Adventure #???

Unfinished random scene!


“OW! OW! OW!!!”

“I told you, I didn’t want to dance!”

“You didn’t have to break my finger! Ooowwww!!”

“Big baby, I didn’t break it at all!”

Skye was standing there, her arms crossed as she looked down at the rather huge fellow rolling around on the floor clutching his hand and wailing in pain. The idiot wouldn’t take no for an answer, so she gave him a reply that he’d understand. Skye really didn’t see why such a big guy was making such a huge fuss about it.


“What the hell did that woman just do?”

“You’re with her arn’t you. Jerk!”

Azra sighed. He didn’t understand how these things happened to them. Skye and him had finally come back to the mainland from the island, now freed from their fake volcano god and ready to just relax for a short while. No more dragons or succubus for a while was all that Azra was concerned about.

Now some ya-hoos were starting to get all upset because a man didn’t know the word ‘no’. It was his own fault, but the locals didn’t seem to see it that way as one of them grabbed Azra by his shirt to make him stand and then tried to swing a punch. Azra stopped the fist in mid-air with his own hand. “Skye-la, this isn’t going to work out for an inn tonight I think,” he called out as he pushed the guy into his buddies.


“I didn’t like the food here anyway.” replied Skyelight. Those jerks were getting up again, so Skye did the only thing she [i]could[/i] do. She pulled her giantass sword off her back and started swinging it around over her head. Everyone that wasn’t shorter than her had to duck and cover or else face their head getting chopped off and rolling across the floor. It was simple as pie to clear a path to the door for her and Azra.

At the door she turned around and waved. “Thanks for the fun!”

Outside, word hadn’t yet reach the rest of the town about the Inn’s escapade, so the street was fairly empty. “…Do you think we should even stay in town to sleep? Though I’m pretty tired of bugs crawling in my sleeping bag.”


As Azra and Skye walked out of the inn, Azra was only slightly annoyed and not with Skye. If those drunks had left them alone they could have finished dinner and started settling into their room. Absently felt for the ring in his pocket. It was still there.

“Let’s not talk about bugs,” Azra said making a face. He hated having to check his boots in the morning. It was a decent size town and that meant that there was more then one inn. The streets were well lit even though they sky had only recently darkened.

“Why don’t we try down this way?” the large man suggested, pointing in the direction of a multi-story building. It didn’t appear to be a storage building so it almost had to be an inn.


Skye shrugged her shoulders with a heavy yawn, heading towards the large multistory building. Walking inside, it looked more like one of those upscale places. Not the average cheap Inn or Tavern. Stopping at the front desk, Skye rest her elbows and blinked at the person behind it.

“Can I help you?” said the man. He had a ridiculously thin mustache and looked rather offended that the two of them were there.

“I would like a room, please.” Skye asked.

The man snorted. “I don’t believe we have any rooms available. You will have to try the tavern down the lane.”

Skye frowned, leaning to the side just a bit. There was keys hanging on the wall. That meant empty rooms. She really was far too tired to be snubbed tonight! “Don’t you play c-”

“Aiiiiee! Your royal highness! I never expected to see you here!” squealed a voice! A tiny little woman wearing double braids practically ran up to the desk, grabbing Skye’s hands! “Princess Lira Velrosa, it is a pleasure to see you up close and personal! Oh, oh, if there is anything you need or want, I would be delighted to serve you!”


Azra was very sure that Skye would put this inn keeper straight. She wanted to sleep in a real bed and this little man wasn’t going to deny her on some trumped up reason. Azra knew he wasn’t going to have to do a thing.

Then the tiny woman came up to Skye and all but attacked her. Azra blinked as she happily talked at Skye, taking her hands. “Princess…?” Then an idea came to Azra. “Well if you’d like to help her, might you talk to this innkeeper about how to be polite?” Why not have someone else take care of this. Besides, Azra wanted to know what was going on.

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