Jaded 002: One Morning Stand

[Jade is used to waking up in weird places, but usually she’s naked! This is a weird changed of pace.] -10:05 Aug 24
[Daren doesn’t want to wake up, or be alive. But both will be true pretty soon.] -10:06 Aug 24
Jade: Well she was -comfortable, anyway. Curled up against a body that was warm, but hard as a rock. ….and with a hand on her ass. Even pushed up her skirt all the way up her waist. At least she wore underwear for once! …Christ, she didn’t even remember this guy’s name. Jade precariously tried to get up without waking him up. -10:11 Aug 24
Daren: He mumbled something and moved his head forwars to put his face against her and the hand on her ass pulled her closer. He really didn’t want to be awake, sleep was the one time he could forget everything and just embrace oblivion. Wait he had wanted to do that last night but.. "Jade?" -10:14 Aug 24
Jade: "Oh hey! You remember my name! That’s sweet." she mumbled. Even cracked a wry grin. Those weird morning afters weren’t typically her favorite… at least usually she made she to get out the door before they woke up, or vice versa. Hrrm, oh wait… this guy had a story! Bridge jumping crazy chuck norris guy. …So she made herself comfortable again. "Guess you woke up in the middle of the night and decided to undress me after all?" -10:17 Aug 24
Daren: His head poped up and he looked. "No, that always happens. I had too much whisky to wake up before now. Speaking of which, I think its time for breakfast." he wasn’t getting up instead he was looking at her. "So how many stories have you published?" -10:20 Aug 24
Jade: "So you undress women in your sleep? That’s a fun talent." Her grin got even wider. "In a big name paper? None. Yet. I was editor of my college paper, and I been published in a few small papers and magazines. Nothing solid enough to break my career though. Until now!" She chimed and poked his nose. Yes, he was going to be a badass story, whether he liked it or not. "So what name am I gonna be printing?" -10:25 Aug 24
Daren: "You’ll need to print two." He said "My real name is Daren Hughes. Boring, flat, unintersting. The name I fight under is Dai-gen. Because that scuzzball though it would be good for publicity like kickboxing was the damn WWE or something. If you’re a jounalist them you should be able to use that to get my public life, and all too much of my private life. I just want to stress that I did not know she was 17." here had been no incident liek that he was just screwing with her now. "I’m thinking hamburgers. I should have some in the freezer." now he was getting up and looking at the door. -10:33 Aug 24
Jade: "Naw, you’re not the teenage girl type… too much white knight for that." Jade sat up herself, shimmying her dress back down to somewhere more appropriate and running her hand through her hair. "And coffee. We need coffee. ….hrrm. And my purse, I need to see if Leslie is okay." Lesliiiie! It was morning, and as much as Jade wanted to say FUCK IT, she’d never forgive herself if something happened to Leslie! -10:38 Aug 24
Daren: "Purse in on the couch. Im my house coffee goes without saying." he was stepping out into the living room and heading for the kitchen. Pan was clean.. enough.. once he washed it and dried ti thouroughly. Butter was melting in it and meat was thawing, 4 patties, 4 eggs, a tomato, an onion, pickles, lemongrass and a bottle of bbq sauce. Then the meat went in and he started chopping and retrieved the cheese whistling softly to himself as he grinning at Jade when he spotted her. -10:42 Aug 24
Jade: The man was whistling and grinning. At least he was on the few occasions she glanced his way. She found one heel and one broken heel scattered on the floor amongst a huge mess of what probably used to be his life. Then her purse! Jade promptly dug out her phone. No messages? Godammit Leslie! Jade was furious when she texted. Did you get home okay? How did the night go? CALL ME ASAP. Jade kept the phone in her hand to wait for the reply as she wandered around to snoop. She picked up some papers. "So how recently did you have this apartment trashing hissy fit? Last night?" -10:46 Aug 24
Daren: he shrugged. "I don’t even know what day it is today." he flipped the burgers makign sure they were nice and dark before butting and butterign the rolls and then cutting the unused part of the tomato in two and putting a peice on each plate. Then he put the coffee on and checked the patties. "Though I think it was a out a week before the 5th, is it the 5th yet? -10:50 Aug 24
Jade: "Have you been drunk the entire time?" It was a good question… Jade vaguely remembered him saying something about planning his whole jumping thing ahead of time. She was frowning as she looked through the old newspaper clippings and scanned for other names. Jade made sure to bring up her notepad app on her phone and jot those down. -10:55 Aug 24
Daren: "No, I only got drunk last night to jump. I’ve just not payed attention to days or dates or anything." he puth the paties on the rolls hot side up then immediatly put the cheese on wofr it to melt, then he turned them over to spread a then layer of bbq sauce ont he otehr side and back over to file the other engredients on top. Then he was pupping the coffee pot out and a couple of mugs. "So what is the date, this is the second time I’m asking." -11:09 Aug 24
Jade: "It’s the sixth if you wanna get specific." Jade was checking her phone again. And since she had it out, she was texting Leslie a second time. LESLIE. ARE YOU OKAY? CALL ME!!! Uuurrgg. The stupid girl kneeeew how much Jade worried! Especially when she left with that Rubrum jerk! The least she could have done was send her a text at the end of the date! Jade was scowling again. "You know, if you had to be drunk to jump, that means you weren’t one hundred percent sure you wanted to die." -11:12 Aug 24
Daren: He put her plate on the table along with a mugh and milk adn sugar. "The 6th huh? Well then I tried to kill myself on my birthday. Which was the date I was aiming for but then lost track of time. Odd how things work out. Happy birthday to me." he listed one of his burgers and bit into it and then chewed slowly. If there was one thing he knew it was how he liked his own breakfast. -11:15 Aug 24
Jade: "For real? Dude, that’s seriously messed up!" Jade plopped in to a seat, setting her phone down with another glare. Damn Leslie to hell and back! What if she needed a drunken pickup and Leslie never answered? Some friend! Jade took it out on her breakfast, which was surprisingly edible and definitely satisfying for a post-drunk mild hangover morning. She picked up her mug for a sip, while she eyed him. "And you squeeked by without commenting on my assumption. Totally nailed you, huh? I don’t think you really want to die. Where is your family or girlfriend or something?" -11:19 Aug 24
Daren: "Family it in Canada, girlfriend… what are those again? I have dificulty remembering. Something about leaving me?" okay maybe he was taking the sarcasm a little bit too far. "I havn’t spokes to any of my family in years, they didn’t like my choice of career." -11:22 Aug 24
Jade: "Okay, family and exgirlfriend are dicks. Noted." Jade was eying him again, even while eating. A rather deliberate stare, as if they were both in some sort of interrogation and hadn’t just woken up together after a night of stupidness. Man, she could stare at him shirtless all day… Focus! "How long were you kickboxing for the douchebag before you found out it was all a lie? Did your lady leave you before or after you found out?" -11:26 Aug 24
Daren: "What does it matter if she did or not. Shes gone and I don’t want her back. And five years, five years before I found out. Is this an interview? Because I want it on record that hes a cocksucking fuckwit whose blood isn’t fit to nourish the earth." he then took a large bite and chewed sullenly, then finished the first burget and started on his second completely draining a mug of coffee in between." -11:31 Aug 24
Jade: Jade picked up her phone and typed it in. Word for word and even spoke it out loud. "Cocksucking fuckwit whose blood isn’t fit to nourish the earth. Check." ….while she was at it, a few more text messages to Leslie. That girl better be DEAD or in a SEX COMA for not responding to her. "Five years in a lie isn’t too bad. It could have been worse. That’s going to be a lot of dirt to dig up, though. How long ago did you find out about it? Couple weeks?" -11:34 Aug 24
Daren: "Its the sixth.. so a month." he said looking down at his freshly emptied playe and then poaring himself more coffee and looking over at her food, then back at the kitchen. "So this is an interview. You don’t waste time so you Jade? Worried as soon as yo turn your back I’ll jump in front of a bus?" -11:37 Aug 24
Jade: "That’s a pretty big concern, honey." she cast him a cheeky grin before picking up her mug again. "I need a really good story to launch my career with, and you need someone to keep you from doing something stupid until you come to your senses. I think that’s a pretty fair trade all by itself, but as a totally awesome bonus, this story is going to clear your reputation, screw an asshole and bring some legitimacy back to your whole kickboxing thing. So you might even owe me a little!" -11:42 Aug 24
Daren: That didn’t stop him from stealing her other burger and biting into it. "You’ll get your career. More than enough out of this for me to owe you anything. I’m tired of owing people, or people acting like I owe them. Like I got to where I am through them and would be nothign without them." -11:44 Aug 24
Jade: She frowned. Not about half her breakfast being stolen, but very specifically about his issue with owing people. Her fingers tapped on her mug as she thought it over. "Okay. No owning me anything. I’ll be satisfied with the story, you not killing yourself, and maybe you showing me how to kick someone in the head. That’ll come in handy." -11:48 Aug 24
Daren: "Kicking people in the head? An admirable skill when you keep a gun in your purse." he finished the burger and was looking happier about himself as he sipped from his mug. "Though I saved you from a drunkard and gave you a safe place to sleep without taking advantage of the obviously drunk reporter that really liked to get an eyeful. Shoul I put on a shirt?" -11:54 Aug 24
Jade: "Hey, there are plenty of situations where kicking someone in the head is faster and smarter than pulling out a gun." …Jade had to pause for a minute. She did she tell him about the gun? Stupid mouthy drunk Jade! "And for the record I was the one taking advantage of the sad drunk guy. You can parade around here bare ass naked and fuck me on the kitchen counter if you wanted to, and I wouldn’t complain." A toothy smirk followed and there was no telling if she was serious or just kidding. Boy… she totally wouldn’t have regretted it if he DID feel her up good last night. Now they were gonna have to do the whole business thing without being drunk as an excuse. Lame. -11:59 Aug 24
Daren: He stook and pus he foot up on his chair and undid the putton of his jeans and then slowly oushe the zip down placing a hand on the table and looking at her. Bluff called, if it was a bluff. If it wasn’t then the day was about to get interesting. -12:02 Aug 25


[Jade is having a very interesting morning! Weird even for her!] -07:53 Aug 25
[Daren is calling a bluff bigtime well aware it could escelate into a series of dares.] -07:55 Aug 25
Jade: Jade had a really good poker face. So there he was unzipping his pants and she was sipping her coffee as if he were just changing the channel on a tv. Man, did he practice that move? That was right out of the book of Jade Seduction Techniques! "Trying to scare me out, honey? Cause I bet there’s not anything in there I haven’t already seen before." Take them off, take them off! -07:59 Aug 25
Daren: "So you peeked when I was asleep?" he asked, perfectly innocentlyputting his foot back on the floor and pushing down so that he was only in his briefs, then we sat back down an picked up his coffee. "Your turn." he sipped and hatched her like a hawk. Unless stories is all Jade: reporter extrodinare does." he flashed her a grin. before shifing in his seat careful not to move too much giving her a moment to think, then holding up his briefs, could she resist looking around the table? -08:04 Aug 25
Jade: For somebody that was a total suicidal whackadoodle, he sure was lively. Jade pretended like she was giving it some consideration. Curiosity was killing her, but it wasn’t any fun to go ahead and look. "I’m not the one who sleep gropes, Mr Grabby Hands." Her turn, huh? Jade set down her mug, and with a little shimmying up her dress and wiggling in her seat, off came her panties. Red lace. She threw them at him with a big wide smirk and picked her mug back up. -08:09 Aug 25
Daren: "So I lose everythign and you just lose your panties." more fun for him to take the rest off. "I may have to do somethign about that. He set down his mug and picked her pabties off of his shoulder and hung them on the back of a chair. "This are nice though, red is my favorite color and you seem to have enough of it, its very sexy." -08:12 Aug 25
Jade: "I like to think I’m any man’s dream come true." Another smirking smile. Jade leaned back in her seat, mug in hand and crossed her legs. She wanted to look under the damned table so bad. "I only give free shows when I’m drunk. In the morning I like to see a little work. So what do you think is going to get me out of this dress?" -08:19 Aug 25
Daren: He rubbed his chin in thought. "A grab and a good pull, there may be tearing." he said "A pair of sissors." the made a Hmmmming sound. "This table ebing cleared and you bent over it, or on your back with your legs over the side. Or another night in my bed we’ll see if my hands wonder again." -08:22 Aug 25
Jade: "You kicked the shit out of a guy last night that didn’t respect my three hundred dollar dress." Jade set her mug down and crossed her arms. It was like a negotiation! And she still was itching to take a peek under the table. She tilted to the side juuuust a bit. "Table doesn’t look all that sturdy. And getting me in your bed a second time is a lot harder than getting me out of a dress." This time the smirk came with a flash of teeth. -08:26 Aug 25
Daren: He put a leg up on tha table so that she KNEW his legs were open. "I could let you see all you wanted if you let me do the same." he said. "Instead of having you leakign liek you’re about to fall out your seat." he rubbed the back of his head lazily. "And then we could talk about toutching." -08:29 Aug 25
Jade: Caught leaning. Jade didn’t look apologetic at all. She righted herself again, now tapping her chin with her finger. After another moment of pretend debate, Jade stood. She turned her chair around so it wasn’t facing him and turned around herself. And then. deliberately taking her time, she pulled the hem of her skirt up and the dress up over her head. No panties, no bra and a generous look at her back side. Jade cast a grin over her shoulder as she tossed the dress at him and sat back down in the chair. "Now where is my guarantee that it’s all worth the show?" -08:36 Aug 25
Daren: When she looked at he he was so leaning and staring his hand frozen in his chen and his tongue running along his lower lip, but he smiled and dodged the dress before standing, letting her see that he was already pretty hard and the stereotype of shrip-dicked athletes did by no menas apply to fim. But he was walkign around the table and placing a hand on the back of her chair and leaning against it casually. "So far all I’ve seen is back stage. If thats where all the action is I’m more than glad to make my enterence there, but I fing it -very- hard to believe you can’t got it going on in front too." -08:41 Aug 25
Jade: No doubt she was grinning like a kid in a candy store. It wasn’t often a guy could play the game, tit for tat, and actually be fun in the process. While sober! Jade took a look at her fingernails, as casual as could be. "You do make it sound all too much fun not to show you a thing. I might need a little convincing. Maybe you should get on the floor and rub my feet for me."" -08:48 Aug 25
Daren: "Well I’m sure I’d be able to see everythign theom there." he said right before running a hand through her hair and then moving back to lean against the table. "That seems like me doing all the work. If you want to be treated like a queen you have to earn it by doing some very unqueenly things." -08:51 Aug 25
Jade: Shivers down her spine. If she weren’t so amused by him, she’d have already dragged him down to the floor. Why the hell didn’t she do this last night!? "Okay, I’ll bite. What very unqueenly things does a woman have to do to get a man on his knees at her feet?" -08:55 Aug 25
Daren: "Oh so now you want a proposal? You work fast. I admire your style." he leaned forwards so that his mouth was next to her ear. "Well we were talkign about you on your back not so long ago, there also your front, your clees, the shower or if you ARE feel regal you would always stradle a musclbound beast and ride it like theres no tomorow." -08:57 Aug 25
Jade: "So many options, how is a queen supposed to choose just one?" If she could just reach out and touch… Jade gave in to the temptation when he leaned close enough. Lifting a hand to brush her fingers against his jaw and turning her so she was murmuring against his cheek. "I kinda like the idea of wrapping my legs around you and giving you a little preview of heaven. What do you think about that?" -09:03 Aug 25
Daren: "Prieview?" he asked turnign his head so that his lips were against hers but not doing anything else. "You’ll want to be careful your highness, unless I remain in you longer than you anticipated. I don’t like giving half measures." -09:06 Aug 25
Jade: This guy had hella better self control than she did! It required keeping one of her hands firmly gripping the side of her chair to keep from grabbing at him. Didn’t stop her from gliding the back of her fingers against his cheek though. Jade wet her lips, knowing full well her tongue would just barely brush over his mouth. "I can see where you’re the type that likes to do things well. But does that include everything you do, honey?" -09:12 Aug 25
Daren: "Well it seem that with at least one thing all it takes to stop me is a less than sober red bombshell grabbing me by my shirt." Speakign about grabbing her was pussing an arm arounf her and lifting her from her chair to stand with her chair standign there loving his head just enough to brush his lips agaist hers. "But I like to think I give my all into everythign I do." -09:17 Aug 25
Jade: "I’m a force to be reckoned with." Oh… fuck it! Or more specifically, fuck him! She clearly had a weakness for strong men. It only took a second and she was pouncing, crushing her mouth to his in an impatient and very greedy kiss. Letting her hands roam to every bit of exposed skin she could reach! -09:22 Aug 25
Daren: His grip of her tightened squished her against him as he kissed her back his lips ravaging hers. So this was a reporter lookign for information and might only be doing this to get him to open up but she was also sexy as hell and one hell of a kisser. He moved his legs takign them back to the bedroom and then he sat her on the bed his wieght on top of her. "You’re right that was harder than getting the dress off." he said grinnigh against her lips. "But you’re a great kisser." -09:25 Aug 25
Jade: "And you are one smug, sexy piece of work." she muttered in response. Okay, so screwing the guy she was supposed to do a story on was not a good idea. But this was HIS fault for actually being a hot commodity. Jade dug her hands in to his hair, gripping tight as she guided his head and invaded his mouth with her tongue. Less talking, more of this stuff! Interviews could wait! -09:31 Aug 25
Daren: He pushed his mouth against hers har as his hands felt up hers sides. There was no doubt, he wanted this. Over her chest and to ehrs shoulders. Then down to sqeeze yer breasts and glide over her stomach and abck to her sides. She knew what she was doing too it seemed. Fuck it he’d pick up the peices lated. Sex time. -09:34 Aug 25
Jade: This was a hell of a lot better sober. Fully aware of every little touch. Arcing her back to press her body up against his and curling a leg tight around his hips. Her fingers were digging in to the back of his head when she bit and sucked on his bottom lip. That wicked grin falling over her face. "Didja decide which way you wanted to do me, or should I just give this horse a ride?" -09:40 Aug 25
Daren: He bit her lip and sucked on it. "I was just going to have you like this." he wiggled his hips agaist hers pressign them home to grind against them. "And right now I’m not coming up with any better ideas, I want to see your face." -09:42 Aug 25
Jade: Jade sucked in a breath. Oooo, she was more than a little wet for him and damned if he didn’t know how to slip in just the right words. "Oooho you wanna see if you impress me..?" Jade nipped at his jaw, dragging one of her perfectly manicured nails down the back of his neck. -09:47 Aug 25
Daren: "Somethign like that." he said nuzzlign agaist her as he let a hand glide down her side to run his nails against her hip and around to her taking hold of hinself and making sure his shaft rubbled against her as he continued grinding. "I do want to see what you look like when you go over the edge, and when I enter. You’re just so smoking hot I can’t help myself." He rubbed his tip against her then true to hsos word with his eyes on her he pushed in. -09:51 Aug 25
Jade: Her eyes went wide for a moment and her mouth parted. He was damned fullfilling, and she was squeezing around him to adjust. Every little muscle flexing as she moved beneath him. If she was smoking hot, he was straight up intoxicating! -09:57 Aug 25
Daren: He grinned and movedm continuing to grind with himself inside herleanign down to ravage her lips again. She was tight around him, not too tight but damn she felt good and he let out a soft groan. "We should have done then last night, but then we would have been drunk and I like that we’re doing it now." -10:00 Aug 25
Jade: "Coulda done it twice… few times. Buncha times. Oooo…" she cooed in to his mouth, meeting his kiss with a passioned ferocity. She even reached down between them to feel over his abs and beyond. None too gentle fingers groping and touching before curling around his waist and digging her nails in to his back. -10:05 Aug 25
Daren: "Not like we can’t do it a bunch of times…" he was getting in deeper in lire ways than one as his hand burried itself in her hair and he pushed. Maye it was because he hadn’t ahd it in a while but he never remembered it being this good with a willing woman who wasn’t even a little bit drunk. "And this was w’ll remember everything." -10:10 Aug 25
Jade: "Promises, promises…! Hrrmm..!" It was hard to think beyond the current moment, where she was circling her legs around him and reveling in that to and fro motion that was sending all her senses in to overdrive. She twist her hips to meet him, each little movement drawing a soft sound from her. Her hands moved up and down his back, sometimes caressing and sometimes digging her nails in when she’d groan or sigh. -10:16 Aug 25
Daren: He was responding to her nails with his back tensing and pushing harder. There was a familiar feeling building that made his breath come out in a shudder and be drawn back in with a hiss right before he flicked his tongue against hers and grigger her hair tighted. "I’ll keep every one.." it was the sex talking and his voice was full of it. She was good, and they should have done this a bunch instead of eating. -10:21 Aug 25
Jade: Why the fuck was that so sexy? A man promises to keep promises! Had to be that tone of voice. The low, desire filled tenor… He pushed harder and she was gasping. Almost writhing in his arms as she curled around him, buried her face at his shoulder and bit into his neck. She was losing it all too soon! More was definitely a promise. -10:28 Aug 25
Daren: He nipped her ear keeping it between his teeth and flickign his tongue against it. Een the though of how he shouldn’t be doing this was driven right out of his head as he pulled back, he was going wi have trouble holding back climax soon and he wanted to see her face. -10:31 Aug 25
Jade: Oh that did her in. An apparent weakness for well timed ear nibbling. Her hand slapped against his shoulder and gripped hard when she gasped and cried out. The violent rupture of feeling sending her bucking beneath him almost as if she wanted to throw him off, but her grip was almost skin bruising tight. -10:36 Aug 25
Daren: He pushes agaist her the way she tunlted her head back and gripped him making his push and pull harder. His lips were back on hers and it didn’t take long nefore there was a groan from him as he placed a hand on her hip and… "You shouldn’t make this fel so good." he said kissing her right as he came. Damn he hoped she was on the pill. -10:42 Aug 25
Jade: Exquisitly breathless, for a moment all she could do was sigh against his mouth and return the kiss with a gentle movement. Her body was lax as she shifted. Savoring that feel of someone solid, and grinning against him at the compliment. "Worth waking up in the morning? Hrmm… I wanna do that again…" Maybe not right that second, but he was so worth having another go at. Jade was gonna have to figure out how to do her story and get the booty too without it being complicated. -10:48 Aug 25
Daren: He brushed his lips against hers and sighed. "Worth waking up for in the mornings and another go." he was lore than happy to just hold her for now though. "Maybe you’re not such a bad life coach after all." -10:51 Aug 25

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