra knelt down to do just that. The trolls were shouting something when he did so however. “Skyela I don’t think they want it in the box.”
[02:52AM] Skye: “Huh. I guess it was stuck in there.” Skye stepped around him, standing in her usually warriors stance in preparation for the trolls arrival! When they were close enough to hear them, she shouted! “HEY! DO YOU WANT THE FISH CROWN? YOU CAN HAVE IT IF YOU LEAVE TOWN!”
[02:56AM] Azra: It seemed the trolls didn’t understand Skye for they stopped and looked at one another. The younger trolls were not impressed with the small human female and after a few grunts back and forth one of them walked in front of Skye and flipped his arm with every intention of flinging her aside.
[02:58AM] Skye: There was a huff from Skye. That same huff she always gives when things assume she’s not very threatening. In response, she took the flat of her sword and thwack the troll over the head. She gave a self satisfied smirk when he fell over out cold. “As I was saying! We don’t want the fishy thing, but if you all want to be clobbered senseless, I am more than happy to throw you in to the ocean!”
[03:00AM] Azra: There was now more grunts as the trolls discussed things some more. “Skye arn’t they acting funny?” At this point Azra was walking up beside Skye with one hand carefully holding the fishy crown.
[03:03AM] Skye: “Besides not acting like trolls at all?” she grumbled. Skye put away her sword to rest her hands on her hips. “I’m stumped. You’ve got their shiny thing, maybe they will listen to you? But if they try and make you their troll king, I am going to be really mad.”
[03:08AM] Azra: One of the Trolls looked up at Skye. He looked like he must have been a very old troll indeed. “KEEN!” Azra turned white. “No, oh not again.” Granted at least the last time they were just stupid human villagers and they spoke the same language.
[03:10AM] Skye: Now Skye was just confused as she looked back and forth between Azra and the trolls. She wasn’t sure if she should start clobbering someone again, but with Azra’s complaint of ‘not again’ she thought she better ask first. “So… You know these weird trolls?”
[03:13AM] Azra: “They’re people. Or they use to be. Or this is a big big coincidence. Cause their old Shaman had a lisp and was never able to say the word king properly!”
[03:15AM] Skye: “Aw man… I knew they were going to make you a king!” she promptly punched Azra in the arm! It wasn’t that she was mad about the King part, but he always got in to trouble and it was never the fun kind of trouble! “Well… how do we change them back! We can’t have man-trolls running around, who knows what kind of children they would have!”
[03:19AM] Azra: “Ouch,” he rubbed his arm. “How should I know? They wandered through my village years ago. Only reason I really remember them is the shaman was excited to talk to me because of my father.” Now Azra scowled because the shaman was wrapped up in how great his dead beat dad was. “HELL KEEN!” The troll-man shouted.
[03:33AM] Skye: “Oh. ….Should I just go ahead and beat them up, then? Or do we stick to the original plan of breaking curses?” …As an after thought, she took that fish crown from him and debated putting it back in the box. She didn’t care if they were trolls or men, Azra wasn’t getting kidnapped and becoming anyones King!
[03:35AM] Azra: “We should probably break the curse. Then maybe they’ll go back home. Where ever that is.” He then looked over at the shaman-troll. Do you understand me at all?”

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