Along Came You 002: Upside Down

[Miranda is passed out drunk sexed. Best night ever!] -05:42 Dec 11
Derrick: Waking up with a warm body in his bed and the contentment that only came after a noght of great sex. His arms were around someone too, somone small… Denim jacket guy? Whoever it was desurved a nice wakeup and so his slipped his hand around to thier front and… there was no shaft, into a slit that his finger slid againast and he opened his eyes wide… "Miranda!" Now he remembered! -05:44 Dec 11
Miranda: "Hmmm..?" Miranda wasn’t even awake yet, but being petted was always a nice niiiice wake up. Not having her name shouted though. Her brow furrowed and she rolled to bury her face in to warm skin. There was a very distinct pounding in her head and she was SO not ready to get up yet. "Five more minutes…" …wait a minute, who was she in bed with? Miranda stiffened. "….uh oh…" -05:50 Dec 11
Derrick: Well this was bad. He had slept with his best friend, who was a woman and h wasn’t even meant to like women. And now he had woken her up and he really did not want to deal with this with this with his head feeling like somone had been slamming in into a car door all night. He groaned and flopped back down next to her, his body against hers. Maybe if he pretended to be asleep? -05:54 Dec 11
Miranda: Instinct was a killer. Instinct made her want to curl all her limbs around him and cuddle him, and do things that… probably vaguely resembled those faint memories she was getting from last night. Pushing him against the wall, practically ripping his clothes off… Oh christ! She raped her best friend! He gay ass best friend! Miranda sat up quickly, which made the whole thing worse when her head spun. "Oooh goooood…! I’m a succubus…! A rapist! A fag slayer…!" She had a dozen names for herself and all of them were BAD! -05:59 Dec 11
Derrick: Well not he had to make a disbelieving "pffffft" noise just because what she was was unintentionally hillarious. "No you’re not girl." he said sitting up slowly and shielding his eyes. "ONly thing that hurts is my head." He finally looked at her and she looked as bad as he felt and he had to fight the instinct to cuddle her and then see where that lead. God he wasnted to have sex with her again and he turned a shade of red and looked away. "Ugh… I think it’s time for Derrick Watson’s patented hangover cure… no not that one." getting out of bed and bust seemed like a good idea. "Wait here Miranda, I’ll be back with breakfast." -06:05 Dec 11
Miranda: "Of course not that one…! Your poor Sherman probably doesn’t want to see another dark wet place again…! Oh god, what have I done…!" Well, she was glad HE thought it was amusing! Miranda fell backwards on to the sheets, pulled a blanket up over her head and swore to never live again. How was he even going to hold a conversation with her now and not be terrified she would pounce on him again? Could a guy get -gayer- after sex with a crazy woman? -06:11 Dec 11
[(Timeout) Derrick was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:16 Dec 11
Derrick: "Sweetheart…" she was handling this worse than him and he knew jusrt what might heer her up. Tearing the blanket away fron her face he again liched the tip of her nose and grinned at her. "there, you know what that means. Not stop feeling bad what sex is meant to make you feel good. I’ll be back." he moving off of the bed and headed for the kitchen. Coffee with bacong egg and chesse sandwiches. In the nude… -06:16 Dec 11
Miranda: "Stop trying to chaaarm meeeee with your theaaatriiiiics!" But of course she was placated, though. Momentarily stilling her writhing and over dramatic moaning to snatch that blanket back and curl up in bed. HIS bed. Naked. After sex. Oh man… she was remembering that sex… Was it really that good or was it drunk memory? -06:19 Dec 11
Derrick: It didn’t take him long, if there was one thing Derrick could do on a hangoved that wasn’t sex it was cooking his cure. He ahd read somewhere that the protien and carbohydrates where science’s best weapons against hangover, so bacon and bread, with egg and cheese just because after good sex you can never be too decadent. "Here we are." he said placing her mug down next to her sude of the ed and balancing the plate on top.. god.. she had a side? He slipped under the covers to cover himself up and started eating. "So Miranda guess what." he said in his usual gossip voice. "I had the most amazing sex last night and you’ll never gues what!" his voice became more nuetral "It was with a girl…" -06:24 Dec 11
Miranda: "Derrick, that’s not funny, I feel bad enough…" Miranda tried to give him her most dark of glares, but that wasn’t coming off well with the pounding in her head. And well. He was naked. Like, last-night-sex perky morning naked. The first thing she went for was the coffee, and for the first time -ever- she actually pulled up a sheet to make sure she wasn’t flashing boob. He had to be sick of boobs! "Lets just get all my sorries out of the way first, okay? I am SO SO SOOOOO sorry if I raped you, forced you, did terrible things to you, tied you up, or anything like that. I don’t know what I was thinking. Well, I do, but I was drunk and you KNOW you’re irresistanle to even girls and.. and.. I was weak..!" -06:28 Dec 11
Derrick: "Do I look like I need to be apologized to?" he asked. Dammit Miranda you can be soooo self centered sometimes. "I enjoyed last night and you should know better than to feel sorry for great sex under my roof. Didn’t i say you could bring any guy you wanted back?" okay this was comign out wrong. "So stop apologizing or I’ll feel like I’ve done something wrong and then things could get awkward. "i’m not sorry about what happened. I just wish I knew what it meant…" the last sensence was muttered and barely audiable. -06:32 Dec 11
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[Miranda is at least relieved to know she’s not going to be on the news as a serial queer raper.] -06:31 Dec 12
[Derrick is going to need to have a long talk with himself.] -06:33 Dec 12
Miranda: Miranda silenced and eyed him. Looking for those tell-tale signs that’d let her know whether or not he was lying to spare her feelings (or just out of FEAR) or if he actually meant it. After a moment she sighed, relenting as she scooted to sit up and momentarily rest her head against his bare shoulder. "Okay, okay… If YOU aren’t terrorized, I’m sure as hell not… And don’t worry about it? I mean you’re gay but you’re still a -guy- and everyone says them Shermans have minds of their own anyway, especially when drunk…" -06:35 Dec 12
Derrick: He put his arm around her and wanted to believe her but he wasn’t drunk now… maybe it would wear off! "Hey, my objective last night was to get you laid, I did do that didn’t I. I count that as a success, so long as you’re feeling better about yourself. My Miranda, the girl who can ever seduce gay men." he kissed her forehead and picked up his mug. "Besides, it feels nice having you be the only girl I’ve ever slept with. We’ll always have that." -06:40 Dec 12
Miranda: "You’re definitely the only gay guy I’ve ever slept with." Her grin was a cheeky one, and she sipped her coffee. Headache or not, sitting in bed with him like this was nice. For once, she didn’t have post-sex regret, or feel like she was being used, or was a cheap whore. Miranda still felt a little guilty for taking advantage of him, but… he seemed to be okay? "I do feel better. I was with that guy for two years, and he never made me feel the way you do for me every day. So I am officially done dating jerks. You are now the standard al lmen have to live up to!" -06:45 Dec 12
Derrick: "So they all have to be tall, hansome, have exquisite taste in drapes, cut your hair just the way you want it, and be very good at sucking diick?" he asked teasingly. "I’m afraid you’re never finding another man as good as me in all that. Not to even mention my deep soulful eyes that make you just want to spill your hearts’ desires and let you still your lips with lin, a kiss my only answer, our hearts beating feverishly with need as I reach down and slowly undo your botton button…" he sighed. "You ever meet a sweet, kind man and he turns out to be gay.. Sweetheart I’m never litting him go." -06:50 Dec 12
Miranda: Miranda cleared her throat and took a big swallow of coffee, as her mouth was suddenly dry. He went from amusing her, to making her want to pounce on him in two seconds flat. Granted, that wasn’t a rare occurance for her. She was well used to finding him attracted and being enchanted by the things he said or did. …except now she had a really good idea of the reality of sleeping with Derrick. It was going to be really hard to pretend she’s okay with ‘just friends’! "It’s my luck he turns out to be guy." she muttered, finally shifting to take a bite of breakfast. Food was heaven…! "Maybe I should go gay. Except I’d probably end up with skanky bimbos like Jen and be in the same boat as always." -06:57 Dec 12
Derrick: "Awwww." he tightened his arm around her. "Don’t be like that, I know most girls are skanks but somewhere out there there is a wonderful wonderful man looking for a girl that isn’t right now and when he find you and seen you’re a kind, giving, thoughtful, honest, patient, perfect ten. He’ll be ruined for all others forever. Then all you have to do is demand a ring and you have a husband. I promise to cry at your wedding." he kissed her cheek and placed his mug down. "I even promise to act jealous and leave him wondering who I’m jealous of." -07:03 Dec 12
Miranda: She laughed and teared up, having to brush her eyes with the back of her hand quickly. With her pounding head and the fact he was so damned sweet… why’d she have to be in love with the one guy she’d never get? "You’re too good to me Derrick. And for that, I am going to replace aaaall of that booze of yours I guzzled this week -and- make dinner for you tonight. And if you bring home a guy, I’ll be your cute little spanish maid and pretend like I can’t speak english!" -07:09 Dec 12
Derrick: HIs turn to grin hide and get her in a two armed hug. "You’ll have to her the costume just right." he reased "And mine won’t fit you." he didn’t really have any and she should know it, he had done laundry with her enough times, kinkiest think he owned were manthongs. But now he was wondering if he would bring a man home for a while.Maybe he could have her. Maybe they could have a fling and it would work out and the thought was making him nuzzle her as she was trying to eat. Not that he hadn’t nuzzled her before. No… he was gay and he had accepted that a long time ago, and now he was tearing up and pulling away to wipe his eyes. -07:14 Dec 12
Miranda: He had to be the only guy in the world that actually made her want to shove everything on the floor and pounce on him for morning sex when she had a hangover. When he pulled away and she spotted the expression on his face, she quickly reached out to grip his chin and pull him forward to brush a soft kiss on his mouth. Something else that wasn’t unusual for them, but today it just felt a little… different. "Hey… You’re okay, right…? No lie?" -07:20 Dec 12
Derrick: "No lie." he said meanign he was okay, then making sure there was nother too cloce to them to make a mess her pulled her down suddenly under the blankets and wrapped his arms around her. Not the first time but the first time completely naked without underwear. "It was just so mindblowingly good and I’m wondering if I might be bi for you." -07:23 Dec 12
Miranda: "Aww, baby…" Was that his problem? Identity crisis? Miranda slipped her arms around him and cuddled close. Okay, so she was being an ass for taking advantage -again-, but the guy needed hugs and snuggles. "It was good because we love each other." she mumbled and nuzzled in to his neck. "People who care about each other and trust each other. And drunk enough not to have any common sense. Even a penis gobbler needs that occasional connection with someone, even if it’s a girl?" -07:28 Dec 12
Derrick: That make sense, maybebecause he wanted it to and he nodded even if he was the teniest dissapointed, but it meant he could tanglung his lets with ehrs adn not make things wierd. "That is why you’re my best friend, I love you so much and I’m never etting anything come between us. I’m looking forwards to dinner tonight.. what are you making?" -07:31 Dec 12
Miranda: "Whatever looks fresh and amazing at the market. Or you request!" There was still that faint smell of cologne on him. Now every time he wore it, she was going to think about last night. That was going to be torture! It was also torture trying to resist the impulse to kiss and nibble at his shoulder. She was clearly a masochist for punishment. "You know you can ask me for anything, right?" -07:35 Dec 12
Derrick: "Aaaaaaaaaaaanything?" there was a look on his face that was pure mischief, and now he had an excuse to test a thoery. He slid his hand arounf her and placed it on her breast and rubbed it slowly in a circle. "Anything?" he kissed her agains and then pulled back to nuzzle the tip of her nose against hers and impulsivly lick the tip of her nose before withdrawign his hand. That answered that question. "I want what you want, and my booze replaced." he hugged her and closed hsi eyes. "And so sleep untilafternoon." -07:39 Dec 12
Miranda: Holy crap! Had she not been in shock she might have screamed! Or moaned… or… something! Her face was right back to being buried at his neck, to hide that sudden surprised and all too wanting expression. How could he be so silly and so damned hot at the same tiiiime? If only he knew what she wanted… "Uh huh, sleep until afternoon sounds like a really good idea…" At least she was able to speak normally, even if it -was- muffled against his skin. -07:44 Dec 12
Derrick: He pulled her closer ahains him and closed his eyes as he rolled onto his back with her on top. "Night Miranda." he said softly. "Wake me up before you go to market. Or if I don’t wake up there it a shopping list under the change jar. And tonight after dinner we’re going to drink and exchenge sex stories." -07:48 Dec 12

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