Jaded 003: Life Coach

[Daren has a new life coach, maybe?] -03:23 Sep 17
[Jade is totally dressed again. …but there’s no way she can do a serious interview like this! Hmm…] -03:27 Sep 17
Jade: Morning sex wasn’t very common. Especially after a drunken episode. And definitely not with some suicidal wackjob, she just so happened to decide to do a story on. So now Jade had a problem. No journalist could do a serious interview while wearing her clubbing tramp gear and her fuck-me heels. …where -were- those heels? Jade was looking for them! “As soon as I find my damned shoes, we’re going on a little field trip!” -03:29 Sep 17
Daren: “They’re on the couch.” he said as he pulled a shirt on and then stretched and looked at her. She certainly wasn’t the ugliest girl he had ever slept with, not by a long shot, she was actually very pretty without makeup on. Her hair framed in the light drifting through the window was spectacular and… “Shouldn’t you wear shoes that are a little more practical? Wjere are we going anyway?” -03:35 Sep 17
Jade: “These aren’t practical shoes, babe. These are last minute booty call shoes.” She balanced easily on each foot as she slipped them on. Years of drunken dancing made her a pro! “I’m taking you to my place where I’m going to get a shower and a change of clothes. Then we’re going to ~interview~ Jade Sparrow style as you take me on a tour through the torrid world of kickboxing!” And that was only -slightly- because she was keen on the idea of meeting other well toned hotties. -03:40 Sep 17
Daren: “From what I’ve seen an interview Jade Sparrow style involves sex on my bed. Or did you want a change of venue?” he eyed her. She was going to interview him, his minded needed to leave the gutter. “And frankly I’d rather go to Area 34 than back there. If you want my story I’ll happily write everything down for you.” Nmaedrop the most exclusive clud in the city, and one he could her vip access to at any time, way to get your mind out of the gutter Daren. -03:46 Sep 17
Jade: Oooo. Exclusive club. Even flashing your tits at the bouncer rarely got you in there. “Hmm… Almost got me. You’re good at distractions.” Once she reclaimed her purse, she beckoned him to follow her. “How about you answer all my questions today and take me on that tour, and -then- tonight we go to your club. I’d say that’ll be a nice reward for behaving, yeah?” -03:51 Sep 17
Daren: “Reward for who? I could always go alone.” he looked at her. “Maybe death by party will be eatter than throwing myself off a bridge.” he pulled on a jacket and stratched his chin.. he didn’t have a beard before! Deppresion and not shaving… “I need a shave.” -03:54 Sep 17
Jade: Holy crap, was he still serious about that dying thing? Morning sex should have changed his life! Jade gave him a sly look. “Then if you’re good on the way to my place, I might let you shower with me. That better?” -03:57 Sep 17
Daren: “Are you bribing me?” he asked raising an eyebrown. “Honey you’re too gorgeous to be selling your booty to a tramp like me for a story.” but the bulge in his pants told a different story. “Am I going to to carry you in those heels?” -04:01 Sep 17
Jade: “Gorgeous, huh? You’ve got a vocabulary.” Jade cast him a wicked grin, but she brushed off the offer of carrying her around. This dress was way too short to be flashing her ass in broad daylight. “C’mon, I need that shower before I give you any serious questions and we’re gonna have a fun long day.” -04:06 Sep 17
Daren: “I could have said ravishing, stunning, too much of a knockout… anything you care to name. Point is you know perfectly well the state I’m in.” -04:12 Sep 17
Daren: “I could have said ravishing, stunning, too much of a knockout… anything you care to name. Point is you know perfectly well the state I’m in.” He opened the door and waited for her to exit. “You really shouldn’t be getting mixed up in this… with me.” -04:13 Sep 17
Jade: “See, now you’re just being insulting.” she responded, flicking his chin as she walked past him. “I didn’t spend years in college just to be told I’m too hot for a good story. I wouldn’t care if you were a secret agent on the run from Russian spies and any moment we’d be getting shot at. A good journalist gets a good story.” And as if it was the perfect closer to make her point, she stuck her tongue out at him. -04:17 Sep 17
Daren: “Your sas will get you dragged back into my bedroom and then you wouldn’t be getting any story other thna one to tell your friends as to why you’re in a wheelchair.” his turn to stick out his tongue. “So if you want to go anywhere today, go before it’s too late.” he pointed out the door with his thumb. “You’re damn good in the sack and I’m still horny.” -04:22 Sep 17
Jade: Grinning wide, Jade was out the door and leading the way. Only pausing long enough to make sure he -was- coming. “Need I repeat shower at my place. …Not that we should be continuing this whole sex thing longer than. Uh. Today. After today it will be pure business.” -04:26 Sep 17
[(Timeout) Jade has timed out.] -05:07 Sep 17
Daren: He closed up and locked the door. “Fine by me. She sooner you’re out of my life the better it will be for you.”and the sooner he could not have a life anymore. Maybe. “So back to your abandoned car and hope theres no douchebags this time.” -05:07 Sep 17
[Jade enters.] -05:18 Sep 17
Jade: “I’m sure you’ll sock them in the teeth for me.” He was still going on about the depressed stuff. She WAS going to have to be his life coach. Jade ran her hands through her hair to smooth it out. “Yeah, if this is gonna work I’mma have some rules. Kay? No more of that ‘Oh gods I wanna die’ stuff unless you’re getting sexed so bad you can’t take it anymore. And second, I pick what’s better for me. I know what I’m doing.” -05:23 Sep 17
Daren: He shot her a look. “Oh gods I wanna die. I havn’t gotten laid in an hour, I can’t take it any more please kill me now.” the sarcasm in his voice was thick. “Fine Ms. Jade Sparrow, no relative of any Jacks past or present, assumedly, al least none that are pirates, you get to say whats best for you. And you already have said no more sex after today and that is whts best for you.” -05:30 Sep 17
Jade: In a split second she was laughing out loud, and was still laughing even when they stepped outside on to the sidewalk. She didn’t care a bit that she was getting those ‘what a slut!’ looks from what she considered were very uptight, bored people. “You say that like you’re a little pissed by it. Did I give you a reason to live another day?” She leaned close with that wicked tease of a grin, before she straightened again and put on a more sheepish expression. “You’re like… an emotional wreck right now -and- I want that story. So even though I would looove to take you for a sping every day until I get bored, it’s not the best idea. I LOOK like a hot mess, but I’m not stupid.” -05:37 Sep 17
Daren: “I know you’re not stupid.” he snapped back. “If you acted like you look I would be at the bottom of the river. You’re quick on your feet even when hammered so don’t think for a second that I think you’re dumb. Or that I would stay alive just for sex. I still have half a mind to turn around and go the other way. These people are thugs and if you start asking questons they will go after you. The only reason I’m still here talking to you is because it’s better I’m there where they try since you’re going to poke around anyway.” -05:47 Sep 17
Jade: Jade turned, and with a surprising amount of skill for six inch heels, she was walking backwards in front of him. Giving that ‘gotcha!’ look, that she didn’t bother to be apologetic about. “Let them come after me! I’m not afraid of thugs aaaand it gives more fuel for my story. ‘Journalist assalted by thugs while doing researching in to an illegal gambling ring’. It’s a great headline. Besides. I carry a gun.” -05:52 Sep 17
Daren: “Carrying a gun only guarentees that there is one around to get shot with. Most people stut during break ins are shot with thier own guns. If you want my advice you’d throw it off a bridge but then you don’t do you? You don’t need or want my advice on anything. Jade: Always got everything under control.” he reached out and grabbed her just as she was about to trip over a bench. Then when she was safe let go of and stepped around her. “Why are you doing this?” -05:56 Sep 17
Jade: Almost lost her awesome streak with that bench. Jade gave it a scowl before she was walking to catch up to him. “Should I go down the list? You were trying to jump off the bridge. You obviously need somebody in your life at the moment, and I might not be the best option, but at I’ve been there before. And second, for totally selfish reasons that just -happen- to also be good for you, I can print a story that clears your name, puts bad guys to shame AND kick starts my career. It’s win-win, even if I do land in some trouble. You can’t have success without risk, right?” -06:02 Sep 17
[Daren enters.] -06:16 Sep 17
Daren: “No I don’t want you to run through a list. You’re a smart girl that doesn’t seem to be above using sex to get what she wants, can I trust you? Trust of smart girls who use sex to get what they want and then depart as soon as things look greener on the other side is part of the reason I do want to end myself. We’re not having sex again, not today, not ever.” -06:19 Sep 17
Jade: “What?” Jade punched his arm as hard as she could, which pretty much just ended with her cursing and shaking her hand. “Ow! Fuck… Hey, screw you! I didn’t have to sex you to get my story! I am plenty capable of getting information without cheap tricks. Oh, but thanks for the confidence there, buddy. Totally solved my business vs pleasure battle for me!” Rrrragh! Now she was ready to chuck him in the river herself. AS IF she’d use sex to get what she wanted. …other than more sex. So much for the smart girl compliments, she was clearly just a manipulative whore! She was muttering under her breath now. -06:26 Sep 17
[(Timeout) Daren has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:29 Sep 17
Daren: He stopped and closed his eyes. “I’m not going to your house, this is a bad idea, just call me when you’re ready to meet.” he walked forwards and turned up another street. He didn’t want her involved, not did he want to really see her. Seeing her was dangerous and how he was angry with her, no not with her, with himself, sex was always a bad idea. -06:29 Sep 17
Jade: Jade went several paces before she realized he meant it and wasn’t with her anymore. She turned back real quick to follow him… almost threw her purse at him. Instead she was shouting at his back. She might be pissy at him, and meeting him later would have been just fine. ….but… Jade doubted he should be left alone. At least for today. “Hold your horses! If you don’t want to head to my place, fine! But you’re not ditching me today. I’ll do interviews like this, whatever.” -06:34 Sep 17
Daren: He let out a loud groan. “You don’t get it Jade. Its a bad idea for me to be near you. The most you want from me to to and I quote you yourself ‘give me a spin every day until you get bored.’ and you have in your owm words callen me an emotional mess. So do you, in all honesty think I can be near and insanely hot gitl I had great sex with and not want more than just hot sex?” -06:38 Sep 17
Jade: “Oh my god, really?! You’ve known me for fifteen minutes! I’m pretty sure after twenty four hours all the hot chick stuff is gonna wear off, and you’re gonna realize ‘Oh hey, this girl is a career obsessed lunatic with a shoe fetish! Thank god I’m single!’ and you’re not gonna think twice. You’re too damned worried about the details.” ..oh man, she just realized he was a Leslie. A total wreck! How did she end up with these people? -06:45 Sep 17
Daren: “Shoe fetish?” that had his thinking… before her shook his head violently. “If I were more together this wouldn’t be a problem. But as you’re so fond of pointing out I’m not. So look at the person you fucked this morning and see what he is. I wouldn’t want to be with me and I don’t want to inflict myself on anyone and end up driving them away so its a lot easier for you to just leave now.” -06:53 Sep 17
Jade: “Okay, you wanna play the who is more crazy game. I’ve got this.” Clearly nothing was going to get through to him unless she did it to the extreme. Jade had no problem with that. She opened up her little clutch purse and out came that gun. No one was on the street, so hopefully nobody would freak and all the cops. With a click she pointed the gun at him. “Crazy gun-toting journalist isn’t afraid of your crazy, isn’t afraid of thugs, and sure isn’t afraid of sex or the awkward post-sex falling out. You’re coming with me to my car and to my apartment so I can shower and we can do an interview. Or I’m gonna point this thing at windows and starting shooting.” -06:58 Sep 17
Daren: He could have face facepalmed, instead he looked at her with a ‘are you serious’ expression, and then let his foot fly to knock it out of her hand, step, grab, twist, and she was in a half nelson, then be lened to pick up her gun and and edge towards a storm drain draggin her along for the ride. “Just means there is one around to get shot with. Tip: if you point a gun at someone make sure to pull the trigger.” -07:02 Sep 17
Jade: The way she squealed didn’t match the whole touch crazy chick she was going for. Plus, she was wearing a really short ass dress, this was not cool! So Jade was having a hard time trying to squirm out of his grasp while keeping her skirt down at the same time. “Goddamnit! I get it! Give me my gun back, that’s security blanket!” -07:09 Sep 17
Daren: He popped open the auromatic’s clip release and let the magazine fall down the drain, then emptied the chamber and sent that one down the drain too letting her go in the process, then he let her have her gun back. If you want to use it as a threat, don’t keep it loaded, if you want to use it as a weapon, use it as a weapon, but really, toss the gun and ger some bear mace.” he was turning to walk away from her. “And if you really want to see crazt get me a motorcycle, then hold on tight.” -07:13 Sep 17
Jade: “Uuugh. Why’d you have to do that…” Jade stuffed the gun back in her purse, scowling down at the drain. At least he didn’t toss the gun down there. Crawling in to storm drains was not her idea of a good time. She stomped after him so quick, her heels made very audible clicks on the pavement. “That’s not the way to my car. You know what, fine! Go home and I’ll call you when I’m done checking out your old places! All I have to do is google up your name and I can get the address. In fact…” she stopped following, now pulling out her phone. ah…! A text from Leslie. She scowled. Speaking of motorcycle maniacs… Jade ignored it for now and just opened up the web browser for a search. -07:21 Sep 17
[Daren is seriously pissed off with Jade for no reason adn for so many at the same time!] -03:09 Sep 21
[Jade doesn’t need her new story -with- her while she’s doing research. In fact it’s probably better that he’s not!] -03:14 Sep 21
Daren: He growled in feral frustration his hand shooting out and gripping her shoulder. "I’m not going to allow you to go out and get yourself killed." he snapped. making a grab for her phone too. All her notes were on there and if that went down the drain she’d need him. "You’re not going alone." Why did he even care, having this girl around was making him want to kill himself. She was insufferable. -03:19 Sep 21
Jade: "Hey! No. No taking my phone." Deadpan serious, Jade was jerking her phone waaay out of his reach and giving him a dark look. Not her precious! That thing was her life’s blood! Then she was turning herself out of his grasp to resume walking. "I can take care of my own business, and doing this stuff IS my business. And frankly, outside of giving me a tour of your old haunts – which by the way is cool if you really want to refuse – there’s a lot of crap I’ve got to do without you stepping on my toes. I can call you when I need you! Ciaaaaooo~!" Okay, maybe she was deliberately being assinine about it, but who was he to tell her what she couldn’t do? This was her career! -03:25 Sep 21
Daren: He narrowed his gaze and the grip on her shoulder tightened and he pulled her closer. "Jade. You’re not listening to me. I have a plan." his voice was a low hiss. "But then you don’t listen to anyone, do you. Not unless they’re saying what you want to hear…" Why did she make him so angry? Because she actually wanted to help him and didn’t hide that it was for her own benefit. "Doing this will kill what little pride I have left, so if we’re doing it, we’re doing it my way." thier faces were less than an inch apart and that fact seeped into his brain causing his other hand to move to grip her other shoulder, all though if the phone slipping his mind. -03:43 Sep 21
Jade: "I’m not trying to kill your pride, you jackass, I’m trying to fix it." Just because she had an agenda didn’t mean she was going to throw him under a damned bus. Jade was scowling at, he wasn’t trying to take her phone now, but she was still trying to take a step back. Man sure was hot when he was pissy. …but she had work to get done. "…besides, your way wasn’t working so well last. It’s my story, I’m doing it MY way." -03:49 Sep 21
Daren: He let out another thoaty growl. "I can get you in unoticed." he said. "You’ll be able to poke around and no one will give two shits about you being there. I’ll have my laugh at the end of the day. But until then, you’re my new girlfriend and I’m going crawling back to my old dicksucking manager. Play the dumb floozie and you’ll be part of the furniture. And you’ll be able to see it in action." His face was closer to hers now. "And dressed like that you’re perfect." his lips made contact, pushing against her as he pulled her croser and straitened up lifting her off her feet. -03:55 Sep 21
Jade: He really did have an idea! A good idea too. Hella more clever than some of the shit she was going to pull. Except… having him crawl back to his asshole manager didn’t set well with her. Before she could even shoot down the idea his mouth was on hers and she was giving a startled sound when her feet left the ground. Holy shit, she couldn’t get over how strong he was! ….nor could she seem to resist the pull of someone sexy -and- smart. That never happened. Jade was curling her arms around his neck in an instant, biting his lip with a minor ounce of frustration. -04:02 Sep 21
Daren: His lips still on hers he pinned her against the wall next to an alley and pushed his tongu against her lips, licking them and tasting her his body pressing against hers. "Ffffffffuuuuck." he breathed knowing he shouldn’t be doing this but melting anyway. His kiss softening but becoming needy, moving his lips and flicking his tongue. Her bite was his undoing. -04:11 Sep 21
Jade: This was not some cheap, drunk booty call at three am. Yet, she wasn’t thinking about the consequences or the fact it was broad daylight probably in some hobo’s favorite lunch spot. At some point she dropped her phone and her purse in favor of digging her fingers in to his hair and pulling his head back to give her better access to his mouth. He had some kind of irresistable hook in her! -04:18 Sep 21
Daren: He pulled her away from the wall and Arms holding her against him he carried her into the only shelted he could find, the alley itselfwhere he pressed her into the fall under a fire escaps and nipped her lip, his hand going down to her thig to pull it around him. He was beyind thinking this was a bad idea, there was only the need to have sex with the body pressed against him. -04:27 Sep 21
Jade: Totally a bad idea. Really should put a stop to it. …but it was so, so hot. And apparently appealed to some clandestine part of her libido, because she was wrapped her legs around him without question. Shifting herself against him just for that thrill of being trapped between him and the wall. Jade’s hands moved out of his hair, reaching down to pull up his shirt to steal her hands underneath the fabric for a touch of skin. -04:34 Sep 21
Daren: He smiled against her lips when he felt her hands on his stomach. His hant to the back of her head to circle his thumb behind her ear as he pulled his lips away to checkle. "This is a bad idea." he said softly, but unable to keep the heavy need from his voice or the hand fro sqeezing her buttock. It was a clear he wasn’t going to stop! -04:43 Sep 21
Jade: How the fuck could he mix carnal lusty sexiness with a simple sweet touch and a soft voice. That shit was crazy! Now she couldn’t stop herself from grinning either, forgoing speaking in favor of capturing his mouth with hers. Gently sucking on his lower lip before she pounced with an almost fierce nip. If she could have ripped his clothes off, she would have. Instead, Jade was reaching down to tug sharply at his belt. Bad idea or not, she wanted him. She’d worry about consequences later. -04:55 Sep 21
Daren: He pulled to the bottom of her bress letting it bunch up on her stomach as he responded to her nip with one of his own, his tongue strailing over her lip before he pulled her head back to suck on her lip, There was no more thought for wordy. He he could rip his pants with his penis to get to her faster he would do it. He NEEEEDED her. -05:03 Sep 21
Jade: She had his belt loose, the button undone and zipper down in a matter of seconds. Stealing her hand inside his pants to grip, not at all gently. Was there any part of this man that -wasn’t- rock hard? There was no going back from that point. Pulling him free from the contraints of his pants before she was circling her arms around his neck again. -05:10 Sep 21
Daren: He moved his hips closer to hers and he pushed one hand against the wall and the other continued to grip her thigh. He wanted to be inside her so badly and his impatience showed with how he continued to bite and chew her lip. There would be marks there was no way to avoid that but he didn’t care. They only thing in the world was her hand gripping him and the distance between tip, and lips. -05:16 Sep 21
Jade: She wanted to drive him crazy… she also wanted to fuck him like crazy! And if he didn’t quit nipping at her, she was gonan be done before she even got him. Giving a small sound of frustration against his mouth, Jade guided him to her. Releasing him to run her hand up his side and dig her nails in to his skin, and squeezing her legs tight around him to force him closer. -05:22 Sep 21
Daren: He pushed in hard, all the fustration of waiting and impasience fed into that one action and there was a growl of truinph and heavy pleasure as his lips took hers and his hand holding her thigh he thrust again giving himself over to the action of fucking her against the wall like an animal. The wall was rough, the alley was hardly the best location but the only thing he cared about was how hard he could ram his dick into her, the the jorlt of eletricity that shot up his spine every time he did that made everything from his toes to the lips pressed into hers tingle. -05:28 Sep 21
Jade: Jade’s gasp was nothing more than a muffled cry in to his mouth, and very quickly it shifted to a far too loud groan! She was so going to regret awkwardly placed scratches later, but damned if he didn’t know how to hit it right. She met him with equal fervor, back braced against the wall for leverage as she twist her hips. And touching she couldn’t get enough of. Running her hands up and down his sides and back under his shirt until her arms curled up around him to grip his shoulders. -05:35 Sep 21
Daren: His tongue captured hers and twisted against it, He arms terring his back off with pins and needles everywhere they touched. He pushed and trust against her helped by her twisting until he got the right angle, then there was no holding back, one leg around him and the other held suspended by his arm. His breath was rapid and deep the need for air to fuil his fevered actions making him suck against her mouth and groan into her. He couldn’t remember ever doing it like this before. This was something new. -05:41 Sep 21
Jade: He was absolutely killing her. Jade couldn’t breath and when she did, it would come out as a slow hissing sigh and then a quick intake of air. Only to be holding her breath all over again! Her every limb was so tensely coiled that even her toes were curled up in her shoes. The feeling was sizzling and rose so quickly, that it wasn’t long before she was caving to it. Savoring that delicious shiver running up her spine. -05:52 Sep 21
Daren: He thust deep into her and helt her go "Thank fuck…" he whispered pushing in again and it felt like a tidal wave when he let go his lips pushing hard against hers and a deep satisfied groan forsed it;s way down her throat. "Dammit Jade… You make a damn good fuck. I’m not going to be able to let you go tomorow…" he was breathing hard. "So we keep doing this?" -05:58 Sep 21
Jade: Ooooh, he was so good. So, so good… Jade couldn’t remember a guy making her feel like this and she had plenty! She was all but melted around him, nuzzling against his cheek until her head fell against his shoulder. Hmm, wait… what did he say? Her head was up again as she eyed him, but damned if she wasn’t too hazy and too pleased to put up an argument about it now. "I guess a few days wouldn’t hurt…" she mumbled. …Ah hell, where did her phone go? -06:05 Sep 21
[Daren enters.] -06:24 Sep 21
[(Timeout) Daren got too distracted for their own good…] -06:35 Sep 21
Daren: He lowered her to the floor and have her a fonal lingering kiss as he trailed his fingertips down her cheek. "Now we have scumbags to meet…" he really didn’t want to but it would let her play Nancy Drew whithough suspision. Tucking himself way and redoing his belt he then pulled out HIS phone and scrolled through the numbers. -06:35 Sep 21
Jade: Being released was almost like getting a cold splash of water. A goddamn did she need it. The man had her reeling enough that she nearly forgot about her day’s agenda. While he was pulling out a phone, she was smoothing her skirt back down, and with a worried, almost angry squeal went diving down the alley to snatch up her phone and purse from where she dropped it. Thank god! Still intact! Holy hell, the man actually made her drop her precious. What the hell was wrong with her?! -06:39 Sep 21
Daren: "I didn’t call he hear you gloat, I called for a job." his voice was back to it’s usual growl. "I’m on my way over now. Yeah I have comepany, a girl I told her I’d introduce her to some of the fighters of she got on her knees and asked nice. Yeah… Now. Fine. See you in twenty." he looked at her and smiled, she looked like she had been through hell, perfect cover! -06:44 Sep 21
Jade: Jade dusted her phone off and slipped it in her first. All that fire and feist was gone, and she was giving him a weary expression. The fact he had her losing common sense while sober -and- somehow taking control of the day had her a little unsettled. "So you’re serious about working for that jerk again, just for my story? Getting an easy in like this is great and all but… I dunno, it’s one thing when I’m doing something crazy. You diving backing back in doesn’t feel right." -06:49 Sep 21
Daren: "Its to take him down, isn’t it?" he pointed out. "Once he is exposed I’ll quit and get on with my life, until then I’ll do everything I can to make sure he pays. Can you get this thing published? Tell me you can and I will get you in and give you as much sex as you want. All I care about is that man on the street with nothing, like he tried to leave me." no that wasn’t true… he was starting to care about her and it was wrong of him to. -06:53 Sep 21
Jade: "Honey, the sex has nothing to do with the story! You just keep that and this separate!" That actually insulted her more than him asking if she could get the story published. Her hands were resting on her hips as she scowled at him. "I can get published, I’m not worried about that." Man, she really didn’t have the energy to argue it and the way she slowly fizzled and gave in. "I’ll have a look today with you, and then -I’ll- decide whether or not we need to keep pretending…" -07:02 Sep 21
Daren: He frowned. "I wasn’t being entirely serious." he said "Implying the sex would be your reward." that was more important that her suicide wish. For some reason. "But you know it will be your easiest way in, and I’ve already made the call. So we’re expected there in twenty minutes." He offerend ehr his arm. "I know it will be dificult but put on your best dumb girl act and don’t be surprised if hes a pig to you." -07:13 Sep 21
Jade: "Playing the game is the easy part." The hard, was surprisingly enough… him! Jade relented and looped her arm with his. Using her free hand to run through her hair and try to smooth it out. At least she definitely looked the part of trashy bimbo. That had her grinning. "Not making any promises about pistol whipping though. One ass grab and it’s a fist to the face!" -07:19 Sep 21
Daren: "No, a girl like you you have to romance a bit am I right? Have to work your magic before she’ll work her." he laughed and exited the alley with her in tow. "I’m pretty sure mine would beat yours to the punch though." -07:24 Sep 21
Jade: Jade wanted a shower. Jade wanted him in her shower. Jade was still trying to figure out how he was calling the shots now, for -her- story. She walked with him though, quickly running out scenarios in her head for her first real ‘cover’ and paying attention where they were headed. She was with him now, but she would be back without him the minute she had the opportunity. "I’m not the romancing type. Or did the dress and the heels not make that pretty obvious? Will you kung-fu around with someone for practice? I’d kinda like to see that!" -07:34 Sep 21
Daren: "I was being sarcatic." he said. "And practicing what I would say to him if he had a pass at you. He has a girty of doing that to my girlfriend… ex girlfriend and hes likely to do the same to you." Hse didn’t do dating, of couse she didn’t he knew that. Then why was he feeling disappointed? "And It’s not kung-fu, it’s kickboxing. And maybe." -07:40 Sep 21
Jade: "Yeah, yeah, kickboxing." Jade was eyeing him again. The girlfriend bit piqued her interest, and that was snoop worthy. "Did he do that a lot? Hitting on your then-girl? Did she ever flirt back? Turn him down? Get pissy?" -07:43 Sep 21
Daren: "She ignored him, not that it matters now. There’s the place though." he pointed across the street and then started to cross. "I bet he’ll have his smug asshole grin on his face. That one he always has." -07:50 Sep 21
Jade: Jade squeezed his arm in a hug. "If you want to drop it, feel free to sock him in the face at any time. I’ll pull the gun and we’ll make a dramatic exit. We don’t have to do this to get my story." Even if it -was- the best and easiest way to sneak in and get loads of first hand knowledge. Jade still wasn’t sure if this was gonna be good for him. -07:52 Sep 21
Daren: He shrugged and then pushed open the door and stepped into the gym area, then froze. "Brilliant. Well.." he turned to her and grabbing the back of her head kissed her hard then kept going towards three figures, a short plump man, a fighter, and a tall dark-haired woman. "Careful, they’re the riders of the apocalypse. Pain, greed, and whythehellisshehere?" -07:55 Sep 21
Jade: Jade knew when to turn on the act. …though, it really wasn’t much of an act the way she responded to his kiss. That I wish we were elsewhere so I could fuck you look was definitely the real deal. "Speak of the devil, huh. I gotcha, baby, don’t you worry about a thing…" The way she said it was almost vapid, but Jade meant it. Really meant it. All it once it kind hit her just how much he was sacrifcing to do this. -08:02 Sep 21
Daren: He stepped up the the fat short guy and looked down at him, even though he was looking at Jade. "Well you two look like you’d been having fun. Good to see you’ve come to you senses about your job though, your fiance heres been worried sick." Daren rolled his eyes. "Margret LEFT me and I have a new girl now." he squeezed Jade’s butt. "Get her out of here." -08:09 Sep 21
Jade: "Fiance, huh, baby? I bet the bitch is regretin’ she walked out now…" Jade might’ve smiling with her best, play grin, but her wheels were turning fast. She didn’t the chance to ask more about the ex, but Jade figured her being here wasn’t normal. …which could mean a lot! -08:15 Sep 21
Daren: The woman rolled her eyes and left. "There not look what you did, never mind, go and get changed. Before I give you a job I need to make sure’ve been taking care of yourself. How long have you had this one anyway, she doen’t seem your type." "You wait here honey, its time for me to put on shorts and gloves." he kissed her again and then looked at the manager. "Shes anyone’s type onse you get her home, best I’ve ever had." -08:22 Sep 21
Jade: There was always that female instinct of being pleased when you stuck it to another woman. Another big wide grin Jade didn’t need to fake. "Now you’re just tryin’ to sweet talk me. I’ve been waiting all day to see some men get sweaty and beat the shit out of each other." Jade couldn’t lie about finding that interesting too. She finally just turned to the manager, offering him her hand. "I’m Jade. You know, like the gemstone, yeah?" And cue the bimbo giggle at something that wasn’t even a joke. -08:27 Sep 21
Daren: She played the part a little too well… and as Daren left the manger was taking her hand and shaking it. "Harrold Arden, Dai-gen’s manager. I have to say hes lucky to have picked you up. I hope he hasn’t hit you, yet." -08:36 Sep 21
Jade: "Hit me?" Jade gave an overly wide-eyed look of astonishment, before it was back to giggling and playfully swatting the guy. "Oh right, cause he’s like, a karate master or something, yeah? No way, he’s like soooo much sweeter than my last guy!" Harrold Arden, check. Was the hitting bit a joke, or was he gonna give her the torried ‘the guy is a girl beater’ speech? …Jade did cast a quick look over her shoulder. Was he…? It’s not like she knew him very long… -08:40 Sep 21
Daren: "That’s why Margret left him… he didn’t tell you? He broke three of her ribs and busted up her jaw real good. She had to eat through a straw for weeks. Also why I fired him, though he promesed he hes got one of them, life coaches. But we’ll see." -08:44 Sep 21
Jade: Obviously if a guy was a chick-beater, he wasn’t going to tell the girl he just slept with. Especially one claiming to be a reporter. …but… would that same guy be jumping of a bridge in the middle of the night? Jade wasn’t writing off anything, though. The more info the better. "Oh my gods, that’s like… totally unbelievable! Now I kinda feel bad for her! But I know my honey would never do that to me, he loves me." Even while saying she felt bad, she made sure to have that smug ‘he’s my man’ look so many of of her college classmates would get about dudes everybody knew was a dick. High five to herself for being a social dynamite! -08:49 Sep 21
Daren: "I’m sure he does, heanwhile…" he stopped talkign asn Daren reppeared, shirtless and wearing shirts and gloves. He didn’t bother to warm up he just walked strait past them and clembd into the ring with a ‘I’m pissed off and I’m going to take it out on whoever steps in here with me look on his face.’ "Well not you get to see him in action, enjoy. C.. get in and don’t hold back." the other fighter climbed into the ring and they squared off, a few jebs here and there as they circled, but nothing solid… not yet. -08:55 Sep 21
Jade: Damned he was hot when he looked pissy. Especially shirtless and pissy and squaring off with some dude. Kinda made her wonder why she hadn’t thought to pick up guys in a place like this! …Well, other than the fact she was clearly underdressed for the place. "GIVE HIM A KARATE CHOP TO THE NECK BABY!" She squealed out, even hopping on her dangerous heels and clapping her hands. Then she was leaning over to quip at the manager. "This is sooo ccool! So it’s like a mix of kung fu and boxing, right? Or street fighting? How good was he when he fought before? I bet he won tons of matches!" -08:59 Sep 21
Daren: A hook was dodges as Daren stepped abck and ignoring the cheering grappened with his gloves and sent a knee into "C"’s ribs before pushing the man back and they squared off again. "Oh he was great. World champion. Would be in the hall of fame if he didn’t have such a temper. ‘EY I SAID CHALLANGE HIM NOT GIVE HIS HIS FIRN AND INVOTATION TO YOUR FACE." C was stepping hack holding his nose. "Weave for christ’s sake and keep ’em raised. Thaaat’s it." the match was heating up with both figters dodging and taking turns being on the offencive. -09:06 Sep 21
Jade: Yeah, she was totally one of those girls that loved a good fight. Another time she would be all in it, but she was busy stealth interviewing. "That’s pretty badass! He’s got tons of trophies and clips and stuff at his place. He told me he quit though, not got fired… " -09:10 Sep 21
Daren: "Who wouldn’t. I mean if I got fired I sure as hell wouldn’t boast about it. Would you?" he put a toothpick between his teeth and kept watching the figh. "Boy looks well rested though. Bet I’ve got you to thank for that. He always did fight better if he had a goof fuck the night before." -09:13 Sep 21
Jade: "Wouldn’t say last night." There was a smug grin from her again, and her fingers were dancing at her hips. Then she was trying to give that ‘pretending I don’t care but I totally do’ body language as she leaned in close to whisper at him. "I don’t wanna be that jealous bitch girlfriend or nothin’, but I didn’t think she would be here. Was she always here with him? What’s she doing here now?" -09:21 Sep 21
Daren: "She was here asking after him, shes still got a thing for the guy and I understand. They were together what… three years? How long have you been with him?" he turned his eyes back on the fight. "That was sloppy Gai, better do better than that in the ring come fight night. OH… you were asking for that. Look miss… uh… Ruby, they kid’s a great guy but he has issues. You might want to watch yourself around him." -09:31 Sep 21
Jade: Three years. And talking this guy was kinda not going the way it played in her head. Jade had really been expecting a total crazy sleezeball, and really he was… normal? Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and everything he said could be legit too. …she was definitely going to have to dig more. Somebody was lying. "It’s Jade. Do you think i can come back and ask some more questions later? Maybe another day, y’know when he’s not here too…?" It helped that she was honestly a little suspicious about her new friend, so sounding like a now concerned girlfriend wasn’t hard. Her arms were crossed now as she focused back on the fighting again. -09:37 Sep 21
Daren: The fight didn’t tacke mong to wrap ap and both fighters climbed out of the ring, Daren leaning over and kissing Jade on the forehead even with his bruised face. "Well how did I do?" it wasn’t clear if he was talking to Jade or Harrold. "You’re out of practice but we’ll fix that, be here wednesday morning, 8 AM sharp… And Jade, don’t forget what I said." he turned to go. "Look after this one Dai." -09:43 Sep 21
Jade: "I have no idea who won what, but it sure looked pretty kickass." Jade reached up to gently poke at the bruise on his face. That’d probably fade quick on him, but shit… these guys swing hard! "Mr. Arden is super nice, you can bring me to the next practice, riiiight?" She was still playing up her role for now. But Jade definitely knew it was going to be worthwhile keeping up the ruse. …at least on her end. She’d see how he felt when they were away from spying eyes. -09:48 Sep 21
Daren: "Of course." he said heading towards the lcoker room, not minding if she followed. "You’re my little good luck charm, I wouldn’t want you to miss anything." he was pulling off the gloves as he walked and he tossed them down on a bench as soon as he was in th elocker room and was stripping down to change back into his street clothes. -09:52 Sep 21
Jade: Oh she followed all right. And not just to catch a sneak peak of anyone’s goods. Her hands were back at her hips and when she was satisfied no one was in ear shot, she was stepping close and muttering with a low voice. "Did you ever hit her?" -09:54 Sep 21
Daren: He turned around sharply. -09:55 Sep 21
Daren: He turned around sharply. "Margret? He told you I hit Margret?" he throw down his shorts and grabbed his boxers to pull on. "Once by accident, we were arguing and I slapped her. It was an accident. And it was years ago." -10:03 Sep 21
Jade: "Slapping doesn’t happen by accident. What were you arguing about?" So he did hit her! Jade hadn’t expecting him to admit something like that. A little bit unsettling considering she slept with the guy twice… -10:07 Sep 21
Daren: He pulled on his shirt. "I wanted to forfit a fight, my dad had just died and I… I didn’t want to fight that night, she was arguing that if I did I would have to win every other match to get into the championship." he raised his hands in a ‘look here’ gesture. "I did this and turned at the same time and she was standing right behind me. She fell over, we got ever it. I didn’t even know scuzzball knew about that." -10:10 Sep 21
Jade: Easily explained. ….but easily bullshitted too. The journalist in her was having a fieldday knowing this story was going to be deliciously complicated. The woman, who had apparently stupidly claimed a guy she hadn’t even known for twenty four hours yet, was wondering if she should cut and run… "I’m gonna have to talk to her too." Jade finally muttered. Obviously she had an issue, but she wasn’t going to push it right away. "I definitely want to come back though. Your manager didn’t exactly give me a creeper dude impression at all.." -10:18 Sep 21
Daren: Daren snorted. "Give him time, when I’m not around he’ll be all over you. I’ll get her number, invite them both out to drinks with us and ‘make peace’ and jade." he leaned forwards to give ehr a quick kiss. "Thank you." he stood and started heading for the exit. Maybe now he wouldn’t want to kill himself. -10:23 Sep 21

Jaded 002: One Morning Stand

[Jade is used to waking up in weird places, but usually she’s naked! This is a weird changed of pace.] -10:05 Aug 24
[Daren doesn’t want to wake up, or be alive. But both will be true pretty soon.] -10:06 Aug 24
Jade: Well she was -comfortable, anyway. Curled up against a body that was warm, but hard as a rock. ….and with a hand on her ass. Even pushed up her skirt all the way up her waist. At least she wore underwear for once! …Christ, she didn’t even remember this guy’s name. Jade precariously tried to get up without waking him up. -10:11 Aug 24
Daren: He mumbled something and moved his head forwars to put his face against her and the hand on her ass pulled her closer. He really didn’t want to be awake, sleep was the one time he could forget everything and just embrace oblivion. Wait he had wanted to do that last night but.. "Jade?" -10:14 Aug 24
Jade: "Oh hey! You remember my name! That’s sweet." she mumbled. Even cracked a wry grin. Those weird morning afters weren’t typically her favorite… at least usually she made she to get out the door before they woke up, or vice versa. Hrrm, oh wait… this guy had a story! Bridge jumping crazy chuck norris guy. …So she made herself comfortable again. "Guess you woke up in the middle of the night and decided to undress me after all?" -10:17 Aug 24
Daren: His head poped up and he looked. "No, that always happens. I had too much whisky to wake up before now. Speaking of which, I think its time for breakfast." he wasn’t getting up instead he was looking at her. "So how many stories have you published?" -10:20 Aug 24
Jade: "So you undress women in your sleep? That’s a fun talent." Her grin got even wider. "In a big name paper? None. Yet. I was editor of my college paper, and I been published in a few small papers and magazines. Nothing solid enough to break my career though. Until now!" She chimed and poked his nose. Yes, he was going to be a badass story, whether he liked it or not. "So what name am I gonna be printing?" -10:25 Aug 24
Daren: "You’ll need to print two." He said "My real name is Daren Hughes. Boring, flat, unintersting. The name I fight under is Dai-gen. Because that scuzzball though it would be good for publicity like kickboxing was the damn WWE or something. If you’re a jounalist them you should be able to use that to get my public life, and all too much of my private life. I just want to stress that I did not know she was 17." here had been no incident liek that he was just screwing with her now. "I’m thinking hamburgers. I should have some in the freezer." now he was getting up and looking at the door. -10:33 Aug 24
Jade: "Naw, you’re not the teenage girl type… too much white knight for that." Jade sat up herself, shimmying her dress back down to somewhere more appropriate and running her hand through her hair. "And coffee. We need coffee. ….hrrm. And my purse, I need to see if Leslie is okay." Lesliiiie! It was morning, and as much as Jade wanted to say FUCK IT, she’d never forgive herself if something happened to Leslie! -10:38 Aug 24
Daren: "Purse in on the couch. Im my house coffee goes without saying." he was stepping out into the living room and heading for the kitchen. Pan was clean.. enough.. once he washed it and dried ti thouroughly. Butter was melting in it and meat was thawing, 4 patties, 4 eggs, a tomato, an onion, pickles, lemongrass and a bottle of bbq sauce. Then the meat went in and he started chopping and retrieved the cheese whistling softly to himself as he grinning at Jade when he spotted her. -10:42 Aug 24
Jade: The man was whistling and grinning. At least he was on the few occasions she glanced his way. She found one heel and one broken heel scattered on the floor amongst a huge mess of what probably used to be his life. Then her purse! Jade promptly dug out her phone. No messages? Godammit Leslie! Jade was furious when she texted. Did you get home okay? How did the night go? CALL ME ASAP. Jade kept the phone in her hand to wait for the reply as she wandered around to snoop. She picked up some papers. "So how recently did you have this apartment trashing hissy fit? Last night?" -10:46 Aug 24
Daren: he shrugged. "I don’t even know what day it is today." he flipped the burgers makign sure they were nice and dark before butting and butterign the rolls and then cutting the unused part of the tomato in two and putting a peice on each plate. Then he put the coffee on and checked the patties. "Though I think it was a out a week before the 5th, is it the 5th yet? -10:50 Aug 24
Jade: "Have you been drunk the entire time?" It was a good question… Jade vaguely remembered him saying something about planning his whole jumping thing ahead of time. She was frowning as she looked through the old newspaper clippings and scanned for other names. Jade made sure to bring up her notepad app on her phone and jot those down. -10:55 Aug 24
Daren: "No, I only got drunk last night to jump. I’ve just not payed attention to days or dates or anything." he puth the paties on the rolls hot side up then immediatly put the cheese on wofr it to melt, then he turned them over to spread a then layer of bbq sauce ont he otehr side and back over to file the other engredients on top. Then he was pupping the coffee pot out and a couple of mugs. "So what is the date, this is the second time I’m asking." -11:09 Aug 24
Jade: "It’s the sixth if you wanna get specific." Jade was checking her phone again. And since she had it out, she was texting Leslie a second time. LESLIE. ARE YOU OKAY? CALL ME!!! Uuurrgg. The stupid girl kneeeew how much Jade worried! Especially when she left with that Rubrum jerk! The least she could have done was send her a text at the end of the date! Jade was scowling again. "You know, if you had to be drunk to jump, that means you weren’t one hundred percent sure you wanted to die." -11:12 Aug 24
Daren: He put her plate on the table along with a mugh and milk adn sugar. "The 6th huh? Well then I tried to kill myself on my birthday. Which was the date I was aiming for but then lost track of time. Odd how things work out. Happy birthday to me." he listed one of his burgers and bit into it and then chewed slowly. If there was one thing he knew it was how he liked his own breakfast. -11:15 Aug 24
Jade: "For real? Dude, that’s seriously messed up!" Jade plopped in to a seat, setting her phone down with another glare. Damn Leslie to hell and back! What if she needed a drunken pickup and Leslie never answered? Some friend! Jade took it out on her breakfast, which was surprisingly edible and definitely satisfying for a post-drunk mild hangover morning. She picked up her mug for a sip, while she eyed him. "And you squeeked by without commenting on my assumption. Totally nailed you, huh? I don’t think you really want to die. Where is your family or girlfriend or something?" -11:19 Aug 24
Daren: "Family it in Canada, girlfriend… what are those again? I have dificulty remembering. Something about leaving me?" okay maybe he was taking the sarcasm a little bit too far. "I havn’t spokes to any of my family in years, they didn’t like my choice of career." -11:22 Aug 24
Jade: "Okay, family and exgirlfriend are dicks. Noted." Jade was eying him again, even while eating. A rather deliberate stare, as if they were both in some sort of interrogation and hadn’t just woken up together after a night of stupidness. Man, she could stare at him shirtless all day… Focus! "How long were you kickboxing for the douchebag before you found out it was all a lie? Did your lady leave you before or after you found out?" -11:26 Aug 24
Daren: "What does it matter if she did or not. Shes gone and I don’t want her back. And five years, five years before I found out. Is this an interview? Because I want it on record that hes a cocksucking fuckwit whose blood isn’t fit to nourish the earth." he then took a large bite and chewed sullenly, then finished the first burget and started on his second completely draining a mug of coffee in between." -11:31 Aug 24
Jade: Jade picked up her phone and typed it in. Word for word and even spoke it out loud. "Cocksucking fuckwit whose blood isn’t fit to nourish the earth. Check." ….while she was at it, a few more text messages to Leslie. That girl better be DEAD or in a SEX COMA for not responding to her. "Five years in a lie isn’t too bad. It could have been worse. That’s going to be a lot of dirt to dig up, though. How long ago did you find out about it? Couple weeks?" -11:34 Aug 24
Daren: "Its the sixth.. so a month." he said looking down at his freshly emptied playe and then poaring himself more coffee and looking over at her food, then back at the kitchen. "So this is an interview. You don’t waste time so you Jade? Worried as soon as yo turn your back I’ll jump in front of a bus?" -11:37 Aug 24
Jade: "That’s a pretty big concern, honey." she cast him a cheeky grin before picking up her mug again. "I need a really good story to launch my career with, and you need someone to keep you from doing something stupid until you come to your senses. I think that’s a pretty fair trade all by itself, but as a totally awesome bonus, this story is going to clear your reputation, screw an asshole and bring some legitimacy back to your whole kickboxing thing. So you might even owe me a little!" -11:42 Aug 24
Daren: That didn’t stop him from stealing her other burger and biting into it. "You’ll get your career. More than enough out of this for me to owe you anything. I’m tired of owing people, or people acting like I owe them. Like I got to where I am through them and would be nothign without them." -11:44 Aug 24
Jade: She frowned. Not about half her breakfast being stolen, but very specifically about his issue with owing people. Her fingers tapped on her mug as she thought it over. "Okay. No owning me anything. I’ll be satisfied with the story, you not killing yourself, and maybe you showing me how to kick someone in the head. That’ll come in handy." -11:48 Aug 24
Daren: "Kicking people in the head? An admirable skill when you keep a gun in your purse." he finished the burger and was looking happier about himself as he sipped from his mug. "Though I saved you from a drunkard and gave you a safe place to sleep without taking advantage of the obviously drunk reporter that really liked to get an eyeful. Shoul I put on a shirt?" -11:54 Aug 24
Jade: "Hey, there are plenty of situations where kicking someone in the head is faster and smarter than pulling out a gun." …Jade had to pause for a minute. She did she tell him about the gun? Stupid mouthy drunk Jade! "And for the record I was the one taking advantage of the sad drunk guy. You can parade around here bare ass naked and fuck me on the kitchen counter if you wanted to, and I wouldn’t complain." A toothy smirk followed and there was no telling if she was serious or just kidding. Boy… she totally wouldn’t have regretted it if he DID feel her up good last night. Now they were gonna have to do the whole business thing without being drunk as an excuse. Lame. -11:59 Aug 24
Daren: He stook and pus he foot up on his chair and undid the putton of his jeans and then slowly oushe the zip down placing a hand on the table and looking at her. Bluff called, if it was a bluff. If it wasn’t then the day was about to get interesting. -12:02 Aug 25


[Jade is having a very interesting morning! Weird even for her!] -07:53 Aug 25
[Daren is calling a bluff bigtime well aware it could escelate into a series of dares.] -07:55 Aug 25
Jade: Jade had a really good poker face. So there he was unzipping his pants and she was sipping her coffee as if he were just changing the channel on a tv. Man, did he practice that move? That was right out of the book of Jade Seduction Techniques! "Trying to scare me out, honey? Cause I bet there’s not anything in there I haven’t already seen before." Take them off, take them off! -07:59 Aug 25
Daren: "So you peeked when I was asleep?" he asked, perfectly innocentlyputting his foot back on the floor and pushing down so that he was only in his briefs, then we sat back down an picked up his coffee. "Your turn." he sipped and hatched her like a hawk. Unless stories is all Jade: reporter extrodinare does." he flashed her a grin. before shifing in his seat careful not to move too much giving her a moment to think, then holding up his briefs, could she resist looking around the table? -08:04 Aug 25
Jade: For somebody that was a total suicidal whackadoodle, he sure was lively. Jade pretended like she was giving it some consideration. Curiosity was killing her, but it wasn’t any fun to go ahead and look. "I’m not the one who sleep gropes, Mr Grabby Hands." Her turn, huh? Jade set down her mug, and with a little shimmying up her dress and wiggling in her seat, off came her panties. Red lace. She threw them at him with a big wide smirk and picked her mug back up. -08:09 Aug 25
Daren: "So I lose everythign and you just lose your panties." more fun for him to take the rest off. "I may have to do somethign about that. He set down his mug and picked her pabties off of his shoulder and hung them on the back of a chair. "This are nice though, red is my favorite color and you seem to have enough of it, its very sexy." -08:12 Aug 25
Jade: "I like to think I’m any man’s dream come true." Another smirking smile. Jade leaned back in her seat, mug in hand and crossed her legs. She wanted to look under the damned table so bad. "I only give free shows when I’m drunk. In the morning I like to see a little work. So what do you think is going to get me out of this dress?" -08:19 Aug 25
Daren: He rubbed his chin in thought. "A grab and a good pull, there may be tearing." he said "A pair of sissors." the made a Hmmmming sound. "This table ebing cleared and you bent over it, or on your back with your legs over the side. Or another night in my bed we’ll see if my hands wonder again." -08:22 Aug 25
Jade: "You kicked the shit out of a guy last night that didn’t respect my three hundred dollar dress." Jade set her mug down and crossed her arms. It was like a negotiation! And she still was itching to take a peek under the table. She tilted to the side juuuust a bit. "Table doesn’t look all that sturdy. And getting me in your bed a second time is a lot harder than getting me out of a dress." This time the smirk came with a flash of teeth. -08:26 Aug 25
Daren: He put a leg up on tha table so that she KNEW his legs were open. "I could let you see all you wanted if you let me do the same." he said. "Instead of having you leakign liek you’re about to fall out your seat." he rubbed the back of his head lazily. "And then we could talk about toutching." -08:29 Aug 25
Jade: Caught leaning. Jade didn’t look apologetic at all. She righted herself again, now tapping her chin with her finger. After another moment of pretend debate, Jade stood. She turned her chair around so it wasn’t facing him and turned around herself. And then. deliberately taking her time, she pulled the hem of her skirt up and the dress up over her head. No panties, no bra and a generous look at her back side. Jade cast a grin over her shoulder as she tossed the dress at him and sat back down in the chair. "Now where is my guarantee that it’s all worth the show?" -08:36 Aug 25
Daren: When she looked at he he was so leaning and staring his hand frozen in his chen and his tongue running along his lower lip, but he smiled and dodged the dress before standing, letting her see that he was already pretty hard and the stereotype of shrip-dicked athletes did by no menas apply to fim. But he was walkign around the table and placing a hand on the back of her chair and leaning against it casually. "So far all I’ve seen is back stage. If thats where all the action is I’m more than glad to make my enterence there, but I fing it -very- hard to believe you can’t got it going on in front too." -08:41 Aug 25
Jade: No doubt she was grinning like a kid in a candy store. It wasn’t often a guy could play the game, tit for tat, and actually be fun in the process. While sober! Jade took a look at her fingernails, as casual as could be. "You do make it sound all too much fun not to show you a thing. I might need a little convincing. Maybe you should get on the floor and rub my feet for me."" -08:48 Aug 25
Daren: "Well I’m sure I’d be able to see everythign theom there." he said right before running a hand through her hair and then moving back to lean against the table. "That seems like me doing all the work. If you want to be treated like a queen you have to earn it by doing some very unqueenly things." -08:51 Aug 25
Jade: Shivers down her spine. If she weren’t so amused by him, she’d have already dragged him down to the floor. Why the hell didn’t she do this last night!? "Okay, I’ll bite. What very unqueenly things does a woman have to do to get a man on his knees at her feet?" -08:55 Aug 25
Daren: "Oh so now you want a proposal? You work fast. I admire your style." he leaned forwards so that his mouth was next to her ear. "Well we were talkign about you on your back not so long ago, there also your front, your clees, the shower or if you ARE feel regal you would always stradle a musclbound beast and ride it like theres no tomorow." -08:57 Aug 25
Jade: "So many options, how is a queen supposed to choose just one?" If she could just reach out and touch… Jade gave in to the temptation when he leaned close enough. Lifting a hand to brush her fingers against his jaw and turning her so she was murmuring against his cheek. "I kinda like the idea of wrapping my legs around you and giving you a little preview of heaven. What do you think about that?" -09:03 Aug 25
Daren: "Prieview?" he asked turnign his head so that his lips were against hers but not doing anything else. "You’ll want to be careful your highness, unless I remain in you longer than you anticipated. I don’t like giving half measures." -09:06 Aug 25
Jade: This guy had hella better self control than she did! It required keeping one of her hands firmly gripping the side of her chair to keep from grabbing at him. Didn’t stop her from gliding the back of her fingers against his cheek though. Jade wet her lips, knowing full well her tongue would just barely brush over his mouth. "I can see where you’re the type that likes to do things well. But does that include everything you do, honey?" -09:12 Aug 25
Daren: "Well it seem that with at least one thing all it takes to stop me is a less than sober red bombshell grabbing me by my shirt." Speakign about grabbing her was pussing an arm arounf her and lifting her from her chair to stand with her chair standign there loving his head just enough to brush his lips agaist hers. "But I like to think I give my all into everythign I do." -09:17 Aug 25
Jade: "I’m a force to be reckoned with." Oh… fuck it! Or more specifically, fuck him! She clearly had a weakness for strong men. It only took a second and she was pouncing, crushing her mouth to his in an impatient and very greedy kiss. Letting her hands roam to every bit of exposed skin she could reach! -09:22 Aug 25
Daren: His grip of her tightened squished her against him as he kissed her back his lips ravaging hers. So this was a reporter lookign for information and might only be doing this to get him to open up but she was also sexy as hell and one hell of a kisser. He moved his legs takign them back to the bedroom and then he sat her on the bed his wieght on top of her. "You’re right that was harder than getting the dress off." he said grinnigh against her lips. "But you’re a great kisser." -09:25 Aug 25
Jade: "And you are one smug, sexy piece of work." she muttered in response. Okay, so screwing the guy she was supposed to do a story on was not a good idea. But this was HIS fault for actually being a hot commodity. Jade dug her hands in to his hair, gripping tight as she guided his head and invaded his mouth with her tongue. Less talking, more of this stuff! Interviews could wait! -09:31 Aug 25
Daren: He pushed his mouth against hers har as his hands felt up hers sides. There was no doubt, he wanted this. Over her chest and to ehrs shoulders. Then down to sqeeze yer breasts and glide over her stomach and abck to her sides. She knew what she was doing too it seemed. Fuck it he’d pick up the peices lated. Sex time. -09:34 Aug 25
Jade: This was a hell of a lot better sober. Fully aware of every little touch. Arcing her back to press her body up against his and curling a leg tight around his hips. Her fingers were digging in to the back of his head when she bit and sucked on his bottom lip. That wicked grin falling over her face. "Didja decide which way you wanted to do me, or should I just give this horse a ride?" -09:40 Aug 25
Daren: He bit her lip and sucked on it. "I was just going to have you like this." he wiggled his hips agaist hers pressign them home to grind against them. "And right now I’m not coming up with any better ideas, I want to see your face." -09:42 Aug 25
Jade: Jade sucked in a breath. Oooo, she was more than a little wet for him and damned if he didn’t know how to slip in just the right words. "Oooho you wanna see if you impress me..?" Jade nipped at his jaw, dragging one of her perfectly manicured nails down the back of his neck. -09:47 Aug 25
Daren: "Somethign like that." he said nuzzlign agaist her as he let a hand glide down her side to run his nails against her hip and around to her taking hold of hinself and making sure his shaft rubbled against her as he continued grinding. "I do want to see what you look like when you go over the edge, and when I enter. You’re just so smoking hot I can’t help myself." He rubbed his tip against her then true to hsos word with his eyes on her he pushed in. -09:51 Aug 25
Jade: Her eyes went wide for a moment and her mouth parted. He was damned fullfilling, and she was squeezing around him to adjust. Every little muscle flexing as she moved beneath him. If she was smoking hot, he was straight up intoxicating! -09:57 Aug 25
Daren: He grinned and movedm continuing to grind with himself inside herleanign down to ravage her lips again. She was tight around him, not too tight but damn she felt good and he let out a soft groan. "We should have done then last night, but then we would have been drunk and I like that we’re doing it now." -10:00 Aug 25
Jade: "Coulda done it twice… few times. Buncha times. Oooo…" she cooed in to his mouth, meeting his kiss with a passioned ferocity. She even reached down between them to feel over his abs and beyond. None too gentle fingers groping and touching before curling around his waist and digging her nails in to his back. -10:05 Aug 25
Daren: "Not like we can’t do it a bunch of times…" he was getting in deeper in lire ways than one as his hand burried itself in her hair and he pushed. Maye it was because he hadn’t ahd it in a while but he never remembered it being this good with a willing woman who wasn’t even a little bit drunk. "And this was w’ll remember everything." -10:10 Aug 25
Jade: "Promises, promises…! Hrrmm..!" It was hard to think beyond the current moment, where she was circling her legs around him and reveling in that to and fro motion that was sending all her senses in to overdrive. She twist her hips to meet him, each little movement drawing a soft sound from her. Her hands moved up and down his back, sometimes caressing and sometimes digging her nails in when she’d groan or sigh. -10:16 Aug 25
Daren: He was responding to her nails with his back tensing and pushing harder. There was a familiar feeling building that made his breath come out in a shudder and be drawn back in with a hiss right before he flicked his tongue against hers and grigger her hair tighted. "I’ll keep every one.." it was the sex talking and his voice was full of it. She was good, and they should have done this a bunch instead of eating. -10:21 Aug 25
Jade: Why the fuck was that so sexy? A man promises to keep promises! Had to be that tone of voice. The low, desire filled tenor… He pushed harder and she was gasping. Almost writhing in his arms as she curled around him, buried her face at his shoulder and bit into his neck. She was losing it all too soon! More was definitely a promise. -10:28 Aug 25
Daren: He nipped her ear keeping it between his teeth and flickign his tongue against it. Een the though of how he shouldn’t be doing this was driven right out of his head as he pulled back, he was going wi have trouble holding back climax soon and he wanted to see her face. -10:31 Aug 25
Jade: Oh that did her in. An apparent weakness for well timed ear nibbling. Her hand slapped against his shoulder and gripped hard when she gasped and cried out. The violent rupture of feeling sending her bucking beneath him almost as if she wanted to throw him off, but her grip was almost skin bruising tight. -10:36 Aug 25
Daren: He pushes agaist her the way she tunlted her head back and gripped him making his push and pull harder. His lips were back on hers and it didn’t take long nefore there was a groan from him as he placed a hand on her hip and… "You shouldn’t make this fel so good." he said kissing her right as he came. Damn he hoped she was on the pill. -10:42 Aug 25
Jade: Exquisitly breathless, for a moment all she could do was sigh against his mouth and return the kiss with a gentle movement. Her body was lax as she shifted. Savoring that feel of someone solid, and grinning against him at the compliment. "Worth waking up in the morning? Hrmm… I wanna do that again…" Maybe not right that second, but he was so worth having another go at. Jade was gonna have to figure out how to do her story and get the booty too without it being complicated. -10:48 Aug 25
Daren: He brushed his lips against hers and sighed. "Worth waking up for in the mornings and another go." he was lore than happy to just hold her for now though. "Maybe you’re not such a bad life coach after all." -10:51 Aug 25

Jaded 001: Suicidal Hero

[Jade is at some shitty bar. Not her usual place, but she’s not looking to run in to her usual people today. She’s -brooding-.] -04:19 Aug 24
[Daren has had a few and is now rat the point where he doesnt give any shits. Ho that means its time to move on the phase two of his master plan to fix his life. Go across the street and onto the bridge. then throw himself off of it. But.. it would be a shame to die with enough money in his pocket for another whisky, so hes havign another goddamn whisky!] -04:22 Aug 24
Jade: Jade hadn’t down anywhere near enough martinis to put herself in to an alcohol coma. Not that she was going for a coma… she was just… pissed off! Why? Because her best friend was dating an asshole. Sure, he hadn’t really done anything. And all Jade was going on was a ‘feeling’ that the guy had some huge secret. But still. Leslie was probably doing something stupid, and all Jade could find out about Damion Rubrum so far is that he never let his girlfriends go public… -04:26 Aug 24
Daren: "I think you’ve had enough, do you need help getting a cab?" the barman here was griendly, not like the usual dive. "Just one more and I’ll give you.. a fiv… fifty dollar tip, I won’t be needing it." he said putting the money on the counter and meetign the look from the barman with what he hoped was an innocent smile. "Alright but last one then you should go get some rest. You know I hear bacon is really good for hangovers." he got his drink and downed half of it with one swallow. "Don’t worry I’m pretty sure everythign will be perfect in the morning." -04:30 Aug 24
Jade: "What is so great about him anyway. Just cause he’s hot and rich. -04:34 Aug 24
Jade: "What is so great about him anyway. Just cause he’s hot and rich." she was talking to herself out in public. No big deal! Jade finished off her drink just in time for the usual pickup artist. The guy slide up to her, and she gave him a grin like she always did. "Heeey babe, I ain’t hot and rich but I got a huge di-" Jade quickly held a hand up! "Whoa! Okay. No. Back up and try a better line." He looked a little confused, but he was drunk enough and she was hot enough. He backed up, returned and tried it again. "I hear redheads are tigers in the sack, wanna rise to the occasion?" Jade rolled her eyes and grabbed her keys as she slid out of her chair. "Yeeeaaah, I don’t screw dumbasses. Find a girl with lower standards, kay?" She pat his cheek and stalked off. If she was gonna pickup a dude tonight, she wanted Rubrum to take out her anger on, not a sleeze! -04:42 Aug 24
Daren: Well the whisky was gone and the tab and tip were paid and he was standing. He was still steady on his feet. FUCK well… fine killig himself would be easier. He hadn’t even looked at any of the girls, he wasn’t looking for some last fuck behind the bumpster before becoming chunky salsa, well time to get it over with. "Fuck the universe." he muttered at he made for the door, "Fuck the univers and fuck Frank Cocksucker Dumworth up the ass with an angry polecat with a chainsaw dick." -04:47 Aug 24
Jade: Jade made her way outside, precariously balancing on her heels as she stumbled through the threshold and on to the sidewalk towards the parking lot. Whoa, totally drunker than she thought. She let out a laugh! …course that was short lived when she remembered Leslie doing the exact same thing, getting herself picked up by that jerkbag. Seriously, how did he even -know- where she was? Baaahhh… Jade nearly ran in to her car and couldn’t ring the keyhole. Kay, totally too drunk to drive. Time to dig out her phone and beg Leslie to come get her. Hahaha! Will ruin her date! Next thing Jade knew, she was being spun around by sleezeass. "Hey babe, you need a ride home, doncha? I can give you a ride…" Jade blinked at him. Then slapped him! What an asshole! Afterwards she wasn’t sure if she was getting carjacked or kidnapped, but he was grabbing her arm and she was trying to kick him in the nuts. -04:55 Aug 24
Daren: Outside.. colder, wetter and oxygen. Oxygen the flooded the lungs and bloodstream makign the alcohol kick in bigtime. OKAY! He leaned against the wall and shook his head and scratched his unshaved chin. "Now you kick in.. bridge is…" he heard a shout and looked. It looked liek some girl was getting into trouble. Not his problem! But still, a pet peeve. Fucking useless scuzzballs. He pushed himself off of the wall and started walking towards them putting his finger to his lifs hopign the girl would see and not allert the guy that he was coming. He was steady nough on his feet for this, and not had adrenalive on his side, his heart beatign just a little bit faster and his muscles loosening up. His body really was well trained. One last dance wouldn’t hurt… him. Not so much for the other guy. -05:01 Aug 24
Jade: Jade was -totally- doing fine on her own. Sure, having a scuffle in heels wasn’t exactly easy to begin with, and even worse when you were slightly drunk. But fending off assholes was all a part of her typical nightlife. In fact, she stomped on his foot, making him yelp and looked smugly proud about it! Then there was another guy approaching, and the first thing she thought wasn’t ‘gallant rescue’. Jade fumbled for her keys again to get in the car, but her new ‘friend’ was grabbing at the back of her dress. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, no! This is a three hundred dollar dress, asshole…!" -05:10 Aug 24
[Daren enters.] -05:14 Aug 24
Daren: Fist things first. Maybe he was too drunk to pull this off but FUCK IT! Roundhouse kick to the back of the head. Then grab the guy, pull in down and knee him in the face. Then slam his head down on the ashphalt and kick it again. Okay that was mildly satisfying. Mildly, maybe putting a bit too much anger into it… He then eyes the girl and spat on the guy on the ground. Then without a word was walking back towards the bridge. "I hate guys who can’t take a ‘no’" -05:19 Aug 24
Jade: Holy shit! She totally just got saved by a Chuck Norris super hero! Jade was a little bit in a daze… mostly because you didn’t see shit like that everyday, even by HER standards. This was like… news worthy. Forgetting the fact she was still drunk as hell, and following a stranger in the middle of the night was completely insane, Jade stumbled after him. "Waitaminute! What about the whole ‘Thanks for saving me mister!’ part? And the reward kiss and all that jazz?" -05:25 Aug 24
Daren: He raised a hand waving her back without either stopping or turning. "I didn’t come out tonight hoping for a kiss. You should get in your car and run over that guy’s arm before he wakes up." he reached the edge of the parking lot and stopped to looks both ways down the street before ctarting to cross. I know right, going to throw yourself off a bridge and still taking precausions against beign run over. Well, Daren still had to gwt to the bridge and be able to climb over the rail. -05:28 Aug 24
Jade: "Totally would if I wouldn’t get busted for a DUI! …Wait a second..!" She was following after this guy like a lost puppy. She sure wasn’t looking both ways before crossing the street, and worse, midway across it one of her heels broke! A loud shit! echoed in the night as she tried to regain her balance. Followed by some cursing about expensive shoes! -05:32 Aug 24
[(Timeout) Daren was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -05:34 Aug 24
Daren: He stopped and half turned. "Take them off, and stop following me, I’m not going far." he looked at the bridge and then kept going making the tunr onto it and heading along the catwalk his hand on the rail. He really didn’t want to be watched as he jumped. -05:34 Aug 24
Jade: Take them -off-? And walk bar foot on the city streets? Was he insane? Jade went ahead and broke off the heel the rest of the way. Then she made a very lopsided walk to follow him again. "Seriously, guy, I jus wanna talk for a few minutes! Get to know the mysterious kung fu master that’s saving ladies outside of bars?" -05:38 Aug 24
Daren: "Kickboxing." he corrected her. "And I was just on my way out after having a whisky too many, and yet, not enough." he sighed and stopped putting a leg over the rail, and then the other, sitting on it and turning sideways to look at her. "You’re the only one I’ve ‘saved’ so you should go home and feel special." he leaned forwards to look down into the blackness below, then back at her. "Can you turn around? Its harder with an audience." -05:42 Aug 24
Jade: Jade stopped next to him to lean over the rail and look at the water below in confusion. "What, you going swimming this late? The fall will probably kill you." Ha.. he was pretty drunk too. Jade went ahead and grabbed the back of his shirt to keep him from having an accident. "Kickboxing huh? That’s a real thing? Come tell me how special I am! I’m way hotter than a brunette, right?" -05:45 Aug 24
Daren: He put a hand on the rail and slipped off of it turnign aroung so that his body was suspended over the drop. "Yes its a real thing. I made my career out of it and now its over. And yes the fall would kill me. Or will when I let go." he was still looking down instead of at her. He didn’t want to see hthe look on her face as he dropped, but he did use his other hand to fish out his wallet and hold it out to her. "Get yourself a cab." -05:50 Aug 24
Jade: "Holy shit, you’re strong." Jade took his wallet. And it still didn’t register what he was doing. Maybe if she wasn’t so drunk. His wallet disappeared in to her purse, which was dropped on the walk. Then she was precariously, shoes and all, climbing over the railing herself with the full intentions of saving him from a drunken mistake. "You are way too drunk to be out here alone, so I’mma give you a hand, kay? You helped me, I help you… bar night rules." -05:54 Aug 24
[Daren enters.] -06:19 Aug 24
[(Timeout) Daren doesn’t post enough.] -06:22 Aug 24
Daren: He looked at her "Get back over the rail." he said forcfully. "I don’t know who you are but I don’t need help. I can kill myself on my own well enough and I’m not going to let a week of planning and a night of drinking go to waste." Fine who cared if she saw! He let go. -06:22 Aug 24
Jade: "Kill yourself, why the fu- Wait!" Crazy sonofabitch! Clearly she was crazy too, because instead of going back over the rail to safety, she was letting go and trying to grab him before he fell to his doom! -06:25 Aug 24
Daren: Foiled! There we was, suspended by her hadn on hsi shirt and his feet still on the ledge. "If there wasn’t a chance I’d pull you down with me I’d let my feet slip, so are you going to let go or w]are we going to wait like this until the police show up and I’m sent to court mandated therapy again?" his eyes were on her. "You really shouldn’t have followed." -06:28 Aug 24
Jade: "Are you NUTS?! I’m not going to let go!" She was too drunk for this! Or just drunk enough. Either way she was eying him like he was damned crazy. "Why the hell are you trying to kill yourself?! There’s everything to live for! Sex! Boobs! Chocolate espresso beans!" Trying to keep her balance in heels while gripping a heavy man’s shirt was a precarious position. Then she made the mistake of looking down. "…ho shit, I think I am gonna be sick…" -06:31 Aug 24
Daren: "Then let go the cover your mouth, or your eyes." he said. "And I haven’t had any of those things… wow that long… though the months blur together." he put his arms befind his head as if he were relaxing on a couch and looked down. "You’re going to slip and fall." there was a long sigh and then he grabbed her arm and pulled himself forwards then grabbed the rail and pulled himself the rest of the way. "There not can you stop being an idiot and risking your life for someone whe really doesn’t want you to. That thing in the parking lot was because I hate seeing people get hurt. Now stop putting yourself in danger." -06:37 Aug 24
Jade: Jade went with the closing her eyes part. She needed her mouth! He was closer now which meant she could throw her arms around his waist and keep him from killing himself. …or take her down with him. But he seemed to have a white knight streak, so she was banking on that! "You’re drunk! You don’t know what you’re doing! I’m not letting go until you’re sober and smart!" -06:43 Aug 24
Daren: "I’ve been planning this all week, and I’ve been sober for most of it." he said. "Soberign up won’t make me change my mind now of you don’t let go neither one of us can get over the rail, so unless you want to spend the night here you will need to let go." -06:46 Aug 24
Jade: "How do I know the minute I let go, you aren’t going to jump anyway? I know what desperate people do, mister! You can forget it!" Okay, so being stuck out there two steps away from a watery grave didn’t sound great at all. But neither did watching someone die when she kinda-sorta could do something about it. "…so hi! My name is Jade. I’ll be your life coach tonight!" -06:49 Aug 24
Daren: "I broke the jaw of my last life coach." he said "You don’t want to replace him." he rolled his eyes and then hooked his hands under her shoulders and lifted her using hsi shoulders as leverage to break her grip. then with her held against one of his shoulders he sat in the rail and lifted bother legs over it and was then walking back the way he came. "You’re drunk and I don’t have a car. Lets team up and get out of here. In case you didn’t notice I don’t really care where we go." -06:53 Aug 24
Jade: Man, he was really really strong. If he wasn’t batshit crazy, that’d be kinda hot. "You’re drunk too, dammit. I got a car…" But she wasn’t driving it, nor was she letting him drive it. The thought of calling Leslie for a hand occured to her again, but… Naw. She couldn’t make Leslie deal with a crazy drunk guy. "Lets go to your place! My friend might bring a guy back to mine… as much as I totally wanna ruin their night you’re kinda a wacko." -06:58 Aug 24
Daren: "Thanks, I’ll put that on my resume." he recrossed the steet and turned down the street still carrying her. "With the state its in I usually wouldn’t show anyone in but I guess by this point you can’t possible think any less of me so…" he fell silent and walked on eventually ariving a a surprisingly nice appartment building and using a keycard let himself in. -07:02 Aug 24
Jade: Jade was smiling like some sort of dumbass. And why the hell not? She was getting carried off by Chuck Norris. Well… a suicidal kickboxing weirdo, but close enough. "Oh, I could totally think less of you! Throw out some cheapass pickup line or go romance my Leslie. I’ll think pretty less then." So that didn’t exactly make sense. Whatever. She didn’t want to talk about herself anyway, she wanted to figure HIM out. "Why are you trying to jump off a bridge? -07:05 Aug 24
Daren: "Because my life is a lie." he said lounting the saidcase and going up a few floors, he prefred usign them to the elevator even if this time he had to keep a hand on the rail. "So why not end it. My dream in life is shot to hell, I quit my job, I broke my ex boss’ arm and I can’t even tell anyone about it or they’ll put me back in hospital." fith floor, that was him, and right oposite the stairwell. It was just a case of putting down his load and handing her her purse that she had almost forgotten and then using his keycard to open the door and turn on the light. He was right, the place was a mess. But some of the ess wasnt the usual mess you’d expeve. There were frames newspeper clipping the trophies that has obviously been punched and/or thrown, display case that had been tipped over and the bathroom mirror looked liek it had been shot. But the palce was big, three bedroom, and spacious livingroom big. Even if one of the bedrooms had been converted into a private training room that was the only place that was tidy, it just looked liek it hadn’t been used in a while. -07:13 Aug 24
Jade: "Pitched a temper tantrum in here?" She wasn’t gonna beat around the bush. Being delicate wasn’t her style, and it probably wasn’t what he needed. Oh hey! Her purse! Where did that come from? "Get a new dream, honey! Your boss probably deserved it anyway. Killing yourself is a shitty way to go out." Jade finally took off those damned heels, though. Left them randomly on the floor amongst the mess and was immediately stumbling around to snoop. He musta been good at what he did! -07:19 Aug 24
Daren: He let her snoop and made himself at home on the couch. "That was my dream, to be the best, to be world champion kickboxer and everything that comes with it. And for one moment I was, hell technically I still am but the match was fixed, all of them were fixed so that that fat fuck over there." he pointed to one of the newspaper cuttings on him and his trainer slash agent both holding up the belt. "Could win huge amounts of money betting one me. I won but none of it was real. So I fired him and threatened to go public, and then they put me in hospital. Thats about my life story." -07:24 Aug 24
Jade: Papers and trophies and awards… this man was famous for what he did AND it was totally fixed? Jade had accidentally stumbled in to the best story ever…! Better than Damion Rubrum, she had a bonified gambling conspiracy! No permission acquired, Jade jumped in to his lap and kissed his cheek. "YOU are in luck! I happen to be a journalist. An -amazing- journalist and all I need is one little story to launch what is going to be one hella badass career. This is destiny, my crazy suicidal new friend. I can get your story printed." -07:27 Aug 24
Daren: He didn’t know how to react to her being in his lap to he gently pushed her out of it and into the couch next to him. "ANd then he’ll call me a bitter drunk whos trying to slander him and sue me for what I have left and probably get me hospitalised or even killed, and not quickly like I planned. I would have jumped off of this building if I didn’t mind making a spectacle." -07:31 Aug 24
Jade: Really? Affections rejected twice in one week? What, only horny assholes liked having her come on to them? Jade tried not to scowl and stuck with the business. "Honey, I just said I am a -journalist- and a damned good one. I can dig up truth and facts. Shit nobody can wiggle their way out of. Besides…" she tossed her legs over his. Mostly just because she didn’t want him to escape. "You’re trying to kill yourself anyway, so what does matter if he does it or if you do it yourself?" -07:35 Aug 24
Daren: "Because he’d probably have people beat me with bars again first, then use a hacksaw on my arms and legs before killing me." he said "ANd you too if he found you snooping. You’re better off not involved." -07:37 Aug 24
Jade: "Ha! I’m not afraid of some jackass. Nobody is going to do shit to me." And Jade meant it. She meant it to the point of carrying a weapon in her purse…which… now that she thought about it, might have come in handy with that asshole in the parking lot. Man… she SO needed to stop getting this drunk without a wingman. Jade swatted his shoulder. "So what? Were you not any good at fighting, and can’t defend yourself from anybody bigger than a snake at a bar? Fine, whatever. I don’t really need your permission to start digging. This is a good story…" -07:40 Aug 24
Daren: He glared at her. "There were a dozen of them and they were armed. For a girl who was in my lap a minute ago I’m surprised you’re now going the scathing rout. Did I hurt your feelings? Liek I said I havn’t had sex if a while and I’m not looking for it, unless your idea of a life coach is sex me into wanting to live." Changing the subject, how could it not work? -07:44 Aug 24
Jade: Apparently she was daft enough to take the bait. If only because she was still raw from it! "Hey, fuck you! I am pretty damned hot, you know? I’m not your typical bar skank! I have standards for myself -and- the guys I picked up. And if I -wanted- to sex you up, I totally could. Maybe I’m just not a bitch that forces herself on emotionally fragile crazy dudes!" Seriously, outside of being a little touchy, did she even offer him sex? No way! -07:47 Aug 24
Daren: "I never said you were. In fact if you were I wouldn’t have needed to beat that guy senseless and would be dead right now. Adn I’m not emotionally fragile I just don’t want to live in this world anymore. How about I leave everything to you and then redecorate the sidewalk. This lovely appartment could be yours. I’m not going to need it. See I’m being rational." -07:50 Aug 24
Jade: "Oh right, because killing yourself totally solves all your problems and gets social justice!" Jade rolled her eyes, right before she was punching him in the shoulder. He could take it. "How many other people do you think that guy is fucking over now, huh? You suppose he’s ruining anyone else’s life? And here you are sulking like a big baby. When an opportunity to bust is ass is practically sitting in your lap. Why? Probably because you’re a big coward…" -07:54 Aug 24
Daren: "Well it would solve all my problems, and who said I gave a damn about social justice?" he was eying her. "Jade, I don’t care what he does. He can smoke gold plated cidars and fuck himself into a coma for all I care. All I wanted was to make somethign of myself and when I though I had it was fake. I should renounce my title. Then kill myself." -07:57 Aug 24
Jade: "Then why don’t you go out and do REAL fights! I mean, expose that douche for the liar and cheat that he is, clean up the whole kickboxing thing, and then win a title and prove yourself! It’s not that complicated!" This guy needed a professional therepist, and Jade likely wasn’t helping. But his story…! She’d excuse her seflishness on being drunk later. This story was too good, but she couldn’t let it end with him jumping off a bridge and nothing coming from it. "Okay, here is how it’s gonna go. You’re gonna give me your life story, I’mma right it. Turn your world back rightside up. And THEN if you still wanna act like a dumbass, you can kill yourself." -08:01 Aug 24
Daren: "Call me a dumbass one more time and I’m kicking you out of my appartment." he said firmly. "Now do you want the bed because I’m perfectly happy on the couch, its where I’ve been recently anyway. And you should be a lawyer with that tongue, he has a good one, I hope you know how to deal with those." -08:05 Aug 24
Jade: That had her cracking a huge grin, leaning forward to poke a nail against his chest. "You don’t wanna know what I can do with a tongue, honey." That grin was filled with more promise than any of the stuff she had threatened him with tonight. "BUT we have a business deal. Totally not going to sex you. I want you to come snuggle me in bed though. I have officially been shot down twice by two top of the world guys, and nearly got pawed up by some dickbag. My ego needs some serious repairs." -08:14 Aug 24
Daren: "So you dash all hopes I might have then you demand snuggling from me?" he heaved and over exagerated sight. "I knew my life would be less complicated without boobs in it. Even really nice ones with red hair woewhere above the mythical area known as teh face." -08:16 Aug 24
Jade: Jade snapped her fingers and pointed at. "Still not the worse line I’ve heard tonight!" She crawled over him just to roll off the couch and make a weaving stint towards… well… she paused, resting a hand on her head. "Which room is this bed of yours that I’m not gonna sex you in, anyway?" -08:20 Aug 24
Daren: "It wasn’t a line." he said "It was a stupid attempt at humor that you will me hearing more of if you don’t run right now. And I want the names of the two top of the line men that shot you down. Because I haven’t." he fell sideways on the couch and rested his head on the arm rest before pointind at a door. -08:22 Aug 24
Jade: "One!" she held up a finger. "Damion Rubrum. and Two," she turned to stalk back to the sofa, almost falling on top of him. Bracing her arms on the back of the sofa instead. "IS you. Cause you pretty much all but said you refused to have sex with me. Dude, I am not kidding about you coming to bed with me. I don’t want to sleep by myself. Sleezy guy creeped me out, and tonight you’re my own personal hero." -08:26 Aug 24
Daren: "I said I’m not looking for it, theres a difference. But fine it amounts to the same since you’ve now regected me. Also you’re drunk and I don’t take advantage of drunk girls, even if thier hair is my favorite color." he rolled off of the couch and started heading towards the bedroom. "You’re out of here tomorow, you know where to find me, knock twice if I’m not here I’m at the store or dead." -08:29 Aug 24
Jade: Jade trailed after him, grinning once again. She always got what she wanted. …usually. "Liking the idea of living for sex, after all? I’m drunk but not drunk enough to be taken advantage of. Toootally know the difference between yes and no." Jade latched on to the back of his shirt, shaking it and jumping like she was urging a horse forward. He was as big as one! "Besides, as your new life couch and official wordsmith for your upcoming biography, I’mma have to stay here and make sure you don’t die before it’s done." …not to mention it was a great way to avoid Leslie and her new jerk boyfriend. -08:35 Aug 24
Daren: "I don’t want a diography." he said. "All I want is…" he scowled, hell is he knew. "And now you want sex? You’re all over the place with your answers."] -08:38 Aug 24
Jade: "I always want sex. …Actually, no, I didn’t go in to tonight looking for sex cause I was kinda pissed off about something. And I’m not really -opposed- to sex right now, but seeing as you’re a little fragile and I don’t like taking advantage of drunk suicidal guys, I’m super cool with just feeling nice and comfy in bed with someone I know can punch the shit out of assholes." And now she was hugging him from behind. Jade was either drunker than she claimed, or just crazy herself. -08:43 Aug 24
Daren: "I’m not fragile. Is it really that alien of a concept that somone who is not happy and sees no way of becoming happy would choose to end their unhappiness?" he grabbed her arm and pulled her around to put his arm around her. "And this is my room, not that its been used much. So just snuggling tonight since I’m out of practice and it would degrade my chivalrous image if I saved you just to seduce you myself. He let her of her and pulled of his shirt before kicking off his shoes and crawling onto the bed. "And I think you are drunk enough to take advantage of." -08:50 Aug 24
Jade: "Been unhappy, did the suicide thing, learned better! Why you gotta assume I’m seducable? Maybe I am seducing you with my boobs and my wit." Jade plopped on the bed after him, rolling until she was throwing and arm and a leg over him. Man, it felt good to just lay down! ….fuck, his body was pretty damned hard. Niiiice. -08:53 Aug 24
Daren: "I can’t seen any boob and I’ll probably not rememebr the wit in the morning." he pulled a blanket over them and took the opotunity to feel up her side with the pretence of puttin an arm around her. "So, goodnight Jade." -08:57 Aug 24