Catherine Juliana Forest-Cowen

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Character Name: Catherine Juliana Forest Cowen

Nicknames: Cat (short for Catherine), Minx

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas

Occupation: Language Specialist


General Appearance: Cat could have been a super model, she just that had “wow” factor that can’t be explained. From the day she was born she’s been drop dead gorgeous. Standing at 5’7″, thin, well toned, with flawless peaches n’ cream skin and cat-like blue eyes. Her hair is long and raven black, which has brilliant shine thanks to her favorite hair care products. Cat’s rather proud of her looks and dresses to impress whether she is filling out a uniform or a well tailored dress.

Strengths: Swimming, dancing, kick-boxing.

Weaknesses: Cat suffers from occasional black outs due to the brain damaged received from her accident, forgetting anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. She’s also slipping in to alcoholism. It hasn’t compromised her work yet, but she drinks heavily when at home or out.


Current Goal/Purpose: Kill Markus. Actually, she wants her LIFE back. Job, marriage, mind. But she doesn’t really see that as being possible any more.

Talents: Cat can remember the strangest and most obscure things. She has a great memory. (This makes her recent problems all the more bothersome.) She can also play guitar fairly well, (Thanks to Markus’ influence.) but it’s something she’s more embarrassed about than proud of.

Inabilities: Admitting when she’s wrong. It’s impossible. Seriously. Cooking a meal without making a mess and hurting herself or someone else. Knowing when she’s had “one drink too many”.

Fears: Motorcycles. She hasn’t been on one since her accident! Snakes. Dying. Having her memory problem get so bad that she loses entire months or years, or everything! Having her bosses find out about the memory loss and her getting fired. Worse yet, having Markus find out about it.

General Personality: Cat is confident, capable, and business-like when it counts. Depending on who is asked, she’s either a real stuck up bitch or a complete badass. Cat is just one of those personalities you either love or hate. There is rarely an in-between. She has moderate people skills, but will often come across as vain or looking down her nose at others when she gets on one of her lectures. She knows she’s good looking and flaunts it. She knows she’s talented and is occasionally arrogant about it. Generally though, she keeps thoughts like that to herself and tries to do what her mama taught her and be polite to people. In her free time, Cat likes to party, and she parties hard. Sometimes too hard. She has a bad habit of getting a little too drunk and wild. Many people have mentioned that they like her better when she’s drunk, cause she seems to forget about looking important and just lets loose.

Inner Personality: Cat has this desperate need for validation. She tends to worry that people are just passing her through life just because she’s pretty or just because she talks a good argument. It’s something that is mostly in her head, but she just can’t seem to get past no matter how many times she proves it otherwise. She tries not to be too much of a bitch (her parents raised her right!) but sometimes she just gets so caught up in her own self-grandeur that she just lets her mouth run away with her. Cat really just wants to enjoy her life. After her accident, and the strange black outs, Cat is getting increasingly fearful for her health. It scares her to death. She’s also still upset about her separation, and blocks that away so she doesn’t have to think about it.

Secret: No one knows about her blackouts… that she is aware of.


General History:
Cat was born an only child, to a pair of parents that had been trying desperately for years to have a baby. Being a well known wealthy family in Little Rock, Cat Forest was the jewel of her family. Everything she wanted she received. She had dance lessons, music lessons, private schools, just limitless bounds of being spoiled. Cat loved every minute of it! …Until she got a little older and a little more independent. As a teenager Cat couldn’t tell the difference between what people were just doing for her just because she was pretty and in charge, or what she actually accomplished on her own. At first she wanted to be a model, using her best assets at something she knew she could do! But when finishing high school she decided that she wanted something a lot more challenging. Something that would REALLY prove she wasn’t just some pretty rich girl coasting by in life.

She took four years of normal College to major in History and Language Sciences. When she graduated, it was more on a whim rather than any real desire that she joined the USAF.

During school she met Markus Cowen. She was actually dating one of his friends, but he was a charming and suave bastard and she ended up falling for him instead. It wasn’t long before they were married.

Cat, though, wanted to settled down and start a family. Markus didn’t want this. Somehow the argument just snowballed bigger and bigger until they were suddenly arguing about anything and everything. The was a final argument when Cat stormed out drunk, screaming that she wanted a divorce and that she was running away with some guy she met at the bar. She hoped on the back of the guy’s motorcycle and sped away with him, only to end up in an accident. The guy died and she was in a coma for two weeks after getting a metal plate implanted in her skull to repair the damages. She had no idea that Markus was worried and with her for those two weeks, as when she woke up he immediately was bitching her out. She fired back with some nasty comments of her own and they did eventually separate.

Cat can’t remember much of what happened the night of the accident, besides knowing she did something seriously stupid. She can’t seem to admit her own mistake. Since then, she has also discovered she suffers from a bit of brain damage – she’ll occasionally have black outs where she completely blanks out for several moments. These moments she’s been able to pass off as post-traumatic stress – but her superiors pulled her from her usual job. She has been teaching Languages to trainees.

Present Life: Being stationed at Minot with Markus was one hell of a shitty coincidence and has caused Cat a lot of grief. The entire reason for their separation was so that she could avoid the guilt about what she did, and not make Markus deal with the consequences of her accident! Thus, she went through great pains completely altering her behavior, like she was a different person. Anything to make sure Markus would give it up. To make matters worse, the memory loss and missing time has been happening more frequently. She suspected Markus is getting suspicious about it and went looking for a transfer to a new job.

Call it a twist of fate (or the meddling of a shared friend) that Cat is now a part of the Stargate team. Something is about to break, whether it be killing someone or losing her marbles!

Special Historic Notes:

– Born, July 30
– Teen rebellion
– College
– Enlisted in USAF
– Dating a Dude and Met Markus
– Married Markus
– Had her accident, Later Separated
– Assigned to Minot

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