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  • Along Came You 003: Friends With Benefits (TBC)

    Miranda: Miranda didn’t wake him up when she did. How could she? He was so cute when he was sleeping… and he really did deserve a nice surprise. So she showered and dressed, left for the market. And within an hour she had returned with a sack full of groceries and a bag of booze. […]

  • Along Came You 002: Upside Down

    [Miranda is passed out drunk sexed. Best night ever!] -05:42 Dec 11 Derrick: Waking up with a warm body in his bed and the contentment that only came after a noght of great sex. His arms were around someone too, somone small… Denim jacket guy? Whoever it was desurved a nice wakeup and so his […]

  • Along Came You 001: My Gay Best Friend

    [Miranda has spent two weeks moaning and groaning the upheavel of her life, and she is SO done with feeling sorry for herself now! …But she still doesn’t think she is ready for a night out.] -08:52 Dec 08 [Derrick is so going to take his ‘guuuurlfriend’ out because he wants to go out and […]