Along Came You 003: Friends With Benefits (TBC)

Miranda: Miranda didn’t wake him up when she did. How could she? He was so cute when he was sleeping… and he really did deserve a nice surprise. So she showered and dressed, left for the market. And within an hour she had returned with a sack full of groceries and a bag of booze. Bottles to replace what she drank, and a really nice wine to go with dinner. Now she was in the kitchen with the broiler heating up as she chopped up vegitables. -07:55 Dec 12
Derrick: He didn’t realize she was bac when he blundered into the living room in full view of the kitchen with only a tpwel adn that busy drying his hair. "Hey sweetheart." he said with a smile as he pulled a pair or undies from the drying frame and pulled them on followed by shorts and a shirt before eh wondered into the kitchen looking for tip bits to steal. "What did you get? OOOhhh a rose.. you remembered my favorite… not trying to get me drunk again are you?" -07:59 Dec 12
Miranda: She swatted his hands away from the food as she laughed. "No, absolutely not. I’ve had enough hangovers this week! But…! You can’t have an amazing meal without wine, right?" Why did he look so good half wet. Last night was such a mistake… now she was -never- going to be able to get through a day without imagining him naked. Or be able to see him naked without having her stomach doing gymnastics. Just at the thought, her knife nearly slipped. "So…! You slept okay?" New subjects! -08:03 Dec 12
Derrick: "I think I sleep better when I’m being used as a matress." he said leanign over her shoulder to see what she was chopping. "Anything you need help with? You for rose so there’s meat involved right? Rose needs meat even if itls a little saucy pork in a salad or do I need to go and get something white?" he was teasin gher, mostly. He loved his wines but each one had a certain place. -08:06 Dec 12
Miranda: "For your information I found a fantastic roast that I am about to pop in the oven and it’s going to be the most delicious bit of meat you ever stuffed in your mouth." She might not know about wine like he did, but she did know food. And if she didn’t like having him stand so close, she would have shooed him away. "Are you going to pour us a couple of glasses or be executive chef?" -08:11 Dec 12
Derrick: "Oh you know I’m going to do both." he said already going to get two glasses and place them on the counter and get the corcscrew from his the concenient hook and engly ease it out to make sure there was no cork on the wine. Not nesissary in the age of plastic corks but a good habit. Then he was placing a glass nect to her and chilling the rest. "Good to know years with me hasn’t gone entirly to wast, even if still don’t look after your hair." she did thoug, she had goegious hair but he also knew she was still self contious about it. -08:17 Dec 12
[(Timeout) Derrick was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -08:22 Dec 12
Miranda: Right on cue and hand was up to brush her hair behind her ears, and the second she realized it she stuck her tongue out at him. "If you havea problem with my hair, you can complain at my stylist. He lives here, you know." Another tongue-stick in his direction and she picked up her glass for a sip. There would be no getting drunk tonight! She would have to pace it. Then Miranda was right back to bustling in the kitchen. Anything to keep from staring at him! -08:22 Dec 12
Derrick: "Oh I have plenty to say to him don’t you worry." he said putting his hand on his hip and using the other to take a sip from his glass to put it down. "I hear he hasn’t even told you your smile made his morning today. Can you believe… he made a dissaproving click with his tongue and then tunred to her. "So what to your want me to do?" -08:25 Dec 12
[(Timeout) d was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -08:31 Dec 12
Miranda: Instantaneous grinning. Miranda swung open the fridge to pull out the roast she had marinating and off it went under the broiler. "You can stand around looking pretty, or you can sit and compliment me lots. Either way, I’m cooking for -you- so no touchies until it’s all done." -08:31 Dec 12
Derrick: "Oh you know I’m going to do both this time." he said with an overdramatic hairlip and a pose. "You’re the only person I thin I’ve ever really and truly loved. Hows that for a compliment." now he was taking his glass and taking another sip. There was a worm in his mind boring away that he couldn’t get rid of. He wanted to sleep with her again and the only way to drown that out would be more wine or another subject. "What else did you get to drink?" -08:34 Dec 12
Miranda: "I got you some rum, brandy, whisky, vodka and tequila! All of which I will keep my hands off of." Miranda was timing that meat just right, now getting the veggies in a skillet with her favorite seasonings. It’d be a warm and comforting meal. Perfect when your world just got shaken up. And he loved her. Sure he didn’t mean it in that special way, but it still made her toes curl and turn her face a bright pink. -08:43 Dec 12
Derrick: "Perfect. I’ll lay the table." he placed down his glass and got a couple of plates out to pile cutlety on and take to the table with the chilled bottle and sit down to wait. Sitting didn’t mast long as he was stalking over to her to smell the roast, and her, grab one of her hands and kiss a kinger to get the taste from it before he grinned and danced out of reach. "So we’re cool after last night, and in theory would be fine if it happened again?" he asked out of curiocity. "In case you need cheering up again." -08:48 Dec 12
Miranda: Meeeeelting. If she wasn’t trying to stay cool, Miranda would have just let herself drop to the floor in an over dramatic display of goofiness. Instead she was clearing her throat and stuff that skillet in to the oven. "Totally fine… I mean,,, it’s just friends with benefits right? And we’re mature adults who can handle stringless sex when we need someone’s company..?" Miranda was testing the waters out of curiosity. If he was okay with the idea, what would it hurt..? -08:52 Dec 12
Derrick: "hmmm.." he took another sip of wine and thought. "When we need it I guess." he was sounding uncharacteristicaly hesitant. "But we’re suppost to be talkign about sexcapades not with eachother, so you’re first!" -09:00 Dec 12
Miranda: "Oh man… why me first?" Miranda was pretty sure none of her sexcapades were as exciting or unique as his. Then again… her boyfriends weren’t exactly known for being sane, reasonable people. After setting her timing, she picked up her glass again for a sip. "Where do I start…? The BDSM guy or Horse fetish guy..?" -09:05 Dec 12
Derrick: "It’s your story." he said waving his glass, "Oh… horses…" he sighed. "Roland… statues are not meant for that…" he was getting distracted and shook himself giving her a mysterious smile and tilding his head. "Why do you eclipse them all?" -09:13 Dec 12

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